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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  February 5, 2013 4:30am-5:00am PST

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month charged with killing a 21- year-old woman. her body was found in a dumpster in mountain view in january of 1985. a crime lab developed a dna profile from the victim's fingernails leading investigators to garcia. a vigil is planned friday in fairfield for a young murder victim. 13-year-old janelle allen was found dead in fairfield's allen whit park on friday morning. she was reported missing thursday night after she didn't come home after school. there are no suspects. >> getting away with what they done. you take a baby and dump her like she is a piece of garbage. she wasn't of the she was a human being. >> fairfield police aren't saying much about the case but may have more information later today. counselors are available for the victim's classmates at green valley middle school. a week-long standoff in alabama finally over with the five-year-old hostage rescued
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and the suspect dead. but as teresa garcia reports, authorizes are saying little about how they pulled off a raid. >> reporter: fbi agents congratulated each other after storming a bunker to save a 5- year-old held hostage for 7 days. ethan has been reunited with his family at a local hospital and is doing well. >> he is laughing, joking, playing, eating, the things that you would expect a normal 5-year-old young man to do. >> reporter: the suspect is dead. >> fbi agents fearing the child was in imminent danger entered the bunker and rescued the child. >> reporter: the news that ethan is safe and unharmed came as a relief to the community
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here in midland city. >> he's a special child, endured a lot. it's by the grace of god that he's okay. >> reporter: singletary was on the bus with ethan when dykes grabbed him. >> happy, relieved, and halleluia. >> reporter: it's believed dykes may have taken the boy hostage in order to air grievances. >> he has a story that's important to him although it's very complex. >> reporter: authorities have not yet revealed how dykes died nor any further details of the raid. teresa garcia, cbs news, midland city, alabama. >> that boy identified only as ethan will turn 6 tomorrow. an iraq war vet suspected of killing a former navy seal and another man is on suicide watch in a texas jail. officials say 25-year-old eddie ray routh had to be shocked with a stun gun and restrained after he became aggressive. court documents suggest the motive for the killings was to take the truck of chris kyle
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who wrote a best-selling book about his military experiences. kyle was known as one of america's most deadly snipers. on capitol hill today, a bipartisan group of house members will introduce gun control legislation that would make firearms trafficking a federal offense but the proposal does not address assault weapons which the obama administration wants banned. the president in minnesota yesterday promoting what he calls commonsense reforms to the nation's gun laws. and time now is 4:34. >> shall we bring lawrence into the party here? >> why not? >> find out what's going on. >> lucky day for you. >> folks, around the bay area we have low clouds and fog that are onshore, true fog toward parts of the north bay but throughout the day, not going to be a bad day. the clouds have kept the temperatures up a bit only 40s out there this morning so not as cold even as yesterday morning. got changes on the horizon here. high pressure sliding by, you can see a cold front
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approaching the coastline. that will bring with it a few high clouds across our skies and riach ply phi the onshore push so we are going to see partly cloudy skies toward the afternoon. the temperatures cooler. average usually in the 50s and the low 60s. today below average about 57 degrees for a high in san jose. about 54 degrees in san francisco. that's 5 degrees below average and even some colder air coming maybe some showers on the way. we'll talk more about that in a moment. let's check the roads with gianna. >> thank you. we are dealing with roadwork this morning. no accidents. we just checked in with chp. a lot of that's along 880 right now and here's a live look at 80 near hegenberger. so far no delays. but just a heads up. there is roadwork record southbound 880 between oak street and high street. lanes are closed. they are hoping to reopen by 5:30 this morning. but lots of green on your sensors so no major snags there. also, along 101 as you work your way northbound between third and bayshore the right lane is blocked for construction. and we have roadwork as well
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southbound 101 between the north end of the golden gate bridge over towards the toll plaza but as you can see in our live shot traffic is smooth easy flowing as you head into san francisco. of course, if you want to avoid the freeways, you can always use mass transit. there are 12 trains running on time for bart right now muni, caltrain, ace, right on time. that's a look at traffic. back to you. >> thank you. to borrow a line from the 49ers, who's got it better than us when it comes to commute traffic? the answer is almost everybody. kpix 5's cate caugiran is at the bay bridge with the study that finds we have some of the worst traffic jams in all of america. you're preaching to the choir. good morning, cate. >> reporter: this is not something we want to hear. the report from texas a & m transportation institute found the average american wasted about $818 by sitting in traffic in 2011. now, if you add that up
