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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  April 5, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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pitch. pablo sandoval cracking the bat at warm up. the giants are hoping to keep the the momentum going after taking two of three. >> what do you think? >> good. >> it is exciting, can't wait to get going. >> the giants take on the the cardinals, appropriately because of, that barry zito will pitch today. we caught the cast of them rehearsing the national anthem, the manager said he expects the crowd will be electric when the flag is hoisted. >> it is going to be good, they are, as i said, it is so special when you are seeing that flag go up. >> when the gates open we caught die-hard fans who caught up early to be here.
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>> go giants. >> i am excited. a family tradition, we have three generations from our family, we got grandma, the son, the granddaughter right here, one of the biggest giants fans and we come from the central valley to root on our giants. >> i am supposed to be in school right now. i told my teacher for my friday class i had a family emergency. >> first pitch at 1:35. this weekend will be the world series ring ceremony, so a jam- packed next couple of days. as you can see everybody here excited. we got our giants gear on so we are ready to go. go giants. live from the ballpark, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> it has been cloudy but during a break the sun broke through the clouds enough to create a rainbow there, kind of see it at the bottom of the screen, this a view from our
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camera on mt. diablo, rosemary will be here in a few minutes watching what is coming our way as far as the weather and will tell us if we have more wet weather this weekend. a disabled san jose man is in the hospital after being shot in what police say was a case of mistaken identity. the man was shot around 7:30 this morning after walking to a 7-11 store near his home between south white road and mount vista drive. police say she he was approached by three men, they asked if he belonged to a gang, he said no and then someone in the car shot him twice in the stomach. >> there has been some evidence found. there is some blood located but we are trying to still piece the evidence together and make sense of it. >> the victim's mother tells ktvu he is paranoid schizophrenic. police say it appears his wounds are not life- threatening. a south bay paramedic shot tuesday while driving in the
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oakland hills has died, quinn boyer had been hospitalized since the attack that left him wounded. he worked for santa clara county ambulance, the same company as giants fan brian stowe, the man attacked at dodger stadium two years ago. >> it is tough emotionally. we have counselors on staff to help deal and cope with this. >> in just the past few hours we checked with oakland police to see where their investigation stands. they say there is nothing new. >> there is a 10,000 dollar reward given by crimestoppers. we are asking the public if they have seen anything or heard anything to please let us know. >> a memorial has been set up in boyer's honor. a pedestrian is in critical condition after being struck by a vehicle while crossing a union city street. the man was hit just before 10:30 last night near the intersection of union city
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boulevard and horner street. they found him lying in the street. the driver of the vehicle involved stayed at the scene and cooperated with police. someone stole a taxi early this morning near san francisco state university. then led police on a chase before the thief got away. this is video of the chase. investigators say the driver was -- the tax taxi driver was helping a passenger to the door when the thief jumped in and took off. they used gps to find it. they chased the thief to pacifica and back to san francisco state. >> we see this taxicab roll up and this guy jumps out of it before it stops and it slams into the parking poles here and a cop pulls up behind him. he jumps out and both start running. >> i that are checking the cab's cameras to see if they can identify the thief. a controversial decision was made this morning on the morning-after pill. a federal judge decided the
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contraception should be available for anyone regardless of their age. janine de la vega joins us live with some reaction from san jose. >> reporter: good afternoon. well here at planned parenthood a young girl can go in and get the morning-after pill after she visits the doctor but now they could be able to go into a pharmacy and buy that emergency contraception. right now a prescription is needed for anyone under 17 who wants the medication plan b, known as the abortion pill. a u.s. district judge order the fda to make the pill available to all ages. scientists have been recommending up restricted access and also the american associations but people we spoke to this morning didn't agree with the decision. >> i think 16 is too young, especially because if they know they can get ahold of it it is
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frustrating because i don't think they are old enough to make those decisions. >> the child is a minor and the parents should have the say-so. >> critics say the decision puts young girls at risk and worry about the pill being given to girls under coercion or without consent. officials at planned parenthood applaud the decision, pointing out the fda has proven it to be safe. while they especially courage open communication with parents they say it is imperative people have access to the emergency contraception. >> we are all for that kind of communication but we want teens to be able to have access to this because it is just another tool for them to be able to -- to be able to protect themselves against unintended pregnancy. >> the judge rules that the change needs to be completed in the next 30 days. we checked with the justice department and they have not mentioned whether or not it will appeal the decision. live from san jose, janine de
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la vega, ktvu channel 2news. >> there is developing news out of the vatican concerning the new pope and the sex abuse issues in the catholic church. the pope announced he will push the church to," act with determination against clergy sex abuse. ." the pope wants the church to implement measures to protect minors, take strong action against perpetrators and draft directives to boost their credibility. >> i turned back and and she was punching her. >> people around the country are talking about a bay area police officer who jumped into action although he was on vacation at the time. looks like clouds will be hanging around the bay area through the weekend, rosemary is up soon to tell us if that also means rain. why a labor dispute involving workers in the midwest means people in the bay area are not getting their trash picked up.
