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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11PM  CBS  November 10, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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just 99 cents a pound. so raise your glass, pull up a chair, grab a plate. this tastier thanksgiving is well worth the wait. california's wild mushroomse killed again... this time - should not be picking
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wildmish rooms. >> the wild mushrooms have killed again this time at an assisted living facility. . >> terrific role model for young people. >> the biographer who got too close, the one who brought down america's most famous general. >> all she did was write a bad check. what has some people terrified and consumer advocates raising their eyebrows. we begin with an update from denver wf after 5:00, a flight skidded off a runway in snowy conditions. officials at denver international say the incident did not occur on the runway. you're looking at pictures posted on twitter. passengers were taken by bus from the plane to the airport
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concourse. airport operations were not affected. no snow, but it is cold. how about it, roberta? >> it is so cold that we now have from the national weather service a frost advisory posted for the blue highlighted areas which is the north bay valleys where we will have overnight lows into the upper 20s and low 30s. frost advisory until 8:00 tomorrow morning. how cold will be it? 32 in santa rosa, rio visita, temperatures in the upper 20s. low 40s in san jose and mid-40s around the peninsula. we'll talk about other neighborhoods and how they'll be affected. also after the cold comes the rain, later in our forecast. two people living in a placer county assisted living community are dead after eating soup made with foraged wild
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mushrooms. why it's usually a mistake to eat wild mushrooms. >> reporter: beautiful wild placer county land surrounds this care home. a care giver here picked mushrooms found growing on the property and used them to make a soup and fed it to residents. two are dead, and four others, including the care giver are sick. >> we have no comment. >> can you tell me what happened? >> no, this is private property. >> reporter: the poison control system have heard this often. we hear people going out picking wild mushrooms and wind up in the hospital very sick in intensive care with a failing liver. >> reporter: the only treatment says katherine mier is supportive care and a liver transplant if that can be gotten. >> if people are considering eating wild mushrooms it is a
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bad idea. >> reporter: what are the chances of picking mushrooms that are dangerous? consider this, there are 4 to 5,000 known species of mushrooms of which only 2 to 300 are known to be safe to eat. 50 are poisonous, the rest, well, that's the chance you take. >> you should not be picking wild mushrooms. >> reporter: the placer county sheriff's office says it's a tragic accident. . a man suspected of murger his wife in san jose was found dead late this afternoon. the body of 50-year-old troy de-sensa was found in his car. police believe he committed so suedicide
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suicide by overdosing on pills. police have made a handful of arrests and they didn't do it alone in a rash of burglaries. >> we have made phone calls about the suspicious behavior. >> reporter: the san jose police have a group that have always been there. >> we partner with the community, we are talking about a philosophy called community policing. >> reporter: it's paying off. recently sapd arrested seven suspects on suspicion of burglary working with residents of san jose. >> it's never been as important as now for the community to be involved and report suspicious activity. >> reporter: how do they do it? >> get to know your neighbors. communicate with your neighbors. they know your patterns, working hours, how many family members you have. >> community safety, immigration, housing. >> reporter: cary greco says
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people acting in the community together is part of the solution. >> we always keep our eyes open for cars that we're not familiar with, people we are not familiar with. we do try to keep in contact with our neighbors. >> reporter: there are dozens of websites devoted to neighborhood watch. >> they're going to notice something out of your place and vice versa. >> reporter: if you see something suspicious, call 911 and don't take the matter into your own hands. we're learning about the e-mails and the investigation that ultimately brought down cia director david petraeus. bob orr on how an f.b.i. security check stumbled upon an extra marital affair. >> reporter: cia david petraeus was never the target of a probe but when he came up in another
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probe there were concern his e-mail was compromised. a woman received a series of harassing e-mails which referenced petraeus. she notified the f.b.i.. federal agents traced those e-mails back to petraeus's bio grapher. then there was evidence of an extra marital affair including numerous e-mails between petraeus and broadwell. broadwell spent time with him in afghanistan doing research for her book. all in, general petraeus. she's a married mother of two children. >> i'm not in love with him, but he does present a terrific role model for people. >> reporter: petraeus who is a married father of two publicly
