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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  December 12, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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is. >> he seems to be in good health? >> overall in good health and the cure rate with this sort of radiation is about 97%. he is in a good situation. >> thank you. gruesome new details about the two people found bound and gagged and then dumped on a san francisco street. cbs 5 reporter joe vazquez is at the place where it all started and joe, you're learning there are complicated relationships here. >> reporter: we are learning that, liz. we're in the 3700 block of san bruno avenue and what we have learned is this house behind me is not only the home of where two of the people who were arrested happened to live, but also the place where the crime started where the two victims were beaten, then bound and gagged. reporter: according to court documents the two male suspects, one carrying a gun, went inside this home at 3733 san bruno avenue, assaulted the male victim, 26-year-old steven reed, then tied his hands behind his back. then prosecutors say the
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suspects beat the female victim. 19-year-old audrey practiced i do, hog-tied her arms to her ankles, then gagged her with a sock. last night a resident told cbs 5 reporter linda yee that the police took key evidence away including bedding. >> mattresses, like a bed. >> reporter: after they drove away they believe one of the suspects shot steven reed in the neck. both victims were dumped on a sidewalk a half mile away. reed was dead, prado is still in the hospital. >> they were overpowered. whether it was done to send a message, to facilitate the beating and shooting is not clear. >> reporter: cameras weren't allowed to show the suspects in court today. there were four suspects that went before judge, three charged with murder, one with
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assault. these suspects have nicknames like snow, pocahontas and even killer. they are not sure why the situation started to begin with, why these people were beaten, then bound an gagged. >> they were in some sort of gang of some sort? >> reporter: they are not telling us. they want the public to know this is not random. they all knew each other quite well. >> all right. joe vazquez, thank you. we are learning more about the gunman in yesterday's deadly shooting rampage at an oregon shopping mall. investigators say he was a 22- year-old with a stolen semi- automatic rifle with no history of violence. bigad shaban tells us he also had no clear motive. reporter: crime scene experts are at the portland area mall where a gunman opened fire into the crowd of holiday shoppers. >> we do not understand a motive of this attack except to say that there is no apparent relationship between the
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suspect and his victims. >> reporter: authorities identified the gunman as 22- year-old jacob roberts. they say he stoll the rifle he used in the attack from someone he knew. >> he acted solely on his own in carrying out this heinous, horrible, tragic crime. >> reporter: the shooter killed two people and wounded a teenager before taking his own life. >> there's one person that's saying that there's a male and the other is still shooting people. >> reporter: cell phone video shows frightened shoppers as they tried to get out. >> people started saying, go inside, go inside, he is coming, he's coming. we started running. >> reporter: about 10,000 shoppers and workers were inside at the time make the evacuation process difficult. there are still a lot of cars here even though the mall remains closed. many who ran away left their vehicles behind. shoppers also left personal items inside the stores like purses and strollers. outside the mall, well-wishers
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left flowers for the victims. 54-year-old cindy yuille and 45- year-old steven forsyth who owned a store in the mall. >> i have lived and worked in this community many years and i'm deeply saddened by the events of yesterday. >> reporter: authorities say the shooter did not have a criminal record. witnesses say here at the mall christmas music was playing in the background when the shooting started. you might imagine shoppers and even the mall santa claus were forced to duck for cover. reporting in happy valley, oregon, bigad shaban cbs 5. quick action by san francisco police saved a newborn's life. they were called to the providence baptist church shelter in the bayview overnight after a woman began pounding on the door. she was covered in blood and told the man who answered that she had had a baby but didn't have the infant with her. thinking she had been assaulted, the church worker called 911. >> she was a little hysterical. she was saying she wanted to come in she wanted to come in at first. and then when she came back with the baby, she did not want
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to come in. >> now, by the time police arrived, the woman had handed the baby off to a man. the infant was unresponsive. but officers were able to revive him with cpr. both mother and child were taken to sf general. the woman could face charges for child endangerment and abandonment. checking other bay area headlines, a suspected drunk driver broke a toddler's crib in half when he smashed through her bedroom wall. it happened in san jose overnight. amazingly, the 2-year-old wasn't hurt. the driver caught up with him when he tried to take off. two people are behind bars in connection with a marijuana grow operation in oakland. they were arrested after police raided a warehouse near edgewater drive and roland way early this morning. inside the, officers found hundreds of pot plants along with cultivation equipment. budget cuts will cost the contra costa fire district four of its 28 stations. the firehouses in walnut creek,
