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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  September 26, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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both: we're the fruit guys! back in 1998, we had this idea to deliver fresh fruit to offices in downtown san francisco. we built these wooden crates, filled these with fruit in my one-bedroom apartment.
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the fruit guys has been with bank of america since they first started. we work with them to help them grow and succeed. we're coming up on 50 employees and delivering to thousands of companies every week. i would definitely say this is a fruitful business. craziest thing ever. a wild chase ends with a mercedes plowing into our newsman and police think it all started with a knife had. why the state is going to charge you for a service id has no plans to provide. and get the most bang for your buck at the salad bar. the
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toppings to skip and what is cheaper to buy at the salad bar then at the supermarket. do police a wild finish to a wild car chase several cars are damaged to innocent bystander they're hurt it all started with a back pack containing that had. stolen from a woman at sacramento fell more in the pacific heights if you blocks away police say it came to an end in the western area. the intersection at hazen buchanan was like a wrecking yard. a driver trapped in a smashed car after getting slammed by suspects getaway vehicle. a high-speed chase started over a mile away. did we its there was a lone female that was walking and suspects stole her i've had into took off in a car the vehicle description was very good. it noted the license
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of a silver mercedes as you the spotted quickly by a patrol car. the vehicle did not stop and began running through stop signs as the police cars were pursuing with the lights and sirens. during the chase the suspect sideswiped a cbs five been repent note was about to cover a story on the epidemic of straight bonds and other electronics. and although it does not look like damage right now the photographers say it shook so badly it felt like an earthquake they say this suspect sped down hayes street. it slammed into the side of the ban on an vaporized it was the craziest thing ever. no billboard clausen and metal flu is on the degree hitting a child and a playground three suspects
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18 juvenile ran off. to adults suspects were injured and were taken to hospital where they remain under guard tonight cbs five. we learned a few hours ago the nfl and referees union have reached a contract agreement so that means a bad calls like this one for monday night's game could soon come to an end. no details were released and union members still have to ratify the deal which is set to happened friday and saturday the nfl says they have to work tomorrow night's cleveland delta more game. he went on their rent tonight about crime in his hometown of stocks and he blamed police for being incompetent and said he is moving now to he showed up at a community meeting in victory part in nice part is stockton is home to a history museum. he says his
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grandmother was attacked in his car and he blasted police for not protecting the city. it's a start somewhere it starts with someone getting accosted in the parking lots. they're not coming. it doesn't matter. nobody stopped me because we live in stockton and it is common sense and these people were like to and it is a shame and out of here because i have been lied to my entire life. in july stockton declared bankruptcy. police have lost 25% of its officers in recent years to layoffs and poaching by police departments and other cities. and 11 year-old boy who was shot to is out of the hospital tonight but it could be a long time before he is truly healed.
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he talked to the reporter joe vasquez where you could sleep from now on. he's recovering from five surgery's any serious one to his liver. i'm not back to normal but is i need to get better and so then i will be back to normal. today doctors gave the okay for the 11 year-old to return to his east oakland home. were you a little scared? is the only six days and somebody shot him through the walls of his house. i was sleeping here and the bullet holes were there. there was a strong pain that was burning and i saw blood everywhere. i was running and going crazy and i was crying in my uncle was holding me. and
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everybody was calling 911. what goes to your mind? they stopped their car into people got off. tonight we're sleeping where you going to be thinking? i'm not going to sleep here i'm going to sleep in my sister's room because no bullets went into her room and i think it is safe there. police have made no arrests so far they have made family plans to move away as soon as they can afford it. university of california will pay million dollars to students who were pepper spray the in davis. it students will give $30,000 but there is more there is the cost to review how the university handles protests the cost of crisis management and supports all along with the outside investigation. the total cost is about $2 million. the
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states just change the rules of the old tv and computer monitors the require that they would be recycled the state even charges u.s. special fee. tonight in the story will see only on cbs five many of those tvs now in doubt that the regular dump. but you still have to pay that recycling fee. you bring them in drop them off, because california once hemicycles. and we all pay for it. a six to $10 surcharge every time you buy a new tv or computer goes to making sure your old one doesn't end up polluting the environment. they're called a cathode grade 2
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or co2 foreshores. this class is filled with toxic lead in the goal is to keep it out of landfills but now will end up there after all. his with the state's department of toxic control. the can do the math there are millions and millions of pounds of glass in the stream every year in california. the problem is under state regulation it can only go to two places to extract alleged or to a factory to make more of the same crt tvs. the market is drying up because there is no need demands. as a result the glasses piling up in unsafe places. three years ago they cbs five investigation found some of the biggest recyclers in the state for getting rid of that in arizona where it still is a it's. a mountain of glass in the middle of the desert. state
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agents shot this video of old tv set and monitor is dumped in a field near fresno. the state says something had to be done and the only solution was the landfill. the glass we're most concerned with was a toxin and harmful to people in the environment. the class would have to go to our hazardous waste facilities. like this one in cattlemen's city they're completely sealed in safe. they're designed to last 100 years. but, says some of the class that doesn't have led cut also go to a class two or three landfill. sheila davis is with a silicon valley toxics coalition. if it is cheaper were
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easier. it goes to landfills. like ccs refining in stockton. this comes along along at an inopportune time because people will have an opportunity to put things in a landfill as opposed to shipping it to us for cycling. that he is not convinced the technology is ready as. we're not going to approve someone recycling unless we know that it is safe and effective. and willingly they want their products to cycled so i think that the state owes it to the people of california to make sure that is recycled properly. the state's department of toxic substance control does not regulate recycling trees. they tell us despite the rule change the fee structure will stay the same but they admit they're bracing for a lot of complaints.
