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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  April 4, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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other crash, 113 near 580, oakland fire is on the scene. 6:02 let's go back to the desk. police in oakland are investigating an officer involved shooting. paul chambers joins us live to tell us what police and one witness is saying this morning, paul? >> reporter: we are expecting police to give us more details and so far the information is limited. here is what we do know, officers responded to an armed robbery in the 1,000 block of jefferson street. we learned that the victim is a female employee who claims she was robbed by three men at a nearby parking lot. they came upon three men who matched the suspect's description and as they tried to take them into custody, they struck one of the suspects, however one of the witnesses questioned them and the
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officers shot the man without giving him any command. this after complying with the female officer who the witness said did not have her gun drawn. >> what shocked me the most about it, what shocked me was that i didn't hear them say anything and then i heard a shot. >> now the suspect who was shot was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. all three are believed to be juveniles. right now as of now police did not say why an officer fired the shot and these are questions of course we will insulator this morning. paul chimp better, ktvu channel 2 morning news -- paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 morning news. it happened on chestnut street, they found two men suffering from gunshot wounds and one of them later died at
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the hospital. the second one was transported to a trauma center and is expected to survive. no word on his release. ktvu channel 2 morning news tara moriarty's is just outside the president's hotel with a rundown of his schedule this morning, tara? >> reporter: police have the area blocked off at the continental hotel where president barack obama is staying and you can see it is blocked off and hundreds greeted the president and not everyone was supportive of his visit. >> hundreds of protesters lined the streets of the area where president barack obama attended a fundraiser. he was urged to say it would be
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an environmental catastrophe. >> we want to tell the president he should be on the right side of history. he will be on the wrong side of history and this is his legacy at stake. >> the cost to dine with the president more than 32,000 a plate. now at the home of the billionaire, at that event, the president touched on several topics including gun control and climate change. he himself is an outspoken opponent and they had another event at the home of marsha and john goldman. at 140 we will tell you what the president said last night that garnered the most applause. live in san francisco tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. we will have continuing coverage of the bay area throughout our newscasts and on
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ktvu channel 2 morning news a -- on ktvu channel 2 news at noon and we have another update coming up at 3:00. they are looking into what caused steel bolts to snap on the bay bridge. caltrans has yet to find a cause, choose a permanent fix or identify all the parts supplied of the manufacturer that produced the bad material. the super bowl kicks off in san francisco in just three months and the city's waterfront is about to undergo some changes for the america's cup races. the stadium along the embarcadero will seat 9,000 spectators on 2000 jumbo screens and there will be a series of concerts beginning in late may in the same venue. we want to go back over to sal because unfortunately we
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have some big things if you are out on the road. >> it has been the headline, northbound 880, we have shut down the freeway getting rid of a couple of crashes and they have opened a couple of lanes and they are trying to get some of the cars through and you can see this is terrible traffic on 880 northbound heading to downtown oakland an alternate route will be that slow but it would be better than this. what happened we had a couple of different injury crashes and it's just past high street. fortunately it was not severe but traffic is leaving san leandro for oakland, you need a different way if you are comfortable with city streets, or if you want to use 580, it would be a good alternate. let's move along, highway 4 westbound as you come up, there are no major problems there. this morning's commute is moving along okay, southbound 101, a crash on the shoulder
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and we have had a lot of fender- benders, give your time for this commute. let's give us credit, it is moving really fast and with in an hour or two, we are done. there are some pockets of rain towards the north bay and also out to the valley, things are lit up but there is a no doubt about it back edge to this but it is moving fast. point north, i have seen them about a half inch for some of those locations and they are both about a half inch, pocket, san francisco, .33, one inch for the month, it is greater than february and january but not combined. so the first four days of april, unbelievable. quarter of an inch, we picked
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up 1 / 1600s and rain and clouds, rain in san jose says cloudy and cooler temperatures by this afternoon, 50s on the temperatures and this is a really mild system, 41, i think it will be all rain up there unless the you are in the higher elevations. here is our system, it is swinging through, much rain in northern california and there is not much left here, another hour or two. cooler temperatures afternoon sun, temperatures yesterday it will cool off nicely and upper 60s, inland and it will settle in and not go far for a while. a break sunday and maybe one more system monday before a warmup tuesday and wednesday. pg&e crews were called to the scene of two separate outages. people in oakland are still
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without power. 660 people lost power and the areas affected chinatown, polk, palo was restored at midnight and the cause remains under investigation. more than 1,000 people lost power after the san francisco outage. right now more than 500 people are without power and system failure is the reason for that loss of power there. for more information click on the weather tab on our home page. something has really bugging students at uc berkeley and we have more on how they are responding. north korea warns they have permission to use force against the u.s. and they have a north korean missile threat. and it's causing a coach
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his job, who can be fired next? stay tuned.