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collectively, the report found in 2011 commuters wasted $121 billion in time and gas. the report also says computers are sitting in more traffic but in addition to that, we're building extra time in our schedules for that time wasted. on average americans gave themselves an hour for a 20- minute drive without traffic. the question is, where's the worst commute in the country? take a look. the study listed washington, d.c. as the top city, then l.a. and the bay area tied for second, new york city was fourth and then boston was fifth. the study found with more hours sitting in traffic came more carbon dioxide in 2011. there was 56 billion pounds of additional carbon dioxide released in the atmosphere. the report's author says all in all this should call more attention for better types of public transportation around different or major-ly congest
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the cities. cate caugiran, kpix 5. san francisco 49ers home getting ready for a little time off. hundreds of fans welcomed the team home from new orleans yesterday following sunday's loss at the super bowl. some of them waited for seven hours to watch the players and the coaches driving home from team headquarters. some of them got some autographs. the loudest cheers went to head coach jim harbaugh. >> thank you very much. yeah. it was a great run. thanks for all the support. >> help make you feel better after what happened yesterday to see all the fans? >> oh, yeah. i mean, yesterday was yesterday. you know? >> sorry that we didn't bring home the number six. >> still champions. >> we'll get it next time. >> still loving the 9ers. there's a team meeting for the team today this morning, then they will meet with reporters before the off season begins around noon today. could take days to figure out why the lights went out at the super bowl. there was a memo last october
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that there was a chance of failure because of problems with the electrical system at the superdome. the game was never in jeopardy because of the backup system. it was not beyonce's concert that caused it. she had her own generator. >> they spent over half billion dollars to fix that place. you would think they would figure it out. all right. time now is 4:39. subtracting algebra. why california is doing away with its math requirements. >> and calling california companies. how one state is luring away local businesses. >> and he scaled more than $100 billion around the world. the latest tall task for the french spider-man.
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cuba's famous havana libre hotel. alain robert climbed the hotel's 25-stories in just 30 minutes the french spider-man does it again.
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the latest feat, cuba's famous hotel. alain robert climbed it in 30 minutes. he is famous for climbing skyscrapers without safety nets oropesas the toughest challenge was dealing with the aging structure's damage. >> alain robert is crazy. >> oui oui! [ laughter ] >> he has strong fingertips. >> he must. good feet, too. >> guess so. >> climbing up. how about a little weather? let's bring lawrence into the mix. >> temperatures up overnight into the 40s. the afternoon still lingering clouds and the temperatures going to stay cooler than average, 50s and low 60s for highs by this afternoon, looks like change is coming as you have high pressure sliding by. this cold front encroaching toward the coastline will move through bringing with it cooler
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air in our direction. so more clouds and cool staying dry for now. but there's another system that's developing off the coastline right here. that's the one. breezy at the coastline. lingering clouds in the afternoon. and50s and 60s this afternoon, cool at the coast and the next couple of days, looks like we have some cool air and a chance of rain coming our way on thursday and friday. some very low snow levels even over local mountaintops, as well. then looks like we'll dry up
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and warm up for the weekend. traffic is light this morning. no delays as you work your way towards the bay bridge toll plaza. clear across the upper deck into san francisco. same for the san mateo bridge live look at conditions between 880 and 101. and so of things are looking good. at the golden gate bridge no delays but roadwork southbound 101 just as you approach the golden gate bridge towards the span. traffic is light into san francisco. roadwork on 101 near third and bayshore, at least one lane is closed hoping to wrap it up by 5:30 this morning. look out for construction as you work your way along the eastshore freeway. westbound near ashby and powell we have reports of roadwork in
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this area, one lane closed, that will be there at least until 5:30. but we're seeing green on our sensors so no delays. no delays at the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see our east bay travel times so far in the green, no delays along 80, 880 or 580 this morning. in fact, the altamont pass looks pretty good so far. if you are heading along 880 this morning, northbound no delays, southbound we have roadwork near oak street and high street. one lane shut down. they hope to wrap it up within 45 minutes. green on the sensors indicates no delays of the roadwork this morning. and just a heads up because of the stevens creek project there are some closures for 280 and 880 this morning at least until 7:00. so you might see some delays as the morning commute progresses but the rest of the south bay looks good. back to you guys. >> thank you. 4:46 now. the company linked to a crash has a spotty safety record.
