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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  September 27, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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the driver is cooperative and has not been cited for anything and may end up not being cited. but unfortunately this is not the first accident near here, there are two memorials on the street nearby and as you will hear there has been a move to slow things down but nothing yet has been done. >> it is devastating, i have asked sometimes for the police officers to change the speed limit. >> she moved in four weeks ago. so, ... >> do you know work? >> i don't know her well. i know enough to say that she is very nice, and did not do anything to deserve this. >> about 3:00 p.m. we received several 9 1 1 calls about an s u v that struck a juvenile riding a bicycle on navato boulevard in the area of sandy creek and san bernadino high-school. several patrol units responded along with the fire district in chp. and the juvenile was in critical condition, transported on the
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ground to a local high school and air lifted once her condition stabilized enough to be airlifted. >> it was a head on accident, she was traveling west, and the car east. i do not know if you can see it, but there is a huge dent in that car. it was a massive impact. if through her 10 ft.. so we are hoping for the best and we're going to stay on top of her condition and our thoughts go out to the entire family and to the victim. >> quick question, about the driver, you said he, do we know anything else, age or anything? >> they're being tight-lipped. the girl is 11 years old and we know her name but we will not release it because not everybody has been notified yet. >> absolutely, get back to us with any updates. thank you. >> we have learned a major northern california supermarket chain may be facing civil charges for overcharging its customers. investigators have confirmed what we found that a safety
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store on the peninsula. julie watts has a woman that chapter received and blew the whistle. >> every time that i mentioned the story, someone says something similar has happened to them. we got a complaint that this say for was overturned and on certain items so we went undercover to confirm it ourselves but we did not expect for the department of weights and measures to tell us that it happens all the time. >> after the first four times i thought " it is just a mistake ". >> she wanted to give safe with the benefit of the doubt after she was repeatedly overcharged for everything from peaches to pretzels. fed then she learned that she was not alone. >> my sister has had the same problem and a friend of hers had had the same problem. >> so did we. we join her on a trip to safeway and we were overcharged for one of the very same items that she has complained to management about three times. >> overcharges are not uncommon. >> the part of weights and measures says the safe areas not only one charging more than the advertised price of.
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but 3 percent of all purchases resulting overcharges. >> that is billions of dollars in consumer spending. >> every year in overcharges? >> a piece as they find both over and undercharging at various retailers across the state. most of which goes on notice because people not bother to check receipts. >> that will perpetuate the problem. >> he says that consumers and should always check receipts and contact with and measures of the find a discrepancy but instead julie contacted us and we call weights and measures. investigators went back the next day and found three different price errors. safeway tells us that two of those were human errors and the third was priced incorrectly. the employee that made the errors has been trained and as for the orange is that we found, safeway calls them an isolated incident. julie says that every time she complains she was given a full refund but thinks that safely should do more to prevent your bridges and the first place. >> i do not think that it is
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fair. the department of weights and measures has noticed the violation and we're told us if we will finally faced further civil penalties. but the chain has previously been sanctioned statewide by the district attorney for similar over edges and as a result, if you were overcharged at any safeway, you are supposed to get the item for free, in most cases, unless it is alcohol or tobacco or some other things. then you get the lowest advertised price plus a $5 gift card. >> the campbell soup co. is closing its doors in sacramento after 65 years of operation. hundreds of workers will lose their jobs including many that have worked at the plant on franklin street for a large part of their lives. checkey bedford tells us when their oldest facility will shut down for good. >> a typical weekday routine, an early morning caravan of workers are arriving at the south sacramento campbell soup plant. although it had been rumored, little did the 700 plant workers
