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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  December 11, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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again, we're following this breaking news outside of portland, oregon. a gunman has killed at least one person possibly two inside the clackamas towne centre mall. now, the shooting appears to be random. but again authorities say the gunman has been, quote, neutralized. we'll bring you more information as we get it. and bring you another update later in the newscast. a major break in a bizarre san francisco murder case. police have arrested five people accused of leading a man and woman bound, gagged and beaten on a city street. one of the victims died. cbs 5 reporter linda yee tells us this was no random crime. >> reporter: no, it wasn't. in fact, they have arrested four women and one man in a hercules home this morning. now, police say this visitacion valley neighborhood was the dumping ground for their two victims. investigators call this case so bizarre, it is something you see only in the movies. now, a man and woman were tied
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up and gagged, beaten, one shot left on the street early sunday evening. information led police to the five suspects. they say a 32-year-old san francisco woman and a 21-year- old oakland man have been charged with murder. three women, 19, 22 and 24 years old from hercules have been charged with accessory to murder. investigators say the victims knew their attackers. >> it was established that there was an extensive relationship between the victims and the suspect in this case. i cannot get into details about the relationships. >> reporter: police say they wouldn't elaborate on a motive, nor would they confirm that this case may be tied to prostitution, trafficking or a drug ring. one of the victims, 26-year-old steven reed, died of his injuries sunday evening. the 18-year-old female victim who remains hospitalized was at once suffering from life- threatening wounds but tonight police say they expect her to
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live. the investigation continues. live in san francisco, linda yee, cbs 5. two bay area accidents sent cars over cliffs today and one of those turned out to be a fatal accident. chp says that a truck plunged off mount hamilton road south of the lick observatory. that was about noon as you see the truck ending up, upside- down. the driver's body was found in the cab. early this morning a dramatic rescue on skyline boulevard in daly city where a car ended up 300 feet down that cliff. it happened about 4:30. rescue crews used the fire truck and winch to pull the driver and passenger up to the road. the driver is in the hospital with serious injuries. the passenger was not seriously hurt arson investigators think a suspicious fire at an east bay apartment complex may have been a murder tea. the manager of the dixon lane apartments in hayward said she woke up around 4 a.m. to the sound of breaking glass. then she saw a fireball erupt in her living room. firefighters think someone
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hurled a molotov cocktail through the front window. >> when i got to my front door, the manager next door to me was standing at her front door yelling for help with flames coming out of her apartment. >> the apartment was completely gutted but no one was hurt. so far, no word on who may have done it or why. a giant sinkhole in lafayette may have met its match. the city has hired a well-known emergency contractor to fill it in. we're live with mobile5 and ken bastida with a look at how long it's supposed to take. ken. >> reporter: well, i tell you, the ray they're going, it's not going to take long, at the rate they're going. this is mountain view drive. we'll show you a full-blown construction zone at this hour complete with night lighting, a couple of backhoes, dump trucks coming and going, all because the city of lafayette hired steven faulk, the city manager of lafayette, required, hired c.c. meyers, the guys who fixed the
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i-bars on the bay bridge, remember when the cables broke? they are also the ones that came in 25 days ahead of schedule on a couple of other projects, most notably the large fire that destroyed a portion of the macarthur maze and they are here it do this because according to faulk, they are the only company that can pull it off. >> they are the people had rebuilt the san fernando freeway when it collapsed. they rebuilt the macarthur maze when it collapsed. and they're generally regarded as the best in the business. >> reporter: okay. so they waived the low bid process and negotiated directly with c.c. meyers for $600,000 job, they say they can do it. here's the problem. it's going to be noisy and dusty and dirty like this for the next six days, 24/7 and that rain that's coming tonight? don't worry about it because they say that they have put a dam, a bladder dam, in the
