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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  November 29, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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hours. because of all this round 2 moving in the national weather service has issued a flash flood watch for the north bay in the mountains with flood warnings already posted farther north. this is most of the bay area with 5" on the ground as close as north sonoma county. this is big time rain and we are not even done once we hit saturday evening. we'll talk more about the timeline for when it rain is going to be finished but before it's finished places like napa where roberta gonzales is reporting live tonight could see significant rainfall but roberta, not every storm is created equal. right? >> that's right. we have been in and out of the rain here in napa all afternoon. the wind have been picking up and dying down. last time i was in napa for coverage of a flowing river happened to be just right there. it was new year's eve of 1997 and new year's day of 1998.
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i was here reporting on the napa river overflowing its banks and devastating local businesses here. the difference between what happened then and what we're expecting now is timing. this is the month of november. that was december and january when the river was bloated with plenty of rainfall and now it's not at that stage. however if we saw big time flooding here in napa i spoke with a native colin who is brewmaster at downtown joe's and here's what he had to say. >> we expect a flood. we have a lot customers here. we are lucky. as soon as the flood advisory comes out. they show up. there's nights where the customers have sat here all night waiting to help us do sandbags. and we sandbag the whole neighborhood as a team. the hydrology people say the tides don't matter. everybody who lives in napa
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thinks tides do matter. we'll see how it works out. >> reporter: tides do matter and tomorrow we have two high tides the second one occurring at 1:40 in the afternoon should reach levels over 7 feet. watch us online at reporting from napa, roberta gonzales cbs 5. thank you. one north bay community is always on alert during heavy rains. san anselmo has seen some very serious flooding over the years. but some businesses there tell cbs 5's mike sugerman, there is no need to make a big production out of it. >> reporter: well, allen, at san anselmo it is raining now and i'm by the creek and it's actually a beautiful sight. but it would take coming up to about here to actually flood and a lot of people are saying, i don't think that's going to really happen.
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it's november in san anselmo and here comes the rain. residents know when that happens, the news comes up to cover it. >> a big pain in the ass, kind of like vultures. >> reporter: san anselmo has had floods in 1982 and 2005. it was under water, $100 million in damage last time. people who live here get nervous when it rains. >> the news media has made it scary to come to san anselmo. >> reporter: susan's business is down this week over past years. >> every time it sprinkles in san anselmo, all the news trucks show up and then it gets on the news and it makes it sound like stores are closed and it's going to flood immediately which isn't true. >> reporter: just to clear things up, the creek level is at less than 3 feet. it needs to get to 13 feet to flood! and that's possible. people here are taking precautions. >> well, we'll alert the communities, provide sandbags and if the levels rise high
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enough we'll take further measure. >> reporter: lieutenant mike norton of the san anselmo police says there's an alert horn to tell people to put floodgates out when it gets to 10 feet. a flood fee was approved several years ago which brings in $2 million a year but it's been tied up in court until just recently. so roughly 8 to $10 million is just sitting around waiting to be spent on flood control projects. >> the idea of which is to slow down the downstream onslaught of water that happens in big rain events so as hopefully to preclude the creek from breaching its banks downtown here. >> reporter: but people here say this early in the season the ground is not at all saturated. and it would take an extraordinary storm to cause the creek to go over its banks. >> it's drama indulgence. >> reporter: a long-running drama some say doesn't belong on television. >> the rain has been falling consistently... >> reporter: as roberta pointed out in napa, it is a little
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early in the season for this to flood. so allen, i guess they say i'll see you later if the creek don't rise. i'll see you later if the creek do rise. >> it's important to point out that we do a public service job, as well. if things are going to get bad, people do need to know about that, as well. >> reporter: i agree. >> all right. mike sugerman in san anselmo, thank you. you can track the storm anytime with our live high-def doppler radar. it's on our website, and new at 6:00, a political feud between berkeley's mayor and a rival councilmember has turned into a grownup game of musical chairs. and we're not kidding. the two leaders are fighting over where they sit at city meetings. cbs 5 political reporter grace lee on how this became an issue in the first place. >> reporter: it's surprising. with all the issues facing government berkeley's council voted on who is sitting next to
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whom inside those council chambers. this came at the recommendation of the mayor. but it's like a wedding or dinner and there are politics at play and where you sit says a lot. in the city of berkeley, the chair you choose to sit in has become a political punch line. >> a minute ago, we would just standing here and this guy came up and said, oh, be careful -- or don't sit next to me or be careful where you sit. people say these things. >> reporter: the reason for the chair sensitivity the councilman says is because the mayor doesn't like his policies and there is enough animosity that the mayor doesn't even want to sit next to him during council meetings. here's the seating arrangement now. woring ton next to the mayor. now capitelli is next to the mayor moving worthington to the outskirts. >> this is a silly petty almost comical thing.
