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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  April 9, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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hool officials say it is an isolated case. >> it is never a random case, it is always somebody the victim recently met. >> police say the suspect is a white map, 6-foot 1 medium build, brown hair and blue eyes. school officials were notified when a local hospital sent an e- mail crime alert to students and anybody with information about this assault is urged to contact the police department. we will try to get reaction from students here this morning and also an update from police to see if they have tracked down that suspect. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. tonight san francisco police will host a town hall meeting about sunday's police shooting in the mission district. it happened around 2:00 a.m. and two groups argued outside
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of a bar. a man pulled out something that looked to be a gun but it turned out to be a fake weapon. next month the city of piedmont will test a new surveillance system to catch criminals after a rash of home invasions. they plan on installing 12 surveillance cameras showing cars coming in and out of the city. and they are building up the entertainment scene right here in the town of santa clara. christian captain is live in santa clara to tell us what city leaders will talk about tonight and why there could be opposition, christain? >> reporter: santa clara city leaders are meeting to consider redevelopment plans in and around the 49ers stadium and construction crews have been
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arriving and those new plans will include transforming this city owned golf and shopping district. a developer named by the related companies is looking at that nearby 230-acre lot and they have plans to tangle turn it into an entertainment district. that is reportedly where joe montana would like to build a complex with a "b" mx contract. they would have to look into cleaning up the site or possibly removing or rebuilding a 9 hole scaled golf course. this is exactly what they were counting on when they approved the stadium and they are hoping it will be approved and at this point it is not clear on how big that final project will be
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or how much it will cost. we will continue to cover the story this morning and we will bring you developments throughout the day as well and for now we are live in santa clara, christian captain, ktvu channel 2 morning news. we are getting word that two nato service members were killed in afghanistan today in a helicopter crash. the helicopter crash landed in a field because of mechanical problems. he said another helicopter that was flying with them landed near the crash sight and we are not releasing the names of the service members killed in the crash. and victims of -- victims and family members of the sandy hook elementary school shooting caught a ride back in connecticut with president barack obama on air force one. coming up at 6:15 the message
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they want to bring to senators who are not supporting gun control legislation. we are supporting calmer weather after yesterday's very windy day and the south bay really had its share of damage. an 80-foot tree crashed down in ben loehmann's, luckily nobody was hurt. they were clearing a 70-foot tree which fell against the house and coming up in just a few minutes, he will be back here with your full weather forecast. and we just got reports of a possible major tornado and three mobile homes were destroyed. denver has canceled all classes and they are bracing for a spring snowstorm and between 6 and 11 inches of snow is expected. air travel out of doesn't very
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is already affected. it can affect people in the bay area. it can have a domino affect. sal, he is keeping an eye on the bay plaza, how is it looking so far? >> torii, dave, as you drive through traffic is moving slowly and now that the metering lights have been switched on just a little bitterly, winds are not as much of a problem and we have a 10 mitch delay at the place 10 minute -- 10 minute delay at the plaza. we have a good look at contra costa county and they have some slow traffic on antioch, there is ahead on collision -- a head- on collision and that's bypass at marsh creek and there is a head-on collision there. it is still breezy and windy for some, towards the
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north things have calmed down and we are getting reports even into sonoma and napa and they will have enough of a breeze and it is pick up for many but nothing like what we had yesterday. temperatures are on their way up and it is kind of a transition day and it will top out on wednesday and it looks like it will cool down. lots of sunshine, big old low, we just talked about it and it is a 55-degree drop in denver because of that low out ahead and now they are getting a hole ditch ballgame but for us everything stays north and career weather you can see it is raining tore turning to the back site. 40s for some to the north napa airport and a lot of 50s,
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pretty breezy and finance everywhere else. north winded, that -- north wind that is a sign everything will warm up and eureka, 39 and once that wind stops that temperature drops off and nights are shorter days are longer and high pressure is large and in charge and it will give us more of a northerly breeze especially santa rosa, antioch will get in on that, lots of 70s and santa cruz 78 and they definitely benefit from this kind of a pattern. it's still pretty good on thursday and it will be cooler and we cloud it up sunday into monday. time now 6:10, a major pickup on twitter after the world found out about margaret thatcher and some thought a
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major icon had died. and santa cruz police officers had more information for the public. and they may see some labor pains in the weeks ahead.