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. welcome back, rutgers fired basketball coach mike rice just one day after the video went viral. now 13 faculty members are demanding the resignation of somebody after learning about
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the video last year. they feel he should have been fired immediately and the video shows rice hitting his players and berating them with antigay slurs. investigators believe these two were associates of the man suspected of killing chief tom clements last month. authorities want to know more about him and the white supremacist gang. north korean army has waged an attack on the united states. united states now plans to increase its presence near the korean peninsular. >> they have intercepted
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communication from north korea planning they plan to launch a missile in the coming days or weeks. this after they already said they will send a defense signal to guam and that's a precautionary move to show we are prepared to defend our allies including japan. kim jong il is threatening to attack the u.s. and its asia pacific allies. they have two main reasons and he wants to come across as a powerful leader to the new south koreaian president and plus he is angry over drills between the u.s. and south korea. chuck hagel said the threats present a real clear danger. >> it only takes being wrong once and i don't want to be the secretary of defense who was wrong once. >> experts say north korea was
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far from using its allies but north korea has plenty of missiles that they can do serious damage with in parts of asia and i will have more when i see you next hour. kyla campbell ktvu channel 2 morning news. uc students are battling their own outrage. they have been reporting battling the time nip pests but they have called them to action. they will use heat treatment to kill the bugs and the center for disease and control says, blood born bugs is not a factor. the suit claims a teacher slapped punched and verbally abused three autistic students. school administrators failed to report those incidents to
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police as required by law. so far there is no comment from the school district. south bay paramedics as one of their own fights for his life in a hospital. he was shot and was found in a car down a ravine. so far police have not released any information on a suspect and right now he remains in critical condition at hyland hop. meanwhile, another shooting comes almost a year to the day when bryan stow was attending a giant's game. bryan stow is recovering from severe brain damage. colleagues who know stow and boyar said they can't believe this is happening again. officer officer james capoot was shot during the
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pursuit of a robbery suspect. yesterday the housing committee voted to remaim a portion of the highway after officer james capoot and next it goes to the assembly for a vote. in san francisco, community advocate will go in front of dianne finestein's office and they want congress to enact comprehensive immigration reform when its members return to washington d.c. on monday. scientists think they have encountered a mystery of the universe. accords mix ray experiment on the international space station found evidence that could represent dark matter. scientists think dark matter makes up a quarter of all matter in the universe and
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unraveling some of that could help them rewrite the laws of physics. >> it sounds like the big bang theory. sal, i know we talked about northbound 880, is that still a problem? >> yes, brian and pam, northbound 880 has not changed although we are getting some improvement because people are getting through a little bit better but it's just a little bit of improvement. at one point the entire freeway was blocked, however the traffic is just terrible northbound 880 out of san leandro into oakland and you need to use 580 if you can or get on the freeway after 29th. there is a report of flooding near broadway and that ramp may be flooded so be careful if you are driving into downtown
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oakland. bay bridge, small delay at the toll plaza and if you are driving on the peninsular, we have some slow traffic on southbound 101 and palo alto already. a lot of cars have spun off the roadway and there are a lot of fun durbinders and we will -- fender benders and let's go to steve. a rainy morning and in fact we may have sunshine but the system is moving through fast. so far rainfall totals are hoe hum but not too bad to the north bay, over a half inch for some. heaviest rain towards petaluma and points north, in fact the window here is 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m. san francisco is a third an "f" s o -- and fso has 16 / 100th
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and snow levels will be extremely high. we are almost done within an hour or so we are out of the picture for the rain. sierra forecast, that is looking good and 50s and 60s on the temperatures and it is cooling down compared to yesterday. mostly sunny friday and maybe some rain to the north, lake county, okay, sunday, one more system clips us on monday. the tonight show is welcoming a new host and that's not the only change on the way as they are signing off next year. also medical help is on the way, what is happening today.
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. welcome back. the 370 clinics will now help people with diabetes and high blood pressure. nurses will diagnose and treat those conditions and many people who use the clinics don't have regular doctors. chevron hopes to reopen a
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richmond refinery in june. it was burned in august and the state slapped the oil giant with a fee of $900 million. hey must pass inspections -- inspections before normal operations resume. and it will be in stores before the end of the year. the sets will cost between 1,500 to $2,500 and will have a 60-inch screen. it will also have a 50-inch version as well and it will come with a ring that allows it to point and it comes from china and others who do business with apple. after 20 years, jay leno is leaving the late show and he will be replaced by late night host jimmy fallon.
