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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  April 10, 2013 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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ity college. police say this is something the suspect thought about for a long time. coming up at 4:41 more details about the attack and how students helped stop it from becoming worse. time is 4:32. right now there is a $1 million arrest warrant out for the former general manager. brett richards has been charged with fivish appropriate accounts. he was using the money for personal expenses and vacations. richards faces up to ten years in prison and fines of more than $1 million. right now his whereabouts are unknown. hundreds of deere valley high school students will be tested for tuberculosis. a student was recently diagnosissed with the disease. students who shared a classroom or in the club with the sick student will be tested. the risk of getting tuberculosis from a tb inspection is only 108%.
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testing for the disease will allow those to be treated before the illness progresses. a massive rally is taking place in washington, d.c. in support of immigration reform. some middle school and high school students from berkeley and oakland are joining the expected of tens of thousands of people in washington, d.c.. each student raised about $1,000 to go on the trip. oregoned by immigrant rights group by any means necessary. >> america is like the dream country. and some people come here expecting to live the dream but they don't make it and they just get put down and they don't have all the same privileges that all the people that are born here have. >> the bipartisan gang of eight senators are expected to unvail for immigration reform in' vehicle. the golden state warriors are heading to the playoffs for the first time in six years. they clinched the playoff spot
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last night with a 105-85 win. mark jackson says these are tears of joy. >> i cried because i know what these guys put into it. i know what they mean to each other. and i also cry because it could be somebody else in a suit and tie sitting in the big chair. >> jackson said people doubted whether his team would make it but they under estimated their determination. and power ball will have its first official california drawing tonight. the $2 tickets went on sale monday morning and sales brought in a record setting $3.1 million in the first 24 hours. the game requires players to match up six numbers. the odds of hitting the jackpot in each game are 1-175 million. >> is that it? >> easy. let's go to sal for a look at traffic.
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how does it look? >> it looks pretty good. traffic is moving along nicely. starting off on 80 westbound as you head out to the mccarthur maze. no major problems as you continue there. no major problems if you're driving to the bay bridge toll plaza into san francisco. it's a nice looking drive all the way into the city. if you're in san jose northbound 280 traffic moving well getting up to highway 17. let's go to steve. >> sal, thank you. a very good morning. i'm here. system to the north and a big, big system coming out of the rockies. that is giving us a wide variety of weather. it will be a sunny and warm day. today we will get 80s as well. a really difficult call on some of the forecasted highs. i saw projections to 88 degrees. it will be close. look at our system. that is mixed precipitation on the backside.
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that is rain, that is severe weather from minnesota to the great lakes all the way to the deep south a big system. look at the temps 64 in oakland. yet 40s toward napa. it's a huge spread on the temps. as much as 18-20 degrees for some. some areas very warm. if you get that breeze sfo has a westerly breeze. yet, it's north at santa rosa and there in lies the rub. if that north continues they will rocket it up. if that collapses, then temperatures will not reach the forecasted highs. it's a tough, tough call. 47 ukiah yet 57 sacramento. it will still be sunny. a few high clouds zipping by. but warm, breezy. 70s and 80s. today should be the warmest day i think we'll top it out. certainly that offshore breeze is pretty much still running out. expect it looks like at sfo. 60s and 70s and 80s. fog will be back. we'll drop 6-10 degrees tomorrow. a little cooler and breezy sunday into monday. time now is 4:37.
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coming up the blue angels have been officially grounded. what does this mean for the rest of fleet week? the meeting happening this week. and later this morning president obama is scheduled to release his budget proposal. his plan to reduce the deficit after the air force is forced to ground those jets. san mateo bridge traffic looks good heading out to the high-rise. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and bay area weather.
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welcome back. time now is 4:40. the obama administration says north korea could test fire missiles at any time. it shows north korea has more than likely completed all preparations needed for launch. now the u.s. military says it's not when north korea fires the missile but where. officials say if it's over the water there are no plans to intercept it. if the missile is fired over land, interceptor missiles could be used to destroy it.
