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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  April 8, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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is turned around. people are coming down here and are realizing everything is shut down. the wind gusts steve said are up to 40 miles an hour. it has come down a little bit but i'm sure it will pick up again. we'll see the wind gusts all day. for more on that we will check in with steve. seems like a lot stronger than 45 miles an hour. >> there was one at 75. from ocean beach to daly city. right now it's about 40-50 along the coast. i've seen 66 in some of the higher elevations. generally it's about 25-40. highs today it will be sunny but mid 70s. here is sal. on the bridges obviously it's very windy as we have been mentioning. just be careful. we had a tree that came down on the treasure island off ramp from westbound bay bridge. so if you use that off ramp, you might see lanes blocked. chp and bridge are on the scene. alsos morning commute will be effected on all the bridges.
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the signs are up on the san mateo and dumbarton bridge. let's go back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. high winds have knocked out power to thousands in the bay area. more than 14,000 customers are are without power on the peninsula. 4600 have lost power in san francisco. more than talk -- 850 are without power in the east bay. we'd like to see your weather pictures just send them to time now 5:03. we are following breaking news a big fire in sunnyvale stemming from a possible explosion. christien kafton saw the huge flames about 4:00 this morning. he's back to tell us where it is and how the neighborhood is effected right now. christien. >> reporter: we are here in sunnyvale and sunnyvale fire is just beginning to scale down their response. take a look you can see a lot of firefighters are starting to break down their gear.
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we can also tell you there are some evacuees over in that area. evacuees from at least two buildings that were involved in this fire. we were on scene here right about 4:10 this morning as flames leapt from a garage to a neighboring dew plex. so far we have heard no reports of any injuries out here. that is certainly good news. some families have been evacuated. certainly from the home where the garage was where this fire originated. and at least two families from that duplex. we talked to the owner of the duplex he said he was awaked by an explosion. >> we were sleeping inside in the duplex and all of a sudden there was an explosion. and a bright light in the bedroom and we looked outside the window and the garage of our neighbor had exploded. >> reporter: at this point we are still waiting to speak with a battalion chief to find out exactly what they suspect the
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cause of the fire was again neighbors saying they heard an explosion, saw light filling their room so certainly this was a sudden incident that started. we can also tell you that wind may very well have played a factor in this. again that is something we want to confirm with the sunnyvale fire department here as well. because we watched as the wind pushed the flames from the roof of that garage over to the roof to that neighboring duplex. so a lot of variables to take into effect. the good news at this point again sunnyvale fire beginning to scale down their response. it appears they have this fire well under control. we will monitor this situation and find out the answers to those questions in our next report coming up in a half hour. for now we are live in sunnyvale. time now 5:05. san francisco police investigationing a shooting, a stabbing, and attempted robbery at a donut shop. it happened here at the happy donuts about 3:00 this morning.
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a robbery suspect shot the owner of the donut shop and the store owner stabbed the suspect. the owner is expected to survive. police are searching for the gunman now. president obama traveling to hartford, connecticut later today continuing his push for gun control legislation. senate debate on a gun control bill could start as soon as tomorrow. coming up at 5:15, what that legislation will probably include. we have breaking news to report at 5:06. according to the associated press former british prime minister margaret thatcher has died. reportedly thatcher died as a stroke. she was britain's first female prime minister. she had been in fragile health since she suffered a series of small strokes more than a decade ago. march great thatcher was 87 years old. john kerry is in israel
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trying to restart mideast peace talks. he met yesterday with israel's prime minister. teary is trying to win a. about an hour from right now california's first power ball lottery tickets will go on sale. the power ball jackpot is bigger than mega millions and super lotto and people are excited. a power ball ticket worth $338 million was sold? new jersey. now the tickets cost $2 each. they go on sale at 6:00 this morning. it is 5:08. just ticked over. i want to check in with sal. steve how are things going on
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the roads? >> windy all over the place. and obviously it's going to be a problem for the evening community. you are going to see slow traffic in some areas already. but not here in berkeley. it will be windy on all the bay area bridges and some of the causeways so be careful out there. as we look at the bay bridge there is a very light delay at the toll plaza. and no trouble on the bridge traffic wise but it's windy so i guess that could be a problem if you don't like driving in the wind. you might want to consider using transit. san jose southbound 101tully there is a tree down. at 5:08 let's go to steve. wind advise i have is out for good reason. some locations are not that bad. anywhere about 25-40 miles an hour. there have been gusts 66-75 miles an hour. generally along the coast some of the higher elevations. we have wind advisory continuing 37sfo is flux rating from 25 to 50.
