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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  January 30, 2013 4:30am-5:00am PST

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roads with gianna. >> all right, lawrence, thank you very much. and good morning. live look at the golden gate bridge right now. so far we are accident-free. no major incidents to report from chp. we are only dealing with roadwork. south 101 out of marin county. at the bridge no delays into san francisco. south 101 in san mateo at third avenue there is road construction, as well. various lanes blocked at least until 6 a.m. no major delays through there. also, eastbound 237 connector to 880 look out for roadwork. overall it's a nice ride in the south bay. frank. >> thank you. there may be some new clues in a cold case in san francisco. police spent hours yesterday digging in a house just a block from where a 10-year-old boy was last seen some 29 years ago. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec is in the haight-ashbury neighborhood with the renewed search now for kevin collins.
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here on masonic and page things are back to normal. there were bones found in the duplex here behind me but the preliminary assessment is that those were animal bones. further analysis is necessary. 10-year-old kevin collins was last seen a block from here at a bus stop on oak street on the way home from basketball practice at saint agnes school in 1984. witnesses at the time say he was pushed into a car with two teenager with mohawks. police aren't saying why they are renewing the search but cadaver dogs indicated there were bones under the concrete floor of a garage here at the duplex on masonic. >> the concrete was moved and several bones were located. the san francisco medical examiner's office responded to evaluate the bones.
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at this time, under preliminary investigation it's determined the bones are animal not human remains. >> reporter: police said the man who lived in the house at the time matched the description of a man seen talking to kevin. that person has died. police say the people who live there now are not suspects. kevin's mother lives in concord. with these potential developments and false leads, she says she feels numb. she says she wants closure but doesn't want to find her little boy under those circumstances. coming up in the next half hour we'll talk to people who knew the people who lived in this house. anne makovec, cbs 5. oakland police officers are doing all they can to stop violence in the city, but the police chief says they need the public's help. howard jordan held a news conference to announce recent arrests in murder cases and two shootings of police officers last week. they are still trying to
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identify suspects in monday's shooting of an 8-year-old girl. >> i and my officers are committed to the children in this community and our neighborhoods. we will catch the shooter and we are coming after you. >> police think the 8-year-old was caught in the crossfire. she was not the intended target. she is still recovering in the hospital. that said, starting thursday there will be even fewer uniformed police officers patrolling the streets of oakland. the california highway patrol is pulling its officers out. chp has been helping out for the last 90 days but officials say they can't afford it anymore. >> chp, like any other organization, has the budget that it has to operate within and so it would be imprudent for any agency to expect members of any police department to come in and provide police services without those services being reimbursed to the agency.
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>> oakland had asked the chp to stay another 90 days. city leaders say they look to governor brown now for help funding more street patrols. the 49ers move to the south bay is still more than a year away. but it's not too early for santa clara police department to prepare for those massive amount of fans that are expected as the big game coming up in the next year. in fact they sent some of our officers down here to new orleans to learn a logical something about crowd control. two officers, a sergeant and lieutenant, they are going to be paid to go to the super bowl's training session. >> new orleans has done this many times. and those guys are sharp. and that's why we're sending people there to learn from them. >> typically a million people visit new orleans leading up to mardi gras and this year another 150,000 will be in town
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of course for the super bowl. we are here on bourbon street street. a lot of people are celebrating mardi gras here. it's quiet now. take a look behind me. but you can see some of this charm that new orleans has to offer, much like san francisco. and also like san francisco, new orleans is a famous location for hollywood filmmakers. in fact, the big easy is now being called hollywood south. reporter: with hit shows and movies, new orleans is becoming known as hollywood south. >> something to be really thought of. >> reporter: movie projects here more than tripled from ten years ago thanks to a tax incentive to moviemakers. >> the people coming in to make movies here are basically just tourists. >> reporter: that from a man who knows something about making movies. we ran into george lucas walking the streets of the french quarter. he says hollywood projects do
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bring in money, but it doesn't last. >> all it does is help the merchants make money. but if you want to get local talent, acting, camera, you know, directors, writers, bringing people in hollywood doesn't help you at all. >> reporter: to do that, the city is trying to localize as much as it can with stage and post production facilities. >> when a movie comes to new orleans, everything they need it here. the props, costumes, crew, camera houses are here. >> all of this armor up here came from the movie "alexander." >> reporter: this person opened his costume shop 18 years ago and is booked for 90% of projects filmed here. >> my hope is that it extends well beyond that and that the term "hollywood south" becomes more of a reality. of course, we all know
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these scenes from movies. remember interview with the vampire? even the classic easy rider. there's so much here in new orleans to offer these filmmakers and, of course, anyone involved with the film business here in new orleans hopes it continues to grow. frank, pretty cool out here. >> i was going to say, did you just happen to bump into george lucas walking through the french quarter? is that how that worked out? >> reporter: yeah. it was amazing. we were just going for a carriage ride and here he is walking down the street enjoying an early-morning stroll and his newspaper and he was gracious enough to let us bug him for a few minutes to talk to him. >> very good. thank you, michelle. you got to fly to new orleans, which mike sugerman did not. he's going to more traditional american route, driving his car to new orleans. his latest stop along the way put him in the so-called yellow rose of texas. the city ofamarillo. reporter: how about we go to london today?
