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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  April 12, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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the teen. the alameda county sheriffs office says this is a tragic incident that could have been avoided. >> it's very important for kids to realize how dangerous the kids are. that parents reiterate that to their children. . >> reporter: the area was shut down for several hours last night. this morning it is reopened. amtrak brought in a relief crew to replace the crew that was on board at the time of the accident. reporting live in san lorenzo lorraine blanco ktvu channel 2 news. 5:02. three teenage guy bios have been arrest -- teenage boys have been arrested in connection of a high school student that committed suicide after the arizona tack. audrey pot took her life days after someone posted pictures of the assault online. she was drunk and unconscious
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when three high school boys sexually assaulted her at a party last fall. claudine wong will have a live report with more on what the charges the boys will face. police in hayward want your help this morning. they are trying to find a missing man. 34-year-old nie jell jay last contacted his family and friends on sunday. his disappearance is considered suspicious. here's his photo. if you have any information please call police. tran died after being shot outside of a party early saturday morning. police say members of several vietnamese street gangs were at that party and some kind of disturbance started. friends say that tran had just graduated from nursing school add fresno state. >> he's just a very, you know,
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gentle soul. big guy. tough looking guy. but beneath that he was just a very gentle soul. >> this by the way was san jose's 11th homicide investigation of the year. it is 5:04. speaking in south korea this morning secretary of state john kerry calls the ongoing threats out of north korea unacceptable. kerry is meeting with south korean leaders looking for a way top diffuse tensions with north korea. coming up at 5:15 kerry's visit to south korea comes after new concerns about whether north korea has a nuclear war head that will fit on a missile. details of a bipartisan immigration bill are leaking out. senate republicans and democrats expect to unvail the legislation next week. aids say the bill could deny hundreds of thousands of immigrants who are in the u.s. illegally from ever becoming citizens. only people in the country
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before december 31st, 2011 can apply for legal status and ultimately citizenship. applicants must also have jobs or financial stability and no criminal record. a 15-year-old from san rafael is counting his blessings after falling into a lava tube in hawaii. it happened on wednesday night. the boy reportedly tried to jump over the railing surrounding a volcanic steam vent. he fell 25 feet into the hole with hot rocks below. rescue crews pulled him out after his mom called 911. he had bumps and bruises but otherwise was okay. time now 5:05. middle schools are cracking down on dress codes but only for girls. the debate is over tight fitting pants like leggings and skinny jeans. those pants are just too distracting for boys. however some of the parents say
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the school shouldn't just punish girls because boys have raging hormones. it is 5:06. a lot of people thinking about trying to get to work this morning. and let's see how things are going on the east bay. >> that is right tori and dave. we are starting in the east bay. so far so good. as a matter of fact, it is a nice looking drive all over the place. let's just hope it stays this way. sometimes on fridays it does. we are hoping for that obviously. no problems here on the east shore at the bay bridge teleplay va-- toll plaza. but in the last few weeks we have lost friday light. moving along and taking a look at the concord and walnut creek commute. road sensors showing us a very nice drive. 5:07 let's go to steve. thank you, sal. a very good morning. big bend in the clouds. high pressure. it will give us two nice days for friday and saturday. sunday it will drive a system into monday. it looks like more wind coming
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in late in the week. and a cooler pattern. there does not look to be much rain. i was looking out 15 days in there. there is no rain at all. 60s and 70s and 70s. there won't be that big of a spread today. about 10-15 degrees. a monster system our low that gave us the wind on monday is in the upper great lakes. snow up there. severe weather rain. giants and chicago you should bundle up. 37 in chicago and o'hare. it will be a great cold day. augusta has thunderstorms to deal with and everything will be all right. you see that line just to the west of them. i think overall once that goes through things look pretty good. for us fog is there. it's more going authority to south than west to east. it is a little cool though this morning. we'll decrease in that breeze and less of a wind factor. we'll have a lot more 40s and
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low 40s. 40s and even 50s but temperatures if you get a little breeze it's held up. if not it's on the cool side. 43 ukiah. there is cool air in place. system continues to slip the sierra. we'll get the wind and cooler weather but not for the next two days. mostly sunny some morning low clouds. a very quiet pattern. 60s and 70s. mid to upper 70s. we'll end it with lots of sunshine today and temperatures above average. mostly sunny an saturday. and then that system begins to inch closer to the north. cloudy and windy. mostly cloudy and windy on monday. and warmer on tuesday. time now 5:08. the southeast u.s. hit by tornadoes and strong winds. severe storm damage in missouri and arkansas. and now carolina is embracing for what is coming their way. also the big money deal that could have totally changed the san francisco neighborhood. the announcement very few
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people saw coming. and if you're looking at 680 the sunol grade that traffic looks pretty good heading to the south bay.
