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tv   KPIX 5 News Sunday Morning Edition  CBS  February 17, 2013 7:30am-8:30am PST

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picks up about. but meanwhile, let's get to the top of the news we v. we're looking at getting our first look at the white house proposal on immigration reform. >> a timeline offers a path to permanent residency for undocumented immigrants. that whole process will take up to eight years, but first people who are here illegally could apply for a new designation, the so-called lawful perspective immigrant visa. if they get that, they can then apply for the same provisional legal status for their spouses and children. under the white house plan, business owners would have to check the immigration status of new hires within four years. this week the president praised bipartisan efforts to legalize the 11 million undocumented workers during his state of the union address. he called on congress to craft a new legal immigration system that also tightens boarder security. and there's some evidence that there may be momentum on this effort to reform immigration. outstretched hands from republican senators john mccain
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and lindsey gramm, both -- graham. both tough critics of obama's foreign policy. >> send me send a comp men'sive immigration -- comprehensive immigration bill in the next few months and i will sign it right away and america will be better for it. also, a star student at u.c. berkley revealed he's an undocumented immigrant. he shared his story as part of an online campaign for the dream act. that's the proposed immigration law that congress is considering that would allow certain students like himself the path to citizenship. critics say that this plan, however, may just encourage and invite illegal immigration. d.c. lawmakers are expected to take up the issue this year. and today pope benedict blessed thousands of pilgrims from his window overlooking st. peter's square. >> that was the second to last angelus blessing before he steps down at the end of the upon. he outstretched his arms.
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he made no mention of his decision to resign but thanks the faithful for the affection and spiritual closeness. now there's controversial in los angeles about the selection of the next pope. retired cardinal mahony is eligible to take place. we have more on why some think he should not be allowed to participate. >> reporter: there's been much debate about who will replace pope benedict who announced last week lestep down due to poor health. the college of cardinals will meet at the vatican next month for a papal conclave to determine the next leader of the worldwide church. among the 100-plus cardinals to attend, cardinal mahony. >> he has to be strip of his public duties. >> reporter: some 50,000 members make up a national group with 1600 here in l.a. they oppose him taking part in the conclave in light of his alleged coverup of the church sex abuse scandal. >> given what's happened in the last two years and especially the last couple of weeks, it is
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just unbelievable that he's going to go there. i think it's just wrong. >> reporter: catholics united have start add petition asking cardinal mahony to recluse himself from the conclave. >> if he's sorry, he should act that way. >> reporter: but not all believe he should sit out of the conl clave. >> he's still part of the church and i do believe he should be involved. >> reporter: others like luis brown still -- louise brown still aren't sure. >> i think he has a lot of qualities that we need in a forward thinking cardinal, but he' really disappointed me. >> reporter: but in a statement released by archbishop jose gomez, he asked all priests to pray for cardinal mahony as he fulfills the sacred duty. he also went on to say he's confident in mahony's experience in itself deliberations that will lead to the election of our new pope. >> that was amy johnson
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reporting. coming up, we'll talk live with a professor about the pope's legacy and what's ahead. the state of the union and face the nation take center stage. face the nation starts at 8:30 right here on kpix5. a collision sent two people to the hospital this morning. >> that was yesterday afternoon. the ms san francisco was struck by a 22-foot pleasure boat as it was making its way to san francisco. the two injured passengers aboard the pleasure boat were taken away by helicopter. no one on the boat was jurld. the coast guard worked into the night to try to find the reason for that collision. the captain and crew of the ferry are on administrative leave because that's standard procedure as the investigation continues. a fire rips through an apartment building on treasure
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island with tragic results. that happened on mariner drive in the early hours of saturday. by the time that fire was under control, a 10-year-old girl had died. the neighbors' cell phone video captured this chaotic scene. a friend had to stop the little girl's father from rushing into the burning building to try to save her. flames were shooting out of all the windows and doors. by the time firefighters arrived shortly before midnight, they could not save that girl trapped on the second floor good every angle we approached we had fire. we tried from the front. we put ladders up in the rear and ended up reaching the walls on the two buildings on either side and went through that way. >> two firefighters who did get inside fell through the second floor. they were both injured but they're going to be okay. the cause of that fire appears to be accidental but so far investigators are not sure exactly how it started. there's another fire investigation under way on the peninsula as well. several cars and a building were damaged by flames at an auto towing yard in pacifica. by the time firefighters got to the fire on palmetto avenue
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yesterday, it had spread from the cars to an outbuilding. north county fire officials say it was windy at the time and that made the fire more difficult to put out. investigators are trying to figure out what started the fire. more in bay area headlines. a battle is brewing in san jose over who will get to build the hangars for google's private jets. the city has chosen and approved a proposal that would generate at least $3 million a year for the airport, but a company whose bid was not accepted is appealing that decision saying its proposal would generate even more money. the city's council airport competitive committee will take up the matter this coming friday. major changes are coming to oak lld's first friday -- oakland's first friday festival. a teenager was killed and three others injured at last month's event. leaders are responding by banning drinking on the streets. more than 10,000 people attend the celebrations in oakland's uptown district. some have complained the event is getting too big and poses a big security risk.
