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tv   Mosaic  CBS  March 3, 2013 5:00am-5:30am PST

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as many places this year over 260 different cities around the world are praying to end abortion through prayers. and we did it electronically originally. then after that, ron said next lent, 2009, i'm doing the 40 days. are you in? are you out? >> and of course we know the answer. >> yeah. ron, why does it mean so much to you? >> it struck me it was the perfect way to dolente. it's prayer and fasting and jesus told us that some demons can't be driven out by prayer alone and it requires fasting as well. so i felt this is a great opportunity for lent and so that's how i got hooked into it. but it was also they were showing a lot of the results of this where there were hundreds of babies saved from abortion. and that really caught my attention. >> and it's a prayerful and peaceful event? >> yes. >> do you have locations where
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you are in san francisco, i know in san mateo also. but it's a prayerful and peaceful event. it's not antagonistic. tell us, kathleen. >> correct. >> let's start here, a place to begin. >> it's sacrificing your time. i think the hardest part about the sacrifice is with waking up and saying i'm going to go somewhere i'm completely uncomfortable and i'm going to try to make myself uncomfortable. it's really walking by faith. a good place to begin was the first time i went, there was another gentleman named han hanover. ron said there would always be two people upon the site from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. when i came upon the site, there was ron and hans, smiling, going, hey, we made it! we made the hardest part and that was getting together to pray. and then what we saw, what we experienced is i want my first half an hour that i was going to just go for a half an hour turned into probably two or
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three hours. then the friends we've made out of this, my husband and i hope to go to a wedding in bali this october of a gal i met in 2009 in the first prayer group. there's so many fruits. what's the word you say, ron, like the graces-- >> well, yeah, there are many graces. i think that -- well, the one thing that i get sad about is that i, i'm -- i would like to have so many more people come, just to participate in this. it is such -- it's filled with graces of all kinds and the people that you run into there and it's just -- it's great. >> and i want to let people know, too, there's a website. we're going to have to take a break, but you've gotten so organized. how was it in the beginning? was it scraps of paper and phone calls? and now it's websites and t-
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shirts? >> correct. i don't think we were using the cell phone as much. certainly most of the people that california out with came out with us in the beginning were retired. we had to use -- it's great to send e-mails, but if people aren't using their e-mail, it didn't work. we're definitely more organized. we have about 375 people that are receiving the daily e-mail. so far, we've had -- it's day 15 and we've had 50 people come out and pray with us. >> that's great. >> and many of them have come multiple times. some people come at a certain time every day. >> yeah. do you have people buying groceries and really buying into it and their stuff melts right there? >> yes. >> we have had a couple people saying i'm going to the doctor's office that's nearby and i'll be back and i'll pray with you. >> hold that thought, because we're going to ask that question when we come back on mosaic. stay with us.
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. can you say that on television? we're back on mosaic and we're very happy today to be talking about 40 days for life with kathleen and ron. it's 40 days for life. you -- you are pro life. you're at two locations, one in san francisco, one in san mateo. you're out every day of lent, 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and 8:00 to 8:00 down the peninsula. >> 8:00 to 8:00 also. >> okay. and we're talking about this. this is not a bully pulpit, but definitely an attempt to have people rethink abortion. >> sure. >> but you, kathleen, come from a different perspective. tell us about that.
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>> at the university of tennessee, i clearly remember george bush sr. coming and giving a speech, a pro life debate, pro choice. i was on the side of the pro choicers. and get your rosaries off my ovaries might be the first way that i heard about the rosary. so you just don't know how convincing, or how powerful the holy spirit can be in changing a person's heart. i think that's one of the best, or easiest selling points for the 40 days for life campaign, is there are so many of us that, you know, have had a change of heart, or maybe a change of heart to just investigate further. what is going on? when we hear 55 million babies have died since roe versus wade, there's a lot of people wanting to know, am i a part of this? and i think that complacency and not hearing the words
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immortal sin or that you're actually killing a life, people years ago would have said my daughter's having a baby, we'll figure out how it works, is different now. we stand in the gap when a grandmother-to-be who thinks she's too young hears her daughter is having a baby, that instead of being overwhelmed she sees there's people standing in the wingsides, pregnancy centers, adoption agencies, there's a lot of people. that's who we hope to be standing by when we say there's other information, other choices. we found out that won't pregnancy centers is charging $35. most of the people in the neighborhood where we are, it's a lower income area where people are struggling to make their $1500 a month rent payment. so when they heard it was $35, two of our sidewalk counselors
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refurbished our box, our little box of information so we can give out free pregnancy tests. i feel like we hear there's a need, how do we fulfill it? diapers, every tuesday we have a diaper drive at the site. yesterday, we had over 10 packs of diapers come to the site, from people who heard about it. not ready to pray there, but want to participate. >> the whole story is really the real story, isn't it? it's not just the one note that people like to put in sometimes. >> yeah, definitely. actually, i have so many experiences, it's hard to figure out which one i should tell you about. just last night, a young lady came to pray, when were praying on 80th street. she had a brand-new baby with her. it was marvelous. cute little thing.