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the bus crash on a mountain road in southern california on sunday night where 7 people were killed and 5 now in critical condition. the bus company has failed 36% of federal vehicle safety inspections in just the last couple of years. the passengers say just minutes before sunday's accident, the driver shouted that the brakes had failed. more than $1 billion may go towards beefing up security at u.s. embassies overseas. it is in response to last year's deadly terror attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. the money would come from surplus funds that are no longer needed in iraq. the senate has approved the plan, which next goes to a vote in the house. meanwhile, president obama signed legislation yesterday extending the federal government's ability to borrow new money. the measure will suspend the nation's $16.4 trillion debt ceiling until the middle of may. that bill also requires members of the house and senate to pass a budget by mid-april or have their pay withheld. well, it didn't take long for the dow to fall under
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14,000, which it hit on friday. stocks taking their biggest dive of the year yesterday on worries about european issues. the dow lost 129 points and the nasdaq was down 48. u.s. government is suing credit rating agency standard & poor's. the justice department says the company gave high ratings to risky mortgage bonds and those bonds then plunged in value and contributed to the 2008 financial crisis. s&p denies any wrongdoing and says the lawsuit is without merit. the government is reportedly seeking penalties of more than $1 billion. and if you are the average american, about 4% of your weekly paycheck is going into your gas tank. a new government report finds that u.s. households spent an average of $2,912 on gasoline last year. we are using less gas because vehicles are more fuel- efficient but we're paying a lot more per gallon for what we're using now. >> oh, crazy. all right. it is recruiting season as
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one big state tries to swipe businesses headquartered in our state. texas leaders created radio ads starring governor rick perry to air in sacramento and other california cities. those ads play out differences in doing businesses in both states with the aim of luring some to the lone star state. the critics say that it could backfire. >> our low taxes sensible regulations and fair legal system are just the thing to get your business moving to texas. >> a lot of work left to do. but i would take california any day. >> and in addition to those ads, texas even has a website with steps to take for businesses wanting to make a move. 4:49. california is dropping algebra for 8th graders part of a move towards what's called the common core curriculum. most states have already adopted it eliminating the current requirement for 8th graders to take algebra one but they still can if they want to or they can opt for an
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alternative course that's a little easier. cities in california have banned medical marijuana dispensaries. >> now they are waiting on a ruling about how far state law can go to protect the right to do business. the state supreme court will hear arguments today on whether local governments can ban the dispensaries. right now about 200 cities and counties ban medical marijuana dispensaries. about 3 dozen are right here in the bay area. it is 4:49. accused of being quick to kill, why two volunteers are now blowing the whistle on a bay area shelter. >> plus, bus stop battle. how private companies and public transit will share curb space. >> girls gone wild ♪ she is not studying ♪ [ laughter ] >> and grammy nominee margaret cho talks about growing up in san francisco. coming up.
