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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  September 28, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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conducted. >> this meeting i adjoued for two weeks >> city officials say they must try toike a lanceeten overopent and the ability the overriding goal is to ensure that we have an effective publ meeting process that peop can participate in, t people's voices are heard and the city can movead with business in a safe and timely >> whileial proposal hano been unvei some reports say it iolves removing about ha thelits both on the balcony and the main floor >> w're lki to facilitate people's right to speak. but we need to make sure that everybody gets t voi heard more use of first floor conference rooms where overflow city council meetings are already televised but oakland resident byron says he thinks the possible changes are a
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terrible idea. >> please, leave the seats. weeed to talk to the city council members >> greg agrees people in thisown like to speak their mind and sometimes certain people don't like to hear it >> the specific proposalsaveyet. city council meeting onuethe of next week. fromaw after police say she left her 10 year-old daughter holding the bag in an attempt to rob a grocery store. police are looking forhe woman who took off in her car stranding her daughter at a safeway store in morgan hill. after they loaded up a g cart she told her daughteo run with the part of the car when the alarm sounded and the shop cart wheels locked up,
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work cted the little girl and the mother took off. the girl is with her 5 is in justinng herman pla with cyclists have started to gather for the 20th anniversary of critical mass. 10,000 people are expected to clogged the streets of downtown. joe vasquez shows us what if two decades. anged in the past ecades ago, they'regathering agh aza. ri now, mor than 100 and not th even eting to we talked with some of the people invold and ask them what h changed. on the lasfriday of this month for 20 years they have mounted their bikes and quad
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that san francisco traffico the dight of thousands of cyclts and it the chagrin of manyore motorists. so now, on the 20th anniversary, what has been accomplished? about using the streets >> bicycling has grown from 2006 to last ye according to a new report. it website rates the city has died with portland for second most likable city behind minneapolis. >> we ve made great stres as far as bike lanes, expanded bicyclearking, we have a long way to go but this all start ly with what hpened t decades ago >> critical mass is arecursor cupation of the city we see t the welcome cenr for
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today's events bicyclist from all over the world are checking in. some longtime riders are telling me they have comeng way but it could get more bike friendly. as to wer the message has been hurt >> i thi ccal maslly isnd driving one particular message on how to impre the city. it is really an awareness statement of here we are, we're taking up this amount of tohow you we exist. y als we're ting tually have achi >> the supervisor says only a small percentage of streets have bike lanes. they hope to increase that tonight. in about one hour you'll see this entire area become one big bike lane. >> and other bay area had lines, six pe rushed to e hospital after a city truck crashed into buil in oakland.
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it happened the intersection of 14tand anklin streets. police say they collided before the truck slammed into the building. a motr d daughter toapg fire at their south bay home in llow glen. firefi sayghters smokeet save their lives. a small earthquake rattled the east bay this morning. it hit as mi southeast of berkeley. the community of nevada will gather in abouturnd-a- halfembeoto2 yearold ley hadcliffe who died yesterday it happened on novato boulevard by sandy creek way. >> there are not words to
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express th sorrow and loss that you fee when a child's life is taken >> immemorial grows, people dp off flowers where a 12 year-old girl was killed after being hit head-ona vehicle yesterdayafteo. police say s was wng against traffic wearing a helmet. thcoroner's office identified her as haleyatliff, she and her fy moved here two weekso. >> beautiful, ling, outgoing, and herell. mas she drove right in the coming to school >> haley was a school at sinaloa middle school. staff brought in grief counselors toelpeal stu th tra. parents tell ushat kidsre gh t q >> they why does that happen to somne so innocent and so yawn? >> police say the driver of the
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s-u-v was visiting from out of state and is cooperating >> there are no signs of impairment at this point orny laws that wereiolated the we options and make sure how we have how this occurred >> it has been a point of contention. neighbors complained that th needs better warning signs.nd >> the pain is deep and it will be deep for ourommunity but what we want to express most is the family and for her friends >> one parent tells me they're planning a candlelight vigil for cayley tonight and the principal says tt griefelorounswill be here all next week to help studentsers. >> a cdlelig vigil will be held at 630 tonight.