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you can see 20-30 for most. along the coast they are a little stronger than that. wind advisory takes us through today. probably the 75 miles an hour gusts are gone. that was very early. high pressure building in. low pressure moving out. as it moves east the pressure gradiant will relax. this is a really cold air mass. calistoga 41. i know there is 30s up in mendocino county. most countries in the 40s and 50 degrees. it will be a westerly to north westerly direction and tomorrow it will turn a little northerly. temperatures will also jump up. 30 in tahoe. it looks like most of that is heading out. reno 37 degrees. 44 ukiah. 50 sacramento. there goes our system. you can see we had a little bit of light rain but that will move rapidly out. pattern change and it will be high pressure. probably our first taste of 80-
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degree temps by wednesday. again the 75 probably already happened but we will mention windy for some. super windy higher elevations and also on the coast. very, very unusual temps today. all because if you get a north wind santa rosa can warm up. a lot of 60s. i did go 70 4:as well in santa cruz. tomorrow will be warmer for everybody. mid 80s. mostly sunny thursday into friday. and then it looks like a cool down as we head to the weekend. >> thank you, steve. you can get the latest information on change in weather conditions and flight delays any time on our website and on our mobile applications. time now 5:10. new concerns about lead in baby food. a lawsuit that could lead to new warning labels. also why ride sharing is banned right now at the bay area's busiest airport. good morning. if you are driving on highway 4 it looks pretty good but pretty windy at the willow pass grade.
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time now 5:13. new this morning south korea now backing off a statement that north korea may be planning more nuclear tests. a top south korean official said earlier there were indications north korea may be preparing for its fourth nuclear tests. now he say there is are no unusual signs of a nuclear test right now. south korea clarified that the official meant north korea has
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been continuously preparing and waiting for a political decision to begin a fourth nuclear test. meantime north korea says it would withdraw workers from a factory that is jointly operated with south korea. it also threatened to close that factory soon. how should the united states react? the national security expert will be talking about korean attentions in a town hall meeting tonight in san francisco. dr. duffy is a nuclear arms negotiator. she will be speaking at the commonwealth club at 6:00 tonight. the world health organization is negotiating with china to send its team of efforts to investigate a new stream of bird flus. it has no evidence the h7n9 strain is being transmitted from person to person. china is working on a vaccine and asking the citizens to
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avoid contact with live poultry. a trial that will determine whether baby food sold in california must carry warning labels about lead gets under way today in oakland if the suit ales many workers of baby food are selling products with low levels of lead in them. the fda tested the baby food in the lawsuit and determine levels are below standards that require a warning. the companies named in the suit say the lead is naturally occurring and does not pose a health risk. a sacramento man is in serious condition after being shot three times outside of his grandmothers home. police rushed to the south on south 20th street at about 1:30 sunday afternoon. the victim was in the driveway with two other men when an unknown suspect walked up and started shooting. that suspect then ran toward florida avenue. the other two men were not hurt. so far no arrests have been
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made. later today president obama flies to connecticut. he will be pushing his gun control policies. as ktvu kyla campbell reports from our washington, d.c. newsroom the president is getting some much needed help from two senators. kyla. >> reporter: dave, pennsylvania republican pat are working on a new proposal. it would expand background checks to include private gun sales that are online and held at fun shows but there has been no official proposal. president obama is heading to connecticut this afternoon. not far from newtown where 26 children and staff members were killed at sandy hook elementary school. she is pushing congress to face -- added 100 guns to their assault weapons ban and limited gun magazines to ten rounds. but more than a dozen u.s. senators say they want to block the president's gun legislation and keep a vote from happening. >> this is a big issue. there are deeply felt
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convictions on both sides. john and i clearly would not agree. but we certainly should at least be allowed to get on the floor and have debate. >> reporter: the senate pushed back its debate on gun control measures from early this week to perhaps as late as next week. we'll talk more about what could be excluded from the plan that is still in the works when i see you next hour. live in washington kyla campbell ktvu channel 2 news. the city of oakland is getting rid of some of the fees for its municipal identification card. mayor gene quan says direct pay charges have been cropped. and fees will be capped to $12.50. the mayor also announced a third id office will open on 86th avenue and international boulevard in may. time now 5:17. ride sharing companies are banned in sfo at least for now. all because of a dispute
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involving permits. sfo wants all ride sharing companies to follow the lead of cabs, and limos and be certified by the state puc. ride sharing companies quit their sfo operation until the dispute is settled. some ride sharing companies say they are willing to obtains sfo permits but others are openingly defiant. it's 5:18. we want to check in with sal. it says the bridges are especially windy. >> that is right. it will get your attention if you are not paying attention. let's take a look at what we have now with the roads. bay bridge pretty windy. we have those flags at the bottom of your screen to kind of demonstrate how windy it is up there. they are employing pretty well there as you can see. let's start on the bay area.