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powerful storm system that hit the southeast yesterday is now moving toward the carolinas. in missouri tornadoes and strong winds toppled trees, gutted buildings and theft thousands of people without
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power. the governor declared a state of emergency. in arkansas news crews caught up with a truck driver whole said the winds really tossed him around. >> i started spinning out of control for a long time. and then all of a sudden it just stopped. and then all i could do is pray. >> tennessee declared a state of emergency as well. there was tornado watches for parts of the carolinas earlier this morning. the storm is being blamed for three deaths. deputies in colorado arrested another man in connection with the murder of the colorado state prison chief. last night 31-year-old thomas was arrested for a parole violation. he is considered a person of interest in the murder of chief tom clements. he was shot to death at his home. three federal judges have ruled the prison overcrowding order will stay in effect. in the continuing legal battle.
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the governor says california can save millions of dollars by ending oversight of california's prison system. but the judges ruled they support the earlier ruling saying the current overcrowding violates the constitutions ban. the irs may be reading your e-mail. the aclu revealed 247 pages of irs records and found the agency does not obtain before reading taxpayers e-mail and other communication. the irs obtained the information during criminal investigations. the aclu says the irs may be taking advantage of a loophole in the electronic communications privacy act which only protects unopened e- mails or e-mail that has been stored on a server for 180 days or less. >> you hear it all the time. the need for more blood donations but a federal regulation currently preconvenients blood banks from
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accepting donations from potentially millions of healthy americans. however there is a move to change the provision. coming up in ten minutes. the proposal to lift a ban on gays to give bloods. a chinese bank is just pulled out of what would have been the biggest development projects in san francisco history. it would have completely transformed the old hunters point naval shipyard with the construction of 12,000 new homes. the same project called for building several high-rises on treasure island. however the talks between the chinese state run bank and the american developer they collapsed. the news is really disappointing since mayor ed lee recently came back from china. >> what happened? how did he drop the ball? he had to drop the ball. because they were committed to helping out. >> i don't think it's falling apart. i don't think we have the funding yet from the sources that we previously wanted to have. >> however, the developer says the first phase of the project
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will still go ahead as planned. more than 200 homes will be built in hunters point this summer. trash rates for a lot of people in san francisco may be going up. the ecology refused collection wants a 21% revenue increase. but right now they only charge for trash pickups. recycling and compost bins are free. single family homes would pay $34 and 51-cents a month for all three. customers who have less waste they would pay less. first of several public hearings begins this afternoon at san francisco city hall. an oakland raider will not face drunk driving charges. 25-year-old wide receiver jacoby ford was arrested a month ago in oakland. the chp says she was originally stopped for driving with tinted windows. an officer says he smelled alcohol when ford stepped out
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of the car. after reviewing the case it will not file any charges. a young star is making his mark at the masters. guan wowed the crowd. he is 14. the youngest competitor ever at the masters. he sanked that birdie putt and shot a respectable one over par 73. tiger woods by the way is tied at 13th at two under. sergio garcia and mark leishman are tied for the lead at six under par. in the middle of all of the nuclear threats in north korea secretary of state john kerry is in south korea. his visit comes as top military officials were caught off guard about some leaked information about north korea. ktvu kyla campbell reports in our washington, d.c. newsroom. the pentagon believes north korea has a nuclear war head that can fit on a missile.
