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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  December 6, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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you that that gushing water is actually now all gone. i know there's some cars in the way, but we have firefighters and san francisco police here on scene. they were able to cap whatever that break was, that water main break over here. let me tell you how it happened. we have video from earlier. you can see just how high the water was gushing. just before 4:00 this morning san francisco police were trying to pull over a car for a minor traffic violation and then that car crashed into a fire hydrant. right now it is a suspected dui. we were told this basically san francisco police tried to pull over that car right around 4th and howard and the driver crashed at folsom and essex. the driver was taken into custody. we aren't sure if that driver sustained any injuries. earlier on footage we were able to see the driver being taken away in some kind of neck brace. we aren't sure about the status of that driver at this point in time. but we had unconfirmed reports
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that that car over there in that corner is actually a rental car so we don't know where the driver is from. we hope to get more information. i think my photographer made a good point, hopefully that driver had insurance. it appears the car is a complete loss with all that water damage. the car was under water for a half hour. that's all we have from here. live in san francisco, cate caugiran, cbs 5. a deadly fire is under investigation in san francisco this morning. one person was killed in the fire in the ingleside heights neighborhood. it started about 8:30 last night on saint charles avenue and the fire was put out in less than 25 minutes and the victim was discovered. deputies are investigating pleasant hill's second homicide of the year. no word yet on the victim, suspect or motive. they responded to the incident at interstate 680 and concord
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avenue around 9:30 last night. the first homicide was on february 10 when a 21-year-old man died during a drive-by shooting. oakland police have fended off the feds and now a judge needs to sign off on this last- minute deal with civil rights attorneys. instead, they agreed to a compliance director appointed by a judge and paid for by the city. cbs 5 insider phil matier says both sides can claim a partial victory now. >> the plaintiffs will now have someone within the department answerable to the court to make sure that changes are made. most importantly, what they avoid is a complete federal takeover something that would be an embarrassment for the city and could lead it a judge telling them they don't have enough cops and ordering them to hire more. >> according to the "oakland tribune" this makes oakland the first city in the nation to have its police command staff under the authority of a court- appointed director. hundreds of people showed up to talk about crime at an oakland town hall meeting. mayor quan admitted oakland is
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seeing more violent crime, specifically robberies. police officials talked about programs they are using to fight crime. but a gunfight in the same neighborhood the previous night did not come up at the meeting. >> they are rumors that are being held right now where people in that particular beat can talk to the officers about specific crime problems that are happening there so we want to address that because not everybody here wants to hear about that shooting, okay? >> mayor quan said oakland needs more police officers and more jobs for young people. a missing california couple in the sierra have been found. they have been missing since last week's storm after they got stuck in the snow off highway 88 in alpine county. roderick clifton and his girlfriend paula lane were last seen at a 7-eleven in citrus heights before leaving for nevada. lane was found by her brother last night walking outside of a car on the highway but the alpine sheriff's department says clifton was found dead.
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it appears paula went to look for roderick after he never returned from trying to get help. >> they might have been sightseeing and got stuck in the snow. reports are they may have stayed in the vehicle or slept in the vehicle for at least one night. rodrick left the vehicle to seek help. when he didn't return, paula left to seek help. lane is at the carson tahoe hospital today in stable condition with some mild frostbite. time now 4:35. let's check weather. >> yeah. we're out of the woods a little bit here? >> hard to believe, but it looks like we have dry weather ahead. in fact, we may not see rain until the end of the month. rainfall 100 to 80% of normal. all that rainfall left behind moisture in the atmosphere. we're seeing true fog out there this morning. watch out for that especially in the valleys. you can see the trough covering us along the west coast so our