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south korea says it's prepared for a launch. classes resume at a community college in texas after a student stabbed 14 people at the school. dillon quip said he fantasized attacking people. stabbing them in the face and the neck with a razor type knife. >> basically he is just stabbing anyone in his way. there was no pattern, there was no method. it was random. >> three students chased the attack and wrestled him to the ground until the police came. >> as soon as i put him on the ground i asked why did you stab these people. he didn't tell me anything because i knocked his hearing aid out. >> two of the stabbing victims remain hospitalized in critical condition. this morning congress has reached a compromised proposal
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on gun control. vice president joe biden says it's long overdue. >> the public is so far beyond where the congress is. so far ahead. >> democratic senator joe and pat are expected to announce they have reached a deal on expanding background checks at a news conference later this morning. the announcement comes after president obama flew families from newtown, connecticut to capitol hill on air force one. michelle obama will speak to chicago high school students about violence. then she will head to harper high school to speak with a small group of students and counselors. in the past year 29 current or former harper students have been shot. eight of those students have died. president obama will release its proposed budget for
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2015. the president is scheduled to speak about his budget this morning at the white house. we'll have a live report from our washington, d.c. newsroom on how congress is reacting to the president's proposal. the air force is starting to ground a third of its fighter jets. that grounding will include dozens of units in the u.s., europe, and the pacific. it will involve jets assigned to fighter bombing and other squads. the grounding is a result of the governments sequester which began in march. federal budget cuts have also grounded the navy's famous blue angels for the rest of the year. we are now learning the entire fleet week event in san francisco this october could be in jeopardy. that news is getting a mixed response from san francisco city leaders. >> a long-time tradition here in our city. it's a great chance to attract a lot of visitors from around the area. the estimates are $65 million
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of economic activity. >> military budget is $570 billion and i think it's bloated. >> they will meet with fleet week organizers to determine what kind of event can be held in october. no matter what they decide it's certain fleet week won't be the same this year. the sister of a soldier killed in afghanistan are remembering him as a man who loved his family and country. de lfin santos junior was among five americans killed in kandahar on saturday. da lean and madeline took this photo of their brother. >> if anything happens to me, take care of mom. he was like take care of mom. take care of mom if anything happens to me. >> specialist santos grew up in san jose and santa clara. his father was a world war ii veteran as well. santos' wish was to be buried alongside his father in the
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philippines. the remains of three others who were also killed in that afghan bombing have arrived back in the united states. the transfer took place yesterday afternoon. service members carried the flag draped coffins of christopher ward, ever hun chin, and a young states diplomat. a man has been charged with murder in connection with a shooting death of a freelance photographer. anthony lister fired the shot that killed 54-year-old lionel fluker friday night. he was driving home just as two men started shooting at each other. a stray bullet hit fluker and he died at the scene. >> it's a very busy intersection. a lot of people use that station to fill up their gas. and it's centrally located in the shooting. >> lister was injured at the
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shooting and turned up at a hospital where he was later arrested. the city soft santa clara is -- the city of santa clara is one step closer to building a big complex. they gave a develop aerogreen light to begin project. the city owned land sits on 230 acres. that is five-times larger than san jose's shopping center and ten-times larger than the new stadium site. the developer is eager to get things started. >> i'm overjoyed. there is a lot of work ahead. we've been working on this for six to nine months now. and we can't wait. >> however, the big project would likely mean losing or relocating a number of nearby businesses. that includes the popular santa clara golf course. the cost of attending a game at at & t park is on the rise. coming up how much it would cost to take a family of four
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to the game and how concession workers are hoping to cash in. let's head back out to sal castaneda for a check on how the roads are doing. hey there sal. >> hello. the giants came back on the rockies last night. they were down but they came back in a big way. let's take a look at what we have now. the traffic is moving along pretty well on 80 westbound. no major problems there. the traffic continues to look good if you are driving through with no major problems to the bay bridge toll plaza. and at the toll plaza it's a nice looking drive. no problems on the bridge. 4:47 let's go to steve. sal, thank you. above average temps. we had those yesterday they will continue today. by 3:00 or 4:00 i think enough of a sea breeze will kick in. this will be the warmest day as
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temperatures start off really warm for some and cool for others. a few high clouds cruising by. the main system the low we had that gave us all the wind is in the middle of the country. severe weather, rain, snow on the backside. it will be as we talked about a big weather maker moving across the country. no wind verses a north wind. 59 san francisco. 49 half-moon bay. when you see something like this, it's very, very difficult. i've seen ten degree differences in the forecasted highs today. north wind santa rosa. west at 15 at sfo. sea breeze has kicked in there. 47 ukiah. 30s up in reno and tahoe. high pressure will still hold its crowd but there is a weak little system coming in.
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70s and 80s looks to be the warmest. there is enough of a breeze. by tomorrow we will get a westerly breeze. 60s and 70s coast and bay. fog comes back thursday. a little cool down and then we will hold it steady. >> steve, thank you. the san francisco exploratory yum is moving into a new home. he was training for a new job when he was gunned down on the tree of richmond. what we have learned about the city's latest homicide.
