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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  September 27, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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colet and occupy protest or a homeless encampment by the way is gone this morning and coming up we have details on a police raid overnight dozens of arrests. their replacements are being replaced what it set the of the nfl referees back on the field. kiwi's its thick fog settled over parts of the bed warm sunshine on the way and we'll have details coming up. ender be bridged commutable back at east
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bay travel times are coming up. good morning it is thursday the weekend is approaching. time now is 601 this morning occupiers in front of the federal reserve and san francisco have been evicted. it is where the camp site ec and is no more. did we its clear sidewalk in front of the federal reserve this is a scene we have not seen in about a year you can see there's a chain-link fence the protesters jones a lot of them have moved across the street and see them hanging out there basically trying to figure out what their next move is going to be here's some video that posted overnight on use streamed police say they have been morning occupiers for more than two weeks of this deadline police moved in after giving a final verbal warning and then
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releasing them immediately. did weeks we expected we knew was coming home and security has been in the neighbor had and we know that the orders have been coming from washington and the arms that they wanted this to rent. exercising are for settlement rights of free speech to let them know that we're not going to take it anymore. teocallis this is what the camp looked like about a month ago last night in a lot of these belongings were packsack end tags occupiers told that there be picked up at a later time the city says it is to work on a water leak and indeed the federal building in no injuries in the rate overnight and police say went smoothly the protesters are still a sense to people work in the area very excited this morning will hear from them coming up in the next half-hour cbs five. six said to now developing news in these banks
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investigators say six grade teacher from albany is expected of committing lewd acts with a child under the age of 14. he is accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a former student. the district superintendent place him on the minister have leave on monday. a fifth grader bringing their soft pistol to school and goes all day without getting cut school officials in riyadh said turner elementary said they brought the weapons on campus last week and threatened some of the other students as shotguns file with plastic pellets. eteocles we hope that if any of our students still intimidated they would report the situation. a high- speed chase through san francisco ends of a major crash and three robbery suspects that
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all began with an i'd have robbery yesterday afternoon and culminated with a crash in the western addition just minutes after the robbery officers spotted the suspect speeding south along the streets after sideswiping is cbs five mes fan the get away car lost control and plowed into two parked cars and buchanan streets. it was stepping through to intersections it slams into the side of the ban and vaporizes it from there. at least two people were hurt including a child two adults and one juvenile are all in custody to the suspects were taken to the hospital and remain under guard this morning for more video just log onto cbs asset dot com. 6 so for the national nightmare for football fans has come to an end to the last night they got it done the referees unit reached a tentative agreement to reporter terrell brown shows as the terms of the deal as bringing the
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regular referee's back to work. after a series of missed calls runs with coaches and players and non feels confused in the nfl's replacement officials are heading to the sidelines. with roger gadhelic the negotiating table they agreed on a tentative 8 year contract that will put the normal at the shooting crews back on the field. in a statement the dell said we look forward to have the finest officials and sports back on the field now is time to put the focus back on the teams and players were it belongs. the two sides got serious about the negotiations after monday night's game between the packers and seahawks the call on the last play of the game, scoring a victory. under the new deal the average pay will rise from the 2011 level of $49,000 a year to
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173,000 next year and 205,000 by 2019 the agreement also some players are gone to see the real rest return. they have an eye for the game and they understand the players they understand the coaches and the dynamics of the game back after a three month lockout and no game action since last winter low the officials be ready? we've been working on tests in to keep yourself in shape and ready to go at a moment's notice. so we could from my perspective it would be up to the league. cbs news in new york. from that to the nhl their lives to force the cancellation. analysts estimates $800,000 in revenue lost in san jose's downtown era for every game that is cancelled and all it's probably
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more to come because they're close to reaching an. 6 07 right now let's get a check on the weather because the weekend is ever so close and it's looking like a big thumbs-up good thing the nhl was on until june. but start out with some thick fog is an approach the coastline have pressure building in overhead and that is compressing the marine air said dense fog is shown in the valley with the north this morning visibility is down for a half mile. clear well inland. the equates instances go this afternoon sunshine and plenty of its a matter where you go the '80s may be low 90s and well inland and pair of eights there in livermore and sen as saying sunshine into pacifica more sun is on the way will talk about that check on the roads
