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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  December 28, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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when officers arrived they found two people shot to death. the victims' identities have not been released. the second attack happened at 2:30 a.m. this morning. officers were called to a report of a stabbing in the 5800 block of walnut street. when police arrived, they found a man stabbed to death. the suspects in both attacks are still on the loose and with three days left in this year the oakland homicide rate is now at 130. oakland police pulled over a bmw for speeding last night, but before officers could poach car the driver sped off. -- approach the car the driver sped off. a minute later the driver crashed into lincoln continental on the on ramp of the freeway. the driver ran off, but police caught up with him and arrested him. so clearly oakland could use a bit of help and they hope a legendary lawman might be the answer. the city of oakland is hiring bill bratton to be a consultant for the police department.
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bratton helped reduce violent crime when he headed the new york and l.a. police departments. we talked to oaklanders who are skeptical after hearing city leaders talk about different plans to stop the violence. they're unhappy. they re miserable because they haveo hope and they have no, no money." ouncil votes >> it might tamp some of it down just like putting armed guards on every street corner might tamp some of it down, but it won't make people's lives better. i live over in the rolling 20s in the neighborhood and are in a lot of miserable people there. they're miserable because they have no hope and they have no money. >> oakland city council votes next month on the plan to hire bratton at a rate of $250,000. nothing compared to ch as bad as oakland has struggled, it's nothing compared to chicago which just hit an almost unbelievable milestone, 500 murders this year alone. hours after police announced they were one homicide away from the 500 mark a man was shot in the head outside a convenience store in the city, but this is not the first time chicago has reached that
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number. back in 2008 there were 513 killings in the city of chicago. rm. for the second time this month a new york commuter has been pushed to his death on a subway platform. police are looking for the woman in this surveillance video here. the camera caught her running from the queens subway stop. moments earlier witnesses saw her pacing on a train platform. then when the train approached she pushed a man onto the tracks. she is now wanted for murder. earlier this month a man was pushed to his death at the times square station. three police officers recovering after being shot inside their police station this morning. it happened in gloucester county, new jersey. a man is being processed on domestic violence charges grabbed a gun and began shooting. three officers were wounded. the prisoner was shot and killed. the officer's injuries do not appear to be life threatening. this long new year's weekend means a lot of parties and a lot of officers out looking for drunk drivers.
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soon people with one dui conviction may be required to do something before getting behind the wheel. we have the story from chp headquarters down in redwood city with more on this story. >> reporter: senator jerry hill did introduce a new bill today. if it does pass it, would join along -- california would join along with 24 hour states that have a program like this in place already and senator hill says while dui arrests have gone down, california has still not done enough. >> still people are dying. still people are being injured and i think that we can't look the other way and we can't give up our efforts. >> reporter: state senator jerry hill was joined by chp and peninsula law enforcement to introduce senate bill 55 that would require second dui offenders to install an ignition interlocking device for a year. >> this bill will make it clear
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that if repeat offenders do not complete the ignition interlock program, then they will never get their license back. >> reporter: earlier this month the national transportation safety board recommended anyone convicted of drunk driving not just repeat offenders install the device. peninsula law enforcement say they back the senator's plan. >> 17 repeat offenders for dui arrests. each of those 17 have had their second offense. so this legislation that is being proposed today is actually needed to be added as part of the arsenal that we have. >> reporter: how it works is the driver breathes into the iid when they get in the car. if the device detects a blood alcohol level above a set limit, it keeps the car from starting. senator hill says california needs this type of stricter enforcement in our state. >> it makes no sense that a state or a society can look at an individual who has eight or nine duis and still can get a legal valid driver's license in california. there's something wrong with that. >> reporter: however, critics
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of the bill are concerned about the cost. offenders would have to pay for the device and the maintenance, but senator hill says the manufacturer would subsidize the costs if the driver couldn't afford it. currently state law only makes these iid devices optional for offenders. reporting live from redwood city, back to you. everything is back to normal at b.a.r.t. after a train caused systemwide delays. there were some mechanical problems around 7 a.m. this morning between balboa park and daly city. 10 passengers were stuck a little over an hour. crews were able to moved train off the tracks at 9:00. delays were as long as 30 minutes. san francisco's municipal railway marks its 100th anniversary today and to celebrate muni is providing free rides to everyone on board that. includes all the buses, light rain lines and yes, even the cable cars are free.