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know that there would be no work today. and in the near future, no work at all. >> it is devastating. >> the managers tell the 400 gathered workers in the early morning meeting that they were closing the plant by next summer. >> today put a downer on people's hearts. >> company leaders said they had no choice but to cut the most expensive of their four u.s. plants at a time when soup sales are down. >> this plan has been here since 1947. it means a lot to the community and the company. >> workers say that the closure means they will be forced out into the cold unforgiving job market. >> a lot of people have been working your for many years. we are at that age ... gary will be hard to find jobs. >> generations of sacramento families have worked at the plant. >> after he left i started. yes. right out of school. >> like her father gilbert, she has worked at the plant for 35 years, in fact in all, seven
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people in her family of work at campbell soup co. but while her father got to see the plant in its infancy, she will see a piece of sacramento history die. >> we did not expect this at all. >> unexpected news indeed but many workers tell us that there had been rumors that the plant would close four years. the company says they plan to phase out the layoffs over the next couple of months until the plant finally closes next july. in sacramento, checkey bedford, cbs 5. >> checking bay area headlines, a suspect wanted for outstanding warrants tried to speed away when police spotted him today and crashed his car into a tree and ran. do nearby schools were locked down for a time and people at a nearby church were told to stay inside. the suspect was eventually arrested. >> and albany middle school teacher was arrested this morning for having an inappropriate relationship with a student the sixth grade teacher and basketball coach was booked on suspicion of lewd acts
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with a child under 14. the school contacted police after receiving a complaint on monday. >> the occupied camp outside of the federal reserve on market street in san francisco has been taken down. police moved in last night and cleared everyone out. occupied protesters had been warned for weeks that it would happen if they did not leave. dozens were arrested, cited, and released. >> in november california voters will consider to measures to raise taxes for education. the governors proposition 30 is competing with proposition 38. which one is better for the schools? political reporter grace lee can give us a better understanding. >> it is hard to see which one is better for schools because it depends on your view of what works best. who do you think should handle the money? who do you trust? and how much do you want to pay? let's compare those propositions. >> proposition 38¢ money directly to the local schools in guaranties politicians cannot
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touch it. >> proposition 38 is waging a new campaign to funnel billions of dollars into schools. this attorney is the biggest backer, spending $20 million so far. she says that the money will not go to the general fund, but directly to the schools case through 12, and to early childhood programs. >> all of the money in 38 that is for the schools is barricaded from sacramento. >> proposition 38 would raise state income taxes for almost everyone on a sliding scale. for example, if you make $25,000 a per year you would pay an extra $124. $75,000? he would pay $1,000 more. $150,000? $2,700 in taxes and this will last for the next 12 years. but governor brown wants voters to support his ballot initiative, proposition 30. it raises the sales tax a quarter of a percent for the next four years and raise income tax on those making more than
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$250,000 annually for the next seven years. >> proposition 30 is pretty simple, a temporary tax that goes into a fund that can only go to schools. >> this political expert from the berkeley institute of government studies says that the governor can only guarantee the money will go to education this year, because it is in the budget. >> after that it is harder to say. the money goes into the general fund, the governor and legislature decide what the general fund will be spent on, and it is hard to say what would happen in future years. a proposition 38 as a good job of locking away the money for education. so however much it brings in, most of that money will go to education. >> jerry brown's measure will raise $6 billion while proposition 38 would bring in $10 billion. they're both temporary, proposition 830 taxes will last between four and seven years and proposition 38 would last 12 years.
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proposition 3 is supposed to fund k through 12 as well as the uc system while proposition 38 skips higher education and gives to only preschool and k through 12. to past, the balance need more than 50 percent of the vote and is not likely, but if they both past and the one with the most votes will go into effect. onto the national election, the first votes for president have been cast. today this instead of iowa began its early voting. for the next 40 days voters can cast their ballots at county offices. early voting begins october 9th, that is when absentee ballots are mailed out. and for the third day in a row president obama and mitt romney are campaigning in the same state. the candidates spent a morning in virginia but the president promoting a plan to create jobs while mitt romney focused on the national debt crisis. of course virginia is one of the key battleground states, we will watch closely. >> criminals target a woman
