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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  April 9, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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supported with local assets with no cost to the government. so unfortunately, that means the blue angels will no longer be allowed to fly to the cities across the country to perform. >> reporter: of course, the blue angels are a huge draw at san francisco's fleet week in october. they've performed here every year since 2004, wowing the crowds with their incredible midair maneuvers. peege we talked people we talked to -- people we talk to attend this event are disappointed. >> such a gorgeous event, such an exciting event. nothing like the sound. it kind of goes through your body. people come from all around. it's just packed with people and kids and it's a great event. it would be really sad not to have it anymore. >> reporter: now, the blue angels had 33 performances scheduled for the rest of this year, including fleet week here in san francisco. looking forward, the blue
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angels' spokeswoman told me they are planning to perform next year. but everything does depend on the budget situation. i did talk with someone from the san francisco tourism bureau who doesn't see this having a major impact on the city. she told me the blue angels have been absent in years past and said the crowds are still strong. alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, alex. there is new concern about the safety of oakland residents in the event of an emergency. it has to do with how the city communicates with its first responders. according to the "oakland tribune," the east bay regional communications system authority is now refusing to allow oakland to use its new $72 million network. it includes nearly every other public safety agency in alameda and contra costa counties. the problem is oakland has not paid the roughly $1.5 million
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to join the network. oakland officials say they are concerned about how oakland's interests will be treated if the city joins the network. more than a dozen people have been wounded in a stabbing attack at a texas college. it happened less than three hours ago at lone star community college in the houston suburb of cypress. at least 14 people were stabbed. at least ten have been taken to the hospital. no word on their conditions. one suspect has been taken into custody. as many as 200 students at an antioch high school may have to take an additional test this week. this one is to find out if they have tuberculosis after a classmate was diagnosed with that infection. testing will take place this thursday at deer valley high school for students who shared a classroom or were in a club with the sick student. health authorities say the risk of getting tuberculosis from tb infections is only about 10%. but parents at deer valley are
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still concerned. >> it's making me a little bit nervous. i'm not sure what the incubation period is or how it spread. >> it gets me very nervous. i told my daughter, be safe, wash my hands and get away from anything that's different. >> the student diagnosed with tb has recovered. officials say it takes at least three months for the infection to happen. so the students will be offered again tests in may. it's no secret in san francisco that more taxis are needed. that's the big reason that so many unregulated taxi-like startups are taking off. ktvu's sal castanedo joins us live with the results of a new study on this situation. good afternoon, sal. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. if you live and work in san francisco, it's no fresh idea that a lot of people say they need more cabs. well, san francisco, the city of, is trying to make that happen. getting a cab in san francisco
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can be tough. >> it's really tough on a friday night or a thursday night if you are anywhere downtown or at a busy street. you will see 20 cabs go by you. >> reporter: a new report commissioned by the san francisco municipal transportation agency recommends adding as many as 600 to 800 new cabs within the next few years to fill a growing need. the findings confirm what many suspected. there are not enough cabs in the city. >> a lot of it is about bringing back or increasing people's confidence in the taxi system so they know they will be able to get a taxi when they need one, that they only have to call one to get one. then don't call three and they take the first one. >> reporter: the mta director says in addition to more cabs, the report suggests the entire taxi cab system can be run more efficiently. right now, the city has 1600 cabs operating and 200 set to hit the road soon. cab drivers we spoke to say it isn't a good time to add more cabs because of unregulated
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cabs that are already eating into their business. some say unregulated cabs are a symptom of an unfulfilled need. >> you can tell there's a nesty of the -- nesty for the cabs -- nesty for the -- necessitity for -- necessity for the cabs because of the pink ones driving around. >> reporter: back to you, tori. >> thank you, sal. police say two groups of people argued outside of a bar around 2:00 a.m. police officers opened fire after a man in a crowd pulled out something that looked like a gun but it turned out to be a fake weapon. tonight's town hall meeting starts at 5:00 at corner stone church.
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>> reporter: with the new 49er stadium going up here in santa clara, this golf course may have to come down. a warmup is coming and rosemary is up in a few minutes to tell you how warm and for how long. push [ cheers ] and hundreds of bay area residents celebrate their first day as u.s. citizens. i know. i know i need to quit this. - well, how about... - that smokers' helpline? yeah, they can give me a plan. - help me through the rough spots. - so you're ready to... quit? everyone wants me to quit-- my doctor, my wife the dog. - not good for the dog. - anyone else? hmm? what?