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>> mike, last time i check the map, we were heading for arizona. >> reporter: there's a little bit of london in arizona. bear with me on this. in the middle of the arizona desert sits an oasis of a bridge. it's notable not for where it goes but where it's from. the london bridge. the london bridge no longer resides in london. it now lives in lake havasu city. >> the founder of our city needed something to draw people to the middle of the desert. >> reporter: and the london bridge was falling down. the city of london had a bridge to sell. >> the initial reaction, how much did they have to drink? >> reporter: his move from fargo, north dakota, was easier. >> the bridge had to be dismantled block by block in london. and each one of the blocks was marked with a number code. >> reporter: thousands of pieces, three years of construction, total cost including purchase price, $7.5 million.
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and, of course, they needed some water under the bridge. so he worked to undam part of the colorado river and damn if it didn't work. >> the second most visited attraction in the state of arizona, the grand canyon number one. >> reporter: ron and susan came from montana. when they found out we were from the bay area, they wanted to say hello to his sister, louise of pittsburg, contra costa county. because of that their favorite team -- >> 49ers. >> yeah! >> reporter: only 9er fans i found here. road trip! hopefully off to where there are more fans like ourselves. >> we'll check in with mike and his wife for what's in store for his road trip today. i think they're in texas. a bay area family scammed $6,000 in their trip to the super bowl. who stepped in to give them real tickets to the super bowl.
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>> and i ran into the ladies from the talk. who they're rooting for in the big game. we'll let you know. also they have a message for the guys in the studio when we come back. >> good morning, frank and lawrence!
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just life.. michelle.. does the music ever stop? to julie chen: who are you welcome back. in new orleans it's a way of life. michelle says the music never stops there. they are playing on every corner. aren't they? >> i think they are. you constantly hear music walking down the street although this early in the morning the only music we have been hearing are the trash trucks going by cleaning up bourbon street which they have to because it's littered with trash and beads. it's been so much fun here in new orleans. we have been catching up with a
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lot of people, including the ladies from the talk. and here's who they will be rooting for in the super bowl. >> who are you rooting for? >> 49ers. >> yay. >> i'm a san francisco native born and raised. i'm a 9er fan until the day i die. this is the beginning of the second dynasty. kaepernick all the way. >> what do you think about kaepernick? that was a big gamble by the coach to put him in halfway through the season. >> yeah. leading the league in completions. he was the league leader in terms of his own stats. it was huge. obviously, alex smith is frustrated but to have kaepernick step up is amazing. people galvanized around him as a team leader. and psyched to see the 9ers go all the way. >> reporter: cheryl is not a fan of the 49ers. she is the only one out of the ladies rooting for the ravens. but she is rooting for a little bit for kaepernick because she thinks he's hot, frank. >> well, ha ha, i think that's a worldwide right now
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especially after the super bowl -- asia aisha tyler should go work for espn! she knows her game. >> she is showing love for the red and gold. >> are you getting the feeling now, michelle, it seems like mardi gras is still there. you can feel that presence, but the super bowl is looming now? people are coming in? >> we are seeing the football fans coming in now. we saw a lot of them on jackson square yesterday taking pictures in front of all the ceramic footballs they have around town. we are seeing the banners going up now. i think the town is starting to embrace super bowl xlvii. >> get ready for rain. we're going to talk to lawrence and find out what's happening in new orleans. all right. lawrence karnow. >> yes, sir. >> oh, i'm sorry. we'll be there in just a minute. first and foremost here, a
