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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  April 3, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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th guns drawn and as one man got out of the car, he and one of the agents got into some altercation leading the police officer to shoot into the man's torso. his condition and name is unknown and the two others were taken into police custody and the officer who fired the shot is on leave which is protocol in an officer involved shooting. was it one of the men or was it the car, they also want the snow the person who was believed to have that warrant for they were the person shot and they are posing these questions to the sheriff's office and as soon as we have those answers we will bring them back to you. paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 morning news. a woman was taken to a hospital after a fire at a hayward apartment building. it was the reported -- it was
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reported on western boulevard at 3:00 a.m. none of the other units were damaged and that woman was taken into the hospital for smoke inhalation. -- inhalation. president barack obama is coming to raise funds for the next election. is he said to deliver remarks at the home of tom tire. he is scheduled to speak at a dinner at the homes of ann getti and others. tomorrow he will head to atherton to have brunch at the homes of john and marsha gold win. and people are doing well and this is a similar visit back in october of 2011. if approved by the obama
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administration, the key pipeline will approve refineries on the gulf coast. before he does that he will push for tougher gun control measures and coming up, why the president said the country needs to follow colorado's lead. it happened in san leandro and he is identified as andre smith. this follow is the earlier arrest of smith's arrival and they are accused of killing a 50-year-old man who was waiting for a bus south side the -- outside the bart station. he was an innocent bystander who got caught. people who have been nominated, they include a fire chief and the ceo chamber of commerce.
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they will set policies for renaming them and they established efforts to rename the airport after slain activist harvey milk. they now want a meeting with commissioner of baseball. live in san jose with the story, janine de la vega, what is this all about? >> reporter: well, this is a letter that chuck reid sent to bud sellic and there are other supporters of the proposed project. you can see it says behind us, come on bud in the aid to san jose. now they say the stadium could have been under construction by now and reed points out they put the stadiumish to you a a public vote because major league baseball asked them to but it was two years ago but
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they are in anticipation to putting a stadium there because they have great interest in putting the stadium there but if so they would have to give up territorial rights where they have a minor league team which they have refused to do. 75% would have to vote in favor of the a's in order to give up their claims, some locals shared their thoughts this morning. >> no, to me the giants is you know property owner or whatever you call it first -- the giant should you know have a say so too or write a letter because you know it is -- it is what is right and what is right. >> mayor reid hinted in his letter that the meeting would directly reduce the probability of litigation.
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they are challenging it in court and we will continue to gauge people's opinion throughout the morning and bring you that. janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. in the meantime hugh darbish was almost perfect but he learned baseball can be a very cruel game. darbish was one out away when they watched a heartbreaking hit, gonzalez hit a heartbreaking hit with two outs left in the game but darbish still had a terrific game. he struck out 14 batters and the rangers were 7th over the houston astros with their victory. >> it was very close. 6:07 is the time. sal, how is the commute this
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morning? >> nearly perfect. >> nearly perfect? >> yes. >> good morning. traffic is moving along relatively well, there are certain isly people on the road but it is not that bad. it sits on the soldier and also metering lights are on for the 880 traffic and you can see road sensors will be going to the east shore which still looks good from vallejo to richmond. let's go to steve. very good morning and fog is reducing visibility from santa rosa to salinas and we have a few high clouds and we will have a mostly sunny day and it is a good looking system and we need a little more dynamics to give us some rain. this may be worse than its bite
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and we will get some more out of it. higher clouds are already in place and we will have a look at this system but we had a little bit of rain and it is lit up in a big way. these are coming off what is called a dry line and you start to pick up the moisture, have i active, today looks lower 40s and oakland airport seems to be running the warmest. 44 in ukiah, i can see the moisture streaming towards us and this one is coming from a very warm source and there will probably be rain tomorrow. morning low clouds and fog reducing visibility, 60s and
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70s and a little bit of a south winds, muggy even with the higher clouds and maybe some rain lingering, partly sunny skies, fast moving system is moving to the north over the weekend. >> time now 6:10, it is a decision with the battle over the kings. and it is coming from their own town. a body found, what investigators are saying about this grim discovery. and how backups act against their potential rivals, stay tuned.
