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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11PM  CBS  November 3, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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gonna come back anytime soon. >> the days are getting shorter. but the wait just keeps getting longer. the newest lightning rod in the wake of the storm. gasoline. >> i need your vote. i need your work. >> and if you're willing to work with me and knock on doors with me... >> one final push is gonna get us there. >> we'll win this election! >> all that shouting means it's almost over. the final push for the vote that won't just come down to a handful of states but a h andful of counties. good evening. i'm ann notarangelo. the biggest problem right now in the east coast in the wake of sandy, fuel shortages. tankers are brought in gasoline but it's being rationed in new york and newt and new jersey. the death poll now stands at
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107. power outages are affecting businesses, down from a peak of 8.5 million. and fema aid has been extended in new york and new jersey. as we've seen over the past 48 hours, some of the worst damage and loss of life was on staten island. looks like the island got a lot of help from an army of strangers today. >> reporter: oh, definitely, ann. and cleanup efforts were in gear here on staten island. you can see behind me some of the debris. volunteers were helping out all day long, trying to clear what was left of people's homes. people on staten island are picking through dreeb, trying to salvage anything they can, including family photos. hundreds of volunteers showed up saturday to help begin the cleanup. >> if you find one thing that might bring somebody a little bit of happiness, it will be
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worth it. >> reporter: bulldozes displaced items off the street. sandy devastated parts of this borough, including denise kelly's home. floodwaters rose as high as the kitchen cabinets. the cleanup efforts here on staten island will resume sunday morning. once darkness fall, they clear the streets, because they say it's too dangerous to work without light. the federal government brought in free fuel for parts of new york city saturday, but there was a 10-gallon limit. >> i need it for my generator, because i've been without power for four days. >> reporter: across the river, they are rationing gas in some areas. >> if everyone complies with the system, it will ease wait times and create a less stressful situation for everybody involved. >> reporter: more than a million people are still without power in new jersey. governor christie says it will be a long road to recovery and everyone needs to work together.
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that's already happening in stone harbor where people pitched in to start cleaning up an elementary school that was badly damaged. and another added challenge tonight, cold temperatures that feel like they're in the 30's, with cold advisories. the mayor of new york city, michael bloomberg, telling residents without power to please go to shelters because of the drop in temperatures. >> people are just waiting to get a break. thanks so much. well, it is another sign of progress. steam rises from a manhattan street as the subways come back to life. metro transit officials say roughly 80% of the city's subways are operating and full service should be restored in a few days. meantime, the lights are coming back on in lower manhattan. new york city mayor bloomberg also issued a warning to residents who are still doing without. >> we've also seen and read reports about people turning on gas ranges and ovens to heat their homes. please, don't.
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it can cause fires and also the gases that come out of these things are lethal. >> mayor bloomberg also says while utility crews have restored power to parts of manhattan as you see here, the long island power authority isn't working fast enough to get the hard-hit borough of queens online. state election officials announced registered voters displaced by the storm can vote by fax or e-mail. voters will have to turn in a mail-in ballot by fax or e-mail to the local county clerk. when a request is received, a ballot will be e-mailed or faxed back. new jersey's lieutenant governor says the effort will help ease pressures on polling places on tuesday. well, that brings us to the presidential campaign now. for all intents and purposes, it's down to its final hours. so, how close is the polling? today's numbers from reuters.