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a 19-year-old man looking to improve his life is the latest gun victim in richmond. he was shot and killed in front of his father and brother. two other people were hurt in that shooting. the victims and about 20 other people were on south 28th street taking an agility test for the richmond build program. that is when a white suv drove up and a man started shooting. >> i heard pow pow pow. the other young man in front of me they turn around and run the other way. i got behind a car. >> minutes after the shooting, police found a stolen white suv that was abandoned close to the
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scene. police say they don't have a motive for the shooting and no arrests have been made. people that live in richmond district expressed concerns about gang violence. after one of the men refused to drop a weapon. that weapon turned out to be an air powered pellet gun. they were worried about gang violence in the mission after the fatal shooting of a college student. >> it's become more dangerous especially at night. there is a lot of things happening here with the gangs. >> both of the men shot are expected to survive. it's the fourth officer involved shooting in san francisco this year. two world series wins in three years could be leading to rising costs at at & t park. a new fan index shows tickets, concessions, and souvenirs averages 237. that is the fifth most
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expensive home game in baseball. we talked an't those cost increases. >> beer hit $10.25 this year. i'm like oh man. >> our goal with the giants is to put on the best experience possible. >> the giants say their dynamic pricing lowers ticket prices on certain game days. concession workers believe their paychecks should jump along with the prices. they are pushing for a new contract. san francisco's explorer to yum has a new home. the grand opening is set for next wednesday april 17th. there could be a new face coming to late night alec baldwin is in talks to join nbc late night lineup. he just ended his run on the show 30 rock. since then he's been doing a
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pod cast series. >> alec baldwin. it will be interesting. time now is 4:54 how is traffic looking? >> it's actually okay. we do have one new accident that popped up on chp list. that would be northbound 680 in fremont at south mission. it's an overturned pickup truck in one of the lanes. we are trying to get more on that. the chp is on the way. let's take a look at what we have with the live pictures here. still a little bit windy here. you can tell by the way our cameras are shaking a little bit. there are no major problems as you drive through. traffic continues to move along pretty well. if you are driving to the bay bridge toll plaza, the traffic there continues to look good as you drive through. no major problems here. again, if you are driving in fremont southbound 680 traffic looks good. we have a report of a new crash
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northbound 680 at mission boulevard. we're trying to figure out where it's at. let's go to steve. we do have clear skies. fog is coming down the coast. for us it's mostly a northerly breeze. although it's calm napa airport and 46 cool degrees. oakland airport 64. 59 in san francisco drop a ten. sfo has a little bit of a westerly breeze. now it will be interesting to see who wins out. i think there is enough of a north, north westerly breeze. i think we will get a rapid cool down tonight and into the mountains. the system right there doesn't look like much. when you got a weak cold front onlying through it's enough to get the fog ramped up. 80s inland means that fog is ready to go. but it will be sunny and nice today to warm. in fact, temperatures along with that northerly breeze 60s and 70s and 80s. we'll cool it down tomorrow.
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it still looks good as we go into the weekend. violence stuns a usually quiet bay area neighborhood. one is dead and two are wounded. what we've learned about it and the victim. also we'll have more details as firefighters make a grim discovery on a south bay freeway onramp.
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we'll tell you about the grim discovery firefighters made along a major freeway in san jose. >> you guys were tied up? >> yes. you will hear the newly released 911 call. also it's an intense waiting game as the u.s. waits for north korea's move. good morning, to you welcome to a brand new day wednesday it's april 10th i'm
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dave clark. >> and i'm claudine wong in for pam cook. we've talked about it before. we like it. >> we have a new audience now. temperatures will be very mild to warm. it looks like the fog is close. maybe an impact on that late in the day. here is sal. >> traffic is moving along okay here on highway 4 now. you can see westbound highway 4 looks pretty good as you drive up to the willow pass grade with no major problems. also we have 237 traffic moving along relatively well with no problems there. i want to bring up the maps real quick. northbound 680 at mission boulevard there san overturned truck blocking the right lane and actually now it's reported as an overturned big rig and this could mean major problems for the morning commute.
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680 northbound at mission but the southbound direction may be effected. stay with us. we'll have another traffic update in a few moments. now back to the desk. we are starting with developing news. a triple shooting in a quiet bay area neighborhood. one man is dead. two women wounded. tara moriarty joining us live to tell us about this gunfire and about the victims. tara. >> neighbors tell us the shooter was a boyfriend or exboyfriend of the daughter who live in the home you saw behind me here. they shot the daughter and her mother and then turned the gun on himself. this all happened last night. witnesses say the victims were air lifted to the hospital suffering nonlife threatening wounds. residents say they are shocked by the violence in this usually quiet neighborhood. >> i have lived here five years. i've never had any problems. god has protected me. people are very friendly.
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it's like a family. >> police are identifying the man who took his own life as 22- year-old jimmie bills of antioch. witnesses say there was three other children in the house at the time of the shooting. twin nine-year-old boys and 15- year-old girl. we'll talk to investigators to sheafy that have come up with any motive for the shooting and we will try to talk to neighbors to find out a little bit more about this family. right now we understand the woman and daughter are in stabilized condition so that is the good news. investigators believe a woman who had been reported missing was not the victim of foul play. the body of wendy was found on saturday. she was reported missing last wednesday. officials say she apparently fell down a steep hillside a few blocks from her home.


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