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creek. they have inflated it with air and they are already sending and diverting that water downstream. it's a construction project that's going to be noisy here but should be quiet by the time santa arrives. in mobile5 live in lafayette tonight, ken bastida, we'll be right back. checking some bay area headlines, a pair of suspected jewel thieves led officers on a brief chase through hayward. police say they hit the diamond ring company in southland mall around noon and split up. one took off on foot the other in a car. officers caught one both of them about an hour later. some brazen burglars in walnut creek helped themselves to the contents of the macy's jewelry counter. they smashed their way into the store around 3:15 this morning and ransacked the department. no word on how much they got away with. and the end of a price dispute means crab boats along the coast will be heading back out tonight. crabbers and buyers have agreed to $3 a pound for dungeness. crab boats sat idle at their
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docks for six days during the price dispute. the strike was called after fish brokers dropped the price over slowing demand. waters in the bays and along the coast will be lapping up a little moreland this week. scientists say this is a great chance for you to take a picture for posterity. cbs 5 reporter mike sugerman at the embarcadero with how highed tide is going to get and why. >> reporter: i'm standing on the embarcadero and i'm pretty dry. but tomorrow, if i was standing here, i could be kind of wet because the tide likely will be coming over the water here as you say it will be lapping up. and that happens but normally when there's a storm. we're not having a storm of the what's going on? blame the king tide. of all the photogenic spots in the bay area to take pictures of, why is hailey taking pictures of water and cement? [ laughter ] >> it's an important picture. >> reporter: it's the before
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and after. >> the california king tides help us to visualize the dramatic tidal reefs that we're already experiencing. >> reporter: like this connector ramp at 101 to marin which was flooded today. that normally happens when there's a storm, but there was no storm, just very high tides, king tides. >> with rising tides, stuff like this need to be considered. >> reporter: king tides are not about global warming but they could give us a warning about them of they are about gravity, the earth, moon and sun in such a position that tides will be the highest of the year the next couple of days but it could look like the new normal. oceans are filling up with more water for a variety of reasons. 8" more in the past century! san francisco sewers? that's an unlikely place for proof. >> when i came here in 1990, there was never a time where the tide was actually higher than our sewer.
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last year, we had 7 events. that saltwater is coming into our system now. >> reporter: salt on the pipes not unlike salt on an open wound. >> a lot of them are starting to deteriorate. >> reporter: so the california king tide initiative wants as many people as possible, a volunteer army, out the next couple of days to take pictures at high tide late in the morning. then you'll see what every day may look like in the future like our highest high tide these days. beaches are going to temporarily disappear. you want to see exactly where the water is going to be the highest? you want to know where to send those pictures that you take? we will hook you up, go to and click on "links and numbers." in san francisco, mike sugerman, cbs 5. we're following breaking news out of south san jose. police are investigating the
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apparent murder of a 16-year- old boy. these are live pictures from chopper 5. police were called to a car crash at fairhaven drive around 3 p.m. this afternoon and found a young victim shot to death in south san jose. right now police have no suspects and no motive. subtle evidence of a slight movement away from the "fiscal cliff." what's allegedly going on behind the scenes between the white house and on capitol hill. ,,,,,,
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main opposition group as th, quote, "legitimate representative" of that new at 5:00, president obama says the u.s. now recognizes syria's main opposition group as the legitimate representative of the country's people. the president's comments paved the way for greater u.s. support as the group tries to oust syrian president assad. meanwhile, as the "fiscal cliff" deadline approaches, indications that the president and house speaker john boehner are reportedly talking again, at least by telephone. among the proposals, the white house may agree to less tax revenue but the speaker still wants to see what cuts the president will make.