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it's also on the serious level sort of emblematic of the kind of petty personal and political manipulations that can go on. >> i think that's completely crazy. >> it's amusing i suppose. really, why not get them away from you? >> totally ridiculous. >> yeah. >> political differences, then, you know, that's what those kinds of meetings are for. >> for people who say this is petty schoolyard politics, juvenile what do you say to them? >> i say they're wrong. i say they're wrong. >> reporter: mayor bates says he recommended the seating change and says it was not to exile councilman worthington. >> he ran against me for mayor and got 22% of the vote. so we have had some friction. i hope to work with him. i thought it was good to have a change. >> reporter: the mayor says the reason for moving him farther away was "so i don't strangle
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him." he said that in a newspaper. >> people suggesting directly jokingly or not that violence would be appropriate and off the charts and inappropriate. >> it was a joke. >> okay. >> yeah. >> reporter: well, some people said it wasn't funny. >> i don't care what they say. you know? it was a joke. ha. >> reporter: so there is a history between the two politician. not only did they just run against each other for mayor. councilman worthington opposed measure s the sit-lie law that would have made it a crime to sit on berkeley sidewalks. but i spoke with councilman capitelli who will be sitting between them and said he is not touching this issue. >> yeah. i -- i'm not going to touch it, either. allen, we're good, right? >> as far as i know. >> okay. >> joining the -- >> okay. >> clarify that. [ laughter ] >> all right, grace. thanks so much. >> but you and dennis, you know... the oakland police department's fate now in the
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hands of a judge. today was the deadline for a resolution between lawyers, police, city leaders. judge henderson will hear arguments, from both sides next month about whether to hand control of the department to federal authorities. lawyers for the police union filed papers against department leadership saying they are ineffective and failed to implement court-mandated reforms. i'm len ramirez in silicon valley. apple has major plans to expand in santa clara but what other bay area city may benefit from that? the story is just ahead. >> the fate of the farm is decided. what's going to happen to this long-time bay area oyster company? >> was he drunk? the officer said no, he sneezed. >> the surveillance video of a bay area crash blamed on a sneezing fit. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a planned expansion into saa clara will provide work spae for more than a the tech giant apple getting more room to grow. a planned expansion into santa clara will provide work space for more than 1,000 apple employees. cbs 5 reporter len ramirez says one person in particular is rolling out the welcome mat tonight. len. >> reporter: that's right. you know, apple is very popular this time of year as are many computer companies because they make the devices that people really want. apple does have big plans to expand in the south bay and that may help not one not two but possibly three bay area cities. take a look around the apple campus in cupertino and you see a cup bursting at the seams workers in the lots cars in the streets and lots, that's the hustle bustle santa clara mayor jamie matthews says santa clara will bring to their city. >> the first expansion by apple into santa clara. >> reporter: it's a hole in the ground now but apple is investing in two buildings with
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300,000 square feet on north stevens creek boulevard near the cupertino border and will be the future workplace for 1200 apple employees. >> it's exciting because what it says is that apple is recovering and it's continuing to move and expand and grow and we are excited to be part of it. >> reporter: the ink isn't even dry on plans for apple's round glass spaceship building to replace main headquarters in cupertino and the company has already got space in sunnyvale and santa clara. a real estate broker says that can only help the still lackluster market in silicon valley's biggest city. >> san jose is next in line and we are starting to feel that interest from tenants coming into the marketplace and so the expansion is continuing southward and eastward. >> reporter: it is a major coup for santa clara, with the new 49ers stadium under construction, the city expanding its profile, if not its footprint. >> we are considering 19 square miles but we are using them to maximum capacity to ensure we have the revenues to be sustainable. >> reporter: apple isn't the only big silicon valley company