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bay area. >> thes to y, is the marine layer gets moved down see. we will see big changes tomorrow and really taking hold on sunday. tomorrow and sunday and monday, we have an excessive heat watch in effect for all interior lley it will be the hottest weather1 swift new record highs. >> a bridge designed to make it safer for bicyclist and pedestrians. >> stretching your paycheck, fruits and vegetables you should splurge on and the organic foods that can be a ste ofoney. giving sight to the blind, the
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railroad tracks for the first time since heroddler waskilled . in a poignant moment as the blossom hill pedestrian over crossing bridge open today in south san jose. the bridge honors the young boy and bringsomfortthe family
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dommuni >> it was a v etialay here athe t brand new pedestrian and bei bridge called zander'sing nad after alexander who was struck and killed by a train wle trying to cross the tracks with his baby sitter to thousand five. today, his brother now 11 years old, cut the ribbon to on bridge. it i a $10 million 300 ft. structure linking neighborhoo, his mother said she could feel his that her son's presence as she crossed the bridge for the first time >> is an honor knowing that my son was not forgotten. i know now that zander mattered. thank you for keeping his spirit alive. now hes living on throug
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this bridge. inow he willdeui everyaconss t >> his mother said it was the sheas returned to the area since the tra neighbors say this w really long overdue but it took this tragedy to make a bridge in reality. a cyclone fence that separates the train tracks from the road, i saw somebody walked down and hopped over that fence across so despe the fact that we now have a $10 million bridge,e people just n'to use it, they hopped the fence toet across as quickly assie. >> any parent that loses a chd, they hope something good will come frotheosand this is a tre >> heill w immlized by bridge and yoho has second thoughts orossing that bridge on foo or grape bubble
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will look in his name and rememb what .pped it is not just anyere, it is a safety hazd. h this abandoned propertys threening a neighborhood and a the city planto make a clean it up >> stretching your paycheckt d,, grocery store, free fruits
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dan hurd: when i was a child, california was a leader in education funding. erika derry: and the fact that california isn't making it a priority frustrates me. dan hurd: i'm ashamed of that, and i don't want this to continue for my daughter. brenda kealing: prop 38 is going to bring a lot of money to our schools. suzan solomon: the money stays at the school site. cade derry: what i would really like to see is that the teachers... that were laid off come back to the school. navaz hurd: a smaller class size. navaz hurd: as a mom i want that. as a teacher i want that.
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>> a sliding hillside in marin hasty the neighbors worried. the property has been slowly washing away during the winter rain, so times not so slowly. the owner is not doing anything t it planning aakeo they plan on getting its on this property on scenic ave because it is a hazard. y h been looking long and hard for the honor >> he has not been in contact with us >> iieve he went back on to paki >>urin the 2011r, seriousroblem fn trighte neighbors. the cy was forced to step in and save the street and the
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surroundin homes, holding back the mud with concrete barriers. ago and we still have been on the able to contact him so we have gone to the council and asked that it be declared a public nuisance. >> it was and is there per year and up to make permanent repairs. regrading the slope and planting vegetation, creating a large tax on the land. neighbors are grateful >> it's veryhat gooey do this >> it willook nice, it is an eyesore right now, that is for sure >> san anselmo says they're not doing it for free >> as we move forward with this process, we canake possession of the property to get our money back >> officials are planning to start work on the law as early as next month and that is fine according to neighbors as long
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as they finished before the rain begins >> 0 supermarkets are filled with expensive organic options, but which one should you splurge on and which ones are a waste of money? julie shows us how we can stretch our paychecks in the produce aisle. >> salim is proud of her produce >> we are priced pesticide free and all organic >> and a bit pricey. these organic apples cost about twice as normal but with some produce, that is the price you pay to be cleaned >> we are particularly concerned with apples because they have a high load of pesticides >> in this environment says apple's salary and red bell peppers are the dirtiest of the so-called dirty dozen, produce with thehest levels of pesticides. in some cases, 15 diffent kinds >> even after you watched any
