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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  November 20, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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coming up. >> good morning, everyone. it's tuesday, november 20. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 5:00 straight up now. the port of oakland could be shut down today. >> cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington is in alameda with more on that strike. elissa. >> reporter: good morning. we are here at the port of oakland, where workers are expected to be shuttled in throughout the morning to go on strike. now, this is day two of a strike that's targeting both the port and oakland international airport. they are both under the same management. now, workers with the service employees international union are upset over contract negotiations. they have been working without a contract for 16 months and talks have been dragging. the union says the port wants to cut wages and benefits to more than 200 workers. that includes janitors and maintenance workers. they also say port executives have been illegally withholding important information related to bargaining. >> we're going to show the port authority that we're serious, that we want a contract. we want to protect our workers'
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benefits. it's a matter of worker solidarity and we are here to stand up for -- i'm from san francisco. we're going to stand up for our brothers in oakland. >> reporter: this 24-hour strike launched last night at the airport. this comes on one of the busiest travel weeks of the year because of thanksgiving and comes amidst scrutiny at the port. the port director, omar benjamin, resigned following allegations he improperly spent public money including thousands at a houston strip club. the strike starts at the port at 6 a.m. at noon a rally at the airport. later tonight until 7:00 there will be more picket lines right here in oakland. in oakland, elissa harrington, cbs 5. replacement nurses are ready for duty at 10 bay area hospitals that are facing a strike this morning. walkouts are planned at 8 sutter hospitals and two operated by the hospital corporation of america in san jose. the strike by thousands of
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nurses is scheduled to begin at 7 a.m. staffing levels and sick leave are two key issues. the priest at a san jose catholic school where a registered sex offender was allowed to mingle with children has resigned. mark gurries was there when somebody recognized him. but he produced a letter from the san jose diocese that he could be there. the parish priest defended the man but the man was escorted off campus when it was learned the letter wasn't from proper church officials. the church from the diocese apologizes and said it won't happen again. there is a manhunt for a man list say was involved in a crime spree -- police say was involved in a crime spree including a fatal shooting. friday night it started with four armed robberies. one suspect appears in this surveillance photo. it also included a carjacking that killed a young man and a shootout that injured an officer. >> these were heinous crimes
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perpetrated by two individuals who clearly have no regard for human life. >> the murder victim, rory parkpettiford had just bought a used bmw that morning. he was 22 years old and an aspiring hip-hop singer. his father is now urging the suspect on the run to turn himself in. president obama has sent secretary of state hillary clinton to the middle east to help mediate an end to the deadly conflict there between israel and the palestinians. it's now been about a week since israel began air strikes at the gaza strip. it is retaliation for rocket attacks on israel by hamas. at least 113 palestinians have been killed in gaza, nearly half civilians. the death toll in israel remains at 3. susan mcginnis has more on the continuing violence. reporter: mosques in gaza issued the call for morning prayers today even as bombs and missiles rained down around them.
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the israeli military says it hit about 100 terror sites overnight, including the islamic national bank in gaza city that israel says it used to fund terror operations. hamas militants have launched more than 1,000 rockets into israel during this week-long battle. palestinian officials say 38 more people were killed monday including women and children. israel says it's time to minimize civilian casualties. >> the problem is the terrorists are hiding these rocket launchers deep inside civilian areas in mosques and schools and people's homes, firing them at our civilians. it's very hard to get to this equipment, but it's necessary. >> reporter: president obama is sending secretary of state hillary clinton to israel to help with cease-fire negotiations. she will arrive today and meet with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu tomorrow. >> our bottom line is that a peaceful outcome has to include an end to rocket fire that threatens israel. >> reporter: the political
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leader of hamas told reporters in cairo hamas will not stop launching rockets until israel stops its bombing campaign and ends the blockade of gaza. he also said israel is bluffing and won't send troops into gaza. israeli officials say that's no bluff. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >> we have live pictures of gaza city skyline now. all is quiet right now. one of hamas' top military commanders is urging the group's fighters to continue its attack on israel. he is in hiding but spoke on hamas-run tv and radio. he was wounded during an israeli air strike in 2003. four men are under arrest in southern california. the fbi says they conspired to kill americans overseas and in the u.s. and plan to join al qaeda and the taliban. one suspect is a 34-year-old man who served in the us air force in 2000 and 2001.