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today's super sunday is reaching out to potential college students at bay area churches this morning. this is anage tradition where representatives from cal state campuses talk to communities about the faith and the importance of earning a college degree. cal state university officials will also give potential students more information on what life is like on campuses, including virtual tours through their websites. gas prices around the bay area, okay. and across the country are not expected to be going down any time soon. >> did you notice they've been inching up. the average price for a gallon of regular nationwide is $3.67. that's an increase of 12 cents over the past week. here in california of course we're paying much more. an average of $3.13. a month ago it was almost 50 cents cheaper but believe it or not, we're actually under the state average here in the bay area paying $4.06 per gallon. prices are expected to go up as refineries switch over to the more expensive summer blend of gas. a new digital message from
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the head of the catholic church before he steps down. we're going to chat with an expert from st. mary's college for what's next for the catholic faithful. our political insiders on the california politician who challenged president clinton and the iconic hollywood cowboy as well. >> but first, skiers watch out for the new kid on the slopes. the record breaking dash down the mountain. a beautiful sunday under way for the bay area today. mostly sunny skies. temperatures a bit chilly to start out with but it's going to be a nice day and then things will change. details still ahead.
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on the slopes. it made racing history th a wild ride for an off road truck on the slopes that made history this weekend at the mount snow resort in vermont. it's the first time a four- wheel drive truck attempted to
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do that, race down the mountain on the same track as snowboarders and skiers. it was armed with seven specially designed spiked tires to get through the icy terrain there. the occasion simply to thrill fans and give insight to the future of motor sports. >> i think the key is in the second one, the future of motor sports. i think we'll be seeing more than that. speaking of sports, it's also the chinese new year run which kicks off in about 30 minutes. >> it's the run-walk through san francisco. it starts at grant avenue in california. runners and walkers are going to follow the course through north beach, the financial district and of course featuring chinatown. proceeds benefit the chinatown ymca's physical education program. and when they kick off, a good day for a run. >> if you're being chased. we've got mostly sunny skies around the bay area to start off with. it is going to be a beautiful sunday for the bay area. there is a little bit of rain in our forecast. we need it and we're going to
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get it come tuesday but for now, as we look toward the golden gate bridge, nothing but blue out there. that looks nice. and a few high clouds out there. some locations reporting partly cloudy skies. in concord right now, though, it's clear and 40 degrees. in the city we've got numbers already kicking up into the upper 40s. 48 degrees at sfo. 51 at oakland and 42 degrees at livermore. it's chilly in santa rosa, though, 36. clouds will increase tomorrow. the rain coming back on tuesday. that's the way it's looking up for. here's how it looks from the west satellite. we have low pressure moving in over the senior lucins that will be a system a factor for us by late monday, early tuesday. rainfall amounts though with this latest model runs have shown that they're backing down on the precip amounts. down now to about tenth of annual inch to maybe a quarter of an inch as this begins to weaken as it gets close to california. for today we'll have mostly sunny skies. it's a great day to go out and
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do something. enjoy the sun. enjoy the great outdoors. maybe the top of mt. hamilton. that would be nice. 60 at reading today. the central valley sunny there as well. temperatures in the 60s for the most part. 64 at napa. 64 oakland. 60 in san francisco. hey, president's day or if you have the day off will be fair and cool. temperatures in the 50s. then the extended forecast, that's when we increase the clouds on monday. a chance of rain bay area wide for tuesday. wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday we're going to go for an unsettled latter half of the week. turning distinctly cool. the only wet day looks to be tuesday. when i was an altar boy in hollister, i don't remember pope paul tweeting but anne tells us that has all changed these days. >> times have changed, brian. a new tweet from the catholic pontiff this morning. his message to 1.5 million followers, lent is a favorable time in which to rediscover faith in the god as the