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clayton, martinez and lafayette will close next month. no firefighters will lose their jobs. but emergency response times will mostly be affected in those areas. the smallest trashcans will now have a hefty price tag. the bay area residents paying more for having less trash picked up. >> and real or fake? do you know if the pg&e worker entering your home is an impersonator? the tell tale sign you should be looking for. >> after a wet day in the bay area, now for something completely different as we look live down in san jose, a few clouds all that's left. but there's more on the way. we'll be talking about a somewhat wet weekend forecast in a few minutes. >> then fiscal campaigning. how politicians are lobbying for your support and how it's changing the game had washington. ,,,,,,
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mcafee is in miami. he arrived there about 45 minus ago. earlier today, he was released from a detention cr in guatemala city -- surroud antivirus software founder
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john mcafee is in miami arriving there 45 minutes ago. he was released from a detention center in guatemala city surrounded by police and reporters. guatemala says it is expelling mcafee for entering the country illegally. he sneaked in from neighboring belize where he is wanted for questioning in the death of his neighbor. it's not clear whether u.s. officials will hold him on behalf of authorities in belize. well, you might think that residents with the least amount of trash to be picked up would get the lowest rate increase if they get one at all. but in san carlos, that's not the case. cbs 5 reporter don ford explains why they are paying more. reporter: trash day in san carlos, cans lined up. starting january new rates are going up. but not everyone gets the same rate increase. smaller cans get a large increase while large cans get a smaller increase. >> i think it's crazy. >> reporter: this is a smaller can. >> if i have to pay more then i might as well get the bigger
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size. but i have less garbage. so it's going to be kind of a waste of space for me. >> reporter: smaller cans get hit with a biggest rate increase, 20.5% bringing the monthly cost to a 20-gallon can to nearly $21 a month. but those with supersized cans of 96 gallons will get a rate hike of only 6% bringing their monthly cost to $93.45. the assistant city manager says it's all about the cost of doing business. >> our residents who have bigger cart sizes pay more than the real cost of service and conversely residents who have smaller carts paying less than what it really cost. >> reporter: it's called rate equity ensuring everyone pays what it costs to have the cans picked up. the mayor disagrees and believes some folks just can't afford the increase. >> the increase on the 20- gallon can even with what we came up with is arguably not a lot of money, $4 a month. but when you're only receiving
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$650 a month, that's not a lot of money either. >> reporter: but the council voted it in and now the mayor has to sign. >> i have no choice. i'm the mayor. i have to sign it. >> reporter: and with that like it or not, those rates are going to stay in place at least for the next 12 months. in san carlos, don ford, cbs 5. it's a different kind of political ad flooding your tvs now. the new type of campaigning going on and how it's changing the game of politics. >> then we'll never see another day like today in our lifetime. how the bay area is marking 12/12/12. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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flooding your t-v's instea >> the election is long over but it hasn't stopped the political campaigns from flooding your tvs. instead of targeting candidates, these ads are targeting issues. cbs 5 political reporter grace lee looks into the fiscal campaigning. grace. reporter: just when you thought were you safe. there is a new game in town being run by a group of nonprofits which are allowed to collect money and use it to lobby and we're talking about one that's affiliated with conservative karl rove and a super pac american crossroads, remember that? so get ready for some more campaigning because they are
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back. >> we're serious about reducing the deficit. >> we have to combine spending cuts with revenue. >> but so far, a huge tax increase is his solution. reporter: it may feel like the election season never ended. >> the time for politics has ended. >> reporter: and apparently, it hasn't because the "fiscal cliff" fight is now fodder for political commercials known as issue ads. this one is running on cable news networks by a conservative nonprofit called crossroads. >> call president obama and tell him, it's time to show us a balanced plan. >> reporter: it is a big switch from presidential politics to full-scale lobbying. >> on the one hand it's very bizarre coming down the pike right now. on the other hand this is the nature of the finance structure we have created. >> reporter: the president is still in campaign mode. he is not looking for votes. he is looking for public support in handling the "fiscal cliff" and he still knows how to rile the crowd in detroit.