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senator mccain subpoena citizen county -- we just wanted to confirm that was a chp has offered a informal traffic alert. let's take a welcome at our 880 camera. if you happen to be looking at your screen you will know what wear talking about. and our camera is shaking. as you can on this wind where just be careful out there. let's go to steve. about 25-40 miles an hour. there have been gusts in there bigger than that. [ inaudible ] not everybody is in on wind but most locations are. the wind advisory is out through most of the day. probably through this afternoon or so. gusts around 75 miles an hour. the source is this area of low
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pressure right there. it's a dynamic system but it clipped the sierra nevada. enters us as wind. very chilly air mass behind that. a lot of 40s if it wasn't for the breeze we would be a lot colder than that. upper 40s and low 50s. if you can get enough of a north wind temperatures might start warming up. but i'm easing into that. it's more of a westerly to north westerly breeze. but livermore west at nine. 30 in tahoe. 37 reno. 44 ukiah. 41 eureka. that is really cool air indicated by the bluize therm. 50s and 60s. the low moves out pretty fast. there goes our system with our rain last night. yes we had rain and snow in the sierra but the pattern is changing. high pressure will kick in but in a big way. we will get our first decent warmup of the season. chilly to mild on the lows. and then unusual temps today.
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70s for some. 60s for others. i mean if you get that north wind santa rosa, santa cruz you can rock it up. i saw one projection for santa cruz. and everybody lots of sunshine and warm temps on wednesday. still pretty good on thursday. it looks like things will cool down by the end of the week. it's 5:21. asian markets are mixed amid uncertainty about north korea. markets have responded to friday's disappointing jobs report. u.s. employers added 88,000 jobs in march. half the pace in the past previous six months. european stocks climb however from the biggest three-day selloff in july. where the markets start today they close down on friday though they came back significantly after that bad jobless report. the dow was down 40. s & p down six. wall street poised for a fairly steady opening with futures up slightly in terms of scheduled
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news today. we will be fairly quiet but aluminum joint alcoa kicks off another reporting season after the markets close. time now 5:22. we will be talking about the women today. a history making season for the cal bears. what happened last night in that show down in new orleans. drug sniffing dogs will soon be walking down school hallways in the north bay. the new program launching on two campuses.
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petaluma city schools plan to bring drug sniffing dogs on school starting this month. canine units will randomly come in to detect the presence of drugs in empty hallways and rooms and parking lots. it will start in san antonio high school. the dogs will not be brought near students. time is 5:25. tonight is a big night for college basketball fans. louisville will face michigan. louisville women are also playing in the championship game tomorrow night. that is bad news for cal bear fans. oh boy the cal women's basketball team flying back home to the bay area this morning after a really tough loss. and louisville ended upbeating
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cal 64-67. the bears had made it to the final four for the first time in the school's history. the louisville women will now play connecticut for the national championship tomorrow night. 5:26 i want to check in with sal. see what is happening on the roads. 280, 8 isle. the sunol grade traffic is moving along okay. and highway 84. let's go to steve. >> thank you very much, sal. wind advisories are out and for good reason. most of the wind seems to be tailing off for a few but it's still rather blustery and windy. ocean beach one and near daly city. 60s to 70s on the temps. it will be sunny today but
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windy. thank you, steve. 5:27. new developments in afghanistan. the latest attack this morning and how a young american diplomat killed there over the weekend is being remembered. and we'll continue our coverage of flames very intense. in sunnyvale.