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temperatures are going to stay down but not enough mixing to clear out the fog so even partly cloudy toward the afternoon. outside mostly cloudy skies right now. the temperatures generally mild. 58 degrees in oakland. 57 in san jose. and 56 degrees in san francisco. looking toward the afternoon hours, becoming partly cloudy, you will see a little sunshine into the bay and a mixture of clouds, 50s and 60s there. but the good news is lots of sunshine and dry weather coming our way even some warmer temperatures. we'll have more on that in a moment. right now let's talk to gianna about the traffic. >> thank you very much. not a lot going on as far as accidents go so that's the good news. we are clear on most of our bay area freeways. let's start off with a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza right now. and so far we know that the metering lights are off and traffic is clear. jumping to the maps, you can see conditions -- rather, here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. free-flowing there. over to the maps. the one thing you need to look out for, lots of roadwork this morning. three lanes shut down northbound 101 near the 92
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connector as well as the connector roads on 92. that will be there at least until 5:00. we are seeing delays through that area. out of marin county, southbound 101 just north of the toll plaza we have some early- morning roadwork there. looks like that maybe wrapped up. full freeway closure eastbound 4 at loveridge. hopefully that will be cleared by 6:00. and roadwork east 580 from north greenville to north flynn. that will be there at least until 11:00. it's on the eastbound side so the noncommute direction. you can see westbound 580 is cruising along. that's a look at traffic. back to you. police say they have arrested three suspects in connection with an elaborate theft ring in san francisco. the three were arrested friday at an apartment on jones street where officers found laptop computers, cell phones, cameras and other items. more goods were found in vehicles and storage units. investigators say most of the stolen items came from car break-ins in san francisco as well as oakland. the estimated value of all the
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loot, a half million dollars. 4:37. crab season has come to an abrupt halt off the coast in the bay area. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec here in san francisco now where crab boats are still sitting in port this morning. >> reporter: good morning. they are docked here at fisherman's wharf. normally they would be very busy out there catching crab. they are on strike right now and this is all over a dispute about the price of dungeness crab. the season opened back in mid- november and the problems started on sunday when crabbers heard that fish brokers were going to drop the price of wholesale crap from $3 a pound, which they had agreed upon, to as low as $1.80. brokers say that after thanksgiving, demand for dungeness dropped and they are trying to balance supply and demand. the crab boats are idle. supply is dropping. some retailers report they have no crab left. so we'll see how long this strike lasts. right now, it is affecting
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three areas of california. the san francisco bay, half moon bay and bodega bay, as well. live on fisherman's wharf, anne makovec, cbs 5. new this morning, the duchess of cambridge has been discharged from her london hospital after being treated for acute morning sickness. the former kate middleton is feeling much better. with her husband by her side, she was all smiles today leaving the king edward vii hospital. she has some flowers in her hands, too. the royal couple's office say she is headed to kensington palace for more rest. internet security pioneer john mcafee is under arrest in guatemala. the eccentric founder of santa clara-based mcafee was taken into custody yesterday. he is a person of interest in the murder of a neighbor in belize. he had been in hiding but this week, he surfaced in guatemala to seek asylum. mcafee believes he is a victim of a government conspiracy in
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belize. >> the story has to get out. i have documentation that proves the intense corruption at all levels of the belize government. now that i'm in a safe place i can speak freely. >> mcafee's arrest was for entering guatemala illegally. he could face deportation back to belize. >> that is kuwait a story. >> bizarre. >> i guess. >> that's quite a story. >> bizarre. >> i guess. state lawmakers get a great deal on improvements to cars they now own, new tires, gps upgrades. guess what. you paid for it. >> and glittering black marble. images of the earth like you have never seen before. coming your way. ,, ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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rock using cloud- free night new weather this is earth after hours in a big way. nasa constructed throbbing at our little rock here using cloud-free night images from a new weather satellite. it is our best look yet at what
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our planet looks like with all the lights turned on there. check it out. as one scientist put it, unlike humans, the earth never sleeps. >> that's a cool image. >> beautiful. now what sells cool? >> i'm not going there. [ laughter ] >> lawrence! >> look who never sleeps. >> yeah, guys. you know what? it's been wild weather around the bay area. we are finally going to catch a much-needed break as high pressure sneaks back in. temperatures around the bay area fairly mild this morning. a lot of clouds outside and, of course, with the rainfall, plenty of moisture on the ground so we are seeing some of that fog outside. be careful heading out the door. still, these numbers not too bad under mostly cloudy skies. we have a lot of 50s outside right now. 57 san jose, 56 san francisco. 58 oakland. looks like throughout the day the dense fog is going to start to break up and then by the afternoon partly cloudy skies.