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>> what we shouldn't be doing is it trying to take away your rights to bargain. >> campaigning never ends. it's an innovation in the presidency in the last 30 years. it's campaigning to govern, saying when the campaign is over you hit the road and start campaigning on policy. >> reporter: how do americans feel about it? in a new poll out today, it shows that nearly twice as many americans approve of the job the president is doing and that's in comparison to the republicans. 49% of americans approve of mr. obama versus 25% of americans who approve of speaker john boehner. the poll points out that the president must be better able to highlight his efforts in the media more effectively. grace lee, cbs 5. the federal reserve is prepared to keep spending on $85 billion a month to keep long-term interest rates near record lows. it's going to continue spending $45 billion a month in treasury notes and $40 billion a month in mortgage-backed securities. the hope is to also help the
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job market improve. the feds' announcement didn't do much to help on wall street today. the dow lost 3 points while the nasdaq fell 8, the s&p 500 did edge up a fraction of a point. usps is leaving some of its customers hanging. same day deliveries were supposed to start today but now the postal service is pushing back to sometime next week. about 8 to 10 online chains had already signed up for the service called metro post. it's for online retailers only. when it does kick off, usps says for a $10 flat fee, you can have your online orders delivered the same day if you order before 2 or 3 p.m. >> honda is recalling 800,000 suvs and minivans because the key can be removed when the vehicle is in motion. honda says the mechanism that locks the key in place can wear out. this recall affects odyssey minivans and pilot suvs from
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2003 and 2004 model years and acura mdx vehicles from 2003 to 2006. got a warning tonight for homeowners. scams targeting homeowners do increase during the holidays: cbs 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts with some ways to protect yourself. reporter: >> i tried to smile and greet him. >> reporter: it was supposed to be a routine pg&e service call. >> he just walked right by me. >> reporter: but he insists it was anything but. when someone wearing the utility's uniform walked into his home. >> it started going this way. >> reporter: the former army translator said the man didn't introduce himself and immediately began walking through the house. >> he was basically bullying inside my house. >> reporter: but most concerning, he says the man wouldn't give his name leaving him wondering if it was really a pg&e employee at all. >> we take these matters very seriously. >> reporter: the man is confirmed to be a company employee and that pg&e runs background checks on all-tech in addition. he says the utility is now investigating the incidents.
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>> anytime a customer of ours feels uncomfortable with an employee, bottom line is that's not okay. >> reporter: but security experts warn it's not uncommon for crooks to impersonate utility or cable technicians. and homeowners should be on guard, especially around the holidays. a worker shows up unexpectedly or can't produce valid company identification is a flag. all have photo i.d.s required to show on request but security experts recommend you go one step further. before setting up an appointment, ask for the technician's name, id number and if they have had a background check. also find out what type of identification they will be carrying and exactly where they will be going in your home. >> next time somebody comes to my house if they don't introduce themselves and ask for permission, i wouldn't let them come in. >> reporter: pg&e says it is still investigating hamed's case and in the meantime is
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giving him a $200 customer satisfaction credit on his next bill. if you are uncomfortable with an employee in your home, call their 800 number to confirm the employee is who they say they are. >> people might feel embarrassed asking. it's so important. ask for the id. >> reporter: they should be able to provide you with their name and id. >> thank you. today is considered by many to be the luckiest day of the year. it's the last repeating date of our lifetimes 12/12/12. many took advantage by getting married and for good reason. >> this sounds like a really, really good number. it's a lucky number. >> she won't forget it. >> yes. >> he better not. the number of weddings today is up from a typical week.
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the next repeating date cycle happens on january 1, 2101. >> brian hackney is over there. >> you don't forget stuff like that. >> how would i know that? >> i don't know what you're laughing about. >> just laughing because i'm thinking even 2012 isn't going to convince me to march down the aisle not yet anyway. >> wow. >> mostly in the low 50s could 50 livermore, concord 48. 51 san jose. santa rosa 47. we have some clouds around the bay area but we have mostly squeezed all the showers we are going to squeeze out of them as we go dry around the bay area. the hi-def doppler from high atop mount vaca is showing just a little bit left around there. a shower or two in the central valley. as we dry out and the moisture heads south and clear up we are going to be looking at cool temperatures around the bay area tonight close to freezing in spots. rainfall totals sausalito .12."