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that's expanding now. google is also expanding throughout mountain view so the competition is fierce out there when it comes to the devices, allen, competition also very fierce and probably going to get a lot more fierce for commercial real estate, as well. >> i know it must be raining or close to because there's hardly anybody in that store. >> reporter: competition is fierce. maybe they are at a google store. >> maybe. [ laughter ] >> all right. len ramirez, thanks. in other headlines, a manhunt is on for an intruder who snuck into a woman's palo alto apartment as she slept. police say the victim woke around 2 a.m. to find a man in a dark hooded sweatshirt standing in her room. investigators think he intended to rape her and took off when she started screaming. two smoke shops in fremont are busted for selling illegal bath salts. police confiscated six pounds from rocky's smoke shops and monsters of rock smoke short. people who snort it to get high
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develop irrational often suicidal behavior. san francisco police say the driver who hit a patrol car last night was a wanted parolee. he drove off after officers spotted him in sunnyvale. police tracked him to bernal heights and arrested him. the suspect had an outstanding warrant after he didn't report to his parole meeting. he was serving time on gun charges and was released from a prison just this week. a sudden sneeze attack may be to blame for a crash that left a bay area car lot in shambles. a trucker took out ten vehicles as he barreled through the san leandro business. he says he sneezed. cbs 5 reporter da lin shows us surveillance video may back him up. >> reporter: this is how the accident scene looked from chopper 5. the driver of a big truck claimed he had a sneezing attack and slammed into 10 trucks into used car lot in san
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leandro. surveillance cameras at a nearby business captured the crash. if you look carefully at the grainy video you can see a big truck plowing into a flatbed truck parked on the street then from a different camera watch as the front of the flatbed is tossed against other parked trucks in the used car lot. >> i was just like, no! >> reporter: there's damage to the back of the flatbed truck that took the first impact. chp officers say the big truck driver 43-year-old antonio dimora was not on drugs or alcohol. it appears to be an accident. the driver hit the brakes after he slammed into the flatbed. the chp says that information supports the driver's claim that he was distracted from the road after back-to-back-to-back at least three sneezes. the people who work at the united auto center say the accident total 7 parked trucks and damaged 3 others. >> a couple of these vehicles
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were sold. i have to call the people and tell them they are not available. >> it's really devastating because my dad built it from the ground up. he works 7 days a week to put us through college. >> reporter: workers at the used car dealer say they are glad no one was hurt and they will let insurance take care of the rest. in san leandro, i'm da lin. cbs 5. it begins again. >> here comes round 2. >> yeah. >> we talked about 3. we're almost halfway there. >> ding, ding, ding. >> by the end of the weekend, as soon as you go back to work the sunshine is going to return but it is thursday night and we have a lot of rain moving in our direction. a couple of drips on our camera lens here at the top of cbs 5 looking toward the beautiful majestic bay bridge. rain is making it into the bay area. one thing that arrived is rough surf and a high surf advisory is in effect for the coastline all the way through saturday all this moisture piled in is kicking up the waves and we'll likely see swells 14 to 16 feet
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through the weekend. video from earlier today. the rough surf in pacifica. radar looks rough. hi-def doppler is beginning to show those showers creep toward the greater san francisco area. but right now the heavy stuff is still to the north like we told you working from the north to the south. look at all that yellow you see for clearlake santa rosa, healdsburg. just a few light showers around richmond, berkeley, oakland, east across the east bay hills toward alamo walnut creek la narinda. speaking of significant rain everything came together just like computer forecast models were telling us 7 days ago. it's amazing when things work out that way. follow this moisture plume back 1,000 miles offshore and it's all piling into the bay area because low pressure is in the perfect spot to carry the moisture, hit that wall of the low pressure system and shove it off to the east. we are the recipients, lucky us, right, of all of this rainfall from now through