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foundation of our lives and of the church's life. benedict is the first pope to use social media to communicate with the millions. and he is also the first pope to resign rather than die in office in nearly 600 years. >> we want to take a closer look at benedict's record and what lives ahead for the church. joining us is brother charms hillkin, professor at st. mary's college. let's go right to it. this is the first time we've had a pope exit office while alive in 600 years. what does that, do you think, do to this office which has been sort of considered divine for most people's catholic modern times? >> it presides in the office, not in the person. it's perfectly understandable that a person can step away. it's just that it hasn't been double. this pope has reached back, way back to make a change, to set a precedent for the future.
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>> what is that precedent? what is it going to be? are we going to see shorter- term popes? because they tend to go in at a later age in life. are we going to see more of this, do you think? >> i think what we're going to see because all of us are living longer, that the idea of someone having an office and outlasting their ability to fulfill those functions because of age, because of illness, those sorts of examples are only going to increase. >> this is different from the others because the others, we had a passing. and you had a funeral. and everybody gathered in rome. there was a ritual. there was a sense of timing. all of this impending and where the church goes. this is going to be much different. this is going to be more political. the cardinals that are going to be meeting in that conclave aren't going to have the catharsis of a passing and the funeral and the millions that show up in rome. this is going to abmuch more political a-- to be a much more political affair. where do you think it goes?
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>> that is a good point. there isn't the time of mourning and all of the ritual around there. so they're going to go directly in and read to them the rules of conclave and they're going to have open sessions where they actually talk about, as you say, the political issues with respect to church politics. what are the most important issues concerning the church today. they had a chance to air that out amongst each other before the election. >> he wasn't in office -- can we say in office? >> yes-- >> too long but you have written specifically that his scholar way of thinking has somehow burdened the church. tell us about that. expand on that. >> well, it's been a bit of a blessing and a curse. it certainly has saddled the english speaking word with changing the word of the liturgy, making little more archaic and certainly keeping the gender male propronouns in
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the -- pro nouns in the rite of the mask. but on other hand he's been a blessing. he reminds world reason always needs to be applied to religion and you can never take up the sword or the bomb in our modern world in the name of religion. both of those come from his scholarship. >> here in the bay area issues that we often associate with the catholic church and the catholics discuss gay marriage, women in the priesthood, child abuse by the clergy are sort of preeminent. do you think that is going to be reflected in this conclave or what are their priorities? >> certainly all those things. as i said, when they get together to talk about what are the pressing issues, all of those things are going to ob their minds. there's a clear direction forward for greater transparency, complete transparency in the church working with the state, with respect to sexual abuse in the church. for those other issues, those changes in the order, in social
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-- [indiscernible] -- church leadership is a spokesperson for the rest of the church. they listen for the sense of the faithful and they make no major changes that they see would in any way scandalize. so those things will move more slowly. >> what have you been hearing amongst the faithful, amongst catholics? the first thing we heard was shock. everybody was extremely surprised that this was happening. how do you move forward? >> after the news is reached, what are you hearing? >> well, among the brothers, it was complete shock but the second thing that kicked in was respect. great respect for the daring move that this made. something interesting about the change. this is the last pope who participated in the second vatican council. the new pope is going to be the first generation of those who have received council and will move forward with it. >> it will be interesting to see who is chosen for that position. thanks for being here.