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one person is dead and dozens of elementary school children got minor injuries after a school bus crash near chicago. it left two jeep vehicles mangled and the bus flipped on its side. the bus was taking children to school in wadsworth, 45 miles north of chicago. police say the bus driver may have run a red light. the person who died is believed to have been in one of the jeep vehicles. , a new survey released today finds that despite warnings americans continue to use electronic devices while driving. the 2012 national highway traffic safety administration survey questioned more than 6000 drivers age 16 and older. almost half of those drivers said they answer an incoming call and one of 4 drivers are willing to place a call while driving. california is one of 10 states
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that prohibits drivers from using hand-held cell phones behind the wheel. the tsa has a policy of not releasing security video but it is making an exception in the case involving a hero police officer from the bay area. this video shows a woman assaulting a female tsa agent at honolulu's airport on saturday. then a man vaulted over a wall and tackled the passenger. that man is is the pin old officer. >> i look back and she is punching and had her against the wall. >> this is the booking photo. he said he was in the right place the rate time and will be patrolling this weekend. >> oakland police served warrants for 4 people wanted on drug and weapons violations, the raid began at 9:00 last night in east oakland, police had search warrants for two
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homes in the area and say they found the 4 people they were looking for but did not find drugs, however an assault rifle was lying in plain view in one of the homes and that was taken in as evidence. oakland police are looking for the driver who crashed into a pole cutting power to thousands of people. this pickup truck snapped the power pole at foothill boulevard and church street at 1:30 this morning. the transformer blew and the flash could be seen miles away. pg&e said 3500 people lost power, crews restored power to all but a few and hope to replace the pole and fully restore power by this afternoon. a woman is recovering in a hospital after a two car accident shut down traffic in san francisco overnight. police say an suv broadsided another suv. it happened on golf near fell street at 3:00 this morning. investigators are looking into whether or not alcohol may have played a roll in the crash.
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president obama is set to unveil his budget proposal next wednesday. we are learn learning it will include cuts to social security and other entitlement programs and he will offer to apply a less generous measure of inflation to calculate cost of living increases, that would mean lower payments to some people who receive social security benefits, a source at the white house says it is aimed at swaying republicans to compromise on a deficit reduction deal. the plan is expected to cut the deficit by 1.8 trillion dollars over 10 years. garbage workers in six bay area cities have walked off the job in support of striking union members in indiana and ohio. the teamsters union members are picketing yesterday and today against allied waste but not calling the local move a strike. does it though mean thursday and friday garbage collection in daily city, and those other
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cities will be put off a week. >> we are here to send a message to the corporation that we are all together, we are 1.4 million teamsters and we will stand behind our people in the garbage business. >> the company says people whose trash is not picked up in daily city and colma, can bring it there and they can do that without a charge. that leaked there around 9:30 last night and poured out from a pipe for six hours, cal water had to dig to find the source of the leak and cap it. crews say no property was damaged. the u.s. department of interior has recommended removing 4 dams on the clamouth river. the pacific core owns all 4 located near the california
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state line. two are in california, two in oregon, the government says he move would help native salmon runs. it would be the largest dam removal project in u.s. history and would open up 420 miles of salmon habitat. a recent light rain has not eased worries bought a water shortage this year, especially in the north bay. rivers and lakes are at below average water levels right now. the average precipitation in sonoma and marin counties for the first three months of the year is 16 inches. there has been less than 4 inches since the start of this year. that is the smallest amount in 72 years. >> i see a few sprinkles in the forecast for our weekend but it is not really going to put a dent in that shortage there. giving you a live look outside our doors from ktvu. a fairly nice day around the bay area, sprinkles this morning, reported in santa rosa in the last hour so we are unsettled, this is how we are going to remain for the