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news, time now 6:13 they found a body in a church parking lot and it is the body of a missing man. he was found on ash bury drive and police say it was a man who had been reported missing on monday and his family did not want to release his name. the cause of death will be determined by an autopsy. family members are speaking out about the death of a man hanging from a rope at a sacramento high-rise. his uncle does not believe his nephew was tagging graffiti as
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they suggested but they say the tools used to deface glass were all found at the scene. republicans cannot take out the white house and that's even if clinton and vice-president joseph biden becomes a detainee. kentucky senator rand paul and jeb bush were there and the only one who stood a chance was chris christy. vice-president joseph biden and chris christy came out slightly behind. president barack obama is trying to put gun control back in the spotlight. from the washington d.c. newsroom, he is dealing with lawmakers. >> reporter: senators will not likely start debating gun
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control legislation for two weeks instead of next week as planned. harry reid said it would be the number one priority when he returned this coming monday. he has excluded dianne finestein's web upon's ban bash weapons' ban and he said back ground checks should become universal including those at gun shows. one reason president barack obama is speaking is the state recently passed laws to expand gun background checks and limit the number of magazines they can hold. and president barack obama leaves for colorado three hours from now and we will have more on his agenda when i see you next hour. kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 morning news. meantime connecticut state legislature is said to vote on some of the toughest laws in
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the country. if it becomes law, no firearm can be sold unless the buyer passes a background check. the list of band assault weapons will expand and the sale of purchase of magazines will be prohibited because of the what happened in sandy hook elementary school shooting where a gunman killed many people. there is a recent killing of two prosecutors. mcclellan and his wife cynthia were found killed in their home. investigators have been interviewing a prison gang for it's possible role in the killings. they are also focusing on a county judge after a corruption
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investigation. they are looking for any sign of two teenage hikers who have been missing since sunday. they called 911 sunday night to say they had gotten lost in the cleveland national forest. they lost cell phone signals and they are still continuing to search for them. now they are facing another tough opponent ftheir own town and they are suing the city's plan to block the new downtown arena. that project violates the state constitution and environmental laws. many community members in sacramento support that lawsuit. >> these things between the city and private developers just done work. >> our position is, there is a public benefit that was
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documented in the staff report and the public benefit is clear, this is a catalyst for economic development. >> they will make bids to the community of nba owners and that committee will decide if the kings move to seattle or stay in sacramento. >> the plan for the america cup series, they have given its approval for the life events but organizers had to make concessions. the weekend concerted will end and they are shutting down. coming up, the bay area locations that will close next month and how local physicians can profit. we will have more on that. in the east bay in general, we are seeing more people hitting the roads and that
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means more delay times and we also checked in with bart and there is no significant delays according to dispatchers. it is going to be there and it is about a 10 to 15 minute wait if you drive into san francisco we have timed it all out, it is live traffic by the way. we are starting off a little late in the south which is great news if you want to hit the roads right now. 6:19 at sb weather. we do have some low clouds with patchy fog and multiple layers on those cloud desk.
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>> so mild to warm with high clouds today and tomorrow it looks like a lot of cloud cover. you know one of the consensus from a -- consensus from a third to a 10th of an inch, we could actually get to three quarters of an inch but away from the coast, mid-70s for some, maybe 70s furthest for some locations, and 40s away and you might be cooler, it is coming if the warm source. and a bit of an on shore component on the coast, san martin, los gatos 68, redwood city, maybe some lingering in the city, quick systems to the north and mostly cloudy here on the weekend. they are relying on lady
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luck and today they are starting gambling with two sites in the united kingdom. they offer more than 160 slot machines and it can be downloaded on the everybody terrible -- on terrible view. they are looking to expand to u.s. players. they say sales will start in july and they will sell 8 tablets and that will increase markets for i pad mini and google is not commenting on that report. larry is selling his lake tahoe estate with the 6 bedroom holiday home which doesn't come cheap. a story we first told you about, the goodwill is now
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. welcome back, it turns out that winnie the pooh drawing that was auctioned off was a
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fake. it was thought to be an original from the winnie the pooh -- winnie the pooh illustrator but luckily the buyer had not paid for it yet and ceo is paying for the error. -- a is poll gigs for the -- is apologizing for the error. they are now closing their doors. sherman clay piano has survived two economic highs and lows after and that, the sherman clay name is being taken over by steinway. >> it is transitioning and i could not think of anybody better to pass the baton on to other than steinway. >> they will take over the sherman day areas of walnut creek and santa clara. right now the company is
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liquidating $3 million worth of pianos. and they have three online college courses but stanford is not getting out of the business of online courses instead they are using a system which was developed by two east coast universities. well, if you have $25 million, you could be the private owner of a lake tahoe get away. it is owned by the man who owns the 9,000 square foot house with 8.5 bathrooms. this are two smaller guest houses, a white sand beach, sauna and screening room for movies. if we were all in together on that -- >> we might be able to afford
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the shed. if you drive to san jose for your job on to the valley, it's still nice and there have not been any incidents. this morning on the sunole grade, same thing although it's very foggy, let's go to steve. high clouds and we will have a break later and you are ready to get out of the door, you can see some fog down below and it will be mild to warm, very mild to warm and the system coming in will be here with clouds and today mild to warm, 60s and watch out for some fog with a quarter of a mile of visibility, pam. concerns about a major supplier and the reason hundreds of parts are now being tested. a man is sent to the hospital after an officer involved shooting here in napa. the latest is just ahead.
