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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  March 2, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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ed by a sinkhole. and no chance for recovery. what will happen now to save the neighborhood. and we are what we eat, especially when we're angry. what we're learning about the connection between our meals and our moods. good evening. i'm ann notarangelo. we begin with a developing story in san jose. a high-speed chase ends with officers shooting and killing a suspect. neighbors capture the dramatic scene on city streets on cell phones. you can see at least a dozen cop cars following that tan sedan. it ended near the intersection of blossom and calero avenues. >> reporter: police have just a few minutes ago reopened blossom avenue after about eight continuous hours of investigation. we did also watch the very damaged car of the suspect being hauled away. police had said earlier nothing specific about a gun, but they did say the suspect made a threatening motion. but the lethal weapon in this
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case apparently was the car, police say, which the suspect used to ram three police vehicles. what began as a solo officer chasing a suspect ended up with this, multiple police cars chasing and ultimately shooting a suspect. it began with what an officer decided was a driver acting suspiciously. when he approached the car, the car sped off. later, when the officer caught up with him, the driver rammed the police car. that brought other officers in the chase. >> the initial pursuing officer's car is disabled. and the suspect then is able to ram what we believe at this point to be at least two other marked police cars. >> reporter: the pursuit is now at low speeds in this neighborhood near blossom and calero. the suspect is driving on rims after a tire is blown out. >> when we heard all the sirens going, i heard a car making a lot of noise. and when i looked up, he was
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going up blossom. you could see the car just dragging in the street. and then police were following and like i said, we counted up to 13 police cars following him. >> reporter: the suspect then pulled up in front of a residence and got out of his car. dwyer says the officers felt the suspect presented an imminent danger. they pulled up and drew their weapons. >> both officers fired at the suspect. the suspect was struck by the gunfire, went down and was later pronounced dead at the scene. >> reporter: police are asking for help, information from anyone, who may know something about all of this. a short time after this, ann, a woman was seen here in the neighborhood crying hysterically. she said she was the suspect's mother. it was a traffic stop that just kind of went bad and elevated from there. an overnight chase in daly
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city today. it all started when daly city officers tried to pull over a suspected car thief. the driver took off and eventually jumped out of the moving car. officers shot and killed him when they say he raised his gun at them. that makes three deadly officer- involved shootings in the bay area in the past 48 hours. in sonoma county, sheriff's deputies killed a suspected kidnapper early yesterday morning. the suspect led deputies on a chase before crashing, and that's when they shot him, fearing he was reaching for a weapon. no gun was found. now, these all come on the heels of tuesday's officer- involved shooting in santa cruz where a gunman and two officers were killed. well, it's something that no one can seem to get their minds around. a hole in the earth opening up, under a house, devouring a man sleeping in his bed.
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cbs reporter adriana diaz explains the search for the missing man has now been called off. >> reporter: the family of a florida man sucked into a massive sinkhole broke down in tears after rescuers called off the search for his body. >> with all the equipment that we brought in and specialized help, we just have not been able to locate mr. bush. >> reporter: 37-year-old jeff bush disappeared thursday night when the ground under his home opened up, swallowing his bedroom. crews say the sinkhole is so unstable that they've decided to carefully tear down the rest of the house. >> it needs to be done from outside the perimeter with huge equipment that will be able to reach in and bring out whatever we can of the house. >> reporter: they say the sinkhole is slowly growing and threatens other homes in the suburb east of tampa. firefighters helped families at risk evacuate. the victim's brother is struggling with his loss. jeremy bush jumped into the hole to try to save his brother and had to be rescued himself.
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>> it's going to bother me for rest of my life. >> reporter: the community is showing support for the bush family. a memorial has formed in front of the house and officials say they will start demolishing the home sunday morning. experts say sinkholes are common in florida because the ground there is largely made of clay and limestone. but they say deaths are rare. another record-setting gun buyback, this one in santa clara county. $150,000 in cash was handed out today. each handgun, shotgun and rifle was worth $100. each assault weapon, $200. all of the guns will be destroyed. a warning for a san mateo neighborhood after a string of burglaries. three homes have been hit. the burglars are getting in through sliding glass doors. and the san jose sharks
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foundation teaming up with the stanford blood center to host a save a life blood drive at hp pavilion. donors were also allowed to sign up for organ registries. they got a chance to watch the sharks practice at the tank. california republicans are taking a long look in the mirror. they're talking about rebranding their image to win back voters and hopefully investigative power. >> we need to be asking for the vote in the most powerful way possible. we need to have the diversity that is america. if we do, we'll have success. >> less than 30% of california voters are registered republicans. one of the parties' biggest challenges is attracting hispanic voters who don't see eye to eye with the party's immigration stand. >> the first thing they have to do is stop talking about it in a way that demonizes people who come into this country
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unlawfully seeking work. >> republican strategist karl rove points to texas as an example of what republicans can achieve. once a democrat stronghold, the state has elected republicans to 101 to the 150 state house seats. in the bay area's hottest job markets, long lines for low- paying work. >> it's kind of nerve-wracking. >> it's silicon valley but it's anything but high-tech. >> i've always had issues with anger, suppressing anger. >> taking control of your emotions by taking a look at your diet. what we're learning about the link between your foods and your moods. from the kpix 5 weather center, good evening. what we are learning about an approaching storm. we'll pinpoint the timing on when the rain will fall.