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good morning, to you. welcome back. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news it's monday, april 8th i'm dave clark. >> foreign i'm -- good morning, i'm tori campbell. the time is 5:30. pam cook is off. >> a lot is happening right now. a lot of high winds just battering the bay area. the winds are bringing down trees and causing power problems almost every place you look this morning. ktvu alex savidge is joining us live. he is in san leandro right now. we've heard at the problems in the east bay. you are feeling the winds out there right now. >> reporter: they have calmed down somewhat in the east bay. we are at san leandro. you can take a look behind me and see this large tree branch that came down. you can see the damage here. it's right here in the middle of the sidewalk and on top of this car here. obviously a little bit of damage to this car here. let me show you what the scene looked like earlier this morning as emergency crews responded here to this area.
5:29 am
this is the 900 block of joaquin. this tree as it same down triggered a power outage in this area. at last check a couple of homes are without power. meantime i want to show you the scene in newark as well as a tree came down on the sidewalk. it was taken down by very strong wind gusts. this is on the 3700 block of spruce street. that is where we saw firefighters move in. they came to chain saw the tree. and i did talk with money man who lives in that particular neighborhood and he told me he woke up to howling winds. >> actually it started the noise of the wheel. he was very strong. but i rarely hear of anything from this tree. >> reporter: meantime it was a dangerous situation in pleasant hill this morning.
5:30 am
that is where a the good news though in that situation no one was injured there. again we're in san leandro here this morning. live this morning in sabto ally. i can still see 50 miles an hour. around half-moon bay 41. about 25-35 for most. but some of the locations. sfo will pop up really fast at 50. knapp pa is down to 19. things might pick up a little bit. but believe me we can still get gusts. it could be rather blustery to windy. entire bay area we have wind advisory out. here is sal. good morning. traffic is moving along okay on
5:31 am
the bridge. however, you will see the winds or feel the winds gusting. you can see from our picture the flags down there. they are blowing pretty steadily there. now if you will be flying out of sfo later today you may want to check the status of your flight. airport officials say delays due to winds are possible after 8:00 this morning. winds will result in changes in the runway configuration causing planes to take off or land on different runways. strong and gusty winds expected at the airport until at least 5:00 p.m.. again check for your carrier for delays. let's go back to the desk. we will be talking about the winds all day. we want to see your weather pictures. if you are taking them just send them to photos a the or up load them to our facebook page. 5:33. breaking news two families escaped when a large fire burned two buildings in sunnyvale early this morning. christien kafton joins us live
5:32 am
from angel avenue where that fire broke out jesus over an hour -- just over an hour ago. >> reporter: we have new information. i just had a chance to speak with a battalion chief. he told me at this point no reports of any injuries. they say everybody is accounted for. there is nobody missing at this point. that is certainly one good piece of move. we do have video shot. flames were leaping from a garage where this fire began to a neighboring duplex. again to reports of any injuries. nobody missings but several families have been evacuated from their homes when that fire began. certainly from the homes where the garage was where that fire started and the duplex. we talked to the owner of the duplex who told me he was awakened by an explosion. light filled his room at 3:40 this morning. he ran out of his house without gathering anything. high winds drove the flames and
5:33 am
helped spread this fire. >> a rear garage behind the main residence was only ten feet from the next door neighbor residence. >> reporter: now still one of the outstanding question is how this fire began in the first place. sunnyvale fire department has told me they will bring an investigator out here who will go over with the homeowner who owns the garage where this fire started to try to find out what may have started this fire. certainly one of the areas that they will be looking at is whether any accelerants were stored in that garage like gasoline or oil or something like that. again so the cause of the fire still under investigation. but definitely the wind a contributing factor to spreading that from an unoccupied structure from a free standing garage to a neighboring duplex and leading to the evacuation of three families here. you will continue to monostore the situation here and try to
5:34 am