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news, we have a little bit of celebrating on the nasdaq and we are looking at another pretty good day. it was a record day for the dow jones industrial average, close for the s&p 500, great economic news yesterday, particularly car sales coming in and that helped the asian markets particularly japan overnight and right now the markets are a bit mixed and we will have all of the business news coming up. >> as my friend dave says, i will smile and say good morning, dave has the morning off. another police shooting in the bay area, it happened in the city of napa on gasser avenue. paul chambers joins us live to tell us many critical questions that still need to be answered,
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paul? >> reporter: we are here at the sheriff's office because they are the lead investigators. the shooting suspect was there after surveillance captured him just after 8:00 last night and investigators of the napa special investigation bureau were watching them and three men were inside the car and one was wanted for assault with a deadly weapon. they had their guns drawn and as the man got out of the car, he and one of the acts got -- agents got into some altercation leading the officer to shoot the man in his torso. the two other men were taken into police custody. they are not making a statement on to whether there was a man or men in the car and they are waiting to figure out if the
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person involved in the shooting was that the man who had a warn. of course the police officer is on paid leave and that's protocol when there is a police officer involved shooting. he was last seen on fremont boulevard. he is described as african- american 5-foot 6 inches tall and he may be wearing camouflage pants. springfield has a medical condition and anybody with information should call 911. this morning caltrans has ordered a complete reinspection from the new bay bridge which came from a different supplier. those from die son broke and the failure of those rods has
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raised concerns about their ability to stretch during a major earthquake. repairs could cost over a million dollars. it could get final approval next week. they have 28 of the city's most vulnerable buildings which could get a rent increase of $70 a month. they are working on a compromise to make it to some tenants could avoid that increase. it comes after north korea said they are in a state of work with south korea and would restart a nuclear react tore. 700 people in south korea work at the industrial park which has more than 100 factories. israel has launched strikes
6:32 am
on the gaza strip, and no damage was reported in today's air strikes. it was reported after palestinians fired across the border for the second time in two days. john kerry is expected to travel to israel and try it and restart peace talks the bill is expected to offer agricultural workers a quicker path to legal status. they are working on bringing foreigners to work in agricultural and the time to be included in the overall bill is expected to be released some time next week. a group calling for immigration reform will rally on the steps of city hall. they are organizing the rally and they encouraged south bay leaders to move quickly on
6:33 am
immigration reform. in less than an hour they are trying to be back at the fisherman's wharf hotel. >> they have been working for three years and they have signed contracts with other major hotels and they say they would like to make the same deals as other hotels have. so far no negotiations are scheduled. once again, they are stepping up with the oakland a's to move south to his city. he is requesting a personal meeting and he is hoping to finally make a decision. it has been four years since creating a special committee to study the a's proposed move to san jose and they are saying they have territorial rights to the san jose area. police department is taking part in a twitter virtual ride
6:34 am
along today. the caster valley said they will ride a lodge with some of the pants da shall participants -- participants. they are looking into a tweetathon and the idea to give people a look at the day and the life of an officer. there is traffic on the freeway and there is also traffic on the road and at hyland, there is a tree in the road and it's causing sort of a backup and i circled it with my handy dandy circle thing. it is very slow and we have a new crash reported, it is near thornton avenue and we don't know if that is an injury
6:35 am
accident or not. backed up delay, if you are driving passed the coliseum that traffic is moving along nicely. steve? >> all right, thank you, sal. a few high clouds, multiple clouds, some multiple layers, today is not going to be too bad. no doubt about it and tomorrow things change and there is a lot more offshore but the low clouds will persist offshore and it is a very warm system which is coming up out of the tropics and tomorrow this will be a very mild pattern. temperatures will be in the mid- 70s and tomorrow it looks like rain and i am going with the forecast model which has a better handle and i am going with three quarters and i will