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president obama with a one- point lead. president obama with a one- point lead. and today's numbers from another poll, a tie. you can sum it up simply as this. as far as the national vote goes, it's close. and with outcomes likely resting on about five to nine states, it's all hands on deck tonight. both candidates, their spouses, running mates, all crisscrossing ohio, wisconsin, iowa, virginia, colorado, florida, nevada. and it's gonna look like this for the next 48 hours. the convention was tonight. despite deadlocked national polls, mitt romney faces a tougher road. here is his closing plea to the crowd in englewood, colorado. >> we journeyed far and wide in
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this great campaign for america's future. now we're almost there. one final push is gonna get us there. we got a lot of short nights and long days, and now we're close. the door to a brighter future is there. it's open, waiting for us. i need your vote, i need your work, i need your help! walk with me! let's walk together! let's start anew! thank you so much, colorado! you guys are the best! >> as for mr. obama, he appeared with former president bill clinton in virginia tonight. this is the bull run, if you're from farther north. this is where he'll get the vote. earlier in the day, he was in the milwaukee area, a key to his success in wisconsin. and here is his last words for the crowd there. >> and if you're willing to work with me and knock on doors with me and make some phone calls with me and turn out with me and grab your friends and
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your neighbors and your coworkers and get them to the polls for me, we'll win wisconsin! we'll win this election! we'll renew the bonds that tie us together and reaffirm the spirit that makes the united states of america the greatest nation on earth! god bless you! god bless the united states of america! stay with cbs 5 for continuing coverage of the 2012 vote, and that means live, up- to-the-minute reporting from the nation, california and the bay area on election night. lights are on. we're back up to west avenue. >> and livermore is now heavier. >> we don't mean to scare you on a saturday night, but yes, that's the sound of your morning drive. tonight we can tell you which bay area commuters have it worse than anyone else in the state of california. here's the story from contra costa. >> reporter: this is contra costa county traffic. on a regular weekday commute, it's the worst in the state.
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32 minutes on average for most commuters. but for some, even longer. >> in terms of california, that's the longest. and there are also residents in contra costa county, more residents proportionally, commuting an hour or more to their jobs. >> reporter: joanne lynn compiled survey data and found what most of us already suspect. california traffic is bad. but not as bad as we may have thought. only the 10th worst in the nation. >> almost three quarters of us still tend to drive alone to our jobs. maybe 11% of us carpool. statewide, 5% are taking public transit of some sort. >> reporter: she says there's an incentive program. >> there is a program in california, maybe not well- known. but it is the law. it's called the cash-out program. employers that do offer free parking are supposed to offer a subsidy. if you would like to take a bus instead, you're supposed to get the value of that parking space. >> is that going is happen?
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>> people can ask for that. >> reporter: even though the transit commute averages about 37 minutes, 10 minutes longer, than the commute of san francisco, the appeal is obvious. >> there are benefits. it's less con congestion -- congestion on the road. it's lower emissions for the air. there are benefits. >> reporter: she says women and minorities are most likely to benefit from a cash-out for parking program, because women are more likely to take public transit. reporting in the east bay hills, don knapp, cbs 5. a concord man is dead after being hit on clayton road around 8:40 this morning. police say the 70-year-old victim was struck by an suv while walking in a crosswalk. the driver is charged with vehicular manslaughter. investigators say the driver's windshield was possibly obscured by water.
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police say they'll test the driver for alcohol. breaking news now. a police helicopter crashed in atlanta just a few hours ago, killing the two officers on board. authorities say the aircraft went down around 10:30 eastern time. the pilot was helping in the search for a missing child when the chopper went down. witnesses say the helicopter apparently hit power lines before crashing next to a pharmacy on atlanta's west side. there are no reports of injuries to gin on the ground. still ahead, it's the kind of thing americans have been hoping to hear for a long time. >> stop moving jobs overseas, and some companies are starting to bring it back. >> the good news is coming from an unlikely source. how a robot could help land you a job. from the cbs 5 weather center, good evening, everybody! we have in the forecast
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unseasonably warm weather. and unseasonably cool weather. we'll pinpoint that forecast as eyewitness news continues. ,,,,,, this is hayden. ,,,,,, that's elizabeth. and that's skyler... and his mom, nancy. they're just a few of the californians who took it on themselves to send you a message about what they need to restore years of cuts to their schools.