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. the memorial for former prime minister margaret
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thatcher will be held and she died after suffering a severe stroke. thatcher's funeral will be held with full military honors. on twitter when talking about her death some people used the hash tag, now thatcher is dead and some thought it said, now that cher is dead and they began tweeting and some other users set the record straight. and there may be a delay for osama bin laden's son-in- law will be delayed. the judge jauned to set a trial -- judge wanted to set a trial for september but could not because of automatic budget
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cuts. he was a spokesperson at the time of the september 11th attacks and he is pleading guilty. the parents of the connecticut school shooting victims are lobbying lawmakers and as kyla campbell reports, a bipartisan plan for mental health checks, that is getting pushed ahead as well, kyla campbell? >> reporter: other senators from both parties will vote on a mental health bill but any gun legislation faces an uphill battle. president barack obama called on congress to follow the lead of the american people. they want the background system to be changed.
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arizona pub condition say it is wrong and many who disagree should just vote against it. we will hear from the parents of the sandy hook elementary school shooting victims. >> understand before you now and i ask you to stand with me and with all the families, those in sandy hook elementary school and those across our great nation who have lost loved ones to violence. >> reporter: they are meeting to go over a bipartisan bill to expands background checks and details on that bill is still in the works when i see you next. kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 morning news. time is now 6:15 and the families of the two santa cruz police officers killed in the line of duty have written letters publicly thanking many,
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we have glimpsed that goodness will prevail and small agents of goodness will redeem our aching hearts. >> one wrote the truth is nothing will ever feel quite right but the people have given us the -- have given us the strength to carry on. just click on the hot topics tab. it is 6:16, a former photographer who was shot last friday will be laid to rest this weekend. he was driving home when he was hit by a stray bullet and the gunman was shotting at another person. he worked covering some of the biggest stories and it will be held noon in oakland amount. >> a woman has taken residents,
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moving to an oak tree for the highway 101 bypass. protesters removed from the tree last week and five tree sitters were removed from within the construction zone and now a new protesters climbed into the trees over the weekend. her nickname is owl. trans officials say she is not in the path of construction. and construction has resumed after waist workers in alameda and san mateo workers went on strike showing solidarity to workers in the midwest. those customers whose pick up days were missed even left out extra bags of trash and they say it will be no cost. you may soon have trouble
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getting a hotdog when you go to at&t. they are going on strike possibly as early as next month. cashiers and food workers have been working without a contract for the past three years and they have not shared with the team's incredible financial success. they currently make between 10 and $20 an hour. >> sal, is everybody behaving in contra costa county? >> unfortunately we have a problem near marsh creek road am we have serious head-on collision and the bypass is closed. it will be slow heading out to pittsburgh and the rest of the contra costa county is starting
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off okay and between panola and richmond it is a nice looking drive and up to maury avenue, it's still not that bad. let's go to some live pictures, they have turned on the metering lights and we have a 10 to 15 minute delay. san jose south bay we are off to a good start in the southbound silicone valley. also looking good on cupertino to sunny veil. it's still breezy for some and not for others, things have tailed off for parts of the north bay and 30s and 40s , our whopper of alohas already decided to push in. $30 and 40s to the north, you lose that breeze, the average
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will be above that. 64, and it would not surprise me if we get a high of 68, sunny and breezy but not as bad as yesterday, warmer weather will start a little bit yesterday and we will top out on wednesday and we will start a cooling trend but it will still be nice just not as nice as wednesday. there is snow and it's just all over the place and it's taking up a good churning and for us it is to the east and high pressure is over us and it includes sunny and warmer weather. it would not surprise me to see somebody top out, i will probably see that tomorrow and it could be more than a few, it will drop down to 5 degrees and it's a cooling trend clouding up sunday into monday. it is 6:21 more than 100 workers are wanting compensation for the loss of
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their jobs. jurors listened to both sides and 140 workers are suing claiming lawful termination and breaching contracts. the lawsuit claims it unfairly talked about age. and dreamliner is back on schedule even though the plane is still grounded by the faa. they are confident they will sign off on the battery redesign. the dreamliner is on the flight schedule starting may 31strd. they have been grounded worldwide since it had 2 battery fires in japan and u.s. is the only u.s. carrier who flies the dreamliner. they are defending their products and the battle over baby food and the ingredients
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inside. the famous wine country could be threatened and we will tell you what they are saying about vineyard production over the coming year.
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. the foundation claims the california law requires them to put warning labels on some of the products because of the amount of led it contains. >> ultimately we prefer they clean up the product.