get the to the bottom of the cause of the fire for now. for now we are live in sunnyvale christien kafton ktvu channel 2 news. 5:36. two men remain in critical condition following a police shooting in san francisco. it happened early yesterday morning near the mission district police station. one man pulled out a weapon during a fight between two groups of people who just left the bar. police say they were forced to open fire to protect the crowd. the gunman and a second man were wounded. investigators say the weapon turned out to be an air powered gun. and this is the second police shooting in the bay area in just the past few days. in which officers fired on suspects who were carrying fake guns. the so-called replica guns are causing big problems for police. in many cases it's nearly impossible for officers to tell the difference between a fake gun and the real thing. and that is especially true when police are forced to make a split second decision. there have been nearly 20
5:35 am
officer involved shootings in the bay area in the past 40 days. here's a look at the numbers. there have been five shootings in alameda county. four in san francisco. two in contra costa county. two in napa county. and one in sonoma county. you're time is 5:37. we're following new developments in san francisco. a roadside bombing has killed nine people and wounded 22 others on a public bus. the past few days have been especially violent in afghanistan. on saturday 20 people including 11 children were killed in a nato air strike targeting militants. that air strike came on the very same day that six americans died in an attack on a military convoy. 25-year-old diplomat ann was among the dead. she is believed to be the first american diplomat killed since last september's attack on the american consulate in benghazi libya. she died of a suicide bombing attack while delivering books
5:36 am
to school children. >> we are consulled by the fact that you know our daughter was really doing what she loved and making an important contribution. >> secretary of state john kerry has condemned that attack. he called her death a grim reminder of just how important and how risky the work is in afghanistan. it is 5:38. president obama is scheduled to release his proposed 2014 budget plan on wednesday. the president's budget includes new spending for public works projects, early education, and job training. it also includes $580 billion in new taxes. something republicans oppose. to show he's willing to compromise, the president is also proposing a reduction in social security payments. meantime immigration reform is high on the agenda as congress gets back to work after a two week recess. coming up at 5:45 the legislation the gang of eight
5:37 am
senators are expected to propose this week including some controversial provisions. time now 5:39. let's get you out the door. you will feel it as soon as you step outside. windy and cool. sal, you have problems on the peninsula too. >> that is right. we do have road closure. highway 84 at 35. it's closed because of power lines down. and the chp says they don't know when it will be reopened. they are waiting on crews to come down and get the power lines out of the way. but use an alternate route. the alternate route will be highway 2. they might be on smaller side roads as well bull 92 will take a lot of that traffic getting over to 280. also the morning commute will be okay here in oakland. you can see how windy it is. our camera is shaking pretty violently here. the morning commute will be okay at the bay bridge toll
5:38 am
plaza. >> things are calming down but stall about 25-40 miles an hour. it's left behind not only the wind but pretty chilly air mass. 40s to the north. there are 30s up toward lake county and mendocino county. 40s and 50s for us. a breeze definitely holding the temps up. the gusts mainly northwest. still half-moon bay getting about 40-50. also near crystal springs reservoir. so sal touched on highway 84 skyline. and 280. that wind in santa rosa turns northerly they will rocket it up temperature wise. 37 reno. 30 in tahoe. there is your cool air. you can see where that line is plunging. even 50s. it will cool down to southern california. the low is really turbo charged. it will be out of the picture.
5:39 am
even up in the sierra nevada. we will go from windy and sunny to sunny and warmer. i think the gusts to 75 will probably gone. sunny and windy today. chilly temps for awhile. 60s to -- tomorrow we'll warm it up. it looks -- flights are getting packed and some airline passengers are getting grumpy. i don't think you are ever okay. how can you be okay? >> plus how a concord school are remembering a father and daughter a year after they tragically lost their lives. good morning. traffic is moving along okay on 237 as you drive through. we will tell you more about the
5:40 am
morning commute and the bay weather.
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5:42 am
good morning. well it's windy for some. it's not too bad for others. in fact a couple locations people are saying there is no winded a all. we do have a wind advisory. highs 60s and 70s. welcome back. good morning, to you. here's a look at some of the top stories we are following for you. boy high winds are out there as you heard steve say they toppled trees, knocked out power to thousands of bay area homes this morning. wind advisories in effect for all bay area bridges and blowing sand out there has forced the closure of san francisco's great highway. in san francisco a donut shop owner was shot. his attacker was stabbed.