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prop thirty-eight. thirty-eight raises billions in new revenue - bypasses sacramento and sends every k through 12 dollar straight to our local schools... every school. for them. for all of us. for real people to do the robots have long been considered the foes to job, since automation lessened the need for real people to do the
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work. but as joe vasquez shows us, that concept may have turned on its head. >> reporter: in the movies, some of them are smart. others are helpful. >> i could help you, miss judy. >> reporter: or just plain menacing. in real life, robots look more like this. and the notion that they kill human jobs is becoming a concept of the past. in fact, robots are now being credited for keeping jobs in the u.s. >> what robots are able to do is they're i believe -- they're able to make companies more competitive. so we've seen that companies have stopped moving manufacturing overseas and some companies are starting to bring that back. >> reporter: john is the ceo of the silicon valley based company adept. here they're building bots that work with and can move around people. others don't mingle in the
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hallway as much but people still run them, so man and machine both have a job. >> it's really not replacing jobs. it's really placing employees to a higher skill set and more technical jobs. >> reporter: at earth bound farms, they put five of these robots to work at the cost of nearly a million. they say they haven't laid off a single worker. it still takes a lot of human labor to package the salad, but now the bots do the most repetitive and laborious part. >> reporter: the company is betting they'll be able to program the robots to improve, leading to lower prices and improved employee benefits. >> if we can eliminate those repetitive motion jobs and provide that employee with a higher skill set, they're gonna afford a better cost of live. >> what's really happening today is robots are emerging as tools to be used by people and
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to work very closely with people. >> reporter: at the sri laboratory in menlo park, researchers are coming up with ways to make robots as common as computers. right now, only a million robots are at work in the u.s., well behind more automated companies like japan. researchers expect that to change soon. >> we are inviting this next generation of personal service robots, focusing on safety and quality. >> reporter: using robots to increase productivity without losing jobs, it's a concept called smart manufacturing. intell, the chip-making giant, says it has the numbers to prove it is working. automation has not only allowed them to expand their domestic operations, but increase employment in the community at large. for every one job at intell, four more were created at other firms. those workers made nearly twice
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what they would have had intel done business elsewhere. if you like the sun, roberta has got that. if you like the rain, roberta has got that. >> and if you like the cooler temperatures, you're gonna like it. we have that in the forecast also. let's go ahead and go on outside right now. we have clear skies and we're even able to see this evening the 77% moon. you can see the glow, the shine of the moon on the bay waters, which are relatively flat. we topped off at 76 degrees. fairfield, low 70's. and san jose tonight. dipping down between 48 and 55. we will see some areas of patchy fog developing right around the seashore and into the north bay valleys. otherwise, sunny and warmer. and you can count on some
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record-high temperatures on both monday and tuesday, because we have this huge dome diverting that storm track into vancouver island. as this high pressure ridge strengthens, we will be experiencing unseasonably warm weather all the way through election day. it tells us that this is an offshore flow. we have the winds are the inland areas transporting that warmer air mass all the way out to sea, so the coast will be clear. this is our futurecast and look at the stratus build offshow. that's where it stays. there's 1:00. that's the kickoff time for your raider game and we've got nothing but wall-to-wall sunshine from the coast. it hangs off shore all the way until about tuesday night. we are talking about 73 degrees at kickoff and lots of sunshine. both teams with that 3-and-4 record. should be an absolutely stellar
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day in oakland. your forecast, 67 at half moon bay. 69 pacifica. perhaps 70 at the avenues back into sunset beach, all the way up to 80 in gilroy. mid 70's in fremont. low 80's in brentwood, backing all the way to discovery bay. blackhawk and in pleasantton. and as we go further north, you see upper 70's and low 80's towards fairfield and vacaville. and temperatures, a good four and five degrees above average for this time of year in san francisco. 69 degrees, without a cloud in the sky. extended forecast, check that out. 88 degrees in santa rosa. bam. that's a record. tuesday, more record warmth. and then we cool down by a good 9 degrees in our inland areas by wednesday. that's your transition day, before 10 degrees cooler on thursday. friday, rain is likely. and then we begin to gradually
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dry up on saturday. speaking of saturday, this is your saturday night! you get one more hour of partying tonight! >> or sleep. >> okay. we were saying early, you're posey. i'm sergio romo. all right. vern has got sports. that's right. college football ahead. stanford rolls. no. 1 alabama almost slipped. and the warriors, i don't want to brag but... guess who's got a piece of the top of the pacific division in the western conference? ,,,, [ male announcer ] jay likes it when his mobile phone
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standard at citibank.
