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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  April 11, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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into a white car and the suspect car sped away and now police are processing the evidence. >> i don't believe this is your difficult random shooting but again we are not sure exactly who was involved in it. >> four people inside that white car were wounded and all of them were transported to an area hospital. again we will be in touch with vallejo police so see if we can -- to see if we can get a description of that car. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. it happened while a gunman opened fire on a 29-year-old man walking down the street. he was shot in the head but he is listed in stable condition. the car was gone by the time
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the police arrived. san francisco police chief is reportedly dropping his stungun proposal. he planned on giving stunguns to a large percentage of the police force but he is now withdrawing that proposal because they demand limitations. he is worried about dealing with suspects without having to use a regular gun. the senate begins debate on new gun control legislation. ahead of the debate, volunteers and members of the clergy from newtown connecticut, they are creating a mock cemetery. the crosses represent the 3300 victims killed as a result of gun violence in connecticut
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back on december 14thth. >> and there is a battle extended on the -- expected on the service floor. she is using an unknown object to strike a student in this cell phone video footage and it was apparently shot by a middle school student last month. the school district said the teacher is on administrative leave while they investigate. a half of a dove businesses were burglarized. after a four weeks span in february and march, several burglaries happened during that time. they advised them to take cash out at that time and some are reportedly putting in cameras.
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jar becoming will be -- garbage will be but in and service was disrupted in fairfield and customers were not affected and with thursday and friday services, services and residential customers will resume today and tomorrow. recovery efforts in parts of the midwest, several storms brought rain and snow and dangerous tornados, three tornadoes touched down in st. louis missouri yesterday and luckily nobody was seriously hurt. another tornado damaged at least 33 homes and icy weather left thousands in minnesota without electricity. toyota, honda and nissan, they are all announcing a
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worldwide recall. more than 2 million vehicles are having a problems, sending plastic pieces flying. all of the airbags are from a japanese based supply, sal, you have a busy morning. >> yes, we had san francisco, dave this is going on in san francisco between 24th street and the park station. they are repairing some track there, single tracking cranes in balboa park and this is causing significant delays and all the trains that go through there, the only one is the rip
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month to fremont alignment i want to mention this crash and there is a person trapped inside car for a while and they could not find her and she was on the phone with dispatchers until they found her. traffic is moving along okay coming into san francisco, and if you are driving alone, it looks good getting up to highway 17. it is 87 degrees and that's just too warm and temperatures were way above average, i bow to a west wind and that west wind is roaring and there is also rain from up in the sierra
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and that is opening the door, the around is 63 and i almost said 61 because i have seen gusts of winds and when the temperature drops, it drops. we had that northeast wind and not today, we have a huge westerly wind and temperatures are cooler for some 49 and gusting at fso and oakland 17 and it will make it out to the delta, not wind wind. and for the at 17 but that west.$♪ wind will want us up and the -- will warm us up and
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it will be much cooler coast and bay, still on the warm side and we are above average on the temperatures and they are still coming down and it's a tricky call when you go from one extreme to the other, temperatures really tail off especially this time of year. partly sunny skies and maybe some wind on the menu for late sunday. despite the almost daily threats coming from north korea, the reason the south koreaian government is playing down security vehicles. what the commissioner of baseball is telling the mayor of san jose average it looks good and we will tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area weather.
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. they are on standby and despite the almost daily threats coming out of north korea, south korea is playing down their threats. they are not evacuating from either of the two korea. they are scheduled to arrive there and talk about what is going on with north korea. human rights watched as
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syrian target jets fired and they are falling under the control of syrian rebels. right now, the united states gun patel is atopis a top priority. a procedural slowed is expected this morning. >> reporter: in 90 minutes they will hold a procedural vote and they need 60 just to move forward on the bill which is titled the second amendment rights protection act. joe mansion and pat want to expand online background checks and their exclude sale between hunters friends and family members. >> i don't consider background checks to begun control. this is common-sense.
