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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  December 12, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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gifts. bigad shaban joins us live now with the latest. >> reporter: it's a quiet but eerie scene here with the mall park lot and surrounding entrances closed off by police as part of their ongoing investigation. but it was inside where that masked gunman shot off several dozen rounds yesterday right after yelling to the crowd, quote, i am the shooter. reporter: mourners showed up overnight with the first flowers in remembrance of the two people killed at a mall near portland, oregon. >> this event touched us deeply. >> reporter: this cell phone video shows what it was like in the moments after the shooting as police escorted shoppers to safety. >> it was scary. it was shocking. >> our cousin is a security guard in there. and his wife and baby were in there, but they got out okay. >> reporter: police arrived within minutes searching for the gunman in a crowd of
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thousands. >> police went armed and yelling at to us close the gate so we closed the gate. >> they escorted us out, keep low, children first, the whole standard procedure. >> reporter: authorities said when they found the shooter, he had already killed himself. this mall is still an active crime scene with more than a million square feet, police tell us it will take some time to comb through the entire shopping center looking for evidence. >> we look in every closet, every room that we can get into. it's going to be an exhaustive search. >> reporter: and there are hundreds of witnesses to interview. >> you get 10 different people who saw the same incident, and they're going to give you 10 different versions of it. our job is to collect all that information and make it into a cothesive idea of what actually happened. >> reporter: police have tentatively identified the gunman but have not yet released his name. christmas music was playing in
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the background at the time of the shooting. that included everyone to duck down for cover including the mall santa. >> bigad, do we know anything about the gunman whatsoever? >> reporter: actually, the information we do know about the shooter is actually what we heard from witnesses. they say he was wearing a white kind of masks, possibly camouflage, and he was armed with a rifle and he was possibly wearing a bulletproof vest. >> bigad, we can see a lot of cars behind you in your live shot. what's happening there at the mall right now? >> reporter: yeah. well, officials have actually been here throughout the night. the parking lot is closed. they are actually inside as you heard from that one deputy. this is one of the largest
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malls in the portland area. it's over a million square feet. officials say to promise to scope out every nook and cranny in hopes of discovering any evidence they may not have found so far in hopes of possibly coming up with a motive. by all accounts hearing from witnesses, it seems like the shooter was just randomly firing those several dozen rounds and so they are hoping to get any extra information they can at this time. >> it's always the big question in cases like this, why? all right. bigad shaban live in portland, oregon, thank you. >> san jose'44th homicide of the year. officers thought they were responding to an accident on fairhaven drive yesterday afternoon but they found an 18- year-old boy dead near the truck. investigators are trying to piece together what happened. >> i would call it a geometry problem. truck is at a weirding an.
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there is a body near the truck. this is going to be where our crime scene unit shines. >> this is the highest number of people killed in the city since 1991. slow response times expected in the east bay. supervisors vote unanimously to close four fire stations. the stations that will be closerd in walnut creek, martinez, lafayette and clayton. that leaves clayton without a single fire station. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran reports. >> reporter: starting next month the city won't have a fire station. that means the near he was fire station to clayton will be 3.5 miles away in concord. last night's vote comes after voters failed to pass measure q. measure q was a parcel tax that, if passed, would have prevented these closures. these closures will save the
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fire protection district $3 million. the district is facing a $17 million deficit and says it spent its reserves. but for clayton neighbors, the savings don't outweigh the costs it will mean for their city. >> it's hitting us at a tender spot with us because of what we have been through and we know what others will, unfortunately, have to go through. >> reporter: kelly's clayton home was destroyed in a fire a year and a half ago. her teenaged son narrowly escaped death because firefighters were just minutes away. she is worried the next fire in her town could be worse. the district says they understand these concerns from neighbors and they say they will be working to redistribute resources so response times won't be affected. live in clayton, cate caugiran, cbs 5. >> thank you. how about a look at weather now at 5:06. i guess mount diablo, mount hamilton could have a little light dusting of snow. >> if we're lucky. the storm has to go right over the mountains but it's neat outside right now. we have cold showers to start