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she's a latino lady and she, she showed me -- she had on her cell phone all these pictures of her baby on ultrasound. >> okay. >> and it was gorgeous. i mean, i can't get over it. you would see her baby at 5 weeks and 10 weeks and 17 weeks and it was really something else. i was hoping we could have that to show there all the time. >> andrea, i want to ask you, too. how does a message like this, a pro life message, ring through the world? kathleen, i mean, you have a big job. you talk with people around the world every day. >> yes. >> ron, you're a retired dentist. so how does this message, how does this ring? do you have all kinds of people from all levels of income and education who come to this, who stay away from it? >> that's a really great question. i think the people that get the most angry are usually the ones that come out and follow us, join us. i would say the socioeconomic
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background is all people, especially the women. what i'm finding out in the corporate world is that so many put off having children. they thought they could control, you know, when this blessing would occur. so it's been a pretty interesting dichotomy of people that show up. there's a lot of women in their 40s that didn't have children and were so focused on, you know, making an income or running the corporate -- breaking the glass ceiling, didn't trust enough in the possibility. pregnancy is probably something to budget in. but you made me think of a couple of other things that have been really profound, is that people that are most scared that are coming out and praying with us have fascinating stories. so it's really been a time of healing. that's been pretty profound in that the average age during the day of the prayer warriors are probably the baby boomers, hitting the 60s, 70s, retired people. >> slow down now.
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[ laughter ] >> i'm getting there. but it is a -- it's been really profound. after work, the people you see after 5:00, people that are just a little bit cautious or i'll get an e-mail in the morning that will say kathleen, i didn't sign up yet, but i drove by yesterday and i prayed a little prayer for your cause. then i say it's not our cause. it's for the children so that there's an awareness among the mothers. >> and that communication is a big deal. we'll talk about that. we've got to sneak away, ron. [ laughter ] >> we're coming back on mosaic. 40 days for life.
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. back to mosaic, today we are talking about 40 days for
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life. it's a way where many people spend their lent, the 40 days before easter, very large in the christian world and especially large in the catholic world. kathleen, ron, we're looking at help save lives. it's a sheet that promotes 40 days for life. how did you come up with that? and what does it say? >> thankfully, the national campaign, the 40 days for life people out of texas, and now in virginia, have pooled all the money together to make sure we have some continuity to the program. then they can divide it up to the different cities. we have san mateo and san francisco and last campaign they had oakland and also marin county. so we're definitely seeing it spread. one of the things you mentioned before is how are we seeing this organically become bigger? we've had more people out on the sidewalks. well, a good statistics i heard is there were 200 buses for the
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2012 walk for life. and this year, there were 200 buses from out of time for the 2013 walk for life. but there was a 5000 to 15,000- people increase. i think we are joyfully, we're receiving those people that we have a young african american woman who said she was fed up, she's not a religious person, said i'm just fed up with all the planned parenthood signs. they are going against my people and, you know, you hear more about planned pregnancy than you hear about welcoming your child into the world. so she had heard -- she saw they were specifically targeting the walk for life. so she came out and nearly fell over at our 40 days booth. i said i was in san francisco, and ron said so do i. she thought she was the only pro life person buying bough the propaganda, that they were
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being shipped in. she is now out there with us praying, even though she is not a religious person. she said i'm a scientific person. i know that what's in my belly is a baby, if i'm having sex. >> tell some of those stories. who are these people, ron? >> the other thing i want to add to that is that in our culture today, it seems like when a woman gets pregnant, that there's a sense that it's a curse instead of a blessing. and our witness there is -- part of our purpose is to educate people and try to get them to understand that this truly is a gift from god and that we should respect that and have these babies come into our society and not kill them. >> and you bring that up, i'm thinking you or some people who go by, may be feeling differently, feel you might be looking for a fight.