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we'll get cold tonight and clouds will increase late tomorrow and more showers on the way looks like on friday. the low pressure is south in the southland. los angeles is wet but will be dry. next possibility of rain is coming in on friday and bundle up tonight it's going to be chilly. pinpoint forecast as we pull back. snow showers in tahoe and lingering in the foothills of the sierra and yosemite valley might get a few showers, as well. for us heading out of sfo tomorrow looks nice mosey funny thursday, high 565 degrees. looking ahead the numbers are going to be in the 50s in los angeles, not that much cooler in denver partly cloudy for denver, chicago and for new
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york city. cool tonight. 33 livermore. here in the city down to 43 degrees. san jose in the upper 30s. wet on friday. the weekend looks unsettled. we'll see. and then in the early part of next week there's not a model that agrees on what's going to happen. we'll broad brush it as partly cloudy. how much meteor showers have you seen in the course of a lifetime? >> maybe one. >> have you gone out? we have a great opportunity coming up tomorrow night and we are going to talk about at 6:00. >> the only reason i was laughing? i don't have to remember my name. >> that's a good reason. >> now i'm a dead man. >> thank you. i'm ken bastida at san francisco's caltrain station. you can catch it right outside and it may be the cheapest way to get to l.a. without hitch-hiking. we'll have it coming up. had. today the federal reserve
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told us when it will raise interest rates. it's doing something it's never done before and we'll have the story tonight on the "cbs evening news." ,,,,,,,,,,
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[ crickets chirping ] [ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it.
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♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ] relatively cheap, and it cas a lot of people. ken bastida is live in mobi5 where pe hand look at t it's big, blue, regularrively cheap and carries a lot of people. >> ken bastida live in mobile5 where people are getting a firsthand look at the mega bus. >> reporter: it's interesting, guys. this is a company called mega bus as you mentioned. they were here in 2008. they had a west coast run back then and it didn't go so well. so they are back again today with an inaugural run up and down the coast. and they serve about 120 different cities in eight different hubs. now, this company is pretty amazing. they drive these double-decker buses and they go between san francisco and vegas or san francisco and los angeles. they have free wi-fi on board and bathrooms on board. and the vice president of this company says that it really is
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a great way to travel on a budget. >> we're going to be one of the most affordable ways to travel you can get anywhere across california and into nevada but we also have some of the best facilities on board. >> so you can catch the mega bus here at the caltrain station in san francisco right at the bus stop out front where they make their san francisco stop. we wanted to find out -- we did a little price comparison so here's what we came up with. san francisco to los angeles, all right, so i just picked a date at random. december 21st that's coming up, 2012. if you take mega bus it's $30. that's for a one-way trip. it takes 7 hours 40s, minutes. then greyhound is about the same time 7 hours 40 minutes and it's $47 and they make a couple of extra stops. the other alternative would be amtrak that's kind of a bus- train combination, $58, but it takes 10 hours to get there. and then if you want to fly pick southwest for that day you
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can get a flight for $151, it's only 54 minutes. so it's another alternative if you are on a budget and you have to get home for the holidays going to l.a. you have a little time you want to save a buck, megabus, all right? back to you guys we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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oh, you have a keurig vue brewer? oh, it's great! now i can brew my coffee just the way i love it. how do you do that? well, inside the brewer, there's this train that's powerful enough to carry more coffee and fresh water to make coffee that's stronger and bigger... and even hotter! actually, i just press this button. brew the coffee you love -- stronger, bigger, or hotter -- we're working on for the 6:0 news. amid a surge in crime - yet another problem for san jose here's what we're working on for the 6:00 news tonight. amid a surge in crime, yet another problem for san jose police. why the department is losing
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officers faster than it can replace them. >> this video drawing a lot of eyeballs on the internet tonight. what appears to be a san francisco police officer speeding through the broadway tunnel at 100 miles an hour what the department is saying about that video tonight at 6:00. >> thank you for watching. the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. we are back in 30 minutes. captions by: caption colorado us when it will raise rst time eates. for the first time ever, the fed links interest rates to the unemployment rate. joatt andrews on what that will mean. john blackstone on what we know about the gunman who went on a deadly rampage in an oregon mall. bob orr reports that submarines drug this one are becoming the vehicle of choice for drug anners. could terrorists be next? old dean reynolds with a man restoring old bodies and sg


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