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tv   Face the Nation  CBS  January 27, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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putt. nick: if you are thinking about it, pick it up. your mind is not into it. >> i was just thinking that same thing. any doubt. it is in my pocket. i will see you guys tomorrow. there you go. now you have to eat dinner on that. you have to eat dinner on your last putt. no rich foods tonight. just some boiled chicken or something like that. don't want a disturbed stomach. jim: where do you get boiled chicken? nick: where do you find boiled chicken on tour? you got any chicken? boil it, will you. nick: the chef will come out. >> ooh.
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it is a long day. long day. get it done. ok. here we go. all right david. i know he is not first. are the other guys playing or walking in? >> no. no. they are playing. this is not good. billy horschel has a lie here, it would be a heck of a shot. >> you know it is not go to get there. we are trying to get it there, have to hit a 3-wood. agree? what is it now to the front? >> we have 283. >> i have 40 yards with this club more? >> all right. the conversation is that he has 203 to the front that. pin is on another probably 20 yards. >> 221. >> there you go. >> 224 with the lob. >> he is going to try to run it up. how is it? >> he hit a good shot to the front left corner.
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that's not bad. ball is just not going to go anywhere. it is cold. cold to the bone. >> his caddie said hit it. i am wearing shorts. >> david nice lie here. >> he can get there. just 220 yards. he needs to give it a good, solid smack. it is into the breeze, and it is freezing. >> that may punish somebody. >> tree. tree. i could see the ricochet. >> by contrast tiger has 183 yards with a 6-iron out.
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boy, he can go ahead and hit it at the flag. it is about dead right. really the only worry he has is hitting it over the back left. >> yeah. i don't know if he can get ahold of the back left. >> not the way that it is right now. it is genuinely freezing. >> he will be cutting the ball back into the wind. that means he can't hit it over. i don't think. that wasn't a hard swing, either. the cold got him right there. you can see the flag waving. a last desperate wave. >> that is as pretty of a shot he hit. beautiful penetrating flight right at it. >> play in the dark. finish the last three holes. pitch dark. find out how good you strike the ball if you can find your
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driver. nick: find how good your hearing is. you could tell where it hit fairway or rough. >> the chipping was great too. you would have another guy clanking the pin with the club and you would go to the sound. over to nick watney. >> finishing his day with a par at the 8th. he will come back with the 9th tee tomorrow, par five. they do mow and roll the greens in the morning. they will number perfect condition. the sunsets over the pacific. the temperature chills down another five degrees. tiger will take his time. i don't think they found casey's ball yet.
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he could take another 20 minutes. these guys had a long, tough day on a hard golf course. got away with a few shots early in the round. steadied himself. had a great chip on number four. a nice 2-putt birdie on the hole before on number six. two good shots here. he will be quite confident as he tees off tomorrow. had the peg in the ground. ball will be setting up nice for him with a par 3 and par 5 after that. case sewow. where is he? that is the second forward tee on the par . that is a member tee right there. and he is well left of the green, 80 yards left of the green, david?
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has david gone in too. there he is. >> i would love to be able to tell you that but i am over here with tiger. he has 45 to 50 yards left. not a lot of green to work with fwu is not undoable. all right. he will have a peek at a par. tiger is doing the stretching exercises. >> he is freezing. jim: gary, you are a confident guy, ok. back in your playing days if you were in this situation right here and you were playing with the tiger woods and you did not feel like playing anymore. would you walk up to him in the fairway at 7 and say hey tiger. i am going in? >> yeah. yeah. i would have. i would have. i would have done that to jack in my day, same thing.
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just to be a contradiction. nick: just a bad attitude. >> >> you wouldn't have been playing with him. >> not unless it was monday in a practice round. thanks for mentioning that, david. >> you actually asked jack to play with him in a practice round. he said we already have three. >> he did. it was a practice round for the senior u.s. open. he wouldn't play with me. how about that. that is on my resume too. jim: meanwhile over at 18. this is an eagle putt for phil. this is his ninth hole. >> wow. >> in the final round. >> 20 back from tiger. it is chilly.
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it is chilly. jim: last year he missed the cut here and then went on to win a couple of weeks later at pebble beach. a final round 64. nick: that was one of the greatest sundays we have had on tour. those two, phil and tiger playing together. phil dusting tiger. that is a shot. >> i like that shot. that is an arts and craft shot right there to the darkness. i feel very calm. now not so much. this putt doesn't really break. >> he will take four. >> he will take four all day. this is the hardest ranked hole on the golf course for all four rounds, david. the seventh hole. >> he has weathered a storm
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today. it could easily have gone the other way. he could be tied right now the things were looking. >> brandt snedeker was making a run. then it started to go the other way. tiger with a couple of birdies, there was the separation. that is just solid right there. 3-under par. that par 5 to go. and a chill is in the air. jim: it is 25 holes on the south course today. 6-under par. >> what time is it right now jimmy? jim: 10 after 5:00. >> sunset was 5:18 or something like that. this is for a par. driver 3-wood, 80 yards left. wedge there. he is not going to go quietly here. that is about three and a half to four feet. please get this over with. give me a bogey and let me get out of here.
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david, is that a torrey pines right there? >> that is. people think they grow just here. but they are grown over much of south america. it is a very common tree that is harvested for timber and furniture and other things. >> originally called a soledad pine tree. >> yeah. >> meaning solitary. >> you know what is the rarest pine tree? >> i'm sorry. >> it is the rarest pine tree in america. >> really? >> yeah. 1850 they named it after a biolgist that lived in new york. he never saw one. his buddy named one right after him. ladies and gentlemen boys and girls. the last putt of the day, david.