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sitting cost side of pete's coffee. we'll tell you how police say the scenario is becoming increasingly common. >> money from nothing, why the state is still going to charge you for a service they have no plans to provide. >> the picture behind me is awesome, it is that river of maritime air spilling in from the pacific ocean run right over san fransisco, but the wind will soon be going the opposite direction.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> you are looking at a trail of destruction and injured by standards. about this time yesterday it was nothing short of chaos from pacific heights to hayes valley and tonight we're learning more about the crime wave that led to
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this mess. joe vasquez is outside of the coffee shop where the mayhem started. >> street robberies have been around since forever but the cops are telling me that they're seeing a new phenomenon these days, they do not even bother with what is in people's wallets or their purses or pockets, they go straight for your electronic device and that is what happened here at this pete's coffee, a woman was on her ipad when she was mugged yesterday. >> every day we see robbery citywide and the department is trying to combat this problem. >> that problem, came crashing through your living room set yesterday. police say that they gave chase after a trio of robbers took a woman's ipod and back packs at a pete's coffee shop. as they sped away the suspects ran into several cars and a motorcycle and even sideswipes one of our news vans. a photographer inside were shaken but not hurt. >> the craziest thing ever. >> three others were hurt and
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the chase ended at a hayes valley playground including this man was trapped in his car for a short while and this boy was hit by flying debris. police arrested two men and a teenage boy. all three face robbery and conspiracy charges. the driver faces additional charges of speeding and d u i. all of this in a city that has been priding itself in reducing violent crime. >> we had no homicides in san francisco. pile on crime was reduced. but what we're seeing is these robberies involving electronic devices. >> so far this year police have reported more than 2000 robberies. >> of those 2000 robberies, 1199 involved smart phones. and that is quite an alarming number. >> not to mention laptops and i- pass? >> correct. >> is that up from last year? is that increasing? >> i do not know if it has increased from last year, i just have a cellphone statistics but what we're seeing is that when people resist, they're becoming
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more violent, they attack the victims. >> in the case of the woman who was robbed yesterday, she is doing ok, she was just sitting outside here and the guy grabs her ipad and the three men took off, and the cops chased her for about a mile. she thanked police for calling 9 1 1 and she got her ipad back but a lot of people don't get it back and is sold on the black market for hundreds of dollars. >> 1 ipad and all of that mayhem? that is incredible. >> it caused a lot of damage. >> the stakes just changed the rules about your old tv set and computer monitors. for years california required to be recycled and the state even charges you a special fee for that when you buy a new one. tonight in a story that you will only see on 5, many will now end up in the regular dog and guess what? you still need to pay the recycling fee.
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>> you bring them and ... drop them off ... >> we do not want them in the landfills. >> because california once the recycle. and we all pay for it. a six to $10 surcharge every time you buy a new tv or computer goes to making sure that your old one does not end up polluting the environment. why? because old-style tvs and monitors are made with a cathode ray tube. this class is filled with toxic lead and the goal is to keep it out of the landfills. but now it will end up there after all. >> we tried to get ahead of this. >> he is with the state department of toxic substances control. >> you can do the math, there are millions and millions of pounds of glass entering the recycling stream every year in california.
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>> the problem is that under state regulations, this class can only go to two places. to a smelter to extract lead, or to a factory to make more of the same c rt tvs. >> that market is drying up because there is no need or demand for new crt tvs. >> as a result that class is piling up in on six places. three years ago an investigation found some of the biggest recyclers in the state were getting rid of it in arizona, where it is still sitting, a mountain of wedded glass and the middle of the desert. some recyclers are resorting to just abandoning it. state agencies shot this video of old tvs and monitors dumped in a field near fresno. something had to be done. the solution was to allow the cathode ray tube glass to go to the landfill. >> the most concerning class is the glass that contains lead which is a neurotoxin in her novel to the environment.