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this is gun sense. >> reporter: they are promising it will not infringe on the second amendment ban any type of firearm and the big one, the bill prohibits them from selling guns. kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 morning news. an emotional vigil was held. dozens of people were near the spot where he was shot and killed late tuesday morning. he was taking part in a job training program when suddenly self gunmen came by and opened fire. >> he was trying to do better and get his life together. >> several people broke down in tears. this is richmond's third homicide of the year.
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police are promises safer streets. so far there have been 37 reported shootings and 38, whom saids have also done town. down from 26 on october 11th. a man was discoveraged on tuesday as firefighters were putting out a brush fire to highway 85. the victim was homeless and living in the area. ktvu channel 2 morning news found a mexican consulate i.d. card and turned it over to authorities. they are trying to figure out what led to a shooting in allison lane. they are trying to figure out what led to that. police are still trying to figure out when the shooting
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happened amount. >> legal land yeah is expected to -- leylandee secretaried to be in court they found 26 guns in his home. reportedly he was angry about the senator's proposed gun control legislation. a standoff in santa barbara county forced people to get out of their cars and run for cover. the suspect was holding a knife when he stopped traffic. news cameras stopped the confrontation and coming up, why they fired their stunguns seven times. it has deeply affected the water supply and they are asking customers to cut landscape watering and the next step is to ban all outside watering but such extremes even
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this year is unlikely. the commissioner with major league baseball has shut down a request and married is talking about the proposed plan out of oakland. but she wrote a letter denying they are dragging their feet and he said the commission he appointed four years ago is in constant contact in san jose and in oakland. sal is following the bart delays, how are they looking? >> they have single tracking trains because of repair and they have to do that which will
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cause delays in that area and the only line not affected is the richmond fremont lane and you will see some major delays in the city and we are trying to get more information from bart and we will let you know more about it. let's look at the westbound bay bridge and the drive into san francisco is not a bad option if you can do it early. also the morning commute in san francisco a long 101 and the fremont road looks good, let's go back to steve. >> today will be much cooler, check e.and we have seen gusts coming out of the west. yesterday was the warmest by a long-shot and it will bring temperatures down maybe even 15 degrees cooler and i might amend that.
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15 degrees for some and maybe for others. almost a gust, west of livermore and the delta, it is a screaming message. there does that system it's on its way out of here and temperatures 50s and 60s and 70s and when you get a west wind, we are going 73 today and that's a big drop for april. big drop for any time. and as we go into this it will work out well. we have 21% and investors were encouraged by the new approach to stimulating that
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country's economy. let's look at how the markets closed, dow jones industrial average was up 129. s&p 500 19 points and as we mentioned, both the dow and s&p 500 hit all-time highs. one the most popular tourist places shut down its doors and will that have an affect on tourists in the future? and rifling point pay, we will tell you about the ancient at fact they found. get the world's top stories sent straight to your cell phone. text the words "wake up" to
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. they found something is called the point pay of the north. look at this, it dates back to the roman occupation of britain
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and it includes omelets, and tax records and what may be part of a harriet -- chariot. one the world's most popular museums closed its doors and they walked off the job yesterday, taking increasingly violent pickpockets. despite cooperation with police, pick pockets work in organized gang and the staff of the museum, they have 30,000 if under a year. and with sheriff's' deputies, he crossed all lanes of highway and both directions were shut down for about a half hour and frightened drivers got out of cars and ran away. you can see when deputies
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finally subdued him, they fired their stunned gun seven times because of his thick protective clothing. >> we saw him with the gun or knife and then they yelled at us to get out of the car. >> they didn't just use stunguns, they used bean bags and he is charged with assault against a police officer with a deadly weapon. northbound 2el 80 out of morgan hill, south bay looks good and if you are driving from 680 from pleasanton to fremont, it is a nice drive but gusty winds we are told by one of our engineers it was very gusty on the pass as he came in
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on his motorcycle, let's go to steve. >> gusty winds on the pass, 38 miles per hour and also on the lighthouse, it is not a north but the sierra nevada we are going from warm to cool with fog on the coast. police in san leandro are searching for two men wanted for a string of brazen robberies, watch this video, we will show you a frightening crime which happened as it took place. we will tell you why police are in hot pursuit. stay tuned.
