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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  April 6, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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♪ you're really something child ♪ ♪ yes, you are ♪ ♪ the way you walk and talk ♪ ♪ really sets me off ♪ ♪ and i'm so excited ♪ ♪ the way you swerve and curve ♪ ♪ really wrecks my nerves ♪ ♪ 'cause i'm smokin', baby, baby ♪ ♪ woo, woo, woo ♪ ♪ the way you push ♪ ♪ push ♪ ♪ lets me know that you're goo-oo-ood ♪ ♪ you're gonna get your wish ♪ ♪ oh, no, fire ♪ ♪ what i said, child ♪ ♪ fire ♪ ♪ fire ♪ (announcer) and now, the continuation of hell's kitchen. [bleep] off! christina. yes, chef three stars. amazing. thank you. i appreciate that. keep it going. i will. thank you,
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chef. i definitely wasn't expecting that. it really is a nice boost, you know getting that compliment from chef ramsay getting that little bit of recognition. it felt real [bleep] good to me. it's gonna be the ladies taking it to the final. said that from day one yep. the vibe on the red team is we're confident, we're determined--we killed dinner service tonight. i mean, we didn't just, like inch by these guys. we murdered these dudes. we're all coming together, and we're about to dominate this competition. like, dude, that was one order of spaghetti. it's [bleep] up, you know. i know what i'm dealing with. i'm dealing with some team members that are gonna put you up because they're afraid you're gonna knock them out the box, and they're afraid of the competition. but you know what, i'm still standing here, i'm still standing [bleep] strong and i'm still [bleep] going for it, man. all i know is we're here and that's it. that's it, dude. (announcer) while some members of the blue team are feeling vindicated other's are feeling persecuted. all the sea bass went out great and i communicated everything. i don't know why you sent me but whatever,
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it's fine. royce, he's sneaky. who should go home? "patrick." that was a punk-ass move. [bleep] him. (patrick) now i'm pissed. i thought that the lobsters were a [bleep] on you. i didn't [bleep] you-- no, no, i know, but-- you want to be a squirmy little [bleep] somebody's gonna [bleep] you up. (announcer) after a night of poor performances on the blue team, the men go to bed feeling deflated. but in the morning kimmie has a plan... i don't know, i was just bored yesterday so i got down and wrote a rap. (announcer) to lift everyone's spirits. deep down, i love to cook, and it's my passion. but i also have this side thing with rapping. so you know, i was ready to show 'em that i could rap too. you ready? yeah, for sure. ♪ so we in hell's kitchen to prove we're bitchen ♪ ♪ started out with 18 down to 11 ♪ ♪ next thing you know we'll be at seven ♪ ♪ clemenza, pat royce, j., and brian ♪ ♪ better get your [bleep] straight ♪ ♪ before you go home cryin' ♪ ♪ yo, baby, yo, baby, yo ♪
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♪ kickin' y'all's asses in all the challenges ♪ ♪ boys, watch out before you feel so powerless ♪ ♪ never has it been all girls and all black ♪ ♪ but me and my girls about to change all that ♪ ♪ when you're feeling down, you better look around ♪ ♪ 'cause chef has the last word in every round ♪ yeah! let me tell you, i wouldn't put a nickel into that investment. let's go, kimmie. rise and shine. big smile. let's go. we walk into the kitchen there's a big gold sheet. it's a new car! no, um... i don't know what's under there. i honestly, at this point-- i don't have a clue. to start today, i have a question for you all. are you feeling lucky? (all) yes, chef. good. as you know, the winner of hell's kitchen this year will become the head chef at gordon ramsay's steak in vegas. and let's be honest, it's a city where luck on your side can be valuable. i don't get it. what the [bleep] is behind this gold curtain? just tell me! for your next challenge, i thought i would bring a little bit of vegas to you.
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[slot machine beeping] there we are! [cheers and applause] holy [bleep]! slots! whoo! that's awesome. let's go. yeah. okay, in today's challenge we're gonna test your creativity. and we're gonna let the slot machine determine what you're gonna be making. wow. two at a time, one member from each team will come up. one of you will pull the handle. when the machine stops you'll have five ingredients. one cut of steak and four complementary ingredients. and then, you both will create that dish. i love steak! bring me the beef! where's the beef? red team, there's six members in the team. and i'll only taste five dishes. so it's up to you now, very quickly, to decide who will not be getting a turn at the slots. hurry up. i really like steaks, i'm really good at cooking steaks. i don't want to sit out the challenges. i don't think anybody wants to be the one to sit out.