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but publicly, neither side is giving anything away. >> we're still waiting for the white house to identify what spending cuts the president is willing to make as part of balanced approach that he promised americans. >> what is required is, you know, agreement by republicans to some specific revenues that includes raising rates. >> there is no indication that the president will compromise on taxes on the wealthy going up. a soon-to-open bay area restaurant is wondering where are all the workers? black bear diner is set to open a restaurant in emeryville next month. the owners have been holding job fairs to fill the more than 100 positions. but so far, they say, the turnout has been unexpectedly low. >> totally different response than what we expected and like i sad, just what we hear in the news about the unemployment rate and all the stories are
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going on especially everything after the election of jobs, jobs, jobs the job fair is being held at the four point hotel in emeryville until 8 p.m. tonight, tomorrow noon to 8. a trip to walmart turns into a holiday windfall and a black friday shopper holding an empty bag. >> they sent an email saying the item is no longer available. >> consumerwatch on how to make sure you get the deal were you promised. >> and a marine mystery. thousands of squid wash ashore on the california coast. what the speculation is as to the cause. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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played santa at a bay area walmart. juliette goodrich is in livermore, where the man and woman picked shoppers at ra, a pair of anonymous benefactors played santa at livermore walmart. juliette goodrich with the man and woman that pick shoppers at random and paid for their purchases. reporter: megan and her little sister mahdi were christmas shopping with their parents at walmart when mattie spotted a toy sewing machine she always wanted. >> they got it tore me! and she had the bag in her hand. what are you talking about? >> reporter: the girls' parents were randomly handed a bag by a man and woman. and inside -- >> we both looked in the bag and we just said, wow. how did they know that she
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wanted that toy? >> it's the sewing machine that she wanted. >> reporter: the couple didn't give their names, but employees spotted them hugging one another after their generous deeds. joyce short was working the cash register that day. seem never forget. >> he handed me the money, goes merry christmas to her. and she started crying immediately. and then i started crying. >> reporter: mattie's dad recalls another charming characteristic. >> their job of giving to her just never forget their laugh of joy. >> reporter: the couple spent thousands of dollars that day on merchandise. >> not wanting to be known or seen. they specifically made the comment there's no cameras. we are not here for recognition. they didn't want to be named. >> reporter: mattie has a message for secret santas who made her had holiday so special. >> they are nice people and giving other people stuff they can't afford. >> reporter: and here we are in
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walmart in livermore where it all happened. employees affectionately call this couple secret santas. mattie remembers he had a boisterous laugh kind of like santa. in livermore, juliette goodrich, cbs 5. >> well, you hit a snag with your black friday on cyber monday deal you are not alone. retailers from toys 'r us to sam's club canceled thousands of orders because their systems oversold merchandise. cbs 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts explains even retail giant amazon had its share of problems. yo we placed the hard to night with my credit card and we got a confirmation an hour later that they received my order. >> reporter: that confirmation didn't guarantee carol george with see her black friday discounted tv. just like hundreds of other black friday shoppers at various online retailers over the past few years. >> on friday, when i was supposed to get the tv, i got a
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call. >> they sent an email saying that the item is no longer available. >> they supposedly some type of error. >> reporter: in carol's case amazon canceled her order. we received similar complaints about dell and sam's club, in years past at frye's and best buy and for many like carol had they known their order might be canceled they would have bought it at the same black friday price somewhere gilles it was available at walmart, i think sears and amazon. >> reporter: but by the time amazon canceled her order it was too late to get the deal somewhere else and amazon said she had to pay full price for the tv from them. >> now it's $500 more. >> that would be a fraudulent and deceptive method of doing business. >> reporter: this consumer attorney says changing the price after purchase is a clear violation of both state and federal law. but while consumers have the right to sue, online retailers like amazon don't make it easy.
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>> amazon requires that all disputes be settled by mandatory arbitration. >> reporter: he says that means instead of small claims, you will have to file with their arbitrator and often pay reimbursable fees up front. >> i don't think it's fair that i have to. i think they should just give me the tv for the price they sold it to me originally. >> reporter: which is what we asked amazon to do. [ ringing ] >> amazon? >> reporter: and almost as if on cue, amazon called in the middle of our interview and did just that. >> hello? >> now, amazon did not provide a statement. but did give carol a slightly upgraded tv for the same black friday price. and dell did the same with its oversold computers. now, sam's club gives customers the product and a [ indiscernible ] over the years all online [ signal breakup ] except best buy have made good on their canceled black friday orders. if you have a consumer problem, call us at 1-888-5-helps-u.