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with qian that. that seem quite a backup so give yourself some extra time this morning. they're coming off the shore freeway parking it spreads to the knees toward the bay bridge still about a 20 minute ride. holding steady with nice drive times this morning was from heaven for a bit of a struggle this morning also reports of a new accident that may be blocking lanes. between bailey and rode. between 1:00 this afternoon it's not commit direction and it might get a bit busy. dip leads me this morning investigators are looking for suspects that shot and killed the man in a quiet oakland neighborhood this happened after six the last ninth
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witnesses say they heard multiple gunshots officers arrived to find a madman with the least one gunshot wounds sitting in a parked car neighbors were shocks. the waves and have had no issues and i always felt safe never any issues of walking it and then was scary about its. so far police have no motive or suspects. police detained the man may be linked to the takeover robbery of a safeway grocery store in san leandro investigators caught up with demand yesterday and in oakland five armed robbers stormed the store located on bancroft avenue tuesday night and ordered workers and customers to the floor and stole money from the cash registers no one was injured in the entire incident happened in less than a minute. new details on the settlement to the students pepper spray during a peaceful protest turns out only half the actual cost to
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taxpayers each student will get $30,000 that's all part of the settlement but there's more there is a cost to review how the university had those protests and outside investigations so costs for everything is about $2 million. a couple of never approves in downtown san jose will punish so-called safety march tonight and they're trying to call attention to rising crime and prostitution. they put the blame on smaller police forces. s. to meld a today to announce its funding allocation for an improved semblances some is in conjunction a high-speed rail projects which will share the corridor with caltrans. kiwi's is 610 like something out of moby dick we have a look at where whites and males bottom of the coast of australia. and to
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check out an amazing coral reefs without using your chair. have lumps is giving us a experience. how resourceful clerk turned the tables,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,e
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surveillance video shows the moment of a suicide attack on a major military facility in syria to car bombs engulf the army headquarters back on the gun battles that followed killed at least five people to freeze syrian army is a rebel group trying to end the regime claimed responsibility for the tax spain's government is set to unveil more economic measures
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and the angry protests about the country's recession. the moves are expected to include higher taxes changes to pension and some help and european central bank crises' also contending with angry protests over its financial crisis an estimated 50,000 people took to the streets of athens today the governing coalition is having another meeting to discuss further budget cuts as it tries to obtain rescue loans. federal police and brazil have obtained an executive of a mountain base to go. there in hot water because google did not remove some videos from its youtube subsidiary a judge had ordered the videos to be removed after a coroner ruled they violate brazilian election laws their goals and had operations in brazil is expected to be released from jail later today. group plans to appeal. he's ready had to to protect his business a very resource guide.
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the suspect will be a t-shirt over his head and stabbed him with a pocket at but the thief took all the cash at the register and that is on the store clerk said enough is enough bad day for a pack of naturalize through that the suspect and their egos. he dropped the knife drops the cash and then runs out of the store and of course he runs out after him. he said a state historic new stabs to. 616 let's check throats. john i take it away. we just had cinema's chp any did turn those me during my son of those fast track planes also slow down just past the overpass as points the san mateo bridge not the case that is one of our bright spots still looking that in both directions between 811 to 14 to 15 minutes for a drive time elsewhere let's jump over to the golden gate bridge a little bit foggy across
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the span of limited visibility is your claim to san francisco we do have a father by syria's well as to the area that is for chp secure policy had to bear any location for this earlier accidents for chp land could be blocked as areas to give yourself a few extra minutes. also reports of an accident in the eastbound have to have a fourth not affecting the mainlines buds the off ramp para it is completely blocked off as was forced to cover how himself in the block for an injury accident and lots of activity they're not too bad if you're headed east to try to rent to construction along the way for red around bailey and railroad it's going to be there until about 1:00 this afternoon west that is going to be some red and yellow there on the sensors to stop and go conditions as the head through that area a looking dead so