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we all need the opportunity to shine. (barbie) i feel good about steaks. chef's opening a steak house so i want to make a steak dish for him. we've done really well in all the challenges, so i don't want to sit out. nobody wants to be, like the person whose dish doesn't count. like, if you're sitting out, you're obviously not proving [bleep]. who's sitting out? make your decision! a febreze experiment. to prove febreze can keep this car fresh, we loaded it with fast food, sweaty hockey gear and a smelly dog cage. and parked it at a mall. in texas. for two days. then put a febreze car vent clip on the dash and let in real people. it smells good. like laundry fresh out of like the dryer. yeah. a man fresh out of the shower. nailed it. oh yeah. proof. febreze car vent clips keep your car fresh. another way febreze helps you breathe happy.
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(announcer) in today's "high-steaks" challenge, five members of each team will go head to head... red team, there's six members in the
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team. and i'll only taste five dishes. (announcer) leaving the red team with a difficult decision. so who will not be getting a turn at the slots? hurry up. i mean, i feel we've done really well in all the challenges, so i don't want to sit out. it's pointless to try to talk to these girls 'cause all they do is bicker over each other. i'll sit out. it's cool. i'll sit out. totally cool. dana goes, "me and christina have been doing the best in all the challenges, so we don't need to sit out." you know, they want to show off their [bleep], let 'em show it. dana and patrick let's go. (announcer) first up, dana and patrick will give the hell's kitchen slot machine a spin to find out the steak and ingredients they will be cooking. here we go. you're pulling for both teams, remember. we've got protein... flat iron. flat iron. flat iron steak? i don't-- i don't buy that at home. i don't cook that [bleep]. potatoes. potatoes. (all) mushrooms. (all) spinach. blue cheese. wow. good job. oh, my god, dana has got the [bleep] perfect dish.
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spinach, sauteed mushrooms. like, she's got this. that's perfect karma right there. beautiful, pat. christina and royce. awesome. let's go. it's the christina/royce challenge. the last time i went up against christina, i was beaten. i was beaten, man, fair and square. royce and christina. royce, three. christina. yay! thank you, chef. (royce) i mean, i hope every challenge i get to go up against her. i'm gonna beat this girl. i'm not stopping until she's crying. i ain't stopping. here we go christina. protein is... i'm not real lucky. sorry about this. wow, hanger steak. yams! mmm. eggplant. asparagus. asparagus. delicious. sounds good. followed by...crab. wow. royce...happy with that? you think you could beat christina? yes, chef. i ain't done with you yet! i ain't done with you! let's go. (announcer) next up... barbie and brian step forward to face the one-armed bandit. here we go.
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new york strip. new york strip! yes! nice. celery root. celery root. tomatoes. tomatoes. cauliflower. cauliflower. and shrimp. good job. nice. (announcer) now it's time for tiffany and justin to test their luck. i really don't have much luck, honestly. if it wasn't for [bleep] luck, i wouldn't have any luck at all. we have got...filet. beets. beets. wow. (all) carrots. (all) zucchini. and... chorizo. chorizo. (justin) there you go. my luck sucks. [bleep] carrots that are sweet beets that are sweet. zucchini--that's just, like, a boring vegetable. what the [bleep] am i gonna do with these? (announcer) and finally, robyn and clemenza are hoping their steak and ingredients are the jackpot. you've got... rib eye. first ingredient comes up, and it's [bleep] rib eye. i'm, like, yes! combined with parsnips. sweet corn. yeah. all right, this is good. now i'm waiting for, like, the curveball to come in and be, like, blueberries.
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broccoli. broccoli is a little boring. amazing. finally, bacon. well done. i'm, like, really? bacon. it's too good to be true right now. clemenza, happy with that? very happy. i would bathe myself in bacon if i could. kimmie, while you did not get a chance to pull the slot machine you will be cooking. you need to decide which of your teammates you want to go up against. who would you like to cook alongside? your team will taste both of those dishes and decide which one out of both your dishes will go up against the blue team. got it? (all) yes, chef. so, kimmie... hurry up. robyn. tiffany has--oh. like, what the [bleep]! so it's either your dish or my dish that goes up there. (robyn) she could have chose anyone, but she chooses her best friend. now we have to go head to head against each other. whatever, dude. what the [bleep] ever. so you're gonna do a rib eye. why? i feel comfortable with rib eye, chef. easy as pie, man. easy as [bleep] pie. i know robyn's my girl but i'm from the south. that's what we eat all the time.