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and hundreds of baseball players are trying to win a job with a club. n't the only one we're well into spring training and hundreds of baseball players are trying to win a job with the club. but they aren't the only ones looking for work. from ticket takers to ushers to concessions, kpix 5's anne makovec shows us the big
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turnout for the san jose giants' job fair. >> times are tough right now. >> reporter: hundreds of job seekers came hopeful for even part-time temp work with the san jose giants. >> trying to make it, trying to survive. >> reporter: we're not talking about high school kids picking up work for the summer. >> i haven't done this in probably 11 years. it's kind of nerve-racking. >> reporter: liz already has a job but she needs another one to keep up with the rising cost of living. >> everything is going up but your income. >> reporter: randy agrees he already works full-time at a warehouse. >> there are a lot of jobs available, but there's a lot of competition. everyone is looking for a job right now. >> reporter: sean has training and ten years experience in promotions, but she'll take what she can get. >> retail sales, i'm willing to start there. i understand that. learn more about the game just being there. and then move up from there. >> we've had such a huge turnout the last few years that we decided to change the
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process this year. >> reporter: applicants had to preregister online and then be invited to this event. 400 people got the nod. >> we've doubled our numbers. >> reporter: now they have no problem filling jobs, unlike the days when the silicon valley was booming. >> my first year, we had about 50 people. that's the difference. >> reporter: about 125 jobs are actually available. that means only one in four will be hired. they'll find out friday. >> there will be some anxiety. >> how are you going to keep your mind off the nerves until friday? >> i have no idea. >> reporter: these jobs will start when the giants kick off their season on april 11. in san jose, anne makovec, kpix 5. nearly all of the jobs offered at today's job fair are minimum wage. in san jose, that is now $10 an hour. weeks and weeks of testing are coming down to this. the light sculpture on the bay bridge will be turned on, on
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tuesday, creating a dazzling scene. when the switch is hit at 9:00, the world's largest light sculpture will grow, thanks to 20,000 lights. the show will go on every night over the next two years. and we are counting down the days until the opening of the new eastern span of the bay bridge. kpix 5 is your official station for the opening ceremony labor day weekend. it's been said you are what you eat. can certain foods make you angry, anxious or depressed? reporter christina johnson says some experts think they can. >> i'm constantly thinking of how i can get my revenge or scolding somebody. >> reporter: robin says she's angry all the time. and she believes it's related to what she is eating. >> i've always had issues with
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anger or suppressing anger. >> feeling angry, feeling uncomfortable, and just possibly lashing out. >> reporter: jeff gets angry too. he even know what foods set him off. >> i can still get irritable when i've had too much of the carbs. >> they don't give your body what you need to cope with the day-to-day stresses. >> reporter: nutritionist nicholas says it's true. there is a connection between anger and food. a poor diet can trigger our tempers. >> deficiencies in some of the nutrients, vitamin c, b vitamins, may make a person hyperactive, a short fuse. >> reporter: he says it is all about the brain. without vitamins and nutrients, the body can't make brain chemicals like serotonin, necessary for clear thinking and a good mood.
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>> the gears of the brain just don't run as well. so you're going to feel less energy, be more irritable. >> deficiencies have been correlated strongly with increase in aggressive behavior. >> reporter: to test that university, oxford university researchers gave vitamins to people incarcerated. they found it led to less aggressive behavior. >> i think it does demonstrate that there is something to nutrient deficiencies. >> reporter: avoid processed and packaged foods. make sure to eat more fish, eggs, beans, lentils and kale. >> you'll see that you have the ability to cope. >> christina johnson also reports that researchers are exploring a possible connection between poor diets and the rides of bullying in schools. now we know why roberta is always in a good mood. if you only eat really healthy
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foods -- >> i was thinking oysters. that's what i was thinking. you were mentioning a little earlier about the light show with the bay bridge. what time? >> 9:00. >> we're going to have rain in the bay area at 9:00 on tuesday, but it will not obscure the view. let's go ahead and fire it up. it's our live, hi-def doppler. we're seeing a lot of green on the screen, but that is deceptive. that is actually the rain evaporating and our very dry air mass. we do have a little bit of light precipitation in and around the north bay. it just moved out of the santa rosa area. but, again, it's live hi-def doppler, so it picks up things as they're actually happening. this is actually happening right now, our live kpix 5 weather camera looking out towards the fair! and whether the not there. it's changing. currently, it's still pretty mild, into the 50's. 58 in san jose.