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the label does not do any good >> it contains traces of led but they say it's not required because the led occurs naturally. the fda previously stated it does not have any health concerns based on the amounts of led detected. >> you were tell me about a problem you were having? >> yes, i want to give you an update and it is highway 4 on the bypass which is kind of down towards that area where the yellow indicater is on highway 4 bypass near marsh creek road there is a serious injury accident and that has the bypass closed. 680 near mission there is a crash on the shoulder and flashing flights and there is not a lot of activity when it
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comes to the lanes. and if you are driving when it comes to the weather let's go to steve. temperatures will be warming up, 60s and 70s, we will be above average and we will have more on that in about 10 minutes. an early morning fire is being investigated right now, and we have new video from there and we will tell you why it was supplement a big response from the firefighters. we are live where a student was second bally assaulted -- sexually assaulted. >> also torii will have your early stock numbers as wall street is just about to open. hazelnut macchiato please.
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. if you are just listening to the opening bell, stocks announced alcoa is up and they will showbizs are growing more optimistic and numbers will be continuing to go higher and we will get back to that coming up. and it is already tuesday april the 9th and it is 6:30. they are warning people about a sexual assault on campus and tara moriarty is live to explain what the school is saying about the attack which actually happened inside of a dorm, good morning, tara. >> reporter: the school found out one of their own was sexually assaulted in a dorm
6:29 am
room and there are no other threats to other students but the female was sexually assaulted in the lower townhouse resident hall early saturday morning. they believe they came here after a meeting in berkeley friday night but they are not saying if the victim was impaired but she tells victims never to blame themselves. >> especially when you mix alcohol with a population who does not know what consent means and there is nothing they can do to take away their right to decide what happens to their own bodies. >> reporter: the suspect is a white male, six feet 1 inch with brown hair and blue eyes. a local hospital contacted police after treating the victim and they sent an e-mail
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crime alert to students on campus. anybody with information is urged to contact the police department and we have been talking about students and we are not awake just yet and we will be getting an update this morning. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. county health officials are now getting involved. an antioch high school student was diagnosed with tuberculosis. we will have a live report on how the student's diagnosis is affecting 200 classmates and what they are doing to keep them from getting infected. huge flames battling a fire on marigolds drive. they had it contained 30
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minutes ago and the response to this was bigger than normal because of concerns about the strong winds out there. some of the nearby homes were evacuated as a precaution and because of that fire, it is still under investigation. here is a new setback after the radio system. alex savage has more on a why the city may have some problems getting help from neighboring emergencies. this is all part of a dispute for public agencies and it could lead first responders scrambling in the event of a disaster. the communication authority is refusing to program the public safety radios to work on its $72 million network and that controversial decision could make it difficult to get help from its neighbors during a
6:32 am
large scale emergency. firefighters are essentially being blocked and that work include nearly other safety agencies. those pay a membership fee but that means first responders in oakland could have more trouble communicating with neighboring agencies and this lock out will tie the hands of first sponsors and potentially put the public at risk. they decided to improve their own communication system instead of joining them and since then there have been a series of widely reported failures with radios. so far i have not received any comments on this mutual aid this morning and they are still considering joining this authority and they are hoping this decision could be
6:33 am
reversed, alex savage, ktvu channel 2 morning news. and a college student died in santa barbara county over the weekend. more than 100 people gathered at santa rosa high school to remember her. she graduated last year and was a freshman at the college and she was in the area when she became separated from friends. they discovered her body on the beach of uc santa barbara. >> her smile was so beautiful. she was so beautiful on the inside and out. >> there is no word on the cause of her death and the family thinks she may have accidentally fallen off a
6:34 am
cliff. they are now searching for the missing man who is at risk. he was last seen sunday night near story and south wide roads at the home of a friend. he is known to visit on east sand and tone know. he also walked with a limp where early signs talked about the suspicious death. they detained a man and that person is believed to be his roommate. firefighters found his body in his pacifica heights apartment monday night and an autopsy will determine how he died. evacuation orders have been lifted where a wildfire is burning and the fire is in fillimore 50 miles northwest of
6:35 am
loss angeles. two homes have burned and nobody was hurt, the fire was started by a downed power line pause of high winds. firefighters hope to have it contained. >> many are still cleaning up after yesterday's powerful wind gusts. >> it was a busy day for san francisco crews. they spent the day removing piles of sand as well from the great highway. entertainment will be the big topic for santa clara city leaders and they will be talking about the entertainment hub right near the stadium and they tell us this project is facing some hurdles despite the fact that it has some big name
6:36 am
support. christian? >> reporter: that entertainment hub will come at a price and this club here will have to be torn down to make the area here and shopping district and the stadium is still under construction but a developer named is still looking at this 280-acre lot. -- [ technical difficulties, stand by ] >> this is near a golf and tennis club and bmx track and any developer would have to look at cleaning up the sight and possibly removing or building a 9 hole golf course. this is exactly what they were talking about when they wanted to improve it and it was torn
6:37 am
down in the 1950s and 60s. it is not clear how much the project will be and how much it will cost, that is the new stadium and we are standing in a parking lot after it would have to be torn down to make way for that new hub, for now we are live in santa clara, christian captain ktvu channel 2 morning news. christian, thank you, please, let's go to sal, please don't tell me there is a problem on the sunole grade. >> 20 vehicle have pulled over on the sunole grade. they have hit something and if we go to the sunole grade camera you can see all of these vehicles pulled over and i'm not sure what is going on, i am reading the chp bulletin to figure it out.