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30 minutes to cook an amazing steak. your time starts now. good luck. go, go, go, go. go, go, go. (announcer) after trying to get lucky with ingredients the chefs must get creative with designing their steak dishes. let's go. pans on. start searing. (announcer) each chef will have 30 minutes to complete their dish. are you good with hanger steak, dude? yeah. i mean i've cooked it before. i just--never with crab, eggplant, asparagus. if i had to choose my own ingredients definitely not what i would have chosen. eggplant? are you serious? you know how to cook, right? you know what the [bleep] you're doing. asparagus, crab meat. like, what the [bleep] am i gonna do with 'em? all right, come on, now. hot pan in the back is mine. small one. i'm feeling great. i'm gonna beat this girl. i'm bringing "a" game. "a" game. bring the phone. call my mama. she'll tell ya ain't none of you [bleep] can cook like me! 20 minutes to go. come on. yes, chef. make it count. make sure that [bleep] convection gets going hot. those ingredients, they're tough ingredients to incorporate together, and i really had no idea what i was doing.
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i was just going with my emotion. put it all the way up. now's my time to show chef ramsay what i'm made of. man, you don't want to [bleep] up steaks when the man's opening a steak house. salt. salt. go right there. i have no clue what parsnips are at all so i'm just gonna go and you know, fry them bad boys. when in doubt, you fry [bleep]. i definitely fried the bacon as well. that's the southern way, man. it always tastes good. i'm gonna fry this [bleep]. yeah! 15 minutes gone. 15 minutes to go. come on. behind, behind, behind. coming through. coming through. i'm already thinking what i gotta do against dana and outshine her. the issue that i'm having is that we have this set of great, traditional steak house ingredients. but the reality is how do you twist these now to make it imaginative and creative? so what's going through my head is season, season, season. on your back. heard on my back. kimmie wants to go up against my dish, that's fine. i could cook circles around her. bitch, i got this [bleep]. [giggles]
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last ten minutes, guys. i got the rib eye. i got the thickest cut of meat. i know i'm gonna be the last one to plate. but i also know my timing is gonna be to perfection. make sure you get your meats on, guys. pretty fast for a fat guy. now we're [bleep] talking. filet, that's me. i'm happy that i get a filet but at the same time i get stuck with, like the worst list of ingredients. is anyone else gonna need the blender? i will need a blender too. i've decided that i'm gonna make a stuffing, you know? i'm gonna do something completely crazy that i've never done before, but i think it's gonna work. (gordon) 1 1/2 minutes to go. start plating. how long? 90 seconds. we gotta be in that window soon. [bleep]. i'm watching clemenza, and he's moving way too slow. there's nothing you can do at that point--it's raw? it's raw. whatever you have to do, just get it done right now. get plated. now i'm incredibly nervous. it's coming down to the wire. i got the steak off, and i'm, like, "damn it!" the rib eye may be undercooked, and i don't got time to fix it. 20 seconds to go! ugh! i'm running out of time, man. here we go! (gordon) ten, nine, eight, seven,
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i...i mean,
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(announcer) it's the final moments of the cooking part of the "high-steaks" challenge... coming down. (announcer) and both teams are racing to plate steak dishes randomly assigned to them by the hell's kitchen slot machine. (gordon) ten, nine, eight... (announcer) but one chef is cutting it a little close. (gordon) three, two, one, and serve! clemenza, let's go. that's it. i don't know what's going on with the steak but at least i got it done.
11:20 pm
now i'm just hoping for the best. (announcer) with the cooking over, the red team must now decide whose rib eye dish will go up against the blue team. red team, you've got one minute. start deciding-- robyn or kimmie? whose is whose? this is robyn's, this is mine. mine's, um, jack-- we can eat this? we can eat this? i start trying to talk about, you know, my sauces and they're talking over me. cajun spices and in the corner-- do you have extra sauce? make your decision please. mine's a coffee and eggs ncrusted. make your decision! i go with robyn. yeah. this sauce. this sauce. robyn's. i know their mind was made up before. i'm so mad because i worked my ass off on this steak. kimmie what's the matter? i'm good. okay, let's go. the girls decided to go with my dish and then here goes [bleep] kimmie crying. sometimes i feel like i'm dealing with a child. listen carefully. the winner of hell's kitchen will become the head chef at gordon ramsay's steak in vegas. so this challenge, for me, is critical. let's start off with the battle of the filet--let's go. (announcer) first up, tiffany and
11:21 pm
justin will go head to head with their filet dishes, which also include beets carrots, zucchini, and chorizo. (justin) chef, what i did for you today is a truffle-smashed beets, glazed carrots chorizo cream sauce, and a chorizo zucchini cake. i'm nervous as hell. they were tough ingredients to incorporate together. and i hope chef ramsay likes my creativity. wow, that's delicious. thank you, chef. i mean really delicious. i can taste the smokiness of the chorizo coming through. the beets are delicious. my biggest problem i want to eat more. thank you. great job, indeed. thank you very much. tiffany. i have a chorizo-zucchini stuffing in the filet. you stuffed the filet? i stuffed the filet. wow. dangerous. yes. very dangerous. i mean the filet is the rolls royce of cuts. you stuffed a filet? are you kidding me? it tastes good. it tastes very good. thank you. the issue is... when you stuff a filet it's always so hard. i mean, really hard to nail, because the temperature goes.