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he is expected to take over right around the time of the winter olympics and so far no word on who will replace fallon but "saturday night live" is considered a very strong candidate. let's go to sal, sal, you looking at oakland? >> yes, oakland is one of the commutes which has been terrible, north of high street, they have finally cleared the lanes however, traffic is busy on 808 northbound on san leandro, we are getting some improvement and you need to leave the house if you want to stay on schedule. people who heard about the crashes are using 580 and i still think it is a better alternate. there have been a lot of fender benders, possibly because of the wet weather. it is about done and i think in another hour, they will be saying goodbye to us as it zips on through.
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overall, look for morning rain giving way to mostly sunny skies and it will be cooler though. 6:27 it will continue our team coverage and also a big announcement from facebook is just hours away and there may be a new way to phone your facebook friends. an officer involved shooting sends one man to the hospital, find out why. and overseas, they are taking stocks up around the world, the opening bell is about to ring, we will take you there live.
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. won't back, -- welcome back, they are getting ready to ring the bell and they are
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opening -- they are raising awareness to food insecurities and certainly promoting organic nutrition for children and they are shedding some light on what they do. it looks like a good day for the market and we have more on what happened in europe and that's affecting stocks around the world and we will talk about that in a minute. it is thursday, april 4th, i am brian flores in for dave clark. >> thank you for joining us, we are on storm watch and steve says it will be moving out here in a little bit. we have a system which came in and the afternoon commute came in and we have some moderate ants of -- amounts of rain and there are not too many reports coming in from the russian river, here is sal.
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there you are, what do you have for us? >> reporter: thanks, steve, i am here in candle and it's raining lightly and we have been through 880 and 280 and 17 and right now you can see the roads are definitely wet because the rain has been continuous overnight because we just came from an accident on highway 17 where the chp says rain and speed played a factor. this crash happened at 5:30 and the driver of this honda was traveling too fast on the 28th 0 northbound connector when she spun out and hit the gathered rail. she and her passenger were not injured but the driver of another pickup truck hit her. >> she disabled her headlights and the next car came around and flipped her. >> just before that accident,
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police in downtown san jose were investigating an accident where a driver slammed into a palm tree. she was knocked unconscious. police are keeping their eyes on drivers making sure people are not spin being out and they have been spinning outs for the past several hours and we have gotten .05 inches of rain even though the rain has been light, you know officers are saying just don't underestimate the roads and the conditions just because you see what the speed limit has posted, you don't have to go that fast. here is sal. it usually happens this way when it is raining.
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there is a look at 880 and things are getting better headed north but the alternate route is 580 westbound and we will show you just how bad it is, we had a couple of fender- benders and traffic is business i all the -- busy all the way to panola, here is the desk. don't forget, you can find out more information on and we have maps where you live along with the five-day forecast. we are expecting to learn more about a police involved shooting. it happened near 11th street and we are here with what one witness is saying, paul? >> reporter: so far police have very limited information about this. i can tell you one person was
6:32 am
taken to the custody. police say it happened just before 10:00 last night and officers responded in the 1,000 block of jefferson street. we learned she was the female employee who was robbed at a nearby parking lot. officers came upon three men who they say matched the suspect's description and they tried to take them into custody and they tried to file a single shot striking a suspect. however a witness questions the officers use of force. the woman who did not have a weapon drawn, they complied holding their hands up and officers drove up fired a single shot without giving a command. >> i would have been more prepared for the shot had they said something, they just shot them, it was a matter of
6:33 am
seconds and i don't know what they did. >> the young man who was shot is expected to survive but as of yet, they have not said anything about it or the reason the officers fired the -- the officer fired the shot but of course we will have answers for you on mornings on 2, paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 morning news. a man who is accused of crashing into wal-mart and attacking customers, he will be charged with several felony counts for the bizarre incident on easter sunday. they say he has had several run inns with the law and there was a case in october where he threw a window through -- a chair through a window while high on cocaine. dozens of militants fired rockets in to israel and it's
6:34 am
deadly in the west bank. a teen was one of two palestinians killed in the fighting. the protest stems from the death of a well-known praise they are in israeli -- well- known prisoner in israeli custody and they are claiming negligence and they are saying he died of cancer. that was the scene last night, when they heard 19-year- old nicholas was found safe in a rugged hill area of the cleveland national forest along the orange county border. he stumbled on to a hiker in the area half a mile south of the main search area. he and his friend had not been heard from since their cell phone died sunday night.