6:38 am
southbound between washington and mission, all of these vehicles are on the right shoulder. as first it was reporting as 8 vehicles, however traffic is slowing town and they all pulled over to the right hand shoulder. let's look at 880 southbound traffic is moving along here and we still have that traffic at marsh creek road and this is a pretty serious crash and the area is going to be slow and you may want to use other roads instead of the bypass because of the crash. let's go to steve. a clear morning a little breezy for some and a lot less of a breeze for most. yesterday was 25 and it was
6:39 am
just ridiculous. this whopper of a system, i was just looking at some of the observations coming out of denver and it's at the air force academy, 18 degrees 38 miles per hour and there is snow over the front range and for us, it kicks in and we will continue as san francisco's average time of year is 63 degrees and we beat that, yes we will and it will not surprise me. it will be sunny today from beginning to end and it looks good. our system is pushed off to the east and we still get a little bit of a northerly breeze, everything else stays well to the north but you are getting severe weather and it will have 40s in the north bay, 50s for most of the bay area, north winds and that's a sign of a
6:40 am
warmer pattern and they had more of a westerly northwesterly system. and we have sunshine top to bottom and don't have to worry about anything. high pressure says i am here today and tomorrow. price i at times -- breezy at times, above average temperatures coast and inland and temperatures will continue to warm up into tomorrow as well. we will have some 80s and we back off a little bit. it will still be mostly cloudy and into monday. they are worried about some new tests, stay tuned, i will bring you the details. a student was treated for tuberculosis and we will tell you what they are doing to make
6:41 am
sure nobody else has it. highway 4 and another part of contra costa county it is moving along well, and we will let you know more coming up on traffic.
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. welcome back, here is a quick look at some of the top stories and we are finding out more about a reported sexual assault at st. mary's college. the student was assaulted early
6:44 am
saturday morning in a dorm on campus and the suspect is college age but does not attend st. mary's college. in iran, three people are dead after a magnitude 6.1 earthquake which was centered around the town of iran's only nuclear power steaks. the nuclear program has been the source of concern. back here at home, family members of some of the victims of the connecticut school shooting rampage, they traveled with president barack obama aboard air force 1 after the president's speech. family members want to urge congress to pass new gun control legislation. and in antioch, a high school student has been eye zag
6:45 am
knowed -- diagnosed with tuberculosis. deer valley high school and more than 200 students reportedly could be at risk of getting sick, right brian? >> reporter: that is exactly right and this is the first case of tuberculosis in 40 years. school officials are not panicking but they are not taking any risks in fact the students will be tested. the tests will be administered by contra costa health services and yesterday there was a letter sent to parents and it says health services will be on campus testing anybody who was in contact with this student whether it be in a class or a club. there is no word that it has spread but they are not recommending that all students and staff be tested. tuberculosis is a very serious
6:46 am
airborne disease that affects others when a person coughs and it can be fatal if not treated. in this case, we understand it may be infectious and it takes three months to turn into a disease. the student has been treated and according to contra costa times, the student will be tested and the last time a student was tested was back in 2009 here at antioch high school. live in antioch, fly brian -- brian flores ktvu channel 2 morning news. officials say the two countries are on bridge of a nuclear war but the u.s. and south koreaian officials say
6:47 am
there is nothing to suggest north korea is preparing for a nuclear attack and they are still a year away from having a nuclear missile which is operational. and communication over the past few days with john kerry meeting with prime minister benjamin netanyahu this morning and the prime minister said he is determined not only to resume peace talks but to quote, end this conflict once and for all. john kerry also met with mahmoud abbas : sal, you have the chopper working too? >> yes, there is a collision on brentwood right here on marsh creek road and they are still clearing it and this head-on collision occurred and you can see tow trucks are putting the
6:48 am
