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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  April 9, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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an on looker rande stottlemyer to the station and summoned two officers. >> we have a person who has a replica and that's when the officer opened fire. >> reporter: an officer fired three shots. both are improving in the hospital and the officer is on paid administrative lead. >> it's always disturbing when this occurs eschenfelder specially in front of a police station. >> reporter: this is the department's fourth officer involved shooting this year. we'll have community reaction later and what comes out of the meeting. a proposed law in sacramento could make california the first to penalize boy scouts of america that do not accept gay
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members and lead evers. the bill in sacramento would deny state tax exemption status that discriminate on the basis of sexual orientations, race, nationality oregon general. an 8-year-old bay area girl is being honored at the capital this weekend that made a 911 call to get her mother help. her swift action helped emergency crews to come to the aid of her mother. robert vega who answered the call and alex is a are named to the local heros program. they're said to attend a ceremony thursday at the capital. families who lost loved ones in the newtown
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tragedy are in washington tonight. jacqueline fail talked to one of the senators exclusively today. >> she loved life and lived it to the fullest. >> reporter: vick tickets died protecting her students. her sister is pleading for gun control legislation. >> i have seen the damage that it does to a human being, to children. we need to do something about it. >> reporter: as she shares her family's heart ache, senators are vowing to block and signed onto a filibuster. he says the obama administration needs to encourage gun laws and not create new ones. >> my view is the federal government should be vigilant going after violent criminals. unfortunately, the
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legislation being pushed now by senate democrats is not targets at the criminals. >> reporter: some are calling out the senators opposes gun control legislation. some say the senate should at least vote. >> if they're opposed to background checks stand up and say so and vote no. american people demand at least that. >> reporter: other family members are lobbying for expanded background checks. reid says there will be a showdown vote on thursday and they need 60 votes to continue the gun debate. in less than two hours san bruno county is talking about new gun rules. the new requirements include distance from schools, parks, security measures and hours of operation.
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two businesses in san bruno cells guns and a third has a permit to do so. a student went on a stab be rampage at a houston community college in cypress. someone called to report a male on the lose stabbing people. a suspect was arrested and witnesses described the weapon as an exact to knife. two are hotlized in critical condition. firefighters battled a house fire this morning. a student that lived in the home reported the fire coming from the garage this morning morning. all people in the house escaped. near by homes were briefly evacuated as a precaution.
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firefighters have fully contained a wind driven wildfire. we first brought you this story here at 5:00 yesterday. it was in the city of fill more. the fire burned almost 150 acres. evacuations were lifted today. the cause remains under investigation. a major auto maker is announcing plans for a major recall. chrysler group is planning to recall ram pickup truck, dodge challengers and chargers. it ranges from air bag warning light, parking brake flaws. there are so many models and years affected we put it on our website. there are so many models affected go to to
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check it out. many were victims of foreclosure. nation's largest banks will dole out money to more than 4 billion borrowers. it's a settlement. the companies are wells fargo, bank of america and citigroup. it includes borrower in foreclosure from 2009 to 2010. on wall street today stocks rallyied. nasdaq picked up 15. s&p bounced back. a bill going to legislature could be coming up. the bill was approved today and it would make
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pranksters or their parents liable for what it takes to send the police on those calls. the measure now goes to the senate appropriations committee. watershed ruling is putting fractioning on hold for now. ubureau of land management should repaired a land statement. the ruling is in response to a lawsuit filed by two environmental groups. the judge ordered both groups to work together. doctors say some 200 students at this antioch high school may be in danger. what they plan to do to keep them safe. a nice day, less wind, temperatures up there and it's warmer tomorrow.
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how much warmer? i'll let you know in about ten minutes.
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tonight all parents of one high school are notified about a student who came down with tuberculocis. now why are only some of the children going to be tested? >> reporter: i obtained this letter being sent out to all deer valley high school parents. one student, a jr. here, goat sick with tb a week ago. got better and came back to school yesterday. the risk is lowe, health officials say, but the student may have transmitted through coughing, shouting or singing. >> i'm not sure what the incubation period is or how it's spread. >> reporter: school officials declined interviews.
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the school does not recommend testing students. 209 students were closer contact and they can be tested. >> test them for the infection so we can treat prior to there being any risk of them passing this on. >> reporter: this is the county's first count tickets case. it can take months or years toyshop. >> the chronic cough going on for more than 3 weeks, fevers, night sweats, weight loss. >> reporter: the doctor says it takes 6 to 8 hours of close contact to transmit the infection. why tb rates are not going down despite public action, coming up.