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we'll be right back. >> my pleasure. p
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wyoming @ this point 00:05:57;10 ((butt to)) 00:06:03;02 newsom: wait a sec. we just submitted a balanced budget. colbert: jacking the taxes on guys like me. california used to be a growing land of opportunity. now it's a dustbowl of debt where education isn't free and people are fleeing. it has a smaller population than wyoming.
7:52 am
>> we balanced the budget for the first time. >> by jacking-- >> i admire him for going on that show. he knew he was going to get it. the lieutenant governor has been trying to defend the golden state on the talk show tour touting his new word citizenship. his point is we shouldn't give up on california. >> okay. that balanced budget is just one of the reasons why california, the lieutenant governor and governor may be some of the most -- [indiscernible] but the governor is really out telling like it is. remember that visit with rick perry. he'll say anything. >> not even a burp. apparently a [ bleep ] >> should i liken it to standing by the ocean? >> no. it's a big nothing. >> a lot of these texans that come here, they don't go back. >> that's to put it mildly actually. >> given this candor, we turn to our political insiders, former san francisco mayor willy brown. no stranger to shooting from
7:53 am
the lip and "san francisco chronicle"'s political editor. the governor has been out in the spotlight probably more than sylvester stallone. now he's looking better than stallone these days. what's up? >> i'm hearing he's going around the state doing speeches and people are saying, jerry is something he's never used to be. personable, friendly. he's sounding more like his dad out there on the trail. >> keep in mind jerry sets the whole tone for wherever he is. it's not something that's invited him. he comes in and without any relevance, they took other than himself and where he happens to be. he does the job that you need to do. it's a combination of bill clinton and eastwood. >> right. so you don't know -- i've watched it. you don't know when he walks in the room or takes the stage whether he is going to be eloquent or like you said half
7:54 am
off the wall talking to an empty chair. but whatever it s people are going to be riveted and trying to figure out what it is he's doing. and he's clever enough to have picked up a phrase from the local newspaper or some other place and he has an enormous capacity to recall his -- almost every place he stops he can -- [ inaudible ] >> more than anybody else, he has d.n.a. of california in his bones. this guy who understands the state. and he goes around the state and is able to connect with all the others. >> what about the die familiar of california right now -- dynamic of california right now that has allowed him to set the agenda up there and with all the ambitious people in congress? it's because he has no competition. there's something to be said about age and experience. >> exactly. i think age has a lot to do with it. he's in his 70s so as far as
7:55 am
his future for a political career, you don't have to worry as much about what you say coming back to haunt you. >> i like what you said as much. in politics, including the governor, they say once you decide you're not running again, you know, all bets are off and you can do what you want. don't rule him out for running, for governor or something else. >> willy brown has said that too. we'll see. helping the bay bridge survive another earthquake. the science behind the new project. >> and a day on the bay turns into a dramatic rescue scene as well. the boat crash that sent two people to the hospital. >> and the crew called it a roller coaster in the history books. how this yachting race was able to do it. we'll be right back.