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marine scientists are puzzled by a mass stranding of squid along a california coast. thousands have washed ashore in monterey county near aptos. some people tried to put them back in the ocean but the deep water creatures swam back to shore. a graduate student watching the bizarre phenomenon speculates the squid don't know where they are. >> they don't see the shore very often the it might be they don't understand what's going on around them and they are trying to get away and don't realize if they swim towards the shore, they will run out of water. >> mass strandings are common when squid invade a new area, although seagulls and others are likely to gorge on the carcasses scientists warn people not to touch or eat the squid as they may contain tox giants. roberta is keeping an eye out for rain. >> we have an active weather pattern over the next 10 days in the bay area. let's get down it business and fire it up. it's live high-def doppler radar. we are scanning the skies
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within a 132-mile radius from mount vaca all the way south and east in merced. where the rain? snow. now beginning to fall in the mount shasta area. today we saw mostly cloudy skies in the afternoon hours and peaked in the mid-50s at the coast to 64 degrees in san jose. san francisco 53 on the other side of the bridge due east at 55 in oakland. san jose bright lights, cloud cover, breezy winds out of the northwest at 17 currently 57 degrees. your weather headlines, rain, it's back in the weather picture. tomorrow, spotty showers. and then a very active 10-day forecast. wait until you see our pinpoint outlet. first, tonight, overnight, not as cold due to the blanket of clouds into the 40s but this is a cold front so we have a push of colder air all associated with it that will take a nosedive into the bay area. and we will not climb out of
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the 50s tomorrow. tonight the leading edge of the stadium by 8:00 in santa rosa 11:00 tonight over the central bay, and not yet reaching san jose until midnight. there's your morning commute a little sloppy with a hit-and- miss scattered shower. and then the weather remains unsettled during the afternoon so you will keep that umbrella handy. let's tally it up wettest near the golden gate bridge. kentfield and san rafael nearly half inch of lane, a tenth near concord. so what does this mean for tahoe? a winter weather advisory 10:00 tonight to 10:00 tomorrow morning. 36 degrees and we are talking about up to 8" of snow at 4500 feet and above. only a couple of inches at lake level. he almaden valley right around 55 degrees. 53 to 57 east of the bay.
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a raw cool day with that need for an umbrella from time to time. we are look at 54 degrees in san rafael and terra linda. more rain by thursday night into friday morning. more rain in the forecast from monday night through tuesday. that's the very wet pinpoint forecast. eyewitness news continues after this. one of the world's biggest banks today admitted that it handled money from drug cartels and countries that sponsored terrorism. why won't anyone be prosecuted? that story is tonight on the "cbs evening news." ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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following at an oregon mall. at least one person is dead after a gunman opened fire t the clackamas town center outside an update on the deadly shooting we're following at an oregon mall. at least one person is dead after a gunman old fire at the clackamas towne centre outside of portland. several other people are reportedly injured. police are saying in their
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word, the suspected gunman has been, quote, neutralized. they would not confirm if the shooter is dead or alive. witnesses say when the shooting started in the food court, people were running and hiding wherever they could. we're waiting for another update from authorities in just the next few minutes. we'll have the latest on this story coming up on your eyewitness news at 6:00. well, it may be classified but certainly not hard to spot. the air force blasted its mini shuttle into orbit today the second flight for the original x37b space plane. it circled earth for 7 months in 2010. it's a reusable unimagined spacecraft but so far the military isn't saying what it has planned for that plane. top male chefs are joining a new jersey teen's online campaign in favor of a gender- neutral easy-bake oven. over 40,000 people have signed mckenna pope's petition asking hasbro to show her little
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brother there's nothing girlie about cooking. >> we signed your petition. you get hasbro to change that packaging. boys and girls can all be chefs. >> a boy has never been featured in the oven's commercials, advertising or packaging. mckenna was inspired to start her campaign when she realized the oven she wanted to buy for her 4-year-old brother only comes in pick or girlish purple. hasbro has not commented. we'll be right back. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ]
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and prosecutors are trying o build their case against soe archists who went here's what we're working on for your 6:00 news. prosecutors are trying to build their case against some anarchists who went on this destructive rampage. why the case now includes a subpoena to twitter. that and more at 6:00. >> an update on the deadly shooting near portland, oregon. the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. remember the latest news and weather are always on captions by: caption colorado >> pelley: tonight, one of the biggest names in banking admits to handling the dirtiest money in the world. h.s.b.c.'s clients included drug cartels and countries that sponsored terrorism. john miller on why the bank won't be prosecuted. elaine quijano in michigan where the legislature has voted on a landmark law to reduce the power of unions. and michelle miller. in this season of giving, remembering those who gave all. >> it's got a beautiful look, really. with a nice red bow.


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