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i am excited. >> i would like to see casey make one. >> yeah. >> good thoughts. good thoughts. channel. channel. good thoughts. ah. ok. >> even if it is that one. >> he will take the bogey. he will take it. >> 11:10. you see the officials telling them exactly what time that they are going tomorrow. they have carts there. that will be a fun ride. the windchill. this is freezing. and david is always saying what. >> what? nick: wanted to get going right now david. jim: well, tomorrow tiger will be going after career win number
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75 with that six-stroke margin. we want to thank our crew. our remarkable technical team and production unit as well. all that they have done. all of this coverage all day long. again tomorrow 4:00 eastern time on cbs. the conclusion. with golf channel also with lead-in coverage. jim nantz saying so long from torre pines and the farmers insurance open.
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>> perfection on a plate. >> this is our ginger snap cookie and the ice cream sandwich. no matter how old people are, when this comes to the table, everybody smiles. >> hum, wow. coming up next, radio pioneer markony sent the first radio signals across the pacific and meet the oyster girl and we'll -- we'll go
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exploring. >> nature is beautiful. a good workout as well. >> let's go.
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welcome back to eye on the bay. we've been exploring and learning how oysters are grown and of course, consumed. >> cheers, darling. >> cheers. >> just one more. >> my oh, my with all of the oysters we've been consuming. time for a little exercise. perhaps i should work it all off. and what better sport than kayaking. and what better a guy to help us then john from blue waters. so where are we and what do you offer here? >> we are on the shores of tomalic bay which is a 15-mile long bay north of san francisco and it is absolutely gorgeous out here. >> tell us about the kayaks. >> we started out as a kayaking company and i've been doing it for 17 years. these are sit on top and
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they're easy for beginners and they have double, hand em and single -- tandem and single. >> and you also have stand-up paddle boarding. >> it is really a new sport. it is the fastest growing sport in america. >> beau waters kayaking, a fantastic way to soak up the scenery and be one with nature and get a really good workout. let's go. >> as a bonus to our kayak adventure, we had a picnic with the oyster girls. you are one of them? >> i at oyster girl. i started the company about three years ago with my sister. we are primarily a traveling oyster bar. so we use all locally sustainably harvested oysters and we travel around doing private parties and bring the whole setup and it is smooth and easy and clean and now all
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of my girlfriends know how to shuck oysters. >> to the oyster gals. cheers. >> and if you are looking for another way to enjoy the outdoors as well as some fascinating local history, stop by the mcconey conference center in marshall. >> markony came from italy and he researched radio waves. he started the research for wireless radio. and he built the markony center here in 1912. when world war i started, they took it over and they were here through the war. and after the war ended, rca took over the station. >> it is a place for groups to hold conferences and the area can still be enjoyed by all. >> you like the public if they are coming by, to come into the lounge and look at the
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historical photos we have. to walk the property, it is a state park and it belongs to them and we want them to enjoy it. >> we too have some -- we do have some walking trails. >> people after their meeting for the day will take a walk. the views are spectacular. we have wildlife and they can enjoy the history. we have little placards along the way that describe different things on the property. >> and that is free, right? >> that is free, yeah. >> wonderful. what a gift.
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breast cancer who still need us every day. register for the 3-day now. (woman) it's just been an amazing, amazing journey. i love these people. ♪ and it's beautiful ♪ welcome back to eye on the bay. as we explore tomales bay, oyster country. if you are looking for a play to lay your head for the night and this is what we recommend. the inn on tomales way and it is a hop, skip and a jump from the bay. >> one of the finest features we offer here, if we don't have any tv or computer hook-ups and people come here for peace of mind and tranquility. they have a fireplace, large
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private bathroom, and a view of the beautiful bay. >> and if it is luxury you're after, just up the road it is the famous nick's cove. >> we have 12 cottages. 5 are on the water and 7 are situationed across highway 1. >> each cottage has its own name. >> they have luxury accommodations and breakfast is brought to you in your room every morning and the fireplaces are ready to light each night. >> and who comes here? >> oh, gosh, everyone seeking to have a romantic day or a lovely meal. people that are out kayaking and then want to come in and grab some oysters and a beer. everyone. >> and don't forget about the
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food. nick's welcomes a new chef, austin perkins, who explores the bounty of the region. >> we take the freshest seafood from our bay and adjacent bays and just present it minimally manicured and really try not to alter it very much. >> we've been talking oysters. this is oyster country. >> we came up with the barbecued oyster here. >> and there they are. what is on them? >> garlic, parsley, butter and our house barbecue sauce. pretty straightforward. >> good fish and seafood. what do we have here. >> here we have yellowtail with a little apricot and couscous. >> and what says hello spain more than a big bold meal. >> piaya is a great dish and we put our seal on it. >> a winner, right there, chef.
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thank you. >> such a pretty picture. a picture you can enjoy if you venture here. tomales bay, it is oyster country and just an hour from the bay area, easy to get to. we have your full itinerary, all you have to do is go to i'm liam maylin. thanks for watching. i'll see you next time.
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[ crickets chirping ] [ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ] gather for a send off in santa clara... the scene as the team left the bay ar e super bowl... an i'm so hyped-up and happy. >> 49ers fans gather for a send
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off in santa clara. the scene as the team left the bay area, bound for the super bowl. we are are live in new orleans as they arrive. fireworks blamed for another nightclub tragedy. a mother and child shot. what the police are saying happened right in front of facebook. good evening. the 9ers scored the first touchdown in new orleans, the team's plane landed in new orleans just a short time ago. it is all about getting ready for next sunday. this was the scene earlier today. the team left the bay area late this morning in their hunt for the sáeusth -- 6th super bowl championship. >> buses pulled out at noon. >> reporter: one by one the players stepped out of their training facility on sunday morning