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your day but kind of giving that you feel of that nice wintry weather outside. out the door now, our high-def doppler radar is showing you some scattered showers. there's some pockets of some moderate amounts of rainfall. you can see it is widely scattered right now. one of the heavier cells along the peninsula towards san francisco, daly city south san francisco along the 280 and 380. watch out for that. brief downpours there. that's the way it will play throughout the better part of the morning and things will settle down. but behind that we have this cold pocket of air that's going to slide in across the bay area this will keep these temperatures way down around the bay area. in fact, this afternoon, maybe low to mid-40s outside and you will notice the blue across the tops of the mountains. flows temperatures for highs only in the 40s for today. we'll have more on your weather coming up plus more storms lining up as well. right now let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. outside now here's a live look at conditions over at the bay bridge toll plaza. and so far things look great. so as lawrence mentioned a little slick out there and on the roads so just a heads up if you are about to head off to
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work or school or wherever you're going to later on this morning. right now, though, looks great heading towards the pay gates of the bay bridge. similar story up the nimitz 880 at oakland. on-ramp to high street remains shut down but other than that the main lines to the freeway look good towards the macarthur maze. this is the one accident we have been following down in san jose actually close to the airport northbound guadalupe parkway that connector ramp to northbound 101. one lane is blocked right now. elsewhere some roadwork has been picked up including across the dumbarton bridge. westbound 84. so now we're no longer seeing any brake lights across the span and westbound highway 4 through antioch just beginning to see a little bit of slowdowns now actually in antioch and pittsburg. coming up, we'll get a check of mass transit. back to you guys. 5:08. look at the coast or bay today and you'll likely see some higher water than usual. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec in san francisco watching this morning's king tides along the embarcadero.
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>> reporter: we have been watching the water level here at this pier and it's been climbing and will continue to climb this morning. we are seeing this king tide today and for the next couple of days. we are expecting a 7-foot tied at 9:45 a.m. and then go down and rise to 5 feet again just before midnight. we'll probably see a little bit more of this. flooding yesterday in marin. this normally only happens when there's a storm but this was caused by the king tide. now, there's a group trying to document these seasonal high tides to figure out where we stand when it comes to rising ocean levels. >> the california king tide help us to visualize the dramatic tidal reefs that we're already experiencing. >> king tide are caused know the by global warming but by
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gravity. the earth, moon and sun are all in position right now to cause the water to rise. now, the woman you just heard from was the california king tide initiative. they are encouraging people to help them take pictures of the high tides. find out more on our website, anne makovec, cbs 5. a famous contractor has been called in to fix a sinkhole in lafayette. city leaders agreed to a $600,000 contract with c.c. meyers. heavy rains overwhelmed the area's drainage system causing the hole on mountain view drive. it's about 15 feet deep, 80 feet long, and 40 feet wide. cleaning up and fixing the problem will be challenging. >> they are going to route the stormwater around the -- they are going to put the dam in the creek and route the stormwater around the failed pipe. once they achieve that, they will clear out the creek, establish a stream bed on the
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bottom and then they will bring in a bunch of really big pipe, 10-foot diameter pipe, each section weighs 42,000 pounds. >> c.c. meyers is looking to have the project done by christmas. that is a big project. >> but they are getting it done pretty quick. i have taken a look at this thing. it is massive. >> it is. >> by the holidays i'm sure the folks will be happy. >> 5:10 now. move over oprah and justin bieber. the pope tweeted for the first time today. >> pretty amazing there. >> plus military muscle. reaction from the white house this morning. >> look her up. why lindsay lohan could be facing some serious jail time when we come back. >> and we want to know what's cool about your school. you can submit your nomination on our website, and we may come out and feature school right here on our show. we'll be right back. ,, [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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for strong beautiful hair. -it turns out... -we were working at... at the wrong end of hair. [ male announcer ] introducing clear. it feeds your scalp. clear gives you stronger more beautiful hair. [ heidi ] clear scalp and hair beauty therapy. they're not going into deta. san francisco police say there was a relationship between two crime victims and five suspects but they are not going into detail. four women and one man are under arrest for the murder of 26-year-old steven reed. he and an 18-year-old woman
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were found bound and gagged on a san francisco street sunday night. a neighbor says police searched the apartment of one of the suspects. [ indiscernible ] >> like a computer or -- >> computer, mattresses. >> mattresses? >> like beds. >> all five suspects were arrested at a home in hercules. murder suspect antolin garcia-torres goes back to santa clara counties court this morning and has nothing to do with the sierra lamar case. the 21-year-old is accused of three attempted carjacks in morgan hill in 2009. he was 17 at the time. but he is being charged as an adult. all three cases happened in safeway parking lots. actress lindsay lohan just can't seem to stay out of trouble. scheduled for an arraignment today on three misdemeanor charges faces up to 245 days behind bars if she is found violating her probation.