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that would have to go to class one hazardous waste facility to read >> like this one, run by waste management. the manager says that level want landfills are completely sealed and safe. >> they are designed to last 100 years. >> but some of the glass that does not have led could also go to a class to or three landfill, essential your local dump. >> it is unacceptable. >> she is with the silicon valley toxics coalition. >> that is what we have seen in the past, if you can landfill something verses' recycle it, if it is cheaper or easier, it will go to the landfill. >> bad news for recyclers looking for new uses for the glass, like refining and stockton. >> this comes along at an inopportune time because we will have an opportunity to put material in a landfill as opposed to shipping it to us for real recycling. >> but the state is not convinced the technology is
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ready yet. >> we're not going to prove someone recycle and something must know that it is safe and effective. >> most consumers that they the recycling fee paid in good faith, and willingly. they want their products recycle and so i think that the state owes it to the people of california to make sure that it is recycled properly. >> the department of toxic substance control does not regulate recycling fees. that is up to a different agency. they say that despite the if the change, it will stay the same. but they're bracing for many complaints. >> clearly looking for a fight in the temperatures >> it is going to be spiking higher than we have seen for the entire calendar year. we're talking triple digits in some locations as soon as this sunday. the wind needs to go offshore for that to happen and here's a picture which is a textbook definition of an onshore flow. spilling over the peninsula. right now we have that marine air returning and it will be another cloudy night near the bay but clouds will burn off
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even quicker coming up tomorrow morning. contrast that with the serene flow from mount vaca, where we have temperatures approaching 90 in many inland spots. concord 84 and san fransisco only 62 and open currently 73 degrees. marine layer sitting offshore moving in and once again tonight. but changes tomorrow. friday, inland areas begin to turn up the heat, as high pressure moves overhead but this needs help. it needs help from low pressure to the south to the get the offshore flow beginning and then by sunday and monday it will really get cranky as we get an offshore wind coming down from the central valley and that is going to get us to levels that we have not seen for the entire year. we're talking temperatures well into the 90s in the inland areas, the peak of the heat sunday and monday and this will be the warmest weather we have seen so far this calendar year. especially in san jose where you will be in the '90s coming up on sunday. tomorrow 78, livermore 89 and
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san fransisco only 64 degrees. napa 79 degrees and redwood city 77. take a look at the heat, for saturday and sunday, upper 90s inland and mid to upper eighties near the bay. continuing monday with a little bit of cooling on tuesday. the hottest of the year coming up this weekend, that is your cbs 5 forecast. >> i knew that it was a real gun. >> held up at gunpoint, and that is not all, why her trauma did not and after the robber got away. >> you want to make a lot of money, here's the best place to go to school, the colleges with ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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dan hurd: when i was a child, california was a leader in education funding. erika derry: and the fact that california isn't making it a priority frustrates me. dan hurd: i'm ashamed of that, and i don't want this to continue for my daughter. brenda kealing: prop 38 is going to bring a lot of money to our schools. suzan solomon: the money stays at the school site. cade derry: what i would really like to see is that the teachers... that were laid off come back to the school. navaz hurd: a smaller class size. navaz hurd: as a mom i want that. as a teacher i want that.
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>> a general manager at a fast- food restaurant lost her job after being robbed at gunpoint. here's the surveillance video showing the robber sleeping inside of her work place in texas. at first the robber shot of the employee into a cooler and then he ordered kathy to give him every dollar in the store. the robber got away, kathy's boss gave her two days off, and then she says that he fired her and did not fully explain why. >> he was more concerned about getting that store opened, that if me and her were ok. >> carl's jr. has not responded
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to requests for comment. >> stanford is listed as one of the best colleges to attend if you want to make a lot of money at your job. according to an online survey, the palo alto university is ranked 10th in the country for the highest-paid graduates. the survey shows their salary is about $115,000 by mid career. stanford is the only bay area university to make the top 10. number one on the list is princeton, harvey mudd comes in second and caltech, the u.s. naval academy at annapolis and the u.s. military academy at west, to round out the top five. >> i'm len ramirez in downtown san jose where neighbors are gathering right now to send a message to the criminal elements, they want to take the streets back. that story straight ahead. >> the fear is that some bay area schools will not make the grade anymore. the change is causing concern? >>,,
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>> people in a san jose neighborhood are gathering right now to try and take back their neighborhood.
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they're fed up with rising crime and what was once known as the safest big city in the country. len ramirez is here with the neighborhood seeing a return to the bad old days. >> i have seen a lot of crime in years past but what they say right now is that there is much more blatant crime. it is bold and in your face. they say that they cannot walk to the school, the neighborhood center, or the library, without being confronted by gangs, drugs, or prostitution. about 100 people have gathered here for a march and rally and say that they want their streets back. >> just south of downtown san jose is the washington neighborhood, one of the oldest in the city and lately a haven for the oldest profession. >> we have seen a surge in prostitution. he is the director of the santa clara urban ministry and a neighborhood activist. >> it is blatant prostitution where they are wearing high heels, practically wearing
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nothing. >> he says that it is happening right next to a library, a youth center, and washington elementary school. >> they are easy to be picked up, and children see that, it is very bad. >> one mother says that besides prostitution, there is also the threat of gangs and drugs. >> how you feel when you see this? >> i don't feel good. i feel bad because i have my children in the school. >> currently we do not have any suppression cars working prostitution detail. >> police said they once had the resources to keep a lid on prostitution and street crimes but with violent crimes including murder also surging in san jose, those days are gone. >> we were forced to go ahead and focus our efforts on reallocating and providing gang special car so that we can deal with the most violent crimes that are occurring in the city. >> residents say that now more than ever is up to them to take control of the neighborhood.