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while some riders have their gripes, they are grateful for the free ride today. >> i know muni gets a lot of flack for not always being on time, but it generally gets me where i'm going. so i just hope they can maybe be a little more on time on their 100th anniversary and i'll be excited. >> i think it's great that they're celebrating in a way that helps everyone, too. everyone can participate in the birthday. >> sure can. the free passes started this morning and will continue until 5:00 tomorrow morning, but a heads up. muni is running on a holiday schedule all this week for new year's. well, it's an impressive list. president obama, john boehner, nancy pelosi and harry reid, many mitch -- mitch mcconnell all in one room. danielle nottingham tells us it maybe the last chance to get any kind of agreement to avoid that fiscal cliff. >> reporter: president obama is meeting today at the white house with top congressional democrats harry reid and nancy
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pelosi and leading republicans mitch mcconnell and john boehner. it's the president's first meeting with congressional leaders since november 16th. the closed door discussions are an attempt to reach a last minute agreement to avoid automatic spending cuts and tax increases due to kick in january 1st. >> probably the worst case scenario will come out of this meeting today and that is we will kick the can down the road. >> reporter: senator bob courter told cbs this morning he predicts the meeting will bring only a temporary solution. >> this afternoon's meeting feels much to me like optics to make it look like we're doing something. let me just say one more time this is a total dereliction of duty at every level. >> reporter: going over the cliff would affect 88% of u.s. taxpayers whose taxes would go up on average $3,500 a year. many americans are frustrated the showdown has gone down to the last minute. >> they're playing games with people's lives.
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i don't think that's correct. >> it's just unfortunate that at this point the two sides can't come together because it's been like that for the last four or five years. >> reporter: 2 million americans will also lose jobless benefits on saturday if a deal isn't reached and the nation's borrowing limit to finance our $16 trillion debt will also be reached on monday. danielle nottingham, cbs news, washington. my own mom at christmas dinner told me do not raise my taxes. >> after a few words of advice at home the bay area's newly elected congressman is about to get a crash course in washington politics. how the young lawmaker thinks he can help what many consider a broken system. ======b r e a k >> on tap for the next 24 hours more rain and i guess some big waves, too right, liz? >> we have a high surf advisory in effect for tomorrow. in the meantime we've got cold temperatures, overcast skies, a live look over the pleasanton area.
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we have wet weather heading our way. we'll show you coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the fiscal cliff. the dow is _ _ this marks the longt losing stocks once again heading lower for a fifth day on those concerns about the fiscal cliff. the dow is down 106 plus points marking the longest losing streak in three months. former bay area city councilman is about to learn firsthand how washington works or doesn't work. he is newly elected congressman heading on to the capitol hill quagmire. cbs5 reporter juliette goodrich talked to elect eric st -- eric
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swelwell. >> it is avoidable. >> reporter: he said he's ready to bring some small town solutions to capitol hill. do you really think you can take the city of dublin politics to wash and it's going to work? >> -- to washington and it's going to work? >> at the end of the day it's about personal relationships and trust. >> reporter: he said he had to work with republicans in order to pass the city budget and says it's the same kind. compromise strategy in washington -- kind of compromise strategy in washington. >> i'm still confident we can beat the clock and deliver on middle class tax cuts. >> reporter: i asked him to give me one word to describe his feelings entering this fiscal cliff shark tank. >> excitement. >> reporter: s this doomsday. >> but i'm confident -- this is doomsday. >> but i'm confident that congress will see the will of
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the people. >> reporter: he says he's excited about making sure his supporters know he is ready to hit the pavement running. one supporter in particular. >> my own mom at christmas dinner told me do not raise my taxes. she is following just like other americans what's going to happen with the fiscal cliff. >> reporter: representative elect swalwell says his new office in d.c. won't be much bigger, but the responsibilities monumental. his message? >> mom, i'm working for you. i'm receiving your text messages and i'm going to make sure that i stand up for you and the people who i grew up with. >> reporter: swalwell will be the second youngest member of congress when he's sworn in january 3rd. he leaves this sunday for washington d.c. to pick up his new keys to his office. in dublin juliette goodrich, cbs5. >> he better listen to mom. good luck. a storm that left record snowfall in arkansas and some 200,000 customers without power is headed into eastern canada. it kept road workers very busy
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in the northeast after dumping snow across northern pennsylvania, upstate new york and new england overnight. at least 16 deaths are blamed on this storm that started here in california. while it's nothing like that we've got some weather of our own blowing in with a storm arriving as we speak. a high surf advisory has been issued for tomorrow. you're looking at some video from chopper 5 which was checking out the waves around pacifica earlier this morning and with the swell forecasters expect strong rip currents throughout tomorrow night. so we've got some more crazy weather heading our way, right, liz? >> yeah, we do. light rain for the most part. we could see moderate rain at times. it's coming later on tonight after dark. we'll show you what it looks like on our high depth doppler. we're already seeing virga, the rain coming down, the green swath over our high depp doppler, but it's evaporating before hitting the ground. later tonight is when we'll start to see scattered showers remaining unsettled throughout