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l.a. prosecutors asked the judge yesterday to revoke her probation for stolen necklace back in 2011 after the charges were filed last month for a car crash in june. she needs to take a long vacation. >> i think she does! it's like she's always in trouble. >> relax. >> i know. she gets more air time on the news than in movies anymore, huh? crazy stuff. not a good thing. let's talk traffic. go outside, show you some conditions out there. lawrence will talk about the rain coming down. you can see rain on the san mateo bridg camera. 14 minutes between hayward and foster city. we have cameras all over the bay area showing you live conditions. this is a camera toward the dublin interchange. this is westbound 580. the drive time should be 14 or 15 minutes between the altamont pass and the dublin interchange. so no big delays. we are watching this accident still out there in that
5:16 am
connector ramp northbound 87 to northbound 101. this is in san jose. we have a camera in the area. we think it's still in lanes. heads up if your commute takes you through that stretch. here's the drive time from the altamont pass towards 680. it's up to 16 minutes because of the brake lights right now as you make your way towards vasco road into livermore. this is just your usual traffic through that stretch so overall not too bad. that is a check of your -- what are we on now -- wednesday morning commute. for more on your storm heading our way and all this wet weather, here's lawrence. >> it is wednesday already. >> it is. the time just passes by. >> we're racing right along here. yes, we have some cold showers around the bay area this morning. if you are headed out the door, grab your jacket. when the rain ends today you're going to need that jacket. it's a going to stay cool all day long. heavier bands of shower through south san francisco along the 280 and 101 so watch out for that early on this morning but the worst will come through
5:17 am
this morning. even now it's just sporadic outside. behind that we have a lot of cold air. you can see the speckled cold clouds off the coastline a few leftover showers this morning but things quite the down by the afternoon. it's going to be chilly outside. it's cold in the valleys in the north bay. they are down into the 30s. so get down that cold of course you get snow. across the higher peaks. storm system ushering in colder air today and the next few days, we'll see cold storms dropping in to keep these temperatures running well below the average for this time of the year so keeping things very unsettled. headed to the high country, winter weather advisories up there especially about 7,000 feet. you will see another two to six inches of snow but the snow level down to about 3,000 feet with the cold storm system. here's the cold front slipping through the bay area this morning. behind that more scattered showers. mainly along the coastline and the peninsula. maybe over the mountaintops, we could see some of that snow. and then it looks like things begin to taper off. temperatures going to look like this. plan on highs 50s in much of
5:18 am
the south bay, east bay temperatures also running in the 50s although you'll notice the blue over the mountains, those are highs only in the 40s. 50s elsewhere inside the bay and the north bay. next couple of days quieting down, slight chance of showers on friday, better chance of more rain late in the weekend, guys. back to you. >> all right, lawrence. thank you. despite warnings from the u.n. and washington, north korea says it successfully launched a long-range rocket this morning. the north american aerospace defense command has confirmed an object was launched into orbit. they say they sent a rocket into space for peaceful use but the united states says it's a cover for ballistic missiles. one part of the rocket fell into the yellow sea, another fell into the east china sea and a third part fell into the pacific ocean east of the philippines about 2,000 miles away. a big victory for
5:19 am