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>> when they see a car slowing down for one of these women, they take the license plate number or call police. you know, is our neighborhood, we are the eyes and ears of our neighborhood. >> and so the crowd continues to gather in front of the latino library. they plan to march down first street past the low rent hotels and motels that have been a haven for prostitution. their message is very simple, the neighbors are here and it will not go away and it will keep an eye on what is gone on in their neighborhood. this type of thing is happening in this neighborhood tonight and it is happening in another neighborhood far away from here, much more affluent area where there is a neighborhood watch groups meeting tonight at one of the high schools there, leland high school. so this is happening throughout san jose. we're likely to see more of it. >> thank you. >> an armed man accused of
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raping a north a woman now in jail. the woman says that she was walking on laurel street in vallejo earlier this month when the suspect approached her from behind. he pointed a semiautomatic handgun at her face and then threaten to shoot her and then raped her. after an investigation police arrested johnny burden at his home which is close to the crime scene. the 30 year-old is jailed on charges including rape, kidnapping, and making terrorist threats. >> a bold red line from the prime minister of israel. he made his case for when the world should act to stop iran from developing nuclear weapons. >> where should a red line be drawn? the red line should be drawn right here. >> using a diagram, he illustrated where i ran was in the process of building a bomb. he says that they have completed the first of three critical stages, benjamin netanyahu believes that by next summer
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iran will have enough-rich uranium to complete the weapon. tonight minneapolis police are reporting several people have been killed in a workplace shooting. late this afternoon a gunman opened fire inside of the offices of a sign company. he then took his own life. no identity at on the shooter and police are not releasing a motive. >> the man behind the anti islamic film that sparked violent protests across the middle east is now behind bars. this afternoon a judge ruled that the man violated the terms of his probation. he was a flight risk and taken into custody. the 55 year-old was convicted of bank fraud in 2010, ordered not to use computers or the internet for five years. protests erupted across the middle east after his 14 minute trailer mocked the profit mohammed. it is now illegal for employers and universities to ask for your social media password. today the governor signed two bills into law to increase
6:35 pm
privacy protection. those measures forbid any company or school to demand user names and passwords of potential students and employees and a cannot punish those who do not give up that information. >> the formula for determining how well california schools are performing academically is about to change. governor jerry brown signed a law that will lessen the impact of standardized test into that equation. john ramos finds out that teachers are all for it. >> fremont high school in oakland is a bad school. that is what the state is telling people when they compare test results to higher scoring good schools. but ask the kids in his college prep class and it will tell you that they're sick of the simplistic labels. >> for a district judge me on a test score, is just like, it is ignorant because you don't even know me. >> a lot of times we are categorized as people but were
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slow or smart but it is not true. the test does not show that. >> now the legislature agrees, when state governor jerry brown signed into law new rules for ranking schools that will not rely solely on standardized testing. the law is intentionally vague about the new criteria, leaving that up to the state superintendent of public education and the advisory panels. u.s.s. professor says that teachers have been frustrated for years about having to teach to the test. >> we have to pretend that we're doing a good job educating children by showing people we're doing what we know we should not be doing for students. >> a moment later we got an example of the state bureaucracy. >> all might and 10th graders, but please bring your side textbook to each of your classes. >> and auditor will check out all students are using state approved textbooks. >> is it frustrating to hear
6:37 pm
that? >> yes and the sad thing is that we become desensitized to this dog and pony show. >> he says he hopes new standards will take into account the environment a child is raised in. abstinence a you cannot put that on a test. >> i know below answers the woman to tell them. >> they're tired of having the book of their lives judged by its cover ... in oakland, cbs 5. >> why traffic will be a mess in one bay area city for the next couple of weekends. >> researchers say that it is proof of another m,,,,,,,,
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so instead of having to deal with a tight budget, you could have a tighter family. ♪ wells fargo. >> expect traffic jams and san fransisco in this weekend and next because of a number of events in street closures.