6:35 am
they have been unable to make couldn't -- he has been able to talk to nicholas, he was conscious and they are able to talk to him. >> he is struggling to answer questions about his friends whereabouts. rescuers hope once he receives some fluids it will spur his memory. many are saying zuckerberg will have a facebook phone and several sources say it will run on android software and be run by h tc. it will allow them to automatically check in with facebook friends and we found mixed reaction to that idea. >> i don't like everything being tapped into each other from my phone to facebook, i don't like all of that being tied like that.
6:36 am
>> the survey shows 82% of americans would not be interested in a facebook phone but the idea is more popular with people in other countries especially in europe. because of the rain, there are a lot of fender-benders out there, sal, how is traffic? >> well, there are too many for me to list them all and sometimes they are really fast, let's talk about the eastbound heading out to the mcarthur maze. some people in orinda are avoiding 80 and 880 had some trouble on high street. and on the peninsular it does look good on highway 101 but it is a little slow on 101 and passive can, let's go to steve.
6:37 am
-- 101 and pacifica, let's go to steve. still, we have about a 10th of an inch exactly what is advertised and sometimes mother nature cooperates and sometimes she throws a curve. it came through at a critical time and the afternoon commute will not be a problem. heaviest rain is to the north and i just heard up in forestville, three quarters of an inch, sr, that is santa rosa, petaluma, 56 lash 100th -- 56 / 100th, santa cruz mountains, a quarter of a 10th of an inch and we have he a very warm system, by 8:00, it will begun.
6:38 am
mostly sunny, we finally got snow fall and it will be rain at lake level, this is a warm system. 50s on the temperatures and even though we are starting off in the mountains, 50s in ukiah, 50s down south and it is accelerating and not going to be here much longer. cooler temperatures, 60s closer to the coast and bay. it will turn westerly, maybe we will have one more system on monday. the send off celebration for the school's first trip to the women's final four. >> and we are live where president barack obama is in town raising money for democrats, we will tell you why some people are angry with him however, and what his biggest applause line of the night was.
6:39 am
and we have slow traffic coming to the willow pass grade, we will let you know more about the morning commute straight ahead.
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. good morning, here is a look at some of the top stories, a shooting happened in downtown oakland and an officer wounded a robbery suspect, that suspected to survive but it is not clear what led up to the gunfire. police in gilroy are investigating, it happened just before 9:00 on east 7th street. police have not released any information on a motive or a suspect. president barack obama continues his fundraising through the bay area and he will attend fundraisers in san francisco. tara moriarty joins us from outside the president's hotel, what is he talking about in the bay area? >> reporter: police have the area of the continental hotel
6:43 am
completely blocked off and that's where the president is staying and they are allowing pedestrians here but no cars are allowed through. we have a companypy from president barack obama's speech last night but the biggest applause line was when he said we are able to see the community has equal and full citizenship but not everybody was happy about the president's visit. [ channing ] >> reporter: hundreds of protesters lined the streets where president barack obama attended a 32,000 dollars a plate democratic fundraiser and most were climate activists urging him to oppose the pipeline saying it would be a disaster. >> we have to make sure we are loud to get our messages through and this is one of the rare times we want to make sure
6:44 am
he gets the message loud and clear that people in america want him to do something about climate change. and at the home of tom squire, in that event, the president touched on several topics, including gun control, immigration reform and climate control. tom square is an outspoken opponent. president barack obama will board air force 1 at 10:00 -- at 1:40 this afternoon heading out of fso and then we will talk about pelosi and what he sees in her future. we will have continuing coverage on ktvu channel 2 news at noon and we will have another update at 3:00 and at 7:30. several are on their way to
6:45 am
the connecticut house of representatives. they drafted it in response to the sandy hook elementary school shooting which passed with a vote of 26-10. among others, it advanced the sale of large capacity magazines and the expanding from 166 to more than 150 type of guns. the bill is expected to pass and it will go to the governor who has already pledged to sign it. he was attacked by a shark off a popular beach in maury. -- what which -- maui. he was rushed to the hospital and the beach has since reopened. police are looking into whether the attack was caught on cameras because he had a camera and police say shark attacks in that area is extremely rare.