millionaire fugitive john mcafee. he was released from guatemalan custody. he snuck into guatemala from belize where he is wanted in connection with the murder of his neighbor. a guatemalan judge has given mcafee 10 days to get his immigration situation sorted out. mexican transportation officials say the plane carrying singing sensation jenni rivera plunged almost vertically from 28,000 feet. the plane did a nosedive into the ground at 600 miles an hour. investigators are piecing together the wreckage to find the exact cause of the crash. they say it could take days. it is 5:20. new this morning, it is the blessing tweeted around the world and now the head of the catholic church has more twitter followers than all of us. pope benedict xvi's message, dear friends, i am pleased to get in touch with you through twitter. he also added i bless all of you from my heart, in eighth different languages. an hour after the twice more than 700,000 people started following him and i guess will
5:20 am
go up quite a bit. >> the first pope to tweet. >> i bet twitter is loving every bit of it. >> oh, yeah. >> good advertising there. it is 5:20 now. a battle for supremacy in santa clara county. santa clara takes on sjsu on the basketball court. >> plus, t-rex trouble? how this dinosaur is creating a giant headache for the pga. >> very cold storm moving into the bay area, that means snow for the sierra nevada. if you are heading in that direction, be careful, carry chains. snow levels down to about 3,000 feet. more snow on sunday. in we'll have more on your weather coming up. ,,,,,,,,
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plus fries and a drink for $4.49. and now you will tell me what is in your secret sauce!! uh, i think i know. "we all know," "pretty obvious." you couldn't tell me when i handed out the wiener-dog lasers!?! we have storm clouds moving through the bay area this morning. we have showers outside maybe a couple of snowflakes over the mountains. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and we are closely watching a developing news story out in san jose. early this morning a suspected dui driver in a truck crashed into an apartment building. this is the area we made this map near taylor and north 23rd street. we understand a toddler was hurt. a tow truck is out there now working to clear the scene.
5:24 am
so our news crews are busy gathering more information. we'll have more in just a few minutes. time for a little sports now. some college hoops in the south bay. we have santa clara at san jose state. and here are the highlights. bronx a 19 points lead at the half. nice dunk. here's the three. the broncos cruised past the spartans 57-54. santa clara cruised to 7-2. san jose state is now 5-4. how about the play of the day? more college hoops. we got minnesota's rodney williams, jr., stealing a pass and then doing a little old school 360 dunk off the fast break, hello! that's pretty sweet. minnesota will go on to win the game against north dakota state yesterday. that's your play of the day. the warriors are in miami this afternoon. >> showing off a bit.
5:25 am
a dino from down under forced the pga to cancel its tournament. >> australian pga officials are now going to choose a new location for their signature event. their goal, a golf course free of a robotic t-rex like this one. apparently it's obnoxious and loud. this luxury resort hosted the australian pga championship for a decade. the resort owner wants to add a replica of the titanic cruise ship. >> that will bring them back. [ laughter ] >> you know, i can agree it's distracting. >> why don't they just unplug him? >> i don't know. >> dino could be quiet. it's 5:26 now. some very big tides in store for the bay area shoreline. >> yes, we are watching the water levels right now. we'll tell you how high they are expected to again and concerns for the infrastructure. >> a bay area city loses its only fire station. how much longer it's now going
5:26 am
to take to get help. >> and chilling witness accounts of an oregon mall rampage. what the gunman said as he opened fire on some holiday shoppers. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, you won't take my life.
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it was scary, shocking. >> terror in oregon after a shopping mall shooting spree. >> the shots were loud and scary. >> these things aren't supposed to happen. >> this type of crime is something you see in the movies. >> five people arrested in a baffling san francisco murder. police say the two victims were tied up, gagged, beaten, one of them was shot. >> north korea says it successfully launched a long- range rocket this morning. >> now we are going to have though wait that much longer.