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kyla. >> reporter: that new information was not supposed to be revealed but it was mistakenly marked unclassified and read out loud at a public hearing yesterday. the defense intelligence agency does not believe the weapon will be very reliable but this does raise new concerns about north korea's nuclear capabilities. secretary of state john kerry is in south korea for the first time ever. he spoke in seoul a couple hours ago saying the u.s. will take all necessary steps to protect americans our troops overseas and our allies. there is strong suspicion that north korean leader kim jong un will test a mid range missile capable of traveling 2500 miles. >> nor the international community we are all united in the fact that north korea will not be accepted as a nuclear power. >> next hour we will hear what
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president obama will say after a meeting with the secretary of general with the united nations. live in washington kyla campbell. ktvu channel 2 news. >> it is 5:18. we want to check in with sal and see what is happening in oakland. any problems? we are looking at it. there are no problems. what's happening really is they are picking upmost of the road work. there are not a lot of major delays. let's take a look at oakland. traffic on 880 looks good on that high street zone. from is not a lot of delay. the traffic does look good getting into the bay bridge toll plaza. and in san francisco they picked up the road work as well. highway 101 near the airport the traffic looks good. burlingame, san mateo, 101 and 280 look good. let's go to steve. sal, hank. patchy fog. sunny and nice today. looks good on saturday. a little cooler an sunday as a low drops down kind of taking the same highway the low on
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monday did. it looks much cooler on monday. this upcoming monday. and probably windy again. i don't think there will be much rain here. there will be some to the north and some snow in the sierra. that is the pattern. they drop down to the sierra northwest. high pressure will win out today and also tomorrow. big system continues to march across the country. same one we had on monday has racked up a lot of snow to the north severe weather and not only severe weather but also really cold temperatures. giants in chicago today. it's 37. it will be cold and cloudy. it's really going to be very brisk there. temperatures way below average. for augusta there is a line of thunderstorms to the left. once that clears everything looks good after that. for us we have the fog. patchy fog. not a ton of it. a little cool this morning. upper 40s and low 40s. even a few 30s. temperatures without the breeze and also some of the cloud cover are are definitely dropping this morning. 30s and 40s.
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novato 31. napa 42. a little cooler here this morning. lots of sunshine. i know this fog does not have a chance. morning low clouds. a very quiet pattern until sunday night into monday. 78 clear lake. 74 novato. 75 napa. walnut creek and concord 75. antioch pushing almost 80. oakland 68. 66 for alameda. 71 san jose to 73 saratoga. gilroy at 75. 60s on the coast 60s in the city. mostly sunny. still about the same on saturday. a little cooler sunday and looks like a windy pattern early next week. european stocks are down this morning as euro finance ministers meet in dublin. asian markets are mixed after retail sales stagnated the
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march. futures have also dropped. and that is the reason is the markets appear ready for a breather after an extended rally this week. take a look at where the numbers closed. yesterday the dow was up 62. nasdaq up two. and s & p up five. it looks like they will be down slightly at the open this morning. time now 5:21. a wild story literally in los angeles. a mountain lion jumps over a fence into someone's backyard. what the homeowner did during that confrontation with a 120- pound mountain lion. another step toward a tobacco free uc. what just happened on the cal campus.
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mountain lion captured in a los angeles neighborhood. but it will be released back in the wild. a homeowner saw this mountain lion and it's a big boy. jumping over his february into his backyard. it's a 120-pound mountain lion. it went up to his window and then hid under the patio. animal control officers rushed over and used tranquilizer darts to capture it. the mountain lion will be checked out before being set free again. blood banks often tell us there is a serious blood shortage. they urge people to donate regularly. back in 1985 the fda
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implemented the ban preventing gays from giving blood. the government was concerned about hiv. but now more groups such as the american red cross want to repeal the ban. they say medical technology makes donations much safer today. >> that is disturbing to me. very disturbing. knowing i could possibly die because there isn't any blood but then there is completely healthy blood out there that is being turned away. >> there are now petitions urging the fda to rethink its policy and overturn the ban. time now 5:25. uc berkeley closer to banningback on all uc campuses. cal has now createrd theback free berkeley steering committee. it's made up of representatives from the student government as well as stay and university health staffers. sal is trying to get you to
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where you need to go. how are we doing? >> we are doing okay. i would say if you and i were driving out there, we wouldn't be much per terribled about anything we might see. let's get to 280 northbound. it's a nice looking drive. and no major problems. if you are driving on 680 southbound, that traffic looks pretty good as you drive through. you can see for yourself that it's moving along very nicely. now at 5:26 let's go to steve. thank you. we have patchy low clouds. a little chilly this morning. 40s. pretty good high pressure driving everything north and east of us. that will give us a nice day today. temperatures 60s and 70s. time now 5:27. another bay area gun show this weekend at the cal palace in san francisco. why the popular events may soon become a thing of the past. three 16-year-old boys waking up at juvenile justice center in san jose this morning
5:25 am
on the death of a 15-year-old classmate. what they are accused of doing and how the girl's family is reacting. why drivers may see delays in parts of the south bay. the major construction project that starts monday.