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knee on a dunk attempt last night... ...out for the year after today' rn acl... nba, warriors business for you, brandon rush entered his left knee on a dunk attempt last night. he's out for the year, with a torn acl. andrew bogut held out. no back-to-back game so far. clay thompson and the warriors were able to manage. curry got into it. warriors up big and then up by 4 at the break. third quarter, jarrett jack, the hustle, the feign. carl landry, how about that? warriors up by 14. less than eight to go. landry with 23. former warrior carl crawford from the corner. he buries it and we have a tie game! less than 90 seconds left.
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came down to this. warriors up by two. chris paul, driving. offense, yeah! it's the charge. and the warriors escape. 114-110, to get the 2-and-1 for the year. they are unbeaten on the road. college football. stanford, even freshman quarterback had a hand in this one. jordan webb would be picked off by ed reynolds. he goes 52 yards the other way, gonna take it to the house. up 7-0. now for quarterback kevin hogan, easing into a little handoff to stepfan taylor. and he goes 26 yards for the score. two touchdowns for him. 14-0. now with 38-0 in the third, hogan, 19-yard pass, to levine
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toilolo. hogan, 18-of-24. two touchdowns. hogan already named the starter for next week. that's the sixth sack of the day. final, 48-0, in favor of the cardinal on the road. now, rematch of the national title game from last year, alabama against lsu! lsu down 11 at the half, with 14 straight unanswered. jarvis, sweating it out. that's how the crimson tide eeked out a 21-17 road win at tigers stadium, baton rouge. long day for usc's defense against bcs no. 4 oregon. barner -- i'm not making it up -- 321 yards and five
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touchdowns! yeah, that's right. the entire game was a combined over 1300 yards of offense. 62-51, the final, in favor of the ducks. straight ahead, an ace pitcher resigns with the club. we'll tell ya who. san jose state, going to a bowl game! don't move. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,
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all right. you can't knock him for playing in a mid major conference. quotely, san jose state has put up their best season since 2008, also the last time they were bowl eligible. touchdown! it's tied at 7. they trailed again in the second half, but then they scored 29 unanswered points. four touchdowns. spartans win 42-13. they're 7-and-2 for the year. way to go, head coach, mike mcintyre. they go into overtime for this one. kevin harper just misses it wide. notre dame, in the third. overtime, yeah third down. the quarterback sneak.
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wins it for the irish. now, on to baseball. bartolo colon will be back with the a's. today we eeked a one-year deal reportedly worth $3 million. he was 10-of-9 with an era of over three before he was suspended 50 games after testing positive for testosterone. he still has five remaining games on his suspension. and finally, down at the stretch at the breeder's cup. some action on mucho macho man. wins the first $5 million. >> mucho macho man, i like
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that. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a full house of people, very much alive, turning out to celebrate the day of the dead in san francisco today. the mexican holiday, dia de los muertos, was honored in the community concert. people who showed up were entertained by aztec dancers,
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and of course, there were a few skeletons. >> and the fact that they're still celebrating out there, they're gonna get a whole extra hour to do it, because when you go to bed tonight, if you're still up at 2 a.m., set your clock back one full hour, as daylight saving time comes to an end, and we return to standard time. always a good reminder to replace your smoke detectors at this time as well -- your batteries in your smoke detectors. >> please stay tuned to a special edition of cbs 5 eyewitness news coming up next. good night! ,,,, ,,,,,,
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