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54 in oakland. today, 72 degrees, 10 degrees cooler today in santa cruz. yesterday, a record 81. today 71. 74 in santa rosa. all these numbers still well above normal for this time of the year. but that's changing. tonight, mild, with the blanket of clouds. numbers into the 40's and 50's. here's what you need to know. tonight, cloud cover. we will have a sprinkle or light shower, mainly north of the golden gate bridge. we could wake up to wet pavement on sunday. then as the day wears on, it will turn partly sunday. wednesday, a plume of cloud cover lifting up in a southwesterly direction. and it falls apart at the seams because of the very dry air mass. cooler temperatures to the north. so that unseasonably warm trend is out of here. here's your tuesday afternoon. we could see some wet pavement
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towards fairfield and discovery bay. otherwise, your monday morning commute will be dry. but look what happens by tuesday, evening commute. a stronger, more potent area of low pressure, even dropping our snow levels down to 3500 feet by wednesday. so the bulk of the rain will move into the area on wednesday. but still, we're talking less than an inch of precipitation. 67 degrees tomorrow. from stockton, modesto, all the way to fresno. a light smattering of snowfall on the high sierra. but up to six inches expected by wednesday tonight. tomorrow our numbers are coming down, 50's and mid 60's. winds will blow out of the west 10 to 20 miles per hour. rain develops tuesday night. then we have rain likely on wednesday. dry period after that. that's a look at your pinpoint forecast. vern, sharks did it tonight! >> oh, baby, you know it!
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i'm probably allergic to that. at kaiser permanente, your medical information is available to you and your doctors. quickly. securely. no guesswork required. better information. better care. kaiserpermanente. thrive. tonight because san jose scored 2 goals!!! nhl up top, the sharks. i'll bet you they will say they saw pigs fly tonight, because the sharks scored two goals. james shepherd takes a nasty in the back. no penalty! here he is on the breakaway. antti niemi says, no! nice save there. 18 for nemo. sharks get on the power play.
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second period, doing the work. seventh goal of the year for the no. 1 star tonight. sharks win it for the first time in regulation in about two and a half weeks. 2-1 is your final. ah, the bubbles can only mean the dorsal fin digest. joe thornton collected his 1100th nhl point. only three players have that. the last time the sharks won at home, january 27. yeah it's been that long. the warriors, i'll bet that plane ride was pretty quiet. the road trip is over. four games, five nights. david lee, another road loss.
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they got off to a good start. stephen curry, 30 on the night for stephen. warriors up by as many as 16. curry runs it down. thompson, one of his seven three balls. but the warriors ran out of gas. sixers jumped them. jrue holiday, tough shot, and a big one. sixers snap a seven-game losing streak. warriors lose, 104-97. 1-and-4 on the road trip. spring training action and a look at jolly ol' panda, swinging the bat. he goes. his first home run of the spring. tim lincecum was scratched with a blister. not considered serious. the giants beat the cubs 9-7. the other half of the giants lost 9-5 to the royals.
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josh reddick and moss both hit homers for the green and gold. michael thompson. finished the day tied for the lead at 8-under par. all you guthrie fans, here he is. 8-under par. yeah. tiger woods, playing the weekend. he shot a 70 today. he is eight strokes back. so woods with a lot of work to do. looks like a two-horse race. when we come back, randy moss took to the tweets on his 49er future. and the cal men's basketball team.
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..." wished we could've finished the job. thanks for the opportunity..." some of what wide-out randy moss tweete quote, wish we could have finished the job. thanks for the opportunity. close quote. some of what randy moss tweeted tonight, announcing he would not be returning to the 49ers. senior night at the pavilion. matthew. 21 points. he became the all-time leader in st. mary's history. kevin foster cut the gaels' lead to one. st. mary's was just putting it
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to bed. matt, to cap it off. and he takes a little bow for the last time. st. mary's wins. final, 82-67. mike montgomery hosting colorado. i love this play. cal is feeling it. tyrone, ripping it down! and cal is running away from the buffaloes. a swat at one end, and check out the fast-break. it will be davis. this is how it went for the bears tonight. they win 62-46, their seventh straight win. that's what you wanna do. women's side, you gotta hand it to stanford. they wore down washington state. landmark day for chiney ogwumike. stanford struck early and often. ogwumike, 13 rebounds, 28 points. that puts her ahead of her
11:28 pm
sister, nnemkadi ogwumike. second half, bonnie, that's an automatic. 72-50, the final there. and this from the cal woman, a share of the pac-12 regular-season title for the first time ever. final of 78-50, to get that one done. we're coming back! rs land o' lakes spreadable butter with canola oil is made with sweet cream, canola oil and salt. just three simple ingredients. what's in your spread?
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your help for her the buffalo zoo in new york is needing money. you just might be throwing cash at it when you take a look at its spokesperson. luna. a baby polar bear. the zoo needs your help for her new home. already vern and roberta are throwing their cash at them here. the zoo wants to build a new arctic edge exhibit for luna. the campaign has already raised 14 of the $18 million needed. let's just keep looking at that video, because that is just way too cute! >> that is just priceless. don't wanna clean it up, though. >> no. but -- that's it for us. good night!
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