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nom, nom, nom. ♪ the one and only, cheerios ♪ good morning, to you. welcome back. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news it's friday april the 12th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm tori
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campbell. >> things are kind of quiet. i see you two. we have kind of a cool pattern this morning. the wind has really decreased and there is mostly clear skies. we will end up with a lot of sunshine today. 60s and 70s. right on highway 4 the traffic here looks pretty good. there are no major problems as you drive through. also this morning we are looking at the commute at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is light. let's go back to dave and tori. three teens have been arrested in a sexual assault of a saratoga high school student. the girl committed south side after a picture of the assault was posted online. claudine wong is live at santa clara juvenile justice center with information on the charges these three teenagers face. good morning, claudine. >> reporter: the three 16-year-
5:29 am
old boys are waking up here at the july justice center. they are expected to be in court early next week. and the family of audrey pot say they want all three to face the gravest consequences they can regardless of their age. this all comes months after the death of 15-year-old audrey pot who committed suicide last september. at the time of her death the family didn't know what happened. they didn't know why she killed herself. but they say they do know now. >> basically what happened to audrey is that she attended a party on september 2nd of last year at one of her fellow high school student's home while the parents were away. and she became intoxicated and was unconscious and during that time some pretty greenous acts occurred. >> the family lawyer says in the weeks following the attack
5:30 am
on audrey pictures started making the way through the hospital. that is how she found out what happened to her. she was terrorized by the cyber bullying and posted on facebook it was the worst day of her life. and eight cays after that assault she committed suicide. the three boys were arrested yesterday. it's been seven months but this follows an investigation by school resource officers. the family is planning a press conference for next tuesday and we'll have more on what they will be discussing at that press conference. live in san jose claudine wong ktvu channel 2 news. 5:pugh -- 5:32. police are searching for a person of interest on the sexual assault of a ten-year- old girl. the man was seen on this video. he went there shortly after this week's alleged attack at a nearby office building. the girl was at the office for
5:31 am
counseling. her therapist let her walk down the hall to the restroom. as she unlocked the door a man followed her in and molested her. the victim's uncle says her family is taking care of her. >> very, very, very strong young lady. i mean she is handling this very well. >> the uncle did not want to show us his face to protect the girl. police say the person of interest may have been a passenger in a tan car, possibly a honda or toyota with an elderly asian woman driving. the attacker is described as a slender asian man between 18-25 with a mustache and many facial moles. he walks with a limp and may be develop mentally disabled. time now 5:33. sheriffs deputies say a 14-year- old boy lost his life while playing a game of chicken on amtrak train tracks. lorraine blanco is at the scene right now. this is at san lorenzo high
5:32 am
school. lorraine. >> reporter: dave, 133 passengers and a handful of crew members were on board that train at the time of the accident. amtrak did bring out a relief crew so the others could go home. a teenage boy and two other teens were walking south along the tracks and playing chicken with the northbound train around 6:45 yesterday evening when the amtrak train hit the boy. the capital corridor train was heading from san jose to sacramento. according to the sheriffs office, the victim -- the two teens who were with the victim a 15-year-old boy and girl were in shock but they admitted they were playing the dangerous game. >> usually it's when kids jump in and out of the way of passing trains on the track. i don't know how long this game was being played on the track. or if any other individuals were involved. >> reporter: the area here was shut down for several hours last night. we talked with the alameda
5:33 am
county coroners office this morning. at this point they are not releasing the name of the teen killed in this terrible accident. reporting live lorraine blanco ktvu channel 2 news. time is 5:35. later this morning a group of eighth grade students in san francisco will stage a protest by going silent. it's a demonstration protesting bullying and antigay. they will be taught about the effects of antigay violence. the search for a man considered armed and dangerous has expanded now from marin county to santa cruz county. investigators say the man was spotted twice on in the past few days. coming up at 5:45, the vehicles the suspect may now be driving. 5:36. final preparations are under way for the coming up gun show at the cow palace. huge crowds turned out for the last gun show in january there. and promoters are expecting
5:34 am
another big turnout this weekend. gun shows are very popular in recent months. that is due in part to concerns the recent push for tougher gun laws could lead to a crack down. also california lawmakers are considering a bill that would likely lead to fewer gun shows at the cow palace in the future. there has been a boom in ammunition sales after president obama has been pushing for gun control legislation. that has led to a nation-wide shortage of bullets driving up the demands and costs. many police agencies and fun shop owners in the bay area say they have never seen the supplies so low and demand so high. one gun store in south san francisco is only receiving about a quarter of its regular shipment of bullets. >> there is shortage going on nation-wide due to gun legislation that is going through. military contracts have first plug on the ammunition. makes it hard for us to receive
5:35 am
any trickle down you know retail. >> the shortage is also effecting bay area police agencies. some are waiting up to a year. the u.s. senate will begin considering new gun control legislation next week. that is after by a vote of 68- 31 the senate voted to move forward with the debate. some family members of the victims of the sandy hook school shooting are on capitol hill urging lawmakers to pass gun control legislation. supporters say it will still be a struggle to get 60 votes on the actual gun control measures. time now 5:36. starting monday part of a major road will shut down because of all the major road work on the bart extension to san jose. the signs are posted along hoff steader road saying expect delays. crews will work from 7:00 in the morning to 7:00 at night monday through saturday and on sunday if they need to for up to nine months.
