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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  April 2, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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we reported to the police on easter sunday. all of the children were playing in the street. this guy came flying up the street at 95 miles an hour. and we called the police. >> reporter: this neighbor said she has known this family for 20 years. >> it's shocking. you never know, i guess. you just don't know. scary. >> reporter: now, the man shot by police is expected to survive and lorraine blanco will have much more coming up at 5:00. live from la fayette, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. the 33-year-old man accused of ramming his car into a east san jose walmart and attacking customers appeared in a san jose court this morning. this man was in court this morning to face charges unrelated to the incident on sunday during which police say he crashed his car into the walmart and injured four people. the unrelated charges include a
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drug arrest in february and providing false information to the police. he is expected to answer to unrelated charges. president obama unveiled a major initiative to map the humane brain, to unlock the mysteries of the brain to find cures for debilitating diseases. as janine de la vega reports, a bay area professor is slated to play a major role in the so- called brain initiative. good afternoon janine. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. there are super-scientists in the white house with president obama. today, mr. obama announced he's asking the congress to spend $100 million to fund the brain initiative. it's a new project that maps the human brain in an attempt to find cures for diseases,
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such alzheimer's parkinson's and even reverse the effects of a stroke. this man is co-chairing. committee of the supersmitts and they will spend the next year -- superscientists and they will spend the next year outlining the program. >> this is an initiative that will hopefully produce better and more useful maps that will enable people who are studying the brain in all different ways to do it better to do it faster, to arrive apartment an understanding of the basic mysteries of the humane brain. >> president obama says the research has the potential of improving the lives of billions of people globally. the white house says the project would require the development of new technology that could record electrical activity in individual cells and complex neural circuits in the brain at at speed of light.
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obama hopes the federal government can partner with private companies, universities and philanthropists on this project. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. today is world autism awareness day. autism organizations around the world mark april 2nd as a day to bring awareness to the condition. so far there's no known cure. a study released last month says one of every 50 children in the u.s. is affected by autism at some level. tonight, the edge pir state building will celebrate autism awareness day by lighting its tower in blue. it turns out to be -- it turns out it will be more complicated to fix the bolts on the bay bridge. sal castanedo has more with why this problem was not a surprise to engineers. >> reporter: last month caltrans engineers say they did
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notice a problem with the ability of the bolts to stretch out during an earthquake but they decided to use the bolts anyway, saying they had no idea how big of a problem this would become. bridge officials say about a third of the 96 bolts installed broke after being tightened. a total of 288 bolts were in the span. now, they have to figure out the best way to replace the fasteners which they say is more complicated at this late stage of construction. caltrans is looking at testing the data and conducting more tests to determine what went wrong. >> we know that the bolts broke because of an excess of hydrogen in them. what we're looking for is kind of how and why this happened, simultaneously we're looking at how do we fix this. >> caltrans officials told meal the preliminary cost to fix the problem could be about a million dollars but say the bolt problem should not delay the planned opening of the bridge on labor day weekend.
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because of the construction of the span, the broken bolts do not pose a safety risk. >> for example, on the self- anchored suspension span, there are 200 suspender ropes. slightly 100 were needed to lift. there's a lot of redundancy. >> reporter: some wonder why they were not determined viable when installed. >> it's upsetting they didn't do it properly in the first place. it's gonna cause more delay and more money and more inconvenience for the people that have to commute across the bridge. >> reporter: now, again, despite what that gentleman just said, caltrans did say this problem should not delay the opening of the bridge on labor day weekend and then sane they will announce a fix -- and they say they will announce a fix soon. cal sas fix soon.