5:30 am
>> four fire stations will close in contra costa county. >> they made it a merry christmas for her and she start crying immediately and i started crying. >> generous secret santas go on a shopping spree at a bay area walmart. from across the bay -- >> it's something you can't see. it's sort of eerie. like the bridge isn't even there. >> -- to around the world -- >> we are union! >> -- the stories that matter on "eyewitness news this morning." >> oh, my goodness! captions by: caption colorado >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. good morning. it's wednesday, december 12. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. 5:31. we begin with a toddler who was taken to the hospital this morning after a suspected drunk driver crashed into an apartment building in san jose at 3 a.m. on taylor street near highway 101. police say the truck slammed into the room where the child was sleeping. the driver tried to get away but was stopped and taken into
5:31 am
custody. no word on the extent of the toddler's injuries. but we'll keep you updated as we get updates ourselves. 5:31. a cold storm bringing a little bit of rain and a chance of a little bit of snow on some of the peaks around the bay area. >> i think if we snow it will be a dusting very support radic but that's pretty exciting. we have showers out on the roads. wet early on. we could have brief downpours so watch out for that. you will see a few showers in san mateo and scattered around the bay area but the worst is gone. this is a cold storm so there's not a lot of moisture with t behind that we just get into more clouds and scattered showers this morning. the temperatures are going to be chilly today. grab a jacket if you're headed out to work. highs only in the 50s but brisk and breezy in the afternoon so going to feel cooler than that and even some of those 40s even
5:32 am
by the afternoon for highs over the mountaintops. we'll have more on your weather coming up. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> we're off to a good start this morning. no big issues out there. we had one earlier accident that's now cleared. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza heading into san francisco. roads are wet but it's not made much of a dent in your bay bridge commute. elsewhere to our other maps and live traffic cameras. one accident i was telling you about it's now cleared from lanes in san jose, northbound guadalupe parkway to northbound 101. the main lines of the freeways still look great all around san jose airport. the nimitz out towards the east bay 880 in oakland. 15 minutes is that drive time between 238 and the maze both directions. and if you are traveling a little farther south this is a live look through milpitas near 880 and 237, both freeways still looking good moving at the limit. and all mass transit no delay. that is traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. back to you guys. we are expecting some high
5:33 am
tides of all time right here in the bay area this week. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec along the embarcadero in san francisco watching for today's king tides. you got your boots on, anne. >> reporter: yes, i do. and we are watching the water levels rise before our eyes. we don't know if we'll see any sidewalk flooding here along the embarcadero but we are watching that level rise right against the pier. it could hit the bottom of the pier just before 10:00, we're expecting a 7-foot tide and it will recede and we're expecting a 5-foot tide around midnight. we'll be seeing these levels today and for the next couple of days. check out this video at the connector ramp from 101 to marin. that flooded. it was caused by the king tides, the very high tides. they could be getting higher as we look into the future as the oceans fill up with more water for a variety of reasons. 8" more in the past century.
5:34 am
you can see the proof this san francisco's sewers. when i came here in 1990, there was never a time where the tide was actually higher than our sewer. last year we had 7 events. that saltwater now is coming into our system. >> yeah, king tides are caused by gravity, the earth, moon and sun in position to cause the water to rise. there is a group called a california king tide initiative and they are trying to take pictures of high tide here in california. if you would like to join them, you can find out more on our website, live in san francisco, anne makovec, cbs 5. >> thank you. crews restored the power on the bay bridge after the span went dark for a second time in less than two weeks last night. a caltrans electrician responding to the problem happened around 7:30 last night after the commute. the blackout lasted about 90 minutes. the only lights that were on
5:35 am