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whenever the delays as he had towards lemay's southbound is clear is your key way toward the word mass transit is also on time this morning that took a drive let's get the forecast in year. fog around the bay of visibility down to a quarter mile also in san residents fought the north bank also toward the coast line but looks like more sunshine is on the way in beautiful sunshine bought the '70s and '80s and low eighties around the playing '80s maybe someone '90s and some of the far reaches of inland valleys and '60s out toward the coastline sneaking a little more sunshine there had to the central valley as the about 98 in fresno 95 degrees in sacramento 78 degrees and lake tahoe and 89 degrees and sunshine in yosemite's these temperatures warmed up for the next few days. high pressure builds in and we make a week of offshore winds developing and if
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that happens to me clear up the skies quite a bit. not a bad day today. the waves and looks like and i said low clouds and fog. the waves not going to penetrate. temperatures going to 81 degrees in san jose should be about 79 in milpitas 63 degrees in pacifica east bay temperatures in the '80s may be low 90s and is to get inside the day we have members running as high as 74 in san leandro and about 84 degrees in sonoma the next couple of days warmer weather on the way getting hot and some of the valley is even nice touch for the coastline and milking a big-time changes as we head toward next week that is a look at whether back to. here's your chance to explore the great barrier reef without getting in the water. to allow us out and hunt gelds street you users can click a map and then died
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beneath the surface to explore the reef scientist teamed up with google labs tens of thousands of images that of and stitch together to create that virtual-. schools in reciting of an albino well the helicopter camera spotted a white tie back in and this could be the will names 21 years ago was the only documented all whites well in the world's they say seen the creature was amazing. thats pretty cool. and she'll be back in 21 more years pretty neat. they're big win in texas will highlight its. as the giants win again last night but that,,
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will clear things out nicely coming out. complete traffic coming at a few minutes. shaky defense of the texas rangers help the a's into the american league west division forget the wild card right not take the whole thing and then getting close tuesday of the a's gets two home runs out of this ball goes to know just humans love. the a's and now just three games behind the rangers 12 1/7 on their 20 game odyssey the finish to announce today in texas giants we're looking to get
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close to the national league's best record third inning single drives in a run his 100th rbi he's never done before and remarkable. giants will 26 nothing win over the diamondbacks and the giants win will forever live in the memories of one local couple. one pulled fan drops disney and popped the question to his girlfriend under the watchful eyes of lucille and to the plight of fancier by she said yes. she had to. of course she wanted to. nice ring them. still awaits you go where taking it in minnesota we have twins and yankees and will be picked up by the new york did he first baseman nick switcher who will kravitz and look at that. the second base against the house and that is your plea of the day. and their incredible race
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on the east coast as well. the 626 to replace and to arouse the regular referees are back again and the details of the big deal coming up. a high- speed chase with a dramatic crash and san francisco how newsman became part of the story. a rate overnight on a longstanding occupy camp next dozens of arrests and a lot of people,,
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morning it is thursday september 27th to. and occupy eviction
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overnight police declared thousands from a san francisco camp in touchdown the nfl wraps returned to the fields. those stories and more coming up next. lockout lifted after a controversial call the real refs' return to the fields. renew was coming home and security has been a neighbor had end we know they've come from washington and beyond. exercise in the first it's the craziest thing ever. a wild chase over and i've had in san francisco and mercedes plows into several cars including news and. did we its money came to the house it may remember everything that happens and an 11 year old boy was shot in his bed comes home.
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president obama's and their on their folly to other from one battleground state to another. you're probably aware that there's an election going on right now in ohio. dia police from across the bay to around the world to this story is that matter on eyewitness news this morning. good morning we begin with developing news that we have been falling for last couple of hours when the last sitting of the vikings in the bay area has finally been cleared out and matter that is that the federal building on market street in san francisco with more on the eviction good morning. across the street is a sight we haven't seen in about a year in san francisco eclairs sidewalk in front of the federal reserve building a chain-link fence stands there as police have been standing by to make sure that campers to reoccupy the area and across the street in front of the highest a handful of people who have been camping them have been kicked
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out. here is what this camp looked like earlier this month police say they have been warning these people for more than two weeks of the deadline last night and 1130 police moved in after giving its final verbal war it warning to these people some say the camp was a glorified homeless encampments others say was a true occupy protest the police arrested in cited 40 people and release them immediately stop some people who work in this neighborhood are glad to see that can't go. it was like a breath of fresh air. the airwaves and in the air was fresh on top of it so i was excited. the equates this has happened so many times that it is becoming pretty evidence that's there is a real efforts to keep a grass-roots movement from arising again the way that it did last time. the release here's some video the occupiers posted overnight use stream at