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the bay area is second most visited area. bay area saw 14.5 million visitors, second to blue ridge parkway in north carolina. head lead lands, al ca transaction, national seashore, weeney ridge. y yosemite was also popular. the exploratorium is about a week away from opening at peer 15. it's triple the size of the old location at the palace of fine arts. the facility has space for 600 indoor and outdoor exhibits to educate old and young about the world
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around us. >> we have 150 new exhibits with the same theme we had before but new ways to open your eyes to the world around you. >> reporter: opening day is set for next wednesday, april 17. transportation officials are planning a public meeting with a plan to bring the subway to san francisco. opponents concerns include the impact on washington square park. the light rail will bring more business to the neighborhood t.meeting is next wednesday. oakland airport is make agriculture big change this year to accommodate the earth shifting magnetic field. oakland's main east west runway, runway 209, showing you that here, thanks to magnetic shift it
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points one degree to the north of that. according to the faa it involves more than painting a new number. >> updating chart it is pilots use to navigate and airport directories and making sure that we alert pilots to the plane changes so a pilot looking to land on runway 29 is not surprised to see a 30 painted on the runway. the same weather system that brought fierce winds to the bay area is delivering a spring snow storm to other parts of the country. wyoming is having road closures. freezing rain, snow also hit kansas. flights cancelled in denver. weather problems also
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affected flights bound for chicago oh hair. it was another windy day across the central valley. winds were not as strong as yesterday but strong enough to kick up a lot of dirt to make it look like a dust storm along interstate 5. >> our chief meteorologist bill martin is here to talk to us about it. if you had a chance to go out to the great highway, there is lots of sand. especially if you live down on the beach, on one of the streets by the beach, lots of sand. highs got into the 70s and lowe 80s. today. wind advisory dropped. that's good. here is the jet stream dog what it should do in the spring. it's north, way up here.
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that's where all the activity is. high pressure is ruling the lost and that means a warmer day time high. 76 in santa rosa, 77 in napa, almost 80 in walnut creek t.winds have shifted a little bit. this is slightly offshore here and that begin it is warming. tomorrow the arrows clock more easterly and that increases the warming. the air is sinking out of a high pressure area. when air sinks it compresses and warm. so tonight at 10:00, coastal forecast winds, 17 miles an hour. that's about right. tomorrow morning, if you're driving around the wind is not an issue. the afternoon, die earn l
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winds or afternoon winds come back but not bad. wind gone, temperatures warming up. day time highs, 70s are yellow, orange are 80s. if you have allergies, tree pollen -- there is a will the of different trees blooming, oakland, pine. if you see blossoms that's the tree that's bothering you. warmer day tomorrow, mild night tonight. still in the 40s but not in the 30s. we're note seeing frost. when i come back i'll have the forecast for you tomorrow which will be the warm messaging day of the week. we may reach 85 degrees. an unexpected problem. people are trying to catch a cab in the city and the solution being propose
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today fix it. how you can name one of the baby falcons nesting on the top of city hall. bay area weather and video of breaking news, any time anywhere.
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san francisco taxi drivers don't like it but those on the streets certainly do.
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we're told about a plan to put hundreds of new cabs on the streets. >> reporter: getting a cab in san francisco can be tough. >> it's really tough on a thursday or friday night if you're downtown or on oo busy street. >> reporter: a new report commissioned by the transportation agency recommends adding 6 0e 0 to 800 new ones in a few years. there are not enough cabs in the city. >> a lot of it is about bringing back or increasing their confidence in the tax policies system. they only have to call one to get one. >> reporter: mta director says the report suggests the whole system could be run more efficiently. they have about 1600 cabs operating now.
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cab drivers say it's not a good time to add more because of unregulated cabs are eating into their business. unregulated cabs are a symptom of an unfulfilled need. >> they're picking up the slack. that shows you that people needs rides. >> reporter: if the board approves the more new cabs you could start seeing them later this year. freeway is going to cost a lot of drivers some money. a lot of cars had flat hairs on 80. the highway patrol said it was probably a pipe or metal. they don't know where it came from. the incident started at about 6:00 this morning. the roadway was clear by
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7:00. the city of san jose wants help naming falcons that hatched on city hole. young people between the age of 5 and 18 who live or go to school in san jose are invited to enter the contest. a similar contest last year named four others others, hope, thunder, cobalt and horatio. it's official. the blue angels will not fly over san francisco this year. will fleet week survive? that's the question. we're live at the airport where bay area students head to washington d.c. for a major march.
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first no blue angels and now no fleet week? the fate of a popular tradition is up in the air. the navy announced it's grounding the blue angels because of mandatory budget cuts. ken is live in the city with how much we stand to lose here. >> reporter: the navy notified the city that the blue angels will not fly over san francisco this week. fleet week itself is in danger of cancellation. to many people the blue angels are the greatest show. the navy announced it's grounding them because of mandatory budget cuts because of sequestration.
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>> it was a good show of the american military. >> reporter: the navy is canceling their shows nationwide. the angels are going to be here october 12 and 13. ktvu spoke the the spokes woman. >> it can be no cost to the government. that unfortunately mean it is blue angels will no longer be allowed to fly. >> are the navy doesn't plan to >> doc: battle ships either. the mayor's office says they're meeting with fleet weaker nicers to see what can be salvaged. >> it's a great chance to attract a lot of visitors. the estimates are about $65 million of economic activity. >> reporter: businesses along the san francisco water front say they will feel
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the hit include boat captains. >> i like to get right on the water and we get it right on top of us. >> reporter: supervisor john avenue lowe is not saddened. >> if that means we can pay for school and healthcare and security, i'm okay with it. >> reporter: the city hopes to recoup through america's cup. coming up at 6, they should expect to see a boom in business with blue angels cancellation business but why this company is not happy about the news. the assistant chef to cooks for president obama said he will be furloughed. the white house said 480 workers on staff may have to take days off without pay.
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dozens of children are making their voices herd son immigration reform. this is live at the children's press conference in san jose. the event is organized by faith based organizations and it features testimonies from children. they say how it causes stress and fear affecting their lives. >> we're americans that work hard. some of us come home to an empty house because our parents work multiple jobs. we want one job for our parents. >> reporter: they're calling for change changes. students from bay area high schools plan to leave for washington d.c. to take place


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