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low clouds and fog. will we have sunshine? we'll talk about that coming up. >> and so far, traffic looks good on our bay area bridges but we have an accident in benicia. details coming up. traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. volunteers at a north bay animal shelter say dogs are being put down prematurely. one case an 18-month-old terrier ate a tennis ball. he was euthanized eight days later. reports show he didn't get proper medical care before being put down. >> eli shut gotten veterinarian care immediately when he
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swallowed a tennis ball. >> volunteers said they had adopters for the dogs. they were told not to come back after reporting it. the company says they are euthanized based on health and behavior. san francisco is moving to ease conflicts at bus stops in the city. the problem is private buses that take workers to companies along the peninsula. the buses have been blocking muni buses from pulling up to the curb. those private buses have a dedicated stop now at 8th and market and another one is coming to van ness and union street. this sunday, right here on kpix 5 the 55th annual grammy awards. this year margaret cho is up for best comedy album and we were surprised she was born and raised here in san francisco. juliette goodrich explains how hippies, bullies and aids made margaret who she is today. >> i told my mother when i was
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14 i was going to be a comedian. she said oh, maybe it's better if you just die. [ laughter ] >> reporter: margaret cho is raunchy, passionate, also up for a grammy. >> this is something that i have like wanted for a long time. >> reporter: she is nominated for cho dependent live in concert. in it she rips on everything from sarah palin to asian stereotypes. >> asian girls gone wild ♪ >> whoo. >> she is not studying ♪ [ laughter ] >> reporter: as to what fuels cho's sense of humor look no further than her childhood. born in san francisco in 1968 to korean parents, cho grew up near ocean beach in the never sunny sunset district. >> when i go to england, i go this is like a big country made
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of the sunset. >> reporter: she went to school in the haight. >> they put safety pins -- it was dangerous and exciting and for a kid it's alarming to see that. >> reporter: at school, another influence. bullies. cho was tormented. >> because i was different from other kids and also because there was a part of me that knew queer. >> reporter: they had a bookstore and aids changed everything. >> that was my child hood watching the way that aid ravaged san francisco. >> reporter: but says the city rose to the occasion becoming a model for tolerance and independent thought. >> it's the greate. >> reporter: juliette goodrich, kpix 5. >> of course, the grammys are ght here on kpix 5. i'm going to talk to ll cool j about 7:05 and gianna was saying i want to do that. >> that's right. we should interview -- you can interview ll cool j. i got chris issak.
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he is from san francisco, too. >> she has a man crush -- -- a crush-crush. you have to tell me about that. it's 4:56. it's not your imagination. >> how much longer you're spending stuck in traffic these days. plus -- >> we lost lights. >> oh-oh. >> who turned out the lights at the super bowl? we are learning more about the massive outage on sunday at the superdome. a hit-and-run driver plows into a family on an evening bike ride near one popular east bay trail. more on that coming up.
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plus: the fbi storms a bunker, kills th >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald a mother and her children are in the hospital this morning after they were hit while in a crosswalk. why the time of day might have been a contributing factor to that crash. >> plus, the fbi storms a
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bunker, kills a kidnapper and saves a 5-year-old hostage. the diversions the feds used to pull off the rescue. >> clouds around the bay area this morning and we could soon see rain. we'll tell you when coming up. >> and we're dealing with roadwork at the golden gate bridge and an accident at 680. >> good morning. it's tuesday, february 5. i'm elizabeth wenger. michelle is off. >> i'm frank mallicoat. nearly 5:00 now on your tuesday. we begin with four members of the same family. they are all hospitalized this morning after a hit-and-run in pittsburg. a woman and her three kids were all crossing a street last night when they were run over. kpix 5's elissa harrington is in pittsburg to bring us the latest as police still search for a suspect. good morning, elissa. >> reporter: good morning. we know that those family members were in this crosswalk when they were hit and this crosswalk connects to the delta de anza trail a popular trail in the east bay. it runs for about 15 miles and
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leads to several parks in the area. the family members were on the trail and then in the crosswalk when they were hit. the mother was pushing a stroller and two children were riding new bikes. it was on crestview south of leeland. police are still searching for the driver and they have not said how fast the car might have been traveling. the three children are in the hospital. this happened at 6:00 last night. it was dark at the time and you can see there is not one streetlight at this intersection. there's also not a stop sign before the crosswalk. we'll get some more details later on this morning when a sergeant returns to the department. elissa harrington, kpix 5. a north bay woman is behind bars this morning accused of killing her mother. police say the woman showed up at a neighbor's home yesterda


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