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probably one of the luckiest people in the world at the moment. it's an avalanche swept him away. the bay area's ski lead- in's talks about the moment when you had to stop looking for his friends and focus on surviving. everything you thought you knew about earthquakes forget it. what happens when scientists didn't think was possible and what it means for us. you pay by the pound so how can you get a better value at the salad bar? plus the court may access that actually costs
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at bank of america, we're continuing to lend and invest in the people, businesses, and organizations that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit provide safe, affordable housing within the city, supporting an organization that's helping kids find jobs and stay in school, or financing the expansion of a local company that's creating healthier workplaces, what's important to the people of the bay area is important to us. and we're proud to work with all those who are making our bible the next he is thinking got to be alive in california extreme skier survive the terrifying avalanche on one of the world's tallest mountains. i'm probably one of the luckiest people in the world. he survived a deadly avalanches on sunday. about two dozen climbers
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were sleeping in a camp just above 22,000 ft. of when disaster hit. he says he was awakened is tense reading his bible when he heard a loud roar. snow swept away all of the tents and the people inside them. in her carrollton 1,000 ft. down the mountain. he punched his way out of this tends to search for others but found no one. he knows the one finds them because you know your friends' lives depend on your next actions and apparently everything that i did failed to produce anything so that when i had to start thinking about my own life. he says the camp look like a war zone when rescuers flew in to fly him out. the world-famous skier hope to ski off the mountain. key and their two french colleagues talked about their plan before they left. skiing the eighth highest mountain the world sounds a good idea. his
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famous for making light of risk- taking but his heartbroken that the his friends are still missing and presumed dead. he was born in livermore and is considered the pioneer of american extreme skiing. the elites we certainly know that there different kinds of earthquakes. scientists look at them out differently. in fact they have detected what they say is one of the most bizarre earthquakes ever. reporter brian on what it means for us. planet earth was unusually silent last april there had been just a scattering of magnitude 5 quake across the globe when suddenly a huge number of big quake erupted worldwide. this is an extraordinary spasm of global earthquakes. ross stein and his colleagues think that all of
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those at aftershocks were triggered by this. was this something the would never thought you it's you would see? he equates this is their president earthquake and believe it to. that is because this turned out to be the largest ever recorded on what is a false the same kind of fault that underlies much of california. deletes the moment that you learn that this was a strike slip earthquake what thoughts went through your mind? how bizarre. nobody ever thought that this is strike slip mechanism can be such a huge quake. it's a very simple model the pacific plate over there. and in between masking tape called in the fall together. pacific plate moves northwest. the strain increasing into increasing and increasing until
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the moment the quake snout is sent to the strong this energy waves on record worldwide church during those quakes across the earth. something that was never seen on such a scale before. these were all large and potentially damaging earthquakes occurring all over the globe. then we know that there is one fault that is ready to go. it has been the quake to pushover. it is possible. so the next time there's a big quake somewhere on earth? because strike slips are rare. thrust quakes are much more frequent. if you don't take your lunch to work or school there's always that question what to lead to salad bars are so popular that they can be pricey tonight julie on the what to pick what to pass subsea construction paycheck at the salad bar. it is lunchtime at
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the salad bar and people are piling it on. but at 6 to $10 a pound even a few leafy greens can add up. the way to this alibi's certainly going to be more expensive than if he would make the salad at home. it would average up to 70 percent more than on shore shells but some items are better buys than others. weisberg and remain cost under $2 a pound at the store so paying as much as five times more at the salad bar makes them a bum deal. spring makes and spinach are still cheaper at the store but much closer than the salad bar price of their best bought and they say they're getting more for air money if it comes to nutrition as well. dick weis a darker the color we always consider that to. eteocles now from what you put on your salad at three to $5 a pound to while the cheaper