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their belongings have packed up and had to occupiers were told they could pick them up at a later time the reason the city says it finally had to move these people out is that it had to repair a water leak underneath the building into the sidewalk no word on exactly how long police are going to be standing by here to make sure the sidewalks days clear live in san francisco's cbs five. 6339 developing news at the east bay investigators say six grade teacher from all the is suspected of committing a lewd acts of a child under the age of 14 officers arrested this man yesterday and is accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a former student according to the albany the superintendent is some on administrative leave on monday leaders will answer parents' questions at a meeting later tonight. and a fifth grader brings an air assault pistol to school and goes all day without getting caught school officials at turner elementary said the student brought the weapon on
6:34 am
campus last week the boy allegedly threatened to others from reporting him so nobody did. air assault guns fire plastic pellets. it is a servant and a student reported the threats we hope that if anyone students feel intimidated they would report the situation. did ways this morning's three men are under arrest following a police chief chase that left a trail damage in san francisco. it ended with a crash in the western addition. just minutes after the robbery officers spotted the suspect speeding south along his streets and after sideswiping a cbs five news van the getaway car lost control and data into two parked cars on the chemistry to. tirolese it was the thing through to intersections and got right here slammed into the side of the van and vaporize over there it was the craziest thing ever. at least two people were hurt including a child that was
6:35 am
hit by debris from the crash to adults and one juvenile hall in custody to the suspects were taken to hospital and women under guard this morning and for more video the dramatic chase just log onto our web sites cbs as set out common. the nfl's regular freeze returned to the field and could be as early as tonight the association and lead reach a tentative 8 year deal late last night under the new agreement that officials will that race from last year's salary of $149,000 adds up pretty quickly. the rest benefits package will also be gradually changed as well. any statement that commissioner for the nfl said about the deal we look forward to having the finest officials and sports back on the field and now it is time to put the focus back on the scene and the players where it belongs and there is a game tonight against the browns and ravens. san jose
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sharks preseason game that will not be played cancel tonight's a local businesses are starting to feel the financial pinch because of the nhl lockout analysts estimates over $800,000 in revenue will be lost in downtown san with each game that is cancelled and some businesses already cut staff on scheduled game night so far all the nhl games have been canceled unlikely more to come because they are far apart on that issue. hopefully it doesn't last long as a long season hopefully they'll figure it out that there is one year they didn't play hockey at all. 636 what you think? was second. that is going to be great around the bay area for the next couple of days a lot of sunshine with patchy fog rolled today and expects in the north a valley of visibility is down in santa rosa and also into the not the valley has a head for the afternoon will make that out of and here comes the sun 52 degrees clear in concord a 5652
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and san francisco father and 54 degrees in san jose this afternoon plenty of eighties in the valley is in fact may see some nineties begin to show up in antioch and bread with lots of '70s and tied the game '60s and san francisco and along the coastline clearing and temperatures moved into the '60s much warmer this to come on that and emeline's right now set up the roads with your honor. see it is on the scene is how long the 84 note was found 80 this you might see some delays in and around that area dunbarton bridge itself is not doing too badly right now at elsewhere as a merger with up the self they some of the hot spots are eastbound to the four chicago highway rest of the bay area looks like we're seeing a slow and published in the west side with the rams closed in and around that area now to the south bay we go to dry times over which are not ready to badly slight delays along 11280 the northbound through san jose still looking pretty dead and
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back alive luck, our photographer had preconceived a few more cars working their way on to the 11 this morning to give yourselves some extra time this track is i still. 638 malinda this morning oakland police looked for the shooter that gunned down and a man in a typically quiet neighborhood that happened around 630 last night witnesses say they heard multiple gunshots clear grant avenue officers arrived to find a man by with at least one gunshot wounds sitting in in her car he was pronounced dead at the scene ends neighbors are pretty surprised. this is very random. i have lived here for two years and have it had no issues never any issues or anything scary about it so far police did not have a motive or suspects. 11 year-old oakland boy is out of the hospital less than a week after he was shot by lying in bed he was wounded in the chest when someone fired 16 shots the and to his family's home on the city's east side. he
6:39 am