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the morning tomorrow. looking outside you're seeing mostly overcast skies, lots of clouds out there, mostly cloudy, showers likely tonight and then mostly dry for at least the last half of the weekend. sunday we're even going to see sunshine. out the door now it is cold. if you stepped out this morning, you know or right now this afternoon, you can see temperatures, we're only seeing 40s right now, 41 in concord, 46 in oakland, 43 degrees in santa rosa. temperatures are definitely cooler than yesterday and i thought it was cold yesterday. so this low is sitting off the coast. that's what's bringing all these showers over the next 24 hours it looks like. bring an umbrella if you're heading out later tonight. let's track it for you, time it out. beginning at noon and you can see it slowly starts to creep in after 6:00, after dark, when we start to think we'll see scattered showers, but we are seeing moderate cells in there. every time you see the splashy yellow that's a heavier rain
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band moving through and saturday morning is when it looks like it's beginning to dry out. it's actually the afternoon on saturday actually looks like we'll stay dry but cool. these cooler temperatures stick around a while and this afternoon only budging to the low to mid-50s, slightly cooler than what we saw yesterday, 54 in freemont, 54 in oakland and checking your forecast over the next several days once again wet weather sticks around through the first half of the day saturday, clearing out for sunday and then monday new year's eve day could get a little unsettled. it looks like right now new year's eve night and new year's day stay dry with more wet weather heading our way sunday. so quick check of the forecast for new year's eve, should be pretty good viewing weather if you want to check out the fireworks by the embarcardero. going to stay cold. a quick snow report if you're planning on heading towards the sierras. good day to head up today no, chain requirements. at alpine meadows they got 9 inches in the last 24 hours, chance of more snow this
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weekend at heavenly, same at northstar, 19 lifts ready open to the public. >> have you gotten thank you notes from the ski resorts? you guys should. kid you much. a lot of snow up there, though. news week released its last ever print issue. on the cover is a picture of the old offices in new york with the headline plain and simple, the last print issued. the #is a nod for the magazine's digital future. news week said it could no longer afford to stay in print. the digital only publication will launch sometime next year. they were politically speaking the '80s power couple, reagan and thatcher, the newly released letter shedding more light on a very special relationship. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,
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ronald reagan and british p mi but well, they defined a special relationship, president ronald reagan and british prime minister margaret thatcher, but now the classified documents released just this morning shed some new light on their very special partnership. cbs news reporter barry peterson has more now from london. >> reporter: this was her public life. >> the united states came down firmly on our side on the falklands and we're very grateful for them. >> reporter: a tiny british ruled island off south america invaded by original --
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argentina in 1982. the british sent troops and warships to overtake it, but behind the scenes there was conflict with mr. reagan urging her to negotiate a truce which she angrily rejected and her asking for his support. you are the only person who will understand. she was not always happy with his responses describing one of his late night messages regarding the falklands invasion as so vague i didn't think it was worth reading, but one letter shows the woman the british nicknamed the iron lady could have a velvet side adding a p.s. to the president who was a bit under the weather. warm personal regards and a rapid recovery to full health and strength. the world needs you. yours sincerely margaret thatcher. the doubts released by britain's national archives also show the president's advisors asking their british counterparts for fashion advice about what mr. reagan should wear for a horseback ride with the queen during a june, 1982
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visit. the answer, smart but casual, not formal riding attire, advice the president took. picnic. and we >> smart but casual. that was barry peterson reporting by the way. after the break something that can ruin your picnic and we're not talking about rain, talking about this critter right here. what is it? we'll tell you when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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arkansas got quite a shock an uninvited guest joined t picnic at a florida park. today we're talking about peaches. it's december and the chilean fruit season has already started. this is the first of the peaches. they're small, expensive. they don't have a lot of sugar to them, but if you want peach right now, they're here. if you wait a couple weeks, they'll get bigger, sweeter and juicier, but if you can't wait, pick them up. let's talk about selection. when you buy them, this is okay. it's got that light yellow color to it with some red which is fine, but try to find the ones that have more red to them and they should be fair film, not too soft this time of year -- fairly firm, not too soft this time of year. when you bring them home, store them in the refrigerator and enjoy them in two or three days. peaches from chile, we're going to do a lot of tips on the chilean fruit coming in the next few weeks. i'm your fresh grocer. always remember to eat fresh
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and stay healthy. >> thanks, tony. family from arkansas got a shock when an uninvited guest joined their little picnic in a florida park. the guest is a 17-foot burmese python. florida fish and game commission will host a 2013 python challenge in an effort to control the expanding population, $1,500 to the person who kills the most pythons, $1,000 to the guy who kills the longest python. not a happy new year for those guys. have great weekend, everybody.
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>> bill: we're family. how the hell could she do this? >> brooke: caroline is a very principled young woman. >> bill: she is a spencer first, and spencers do not betray their own. >> brooke: i'm sure she doesn't see it as a betrayal. >> bill: she talked your son into telling his sister about something that never happened. now if she had done what i asked... >> brooke: you don't understand why she couldn't. >> bill: she went against my express wishes, and that is totally unacceptable. >> brooke: (sighs) look, i understand that you're upset, but caroline's heart was in the right place. >> bill: it's not her heart that i'm concerned about. it's her loyalty. and nobody does something against my family without there being repercussions, especially when that person is a spencer. >> katie: look, it's gonna bay


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