5:43 am
as the two of them fought hours ago this morning. this happened at happy donuts on bay shore boulevard. police say that gunman is still out there ons loose. the owner of that donut shop is expected to survive. a fire that broke out early this morning, this one damaged a garage and then spread to a duplex in sunnyvale. one neighbor said he heard an explosion just before this fire started. two families were evacuated. there is an investigator heading out there to determine how that fire started. it is 5:45. we're following developing news out of contra costa county where authorities are looking for a missing inmate. he went missing around 3:00 this morning from the marsh creek detention facility. they are searching nobody n and outsides facility. so far a description of the inmate has not been released. we will continue to follow the story and bring you the latest developments as soon as they become available. we also have new
5:44 am
developments out of south carolina where crews have just discovered the body of two children strapped under dirt at a construction site. they were helping their four when the dirt collapsed. tracking them in a hole. the children were only six and seven years old. >> these are very horrific circumstances that this happened with these children. not only the family this community and these responders mourn the loss of these two children. >> investigators are trying to figure out how the dirt collapsed. they will also interview the father once the family has time to grieve. wood side elementary school will honor a concord father and daughter killed by a speeding driver one year ago. a bench at the school will billion dedicated to the little girl hadees nuri. this comes after 100 turned out for a vigil last night at the
5:45 am
accident scene. that is where attain age driver hit and killed solaiman nuri and his nine-year-old daughter who were riding bikes. >> i don't think you are ever okay. how can you be okay? as many moms here, as many wives, you're never okay. >> the driver david rosen pleaded guilty to two counts of manslaughter. he was sentenced to more than seven years in a juvenile facility but will be released when he turns 21. time is 5:47. as congress gets back from a two week recess immigration reform is high on his agenda. this week the bipartisan gang of eight senators will unvail their proposed legislation. reportedly will include a path to citizenship for the 8 million peoplelying in the u.s. illegally. and they will lay out guidelines for a guest worker program and for securing the
5:46 am
border. a few more details about this plan. undocumented workers will be fined, have to pay back taxes, and pass a background check. a border security will be checked. immigration reform activists are planning a major rally for wednesday in washington, d.c.. it is 5:48. a state take over of vallejo schools ends today almost nine years after a $60 million bailout. officials say the bailout came after auditors faced a deficit. auditors found the yetly over rated. contractors have started a new project on interstate 680. they are adding merge lanes and now you drivers will have to deal with nighttime lane
5:47 am
closures. the project costs about $32 million. they almost add merge lanes along two miles of sycamore valley road and dan road. the construction will cause lane closures during the week from 10:00 in the evening until 4:00 in the morning. drivers will have more time and space to merge on and off the freeway with those new lanes. traffic engineers say this will reduce accidents and make the flow of the traffic better. construction may take through the middle of next year. let's check in with sal. speaking of traffic. see how thicks are move -- see how things are moving. it's quite windy outside. >> yes. i think the wind will be the story all morning long. the traffic will be busy but it will be windy. and right now it's not too crowded but you will see traffic on 28o0 beginning to pick up a little bit. if you are driving on 880 north and southbound that is also a good looking drive. no major problems there.
5:48 am
full highway closure highway 85 at 35 some lines came down. they are waiting for crews to get there. we don't know when that will be open again. let's go to steve. sal, thank you, sir. most locations are in on the breeze. not all. our observer dacha said it's not too bad here. other locations it's still roaring right along. anywhere from 25 to 50 miles an hour. mt. diablo 54. half-moon bay had easily a couple of people. i've seen gusts to 50 miles an hour along the coast there. chinly about 25-35 for most. entire bay area we have a wind advisory out today. things will really calm down later on today. we had gusts between 1:00 and
5:49 am
2:30. what the sam hill is going on? it's that low right there that left snow up in the sierra nevada. temperatures will be depending on a north wind. we will also see that decreasing wind. 40s and 50s. there is a a very cold air mass in place. wind is from the northwest. that is the direction the wind is coming from or westerly breeze. if we get it to turn northerly that will warm things up. 30s up in if -- but it's going to be modified really fast. so that system roars out high pressure kicks in. if you can wake until tuesday and wednesday which is 24-48 hours away. we'll see lots of sunshine and warmer temps. mid 80s yes. sunny and windy. chilly to mild. just depending on that north wind. if you can pick that up, we could easily go to upper 70s. 60s and 70s today. it will be warmer tomorrow.