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ahead on -- a head-on collision near brentwood briefly closed highway 4 during the morning commute. the crash was reported at 5:45 this morning near marsh creek road. at least one person was injured. it took about an hour for all of the lanes to be cleared. there was another problem for the morning commute. the highway patrol says 20 cars got flat tires after hitting a pipe on the sunol grade right in the middle of the morning commute. the incident report was reported on southbound 680 before the washington boulevard exit at 6:30 this morning. it took about an hour for all the cars to be towed or driven away. a major earthquake struck southern iran today, killing at least 30 people and injuring 800 others. the 6.3 quake centered 30 miles south of bushehr, home to
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iran's first nuclear power plant. iranian officials say the plant did not sustain any damage. but there are reports of widespread damage in villages where many houses are made of mud brick. iran announced three days of mourning. in southern california, some 400 firefighters are still battling a wind-driven wildfire that's that'sdy strod two homes -- that's destroyed two homes in ventura county. evacuation orders were lifted early this morning as winds eased and fire crews gained the upper hand. the fire is 80% contained. investigators say a mobile home fire sparked the bush fire which has consumed 170 acres. no reports of injuries. today, a proposal that would allow google executives to store their planes at mineta san jose airport is being considered. the plan calls for building a new $82 million for private and
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corporate jetsen 0 the west side of the airport -- jettens 0 the west side of the -- jets on the west side of the airport. the city would receive at least $3 million a year in rent and other fees. if approved, groundbreaking could begin this summer. the new home of the 49ers could become the home of santa clara's entertainment scene. christien kafton has more. >> reporter: the new 49ers' stadium is taking shake in santa clara. now city leaders are looking to enter exclusive negotiations to see if this lot across the street from the stadium can be turned into a santana row-type district. >> this is everything we talked about when we approvege the stadium and our -- approved the stadium and our voters on it. we're going to look at a residential component around
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the stadium as well. >> reporter: the city will look at whether a golf course can even be developed. city leaders will look to see if the public use facilities can be moved but says new development can be big money to santa clara. >> we're looking at generating long-term, which will be used for city services to keep police, city, fire, roads in good shape. >> reporter: but this led to the old downtown more than 50 years ago. and some say they shouldn't try to replace this with the -- >> they destroyed downtown for this shopping center. now they are gonna do the same thing. it didn't work in 1958. it won't work now. >> reporter: the city council is set to vote on this at tonight's city council meeting at 7:00 here in santa clara.
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in santa clara, christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. caltrans will go before the metropolitan transportation commission tomorrow to talk about the big bolt problem on the bay bridge. caltrans will update the ongoing investigation and possibly fixes to the embarrassing problem. engineers recently discovered at least 31 huge bolts had snapped. tests later showed the damage bolts contained hydrogen which can weaken metal pieces. fixing the problem will cost around $1 million. however, the work should not delay the planned labor day opening of the new bridge. now more on that breaking news out of richmond where there are reports of -- [no audio] >> reporter: three people were shot, one person is dead on scene out here. it looks to be a young man,
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possibly in his 20s. there's not a lot of information. it happened over here at 28th and virginia on the corner here. i've been talking to a few witnesses. i have one lady here, anna wells, who was actually part of a group running down here. they were toking an agility test and these men were part of that group. tell me what you saw and what happened. >> when i came around the corner from 27th and virginia, i heard pow, pow, pow! some of the group turned around and started to run back this way. i ducked behind a car. i didn't know which direction it was coming from. once it was over, i saw a white car drive off and then when i got to the conner of 28th -- corner of 28th and virginia, there was a father crying over his son. he was ulkaing his son's -- calling his son's name and the other son in the program he was just upset and crying. the next thing you know we were
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all crying about this young man being shot. >> reporter: you are part of a construction organization that's teaching people how to build. these people were part of that group, right? >> yes. we're part of the richmond built carpentry construction school. we were in stage iii of this qualify for the program. one of the things that you have to do is show how flexible you are, bendable. one of the things we had to do was run around the block. >> reporter: well, thank you so much, anna, for your information. as anna said, it sounds like these three men were a group of 20 people running around the neighborhood jogging on an agility test, when this guy drives up, and shoots. three people shot. one person dead. we're working on as much information as we can. we'll bring it to you at 5:00 and 6:00 on the news. lorraine, blanco, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. senator dianne feinstein