recovers from five surgery's any serious injury to his liver. dewi's i was sleeping amends suddenly i felt a strong in and i saw blood everywhere and ed got up and i was running and i was going crazy and i was crying and my uncle was holding me. we're glad he is doing okay so far no one has been arrested and police say they still did not know why the homeless targets. a couple of downtown san jose neighborhood groups are organizing a safe in march this evening they're trying to draw attention to an increase in crime especially in prostitution they put the blame on a smaller police force to city budget cuts the urban ministry and the guadalupe washington neighborhood association early in the march on south first street. the differences go could be fined $29,000 a day if they fail to
6:40 am
complete certain america's cup venues in find to be levied if the city fails to deliver peer's 2730 and 32 by march the causes part of a revised agreement with organizers that is still up for approval. pallas rate in the a's pitcher who threw up her to game is blasting his hometown of stocks then in particular the police department he showed up at a community meeting novel that please tell the nice part of town yesterday that area has seen a big uptick in violence he says his grandmother was robbed and he was attacked in his car and police just aren't doing much. they told me the on the bit of advice that could give me to protect myself was to take my grandmother and move they told me that unless i am shooting or less they're shooting at me they don't come. this day several officers have told him they're trying to lead the stockton police force stay tuned. 648 lead scare jfk would force a
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brazilian airliner to make an emergency landing? plus a solution to a serious problem whether shelter pop has to eat lunch in a high chair. the equates the market opened just a couple of minutes ago let's take a quick check on the early numbers as we've applied towards the weekend and right now is looking very dead and jason brooks runs the numbers just [ woman ] don't forgets just the yard work! okay. [ male announcer ] with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. nice job ben. [ male announcer ] next up -- the gutters. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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today, we're forty-seventh out of fifty in per-pupil funding. vo: for years, sacramento politicians have chopped away funds for our schools. now these politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento, they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number.
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helps him deposit his checks. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. mobile check deposit. ripon to my intense moment at jfk airport where brazilian jet and emergency landing and had a malfunction in landing gear the front wheels are twisted sister linda flights of every edition no reported that the nose gear,
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was twisted after circling once been compared caugh has done surprisingly smooth fashion and i guess the back will force the front wheel to score around. neville you know these pilots are still skill than what they do. dear equates to sell is all in our day ago. it took 10 years but nasa released the most detailed look at our universe yes masius photos from the hubble space telescope to assemble this field of the extreme heat feel the image contains about 5500 galaxies. and according to scientistic years back 13.2 billion years into the universe past thought to be about 13.7 billion years old. that is hard to wrap drop arms around those numbers 13 billion years ago those galaxies may be long gone by now you're seeing the light from 13 billion years ago that is amazing. did
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police tried to get my mind around alan suit. around the bay area today we're looking at some dense fogs your proposed fit animals of the north in a valley of visibility is down to a quarter of a mile thick fog early on that is a good sign if you want warm weather high- pressure squeezing it down for this service between the of warmer temperatures had our way this afternoon loss of '70s and maybe low eighties around the day and may be low 90 showing up in the interior valleys low clouds causing delays sfo 277 s on arriving flights this afternoon should clear things that will be pretty nice across the country in the few troublespots in denver with a few thunderstorms than in new york possibility of showers causing delays high pressure continues to build and over the next couple of days of the beginning of some warmer weather may be getting on the hot sun as he headed for the weekend and 90 showed up in some of the valley is there a nice 81 degrees in san is a 87 in morgan hill 76 in san mateo
6:47 am
and 63 degrees and is that the committee low 90s today in antioch livermore about 86 in pleasant hill and said they 73 in oakland and 67 degrees and san francisco the next couple of days even hotter in london along the coastline before calling back down and some major changes coming to win next week but set up the rows with qian met. it is business as usual at the bay bridge toll plaza of traffic hub is backed up and so slow and go conditions as you work your way to they're coming off the shore freeway also word of an accident as he headed to the 580 that might slow down this morning chp is still on the scene as he had ever to our maps he can see some delays approaching the scene at one point were blocked their managed to push everything over to the right shoulder but again slow as he had to that area elsewhere we're seeing a few
6:48 am