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a dry weather pattern at least for the next seven to 10 days. so a much-needed break from all that stormy weather. still, that trough continues along the west coast. these temperatures are going to stay a little cool. but look dry in the foreseeable future and then this ridge going to build in for the weekend and as it does we may see an offshore wind so some very pleasant temperatures as we head towards sunday and monday. traveling around the state watch out for the dense fog into the central valley. you'll see some of that early on the next couple of days. you want to get up to the snow if you wait a few hours then leave out. it will be nice skiing conditions into the high country. that dense fog really going to be the concern the next few nights as we'll see plenty of it in the early-morning hours but should give way to some sunshine by the afternoon and again looks like some dry weather outside. so with that in mind, temperatures today not bad although a little bit cool in spots, only about 58 degrees in pacifica for a high. 26 in san jose. 60 in hayward. east bay numbers a little trick avenue with that patchy fog. probably some up ever 50s into brentwood and antioch but about 61 in livermore. and about 60 degrees in the
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napa valley. into the north bay you'll see about 60 and partly cloudy skies in santa rosa, 59 in san francisco and 59 also in daly city. next couple of days, we'll keep those temperatures fairly leveled but the latter part of the weekend that ridge builds in. we may see that offshore wind and that could training those temperatures well up into the 60s, even mid-60s as we head in toward monday and tuesday. and no rain, gianna. a little quieter for you, right? >> yeah. that is good news, lawrence. we don't have a lot going on, on the freeways as far as accidents. really the only thing you want to look out for is construction. we have a few projects to report. northbound 101, three lanes are shut down until 5:00 for roadwork through there. we have some delays in and around that area. it's near 92. also as you work your way on the san mateo bridge headed towards the peninsula, stop and go conditions as well due to the roadwork through there. 880 not showing problems through hayward. eastbound 4 at loveridge roadwork full freeway closure should be wrapped up before
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6:00. no delays though. looks like traffic is i. >> et through there. westbound not seeing any troubles. looks good towards pittsburg and towards the eastshore freeway. also if you are heading on 580 this morning, eastbound between north greenville and north flynn, they have lanes closed there, as well. that will be there at least until 11:00. that's what's expected. westbound 580 not showing any problems and if you are cruising along 880 this morning or you plan to traffic clear both directions no delays to report and really just construction to look out for. in world news this morning, the egyptian army is now deploying takes outside the presidential -- tanks outside the presidential palace in cairo as clashes intensify between critics and supporters of president mohamed morsi. meanwhile overnight, violence left five people dead and more than 600 injured, the worst outbreak since the "muslim brotherhood" leader was elected. morsi critics began protesting
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two weeks ago when the president gave himself sweeping powers that placed him above judicial oversight. and a sliver of hope towards ending the syria civil war. secretary of state hillary clinton and a top russian diplomat will held a surprise meeting with the united nations peace envoy foreseers, still amid signs for for syria. meanwhile germany approved sending patriot air defense missiles to turkey to protect the country against attacks from neighboring syria. mortar rounds and shells from syria have killed several turks in recent weeks. the decision on the missiles must still be approved by the german parliament. it's official, recreational marijuana use is now legal in washington state. hundreds of of people showed up at the space needle to celebrate at midnight. voters approved the law last
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month. it only covers adults aged 21 and older. some university of washington students did their homework on the limitations. >> we know it's not legal for us to use it. >> i think people will respect the rule just because i mean there's a lot of consequences if you are caught smoking pot on campus? >> colorado also legalized recreational use of marijuana but that amendment won't take effect until the governor proclaims it passed. he has 30 days to "roll it" into effect. also today in washington, same-sex marriage is now legal. dozens of gay and lesbian cupfuls got in line to pick up marriage licenses at the county courthouse in seattle. the governor signed the measure into law yesterday. the state has a three-day waiting period so the earliest they can start is sunday. a new poll finds californians are more optimistic about governor brown and prop 30. after passage of prop 30, tax
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hikes, the governor's job approval rating has hit 48% now. nearly half think the state is going in the right direction since prop 30 passed but 94% of those polled believe the state's fiscal future overall is still a problem. tax hikes pushed by governor brown approved by voters this year could slow economic growth but not for the long term. that's from a new study out of ucla which shows prop 30 won't derail our state's recovery. the proposition boosts sales tax a quarter of a cent and retroactively raising income tax for the wealthy. a number of state lawmakers apparently like the cars the state used to provide for them. a yearling, the perk of a free car was taken away from the legislators but at least 37 of them decided to buy those cars the state was selling. but first, they had them worked on and the state paid $78,000 for the repairs and