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. good morning, it is thursday april 11th, let's take a look at your weather and traffic. >> hello claudine. well, if you enjoyed yesterday or if you dip like it -- or if you thought it was too hot, today will be more to your liking, 60s and 70s inland. it is clear and steve and i
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have been talking about fog and it is certainly not here, it is absolutely clear. traffic also looks good on 237 as you drive over to win 01, let's go pack to the desk. >> they crashed into a muni bus while alluding police. the search is on for the two suspects, lorraine? >> reporter: police tell us a stolen vehicle, a nissan was stolen and the car ended up going into the corner of vanness and union and the chase came to a loud crash at this intersection. the pursuit started at market
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when they sideswiped a muni bus, and ploughed into a brick wall. neighbors tell us this is usual lay very quiet area. >> i was just sitting on the bench and next thing you know it, this was like 8 are 09 comes coming through. >> at least two men fled eastbound on union and the car was toted away just a short time ago and the good news, there were no injuries. lorraine blanco, ktvu channel 2 morning news. time now 4:31 people were wounded if in a road way -- in a road way shooting. one man in one car started shooting at another man in another car and investigators found 30 bullet casings right there at the scene but they are
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trying to find out how much and who was involved in it. the 4 wounded people, tara moriarty is out there right now talking with police and she will have an update coming up at 6:00. police found a car used by the gunman 34-year-old clint bowyer was shot in the oakland hills. he died in the hospital two days later. police say they found the car in east oakland near the elementary school one day after that shooting. police hope you can help. this surveillance camera shows two men walking into the store, pulls a gun and points it at
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the employee's head and demands cash. the two men still pose a danger to the public. >> they are still out there committing multiple robberies and our concern is that they can have a piece full -- peaceful outcome >> they are responsible for at least seven robberies and there is now a $20,000 reward in this case. and an unusual situation, firefighters are met with a gunman, coming up at 5:45, how they got away and the demands of the suspect. contra costa health services are protecting anybody who may have recently come in contact with a student who had tuberculosis or who may have been in a class with that student but the risks are only
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about 10%. an unfamiliar animal has selected san jose assets home. the guadeloupe river has a beaver family and here is more on that family. >> her thrilled once again that beaver are here and if you look you can see a tree, indications the beaver may be setting up a lodge of some sort. this is set up with motion activated cameras and there is great beaver video of the -- great video of the beaver family. it is a mother and two pups and this is the first time in 158 years this is a sign that the
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beaver natureel habitat is returning and some of that video shot of that video was shot early in the morning and we are hoping we may be able to get fresh video and we will continue looking for new photos and we will have that for you later, for now christian captain ktvu channel 2 morning news. the 65- acre project is called brooklyn basin and it is to attract thousands to the area. it will add commercial space and the changes will cost $1.5 million and it is securing for an investment group. >> it is a target investment
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group and it is exactly what we needed and we hope we will kick start all of the other developments. >> support earths say it could include parking space and neighbors say two many people will change the community. chevron is moving them out of the bay area compared to 800. they will relocate those 400 positions from san ramon to houston. they considered moving 800 jobs to texas and 11:00 percent of the workers will be moved to chevron's east bay headquarters . they may delay the planned opening of the bridge and hydrogen is making 32 of the steel boats brit tall. the opening of the new bridge,
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they are trying to figure out the source of the problem and it is still a possibility, the bridge will open on time despite those 35 bolts. sal, it has been quite a busy morning, how is it looking? >> hydraulic few width was -- fluid was spilled according to bart they are trying to clean it up and it is getting later in the morning and it's causing some later delays on some lines but they don't run through san francisco, you are obviously going to see some delays and you will be set back. if you get on those trains early you should still make it through and right now there are
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some big delays out there. let's look at the bay bridge toll plaza and in some of the left lanes, traffic looks good and getting up to 17, traffic is moving nicely as well, let's go to steve. this is a fast mover and this has allowed the sea breeze to reestablish itself and on point rays lighthouse and in augusta it is almost ever 0 as -- 50 as well. a high of 63 after yesterday's 74.$♪ a lot of 80s yesterday and some 40s and 50s and temperatures are down a good 24 degrees and west wind will do that and that wind barb is showing it due west.