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authorities say he tried to arrange for two california men to meet his contacts with terror organizations. >> a man whose watch set off a bomb scare at the oakland airport won't face charges. the toggle switch, fuses and wires apparently raised some alarms. deputies arrested this man, 49- year-old jeffrey mcgann, and then evacuated the terminal. >> i'm an artist. it's an art project. i travel with numbers of them to give to friends, family, corporations, et cetera. >> the alameda county district attorney's office did not comment on why they dropped the charges. mcgann tells us this is the first time he has run into any trouble for wearing his art in an airport. >> you have to think that's going to raise
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eyebrows. there's a water break. we launched chopper 5. various lanes blocked are blocked. it's a huge sinkhole in the ground at west 10th and cutter. this is a residential area so crews are doing repairs and shut off water service in the area. so heads up if you live in that neighborhood, that's what's going on. we have launched chopper 5 so we'll bring you some live pictures here coming up very shortly. i want to update you on this accident through the altamont pass. eastbound 580 approaching grant line road that accident now cleared to the right-hand shoulder. we are still seeing delays, not in the commute direction. it looks okay across that stretch. 14 minutes between the altamont pass and 680 but you will find roadwork in eastbound
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lanes 580 through live. westbound 237 looks clear, six minutes between 880 and 101 in the silicon valley. otherwise the golden gate bridge looks like they have done some lane changes now and there is some roadwork on the approach to the golden gate bridge and on the northbound side as well towards doyle drive. that's a check of your "timesaver traffic." we have a wind advisory this morning on the bay bridge. so i guess a little gusty out there, huh, lawrence? >> a little breezy out there. we have a cold front approaching the bay area right now. a lot of warm frontal stuff ahead of it meaning a lot of showers now in the north bay. hi-def doppler picking up on that as it slides into the north right now. we are going to see more of that throughout the day today and eventually a lot of it will slide a little further to the south. but if you are heading that direction, prepare for rain. even some mist and drizzle along the coastline in parts of the south bay. the system working slowly toward california. a lot of moisture ahead of it. the main cold front on the back side is going to take time to get here. so you get the idea looks like
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a damp day outside. temperatures running mild in many spots. 59 degrees right now in san francisco. 57 in santa rosa. and 55 degrees in san jose. we are looking at 60s toward the afternoon. but it could be getting a little wet. we'll be talking more about that in a moment. back to you >> thank you. 5:09. today city supervisors in san francisco all expected to vote on an ordinance that would ban nudity in most public places here. it would apply to anyone over 5. but there would be exemptions for participants of street fairs and parades that do have nudity permits. supervisor scott weiner authored the ordinance. >> the public nudity is not always appropriate. and particularly in our neighborhoods and commercial districts where we all have to live, work and live our lives together public nudity can at times go too far. >> the proposal also has the support of the mayor, ed lee. he says it strikes the right balance since nudity is still allowed in some controlled settings. so we would like to hear from you this morning about the ban
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on public nudity here in san francisco. you can comment on facebook or twitter, or email us at we'll read some of your thoughts later in the show. after a final vote count berkeley's measure s failed. residents voted against the plan to ban homeless sitting and lying on commercial sidewalks during the day. the fight for free youth rides on san francisco's muni system goes before the board of supervisors today. the proposed pilot program would last 22 months. yesterday, a board committee voted against the free rides saying money would be better spent improving the transit system. but the board is expected to come out in favor of the free rides. 5:10 now. it's all rosy again. why apple stock is suddenly surging. >> plus, indiana bombshell. detectives say a deadly explosion that rocked an indianapolis neighborhood was no accident. >> talk about a bad breakup. what a heartbroken wife did that has her in trouble with the law. when we come back. ,, ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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"voiced" her feelings in writing.. all over the branw courthouse! upset over divorce a florida woman is facing charges after police say she voiced her feelings in writing all over