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hayward couple who says they were scammed out of super bowl tickets now have some seats. they paid nearly $6,000 to a baltimore ravens fan and got this in return. it's a message that read, enjoy the game, go ravens, lol. laughing out loud. after hearing about the story, ticketmaster offered the couple four free tickets to the super bowl. the 9ers front office chipped in another one. ticketmaster also arranged for them to have breakfast with nfl legend troy aikman so how about that for ticket masters and folks in hayward you're out six grand you think i'm not going and now they are going in style. >> and hanging out with troy aikman, they will have the inside scoop on the super bowl. >> michelle moved because i guess there's some nasty weather that's looming. >> it's knocking on the door there now. they are starting to see the winds pick up. it won't be long and we're talking about rain and thunderstorms. for us today it's quiet out there. temperatures not as cold today,
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40s and 50s at the coast here, 30s and 40s in the valleys. this afternoon, sunshine and cool coastside, mild in the valleys, mid-60s there by the afternoon. the big ridge of high pressure moving in overhead will dominate ourer with owe the next to days bringing us nice weather through friday. as you look around the state, 60s in the central valley no problem in the high country. 48 degrees in yosemite. 50 degrees in lake tahoe. lots of sunshine. and around the bay, nice weather as we go 63 degrees in san jose, about 64 in campbell, about 61 in fremont and 57 degrees in pacifica. east bay numbers up into the 60s across the board this afternoon. lots of sunshine as you head inside the bay. 62 degrees in oakland and 64 degrees in santa rosa. next couple of days, very nice weather through thursday and friday. over the weekend though a few clouds begin to move back onshore. temperatures will be cooling off and maybe we start talking about some rain by next tuesday, gianna. >> all right. i'll enjoy the dry weather
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while we have it, lawrence. you should enjoy the freeways this morning because so far, so good no delays as you work your way toward the bay bridge toll plaza. live look at conditions now. metering lights are off and it's an easy ride into san francisco along the upper deck. no delays on the lower deck into oakland. no construction along the bay bridge, either. but there is roadwork off the eastshore freeway as you work your way westbound from central to powell street. looks like they have various lanes blocked in the area. that is in effect until 6 a.m. hopefully sooner but we're not seeing major delays. we have nice speeds around thatter yeah. a couple of roadwork in the area one at 280 and one 237. southbound 280 to 85 connector looks like we have roadwork until 6 a.m., as well. so expect some slight delays. same goes for eastbound 237 connector to 880. if you are work your way through that area, just a heads up that connector road is closed until 5:00 this morning but so far no delays through
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there. south 101 not a bad ride. southbound 101 at third, roadwork blocking various lanes will be there until 6 a.m. you can see lane changes are happening right now at the golden gate bridge but not causing any major delays. traffic is clear as you work your way southbound 101 out of marin coin, north 101 if you are heading toward marin coin, san rafael no delays to report. easy ride into san francisco. and the altamont pass checking in problem-free. some slight delays in that eastbound side but overall no major delays to report and, of course, if you want to use mass transit this morning, everything is right on time, bart, muni, caltrain, ace no delays to report right now, things are looking good for mass transit. frank, back to you. >> thank you. 4:49. the golden gate bridge will begin testing its all- electronic tolling system today. during the testing the current system and the new toll taking system will be running in lanes. the new system offers two options. you can pay using fastrak or you can pay using the pay by license plate option. the bridge will be the first in
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the country to convert to all- electronic tolls. there are lots of ways to get around in new orleans. coming up, i take a tour of the historic french quarter in a horse-drawn carriage.