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well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording
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her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible. small boat crashes into a ferry on the san francisco bay. two people injured after a small boat crashes into a ferry on the san francisco bay. the crew now placed on administrative leave for the investigation. we've got a beautiful sunday morning out of the bay area. mostly sunny skies, a few high clouds and a change in the forecast coming up. we'll discuss that in a minute. and the big gulp seen around the social media world. what people took away from the republican response to the state of the union. there we go. women come back to kpix this
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morning. the time is 8:00. it's february 17. i'm phil matier. i'm anne makovec. thanks for joining us. we have a lot to get to in the next half-hour. how did that water gulping moment become the take away from the two big national speeches next week. fremont is trying to make a pitch again for the a's. should we call them the oakland as or san jose as or something in between. what is going to prevent this one from being damaged in annual earthquake like we've -- an earthquake like we've seen before. but first, we're getting our first look on the white house proposal of immigration reform. >> a draft shows a timeline that offers a path to permanent residency for people who are here illegally. that who process would take up to eight years but first undocumented immigrants could apply for a new designation, the so-called lawful
8:00 am
perspective immigrant visa. if they get that, they can then apply for the same legal status for their spouses and children. business owners would also have to check the immigration status of new hires within four years. ferry service will resume this morning in san francisco after a collision sent two people to the hospital. >> that's right. yesterday afternoon the ms san francisco was struck by a 22- foot pleasure boat as it was making its way from sauls lead toe to -- sausalito to san francisco. two injured passengers were taken away by helicopter. no one on the ferry was injured. the coast guard worked into the night to find the reason for the collision. the captain and the crew of the ferry will be placed on at midttion leave which is a -- administrative leave which ch is a standard procedure as the investigation -- which is a standard procedure as the investigation continues. another possible garbage hike. they could go up by 3% if the city proposes new rates for
8:01 am
redwood city. it would be the third rate hike in three years. rising fuel prices and worker benefits are all said to be behind the need for more cash. the council approved a 7.2% rate increase last time. there's fresh talk in free month about building a stadium -- freemont about building a stadium for the as. the idea fell through four years ago when the housing market crashed and there were other problems. but now the bay area news group reports that the vice mayor wants to revisit the idea. no free month officials have had talks with the as on this new idea and the team owner says he's still focused on downtown san jose as the most likely site for a new ballpark. today is a day of remembrance, also commemorating the japanese americans who in world war ii -- it takes place this afternoon. it begins at 2:00 p.m. this year's day of remembrance is dedicated to the memory of
8:02 am
u.s. senator daniel inouye and he was the longest serving japanese american in congress till he passed away last year. a man wrongly convicted of trying to kill another man is getting a new chance. he was convicted of attempted murder and assault with a firearm. the innocence project which is made up of law students at santa clara university took a second look at his case and they found several problems with it. now he's about to go free and his mother can't believe it. >> i feel good. it lifted a world off my shoulders. i feel real great. i'm great and i thank the lord. i'm very grateful that my son is getting out for something he didn't do. >> he's believed since the very beginning that we were going to be able to get us out. he called us the dream team. he really believed in us. >> ross' or deal started in 2006 when the victim was shot in the ribs after answering a knock on the front door.
8:03 am
the man police now say did it stephen emory, sr. was later convicted of attempted murder in an unrelated case. he's been linked to several shootings in west oakland. it's been less than a week since fugitive cop killer christopher dorner died in a standoff. the resort area in the southern california mountains where he fled is finally getting back to normal. cbs news reporter louisa hodge has more from big bear. >> reporter: life in the town of big bear is returning to normal. packed restaurants, busy slopes, tourists and traffic. >> it was really nice to know that it's done and we can come up and hang and not feel threatened. >> we actually were going to come last weekend of the then we saw how dorner was up here so we came this weekend instead. >> reporter: while a feeling of safety returned to this mountain community, the week's events are still on the minds of many. a steady stream of people stopped to take a look at the burned down cabin where officials say christopher dorner took his life. after that gun battle that led to the death of one san
8:04 am
bernardino sheriff's deputy and injured another. >> kind of curious, see wrg it all happened. >> reporter: jeanine and richard alvarado stopped by to take a look at the condo where police say christopher dorner was hiding out for days. while vacationers here building snowmen and skiing on the nearby slopes, christopher dorner, police believe, was hiding out armed and ready. >> it's amazing how close it was right across the street. the command post is right across the street and he was just watching everything just from a hundred yards away. >> reporter: candy and her husband own a cabin next door to where dorner was hiding. they used extra caution before they would walk into their home. >> before we go, let's make sure. he opened the door and he said, you know, we're friendly. don't hurt us. >> reporter: while this couple no longer needs to live on edge, they describe this president's day weekend as bittersweet. >> life goes on for us but unfortunately it doesn't for others. the families that were affected by what he did is awful.
8:05 am
>> reporter: after the cabin burned down, a fence was put up around the cabin to keep the many people that are coming here to take a look and to take pictures a distance away. >> es coming up next, a world record voyage ends in the san francisco bay. >> and why some call it a curse. the viral moment during a republican response to the state of the union. >> plans for the bay bridge party shaping up. the proposed price tag to let thousands of people to walk across that new span. >> a weather forecast free of charge for you from kpix5. starting out with cloudy skies. a chilly start but a mild finish. details after the break.