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the brand-new courthouse. take a look. the woman spray-painted broken hearts on the sidewalk and explicit message to the judge. she also tagged her estranged husband's family business. the woman now faces criminal mischief charges. broken hearts on the pillars there of the courthouse. >> she may be rethinking that today. >> think she is in a little trouble. >> i hope she -- she gets him in court, she is in big trouble. traffic-wise, you have a busy day. >> we are following what sounds like a couple of water main breaks around the east bay so the biggest one is actually in pittsburg. this is where we have gone ahead and launched chopper 5. there is a big sinkhole in the road around west 10th and cutter a residential area and while crews are out there still making repairs, they have had to shut off the water in the area. still unclear what caused the water main break or how many people without water service but heads up we'll bring you live pictures shortly. they capped this earlier break in redwood city by brewster and
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warren. two garages were flooded. that intersection at brewster and warren will be shut down for the morning. elsewhere, westbound 580 just a few delays right now coming through the altamont pass. you can see a few brake lights. they have roadwork in the eastbound lanes of 580 through livermore. this accident approaching grant line is cleared so that's good news through the altamont pass. but again, just seeing the usual commuter traffic in the westbound lanes. elsewhere for the silicon valley ride, westbound 237, 880 and 237 through milpitas, as you can see, pretty much all lanes are flowing nicely. it continues to look good up northbound 880 towards oakland. it's windy today. in fact, chp issued a wind advisory. high wind advisory. this is chp-issued just for the bay bridge. take a look at that right now. towards the pay gates, this is what it looks like, no big delays so far up the incline but we also have a couple of lanes blocked while caltrans continues roadwork on the upper deck. so with more on these windy conditions and the rest of your holiday forecast, here's
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lawrence. >> i'm looking at some of the wind observations about 12 miles per hour out of the southeast at oakland but there's spots where it's breezy so be careful and the roads are wet out there, as well. hi-def doppler picking up on some of that moisture right now. you can see most of that concentrated in the north bay as the warm frontal showers along 101, santa rosa, rohnert park and petaluma, on and off throughout the day today, damp there and mist and drizzle elsewhere throughout the bay area. temperatures mild as the cold front sets up getting ready to move in to bring us more substantial rain. as we head toward the afternoon temperatures staying mild mainly into the 60s. the rain will start to extend a little further to the south really may take its time getting here. you can see the main cold front still right up here into far northern california. we are seeing a lot of that moisture ahead of it right now that's pushing in through the bay area but tonight, looks like that cold front will start to approach and bring with it a better chance of rainfall overnight tonight into tomorrow morning. the good news is this moves in later on and then it moves out
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in time for the holidays. let's see if we can time it a bit. the computer models picking up moisture making its way onshore this morning. just some of that warm frontal stuff but enough to get the ground wet outside. the main cold front even by 6 p.m. still locate in the north bay and overnight slowly sags through the rest of the bay area. and that's when the rain should begin to pick. maybe a couple pick up. temperatures in the 60s toward this afternoon. next couple of days we are going to dry out nicely and thanksgiving looking great. sunshine and the mild temperatures continuing even warmer toward friday and saturday. staying dry right through the weekend. back to you. >> thank you. more developments out of the middle east. this morning, a palestinian rocket struck the outskirts of jerusalem. the rocket landed in an open area and we're told did not cause any damage. jerusalem is 50 miles from gaza so this is the longest rocket strike fired from the strip in
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nearly a week of fighting. the attack comes as diplomats are trying to work out a cease- fire. secretary of state hillary clinton is headed to jerusalem today. and the president has condition clueded his asian tour with didn't concluded his -- has concluded his asian tour with trade discussions. the economic talks were overshadowed by an escalating dispute between china and five neighboring countries over control of the south china sea. a massive explosion that killed two people in indianapolis is now a homicide case. police announced last night they have ruled out accidental causes but still have not determined the exact cause of the blast. investigators are hoping for tips from the public. >> we urge anyone with information about this matter to contact crimestoppers. specifically, if anyone has information about a white van seen in the subdivision on the day of the explosion.