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headed to the super bowl here's the forecast, partly cloudy, 75 degrees. of course they play inside the dome so the weather will be perfect inside. >> not bad on the roads. live look at the bridges. so far, so good. just roadwork but not a bad ride. traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. michelle is living it up in the big easy this week and i
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understand no rental car, right? you are walking everywhere. right? >> no rental car for us. we have been walking quite a bit. so we're wearing some comfortable shoes. we have also been taking cabs everywhere, too. but i have to tell you from experience, the best way to get around new orleans is by horse. reporter: >> the old french quarter. this is a unique american city. the old french quarter was saved, never was destroyed, never torn down. a lot of cities in america tore down their waterfront areas in the old neighborhoods in the late 1800s, early 1900s. new orleans saved the french quarter. this is the truly unique an area this big this old this beautiful in america. people level all around us, all above us. -- people living all around us, all above us. the french settled almost 300 years ago. every street in the buick ray in the french quarter has three
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names, english, french and spanish. you have to love the mixture of the people. it's a big city but it's a small town. very friendly. you love the music, the food. whatever you want, it's available there. you just go out and get it. here you go, gus. you never know who you're going to bump into when you're up here. >> that's right. we were just going for a friendly carriage ride and did you see who we ran into, frank? >> well, we heard from him a little bit earlier. i guess george lucas right? >> george lucas. >> we talked to him for a fuse few minutes and i asked him about super bowl xlvii. >> of course i'm rooting for the 9ers but in the end i'd
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rather watch it on television. >> it's the least amount of hassle. i'm sure they will win so i don't know what the upon the is really. i think they should just cancel it and have a big party. >> you think they should just call it now? >> yeah, just call it now and have a big party in new orleans and get on with it. >> hey, i would be all for watching at his house, as well. i bet you that is a pretty nice place. right now we're on bourbon street in the historic french quarter. you can see behind me the the infamous bourbon street. if you hear the noise, these are all the trash trucks coming out and cleaning up the mess from the night before. they do such a great job. you would never know that the night before this street was littered with trash, beads and anything else people were
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throwing in the streets so the crews are very busy. the french quarter is such a beautiful place. that's not all new orleans has to offer. there's another part of town which is uptown. we kind of explored that yesterday. it's one of the only places that didn't flood during hurricane katrina and i'll show you what people there say is so special about that part of town. that is coming up. >> a quick question. did george lucas ever stop walking or did you just walk right out of town with him? >> he did not stop walking. i think he just wanted to keep on or maybe he thought we would leave him alone eventually but he was gracious enough to let us interrupt his morning stroll. >> you're a dogged little reporter. you would not let him stop. okay. very good. thank you. back here in the bay area, san francisco's cold case is heating up. the latest on kevin klein when we come back. we are in the center of the
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investigation. we heard from one of the neighbors who knew one of the persons of interest. a live report next
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weather ad libs >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. san francisco police search for some new clues in a 1980s cold case. >> i'm michelle griego live in new orleans looking forward to super bowl xlvii. we're talking mardi gras, football and apparently weather. >> lots of weather around the bay area but the kind we like. plenty of sunshine right now. but there's also some rain in the forecast. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and no accidents right now but we have some roadwork. i'll tell you where. >> and good morning, everyone. it is wednesday, january 30th. i'm frank mallicoat here in the bay area. >> i'm michelle griego, of course live in new orleans. we are in the french quarter
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right off of the infamous bourbon street. i have my umbrella because forecasters are calling for rain. lawrence is telling us a big storm is heading toward us. right now its muggy, not too bad, just a little. and the wind is really starting to pick up. we have been at jackson square the last couple of days. and that's where we have been. that's where we were live yesterday morning, as well. but hey, i have to tell you we took a look at that earlier this morning and some of the equipment we had out there was blown over because of the high winds and, of course, it's expected to get worse even later today. now, take a look behind me. bourbon street, you don't see many people out here celebrating but you see a lot of delivery trucks. they are getting ready to deliver to the restaurant and the bars out here because people are


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