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sal castanedo, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. a cement truck flipped on its side before 6:30 a.m. on the 280 connector to northbound highway 101 in san jose. the truck had a full load of wet mix inside. the highway patrol says the lift may have shifted and the driver may have been going too fast to negotiate the kur i.v. the driver -- curve. the driver did complain about pain to his leg but did not ahere peer -- appear to be seriously injured. >> he's very lucky. >> . >> the ramp reopened and then they said that a small amount of fuel leaked on the roadway but no concrete was spill. police are searching for the individual who left the scene of an accident at 1:20 on the morago offramp from highway 13. the driver left before officers arrived. the chp is investigating whether a person needed medical
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treatment a mile away has any connection to this accident. and the chp is also investigating a taxi crash on highway 101 in millbrae to see if the driver was under the influence. the chp says the driver lost control and ended up in a ditch around 1:30 this morning. no passengers were in the cab. the driver was taken into custody, though, after being given a breathalyzer test. help is on the way for some bay area residents recovering from a devastating water main break. you will hear what happened. and mark so myois up in seven -- and mark tamayo is up in seven minutes. he says more rain may be heading our way. and michael jackson's death is the subject of a court case that started this morning. we'll tell you who his family is suing and why.
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flowers were placed outside oakland's oikos university to mark one year since the deadly shooting there. former nursing student one goh allegedly confessed to killing seven people and wounding three others an april 2nd, 201. he surrendered to police and is currently receiving psychiatric care at napa state hospital after a judge found him mentally incompetent to stand trial. a member concert to remember
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the lives lost is set for saturday. the national rifle association unveiled its proposals to step up school safety. an nra task force has come up with a so-called national school shield program. it says it is aimed at reducing the number of school crimes. the proposal includes increasing the number of trained, armed, on-campus security officers. the gun lobby says at least one should be placed on every campus. a parent of a child killed was involved with the nra task force and he says he hopes politicians will get onboard with the recommend recommendations. >> in is rgdations for solution -- this is recommendations for solutions that will make our kids safer. a.
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sacramento police say a man found dead on the side of a downtown high riz may have been try to tag the -- high rise may have been trying to tag the building. investigators say they later found a bottle of spray paint on a nearby balcony. the coroner's office will conduct an autopsy to determine the official cause of death but police say it appears this was nothing more than a tragic accident. support for same-sex marriage on capitol hill is growing. there's word this republican, mark kirk of illinois and tom carpenter of delaware have both come out in support of marriage
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equality. kirk says the government has no place in saying who people can love. the city of palo alto is showing support for gay marriage. last night the city council allowed a rainbow bag to fly over the plaza. the court heard arguments about whether prop 8 should be upheld. people lined up for several days to get tickets. a final ruling from the supreme court is expected in june. jury selection began today in the lawsuit brought by michael jackson's family against concert promoter aeg live. jackson died days before the start of a comeback tour set for the summer of 2009. his family maintains dr. conrad murray found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in jackson ape death was hired --
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jackson ape death was hired by the concert promoter. what's not clear is the amount of damages sought by the jackson family. >> if the jury feels the family deserves $40 billion, that's what they will give. but no demand has been made by the jackson family for $40 billion. that's not true. musicians with the san francisco sim pony will be back to work -- symphony will be back to work. reached a deal to end a strike over pay and benefits. today's performance is for school children. it's the first in a series of three concerts from first and second grade students from san francisco public schools. san francisco officials are reaching out to a group of residents in west portal whose homes were damaged by a massive water main break. more than 20 homes and a dozen
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vehicles sustained damage in the break on february 27th at 15th avenue and winona street. about two hours ago, norman yee unveiled a new field office which was established to help homeowners with claims. he says the process of helping those affected could take some time. >> this could be an issue for many residents over several months and maybe drag out into the rest of the year in terms of claims and what they have to do to their property. >> six claims have been filed so far. more are expected. homeowners have six months to file claims for property damage against the city. california is known for the high quality spring asparagus. hundreds of thousands of plants are in the field right now. workers are racing against the clock to harvest them. farmers say they are having a hard time getting enough workers to cut off their