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sunday. there will be breaks at times but basically from now until sunday we get rain. . tomorrow morning and afternoon will be messy. rain and wind all day long. mother nature giving us a break reloading on saturday and then heavy rain saturday night and won't let up until sunday night. the good news is after that, we will get a break. so we are going to end this mess from now through sunday evening. by monday, hey, sunshine comes back. monday and tuesday looking dry. just a few light showers for next wednesday. but it will get messy and flood watches are posted for much of the bay area. stay tuned to cbs 5 and high- def doppler radar. seeking a specific kind of job candidate. the life experience that these bay area job seekers share. >> hey, get in the game, right? california's going to. when you can start playing powerball and who is going to winnow matter who gets the jackpot. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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state. the upgraded status recognis 's borders the united nations has overwhelmingly granted the palestinians recognition as a state. the upgraded status recognizes the palestinian state's borders before israel took land from them in 1957. it also gives the palestinians access to the international criminal court where they could file war crime charges against israel. palestinian president mahmoud abbas made his case for statehood to the united nations. >> palestine comes today to the general assembly because it believes in peace and because its people have proven in past days are in desperate
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need of it. >> the u.s. sides with israel saying direct talks is the only way to achieve peace. u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton called the vote unfortunate and counterproductive. for some, it is the end of an era and others, the end of a battle. after four decades a northern california oyster farm will be shutting down. today u.s. interior secretary ken salazar decided not to renew the lease for drakes bay oyster company. the farm's lease on drake's estero expires tomorrow. salazar said it should be returned to the wilderness. supporters including senator dianne feinstein had defended the oyster farm and called the decision, quote, flawed. in oakland today, some of our nation's finest were lining up to get a job. veterans who served in iraq and afghanistan even vietnam went to the oakland coliseum hoping to get their foot in the door. veteran job seekers donning their sunday best and for the
6:24 pm
most part a sea of suits and ties. but some opted to be more casual and emphasize comfort especially their feet. a lesson learned from when their boots were truly on the ground. >> you know, you have to take care of yourself especially with your feet, now. if you are on your feet all the time, you know that. >> reporter: and in this case, employers such as chevron, home depot and pg&e do care where these men and women have walked. their military experiences now an asset in the private sector. >> we know that veterans, they know safety. we didn't have to train them on how to make things safe for their coworkers. they care about their coworkers in the military. it's the same in chevron. >> reporter: perhaps that's why veterans are faring better in this sluggish economy. labor statistics show the percentage of unemployed veterans is a whole point lower than the rest of the workforce. helping these numbers, a commitment from several major companies to hire 100,000 vets
6:25 pm
and military spouses by 2014. still, it's an uphill climb to get a job at all and for those recently returning from combat, it's a big adjustment back to civilian life. >> every veteran has a story to tell. they have so much experiences that they went through with the military. and civilian world just doesn't understand that as much. >> remember, these are veterans of all wars. the labor department says the news isn't so good for younger veterans of the iraq and afghanistan wars. unemployment for them was 10% in october. well above the national rate of 7.9%. ocean beach preparing for the storm and city workers want to make sure... [ indiscernible ] we'll have that story coming up. >> and president obama's private lunch with mitt romney. what they talked about and what they ate. i play the lotto. >> get in line. soon californians will play powerball too. when the game is coming to town and who is the real winner. ,, ,,
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bay area. here's a look at our live high- def doppler radar. and as you can see, the north bay is getting the brunt of the storm right now. the rain is coming down now in napa. this video is just in from downtown napa. drivers will be using wipers and umbrellas for the next three days. earlier pg&e crews took advantage of the break to reduce reduce the potential for power out action. they trimmed teresa way from power lines and yesterday more than 1100 homes lost power in pacifica due to downed power lines. cbs 5 reporter joe vazquez is in san francisco where crews are working to prevent sewage stills during the storm. joe. >> reporter: dana, we have a light rain here on ocean beach. the wind is whipping but for ocean beach standards this is a moderate breeze. they have just finished today the clean-up from last week's