bright lights set yourself a few extra minutes there extra time a longer look a parkway. looks like northbound started to slow down over the 280 through downtown san jose looks pretty dead 85 is also clear and had 17 not showing any problems as of yet westmont to 37 connecting over between 80 to 11 looks like we're seeing a few bright lights back to you. he equates the presidential candidates will both have campaign events today in the battleground state it will be the third straight day president of, and they're running to to appear in the same state yesterday both men attended events in ohio another state considered crucial to success in november the latest polls show president obama's be in the back i states. the campbell soup co. is shutting down in northern california plans here to talk about your business news is jason brooks. good morning. good morning unfortunate news for a number of employees
6:49 am
of the campbell soup clinton sacramento the company announces this morning it sets down to plant one sacramento and a much smaller one in new jersey this sacramento plant closure will affect 700 employees have there is some video from its sister station in sacramento of the plants this will take place of the next several months the plant will close down july 20th 13 they say this it is dating a ton of money in doing so will streamline its supply and distribution chain is not done as well as many thought would coming out of the recession. dealing with a lot of economic information this morning including news on the job market which is better for is the weekly jobless claims plunged by 26,000 last week for week averaged hiring is still very weak at this point economic growth is a lot weaker. that was
6:50 am
due to that nasty job in the midwest cutting farm crop production and way down. and also getting word this morning as they plunged over 13% in august due to a big drop in aircraft business inventories has increased by over 1 percent that was somewhat encouraging the market tried to come back over a couple of breath days the dow was up by 52 points nasdaq gainers 9 s&p higher by 5 apple continues to lose ground and fell down another half percent today it lost nearly 6 percent this week after closing above $700 for the first time back to you. iphone $5 sold in five or 6 million. their worries about supply issues potentially impacting future sales will see what happens usually apple comes through. did we did find a way to turn it around. thank you. is 650 now renters have new protection under the homeowner's
6:51 am
bill of rights governor jerry brown signed the final three bills protecting people in the midst of the mortgage crisis one of which focuses in on renters. the forgotten folks those who purchase foreclosed homes will now have to honor the current tenant lease and if there is no these printers must give at least 90 days' notice. and under another new spills on by the governor renters now have the law on their side when lloyd's cannot reject tenants to have not had their pets' the claude or have vocal cord surgery to quiet the bar came americans still in force general no pet policies though if they wish. some highchair diners are usually pretty fussy eaters. but that's not the case for this special baby take a look meet starship who never turns up her nose to milk the four year-old sultan puppy has a medical condition that makes it difficult to digest food or proper in europe and a high chair like a baby held steady to. the airwaves this is like
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someone who is handicapped we figure a way to live their lives happily. she is so adorable that company that made her chair says will make it testable one for her to use as she grows up and gets a little bigger but they luck. pretty cute. her time now 62 coming up a final check of our top stories because they're back the deal that will have the real nfl referees back in there is deeper stripes tonight. ,, you. we know you.
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suspicion of committing a lewd act with a former student reporter lisa harrington is in albany with more on that arrest. i spoke with the principle of albany middle school to study would not comment here's a picture of of the teacher who was arrested he was booked on suspicion of lewd act with a child in this was allegedly
6:56 am
inappropriate relationship with former students he has been a teacher and coach at albany middle school for several years in also lives in albany the sheriff's office investigate the we do not have all the details yes but we do know the teachers be held on $100,000 bail and is also on leave from the school. so it's nice that meeting with parents, is at 5:00 in the campus library and also be extra counseling of van for students who might need to talk as well. allows the harrington cbs five. this morning when the last occupy kims in the bay is now been falling this developing story all morning officers moved in around 1130 last night at a campsite in front of the federal reserve and san francisco occupiers have been warned for weeks to clear out about 40 people were arrested cited and released right now officers are standing guard making sure campers to return. frustrated football fans
6:57 am
can find really easier the regular officials are returning to action as early as tonight every thursday night game between the browns and ravens the leigh anne massacre freeze unions and restatement of a year agreement last night as the overseer gradual salary increases starting next year the benefits package will also be changed in the coming years to have a nice raise for part-time job. so i think all stop screaming at the tv now watching football. at this weekend they're still some very strange calls. they're probably a little rusty. books on the day we do of patchy fog up their it is a little speck we're working toward the bay bridge you can see much of a right now but as we head to the afternoon we will see plenty of sunshine and warmer temperatures temperatures in the and that's
6:58 am
our on a traffic is backed up. the waves the got minnesota fats and now minnesota has another sharp and she's only 12 years old. she's amazing she is in a champion and is helping to keep the success going overseas this is april larsen is in nine pools in she was eight years and just beating kids those he she's also taking on adults and in july and april when the national title and her age group and she will be heading to germany this december so we wish her well. ,,
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