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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  March 26, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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francisco back then. >> we don't want the end of civil decision, we don't want the spread of diseases. >> reporter: now the opposition seems to be more nuanced. >> they should have every right that married couples have. however i have a word with the -- a problem with the word marriage. >> i think if two people want to get married of the same sex that's all right but i don't believe in bringing children in. . >> reporter: in walnut creek opposition was harder to find. >> everybody deserves equal opportunities to equal treatment under the law and it's something that the united states needs to continue to move forward in. >> reporter: one man pointed to the trend that polls show that young people are more likely to support gay marriage while opponents tend to be older. >> coming up following the news at six we will have a news special on today's hearing. a look at the proposition 8
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case. you will hear from some of the key players and a look at the future of same sex marriage. you will find a special section on the proposition 8 case on the website. we are also posting the audio tapes the session and you can read the transcripts as well. those are also in the special section. >> the court listened to arguments today it also issued a ruling on a different case. the court decided police cannot bring drug sniffing dogs onto someone's property without a search warrant. the decision upheld a ruling by the florida court which threw out a case in which a police dog went ono alert while sitting on the front porch of a home. lawmakers, business owners and faith based os gaithered to speak out in favor of immigration reform. they met to detail the plan. the event is part of a nationwide lea boar backed
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campaign. they said it supports legislation that provides a clear path to citizenship for 11 million immigrants in the united states illegally. >> people in san francisco's tender loin now have a new place to enjoy a cup of cough oh. the mayor was on hand for the ribbon cutting coffee. this is the chain's 6th shop in the city. the first opened ten years ago in the mission district. the mayor said the opening of the coffee house goes with the neighborhood's efforts. the president today named julia pearson as the first female director of the secret service. the former chief of staff has more than 30 years of experience with the agency. she replaced mark sullivan. he retired after that prostitution scandal last year. >> you probably haven't had one since you were in high school. now one retailer wants to use lockers to help bring down the cost of what you buy. what sparked this huge fire
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in seattle that sent a fire ball into the sky? >> and the new town shootings have had a dramatic effect on california's desire to own weapons. what new fbi numbers show about the run on guns.
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. a fire broke out yesterday at a power station near
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seattle. a transformer blew up sending that huge fire ball high into the sky. despite the threatening images there were no evacuations. no word on the cause. the nation's leading group of financial risk analysts said medical claims costs will jump 32% under obama care. claims costs are the biggest driver of insurance premiums. the -- a few states will see costs go down but the majority would see double digit increases. the group said california may see a 62% hike by the year 2017. the obama administration said that the report ignores other measures that off set price increases. >> wal-mart today announced plans to test the use of lockers in its stores to hold goods ordered online. the company spokesman said it's a way to link online sales to brick and mortar sales and avoid the cost of shipping.
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wal-mart said two thirds of people in the united states live with in five miles of a wal-mart. this move after amazon started installing lockers at various locations where customers can pick up orders. california ans are buying guns at unprecedented levels. federal law mandates gun stores do background checks. the fbi data shows those checks increased in all 50 states in the first two moss of the year. in california the number went up 47% compared to this time last year. many say gun owners worried about new gun control legislation. >> we want to make sure we are keeping guns out of the ans of people who shouldn't have them but without interfering the ability of law abiding citizens to get their guns. >> not all gun sales require a background check. the president and some in congress are calling for background checks for every sale, not just for guns sold in stores. >> oakland police are
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searching for a suspected child predator. how family and neighbors stopped the man in this video from kidnapping a 9-year-old girl. >> back here in just about ten minutes clouds out there. they will all lead up to possibility for showers as we go in to the weekend and in to the bay area weekend.