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temperatures will be coast and bay and it will drop a good 10 degrees and give it credit, fast moving systems, it looks like it is staying on old and it is a monster of a system and it has been a whopper. 40s and 50s, temperatures are closer today than they were yesterday and today everyone was in the same ballpark. the system is almost out of here and that will have to establish itself, cooler on the coast, they have made a pretty good spread, 15 degrees cooler 5 to 10 and 68 santa cruz after a really warm day. fog will be with us nights and mornings, pretty nice into the mornings late sunday monday, but a group of washington
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lawmakers are finalizing the plan, details about a 10 year plan and the compromises involved. how will a woman stop a fight that police say spiraled out of control. it will take a look at the commute -- we will take a look at your commute and the bay area weather.
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nut cheerios medley crunch, with clusters of flakes and o's. oh, ho ho... it's the honey sweetness. i...i mean, . welcome back, good morning to you, here is a look at some of the top stories we were looking at, this is what happened. water shot into the air after a
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stolen car crashed into a muni bus and then into a fire hydrant. that car had been hijacked in modesto and now they are searching for two suspects. he reportedly is dropping a plan to use stunguns. he planned to use stunguns with 5% of the police force but now he has withdrawn that proposal. later this morning, the u.s. proposal takes up the debate of gun control, a bipartisan bill is being considered and some say they will try to block debate on any gun control legislation. bipartisan gun control could be used later today and 10 years in up to upgrade border improvement. it does not stop immigrants
5:42 am
from gaining citizenship if enforcement benchmarks are not met. rallies for immigrant rights were held in the bay area and across the nation yesterday. hundreds marched in san francisco and protesters are worried about deportation if lawmakers can't agree on immigration roar form. >> whether you drive or go to school you are trying to make ends meet. >> people are accused of low- level nonviolent offenses. many are gathered on the west lawn of the capital building and they are urging them to pass the path of citizenship. people from all over the country attended including students from berkeley and
5:43 am
oakland. firefighters responding to an emergency call were taken hostage. >> we are in a situation where we have an armed person. >> while responding to that call yesterday, firefighters were met by a man with a gun and took them hostage. they heard gunfire and an explosion in the house. >> there was a point where we thought they were involved but they felt they had to pursue safety and the home was in foreclosure and the man wanted to hold the firefighters hostage until his utilities were turned back on. a horrifying scene at a home depot, a customer tried sawing off his own arms. they responded to calls from shoppers who caught the man in the act. by the time police got there,
5:44 am
the man was unconscious. an off-duty par met particular helped to save the man as life and he appears to be -- appeared to be in his 40s. the man was taken up two seats on a train when a 62-year- old passenger tried to sit down, witnesses said mccade tried the to attack the old man when another passenger stepped in and hit him with her stungun. >> absolutely it was a good deed and it helped this victim from getting more seriously hurt. he could face up to a year in jail. the woman with a stungun, well
5:45 am
it is up for grabs. the jackpot was estimated at $60 million. here are last night's winning numbers, 1, 36, 40, 52, 53 and there is your powerball, 20, now nobody won that and the next drawing is 20 and the next drawing is up to $70 million. everything be may having -- everybody is behaving. was that you messaging me. >> there are no problems on the morning commute if you are driving northbound and southbound 101 and we do have the bart equipment problems and we will talk about that in just
5:46 am
a second. traffic is moving okay on the bay bridge and i have been tell you this for the last 45 minutes sore so, we have a problem between balboa park am some major delays in francisco cordero for the map system. to fremont that traffic looks good heading south. let's go to steve. well, we had a little change compared to yesterday's warm day, was it ever. yesterday was a good 10 to 20 degrees above average and yesterday was about 72 to 87. 40s and 50s, oakland 59 and 64 and that's because there was a west wind. fairfield 52 and they were 74.