5:50 am
and definitely into wednesday. most of thursday looks good. get out and enjoy it. we will start a cooling trend as we head to the weekend. it is eight minutes before 6:00. flights are getting fuller as seats are getting smaller. online carriers continue to shrink the size of seats so they can fit more people on board. consumer complaints increased 20% last year. this jump comes in spite of airlines doing a better job with on time arrival and mishandled baggage. time now 5:52. the governor and china searching for big bucks. what governor brown will be doing in china next week. it was the craziest experience in my entire life. >> rescued california hiker lucky to be alive and trying to answer the question what
5:51 am
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for a delicious 90 calorie yoplait light. ♪ ♪ sorry... about your date, the details of your date. [ female announcer ] just one swap a day helps keep the calories away. yoplait. it is so good. good morning. we have rain overnight. and also the wind really cranked up while some locations not getting much there is still wind advisory out today. highs today 60s and 70s. five minutes before 6:00. a new lawsuit claims the san francisco school district is partially responsible for a
5:54 am
fire that severely damaged several western edition buildings. the lawsuit blames sparks from renovations at a charter school and barbecues at nearby buildings for the 2011 fire on pierce street. a total of four buildings sustained more than $8 million in damage. property owners on golden gate avenue an elm street are also -- and elm street are also named in the lawsuit. governor jerry brown is heading to china. brown will ride the bullet train from beijing to shanghai joined by the head of california's high speed rail authority. a rescued teenage hiker talking now. he and his friend went to a hike and got lost. and it took rescuers several days to find them. nicholas cendoya and his friend jack got lost while taking a
5:55 am
hike. cendoya called 911 right before his cell phone died. but before they could be rescued the two friends became separate end cendoya can't remember how. >> now they told me i suffered a trauma i guess maybe i fell. maybe we both fell and we split ways or i fell and she thought i was dead. >> san day yo -- both are being treated for nonlife atlantaing injuries -- noon-life threatening injuries. let's take a look at the traffic. it does look pretty good if you are are driving through. also this mornings commute looks good on the sunol grade. it's windy all over the place. now back to the desk. we'll be talking about that a lot of high winds this morning. that is how the workweek is starting. very windy here in the bay area. we will continue team coverage of the many problems tied to
5:56 am
the powerful winds. also power ball is here. the new lottery game in california that begins in just a few minutes.
5:57 am
we are live in san
5:58 am
francisco where the wind has toppled this giant tree on to a city street. we'll tell you what other bay area roadways have been impacted by the high winds this morning. huge flames creating a sunny scene in sunnyvale. what one neighbor heard just before that fire started. overnight develops in the crisis in korea. what the government of south korea is saying this morning. it's started at this very moment. there is a new lottery game in town. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. good morning, to you. welcome to a brand new day it's monday, april 8th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm partly cloudy -- i'm tori campbell. pam cook has the day off. tara moriarty is live on 48th and geary in san francisco. that is where a huge tree has
5:59 am
fallen. good morning, tara. >> reporter: it is quite a sight. we are here in ocean beach where the winds are about 50 miles an hour down below. we're up on an a cliff right here where we are. around 1:00 and 2:00 this morning those wind governments reached 75 miles an hour. you can see the after effects it had. the giant young lip testee. it will be hours before crews are able to clear this out. they will have too bring in the woodchip and break this tree apart limb by limb. the wind has blown the sand in drifts all over the great highway. officials have shut down the highway from geary to skyline which is pretty rare. we spoke to one officer on duty who says his car is filled with sand. we saw a few cars getting stuck in the sand. their wheels spinning. so really dangerous to drive in these conditions. >> trees down. the sand is take over the street. >> reporter: have you ever seen


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