6:46 am
state regulators are helping the city balance their books and it happened during the city's budget crisis two years ago. they sold several expensive properties to the redevelopment center and that came just before governor brown eliminated the development program and used the assets to close the state's deficits. and they are looking at whether it will be setelled after all. they made their case to nba owners and they were supposed to vote on the future of the kings but commissioner david stern said there are too many questions that need to be answered. they are heading to school in style. the event begins at 10:30 and will include the ban and remarks from the head coach. this is the first time in
6:47 am
school history cal has advanced to the final four and they face allow have i will -- a louisville team on sunday. he was not great in a lot of areas. >> i want to show you guys what we found when we looked at this crash on high street. remember we were telling you about it and it caused the biggest delay on northbound 880 between high and 29th and our cameras captured a badly damaged mercedes mercedes benzs -- mercedes benzs, these pictures were taken as they were clearing the crash and that has caused a big back up on 880 north. the good news, the backup was big, but let's go to 880 now. even though the lanes were
6:48 am
blocked, we had a very good improvement but it has i am prod quite a bit. still looking good, i think they are breaking up there. westbound 580 and highway 13, there is a crash clearing from the shoulder as well. 6:50 let's go to steve. the rain is almost done on parts of the peninsular and the south bay missed out on most of this, they got some but heavier rain was in the north. that rain line is moving through right now. there have been moderate amounts and occasionally it was heavy but it is almost gone for just about everybody and by noon it will be sunny for everybody. we had rain this morning, not too shabby, santa rosa,
6:49 am
petaluma over a half inch of rain and san francisco has had a third, napa concord, and about a 10th they picked up -- of an -- 10th of an inch they picked up towards san jose. two for tuesday and two for thursday there is our system, there is not a lot left of it and let's give it credit, it made it, we thought we would see 3/4s of an inch and there could be more on the seven to ten day outlook. snow will be very high and it is 40s in the mountains at lake level. mostly sunny, sad to mostly cloudy, one more system clips
6:50 am
us on monday. it is at a four month high and the labor department reports, there are new jobless benefits and that's the highest level since november and that's the third consecutive week and that suggests they have slowed down hiring new workers. a website launches today and charger allows them to list all the hotels they find in lobbies. they can log on where they think they left it and if there is a match, they can arrange to have it taken home and two other areas at the park in san francisco. >> very good. >> i left a few things. >> me,too. coming up, a big decision is expected later today, what we could find out about the pilot of that oil tanker where
6:51 am
the incident happened earlier this year. we will tell you when they plan to rocket bay area and the price you will have to see to pay those iconic performers. well, well, well. growing up we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] call to get u-verse tv starting at $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible.
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. welcome back, european central bank is looking good and s&p 500 and nasdaq and dow jones industrial average is up. guy kleess was on when it side wiped and caused damage. disciplinary can range from pilot training to the loss of his license. > >> flight attendants will be handing out tickets to lift the ban on small knives. they have been holding similar meetings across the area during the month. they are holding it in the bay area and the new facility is three times bigger than its
6:55 am
earlier store and it will offer a design student yes where customers can choose the details to fit the models best. and making stops in the bay area... they are on tour. they are starting up with a new stage, new songs and new tour dates and the ban appears on may 5th at hp pavilion. tickets go on sale and prices range to $265. >> i know. that is a lot. >> time now 657. hopefully traffic is going as well. 880 has been a beast of burden for drivers and my goodness it is terrible. also this morning, 580 and the bay bridge toll place did is about a -- plaza is backed up. let's go to steve. it is almost done and in fact, we will be out of the
6:56 am
picture for the rain but some decent rain had about three quarters of an inch and also in forestville, we will have more coming up on mornings on 2. continuing with storm watch, we will continue our team coverage of the rough morning commute here in the bay area. we heard the gunfire talks, stay with us. we will be right back.
6:57 am
6:58 am
the morning rain tchlt but what about for the afternoon hours? sunshine on the way. >> and this rain has made a mess of the morning commute. we've had several crashes. some have blocked major freeways and big delays are in store for your morning commute. >> reporter: we're live in the south bay where police have been responding to accidents on the slick roads. we'll tell you about the latest conditions. >> reporter: a man is taken to the hospital after officer involved shooting. morning on 2 starts right now. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu mornings on 2.
6:59 am
>> good morning everybody. >> it is thursday april 4th. dave clark is off today. mother nature is turning this morning's commute into a mess. numerous fender benders. 880 in oakland. sal casteneda in the traffic center. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the rain has stopped for now but earlier this morning it was pretty steady rain coming down. we've seen numerous cars this morning and didn't have headlights on. that makes it dangerous in these rainy conditions. we've been monitoring traffic accidents. it has been a very busy morning. this is an accident that happened on a high overpass. this honda crashed when it was traveling on the northbound 280


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