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cucumbers carrots and beets are a bum deal. when it comes to salad dressing blue cheese tends to weigh more but most salad bar varieties cost the same on the shelf with one big exception. all of will and all some of the bigger they are your best by financially and nutrition the nutritionally. pile on the topping's a savvy salad bar shopper can actually save money on many salad bar staples. bacon bits are certainly our best buy compared to a whopping $21 a pound at the store but dietitians warned be careful of that bargain. ,,,,,,,,,,
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for food, for family, and now, something extra -- for you. the weekend and that is when we will really see that temperature change. not really tomorrow and friday that is a forecast update is the weekend that will be the warm side a lot of cloud cover
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and fog rolling in as soon as 6:00 this evening in their view up the pyramid is not a good feel we have the cloud cover, per your in the '50s san francisco down to 52 santa rosa you're creeping up on the '40's and will likely drop in the next hour or sell some shares of we have a going on were moving inland once again tonight here's the deal. for tomorrow and friday high-pressure is closer to u.s. less of the onshore flow will injure temperatures up by two or three degrees that is all we get for the next couple of days and in the weekend to this high pressure will team up with this low pressure area to our south to bust that offshore wind when temperatures begin to climb into the 90s and for those of you near the bay you'll hit the '80s coming up on saturday and sunday the warmest weekend we have had since late july. but temperatures will be quite pleasant to get out of oakland tomorrow. exactly normal for this time of the air sunnyvale
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samara 78 sycamore and 78 union 77 well into the '80s for pleasant hill and convert fairfield 91 the nation's 77 richmond 67 tomorrow san leandro 75 degrees. your extended forecast will be near normal tomorrow and friday look what happens over the weekend to upper 90s and lint '80s knew the bay all the way to monday even at the,,,, vo: for years, sacramento politicians have chopped away funds for our schools. today, we're forty-seventh out of fifty in per-pupil funding.
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now these politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento, they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number.
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one. you get all the why shopawesome brand names. and marshalls? two. you get them for less than department stores, and that's awesome.
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three. she'll think you look stylish and awesome. four. you'll actually be awesome, which is awesome. a's get a wild-card spot is just one game playoff to win the division is a fine five game series tonight's game was bigger than the state of texas rangers outfielder bought this ambulance for the dominican republic but it was the rangers' pitchers to needed cpr tonight. a base hit under the glove of josh hamilton two runs were scored four to nothing days. and there were not done there. derek norris steps up with a triple to center on the trouble because pour hamilton misjudge the baseball. the a's put a base 5 spot in the first inning and that was plenty for the rookie starter. strikeout andrea when 110 k is
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in the a's win big nine to three. so the gap in the west is three games they play again tomorrow morning sell if oakland winds to have seven to play. it is going to be good stuff that in northgate grand i once dated their sister tracy. third inning buster posies basted dries and hundred rbi of the season the first giants since barry bonds in 2004 having 100 runs batted in in the season the giants win three to nothing and not kane has his 16th win with three sacks and three games the raiders are 31st out of 32 teams in the nfl and that is why he is headed back to the bay area. he made his first pro bowl last year with 10 sacks in new england before tearing his quadricep muscle. but is the healthy? i have a lot of friends as they get crossed over to the dark side. but i have come full circle. one not be
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back in the bay area where it all started. it's something that i hold dear. the game is against denver. the lockout is over the nfl officials got a raise and will keep their pension plan to 2016 they will be in uniform tomorrow. the post headline can you see a replacement ref holding a guide dog. josh read it ended a slump with a base hit the a's bench to one of the baseball as a souvenir for him that is why you have to love this baseball team. they sent an american league record with 1333 strikeouts and chris davis and looks like it is going to be robbed of a home run but watch it is a home run-ups has a cast out of the hats. across the jays' fall to two. good thing the a's won because the angels are not letting up. he has a
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