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still see the residue >> she says with some fruits or vegetables is always worth buying organic but not all of it that is to eventually run is packed with poison. these are the clean 15, fruits little or pesticide residue >> typically the ones on the clean li will be fruits and vegetables that you might appeal before eating >> pineapple, cantaloupe, watermelon, onions, asparagus, cabbage, avocado, peas and corn. they advised that when buying conventionally grown, always pick produce grown in the u.s. >> we know there are pesticides used in other countries that are not approved in the u.s. and are not even tested for in the u.s. >> we covered most of the clean 15 but the dirty dozen are the fruits that are barely worth
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buying organic. we have the complete list on watch. >> speaking of the weekend, one story tonight, where is the heat? >> the heat is coming up this weekend which is kind of a shock. we're almost there but look what we have right now. mainly cloudy skies with temperatures running 10 to 12 degrees cooler than yesterday so we kind of took a step back before we step forward. 72 in concord. barely making it to 70 today in san jose. san jose on monday, these are the records that are most likely to be broken. the record daily high for san jose on monday as 97 in my
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forecast for you is 99 degrees. the santa clara valley will likely get close to 100 degrees. nowhere close to that today. the real key is coming up on sunday monday and tuesday as this area of low pressure gets cranking. we're talking triple digits for some of you. an excess of cheap watches in effect for the inland valleys on sunday and monday. temperatures in the '90s or triple digits even near the bay. for tomorrow, the beginning of the warm-up, san jose 87,
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concord 93. palo alto 85, san mateo 78. 95 in san ramon. fairfield 97. sonoma near 90. 70 in downtown san francisco. highs approaching 90 degrees near the bay and even hitting 80 near the coast. well below normal by next friday. live in pleasanton is roberta gonzales. >> a high temperature here today was in the low 80s but it was typically low 80s sodas slightly below normal today. it is what happens in the next 24 hours that will have everyone talking. by sunday and monday, in pleasanton and in concord, the
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tri valley is leading into the triple digits sunday all the way to monday. i was curious about how pleasanton is responding. we will talk about that coming up at 6:00 tonight. if you have any concerns about the weather where you live visit us online. >> pleasanton is exactly where we will see the hottest weather coming up sunday. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> ufos exist, at least on google maps. if you search the texas town of jacksonville you can see it in front of a landmark building and across the street from taco bell. what is it? a ufo? nobody can
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explain it, not the people of jacksonville. google has not commented. an fda advisory panel is recommending approval for a device that can help blind people regain part of their vision. >> dean lloyd lost his sight in his 30's. he suffers from a rare disease that damages the retina >> i lost the ability to form images in 1989 and after that i have no vision for 17 years >> that began to change when he enrolled in a clinical trial and doctors implanted an artificial read enough. it uses a tiny video camera in the patient's glasses that convert images to electrical impulses which are sent to electrodes in planted on the back of the damage i. electrodes stimulate visual centers in the brain.
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dr. eugene develop the device and has a financial interest in the company >> the device is meant to use in patients that i've lost all their vision and trying to restore some of that vision back >> lloyd who once on nothing can now see some shapes and can tell the difference between black and white and gray. the artificial brett has been approved in europe since last year. the company that makes the device estimates that 10,000 people in the country could benefit. lloyd is always trying to find new ways to use it >> in the last week or too ashley left my cane at home and use it by myself to get to and a half or three blocks >> he hopes the technology becomes more widely available so we can be,,,,,,,,,,,,
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vo: for years, sacramento politicians have chopped away funds for our schools. today, we're forty-sevout enth fiftyn per-pul g. now these politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento, they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it.
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thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number. >> here is what we're working on for the eyewitness news at 6. there is that little matter of the presidency but you will also be devoting about your food. maint. tng
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