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how do you handle that? >> we get a lot of challenges, for sure, but my response, i always try to listen. i try to say thank you, god bless you, and just ignore the negative part of it, because we're not there to be in an argument or debate or anything like that. we're there just to spread the good news that life is something to be cherished and not to be killed. >> we're talking about 40 days for life. it's find out all the information, locations, where you can sign up and more, if you just want to talk, e-mail you, even if you want to ask questions from a different perspective, you can do that. you're willing to answer them. >> will absolutely. >> let's mention some of the people. >> you just reminded me to use these in proportion to this. it works a lot and often, you know, praying an our father to
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help change the heart of the person that might be walking by and having a negative attitude and your smile is, like, the best way, best formula, which reminds me, a colleague of mine, i asked him for help for the lovely help save lives photo copy. i asked if he could make a color copy. he accidentally left something on the copy machine and asked why are you getting involved in something so political? his answer, i was adopted. his testimony left the 50 of us there mesmerized. he's an air guitarist and a man with a really great disposition. wow, just from a photo copy, people want to tell their stories. that's been really a very cool part, a lot of people were adopted. >> last year, we had one of the policemen that came by and he shared with us that he was adopted and he was very supportive of what we were
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doing there. so it was, it was very heart warming to hear that. >> i'm getting chased. we've got to take a break. we're coming back with kathleen and ron and 40 days for life.
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welcome back to mosaic. today, we're here with kathleen gillis and ron conapasky talking about 40 days for life, a lent enacten activity. where are we going here? >> we want to challenge parents and children. mothers in the neighborhood coming over and saying, hey, instead of going to get that
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starbucks, we're going to swing by and pray at the site. if we could get more parents to do that, just to try it out, then they follow up with an e- mail and say we want to sign up for the vigil calendar. we have the teens and the young men requesting that, hey, mom, do you want to go back there? or dad? that's the other, that's the need. we know all people and it's getting through your anxiety and getting on board. we have a lot of comer-backs. >> i want to add to that. i would like to invite the parents with young children also. i mean, we have one young parent that comes all the way from marin to pray with us at the site here and she came -- the first day she came with her four children, stepped up, all the way. it was beautiful to see that. it's very powerful there on the sidewalk to see those young children there as well. i would like to invite the people to come with their children, please. >> and kathleen, how does your family adapt? >> as long as i don't let it
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control my life and i'm able to be a happy wife is a happy life. encouragement this year, my husband gave me a medal for the end of my iphone before the end of the campaign began. it's our lady of touch, and it helps him to keep his anxiety down, too, and his nerves, but also to know that our blessed mother is protecting us out there on the front lines. >> wow. >> yeah. >> and lot of people -- we have the website, there's a phone number we'll put up, and people can come just to be there, right? >> correct. >> you can be sure someone will always be there, any time between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m., you won't be alone. we guarantee that. >> and the website has it set up that way. if the time slot shows red, there aren't enough people there, only one other person. if it shows up green, it shows we can count on three to four
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people. ron had several hours off yesterday. i went about from 11:00 to 1:00, and we had seven people deep, which was such a great testimony. and you did see mothers pushing their strollers, passing us by, kind of giving us the thumbs- up, because it's -- we know it's hard. but it's also -- we know that life's a gift. it's been a really fun, believe it or not, in a controversial city, there's so many good people here. that's what i probably would have to say most about that. >> how do you get away? making trades on your iphone? >> i have an excellent assistant. >> ron, you're retired. >> well, yeah. fortunately, i'm able to do this. >> i do have a tooth i want you to look at! >> okay! >> we want you to exhort us, toward lent, whatever you would like. we have a little bit of time left. kevin, do you want to begin? >> please, make a moment this lent. come on out. you know where we are, 1650 valencia street between army
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and mission. and your presence will make a difference. it could change the heart of someone. and all you have to do is just show up and the rest will take care of itself. >> well, yeah, it's, it's an experience that you'll never have any other way. i tell you, you meet such people there, such conversations that we have. we pray, we talk with each other about different experiences and there's some fantastic stories. i wish i had time to tell you all of them. >> kathleen, ron, it's been great having you here. >> thank you. >> thank you. you're wonderful guests and we'll have you back. >> well, thank you for having us. >> day 15, on your way to 40. >> that's right. thanks for joining us on mosaic. please join us again.
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. >> hi. welcome to bay sunday. good to have you with us. two books, one a brother and a sister memoir. a tell-all book about how to produce and fund an indemovie. we're going to mix it up with comedy as well. if you would like to pitch us an idea go to our website and scroll down to bay sunday. >> our first guests have been on a life-long journey. a family of four that took refuge and came to the united
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states where they have lived successful lives in fashion and if. please to welcome deborah and brother elli wax. >> thank you. >> let's talk about writing the book. for years, it was kind of unspoken. >> absolutely. >> as you grew up as kids, your parents didn't talk about what was about to transpire. >> no. you. >> spoke a little bit to your kids. why did you write the book? >> well, we wrote the book we we we want to the holocaust museum and they had a lot of photographs for shanghai, but they had no names to be able to identify any of the pictures. of course, we'll do our best. the first picture that we saw


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