6:30 pm
sewage spill. and city officials say they have been checking drains and manholes to be sure they don't have to come back out here again. it will be a busy weekend for you. >> absolutely. this is when we go into overdrive. >> reporter: the spokesman for the san francisco public utilities commission says city crews will be hard at work this weekend making sure the water and sewage systems can hand the expected rain. just last week a downpour forced sewage on to ocean beach. could it happen again. we hope not. we have done everything we could. we have cleared the system to have all the capacity to deal with the water this weekend. >> reporter: that unexpected leak of untreated water has happened before. six years ago. separately there are occasional discharges in the ocean not accidents. they are part of what the city calls its combined system. a system that combines sewage with rain runoff running through the same pipes. in those releases, the water is treated making sure no solids escape into the ocean. >> the beauty of a combined
6:31 pm
system is that we protect the bay and ocean because we treat the stormwater. in many cities anything on the street goes right into the local body of water. so in san francisco we treat it. that's a good thing. but it has its down sides. when we have these heavy rains in a short period of time, our system reaches capacity and we do these discharges. >> reporter: long-term, the city's puc says the city will spend billions, that's plural, billions of dollars over the next two decades to revamp the sewer system but it still be a combined system so every now and then you have this situation where sewage goes in the storm drains and into the beach in some parts. >> yeah. okay, joe. joe vazquez, thank you. we will have the full forecast from meteorologist paul deanno in 15 minutes. and, of course, remember, you can track the storm anytime with our live high-def doppler radar on our website,
6:32 pm
it's official powerball is coming to california. the lottery commission voted unanimously to start selling tickets in april. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec has more about the benefits and concerns of the decision. >> every week, twice a week, super lotto, mega, and even fantasy also. i try my luck. >> reporter: there's no shortage of dreamers in california. >> we get like ten bucks and combine it. >> reporter: we had a winner in the bay area. ocean supermarket in milpitas sold a $14 million super lotto plus ticket in september and today, the state announced the winner's name. the store gets a half percent or $70,000. >> she's lucky. i hope the next year it will be me. >> reporter: soon there will be a new game in town, the one that had people lining up for days, powerball. the multi-state lottery. last night its jackpot was $580 million. but so far, californians have
6:33 pm
been left out of the fun. >> i would play. >> reporter: california retailers could begin selling the $2 tickets in april next year. powerball is expected to bring california an extra $90 million to $120 million a year even though sales of our other games are expected to drop. that revenue goes to education. >> that's a good idea. it's a big help. >> reporter: in milpitas, anne makovec, cbs 5. powerball executives have just called a news conference for tomorrow to announce one of the big winners from last night's drawing. we will find out who bought the winning ticket at a gas station outside of kansas city, missouri. two tickets matched last night's jackpot of $588 million. the second winning ticket was sold in fountain hills, arizona. that winner or winners will have 180 days to claim their share of the prize. president obama dispatched his chief negotiator to capitol hill to work on a deal to avoid
6:34 pm
the "fiscal cliff." today treasury secretary tim geithner met with house and senate leaders. republicans came out of that meeting saying that the white house needs to get serious about spending cuts. >> it's time for the president, congressional democrats to tell the american people what spending cuts they are really willing to make. >> let's give a christmas present to the american people. and all we're saying is, we're willing to make the cuts. >> coming needs to reach an agreement in the next few weeks in order to avoid a series of automatic tax hikes and spending cuts in january. oh, to be a fly on the wall on this one. president obama and mitt romney met privately at the white house today to chew over the nation's economic issues. it was the first time they have been together face to face since their contentious campaigns. cbs reporter tara mergener on the political power lunch. >> reporter: mitt romney got out of an suv and walked into the white house alone. the former republican nominee then sat down with president obama for a private lunch.