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>> at this point investigators are offering no further information about that van and no details about why they think someone intentionally caused the explosion. in addition to the two deaths, the blast destroyed five homes and damaged more than 80 others on november 10. it is 5:19 now. news of the demise of the makers of twinkies and ho ho's may be premature. a bankruptcy judge ordered hostess and its second largest union to go into mediation today to try to resolve their differences. it is a final effort to save the struggling snack food company. but even if mediation fails, other companies are reportedly interested in buying some of hostess' iconic brands. >> anything's possible. i mean, but then again, you know, they were so far apart the first time. >> hostess has about 18,000 workers at 33 plants including one in oakland. wall street is expected to dial back today after big gains yesterday. the dow jumped 208 points and the nasdaq was up 63.
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apple shares soared after struggling since the iphone 5 was launched two months ago. they rose 7.2% yesterday. the stock closed at more than $565 a share, and the gain sent apple's market value back above the $500 billion mark. well, it's 5:20. why beckham is saying so long to los angeles. >> is there a quarterback controversy for your 49ers? just how good was alex smith's replacement last night? we'll highlight it up. >> and what's cool about your school? you can submit your nomination on our website, and frank and i may come out and visit you and feature school on the show. [ female announcer ] we invited women to see
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all right. we have a lot of clouds out there, some light showers, mainly north of the golden gate bridge. sprinkles elsewhere. more coming up. >> we'll show you several traffic cameras this morning. here's a live look at the golden gate, bay bridge and milpitas. we have a high wind advisory somewhere in the bay area. we'll still you where coming up. soccer star david beckham is leaving los angeles. the l.a. galaxy says beckham will be leaving the team after its mls
5:24 am
cup game on december 1. the midfielder from england joined the team back in 2007 and helped lead the galaxy to a league title last year and his presence helped raise the profile of major league soccer in the u.s. beckham says in a statement that his playing career is about to end. a lot of women probably upset. >> his modeling career has only just begun. >> no kidding. a battle of division leaders turned one-sided at candlestick last night. >> this was a good game. alex smith not cleared to play because of concussion so the backup jumps in, that would be mr. colin kaepernick. his first nfl start, impressive comes up early hitting vernon davis who is not on your fantasy team right? >> no. >> you played against him last night. sorry. 9ers fell to 20-0 by halftime. smith had a monster game 5.5 sacks for the 9ers. what a stud and san francisco beat up chicago. they were 7-2. 32-7 was the
5:25 am
final. big winner for your 9ers. now to the nba. warriors in dallas less than a minute to go the jumper ties the game at 90. game goes into overtime and stephen curry led the warriors with 31 points and 9 assists including a beauty to david lee with the go ahead bucket. warriors won 105-101. >> butler trailing marquette by two in the play of the game. rodney clark the bulldog heaves it one-handed, and it's good. game winner by one. butler beat marquette 72-71 at the maui invitational college tournament. they can stay another day in hawaii. >> then they pile on him. >> great shot. it's 5:26. the right to bare all. >> the bay area city known for free expression may tell people to cover up. the proposed restrictions on
5:26 am
public nudity. >> right in the middle of a 24- hour strike in oakland. picture lines at the airport and at the port. what workers are upset and coming up.