6:40 pm
parts of howard street and taylor streets will be closed for the next week. it begins tonight. that is because of the oracle open world at ththe mosconi center. the america's cup series is next week and the hardly strictly bluegrass festival in golden gate park and the giants' playoff games. >> the sequel of the biggest traffic nightmare in san fransisco is only days away. it is set to shut down a 10 mi. stretch of the busy 405 freeway but this time a driver say they will not let it ruin their weekend plans. some businesses are packing the weakened with things to do nearby and others are offering special deals to get people out of their homes. >> we will be open the entire weekend, we have a fabulous happy hour, we do not want anyone to leave. we want them to stay with us. >> the traffic is expected to be worse this year. the closure is part of a $1
6:41 pm
billion improvement project to the 405. >> for centuries there has only been one mona lisa but researchers say that they have found a second painting. >> we're talking about a big shift in our weather. we have been below normal for about two months straight. that is going to change this weekend. your weekend plans may alter once we take a look,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> researchers in switzerland claim to have found a second painting of the mona lisa. historians revealed what they say is an earlier painting of a younger mona lisa. they spent three decades doing x-rays and examinations to back up their claim. they say that the painting hung on notice for centuries at a home in england before it was finally discovered. not everyone is convinced. some art experts say is probably an unknown painter who tried to copy given shape. as >> perfect, we are going to do
6:45 pm
something we have not seen all year long, new territory for us. 100 degrees in livermore and concord. and how about mid-90s for san jose? a big change for what we're dealing with today in san fransisco, a beautiful picture and an onshore flow. maritime air moving in, 60 degrees around downtown san francisco. the bay bridge off in the distance with clear skies as we look over the bay. highs today, downtown since only 56 with redwood city hitting 68, morgan hill at 84 in santa rosa 90. livermore 95, it gets hotter. let's talk about tonight, mountain view down to 56 in san jose 57 and you whip up tomorrow morning, kids at a bus stop 534 fairfield. napa and center fell in santa rosa all right around 50 degrees. these are the warmest summers of the year so far. at the airport in san fransisco, 87, oakland 85, my forecast for
6:46 pm
this weekend? maybe even hotter in the upper eighties this weekend. the process that we talked about, the two-step process has already begun with high-pressure sitting basically on top of the bay area, condensing or crushing down the marine layer and tomorrow even earlier with inland areas heating up. then we get the offshore wind. not only high-pressure to the north but we will get help from lower pressure to the south, that will get the offshore wind cranking. the fire danger will go up because it is hotter and dry but we're not looking at the gusty winds that could make that fire danger critical. temperatures will go up because of any offshore wind and that will begin saturday get the maximum on sunday and monday. inland areas near 100 degrees. new the bay we're talking about mid to upper eighties, south bay heat advisory maybe issued. highs in the mid-90s. san jose coming up on sunday. concord tomorrow, 84, oakland 70. we're getting there.
6:47 pm
how about those 77 and milpitas 79. mid 80s for on the creek and concord. and we're looking at the '70s in mill valley withstand a cell, for high of 76 friday. big change is coming up this weekend, the upper 90s in year 100 in inland communities. near the bay 80s for four straight days and approaching 90 monday. sunshine at the coast with highs in the mid to upper seventies. there's a reason why we show you three different forecast because we have so many microclimates and with a unique perspective on those microclimates, roberta gonzales is taking to the air. >> we are on a ship in the sky, that is right, a ship that actually flies, is called aerial ventures, and i really wanted to see the microclimates high in the sky, i had a crazy idea, so what i did is i called on brian to tell us about this because he is the ceo and founder of airships ventures. first of all, what is the difference between a zeppelin,
6:48 pm
like this ship, and a blimp? >> the biggest difference is that the ship has a rigid internal frame, an aluminum and carbon fiber frame inside the ship, a plant is more like an envelope of gas. it is rigid. >> it is extremely quiet, just pouring a long and very smooth. i wanted to come up here and see the microclimates for myself and it has been amazing, from clear skies, to fog. how does the weather affect the pilots plans? >> with an air should we are very concerned with things like wind as well as fog, of course being here in san francisco, we have fared quite a bit and it can either be beautiful like today or sometimes it can sox things in. >> there are only three zeppelin's in the entire world, how did the bay area end up with one? >> i was in germany and i flew the one there and this was something that actually had to come to the bay area. >> what is the one thing that people want to see when they come aboard? >> the first thing is that i want to see is san fransisco,
6:49 pm
and the city. there's so much else to see, we do flights all over the place, oakland it down to los angeles and we were in wine country last weekend. >> people have been amazed by the fog today, that is the number-one thing. we have been battling the sun but we're flying over the salt beds now, just passing the dumbarton bridge heading back in a southern fashion to the moffett field. this has been a two hour flight around microclimates, we have seen everything, bright sunshine and dramatic fog, quite an experience. two hours,
6:50 pm
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vo: for years, sacramento politicians have chopped away funds for our schools. today, we're forty-seventh out of fifty in per-pupil funding. now these politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento, they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento.
