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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  September 27, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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sidewalk behind me has been clear and in almost a year. occupiers have been camping out in front of the fed buildings here on market street since the occupied movement was at its height last october. hear some video occupiers posted online. the police had been mourning the occupiers the two weeks of this deadline. wresting about 40 people and then releasing them immediately. the belongings packed up and tag. occupiers were told they couldn't come pick their items up out of their time. the city says denise to work on a water leak underneath the buildings. nor injuries reported there were some yelling but overall police said the
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occupiers were not unruly overnight. the going to be standing guard here outside of the bad for who knows how long. hit last that the referees union and the league reached a tentative agreement. the new terms of the deal. after a series of missed calls runs with coaches and players and on field confucian the nfl replacement officials are heading to the sidelines. hill league and officials of union agree on a tentative eight year contract that will put the normal officiating crews or back on the field. we have the
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finest officials in sports now it's time to put the focus back on the teams and players were belongs. the two sides get serious about the negotiations after monday night's game between the packers and seahawks. london and new deal the average pay for the brass will rise from $149,000 a year to $173,000 next year. and 205,000 by 2019. some players are glad to see the real gross return we need their guns their spirits and die for the game. they understand the game the coaches and players. will the official ready? were aware of the new rules would been working on testing
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keep yourself in shape. we're ready to grow at a moment's notice. for our perspective we could do with it would be obsolete. the san jose sharks course free season games cancelled tonight. this is because of the nhl lockout. analysts estimate $800,000 of revenue will be lost in the downtown area for each canceled game. some businesses are already cut staff and on schedule game nights. around the bay area to the we have some patchy dense fog along the coastline. some of that has stuck inside the day.
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high pressure starting to build and. the pitchers not too bad this morning '50s in most parts of the bay area. expect a dozen sunshine and some comfortable weather as we have for the day. the numbers will be heating up outside. likely going to see some upper 80s and low 90s in the valleys. a lot of sissies out towards the coastline. much warmer weather is warm away. having to december to abridge what accident is pretty spell 92 us what your towards a toll plaza. an image of the list to the freeway or the rich who wants to head east towards the toll plaza. road work on the
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dumbarton bridge until about 530 this morning. san red rump hansard or to seize and enclosures for construction. that should be there for about the next half hour. east on highway 4 we have a full free with closure and the obi affect single for cochrane investigators are looking for a suspect who shot and killed a man in a quiet oakland neighborhood. just after 630 last night when this is city her multiple gunshot on vermont street. officers arrived to find a man with at least one gunshot wound city into a parked car. he was pronounced dead at the scene. neighbors were shocked at this unusual violence. i have lived here for over two years the and i have no issues. i've always felt safe.
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police have no motive or suspects treated who seat and the man who may be laid to the takeover what reason some the answer. and the sea and is caught up with the man yesterday no word yet on with the man is still in custody. they ordered workers and customers to the four and stole money out of the cash register. the whole incident happens in less than 40 seconds a 11 year old on board is out of hospital less than a week after he was shot. someone fired 60 shots into his family's home on the city's east side. he's recovering from five surgeries in the serious injury to his liver. i was sleeping late year and
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then the board. i felt a strong opinion that was going and saw blood everywhere. i was going pretty crazy. no one has been arrested police said they don't know what all was targeted. three men under arrest after a while police chase that left a trail of the image through the city of san francisco. in the study with an audit that robbery. it culminated in a clash in the western district. the worst piece of a long history after sideswiping a cbs five newsmen. the getaway car lost control and cut into two parked cars. and its readiness lives and to the bottom right been hidden
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to be borrowed including a child was hit by debris. two adults and one juvenile are in custody. for more video you the the gun to our web site to see it. and eased a fifth grader is in big trouble for billion air assault pistol to school. officials say some what the weapon onto campus last week. he cut in his backpack and threatened others with it. there some guns by a plastic pellets. it is disturbing that no student reported the incident. protesters are calling for a more car of the biggest area lot to the supermarket chain over and won popular do hiring practice. about 70 people marched up
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said the ec and has any pueblo story yesterday. the sat over the company's new use of a website that checks if it's legal for them to work in the united states. no one can choose what was or directions from the federal government to except. all of us have to abide by a lot. a lot of critics are calling the owner into a canal. the practice will only be hired to do hires. each student of $30,000 as part of a settlement at this more. there is a costume reviewed at the university reduce protests and an outside investigation. also it will cost
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about $2 million. a weidenfeld is still being looked at rich government is letting other companies know that regular inspections may not detect problem. federal investigators say the incident could have been a whole lot worse. it didn't est avalanche talks about the moments when he had to stop looking for his friends and focus on surviving himself. it was supposed to be a hoax. what police and arizona are not laughing. this isn't your ordinary pilot and an ordinary plane could what went,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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even air force one can run into some other issues the boeing 747 was on the approach to toledo ohio when the pilot
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missed the landing and had to abort a make another attempt. the plan was experience some some major epic turbulent. and finally landed safely on the second attempt. levine couldn't be specs you do some fantastic weather coming our date tree this summon us is whether we've seen all month. starting out today and some dense fog as he approached the coast line. the fog they did little thicker. but some clear most of the interior valleys. the temperatures running in the 40's and 50's or run the day. as we head towards the afternoon the vouchers will be warmer in of. we've seen some fog clear into the north of dallas this
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afternoon to abuse warming up to 90 degrees. some sixties up towards the coastline. mixture of sunshine and fault. 70 degrees and at lake tahoe 95 in sacramento. the structures are going to be warming up will see some major changes after the next week. a few patches develop overnight and into tomorrow morning. and temperatures as we head towards the afternoon about seven in redwood city 85 in hayward tree cutting up to 90 degrees in brentwood and antioch. 82 in and out of and sunny 83 degrees in santa rosa 80 in oakland. next couple of
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days it to be as good, half as we head towards the weekend. if we get lucky we may see a weak offshore wind develop on monday. of the bridge traffic is light as you work your way toward the toll plaza. headed toward the bay bridge for covering up the shore for we have some road work. west and 80 ride from paul street heading towards 580 you're going to run into some construction blocking the middle lanes in that area. as a lot of the golden gate bridge looking good out of orange county as you go toward san francisco street 15 minutes.