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rockets rain down on gaza for the 7th day. >> with drones flying overhead in gaza city here this morning and government offices nearby, this is not a place you want to stay for long. >> as the u.s. steps up its involvement in the conflict. >> president obama is sending secretary of state hillary clinton to israel to help the cease-fire negotiations. >> we're going to stand up for our brothers in oakland. >> at the oakland airport, sciu union workers are walking the
5:30 am
picket line. >> breaking news out of southern california. the fbi has arrested four men in an alleged terror plot. >> the gunmen tried to open the door. >> a san jose father remembers his son an innocent victim of a violent crime spree as the manhunt for the suspect intensifies. >> this makeshift memorial has grown considerably in the last couple of days. >> from across the day -- >> police suspect that the three teenagers may be connected to other burglaries all around the peninsula. >> -- to around the world, the stories that matter on "eyewitness news this morning." >> touchdown. good morning? >> it's tuesday, november 20. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. it's 5:30. we have developing news in the east bay. a water main break in pittsburg and we go to elizabeth to find out what's going on. >> two separate cities in the east bay. the biggest problem now is out in pittsburg. we are sending a news crew to
5:31 am
the scene west 10th and cutter where there's a large sinkhole in the ground. streets are blocked off, people are without water in the area while crews work on restoring service. the break happened around midnight. we'll have more on that coming up. in the meantime a second water main break at brewster and warren in redwood city. this is video taken earlier this morning. that was an 8" main that broke around 3 a.m. the water has been capped. it was a messy morning. two nearby garages were flood. we are just learning that that intersection of brewster and warren will remain closed throughout the morning. it's going to take about 6 hours to make those full repairs. that's a check of "timesaver traffic." i'll toss it back to you guys. >> thank you. 5:32 now. the port of oakland could be out of operation today. workers are getting ready to start a one-day walkout. pickets already up over at the airport. >> cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington is at the port on more with those issues that led
5:32 am
to the strike. good morning, elissa. >> reporter: good morning. well, workers want a fair contract and they have been waiting more than a year to get one. so as they prepare to strike today, which actually doesn't officially start until 6:00, you can see some workers have come by here and are playing their horns on maritime street where truckers go into the port. hundreds will be walking the picket lines for phase 2 of a 24-hour strike that launched last night at the airport. the port of oakland and international airport are under the same management and are contract disputes with the service employees international union. the union represents maintenance and janitors and they say they are at risk of having their wages and benefits cut. they say port executives have been illegally withholding information related to bargaining. workers have been without a contract for 16 months and the union rejected the latest offer. this strike comes at a crucial time for the port following
5:33 am
intense scrutiny over their executives who are under investigation for allegedly misusing public money. >> the managers in the port have been caught in strip bars. there's $37 million worth of surplus on the table and they don't want to deal. >> reporter: hundreds of workers are expected to join the strike. there will be two picket lines, one at the airport, one at the port. it won't affect flight operations at the airport but certainly could interrupt operations at the port. the union represents janitors, electricians, security and maintenance workers. the strike does not officially start until 6 a.m. so workers and their supporters will be shuttled in but you can see a handful have already arrived. they are getting ready for this strike. again that started last night and is expected to go until later on this evening. in oakland, elissa harrington, cbs 5. >> for the second time this month, nurses will be on strike
5:34 am
at ten bay area hospitals. the walkout is planned for two days at eight sutter hospitals and for today only at two san jose hospitals run by hospital corporation of america. key issues include staffing levels and sick leave, replacement nurses have been brought in. it is 5:34 now. a palestinian rocket hit near jerusalem today landing harmlessly in an open area. it is one of the longest rocket strikes fired from gaza in nearly a week of fighting. some 50 miles. u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton is headed to israel to work on a diplomatic solution to the deadly conflict. >> it was a week ago that israel began air strikes in retaliation for rocket attacks on israel by hamas. secretary clinton is expected to meet with israeli prime
5:35 am
minister benjamin netanyahu. in jerusalem, palestinian president mahmoud abbas and egyptian leaders in cairo. >> it has to include an end to rocket fire that threatens israel. >> president obama dispatched secretary clinton from cambodia, where the two attended an east asian summit. four men are under arrest in an alleged terror plot busted in southern california. the fbi says the men conspired to kill americans overseas and in the u.s. and planned to join al qaeda and the taliban. one suspect is a 34-year-old man who served in the air force in 2000 and 2001. authorities say he tried to arrange for two california men to meet his contacts with terror organizations. a man whose watch set off a bomb scare at the oakland airport won't face any charges. this is the watch, take a look, this is the watch the man tried to take past the security checkpoint last thursday. the toggle switch, fuses and wires raised some alarms of the deputies arrested 49-year-old geoffrey mcgann and evacuated
5:36 am