11:22 pm
it overcooks in seconds. congratulations, blue team. justin, that's the best dish i've tasted so far. thank you, chef. really good. thank you, chef. really good, indeed. thank you very much. you hear something like that from a chef that's at the caliber of chef ramsay, it's just--it's unbelievable. it feels good, man. it really does feel good. next up, hanger steak. let's go. yes, chef. me and royce had just gone up against each other with the lobster challenge so it's kind of a rematch. i know he's definitely looking for redemption and i'm-- i'm [bleep] ready for it. christina. chef, we have a hanger steak. i have it marinated in lime juice, red pepper flakes. i have a panko-parmesan crusted and pan-fried eggplant wrapped around grilled asparagus. it's delicious. really good, indeed. steak nailed perfectly. thank you. love the crispiness of the eggplant. not again! the big issue is this. you put yam on a plate you need to give it some help. yeah. big time. you're right, chef. it's a clump of dull mess. yeah. and it's such a shame because
11:23 pm
everything else on the plate you've nailed. [imitating bomb whistle] royce. i work in a steak house. i know how to cook steak. this is royce. this is what i do. i pan-seared the crab cake along with a port wine beurre blanc. i have a demi-glace with the steak. i have fresh-grilled vegetables, squeezes of lemon, and served medium-rare. it looks fantastic. it's got finesse. i wasn't inspired with this. it was undercooked. it's spongy, and it's... oh, [bleep]. ehh! damn. what a shame. i know that i under-seasoned my yams but i also know that chef ramsay didn't, you know discard them from his mouth. such a shame, 'cause everything else you've nailed. i've got an issue with the yams on christina's plate and an issue with your eggplant. [sighs] i mean, come on! congratulations...
11:24 pm
come on! come on! to the red team. thank you, chef. come on! it's like, aw, man... that's two times. two challenges in a row. poor royce. i feel really bad for him. okay, next one is the battle of the flat iron steak. let's go. (announcer) with the score tied, it's time for dana and patrick to show what they were able to do with flat iron steak potatoes, mushrooms, spinach, and blue cheese. dana. i grilled the flat iron steak, some sauteed spinach. the sauce on top is a cabernet reduction with wild mushrooms. it looks a mess. i'm not going to eat food that's been sat in a swimming pool. (dana) oh, god, help. this isn't a good start. i'm just hoping that the flavor's there the taste is there, and that he'll get over the presentation. the meat's ragged, overcooked and it's dry. that's your worst performing dish so far. patrick, talk to me. what is that? i have a seared flat iron steak, chef,
11:25 pm
with a roasted wild mushroom and red potato hash and a blue cheese cream sauce. mm-hmm. taste. so salty. it's like you just clumped a big lump of salt in there. you've got blue cheese which is naturally gonna salt things anyway. yes. yes. so it's just... ill-conceived. both of you, no points. i mean bitterly disappointed! [bleep]. (announcer) after poor performances from both teams, the score remains tied. chef kicked the living crap right out of me. my wife's gonna tell me, "you always salt too much!" so i'm sure that's gonna be a fun one at home. (announcer) now, barbie and brian are each hoping their new york strip with celery root tomatoes, cauliflower, and shrimp will give their team the lead. this is my point-- if barbie beats me i will slam my head into the first hard, blunt object i can find. okay, barbie. i have a grilled new york strip surf & turf with a celery root mash, roasted cauliflower,
11:26 pm
a little salad of heirloom tomatoes. the new york steak's delicious. thank you, chef. shrimp are cooked perfectly. ow. brian. hello, chef. what i have for you today is a new york strip tagliatta. it's rosemary and dijon crusted. on top is a little bit of celery root frite. on the side is a little bit of a warm salad. it's some of the heirloom tomatoes mixed with shrimp. temperature's nailed perfectly. cauliflower, shrimp works brilliantly. tough one. congratulations to the red team. yes! [applause] wait. and the blue team. good job. really good job. thank you, chef. really good job, indeed. thank god. thank you, whatever is up there. gracias, san pedro. (announcer) with the score tied at two going into the final round it all comes down to robyn and clemenza. battle of the rib eye. let's go.