5:36 am
cars heading in both directions you will be diverted to one side of the road while those crews work on the other. the project should be finished by 2017. >> a couple years away. we want too check in with sal. getting word of a new crash on 880. >> yeah. it's reported as an uninjury crash. no injuries. however, the cars are going to be in this area. so just be careful. not sure if this one is a first report. not sure if they're in the lanes or not. also moving along to live pictures bay bridge not all that bad. but the traffic looks good into san francisco. if you are driving in san jose, 280 and 101 are off to a good start. we don't have a lot. we had a minor accident in walnut creek. 680 at main. right now it's relatively quiet. just the way we like it. let's go to steve. all right, sal, the weather is quiet too. patchy low clouds. mainly hugging the san mateo
5:37 am
coast. it looks mostly clear to the north. and it is clear inland areas. temperatures have settled in a little bit. still a big, big system throughout most of the country. and heading down to the chicago. i will tell you they better bundle up. it's 37 cloudy. could be a light snow flurry today. it will be a cold gray day. one of the days in the midwest they don't see any rain at all. a line of thunderstorms not far away from augusta. it looks like they will play into their game. for us we'll have mostly sunny and nice weather today and tomorrow. change on sunday. 40s to the north. 43 sebastopol. i did see a 39 briefly at novato. now 41. lots of 40s and 50s. temperatures clear and no breeze allowed to really settle in. 29 up in tahoe. 43 cool degrees in ukiah. 37 monterey. a little brisk 61 redding. systems continue to move into
5:38 am
the northwest and go right toward northern nevada. we're on the western edge. all we get is occasionally winds. today things are really quiet. so sunny mostly sunny. 70s on the temps for those inland. upper 70s far enough. 60s coast and bay. berkeley 64. oakland downtown 68. which is two degrees cooler than yesterday. san jose 71. santa clara 72. 60s on the coast. san mateo upper 60s. and low 70s redwood city and san carlos. mostly sunny on saturday. clouds roll in with wind cranking up again monday into tuesday. time now 5:40. oakland mother in trouble this morning for leaving her baby in a car while she went shopping. the details of what she told police to justify what she did. and more trouble for carnival cruise line. the recent findings from the center for disease control. good morning. if you are driving in san jose
5:39 am
280 northbound looks pretty good getting up into the valley. we already have other areas that are beginning to get slow.