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weekend. i will show you that in just a moment. 61 napa, 60s concord, 64 mountain view, these numbers warmer than yesterday but you can see all the cloud cover there. we have a westerly breeze light in most cases, fairfield robust, about 17 miles per hour now. take a look here, the satellite and the radar, you can see just a few few pop ups here of those returns, if i back it up a little bit, this is the next system 200 miles off the coastline. i think it may bring us a sprinkle tomorrow morning, the north bay will have a shot and another shot on sunday, so partly cloudy, mostly cloudy, mainly dry into the afternoon, notice that rain line north, so we start out dry, maybe drizzle along the coast saturday, by noontime, 1:00, that line is moving over the north bay, it has broken up, dropped off but
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it may be our best shot. in san jose partly cloudy, there is sunday, by 8:00 that is crossing over the central bay and we may squeeze out that in the south bay and for the afternoon partly cloudy skies. in a nutshell partly to mostly cloudy, our temperatures may be mild and feel muggy, we may get a passing sprinkle, not enough to cancel plans but be prepared you may get a little wet but it will move on and it will be light. if you are headed to the giants today, you have a seat, 61 degrees at game time, 1:35 and low 60s for the afternoon, 63 san francisco, 66 oakland, 67 concord for today, mid-60s santa rosa, the extended forecast with your weekend in view, temperatures don't budge, upper 40s to low 50s morning hours then for the afternoon upper 60s in the forecast with just a few bits of rain hitting the ground throughout the weekend, kind of peppered if
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you want to call it that. monday we are clearing out and tuesday we are warming up, it looks like a warming trend next week, 72 degrees will be the average on tuesday. >> wow, all right, so are we in for kind of an early summer do you think or is this going to last? >> yes, into the second half of april we will start losing our chances of rain so let's hope that. >> all right. thank you. >> you got. >> it rescue teams in boulder creek are still searching for a missing woman, 54-year-old wendy elizabeth rivas was last seen wednesday night. he told authorities she went to look at her garden but never came back, deputies say she has a history of seizures and suffers a head injury, she is 5'7," weighing 150 pounds, brown ice and hair with red and purple highlights, anyone with information is asked to call the santa cruz county sheriff's office. a reward is offered to help find vandals who destroyed property at a cemetery, police say someone knocked over a
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headstone and broke off more than two dozen marble vases in january. 23 families now face repairs to their loved ones graves. tracy police will give $100 to anyone who offers information that leads to an arrest in the case. it is a down day on wall street. the reason for it has to do with jobs.
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stocks are repairing their early losses and some investors infer that slowing u.s. growth means the federal reserve would stick to its program and see that as good news, the dow currently down 89, better than the triple digit loss earlier, the nasdaq down 31, almost 1%, s&p down 11. the initial sell off today was due to this morning's march jobless report. u.s. employers added 88,000 jobs last month, the end of a 5 month streak of strong hiring. the jobless rate did go down to 7.6%. you think that would be good news but experts say it fell because people stopped looking for work so they are not counted as unemployed. we have breaking news for you, channel 2 news has learned that minutes ago cal osha has given chevron the go ahead to resume full operations at its richmond refinery. the refinery has been at 60% of
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its capacity since a fire there eight months ago. cal osha says it believes the plant is safe to operate fully. critics disagree though and plan to raise their concerns at a joint senate meeting in richmond in about an hour. again channel 2 just learned the chevron refinery in richmond can resume normal operations. whole foods says it expects to finish its new distribution center in richmond this month and start hiring people. the 117,000 square footwear house will be located in the point pin noll regional business park at giant highway and atlas road, while most of the workers will be transferred from the current operation in san francisco the company says it plans to hire 30 to 40 more people and will host a job fair april 19th at the courtyard by marriott in richmond. today on ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 we have a team of reporters at today's home opener for the giants. from the ceremonial first pitch to the raising of the world championship flag along with
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highlights and reaction from the players we have the orange and black covered for you. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we will see you the next time news breaks and always here for you on and mobile thanks for watching. have a great weekend. send comments to captions by terry james, caption colorado, llc.
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>> ♪ not lost in the crowd i finally see what i can be now i'm alive ♪ >> she was told she would always be handicapped, when we return.
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