the terminal. >> i'm an artist. it's an art project. i travel with numbers of them to give to friends and family and people that give me corporate work, et cetera. >> the alameda county district attorney's office did not comment on why they dropped the charges. mcgann tells us this is the first time he ran into any trouble for wearing his art at an airport. >> imagine if you're a tsa agent? oh, yes, go right ahead, sir. >> that raises eyebrows. >> head shaker. 5:36. let's check weather. we have a little bit of rain coming. doppler is going to start working again. >> doppler is very active this morning. yeah. we have some showers out there right now but the rain is going to be pick up toward the latter part of the day. outside right now, high-def doppler radar is showing you some showers most of that focused north of the golden gate bridge. but we've had a couple of wandering sprinkles further south. breezy in spots, too. showers most of that just some light stuff coming down but enough to get the roads pretty slick heading into the north bay so watch out for that throughout the day. still, you want to carry that
5:37 am
umbrella with you today if you are heading out. a little wet circulation. we are seeing a lot of warm frontal moisture sliding into the bay area but the main cold front still up to the north. it will take time before it gets here. today a lot of clouds of out there now, temperatures are rather mild to start out the day moving well into the 50s in some spots. 59 in san francisco. 57 degrees in santa rote. 58 in oakland. temperatures expected to be in the 60s today. will we see more rain for the holiday? we'll talk more about that coming up. back to you. >> thank you. 5:37 now. a priest at a san jose catholic school has resigned after defending a registered sex offender's presence on campus. mark gurries was volunteering at saint francis cabrini catholic church and someone recognized him and alerted security. however he produced a letter from the san jose diocese saying he could be there and that claim was defended by a parish priest but it turns out the letter wasn't written or signed by the proper church
5:38 am
officials. the bishop in charge of the diocese has apologized and is telling parishioners now it won't happen again. today city supervisors in san francisco will likely decide whether to ban nudity in most public places. it would apply to anyone over the age of 5. however, there would be exemptions for participants of street fairs and parades that have the property permits. supervisor scott weiner authored the ordinance being voted on today. >> public nudity is not always appropriate and particularly in our neighborhoods and commercial districts where we all have to live, work and live our lives together, public nudity can at times go too far. >> the proposal also has the support of mayor ed lee. he says it strikes the right balance since nudity is still allowed in some controlled settings. so we have been asking you what you think about a ban on public nudity. you can comment on facebook or twitter, or email us at r young pe s before san francisco supervisors today. the boar the debate over free muni
5:39 am
rides for young people goes for the supervisors today. the board is expected to come out in favor of a pilot program that would last 22 months. yesterday a board committed voted against the free rides saying it would be better spent improving the transit system. 5:39. more changes coming to facebook. why it could take longer to log on. >> santa gets stuck. how the jolly man in red became a dangling decoration at a shopping mall. >> and you are looking live over the port of oakland. workers are arriving for the morning strike. it officially starts at 6 a.m. which is not too long from now. but you can see that the crowd is starting to form now. we'll stay on top of this coming up. ,,,,
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oh, you're good. good luck! priority mail flat rate boxes. online pricing starts at $5.15. himself in a tight spot. a british army soldier in a sa suit dangled from the ceilig for about 30 minutes... aftr getting his beard caught ina it want a chimney but santa found himself in a tight spot in england in a mall. he got his beard caught in the rope. hate it when that hatches. he had been hired to rappel through a mall skylight during an annual christmas show. he could have taken his beard off. but that would have blown his
5:43 am
cover. a soldier got the beard loose and let santa down to talk to the kids. entertaining. >> a for evident but the real santa would never get stuck like that. >> no. he wouldn't. he would have used the escalator. [ laughter ] retailers, economists and investors are all hoping consume, give thanks by opening up their wallets in a big way this week. >> yes. jill schlesinger, editor at large for is here this morning with us with tips for what you can do to save money this holiday season because we need those tips. is this year expected to be good? >> reporter: the national retail federation predicts holiday sales will improve at 4.1% lower than last year. online holiday sales are expected to grow by 12% over last holiday season. to prepare for the potential uptick in sales retailers are hiring 600,000 seasonal workers comparable to the number from last year. we are hoping that a bunch of those people get full-time
5:44 am
employment out of their seasonal gigs. >> so what should holiday shoppers know about black friday, which is coming up? >> well, you have to conduct research before you go out. just start by browsing online. many of the large brick and mortar stores will have online coupons making it easy to compare prices from home. now, you can also receive email coupons which might help you on the spot. if you have a smartphone, load it up with shopping apps like next peg, tj i black friday, and snip snap. finally i know this is boring but bring a list of items you want. just don't want to blow your entire holiday budget with a spur of the moment emotional purchase. also, want to warn you, listen, this is not necessarily the best time to buy every item out there. on we have what not to buy on black friday weekend. the results may surprise you. >> we need to fess up.