6:35 pm
aides say the president wanted to hear the businessman's ideas on how to make government run smoother. >> somebody with governor romney's experience clearly would have insight into how to maximize efficiency in an operation like the federal government. >> reporter: the lunch is the first time they met since they battled it out on the campaign trail. >> the president doesn't have a plan. he is out of ideas. he is out of excuses. >> reporter: keeps changing up so much and backtracking and side-stepping... i think it's called romnesia. >> reporter: the lunch in the white house dining room appears to be a one-time affair. aides say president obama does not plan to offer governor romney a role in the obama administration. but people we talked to are hopeful the friendly meeting will inspire republicans and democrats to come together on capitol hill. >> think it's a logical move by both governor romney and the president to get together see if we can solve a lot of the
6:36 pm
problems that we need to solve in this country. >> reporter: romney left the white house without talking to the media. since the election he stayed out of the public eye spending most of his time in his southern california home. he is not expected to return to politics anytime soon. tara mergener for cbs news, the white house. and we're told on the menu, i don't know if it was leftovers but they had turkey for lunch. vice president joe biden took a little time out to do some shopping today. large entourage and the press as he attended the grand opening of washington's first costco store. tried some of the food samples, got to did that. bought some children's books. bought a big-screen tv. that's 32." but fire logs, that's what he said went there for and ended up with all the other stuff and an apple pie. >> it always happens. >> it does. something unprecedented in syria today. what disappeared in the middle of the fighting. >> best piece of advice is to make sure your home is ready for the next storm.
6:37 pm
>> but if bad weather does damage your home the one problem you will still have to pay for even if you have insurance. >> paul deanno tracking the rainfall on hi-def doppler. rain really picking up along i- 80 in vacaville to fairfield and napa picking up steady showers. how is the heaviest rainfall going to move through? how much are you going to get over the next few days? that's coming up next in weather. ,,,,
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vanished from the internet. service went down nationwide the entire country of syria has effectively vanished from the internet. service went down nationwide today as rebels and government forces clashed in damascus. widespread cell phone outages are also reported. the internet blackout is unprecedented in the 20 month long uprising against bashar assad. the regime is accused of pulling the plug to disrupt
6:40 pm
rebel communication which they deny. former president george h.w. bush is in a houston hospital tonight. he has been in and out of the hospital over the past week getting treatment for bronchitis. he is 88 so they want to make sure that he is okay before releasing him. hospital officials say there was never a life-threatening situation. right now mr. bush is in stable condition and is expected to go home by the weekend. the obama administration has an ambitious road map to reduce the spread of aids. today secretary of state hillary clinton outlined the goal to work towards an aids- free generation. she echoed the administration's commitment to support research on technology for prevention and treatment. >> we'll set clear measurable benchmarks and monitor our progress towards them so we can focus our funding on what works. it is science that has brought us to this point. it is science that will allow us to finish this job. >> about 34 million people
6:41 pm
worldwide are living with hiv. by the way, world aids day is saturday. if the storm damages your home will your insurance cover you? coming up in tonight's consumerwatch, how companies expect you to be pro-active and the type of damage insurance won't cover. >> flood watches are already issued for portion of the bay area. i'll show you which ones and i'll show you doppler radar and many of you wondering where that rain is. it's all to the north right now. when is it going to get in your backyard? i have the answer coming up. we have another mvp in the bay area. i'm dennis o'donnell. and alex smith's reaction to riding the pine coming up. ,,,,,,,,
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property. merwatch reporte storms packing an expected six inches of rain can do a lot of damage to homes and property. cbs 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts explains what housework and homework homeowners need to do to minimize the losses. >> reporter: he is trying to stay one step ahead of the storm. a decision don fielding hopes will pay off. >> i thought it was cleaner than it really is.