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maintenance. as a taxpayer it's frustrating. >> we are getting ripped off. it's not fair. we work really hard for our money? >> but a source in the legislature says the state actually got more money when it sold the cars because of the work done on them. president obama and house speaker john boehner have resumed informal talks. they spoke by phone yesterday raising some hopes that formal talks will resume on how to avoid the new year's day "fiscal cliff." across-the-board spending cuts and tax increases as we all know will kick in if a budget agreement isn't reached by the end of the month. the president also met with ceos of some of the nation's largest companies hoping to convince them of the need for higher tax rates at upper income levels. >> we're not insisting on rates just out of spite or out of any kind of partisan bickering but, rather, because we need to raise a certain amount of money. >> house majority leader eric cantor says more needs to be
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done about spending right now. meanwhile, public policy polling conducted an unusual survey to test american knowledge about debt reduction policy. people were asked what they thought of the panetta burns planning, something that doesn't even exist. one-fourth of the people took a stance on it anyway. 8% are in support by golly. 17% opposed. >> that's right. it's important to do research. >> absolutely. >> do your homework. apple stock is coming off one of its worst sections on wall street. apple shares fell 4% after a research firm raised its outlook for sales of tablet computers but said apple's ipad could get stiff competition from tablets like amazon, google and samsung. facebook could get another boost on wall street. the social media site is joining the nasdaq 100 index. shares will be added next week. the nasdaq 100 represents the 100 largest nonfinancial stocks trading on nasdaq and investors
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say it's somewhat of a victory for facebook, which has struggled on wall street since its ipo in may. 4:51. the feds are targeting a baby recliner maker after five infant deaths. this is the new model of the napa valley nan called the chill. the cpsc says in a complaint that the device causes substantial risk, injury and death to babies. the commission says it has received more than 70 reports of children nearly falling out of the recliners. so if you have one, beware. time now is 4:52. coming up, the bay area grocery chain that's in danger of going belly up. >> plus, let there be light. the livermore family that apparently loves to celebrate christmas. look at that. >> that's beautiful. >> and your canines clamoring to get outside? if they are, get yourself a doggie doorbell. we'll explain when we come back. >> dingdong. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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storm clouds now ahead in the east that means we are finally getting a chance to dry things out but a lot of fog outside. we'll tell you when we expect that to clear coming up. and dry roadways means an easy commute. so far no delays, live look at conditions along 101 in san jose. free-flowing both directions. traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. just two years after arriving in the bay area, the "fresh & easy" market chain could be closing. the stores are designed to be convenient and feature fresh foods but they are losing money. observers say the stores were troubled from the start. >> as they were rolling out their stores, they rolled out in a period of time economically that was really unfavorable to anybody in the business. >> there are 19 "fresh & easy"
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markets in the bay area employing about 500 people. the british owner of the chain says it's under taking a wide- ranging review of the business and that includes potentially selling off the stores. don't try to compete with this livermore man and his christmas lights because you will not compete. you will lose. we're talking about the biggest light display at least in the bay area. maybe in california. it attracts about 40,000 people a year in livermore. many of them are children who are just mesmerized by the whimsical display. the adults too. this year 345,000 lights dazzle fans from all over. >> can you imagine what his electric bill is like? >> i was thinking pg&e must love this guy. >> they do. but it's gorgeous. >> it is pretty. check it out. a collection of victorian homes in fremont are all decked out for christmas. this is on espada court a cul- de-sac in the mission san jose district. the residents are also
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collecting donations for the sister john marie's pantry that helps feed the hungry. they do it every year and all the homes in this cul-de-sac deck out their homes and people come from all over down in the south bay and the east bay to check it out. and we would like to you share your holiday photos with us, as well. email them to or post them to our facebook page. and you can also tweet us those pictures so be sure and do that. the inner griswolds are coming out. >> yeah, exactly. >> we'll be sharing. >> we have the latest in doggie door technology coming up. >> good boy. >> yes. it is a dog ring a doorbell. you saw it right. pebbles' owner invented it after the dog scratched the doors. after a year of testing he came one this portable mountable doorbell to be used inside and outside the house. business has been so
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successful, he is looking to expand. >> if you have a dog that likes to go in and out a lot that would drive you nuts. >> crazy. >> how about a doggie door? help himself. 4:57 right now. feeling crabby? why crab fishermen are on strike this morning. >> plus a tech mogul's run from the law is over and there's even a tweet to prove it. coming your way. a car crashes into a fire hydrant in downtown san francisco causing quite a mess. we'll tell you why roads are blocked off in this area and the new concern for firefighters. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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weather ad libs captions by: caption colorado >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. water gushing up to 40 feet high after a car crashes into a hydrant. we'll show you the damage and new concern for firefighters. if you are a fan of fresh dungeness crab, you're right


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