were in the tunnel. traffic did continue to flow with no problems though. lights went out on the bridge 13 days ago. caltrans blamed that outage on some stormy weather. fire protection will be stretched thinner in contra costa county. supervisors voted to close four fire stations in lafayette, martinez, walnut creek and clayton. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran joins us now with the extreme cost saving measures. good morning, cate. >> reporter: good morning, michelle. yes, the fire protection district's chief says the move is dramatic but it was the only one they had left. the district is now facing a $17 million deficit and leaders say closing these stations will save $3 million. the supervisors' vote comes a month after neighbors rejected measure q, the measure was a $75 a year parcel tax that would have stopped the closures. now some clayton residents are pointing the blame at the neighbors who did not support this measure. >> if they want to blame somebody for the situation, they should turn around and look at the people that asked
5:36 am
them not to vote for it. >> reporter: now, the concern now is response times. we mound a small camera on our live truck and timed our drive to the nearest fire station outside of clayton. it took 8 minutes and 12 seconds to arrive at fire station 22, 3.5 miles away in concord. the supervisors said this move isn't something that anyone wanted. but again they have to live or the district has to live within its means. the district says they will be exploring all options to make sure those response times are not cut down. live in clayton, cate caugiran, cbs 5. investigators in portland, oregon are trying to figure out why a man opened fire inside a popular mall yesterday. here are the latest numbers. three people are dead including the gunman. another person was seriously injured. the rampage happened while thousands of people shopped for holiday gifts yesterday afternoon. cell phone video shows what it was like in the moments after the shooting as police escorted
5:37 am
choppers to safety. witnesses say the shooter was wearing a camouflage outfit as he fired at anyone in sight. >> police went armed and yelling at to us close the gate so we closed the gate. >> women, children, first, the whole standard procedure. >> authorities say when they found the shooter he had already killed himself. police have identified the gunman but have not released his name yet. investigators believe the shooter targeted people at random. it is 5:38 now. four women, one man, are under arrest for a mysterious murder that happened here in san francisco. 26-year-old steven reed was found bound and gagged on a city street sunday night. he had been shot and died a few hours later. an 18-year-old woman was seriously injured at the same time. police aren't saying what led them to the suspects at a home in hercules. >> it was established that there was an extensive relationship between the victims and the suspect in this
5:38 am
case. i cannot get into details about the relationships. >> police are still trying to determine where the victims were assaulted and whether there are any more suspects. a neighbor says investigators took a computer and a mattress from the apartment of one of those suspects. the man accused of kidnapping and killing 15-year-old sierra lamar is fade every facing new charges in santa clara -- is now facing new charges in santa clara county. he is accused of trying to carjack and kidnap three women in 2009. he was 17 at the time. he will be charged as an adult. all the kidnappings happened in morgan hill at safeways. this morning investigators in san jose are trying to piece together the city's 44th homicide of the year. officers thought they were responding to a pickup truck collision on fairhaven drive yesterday afternoon. but when they arrived, they found an 18 -year-old boy lying dead near that truck. the teen had been shot. investigators say this case is
5:39 am
puzzling. >> i would call it a geometry problem. you know, the truck is sitting at a very weird angle. there is a body down near the truck. this is going to be where our crime scene unit really shines. >> this is the highest number of people killed in san jose in one year since 1991. fremont's police chief will retire at the end of this month after serving 20 years. police chief craig steckler joined the force in 1986. it is 5:40. if you notice today's date, 12/12/12. why numerologists say it's a great day to make a big change. >> plus a crowning moment for the one world trade center building in new york city. >> and a natural gas explosion leaving a monster hole in a highway. the damage it did to several homes. ,,,,
5:40 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] may your holidays be merry and bright.
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re-opened a few minutes ago after a natural gas line explosion shut it down. check it out a highway in west virginia just reopened a few minutes ago after a natural gas line explosion shut it down. the 20" transmission line exploded around 1:00 yesterday.