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praised his wife holly during his senate hearing. >> she is an army wife, mother, and advocate for military families. i have been blessed to have her in my corner for 37 years and 23 moves and i appreciate the opportunity this afternoon to recognize her publicly. >> reporter: but in his resignation message to the cia workforce, petraeus confessed a moral failing saying he used poor judgement which was unacceptable both as a husband and as the leader of an organization such as ours. the f.b.i. investigation is winding down. there's no evidence that any information was compromised and no one is expected to face criminal charges. . not exactly the fiasco of 2,000 but florida has declared
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obama. 29 more electoral votes for president obama. the difference was just 74,000 votes. that's less than 1 percentage point. well, think of it ags one more reason to keep your accounts balanced. >> the district attorneys are renting out their stationary to these collection goons for a piece of the action. >> bounce a check and a letter could come your way. why consumer advocates say it's a bad deal. >> i heard this growl and i thought he was going to though me out of this chair i was sitting in. >> not an ordinary day in and palatials. a quake rattles their home. high temperatures across the bay area today, average up to 11 degrees below normal. now, how low will it go tonight? the frosty pinpoint forecast as
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eyewitness news continues on cbs 5. the
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your checkbook? if the answer is not so much you may want to-up. some district attorneys in california have outsourced finding those who bounce checks. you may not be happy with their hired guns. >> reporter: angela yards is a professional bookkeeper. she knew she was in trouble when she got a call saying she bounced a check for just under $50 and subsequent letters demanding payment have the alameda county district attorney seal. >> i figure there's a warrant out for my arrest. >> reporter: she remained suspicious as to whether this was real. >> i thought it was someone trying to -- somehow they got their hands on my information and they were going to try to scare me into, you know, paying more than what was necessary. >> reporter: numerous letters poured in on d.a. letter head ordering her to pay the money owed to wal-mart plus fees and
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interest, and $180 for what she was told was a required financial responsibility clause. >> the check was for $30.12. i wrote it to save mart and it ended up costing me $434.32. >> reporter: kelly robins had a similar experience and was afraid she would be arrested if she did not pay. and she was not pleased with the punishment she did not think fit the crime. >> i think i was punished too severely especially as the money is not going back into the county i live in. it's going to some company and they're becoming billionaires. >> reporter: the letters don't come directly from district attorneys. instead, many counties in california contract with the and corrective solutions to track down people with bad debt. >> the organizations with whom we partner are not debt collectors. they help people in this case
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learn how to manage their money. >> reporter: alameda county d.a. says they look at each case before sending it to collections. she says it's cost effective alternative for all involved. as for angela yards, o'malley says wal-mart and the d.a. office made numerous attempts to get a hold of her. >> there were 20 tries to get a hold of her. >> reporter: this practice is sanctioned by state law. corrective shugss keeps the $180 for the business. >> no one at the district attorney office has looked at these actual debts so it's like the district attorneys are renting our their stationary to
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these collection goons for a piece of the action. >> alameda county say they review each claim. . well, it's something folks to the south don't experience often but eastern kentucky is checking out the damage after a 4.3 earthquake. small cracks and other mine r damage. shaking from the quake is felt throughout the appalachian region. as you can tell by some of the reactions, they're not used to this. >> this was a bad one. >> keeping an eye on the cold and rain. it's been very interesting, this
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autumn, hasn't it? >> it has. >> we've had our fair share of rain and cold. if you know where that extra blanket is, you need to find it tonight. looking at -- i look at the pavilion, it looks lonely with the nhl on strike. in the current conditions in downtown san jose, 44 degrees, today's high was well below average by 10 degrees. it's into the 30s in santa rosa, 42 in livermore. you see the blue highlighted areas, that's where we have a frost advisory in effect for the overnight hours. this encompasses the central valley but also the north bay valleys with temperatures into the upper 20s and lower 30s. between 2 a.m. and 8 a.m. tomorrow morning. this includes santa rosa at 32 overnight, pin grove, glen
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allen, 35 in napa, low who 40s in mountain view. bottom line, tonight definitely a chill in the air. tomorrow a picture-perfect day with not even a cloud in the sky. one of those days you want to take a picture because it's going to be postcard perfect. and then we have an unsettled weather pattern via the end of the work week. our storm truck is not dipping well into a southerly direction. this area of low pressure is finally ejecting east. how does this come into play for tomorrow's football action? 49ers playing host to the rams. 58 degrees at kick-off at 1:25. go 9ers, great weather for football. your forecast, 50s along the coast with a shyatt off-shore wind, out of the northeast.