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plants. farmer mark -- markini says this should be the perfect time to get high prices for the crop. >> california asparagus is at the epitome of its production. it's the best quality we can possibly produce. but asparagus grown in mexico is -- is flooding the markets. plane farmers are turning to other crops because of the increased competition. that could mean higher consumer prices in the long run. well, the clouds we have been tracking all morning long beginning to lift no most areas. here's a live look. looks like we have partly cloudy skies. today, completely dry. a bit of the break in the rain. here is the latest on stormtracker2. we're tracking just some fog. hugging parts of the shoreline. right around point reyes and also out toward the coast
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closer to the golden gate bridge, still some patchy overcast and it will be a factor near the shoreline. temperatures are beginning to warm up, showing you some 50s and 60s for this 12:00 hour. hayward is 60 degrees. san jose, 63. santa rosa in the upper 50s and 57. forecast headlines for today. clearing back near the coast. tomorrow we'll thicken up the high clouds and those clouds producing some rain clouds first thing on thursday. here's the overall pattern. high pressure returns for today. as a result, we have the dry weather pattern. temperatures on track to reach the upper 60s to the low 70s for the warmest locations inland. we'll take our time line. our next shore begins to come onshore from .210 to .550. this will target the thursday morning commute. keep that in mind. partly sunny skies this afternoon. i suspect we'll still have some patchy fog hugging parts of the
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shore line. starting out with some fog out there and then we'll thicken up the high clouds by mid to late afternoon. notice it's still dry. look what happens first thing on thursday morning. 5:00 the rainfall rates pick up. gradually spreading out to the south. this will also be a snow producer for the higher elevations of sierra. for today, partly sunny, fair skies this evening. 58 to 63 and then by 10:00 tonight, patchy fog. the temperatures dropping back down in the low to mid-50s by the 10:00 hour. forecast highs this afternoon, ranging from the low 60s all the way to the low 70s. san jose, 69. fremont 68 degrees. and baseball, game 2 with the as and mariners looks pretty good with partly sunny conditions. your five-day forecast -- you will notice this into thursday. we're talking about fog and then there's that rain cloud for thursday, especially for the morning hours. could very a -- could have a few sprinkles and then more
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clouds and the chance of a shower into sunday. so tori, we'll keep an eye on the rainfall developments first thing in the morning. but today a break out there. nice to see the sunshine. >> thank you, mark. we learned late this morning that it is official, the oakland raiders have traded carson palmer to the arizona cardinals. no deal what the deal is worth. but some reports say he'll be making $16 million over the course of two years. his account with the raiders was worth $14 million. there is new concern from marine mammals rescuers surrounding sea lions. they say they are seeing a disturbing increase in the number of starving sea lion pups at california beaches. right now the mammal center in sausalito is caring for 30 sea
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lion pups. morer the last month, more than 900 pups have -- over the last month, more than 900 pups have come ashore malfather chaired -- mal nur -- malnourished. well tell you why investors are -- we'll tell you why investors are smile mg -- why investors are smiling on wall street. and you can watch all of our newscasts live by downloading the app. you can get drive time traffic, weather and breaking news.
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stocks trading record highs following strong reports on factory orders. health insurance companies rose after the fost released advantage rates that suggest funding cuts will be less. automakers are reporting stronger than expected march sales. this morning, chrysler reported the u.s. sales rose 5% from march of last year. that's the best sales month since december '07.
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ford sales were up 6%. general motors said their sales were up 6% in march. toyota's sales gained 1% but it had a very strong march last year. tesla motors' ceo is being secretive about an announcement he plans to make this afternoon. the bay area-based consider company announce ed would hold a conference call at 2:00 p.m. pacific standard time but there's no hints about what he will say. yesterday, tesla announced it's profitable. shares are up 2% right now. today at 5:00 -- the suspect in the rampage this weekend at a san jose walmart store was in court this morning, the reason the judge got angry at the man's attorney plus what we've discovered about the suspect's past. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. we're always here for you at and mobile have a good day.
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it's just crazy 24/7. so many different types of people, characters, and you can also see the hollywood walk of fame which is totally legendary. you'll never be bored in los angeles. jimmy: living in la, you know it's the center of movies. you can make a movie. yeah, you can make a movie. we're in hollywood. we're in hollywood. oh, my gosh. oh, my gosh. ah! elizabeth: a lot of young actors live re in ho ywood. and they can get all sorts of training. like voice training, acting coaching, fighting training... and there's the kind of more off-beat training. elizabeth: like circus training, and even magic. i've been in front of the camera, and i've been on stage but never in my life have i been a magician or a circus performer. hollywood aerial arts is really very cool, because you can learn how to be a circus performer. you can basically learn the trapeze, learn how to do tricks in a scarf, and also learn how to spin in a giant hoop. so we're here at hollyw


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