5:43 am
it destroyed at least five homes and shut down part of interstate 77. flames reached up to 75 feet high. several people there were treated for smoke inhalation. the cause is still under investigation. they got a wrap on it but quite some video. new milestone for the world trade center high-rise its crowning spir on site. this is a live look. once the spire is on top of one world trade the building will stand at 1776 feet. it's set to become the tallest building if the western hemisphere. crews are expected to take about three months for the installation. the high-rise is slated to open in 2014. >> it's taken a while. 14 years to get it up but it is gorgeous. i guess they have their own weather at the top of the spire, don't they? >> it can be windy there. >> you think? >> yes. i would hold on tightly at the top of the building. hey, folks, around the bay area
5:44 am
today the, speaking of weather, we have some scattered showers outside right now. hi-def doppler picking up on some of that moisture but this is not like the storms we had move through just over a week ago. still scattered showers if you are stepping outside. a little bit on the unsettled side as we are going to see the cold storm work its way through the bay area. even a chance we could see a light dusting of snow across some of our higher mountain peaks. snow levels down to 3,000 feet. a cell sliding in toward the east bay in southern parts of oakland. along the 880 moderate to heavier amounts of rainfall on the back side of the cold front. we are in the cold speckled clouds so more scattered showers this morning, then it tapers off but the temperatures are going to stay chilly. it's already cold in some parts of the bay area. down into the 30s right now in santa rosa. 52 degrees in san jose. 50 in san francisco. but only 49 in concord. this cold storm originated in the gulf of alaska bringing cold air into the bay area. showers dry out toward the afternoon. in the high country winter weather advisories continuing
5:45 am
there until 10:00 in the evening could see another two to six inches above 7,000 feet. here in the bay area, though, we have the storm system moving on through early on. scattered showers beginning to pop up along the peninsula. this afternoon things settle down. then completely quiet toward thursday. we'll dry out nicely. temperatures though going to stay chilly. grab your jacked if you are headed out. only 54 in fremont. a breezy 56 in half moon bay. 50s in much of the east bay and you will notice the blue on the tops of the mountains. those are cold temperatures for highs only into the 40s. so you get the idea it's going to be chilly and brisk around the bay area after the showers end. tomorrow cool as well and then a slight chance of showers on friday. a think a better chance of more -- i think a better chance of more rain on sunday and monday. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> roads will be slick this morning but so far the commute has been moving pretty much at top speeds. starting to get busier now that we're closer to 6:00 this morning. here's a leave look through the
5:46 am
san ramon valley southbound 680 as you can see, actually northbound and southbound both moving well out of walnut creek towards danville. we have brake lights westbound 4. it didn't take long to see brake lights across that stretch. once you get past antioch, speeds i improve quite a bit over 40 miles an hour towards pittsburg-bay point. this is the golden gate bridge. all your bridges are pretty much moving at top speeds including over at the bay bridge where we don't have a big delay. so yeah, looks great towards doyle drive. here's some drive times for you for the east bay. westbound 580. we have brake lights through livermore especially approaching vasco road so that's why that drive time is in the yellow 19 minutes there. otherwise eastshore freeway, the nimitz and westbound 24 are free and clear as you head towards the caldecott tunnel. bart all trains are on time. we just checked in with them. all mass transit is reporting
5:47 am
no delay. that's traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. facebook joins the nasdaq 100 stock listing today. the social network is already listed on the nasdaq stock exchange. facebook stock has rallied too in recent weeks. now it has grown enough to be added to the list of nasdaq's 100 biggest nonfinancial companies, although it is still down $10 from the original ipo. facebook will be the 23rd largest company in the index. san mateo company is putting off its ipo that was planned for the nasdaq exchange today. it's not known when solar city might go public. it was hoping to see shares at 13 to $15 range. but it might decide to lower that price. stay tuned. speaking of stocks, we are about 45 minutes or so away from the opening bell. >> u.s. stock futures are edging high they are morning. ashley morrison of joins us.