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. family members and friends of a 9-year-old are credited with saving her from a stranger who tried to kidnap her. we are live there with surveillance video of the
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suspect. >> reporter: oakland police want to you take a close look at the video we are about to show you to help identity a suspected child predator. the surveillance video shows a man on a cell phone pacing the sidewalk on 94th avenue and b street in oakland just after six yesterday evening this man walked in to the front yard of a home and tried to kidnap a 9- year-old. >> he picked her up in a bear hug style and as he was holding her off the ground he touched her inappropriately. that's molestation. >> reporter: the girl screamed and her family and neighbors stepped in. >> they were able to scare him. he released her. he set her back down and then fled from the front yard on foot. >> reporter: police say the man ran down the street and took off in his car. this 1990 silver honda civic. several neighbors told us they heard the noise but nobody felt comfortable talking about it on camera. police praised the neighbors. >> everybody recognized that
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something wasn't right and they acted ronde it and because of that saved a little girl from being kidnapped. >> reporter: police believe this attempted kidnapping may be connected to a similar incident on november 5th. a 14-year-old was walking on the 1400 block of 1o 3rd when a man tried to force her into a car. she escaped. police say the description of her attacker matches the description of the man involved in yesterday's incident. >> if there is a connection that is cause for concern. this is a predator who is continuing to prey. >> and the man involved in the attack is hispanic, 5'8'', 170- pound was dark hair, worn spiked in the front and long america the back. he has a mustache and goatee. live in oakland. ktvu channel 2news. >> . >> early yesterday morning according to haywood police
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michael -- three men are facing weapons and evasion charges. they were arrested after crashing their car . officers first tried to stop them because it matched the description of a vehicle linked to a haywood shooting. a charles manson follower has been arrested for allegedly trying to smuggle a cell phone into prison for the cult leader. the department of corrections officials say charles manson didn't ever get the phone. a 63-year-old was arrested sunday after he was caught with the phone in a prohibited area. manson is serving a life sentence and has been caught with a smuggled phone twice in the past four years. >> the irs is warning taxpayers about a series of tax related scams. the irs said that people should watch out for phishing attacks an e-mail pretending to be from the government asking for
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personal information including social security numbers. the irs said it doesn't use e- mail to request personal or financial information. the agency also warned ads or flyer was claims of free money or social security administration are fake. a singer has filed for chapter 7. he owes nearly ten million dollars in back taxes. she listed just 25, 500 in total assets. she had the hit don't make me over followed by 18 top 100 singles shelf is best known for do you know the way to san jose and walk on by. >> several students davis and san francisco state university are spending their spring break making a difference. today students made energy efficient upgrades to the heritage home shelter in san jose. its part a week long environmental project to educate elementary school students and improve four
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buildings. >> we want to make some kind of environmental impact and help the homeless here, like the heritage homeless shelter save money and energy. >> the group also plans to make energy upgrades at the wildlife center of silicon valley, martha's kitchen and arbuckle. spot ify could scene compete with amazon and netflix. it's no discussions to create a streaming video service. it's not clear if it would stream movies. >> another major investor has joined the fight to keep the kings in sack a's the mayor said that paul jacobs has put up money for a new arena. >> let's check in with bill martin. we are talking about some rain but nothing to write home
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about. >> not what we need. we need real rain and snow in the mountains. by the weekend we may see rain accumulations and snow in the mountains, by the weekend. in the meantime we stay unsettled with the chance of sprinkles and showers and i think this will be -- just nuisance stuff. as we come in close you can see the clouds throughout the bay area. they are starting to thicken up and that's the story tomorrow. more clouds tomorrow. a chance of what we are seeing up here. just north of -- looks like you are up by on the way to marysville. we will see more of that. see how widely scattered it is. that's tomorrow. as we go into -- that's actually thursday and friday too. we will see the widely scattered showers with the very -- it's a okay weather system but the dynamics, the weather system isn't coming on shore right away. that happens on the weekend. what's coming is a lot of moisture. overnight lows in the 40s because of the cloud cover. it'll be mild tonight. the forecast for tomorrow, more
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clouds, temperatures slightly cooler, maybe a sprinkle. as we go into thursday, clouds, slightly cooler, act the same, maybe mid60s and a chance of a sprinkle. more of the same. the satellite loop shows -- the forecast shows this day tomorrow with a slight chance of a spring 8 and then into thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, this low drops down and it just -- sits out here and spins south especially thursday and friday. it's -- it really is about the worst forecast you can -- hardest forecast you can make coming no a holiday weekend. the models don't do well, nobody does well with it. these aren't classic storms. here is the wednesday at noon. green is rain. it's a long range model. green up here. that's thursday. here we go friday. you see the lows, this is the main storm. is it starts to come on shore. there is the saturday, look shower re. we will see how that goes. we have a long way to go. we will see how that goes. it does look like we will see
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showers in to the bay area weekend. until then its nuisance stuff. photograph highs right there and the five-day forecast with the bay area weekend in view. few showers here and there and by the weekend umbrellas more. >> accumulations will be almost nothing. >> okay. thank you. >> more threats north korea. now the pentagon said it has a classified plan in case of an attack.