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lows 60s morgan hill and gillroy. low 60s east of the bay, and further inhand outside number will be 63 degrees. brentwood, blackhawk, pleasanton, after a high of 62, we're a degree or two warmer than what it was today. san fransisco should be at 65 and inseed 358 degrees. for veterans day, calling for suns, partly to mostly cloudy conditions on monday. a slight chance of rain on tuesday. and on wednesday a chance for an umbrella. the sunny skies and veterans day, good guys, free admission to the fair grounds tomorrow for their big car show, i'm talking it's big. >> a lot of events next couple of days. >> yes. >> kim has sports.
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history down on the form. the tide roll into trouble at home. sports is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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thanks to it . the scc dominates the bcs standings every year but thanks to its newest member the conference needs help if they're going to send a team to the national title game. texas a & m led by as many as 20. 29-17ing a his, the number one in trouble. less than two minutes in go,
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alabama down five and knock ongoing the door step, but the fourth down pass intercepted by everett, so the defenses get the ball back. this is a first down and the ball game. 29-24 is the final. oregon dropped 62 points on usc hast week so what did they have in store for colorado tonight in berk eh. oregon scored many points in the first half. they take a 14-point lead into halftime. cal came out strong in the second half, here th is a 74-yard drive with 45-yard touchdown run, the catless have a moment but they lost it here. should have taken the sack
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instead he throws a pick. from there mariotta goes to work. into the end zone, just like that, cal down by 14. mariotta and hawk had an incredible night. oregon runs away with it. the beavers would score 23 unanswered points, cody faz to wheaton. jorg state led by as many as 9. -- oregon state led by as many as 9. taylor does the rest here. check out the stiff arm. standard would cut the lead -- stanford would cut the lead to
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2. this would complete the comeback. stanford hangs on to win 27-23 keeping its hopes alive. taylor wushs for over a thousand yards in three straight seasons. >> blitz on, right side touchdown for the spartans. >> san jose state dominated from start to physiotherapyish. another huge day for veils, 4 more touchdowns, this one to orton. final 47-7. they're just 8-2. high school football, thanks to ford, this is the slant to ballard for the touchdown. still to come, a former
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shark visited the cow blas tonight and tt could you bells tonight. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. ach getting the warriors were back at home to face the
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nuggets. ug dala now a member of the nuggets. it's been well documented about his struggles from the free throw line. steps up, hits the first shop, and could he make it two in a row? yes. the crowd goes nuts. two points and 8 boards oft the bench. goes to overtime with the game tied at 92-92. this jumper puts the team up two. the warriors picked the wrong time to play defense. they end up losing a tough one, 107-101. how about a little bulls hucky? jack nicholson is to the lakers as dennis o'donnell is to bull's hockey. an assistant coach. set gucci and the ontario reign and a big night for the former
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sharks. set gucci is there, makes it 2-0. seta goochido not forget you can see the raiders and ravens here tomorrow morning at 10 a.m. and stay tuned after the game for the fifth quarter postgame show with dennis o'donnell and newbury all coming up tomorrow morning. >> thank you, kim. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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mary gonzales had a cold, she also has asthma. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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pleasanton to mark a mileste for a popular pe . pooches were on parade, a pet friendly literacy initiative. they celebrated the 10th anniversary of paws to read. children read to dogs helping the students improve their literacy skills and gain confident reading in public. >> they go home and try to replicate the whole, you know, little fro gram at home. >> more than 7,000 elementary school children have participated in paws to read over the last decade. i actually saw that, i was out for a run and some of those pooches had little gloves on their paws. they're going to need it! >> it was 41 degrees when i was out running but it's going to be colder tonight. in fact, people have been out and about the city this evening.
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bundle up because today we had ties in below this average. tonight dipping down to the freezing point and throughout many of our north bay locations, therefore we have a frost individualsry in effect for the north bay until 8:00 tomorrow morning. >> good night. good nig ,,,,,,,,,,
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[doorbell rings] alan: hey, charlie, would you see who that is?!


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