5:45 am
are you a black friday shopper? >> are you kidding me? if i have the chance to actually sleep late? come on! >> we're right there with you. >> i like your style. thank you, jill schlesinger, editor at large for and coming up at 6:45, cnet's brian cooley will be here with a look at some of the best tech deals on black friday. don't miss that. >> no. stock futures point to a lower opening on wall street this morning. hewlett-packard shares sank 10% in premarket trading after it said a british company lied about its finances. also this morning, word that u.s. housing starts have hit a four-year high. wall street coming off a strong session. dow rose nearly 208 yesterday and nasdaq added 63. well, connecting to facebook is about to get slower. facebook is in the process of moving all of its users in north america to a type of
5:46 am
internet connection that's not as fast but more secure. by default, you will start using a https connection instead of less secure http. most sites use that https. users can opt out. pictures over the east bay where a water main broke early this morning and it's causing all kinds of problems. that looks like they are working on it now. again, live pictures. a 5-foot sinkhole. apparently the neighborhood is without water this morning. cate caugiran is en route. she is probably on highway 4 trying to get there and will have a live report and update coming up in short order but if you are in pittsburg and you don't have water, there's why. >> in the meantime, let's check on the weather with lawrence. >> if you don't have water, don't worry. we have showers coming your way. [ laughter ] >> that will take care of it. folks around the bay area lots of clouds early on. most of the rain so far concentrated north of the golden gate bridge although we
5:47 am
have seen a couple of scattered sprinkles move south. we have rain making its way onshore toward mill valley and san rafael. we are expecting showers to pick up as we head in toward the afternoon in the north bay and then overnight tonight spread further south. breezy, a chance of raindrops or light springfuls outside today early on. keep that umbrella with you heading out. this afternoon, lots of clouds and temperatures going to stay fairly mild and again, a chance of some showers especially in the north. this system slowing working into the bay area. the cold front still well to the north but it is going to begin to drop down as we head throughout the evening hours and so the rain will be picking up. so carry that umbrella today. a lot of moisture ahead of the cold front so we are seeing precipitation out there right now. computer models picking up on some of that warm frontal moisture moving onshore now, but the main cold front still not coming in until later today when we'll pick up heavier rainfall. even at 7:00 this evening, still hung up in the north bay. then overnight, swings to the south. most of that rain overnight early tomorrow morning. but we dry out on a very busy
5:48 am
travel day tomorrow. could see some possible delays at sfo this morning. so be care. , watch out for that. seeing some showers there, low cloud deck, as well. around the country 79 degrees houston, 70 and partly cloudy skies in denver, 57 chicago, 48 in new york. temperatures for the bay area expected to be mild and into the 60s although a lot of clouds and again if you like showers out there as well, looks like that rain coming overnight tonight, then tailing off tomorrow to partly cloudy in the afternoon. and then things looking good. high pressure building in as we head through friday and saturday but yes, thanksgiving lots of sunshine and some mild temperatures, elizabeth. in the 60s. >> i know. look at that. nice thanksgiving. thank you, lawrence. well, it's been kind of a busy morning for our assignment desk. we are following a couple of different breaking stories including -- we'll take you out towards the port of oakland where a lot of workers are on strike and you can see they are starting their one-day walkout right now. this is right there by the port of oakland. you may find delays on some of
5:49 am
the roads heading that way throughout the day today. they are picketing outside sfo but not expected to disrupt air travel. we have two separate water main breaks. you may have just seen those live pictures in pittsburg at west 10th and cutter. a five-foot sinkhole in the area because of a water main that broke just after midnight so a lot of folks without water service in the area. they are working hard to restore it now. in the meantime, a separate water main break also occurred early this morning at redwood city. they were able to cap this but that street area that intersection of brewster and warren street is expected to be closed throughout the morning. they say it's going to be about six hours or so to fully make those repairs. several garages were flooded in the neighborhood, as well. all right. let's go out towards the roads. accident-wise, not too bad. we were watching one possible injury crash. southbound 880 approaching high street looks like it's already cleared out of lanes so no major problems this morning if you are driving 880 trying to head out of town towards