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so remember this number. >> the title of the american league west road on the outcome of today's game in texas, if the a's win their two games out and they lose a drop for back, you do the math. hoping another rookie pitcher could come through, but he struggled from the get go, the leadoff batter hit his seventh leadoff home run of the season. one/zero. the a's scored five in the first, today was texas giving payback, five of their own. one inning issuing a lengthy apology on twitter after the game, these aides have no
6:53 pm
quick, 9/4, going deep, and then josh read a, hit two home runs, the a's deficit at this point is just two games but they could not quite get over the hump in the ninth inning. joe nathan strikes out, they ended and the a's lose 9/7 fishing boat road trip at 4/6. the fall for behind the rangers. but the angels lost today so oakland maintains a two game lead in that wild-card standings to get into the playoffs. since he is recovering from shoulder surgery, dallas braden has not done much on the field but he is doing plenty off of it. his appearance at a stockton town hall has gone viral thanks to this story from steve large. >> we're not going to have individuals shout out, for fairness for the rest of the crowd. >> deep in the crowd, sporting a backward baseball cap, his pointed shouting match with the
6:54 pm
police chief almost had him thrown out. but the a's pitcher continued his outrage after this anti violence rally and he made it clear who he is. >> is there in 21 to make with achieve? >> absolutely. my name is dallas braden. >> he says that he no longer feel safe in stockton with the murder rate on a record-setting pace. >> bankers for the fear of the community. we cannot do anything. if i could walk into a museum with the police chief and officers and i walked in there with a baseball bat, purely because i am walking with my grandmother to protect myself, i walked in there with a baseball bat. it starts there. >> he said that in recent weeks his grandmother was robbed and he was attacked in his car. in each case the police efforts were lacking. >> i am out of here because i haven't lied to my entire life and i hate to see these people get lied to. i have already put my home on the market. i am out.
6:55 pm
>> his grandmother said that they moved to stockton for baseball, his professional career highlighted with a historic terrific game pitched in 2010. >> i have fought for this committee and given back because i love the committee. they raised me to be where i am today, but we're like to lately by the guy who is supposed to be running the shots. i cannot do anything. i have no one to go to. >> hours after the anti violence meeting, stockton recorded his 50th homicide of the year. what if i told you that the giants had won 10 straight games in which buries ito started? going after his 14th win, in a giants uniform. plenty of help from the new kids on the block. hunter pence launches 12 left. patrick corbin is 20 seconds. the giants' other midseason acquisition piles on. a two run shot, 41 runs batted in since coming over. the giants win 7/4 and after the game it was halloween for the rookies.
6:56 pm
>> you guys are awesome. >> your thoughts or memories? >> i had to wear a short skirt. enough said. >> for the most part i have tried to go out there and put up good statistics and get wins to prove myself but it did not work. for me is about staying in a moment and having fun. giving my best effort. but really just being ok with that. >> the 49ers have been practicing at youngstown state all week before the travel to new york for their game against the jets. alex smith has been in the league since 2005. but was not until a month ago that the jets' head coach rex ryan figured out who he is. >> i have never met alex smith before. i heard someone say " aaron rogers ".
6:57 pm
and i said " okay, there is aaron rogers, good luck to you. we ran some function or what ever. and then it was like " that is not aaron rogers " one of those deals. he will try to get me back for that one. >> the 49ers and the jets, this sunday, and the 49ers have to win, they lost last week and in minnesota so this is a big week for them. >> dallas braden? really going to move from stockton? >> i know him very well and he is an articulate man that is very passionate about what he calls the stockton area code. he has loved the city and fought for that city. he is not just a whacko going off at a news conference.,,,,,,,
6:58 pm
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