6:36 am
show you why in just a second. away from the coast a lot of high clouds and mainly 70s if everything falls into place. 45 novato, and 50s for some. look at source, not this low, it is screaming which means you can see another bent and this definitely gives us more rain. upper 60s to near 70s by the bay and maybe near 70s for discuss. some lingering rain on friday and the weekend, it is kind of iffy and we have possible rain to the north. >> all right, steve, thank you very much. san francisco cyclists say they are tired to complete delays in the city. they approved several projects
6:37 am
in the city last october but now they may not be completed until next year. that means adding three blocks of pike lanes. officers need help in san sows. and may 19th from san francisco. the positions that need to be filled, check in clerks and hospital talletty workers -- hospitality workers. shocking actions of a coach that has captured the attention of the governor. and a man is shot wild driving through the oakland hills, we will tell you what police are saying about a possible motive. and highway 24 so far so good but we are getting more
6:38 am
crashes out there and we will tell you where they are straight ahead. [ male announcer ] the southwest airlines nationwide sale lets you go from working hard... to hardly
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. there is definitely some low clouds, partly cloudy, 60s by the coast, mid-70s. here is a quick look at some of the top stories we are
6:41 am
following right now. president barack obama reports for a series of funds raisers. he will have 2 in atherton tomorrow and he is running for next year mid-term election. they are trying to determine what led up to an officer involved shooting. it happened last night in the city of napa and gasser avenue and the suspected to survive and the officer was not hurt. one woman was taken to the hospital after smoke inhalation inside her apartment. it happened just afte 3:00 a.m. and they say it started in the woman's kitchen bottom floor apartment. ktvu channel 2 morning news reporter tara moriarty is at hyland hospital where family and friends are keeping vigil, tara? >> reporter: well a man known for saving lives is now
6:42 am
fighting for his life after being shot in the head, he is in critical condition. it happened yesterday just before noon, quinn boyar an off- duty par med particular was -- par med particular was -- par met particular was driving, a witness got out and shot at him through his passenger window. it appears he tried to get out but his car went off into a ravine. when rescue crews first came in he mumbled the words, he tried to rob me. >> it could be various things, it could have been a road rain, drug deal, we just don't know. >> reporter: our source tells ktvu channel 2 news there were several casings on the ground and the gunman was in a getaway car with vague descriptions of the car saying it was brown.
6:43 am
boyar works for ambulance services and his company describes him as a wonderful employee. ktvu channel 2 news was able to speak with some of his familiar lane we will tell you what they had to say coming up at 7:30tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news . students are remembering a college student with a prayer service. jacob was shot early saturday morning on 24th and bryant after he was mistaken for a gang member. he was 0 home on spring break visiting his parents and had been attending college on a football scholarship. mike honda is getting some competition from a fellow democrat. he announced online he planned on attending honda for 2014. and he is a fixture in south
6:44 am
bay politics and has been serving sense 2001. >> i have a lot of respect for mike honda for many years of his service but it's not about him, it is about my vision for the future. >> obama's administration is -- he was with obama administration and on monday honda posted a statement saying he is looking forward to the strongest campaign yet in 201. there is growing pressure to fire the head coach mike rice and the video shows him yelling slurs and the coach is also seen throwing basketballs at them. he was fined and he was suspended after three games after seeing the video back in december but chris christy said the punishment does not go far
6:45 am
enough. the women's basketball team is in the final four for the first time. [crowd noise] [applauds] >> we showed you when cal made history when they had a victory over georgia monday night. the bears know they will play louisville at new orleans arena on monday. many teenage girls here in the bay area are thrilled with cal's success. >> when you think about nba you think about the boys but now the boys are not going. >> white house is not surprised at the girl's success and cal is making it to the final score. >> he has watched a lot of basketball. sal, how is it looking out there in. >> i think it is okay.