5:40 am
5:41 am
welcome back. time now 5:43. here's a quick look at some soft top stories we are following for you right now. a suspected drunk driver in the hospital right now after this frightening catch that happened in east oakland. this was around 2:00 this morning. driver of the avocation wagon slam into a fire hydrant and then crashed into a tire and beat shop. the driver there suffered minor injuries. no one else was hurt. three teenage boys have been arrested it's in connection with sexual assault
5:42 am
of a sarah sew georgia high school. the parents of 15-year-old audrey pots says she took her life days after someone posted a photo of the assault online. pots parents say the teenager was drunk and unconscious when at least three high school boys sexually assaulted her at a party last fall. secretary of state john kerry says the rhetoric coming out of north korea is unacceptable. kerry is in south korea this morning looking for ways to defuse the tensions tween the north and south korea. 5:44. the man hunt for a suspect considered armed and dangerous has expanded from marin county down to santa cruz county. investigators say dimitri storm was seen twice just outside of boulder creek. two different residents spotted him on tuesday and wednesday. santa cruz county sheriff says storm may be in one of two
5:43 am
vehicles. a black audi quo toe or green kia seoul. authorities say last saturday storm stole a car in windsor and led deputies on a chase. he managed to escape after an intense day long search. unintended baby left in the car by her mother is now in the custody on her father. it happened wednesday at the marina square shopping mall in santa rosa. people saw the unintended baby and called 911. police say the mother was shopping. >> when they arrived, all they heard was a baby crying hysterically. they looked in the car and saw her skin was flesh with tears coming from her eyes. >> police say channel felt rolling the windows don would be sufficient to keep her bay safe. luckily the baby was not hurt. the court ordered chan to have child safety counseling. chan will have to return to court in three weeks.
5:44 am
parents who have lost children in accidents are calling for all new cars to come with rear view cameras. congress passed a law with all cars to come with backup cameras in 2008 but it has yet to be implemented. 50 children are backed over by a vehicle every week. many auto makers offer backup cameras as an option requiring the cameras could add as much as $200 to the price of a new vehicle. time now 5:46. update of a breaking news story. both state and federal safety inspectors are investigating a bus crash. a charter bus crash to kill two passengers. now the bus carried senior citizens on a gambling trip to oklahoma when it hit a highway barrier and flipped over. 42 people including the bus driver were rushed to hospitals. georgia samaritans kept the -- good samaritans kept the
5:45 am
casualty toll from being worse. an amusement park security guard was one of the first people on the scene. fully thought she was dead. i reached down and rubbed her shoulder and she said i'm alive. i'm alive and when you are ready to move me just let me know. >> this by the way was the second deadly crash involving the 65-year-old bus driver who's listed in serious condition right now. a federal investigation may last as long as 18 months. meantime there is more trouble ahead. the center for disease control says the ship carnival fascination failed a federal health inspection. the cdc reported live flies, dried food waste, and even salad bar items not protected by a sneeze shield. carnival cruise line says a ship that fails a cdc inspection is rare for them and they are fixing the problem. it is 5:48. investigators in contra costa county are revealing details of a financial aid scam at a
5:46 am
community college. it happened at the san pablo campus. a couple in richmond recruited 20 people to enroll in classes and apply for financial aid. the couple took 25% or about $675 of the $2,775 the students received in financial aid. but the students never went to class. criminal charges have been filed against everyone involved. san francisco is the first city in the nation to participate in washington to workday. mayor ed lee plans to walk to work in about three hours and meet up with nine city supervisors along the way. he will walk from high school da plaza to a coffee shop and then to city hall. several businesses are offering free bees to walking commuters. time now 5:49. so far it seems quiet. like i could walk on the freeway. >> you know if you did, you would get stopped.
5:47 am
[ laughter ] you know actually it's funny you mentioned that, just a little while ago i heard chp looking for a pedestrian near the bay bridge toll plaza. they found that gentleman and said probably not a goods idea. westbound 80 as you head out to the mccarthur maze. no major problems. no problems at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is light. they usually turn the metering lights on at 6:15. getting into san francisco. as i look at the chp list we've had a couple minor incidents but nothing major. we have that noninjury crash on 880 southbound. that is there. it's on the shoulder not causing a big delay. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sir. a very happy friday. a little bit of fog out there. mainly from san francisco south. not too much to the north. although it's offshore. patchy fog. sunny and nice today. about the same as yesterday. a nice saturday for your weekend. cooler sunday. it looks like again we will crank up the wind on late
5:48 am
sunday into monday. turning much colder. after that sunny and warmer. i was looking at the ten to 15 day outlook it looks nice. i don't think we are getting any rain monday and tuesday. there will be snow in the sierra. today we have some of that fog. otherwise temperatures starting off cooler. low clouds will hold things in effect. 40s up aer 30s have low 30s. novato briefly i saw 49. napa is 42. santa rosa 45. it's much cooler than that. 47 walnut creek. livermore is down to 43. even some 40s at sfo and san francisco. a little chill in the morning air. systems continue to ride up to the north and then dive down toward the sierra nevada. we get the end result of clouds and stronger system will give us wind but not until probably sunday night or monday. today sunny to mostly sunny. i say that because there is
5:49 am
patchy low clouds out there. 60s and 70s. upper 60s and low 70s around bay. 66 alameda. 72 santa clara. 70 right around there for palo alto and mountain view. 60s on the coast and also in san francisco. mostly sunny saturday. not much change 37 a little cooler sunday. it looks like we crank up that wind machine on monday. it whether windy on tuesday but it will be warmer. it is nine minutes now before 6:00. it will soon be easter to pick up a tasty treat. the bakeries items will be available in all starbucks bay area stores starting next week after a test in the local markets. starbucks acquired la boulange for $100 million. >> now i'm hungry.