damaged cars on to flat beds there and you can see the chp is there and it is pretty damaged cars although it does look like they are making some progress on brentwood and again this is bypass road and we are right where the road begins so if you know the area you will space some delays although they are making some progress. let's look at the sunole grade and as many as 20 vehicles have pulled over after hitting something on 680 and we are not sure what it was but we have all kinds of tow trucks attending to cars that are apparently not drivable and there is a mess coming out of pleasanton heading south. if you are headed to the toll plaza, there is a 20 minute delay driving into the city. 651 let's go to steve. visibility is sparkling, not as good as yesterday but
6:49 am
sunny, breezy and a little bit warmer and it is a what happenedder -- whopper of a system, we should be around 62 to 70 and we will be above that and warmer weather takes us to wednesday as well and we will start to see a little bit of a cooling trend as we turn to the latter half of the week and there is a big system in the rockies but for us high pressure is still coming through and it's breezy in parts of mendocino county and there is a lot of 30s coming in and we are looking at denver international. we call it dia. it is snowing in the teens and flights are delayed out of denver and if there are any flights in denver we will have some issues. 0s and 40s to the north that is is -- 30 and 40s to the north and we get more of a northerly breeze and these temperatures are heading up 39 in ukiah. and 51 in sacramento held up
6:50 am
because of a breeze and for us today and tomorrow lots of sunshine and a little breeze at times, not as bad as yesterday, some of the higher elevations still getting in 20 and 25 and we are pushing upper 70s for some, if you want to go to the beaches, it is good to go and everybody looks good and we will carry that into your weekend. it is 6:52, they got a little out of hand, what made officers shoot tier gas into a crowd of celebrating fans. and it could make the future a lot bumpier, we will explain, stay tuned.
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. stocks are higher and alcoa reported they came in ahead of forecast thanks to auto builders. jc penny came in higher after just 16 months dow jones industrial average is currently up 2 and nasdaq is flat right now and the s&p 500 is flat as well. [crowd noise] look at this new video we
6:54 am
have from kentucky riot police firing tear gas into crowds of people celebrating after they won the ncaa championship and this is louisville kentucky it happened after one of the police officers was attacked and at least 10 arrests were made. this is a game, louisville beat michigan 82-76 last night and they won the nca basketball championship and they did it in front of a record crowd at the george why dome and this came after kevin wear hurt his leg and he came out and cut the net. some flights will double by
6:55 am
2050 as the jetstream become more intense and they are rerouteing flights to avoid turbulence to avoid carbon emissions and delays. they are turning from the corner of highway 4 marsh creek road and there is a backup in that area and we also want to show you the sunole grade. a car ran over something and it was a chunk of metal which disabled a dozen vehicles and traffic is backed up into pleasanton and on the bridge, we have a 15 minute delay. sal? clear, breezy not as bad as yesterday, highs for the upper 70s coast and bay. coming up, a frightening crime inside of a student's
6:56 am
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>> reporter: a female student is sexually assaulted in her
6:58 am
own dorm room at saint mary's college. we're live in morago. we'll tell you if there's any other threats to students. we have a crash in brentwood that's caused major troubles for a very populated area. we'll let you know more about what's going on there now. >> reporter: we'll tell you why the city of santa clara is considering tearing down this golf course. a wind-driven wildfire still causing big problems in southern california. we'll have a live report from the fire lines. it's all ahead on "mornings on 2" welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm tori campbell. it's tuesday, april 9th. breaking news with sal, a head-on collision. >> that's right. this collision occurred about an hour ago. pretty serious crash.
6:59 am
it closed highway 4. this is called the bypass at marsh creek road. these pictures taken just a little while ago from newschopper2. some pretty seriously damaged car. look at that one. people were actually seriously injured in this crash, already taken to the hospital. the vehicles are being cleared now and should be gone shortly. but again, there was an investigation and quite a big delay in the area. things are getting better now. they've opened up a couple of lanes on marsh creek. this is the same area we're talking about. give yourself plenty of time if that's your commute. 7:01. back to the desk. our other top story -- an investigation into a sexual assault -- the sexual assault of a student at saint mary's college in morago. tara moriarty is live on campus to explain how the suspected attacker got into the dorm and what the school is saying about the attack. tara? >> reporter: well, the news came as quite a shock to students on this


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