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his a look at conditions or one there spencer. spencer off from north on watt on watt is closed for road work that will be open within the next half-hour. uses them to the bridge as an alternate. fit the flip side know delicious for westbound antioch. the two major candidates will be both tough campaign events and all harborage in every. mr. the both men attended event in ohio. at another state considered crucial to success this coming november.
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the president has had multiple opportunities to label chance the a currency manipulator good if he has and i will. he's been talking tough on china and says is going to take the fight to them. the suns better than all but taught years he's been profiting from the jobs of his and to china. the latest polls show president obama leading in the block the state. he gives the president says the civil war and syria is a tragedy that must be brought to an end. he says that he made the comments yesterday in his first- ever address at the united nations general assembly. more of 30,000 people have been killed in the 18th month syrian conflict. the government of spain is set to unveil more
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economic measures amid angry protests about the country's recession. the moves are expected to include higher taxes changes to pensions and help from the european central bank could a nation of a trend continues to deal with the angry protests over its financial crisis. estimated 50,000 people took to the streets of athens today. the country's governing coalition is having another meeting to discuss further budget cuts. but a police of bristow had detained an executive about and based tool. he's in hot water because the whip said the not remove some ideas from the u-2 subsidiary. a judge ordered the videos be moved. police say he would be the least. if a terrorist attack plans a man in jail. if the expanded this to about two months ago.
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and it is 16 year-old nephew posing as a terrorist hall with a rocket-propelled grenade launcher. the teen-ager's mother says the video is harmless. there was no malice and in the of this he is not a terrorist he is nothing more than a guy try to make a living. what you possibly get out of this? to sit at your testing law enforcement response. it doesn't really make any sense to us. the seeing costume panic nearly a dozen people cost 911. a new social security scam is in the money men to senior straight into the accounts of criminals. at the start by finding a person's full name and a cow no. and brought benefits to their own debit card and the celts. the problem has expanded
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at the social security administration switches of its payments from the checks to direct deposit. doctors played a key role keeping older drivers sit behind the wheel. and the u.s. is estimated 600,000 older drivers give up the keys each year because of health concerns. a record number of americans are in debt over their higher education. a new report reveals 19% of u.s. household has student loans back in 2010. the average amount loaned for each loan is $27,000. the new york the reserve bank says this student loans up to nearly one trillion dollars. california high-school seniors did not score well on last year's aptitude test. the
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college entrance exams were lower than those of their predecessors to your report. governor brown has signed a bill that will affect how public schools aren't ranked each year. under the bill state standardized test results pulled make up no more than 60% of the grade schools are given. area drivers are being warned right enough. freeways aren't parhaving sat take note s closing a 10 mi. stretch before 54 construction. he was one of two dozen climbers at camp on but modest little when the avalanche rolled
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through them on sunday. but almost all drug to my thousand feet and swept away many of his friends. 11 are confirmed dead at least two or still missing. at least you are doing what you what i to do. and unfortunately everything had to prove to be futile. he was born in livermore he is considered a pioneer of an american extreme skiing. the at the dawn of living in the apartment next door won't get any quieter. but members can no longer pass or mr. do. coming unlimited list that is an illegal from. the universe is big kodak moment,,
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what is to come will talk about that coming out. chp has issued a font advisory for highway one. because of the fog and the bridges are looking very good this morning. this is the most each of you of our universe that has ever been captured in. the use for rose from the hubble space telescope to assemble this view of the extreme heat field. this contains about 5500 galaxies and peers about 13.2 billion years into the past. an editorial girl
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is making a name for herself in pool halls all round minnesota. she's been done by a champion and is now hoping to keep the success going overseas. she's been playing pool since she was 8. she's been competing in not winning but she takes on adults to. one that said in my being punched. this is the shooting she was mvp honors of the old story. she won the national title in her age group and will be heading to germany this december for eight international competition. she is reportedly the jaundiced minnesota to win a spot in the international world. the replacement last are
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finally replaced. the deal that is in the nfl walk up. a wild chase into the mercedes, into several cars including cbs five newsprint. a clearer sidewalk in front of the federal building in san francisco. this is something we have not seen at about a year. ,
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occupied as a half with it again more than 40 people cleared up over night. what onto occupiers had to go. the nfl and the referees to retreat a big deal. what it took to get them back to work. we are starting wi


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