5:50 am
>> know you are. it's almost breakfast time. she was shot but he -- he was shot but he walked away. plus a new purse for american idol. why the rest of the season will look a lot different.
5:51 am
you kids should count yourselves lucky. we didn't have u-verse back in my day. you couldn't just... guys... there you are. you know you couldn't just pause a show in one room, then... where was i... you couldn't pause a show in one room then start playing it in another. and...i'm talking to myself... [ male announcer ] call to get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible.
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a philadelphia store clerk
5:53 am
caught up in a shooting has his belt buckle to thank save for saving his life. he hit the floor. he'd been shot but he didn't know it right away. >> you didn't feel anything in >> nothing. >> what caused you to look at your belt? >> i was checking out my body. >> later someone pointed out he had a hole in his shirt. then he noticed the bullet stuck in his belt buckle. a thin metal strip stopped the bullet dead in his tracks. the gunman in this case was arrested. time now 5:55. the los angeles police department will down play the incidents of swatting. ryan seacrest was the latest victim of swatting. someone called police saying there was an intruder at his house. but now the police say they went on longer issued press releases about the fake calls.
5:54 am
they say it's all intended to deny any publicity for pranksters. it's an american idol first. >> laziro you are at risk of elimination. amber you are safe. >> last night on american idol the judges decided not to use their only save to keep laziro on the show. that means for the first time all of the idol finalists are women. females. the judges say the next few weeks will be a tough battle because each of the five ladies could easily take the top spot. you can watch all of the american idol action right here on ktvu channel 2. next week's performances will air wednesday night beginning at 8:00 followed by the live show on thursday. we want to check in with sal. things are quiet? >> things are quiet. even though the crashes haven't been that severe. we are looking at the south bay
5:55 am
this morning. northbound 880. traffic does look good. 17 looking very nice. 580 in livermore is still not very thick. a frightening scene in oakland just hours ago. we'll have a live update from ktvu tara moriarty on this what led up to this crash. and the growing dress code controversy in the north bay. the clothing they are asking more and more girls not to wear. a little cool this morning. that translate into cooler afternoon highs or about the same as yesterday?
5:56 am
5:57 am
we are live in oakland. what caused a car to plow into this fire hydrant? we'll show you the other damage it caused next. the family of a 15-year-old south bay girl says she was sexually assaulted and cyber bullied in the days leading up to her suicide. what we learned about what happened and the three teenage boys now facing charges. a tragedy on east bay train tracks. a game of chicken turns deadly. secretary of state kerry
5:58 am
has arrived in south korea for what could be his critical dip diplomatic mission yet. >> good morning. it is friday, it's april 12th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm tori campbell in for pam cook. let's take a look at weather and traffic. steve? >> looking pretty good. we'll take a look at things for sunday night into monday. patchy low clouds. fog is on the coast. most seems to be going north to south. a little chilly in the morning here. we will end up with sunshine 60s and 70s. steve right now 237 looks pretty good as you drive over to 880 and 101. this morning we are looking at the commute on 80 it is getting more crowded by the minute. let's go back to the desk. let's start with overnight
5:59 am
news. ha frightening crash happened in east oakland it involves a fire hydrant, a tire shop, and suspected drunk driver. tara moriarty is joining us live. she is at 50th avenue and san leandro street. what is it like out there now? >> reporter: you can see the hole here in the cinder block where the car slammed into the side here. there is a bunch of debris on the sidewalk on the street you can see the water. remnant of where the the car slammed into the building here. a motorist struck the hydrant at 50th avenue and san leandro street at 2:15 this morning. the man seemed to be intoxicated but tests need to be done to confirm that. the driver walked away without a crash but he was taken to the hospital for observation. the owners didn't want to speak on camera. as of right now the driver has


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