6:45 pm
>> reporter: with powerful storms expected to pound streets soak cars and tear up trees it's time for homeowners to be pro-active. >> best piece of advice is to make sure your home is ready for the next storm. >> reporter: an insurance industry spokesman says if you expect your insurance to cover storm damage, your insurance company expects you to put in some prep work. >> one of the things you have to remember is the insurance policy is not a maintenance policy. >> reporter: so you should be cleaning gutters, checking windows for leaks and lowering the swimming pool water level and clear obstructions around your property so water can flow around and not through it. >> if you start filing claims like every rainstorm, that raises red flags. >> reporter: with precautions in place the standard homeowners policy should cover most storm-related damage what it's to your home or your land. but there is one important exception. water damage. while they will cover leaks from the rain above, home insurance policies don't cover damage from water that seeped in from below even if the water comes from a rain-swollen
6:46 pm
creek. for that you will need flood insurance. but layman says if you don't already have it it's too late for this weekend's storm. flood insurance policies take 30 days to kick in. >> even if you bought it today it's just not available for you. >> reporter: when filing a homeowners claim using the word flood could get you denied. choose your words carefully. to cover storm damage to your car you must have a comprehensive car insurance policy. remember, if you have a consumer question, give us a call, 1-888-5-helps-u. we have breaking news of southern california. a power outage has happened at the burbank airport. we are told that the airport's longest runway the one they use for nighttime departures is the one affected. so you can see that the lights are still on around the terminal. but the taxiway lights are still working. we are getting some some tweets from people who work there, some stuck in san jose and
6:47 pm
oakland. they are trying to get to burbank so we're sewage flights have been we're assume flights are affected. i want to start with good news before we get to hi-def doppler. skiers, you must love this. yes, the snow level will be high with the winter storm warning in effect. we are talking about a snow level up to 7500 feet but above that mark, which some ski resorts are up toward the lake, lake tahoe, will be looking at 2 to 3 feet by tomorrow morning. and then an additional several feet all told we could see snowfall totals of 100" or more by sunday night in portions of the ski areas around lake tahoe so a lot of snow for them and rain for us. highway 101 clove daily to santa rosa with steady rainfall slowly working south. the majority of the bay area
6:48 pm
still dry just a few showers here and there. berkeley and oakland hills seeing a few showers and richmond and hercules. south bay a few light showers around fremont south of san jose and 880 and 680 mountain view a few showers and a couple of showers around daly city and south san francisco. there will likely be urban and small stream flooding and a flash flood watch is in effect. warnings will be posted over the weekend if the rainfall comes to fruition. it looks like it will. everything in the atmosphere has come together exactly as the computer forecast models said. they said we would have a big broad area of low pressure consolidating all of this tropical moisture that's out there the remnants of the hurricane 1,000 miles away. number 2 all that low would get steered into the bay area eventually part of that by tonight and tomorrow. so this moisture coming all the way from hawaii making it all the way to healdsburg and the rest of the bay area.
6:49 pm
it's going to be very soggy until sunday night. that's finally when the low pressure area will move out. the tropical moisture gets pushed to the south and say good-bye to all the rain. it's only thursday night. we have three more days to go. as for how much rain, look at the color coding on the futurecast. the yellows off the charts. we are looking at five or more inches of rain for the north bay, portion of the hills west of san jose. santa cruz mountains a lot of rainfall the next several days. tomorrow messy, wet, windy, slight chance of thunderstorms. saturday just scattered showers. mother nature is reloading. heavy rainfall returns saturday night. and it will not let up until sunday. here's your extended forecast. we are soggy for the next couple of days. rain heavy at times. flood watches in effect. good news is, sunshine back by the top of the week. partly sunny monday and tuesday. slight chance of showers on wednesday. we talked about that winter storm warning in the mountains. there's going to be a lot of snow up there. here's your snow report.