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. a dream liner with a redesigned battery system completed a two hour test flying. it's an important step toward convincing regulators to let them continue using the planes. the fleet has been grounded since january since batteries on two planes over heated. the jet maker said the test flight lasted a little more than two hours. a second flight is planned in the coming days. >> north korea is leveling new threats against the united states and south korea. today they warned their rockets at their highest level of combat readiness and aimed at the united states and south korea. their television has been showing pictures of the leader visiting military sites across the country. meanwhile the white house is urging them to abandon its pattern of rhetoric. >> the dprk will achieve nothing by these threats or
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provocations which will only further isolate north korea and undermine international efforts to ensure peace and stability. >> pentagon officials say they have a new classified counter provocation plan in the event of an attack. california's community colleges have seen a decline in student enrollment and budge cuts are to blame. that'sa according to a new report released today by the public policy institute of california. the report details the immigrant pacts of the budget cuts. the number of high school graduates increased during the years enrollment in the campus system dropped from 2.9 million to 2.4 million students. >> a northern california man accused of threatening to kill a congressman is in jail. steven brown was arrested yesterday. sheriff's detectives say he reportedly tried to make a member of congressman's staff to lunch. when she refused brown allegedly threatened to wait
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for the congressman and blow up the building. the incident was reported and brown was arrested. a judge today recommended a claim by a new york man who said he owns half of facebook be dismissed. a m straight said the contract that forms the basis for the lawsuit is fake. the 39-year-old is suing saying he loaned the ceo a thousand dollars in start up money. there was a contract but references to facebook were added later. he has pleaded not guilty to fraud charges in connection with the ownership claims. >> an apartment fire overnight in san jose forced 20 people out of their homes. it happened about midnight. firefighters were able to put out the fire quickly. nobody was hurt. a pregnant woman who lives inside the building was went to the hospital as a precaution. two units were damaged and the people will be able to return home. a competitive bid to keep one of the largest tech companies in the world in the
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silicon valley. the seven million dollar break the city of sanious is debating at this hour. >> and new at six pg&e said this will never happen again. the safety measures it has taken covering all of its natural gas lines throughout california. sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home.
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sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home. . frank has the night off. in just the last hour samsung asked the city council to approve a seven million dollar sin thankful plan to keep them in the valley. new at six we are live in san jose where we have been inside the city hall debate. >> reporter: that debate turned
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in to grateful approval about 45 minutes ago because it could mean up to $23 million in revenue. officials were reminded these days in dealing silicon valley you have to spend money to make money. samsung semi conductor did a big deal today and it's a big deal for everybody involved. samsung plans a 200 million- dollar expansion of it's north first street offices from 200,000 to almost 700,000 square feet. it'll be a state-of-the-art research and development site. today samsung thanked san jose and it's economy kick development department. >> our vision of a unique and landmark building a testment to our commitment to maintaining a bright future for san jose. >> reporter: its cash strapped san jose that's thank. though sam sun has been here for 30 years, the mayor revealed how intense the competition was between san jose and austin. >> they figured it was 100
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million-dollar difference in the cost of the project between austin and san jose. >> reporter: san jose had a deal started last year with the governor and approved today gives samsung about $7 million in economic development funds, tax breaks and incentives and will reduce fees associated with traffic, construction and utilities. high tech analysts say that san jose also had one big advantage. samsung didn't want to relocate. >> they want to be here. they want to be close to apple, they want to take apple's employees, they want to watch apple. >> reporter: with silicon valley doing well financially while most cities are hurting company cans are being courted. >> something we have to deal with all the time in san jose. there is probably a governor in the state today looking for companies that will move to their state. >> reporter: now samsung is staying put and the company said it hopes to start demolition and construction this summer. live in san jose. robert honda. >> a san jose executive was
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charged with insider traderring over the sail of his former company. david riley was the chief information officer at foundery networks when it was sold to brocade communications in 2008. prosecutors claim he provided insider information about the sale to an analyst. both are charged. prosecutors say the scheme netted more than $27 million. >> happening now gay marriage supporters rallying at the state court building in san francisco. it's where the legal debate started. the state court legalized same sex marriage back in 2008 but months later voters passed proposition 8. our crew at this rally is interviewing a local minister who came under fire with her church for preforming gay marriages. we will have her story at seven. bus loads of proposition 8
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supporters rallied in the capitol. there are no reports of injuries or arrests. one group travel from north carolina to be there. >> the fate of proposition 8 now rests with the supreme court. david stevenson was


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