5:47 am
that is a huge dips. 50 in san francisco going 63 that is right where you should be. it is going out of here but yesterday will continue to cool down and it will still be warm but not like yesterday. it will be 70s for some, going from 74 to 84, it is a tough call inland and coast and bay, no doubt about it, that will drop significantly, but the weekend looks good, that will be a good system, but we will keep an eye on it am the howing market fell 23% in the first quarter from a year earlier.
5:48 am
last year banks repossessed 43,000 homes across the country and that is considered a normal number. at the height, repossessions topped 100,000 a month. sales continue to plummet and the reason, according toism b c, dale moved 11% and acer dropped 19%. they are turning away from pcs to smart phones and tablets. out on the water, but they are fishing with a fisherman and ended up feeling like the bait. and they have a new way to get your attention, stay tuned.
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. time is 5:54, a 10-foot tiger shark tried to steal this man's fish and he said he was realing in a tuna when a shark
5:52 am
tried snapping it away and as he realed it in, the shark came back for more am he tried to eat me kind ago and it hit me with what happened. >> the shark sensed the fish thrashing on the line and made a "b" line for him. it is unusual to cap something like that on ram a and if you he says he is happy to be alive. a pipeline ruptured fill thousands of barrels into a lake near little rock. heavy rainfall could cause it to spread and it caused the evacuation of more than 20 homes. they are asking exxon for $40 million to pay for the
5:53 am
investigation. begin ago a 9:00 a.m. should last put there is no danger to the public. a large redwood came crashing down and if happened just after 3:00, pg&e took power lines and a transformer. postal delivery service is going to continue for now. u.s. postal service will continue a 6 day delivery because congress passed a bill in february ensuring that service. the postal service wanted to stop delivery in august that they say would have saved a billion dollars a year. they are losing $25 million every day. you may find yourself clicking on more appealing adds if you have one.
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and they redash it allow users and user activity across the internet. facebook says they don't have access to your individual personal information. 5:56 if you ride bart makes sure you leave early and sal is watching some delays for us, how long is the delay? >> 10 to 20 minutes, claudine because of single tracking in san francisco, let remove the area and yes, i am going to put it between. there was hide scroll lick -- hydraulic few i had -- flu i had spilled and they are trying to clean it up and obviously it will cause delays for all the trains coming in and out of san
5:55 am
francisco. the trains that only stay do not have major delays and we are staying in touch with bart but we are running out and no probably almost at the bay bridge toll plaza, let's go back to claw. the video which now has a teacher in trouble. >> a car connects a man to a crime in modesto. and it will be cooler today, we will have your forecasted cooler highs coming right up.
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. we are live in vallejo where people shot more than 30 shots by a passing car. it is causing a big mess in one san francisco neighborhood. bart delays could cause significant problems for commuters, if your train goes through san francisco, you may
5:58 am
be setback for quite a bit. we will send information as the morning continues right now. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. well, good morning to you, it is thursday april 11th, i am claudine wong, let's get a quick look at your weather and traffic. steve, i liked yesterday's weather but -- >> well, for those of you who up joyed -- who enjoyed the rain, 50s and 60s and the fog is back, here is sal. well, i just got a tweet from bart that said bart is recovering from the san francisco line, and east bay due to equipment problems but
5:59 am
they didn't say if they were no longer single tracking. southbound 101, traffic is looking good, let's go back to the desk. a car smashed into a fire hydrant. water gusted up to 20 feet for more than an hour. the vehicle was carjacked from modesto and were chasing it at the time of the crash. >> they were pretty fast. if they crashed they just got out, they were gone. >> police are looking for the suspects but there are no suspect descriptions at this time. four


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