6:50 pm
significant snowfall this weekend for northstar currently with a 27" base. those numbers are going up with all that snow coming down. we'll be right back.
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
a soap's epise features alex smith's reactn to being benched.
6:53 pm
" " the quarterback controversy has officially become a soap opera. today's episode features alex smith's reaction to being benched. ♪ [ music ] [ soap opera music ] >> i mean, it sucks, yeah. i don't know what else to say. state your case, feel like i have done that. you know, feel like the only thing did to lose my job is get a concussion. it was such a great group of guys in the locker room something special. tough pill to swallow for sure. ♪ [ music ] >> well, far less drama with the best pass rusher in football. alden smith was named the nfc's defensive player of the month pile up nine sacks in november he needed six more to break the record of the most in a season. the only guy happier than aldon is the defensive coordinator. how good can he be? >> like i have said to him many times as long as he stays
6:54 pm
hungry and humble, and does the things that are necessary for him to be a great pro football player, i think, you know, the sky's the limit. now, that won't always translate into extraordinary sack numbers. you can be playing great rushing the passer great and not get the sack numbers that everybody is noticing that he has right now. so that's not the only measure of greatness is the sack total but he has been improving in all phases. >> sunday's raider game against cleveland will not be televised locally and if you are going to the game, you won't see rolondo mcclain. a day after claiming he was no longer with the raiders mcclain was asked to stay away from the team facility in alameda. >> it's a team issue. it's an organizational issue that we are going to handle. it's a team-related earnp issue. >> it's a team issue. >> it's unclear what the issue
6:55 pm
is but reports are surfacing that he will be cut. >> really nothing more than we asked him not to come to practice today, uhm, you know, there's going to be consequences to, uhm, you know, his actions. for the first time in major league soccer history, an earthquake has won the mvp award. chris won allow wondolowski got a best player of the league. he scored 61 goals and that's best in mls. he got most valuable player. this is not a shock but there are some athletes and coaches who dislike the media and sometimes we give them good reason. check out ucla head coach jim moore's news conference as his bruins get ready to play stanford tomorrow. >> 1st quarter 7-7, then you go in your nfl mode and play preseason game figuring that you'll get them next week? >> no. >> snow. >> no. >> why not, though? >> well, because we're
6:56 pm
competitors, tj. >> you did that in preseason games in the nfl all the time. >> those games didn't down the. >> well, now how to play a game so that you don't have to reveal things. and don't look around for help. i'm over here. >> you're making a statement. is there question in there somewhere? >> you can comment on the statement. >> i'll comment on a question. >> we can put in first grade terms. do you agree or disagree? >> with what? >> i just said. going to the rose bowl -- >> i hadn't thought about it. what i had thought about is stanford playing and beating stanford. is this a press conference? you ask questions. if you want to come up hire, here. come up and take the mic make all your statements. there's a seat here and here. it would be great. i'd love to have you up here. sure i would. you don't scare me. >> okay. >> whoa. >> obviously, that's a rider columnist tj symars in los angeles. but guys like that give you a bad name, right? lack of respect, lack of class.
6:57 pm
disregard for general protocol. >> thinks he can coach better. >> i don't know if he would have said that to jim harbaugh. we were discussing that in the sports department. >> wow. >> tackling. >> would have been good stuff. >> bring him up here! let's see. >> bring him on. >> jim moore, he is the former 49ers defensive coordinator of the tough guy. >> good guy. >> been around. >> see you at 10:00 and 11:00. captions by: caption colorado ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
joey fatone: this is joey fatone. it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how you all doing? how's everybody doing today? thank you all for coming. appreciate you all. hey, welcome to "family feud," everybody! i'm your man, steve harvey, and like always, we got a good one for you today. listen to this. returning for the fourth day,


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