5:50 am
oakland airport. if you are traveling southbound 101 towards sfo, things look good all the way down along the peninsula towards san bruno, no major delays this morning on 101. so we know a lot of folks are heading out of town, bart might be another good option if you are heading towards the airport. so far all bart lines in fact all mass transit around the bay area is on time. that's your "timesaver traffic." back to you guys. >> thank you. the probe into a deadly explosion that heavily damaged an indianapolis neighborhood is now a homicide investigation. police announced last night they have ruled out accident al causes but still haven't determined what did cause that massive blast. the blast killed two people earlier in the month. it destroyed five homes and damaged more than 80 others. and there are questions about what kind of pipe chevron will use to repair its damaged refinery in richmond. chevron wants to use a pipe made of an alloy called nine chrome. federal officials say that metal has failed at another refinery just recently. they want chevron to install
5:51 am
stainless steel pipes. time now 5:51. a "mythbusters" call for help. a rare item stolen from the tv host. >> we know having a job can b stressful. new research on how unemployment can hurt your health, when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:52 am
5:53 am
weather is pelting the pacic northwes it is even too much for an area known for rain. it's wet, windy and bad weather pelting the pacific northwest causing power outages and road closure in both oregon and washington. the weather is blamed for at least one death. a hunter was killed when a tree fell on his tent near the oregon coast. forecasters expect the rain and strong winds to continue through most of the week as well and plenty of snow at the higher elevations. we are seeing showers
5:54 am
around the bay area this morning into the north bay. larkspur seeing raindrops there. more coming up. >> having a stressful job can be hard on your health but having no job at all can be deadly. a new study finds people who are unemployed at some time in their lives are at increased risk of heart attack after age 50. job loss can pose the same danger as smoking or even having high blood pressure. the risks are the same for men and women for all races and ethnic groups, regardless of economic status. a new push to make tests for the aids virus for americans between age 15 and 64, they should get tested at least once. it's an effort to make screening a routine part of medical check-ups. government data indicates that fewer than half of adults have been tested for the aids virus. 5:55. "mythbusters" co-host adam
5:55 am
savage wants his bag back. it was stolen saturday in downtown san francisco. he says it doesn't contain anything valuable but was made by an artist and has sentiment value. he would like it back. news about crime in oakland overshadows the good things the city has to offer and people are hoping to change that. the organization visit oakland has launched a to know it is to love it campaign. one of the people taking part, veteran rap performer mc hammer who by the way is a native of alameda county. >> there will be nay-sayers but i believe there are more people who love it than not. >> posh restaurants... >> the campaign is touting things like restaurants and the art scene. they have some good restaurants in oakland. >> and mc hammer making a comeback on the american music awards the other night. he was all over the place.
5:56 am
5:56. next half hour, four men arrested in a suspected terror plot in southern california. who the fbi says they were targeting. >> it started at the airport and now union workers are striking at the port. what they are demanding. >> we are live in pittsburg where utility workers have their hands full after a water main break caused a four-foot sinkhole. coming up we'll tell you how this is affecting the nearby neighborhoods. ,,,, been shopping so smart, cash back with your freedom card getting cash back on what?
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close shave and haircut fan for the ceiling. you're gonna cool off that hoooounddd! tonight you gotta get your cash back, on new slacks. use freedom on lunch with jack. everybody get! everybody get! get your cash back.
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right now: hundreds of portf kland workers hit th >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. we're live in pittsburg, where a water main break caused a four-foot sinkhole. we'll tell you what caused the pipe to burst and how many homes will be waking up without water. >> hundreds of the port of oakland workers ar


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