6:46 am
brian and pam. .. >> stuck on 880, we will talk about a crash in a minute. it is literally backed up for a 15 to 20 minute delay and it's not bad getting into san francisco and it is normally what it should be this time of the day. if you are driving on 880 south bay traffic is moving along nicely but further down there is a few crashes reported. another reported southbound maury and it is getting busy into free upon month and there is a little bit of a slow down as you head south. let's go to steve. >> it's very foggy cassie jean and by the way if you have
6:47 am
weather informing, do it the old fashion way and visibility is about a quarter of a mile and the system i am watching is coming up from the southwest. some of those are mid-40s and look at the oakland airport, san jose at 50 and 51 in antioch and 49 in san francisco. one low to the north, that is not the one i am age -- hanging my hat on, today mixed bag, sun and clouds, very warm inland after patchy low clouds, 70s for some gilroy 76 degrees and cloudy with rain and lingering rain on friday, partly sunny skies to the north and rain tomorrow. they are recalling nearly 2
6:48 am
million vehicles because of several problems from 2007 to 2011 years, genesis, santa fe, and cruz. it includes the optima, zone in and port -- sedona in and sportage. there is a problem with the airbags. u.s. companies added fewer jobs in march and they have held off on hiring and although employers did hire 80,000 new workers last month. let's take you live to the big bored on the new york stock exchange. it was a very big day with great economic news. s&p 500 -- the due started and
6:49 am
they are all just a little bit today. police are investigating a homicide and we have new details we just received into our newsroom and we will share that with you on our next update. and we have a new information that may be linked to abrupt to your. and they are on alert for reports of an extra large cat prowling the area but it may not be what you expect, stay with us. we will explain.
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. welcome back, we are on the scene of a deadly stabbing and it all happened less than two hours ago 5:15 somebody called police after finding a man with stab wounds on international boulevard. he was taken to the hospital where he died. tara moriarty is headed to the scene and she will have more of what happened coming up on mornings on 2. in a san francisco utility commission they are figuring out what happened in the water- main break. it ruptured back in february flooding 23 homes. they replaced a sewer line in the same area just three months
6:53 am
before. they are looking into whether that may have damaged the sewer line. they are filing an investigation. one in five californians lives in a flood zone and that includes many living near catastrophic flooding. it would cost more than $1 million to protect those areas and the cost would be to -- the cost to rebuild would be three times as much. david johnson of el cerrito turned himself in on monday. his accomplice scott wayne is suspected of breaking into the county courthouse and taking more than a million dollars in jewelry and most of the items they said was most likely sold. roof work was supposed to
6:54 am
start inian but bad weather postponed the repairs. once they did the work they discovered the work was worse than expected and now that work has been put off until october when the busiest times for visitors are over. it is a very big accountant it's two -- big cat, it's two 5 pounds -- 25 pounds and he was caught and nurtured and they are hoping it will make him a bit more friendly. >> sal, you are looking at the lower deck there, is that the bay bridge you are talking about? >> that is eastbound and san francisco, there is debris after the truck hit the top part of the bridge. traffic is slow leading san
6:55 am
francisco for oakland and bay bridge toll plaza, there is a slow down and it has nothing to do with the traffic westbound traffic is backed up and westbound as you head out to the high-rise, if you want to use the eastbound san mateo bridge, that is looking good. we have a couple of reports of fog out in livermore, and in salinas it's very foggy. we will have more on your weather on mornings on 250. >> more details about a deadly stabbing in oakland, what we have learned about the latest police shooting in the bay area. we have a battle of the oakland a's, it could change the future of the franchise, stay right here with us.
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receiver. call to get u-verse tv starting at $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. >> reporter: a police investigation ends with one man being sent to the hospital after being shot by a napa police officer. air force one lands in the bay area this evening. find out what is on president obama's agenda. breaking news from the east
6:58 am
bay. we have the news crew headed to the scene of a deadly attack. and one lane is closed now because a truck hit something east of treasure tresh -- treasure island causing delays. good morning, everybody. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm brian flores. >> i'm tori campbell. it's wednesday, april 3rd. dave clark is off today. sal, big problems on the bay bridge. >> that's right. the lower deck eastbound. there was a truck driving along and somehow hit the top part of the bridge and caused some debris to come down eastbound on the lower tech, just east of treasure island. no significant damage is reported to the actual structure of the bridge. however, there's debris all over the place. they are cleaning it up. one lane is closed eastbound as you drive from san francisco to oakland you will see an unexpected slowdown. this is not affecting traffic
6:59 am
from oakland to san francisco. that commute is normal. back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. breaking news out of oakland. right now, police are at the scene of a deadly stabbing. it all happened less than two hours ago at 5:15. a person called police after finding a man with stab wounds on the 2300 block of international boulevard. the man was taken to the hospital where where he died. tara moriarty is heading to the scene. another shooting in the bay area last night, in then on gasser avenue. ktvu's paul chambers joins us live to tell us many critical questions still need to be answered. good morning, paul. >> reporter: good morning, tori. there's a lot of questions that need-- that need to be answered. the officer involved is on paid leave, which is normal protocol in an officer-involved sh


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