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mary gonzales had a cold she also has asthma. so she sees her allergist who has a receptionist susan who sees that she's due for a mammogram. mary has one that day. that's when she finds out she has a tumor. she has a successful surgery and because her health provider has an amazing connected system, she has her life. i don't know what you have but i have kaiser permanente.
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kaiser permanente. thrive. [ whirring ] [ creaking ] [ male announcer ] trophies and awards lift you up. but they can also hold you back. unless you ask, what's next? [ zapping ] [ clang ] this is the next level of performance. the next level of innovation. the next rx. the f sport. this is the pursuit of perfection. broken a speed record of its own. a racing yacht named after one of the world's fastest cars has broken a speed record of
8:09 am
its own. the 70-foot mazaratti sailed into san francisco bay this weekend after leaving new york less than to months ago. patrick shows us what life on the high seas was like for the iew. >> feels like you're on a roller coaster pretty much. >> reporter: now the ride is over for the nine-man crew of the moz ratty. the -- mazaratti. the fastest sailboat ever to get from new york to san francisco. the mazaratti set out on new year's day and took 47 days. >> nine of us with six nalbandiantys. we have -- nationalities. we have french, german, chinese and more on board. >> reporter: they made it through bad weather. >> we werable to -- we were able to solve the trouble each time. >> reporter: with all natural power. sailing or motor? >> all sailing. >> reporter: the top speeds were 35 and 36 knots which means? >> that's like 40 something
8:10 am
miles an hour. it's not very fast but on a sailboat it feels very fast. we wanted to set a very nice reference time that was going to be difficult for whoever comes after us to beat. and i think we've managed to accomplish that for sure. >> reporter: now that they've broken the record, what's next? >> i want to go to eat and to drink a nice beer. >> reporter: this is it. the mazaratti breaking the record by ten days. the old record from new york to san francisco around south america was 57 days. they did it in 47. from san francisco, kpix5. it is going to be a lovely day for sailing. yesterday was another warm one. another one on tap? >> yes. warm at least for this time of year. temperatures today are going to be in the 60s. it's time to get out and enjoy the earth because it's going to be ultimately enjoyable today. readings in the 60s. we've got perfectly blue skies in most locations at least the evidence showing that to be the
8:11 am
case. visibilities pretty nice today. the numbers starting off on the chilly side. 42 degrees at concord. at the airport already in the 50s. temperatures will recover in the low 60s today. there will be some changes to this week. we may get a little bit of rain for the first time in a while. a chilly start in sonomo county. a sunny sunday and highs down to the 50s, though, by tomorrow. it will turn distinctly chillier in the week ahead. rain will enter the bay area on tuesday. not as much rain as was originally believed. low pressure that's in the gulf of alaska will begin to knock the breath out of high pressure over the west coast. as the low comes down, things cool off and it will get wet beginning tuesday morning but the latest runs of the model overnight last night shows the rain is backing off, at least in terms of amounts to just about a tenth to a quarter of an inch for us on tuesday. that's not much. if you're heading out on monday, though, you'll make a pretty guess scape out of sfo. doesn't look like much fog. a few clouds in advance of that storm and a high of 53 degrees.