5:48 am
good morning. >> reporter: asian stocks good a boost. tokyo's nikkei added .5% to reach its highest closing in eight months and hong kong's hang seng is up 1%. dow up 78 yesterday, the nasdaq up 35. the federal reserve is expected to announce the details. its latest bond buying program. the central bank is expected to buy $45 billion worth of long- term treasuries a month. the goal is to lower interest rates, spurring borrowing and lending to soften the blow if we go over the "fiscal cliff." the fed will also release a revised economic outlook. that will be ben bernanke speaking today at 12:30. and that's the reason the stock futures are higher now. >> i guess yahoo got a bit of a makeover, too. >> reporter: it unveiled new versions of its free email service as it tries to regain
5:49 am
some of the ground it los togmail. heand they have new apps. it's the first major product revamp that we have seen at yahoo since marisa mayer took over as the new ceo five months ago. trying to compete with google. that's a tough competitor. see how it goes. >> they're a monsta. >> hour speaker of the house. >> ashley morrison of, thank you. you can catch a ride to los angeles from san francisco and it all starts today for a buck. it's part of a promotion from a newest coast service called megabus. double-decker buses will provide trips down to los angeles. there is the bus right there. a live look. and they go to reno, too. the dollar fare by the way is only good for this week. it will go up but looks like you're riding in comfort down to l.a. and a lot of folks taking advantage of that today. speak of today, once in a
5:50 am
lifetime date. it's 12/12/12. it spawns mass weddings and a lot of superstition. >> just being born on this day is lucky enough. but how about entering the world exactly at 12:12 a.m.? somebody did it. >> somebody did. >> that's this little one. ann do was born is this morning. mom and dad say she is a good luck charm. numerologists say 12 represents new beginnings which is also the perfect date for a wedding. >> i see it as a big change and it's a great time to celebrate our marriage. >> we've known each other for 12 years. i met her in the year 2000 so 12 fit perfectly. on you engagement was 11/11/11 so it all fits together. >> a gorgeous couple. >> the couple says while 12 is their lucky number their love has nothing to do with luck. >> ahhh. they should go play roulette. everything is about numbers. >> if you would mike to tie the knot on this lucky day, here's
5:51 am
your chance. >> alameda city clerk's office is looking for one more special couple to perform a total of 12 weddings today. so if you are a justice of the peace, head over there. they could use help. from the bay area to l.a. for just a dollar, we talked about it. we are going to talk about it again. the new bus service launching right now. >> and christmas on wheels. but it's not street legal. why one man is paying the price for spreading holiday cheer. , ,,,, ,, ,,,,,,,,
5:52 am
5:53 am
tomorrow. bay area crab fishermen struck a new dealh wholesalers . crabbers will sail out toda. fresh dungeness crab should be back in food spots tomorrow.
5:54 am
crabbers are sailing out today. they went on strike after brokers tried to pay them less than $3 a pound. the strike meant there was little fresh dungeness crab left in stores and restaurants. but that will all change here in the next couple of days. kansas man hoping to spread some holiday cheer covers his truck in christmas lights. >> and he is now paying a price. dave was pulled over by a wichita police officer and got hit with a $300 ticket. police say it could easily cause a crash by distracting drivers and the red and blue lights could be confused with an emergency vehicle but he says the fine is a blessing. i'm glad it happened because i get a chance to come on your news station and tell people that i need help. i need help with hats, clothes, gloves, you know, anything that they can provide. >> hill says he has no plans to remove the lights and will keep driving the truck through the holiday season so he is just going to keep getting fined. >> i think he got a little pub and he won't turn them on?
5:55 am
>> get the pub to help out some charities. >> sometimes little trees they need a little love. >> and you can see a grove of charlie brown christmas trees up in the north bay. this is in the town of windsor just a little north of santa rosa. this photo came from leslie from the windsor town green. we would love to see your photos. share them with us at or post them on our facebook page of the you can also tweet them. the pope is tweeting. you can tweet, too. it's 5:56 now. the next half hour the forces of nature collide to create the biggest tides of the year. of the flight concerns it's causing near bay area shorelines. >> contra costa county supervisors vote to close four fire stations for one east bay city this will mean no fire stations at all. we'll have a live report. >> hundreds of holiday shoppers forced to hide. the chilling moments after an oregon mall rampage and what police are revealing about the gunman.
5:56 am
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fire during the heart of hoy shopping season. the video everybody stood in the mall and look at each other. was that gunshots we heard? >> a gunman opened fire during the heart of the holiday season. video shows the moments after the shots rang out. >> extreme tides hitting bay area beaches today. the flooding concerns and what's behind these big waves. >> a cold storm dropping into the bay area. some scattered showers outside right now. some chilly temperatures to call. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and a live look at 880 in oakland. starting to get busy. we'll show you the slowest spots coming up. >> thank you, liz. good morning, everyone. it is wednesday, hump day, december 12. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:00. we are learning more about the


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