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announced a tent tiff deal about immigration reform. this dispute has put two sides at odd over wages. two sides have disagreed on how many visas should be offered to bring agricultural workers to the u.s. feinstein has had a lead role and word of a tentative deal comes as a bipartisan group of senators hurries to finish an immigration overhaul bill. feinstein did not provide details on the deal. [ cheers ] >> these bay area residents are celebrating their first day as u.s. citizens. around 1250 people took the oath of citizenship this morning at oakland's paramount theater. among them was this man who works as a plumber in richmond. he's from nepal, has scaled
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mount everette six times and has worked as a television news reporter. he says freedom and freedom of the press had him decide to move here. airport officials say flights going to chicago are delayed an hour and 40 minutes. flights headed to newark are delayed as well. and hundreds of flights have been canceled at denver international airport. the reason, the powerful wind storm that hit the bay area yesterday, now causing weather problems in colorado. this storm has brought gusty winds and ice and left denver under a blanket of snow. the region is bracing for up to 20 inches of snow in the region. all of that trouble going on in areas like colorado, utah, wyoming, that was the storm that brought us a small amount of rain and those fierce
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winds. outside our door right now, the winds are still blowing, not as bad but some areas of the bay still seeing gusts to 35 to 45 miles an hour. giving you a look there at blue sky. the other item worth noting, the warmup. we are 5 to 10 degrees warmer than we were just yesterday at this hour. 22 miles per hour right now in napa. 14 in oakland, 21 at sfo, 17 miles per hour in san jose, these are a few of the areas still dealing with those winds and still with an advisory. along the water there's a small craft for choppy, hazardous seas along the areas like sfo and oakland with an advisory through about 8:00. so if you know somebody catching a flight or if you have catching a flight , to be area of that. a wind advisory through part, of the delta and the carquinez strait. there's that system there causing trouble and moving towards the plains. we have this ridge of high pressure that will be building in. already building in bringing us a warming trend.
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we'll be several degrees warmer than yesterday. as we get into wednesday, that looks to be the warmest day. for today, a little breezy. i expect the winds that are blowing outside right now will continue. through about 5:00, and then die down. 70 degrees in napa. 68 in concord. 68 in oakland. mid-60s redwood city, upper 60s san jose. rounding over and our last stop, livermore, 68 outside your door. widespread 70s in the forecast for the afternoon. 76 santa rosa. 77 for napa today. upper 70s for concord. 76 for livermore and 76 for san jose. 74 san mateo. 71 san francisco. along the east bayshoreline, 74 in oakland, 74 in hayward. the temperature is feeling pretty good. we'll be a little breezy throughout the day. tomorrow, the winds are lighter and the temperatures are warmer. widespread low 80s in the forecast for the warmer spots. the rest of us will warm back in the os. by -- 70s. by thursday, we cool things down or we'll call it not as
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warm. 76 still on thursday, feeling good. a tad cooler on friday and then for the weekend, mostly cloudy turning in the 70s. overnight lows in the 40s. >> all right. sounds good. thank you, rosemary. >> you are welcome. there's been progress to abandon the pagoa theater. muni wants to drill at the pagoa site. a $3 million deal has been signed with pagoa's owner. some north beach neighbors oppose the plan saying it would bring partial street closures and clog traffic in the area. still ahead -- how you can get some free ice cream today.
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blue chip technology stocks, liting the dow to a record intro-day high after investors used this opportunity to buy. microsoft, intel and hewlett- packard leading the way. long-time ice creammaker ben & jerry's is telling the world thank you. you can enjoy a free cup or cone of your favorite flavor. this is appreciation for customers for another year of support. fans will be able to taste some
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of the newest flavors, including liz lemon and candy bar pie. today, david steve sonson is getting a -- david stevenson is getting a look at the science museum reopening to the public next wednesday. it was located in the palace of fine arts for 43 years before moving to pier 15 on the blaurm. the $300 million facility is trip -- embarcadero. the $300 million facility is closer to downtown. david will that the exploratorium story for you tonight at 5:00. thank you for joining us. we're always here for you at and mobile see you at 5:00. have a great day.
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