8:12 am
for new york sunshine and 34. but they'll get rain in chicago. the rain will turn into snow by tuesday. denver's got partly cloudy skies and 54 degrees. back in the bay area, we'll hit 60 degrees today. 64 at napa. 64 v.a. rail crow and -- valeo and 64 concord with mostly sunny skies for the bay area. president's day will be fair and cool. temperatures will be only in the 50s, though. it will be 15 degrees off of where we were just yesterday. extended forecast increasing clouds on monday. then a chance of rain on tuesday for the bay area and it will turn distinctly cool this week. wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday. the numbers will be in the 50s all week long. the only day that does look wet right now is tuesday. stay tuned, though. it looks unsettled for the latter half of the week. in the meantime sunday looks nice for us. don't forget by the way an important fact is that 60% of the human body is composed of
8:13 am
water. it's important to remain hydrated and i think anne is going to remind us about a notorious incident. >> i'm not the only person who loves water, that's for sure. that walls made clear. >> you never know when you're going to need it. it was the state of the union address. the republican party pinned its hopes on the junior senator from florida and then senator marco rubio got thirsty. his water gulp during the response to the president's prime time address went viral. it was highly mocked. he even delivered his response in spanish as an effort by the republican party to improve its image among the latino voters. >> who's going to remember all that? we turn to willy brown. which one is going to be remembered? >> i think he has given the signature of his career. from now on, everywhere he goes, there's going to be a
8:14 am
water bottle readily available and it's going to get larger and larger and larger. >> you have been covering politics for a long time. you know the visual versus what people say. did this guy lose out to the visual? >> yes. this is an example of how social media is driving the whole message in politics. he had such a problem. he's going to continue to. that speech is a disaster for any republican. christie turned it down. the imek stations are -- expectations are so high. with rubio now, they're looking at him for 2016-- >> whoever makes the response to the president is the contender? >> allegedly the contender. >> what's wrong with the speech first of all, you don't need a response to the president's speech. let's start with that one. >> you're no fun at all. >> you have no audience. none whatsoever. and all you can do is become cannon fire for those of us who
8:15 am
are criticizers. >> speaking of speeches, the president's went on and on and on. at the end he demanded -- people started doing the baptist vote. people deserve a vote oil graition. the people deserve a vote -- vote on immigration. the people deserve a vote on minimum wage. got a great response. everybody shook his hand and then what did they do? >> they went home. >> they all left washington. [ multiple voices ] >> bad timing on his part. when he accepted jesse jackson's version to close his speech, she have known it would be a problem if he's demanding they do something. >> it's one of those moments, i thought it was an emotional moment. it worked. but you're right, it's the reason why congress' approval ratings are in the cellar. >> i was watching the response. i didn't notice the water call
8:16 am
until all of a sudden i saw it on social media and it was awfully funny to see the replay but it wasn't that big of a deal to me initially. did you find it? >> i thought it looked weird. that's wait it works in politics. you never know when the youtube moment is going to hit. we're moving on. >> imagine being able to walk across the new bay bridge. >> that's one of the perks coming up on the big bay bridge bash. next the engineering techniques that will make it one of the safest bridges ever.
8:17 am
8:18 am
shape.. the big celebration for the opening of the new bay bridge on labor day weekend is finally taking shape. this week the metropolitan trappings authority gave initial approval to spend $5.6 million so the public can walk from oakland to san fran. they are also looking for sponsors to fund private
8:19 am
events, including a half marathon and a bike ride. the board is expected to make a final decision on spending that taxpayer money by february 27. this is a lot of money. >> it is. it comes from the toll people as well. the countdown talk continues to tick toward the opening. kpix5 is proud to be the official station for the opening ceremonies in september. we'll keep you posted on planning for the big day. 197 days away. >> when it's finished, this is going to be one of the safest bridges in the world and it's going to be virtually quake proof. >> engineers had to move heaven and earth to do that. >> reporter: it's the most expensive public works project in california history. every day 280,000 cars thump over the reason it all began. it's right over here. pier e9 where the cantilever meets the in line section. little do commuters know that right here they're rolling over the reason for spending $6 billion. >> and he fails to get dave
8:20 am
parker at second base. so the oakland as take-- >> oh, my god, we're having an earthquake. wait a minute. hold on. >> serious damage on the bay bridge. the upper east side collapsing. >> reporter: the old bridge that was designed to withstands a repeat of the 1906 quake was knocked out of service by a quake that was only 3% as powerful. you might think this is a new bridge, but it's really an earthquake safety project which would never have happened if that 500-ton section of road bed hadn't failed. so why is this new bridge not going to fall down? >> because we thought about seismic right from the beginning. >> reporter: caltrans bridge engineer dr. brian more moroney says he played it awfully safe. >> i've never made an important decision on this job without my seismologist sitting in the