11:27 pm
come on, clemenza! it comes down to the tie breaker now. i am a little nervous at this point. i didn't really have enough time to finish that dish. clemenza, what is that? pan-seared rib eye with a glazed charred-corn relish with a little bit of bacon and some fried parsnip. i'm just gonna pray that i didn't undercook my rib eye. the steak... slightly undercooked.
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(announcer) the "high-steaks" challenge is tied at two and clemenza is hoping his pan-seared rib eye will come out on top. we're tied. we need clemenza to get the point. the steak... slightly undercooked. we need clemenza's point. it's delicious. thank you, chef. absolutely delicious. the steak is missing two minutes in the oven, however, you've done it justice. thank you, chef. right, robyn what is it, please? coffee and flour-encrusted rib eye with bacon, corn and broccoli. i'm up here instead of kimmie. that's a lot of pressure right now. i'm hoping that my dish is gonna win,
11:31 pm
but clemenza's dish definitely looks good. the frittata's seasoned beautifully. thank you, chef. damn, the bad news is it's overcooked. um, the rub is disgusting, it's wet, it's soggy and it's overcooked. dreadful! congratulations, blue team. [men applaud] men win. damn it, man, i hate to say it but yeah, i'm-- i'm the [bleep] mack daddy, baby. i'm feeling like [bleep] that we didn't get the point and i feel kimmie right next to me and of course she was crying. i didn't make the decision. your teammates made the decision--get over it. just to confirm in my mind what went on there kimmie, i want to taste your dish. bring it up. let's go. but since the [bleep] crybaby's crying let the [bleep] crybaby put her steak up there. it is--it is delicious. it's almost like a sort of barbecued short rib. i knew exactly what chef ramsay was going to say. i knew he was totally gonna say her dish was the best.
11:32 pm
i [bleep] knew it. all of you, come up here and take a taste of that meat. come around here, please. yes, chef. just take a lump of meat. i've cut it up for you. thank you, chef. it's really great flavor. it's good. okay, it tastes good. but it looks like a [bleep] pile of [bleep] on a plate. ladies, i am sorry, but i don't know where you're coming from because that is delicious. wrong choice. i feel so much redemption right now, you have no idea. that proves to my team that i know how to cook steaks. i do this for a living people. bad choice, ladies. yeah, you're right, chef. because that would have given clemenza a run for his money let me tell you. blue team, congratulations. (all) thank you, chef. you've got a unique day. to start off with, you'll be going shopping at one of my favorite hangouts sur la table. [cheerful chuckles] blue team with another win and we go get to go shopping for knives and [bleep]-- whaaaat? (gordon) but there's more. you're going to one of the best restaurants in california-- comme ca. yes!
11:33 pm
chef david myers has prepared the most amazing lunch for you all. i'm stoked. we're gonna eat, we're gonna shop. it's like a chef's dream. blue team, good job. well done, justin. now, piss off. good job. thank you, chef. red team, tomorrow in hell's kitchen, it's steak night! you've got a very busy day ahead of you. i have a special delivery. there's a side of beef arriving. [bleep]. so when the beef arrives unload the truck bring in the carcass and get it prepped ahead of tomorrow night's dinner service. got it? (all) yes, chef. i'm super pissed off because my dish would have won that [bleep]. and i just know it's gonna be a long day ahead of us. [truck horn honks] come on, let's go. [truck beeping] today! let's go! ai-yi-yi. holy [bleep]. rrrrrrr! wow, that's one big half of a cow. this is a big piece of [bleep] meat.
11:34 pm
you're [bl [bl [bleep] kidding me. like, it's huge, man. like, me and clemenza could have laid down next to each other and still not have been as big as this [bleep] cow. one, two, three. unh! [bleep] me, dude. this is ridiculous. like this is definitely a punishment that the boys should be having because how the [bleep] are we gonna carry this? [bleep] me! ah...holy [bleep]! look at this! holy crap! [laughter] that's a dead animal. look at the size of that. i see six chicks trying to pick up a half a cow. it's kind of funny actually. 'cause we've been getting our asses handed to us and we've been getting a little abuse so uh, let them bring in the [bleep] beef. (man) dude, you see the size of that thing? you're kidding me. can we get a forklift? the boys get to go on an amazing shopping spree again. oh, i'm pissed off as all hell. it's just not fair. it's not fair! [all grunting] holy--do you need more help in that back?


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