8:21 am
room and my geotechnical engineer. >> reporter: it's some of the deepest mud on earth. the soil conditions, it's the poster child of poor siels. >> we've had to incorporate that into the design. >> reporter: they took the nearby ridge of hills into account. >> you can see the fault from here. eight right here. >> reporter: so is its northward extension, the rogers creek fault. >> both are major players in the bay area in terms of past and future earthquake activity. our estimate of the magnitude of both is 7.2 to 7.3. that's really large. we really haven't had an earthquake of that size in a modern america city. >> reporter: when it does snap, the bridge will react like any other bridge. >> there will be movement in the super structure. the cables will bounce around and the cars will feel it. >> reporter: but one thing that happen that didn't happen before. >> after this design level
8:22 am
event, i'm confident we're still going to be able to drive across it. >> reporter: in '# 9 the bridge was closed -- in '89 the bridge was closed for a month while the old road bed was replaced with a new one. now there are innovations in place to make sure what happened to this bridge won't happen to this one. the road bed is supported by 160 concrete filled steel piles as much as 300 feet deep. the earth is connected to these piers pretty rigidly. >> reporter: they have sheer link beams designed to absorb the shock of an earthquake. >> they're basically like bumpers in a car. we don't need a bumper, do we? we only need a bumper if we hit somebody. >> reporter: and if we do get hit, 20 extraordinary hinge pipe beams absorb the energy of a quake. they might get damaged but the adjoining bridge segments should survive. >> that's the first time anybody has used this in the world, anywhere. >> reporter: the piers, the
8:23 am
bumpers, the beams won't eliminate quake damage but the new bridge should still be usable after a big one. >> if you're in junior high and you get beat up and sef -- in seventh grade, you can still go to school the next day. you might have a black eye but you can go to school. you may not be going 70 miles an hour talking on your cell phone but people will be able to drive across it. that's the goal. >> it comes at an astronomical price. the entire damage by the earth quake in 1989 down from santa cruz all the way north to santa rosa, the damage in the marine ya, the collapse of the embarcadaro freeway, all of that damage totaled $6 billion from that one event and the price of the new bay bridge? $6 billion. which to me is amazing. >> we're also talking about the price of a lot of lives that can be saved by the new design. >> and we're also talking about the time to do it which in political style added billions. >> the original bridge was built from scratch in the 1930's in three years. this bridge has taken them since they really started back
8:24 am
in 1999. it's going to take them 14 in all. >> the end is near. >> nothing like progress. we'll be right back.
8:25 am
draft proposal to reform immigration. u-s-a today reports that it would allow the mented to become l gldz. welcome back. the white house has come up with a graft proposal to reform immigration. "u.s.a. today" report it is would allow the undocumented to become legal permanent residents within eight years. a controversy in los angeles related to the upcoming selection after new pope. retired cardinal roger mahony is still elavailable to take part in -- still eligible to take part in the conclave but a large group in l.a. says he should be disqualified after files came to light he protected a priest accused of sexual abuse grz face the nation is starting in a few miss. -- abuse. face the nation is starting in
8:26 am
a few minutes. minutes. your tax dollars are going to waste. that is over on channel 44, cable 12. that's where we're going starting at 8:30 a.m. thanks for joining us this morning. channel 44, cable 12.
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>> schieffer: today on facethe nation what a week it was. lightning struck the vatican. a meteorite struck the earth. and, oh, yeah, congress and the president left town. we'll talk about it with the president's new chief of staff dennis mcdonough. then we'll hear from two political heavyweights, newark booker, and former republican party chairman haley barbour. in the wake of the pope's resignation, we'll talk about what's ahead for the catholic
8:29 am
church with cardinal donald wuerl of washington. we'll get the latest on that meteorite from jeffrey chewinger, senior science editor of "science magazine" the latest from david ignatius of the "washington post," tom ricks of "foreign policy," and state department correspondent margaret brennan. we'll round it up on the with amy walt are aim amy walter, michael gerson, and our political director john dickerson. from out in space to here on earth, this is "face the nation." captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news in washington, "face the nation" with bob schieffer. >> schieffer: and good morning, again on a day when there is no shortage of questions. we welcome dennis mcdonough president obama's me chief of staff, who i presume has brought many answers with him this


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