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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  April 12, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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crime tape is up. one person has been shot and there are eight shell casings on the ground and this happened outside a vintage clothing store in the area. one person we believe has been taken away by ambulance and police are checking into a car parked there. at least one person shot after as many as eight have been fired in the mission district and we will continue to monitor the situation. two many has been arrested, steven burns is charged with stabbing a man and setting a body on fire and christopher james is being arrested for helping. police say there may have been a
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homeless incampment in the area. >> there was conflict that led to the fatal stabbing of the victim. >> reporter: the victim has not been identified, but police say they believe he was a transplant and both suspects were as well. it was a somber day at a local high school where there is now awareness about the dangers of railroad tracks. >> reporter: students here are grief-stricken and the school does stress train safety and here is why. union pacific tracks running right across from the school's campus. theresa hernandez heard the sound and spoke to us through a
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translation. >> i saw something flying in the air and what fell was the body of the the boy. >> reporter: the boy was austin price and he had been playing chicken on the tracks and was struck. >> i told him not to play those games. he is my best friend and i will miss him a lot. >> reporter: students bringing flowers and holding on tight. >> when someone needed money he would give it to them. >> no body walk on these train tracks. >> reporter: students began holding a pray vigil and a police officer said they they could not be there. >> it is just not safe. >> we talk about staying off the tracks and the safety around the
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train. >> reporter: 74 people were killed by moving trains in california last year, the most of any state in the united states and that is up from 2011 when there were 55. by the time an train conductor sees the person it is too late to stop. >> i was in shock and i feel traumatized. >> >> reporter: funeral services will be wednesday and a second boy was injured and union pacific says there are no plans to put up any pedestrian bear barriers. quin boyer is set to be
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remembered and big brothers and big sisters is honoring him. a school threat on facebook called leaders of scotts valley high school to close. when they will reopen. >> reporter: some school activities and a sporting event were supposed to take place here but like the school day all canceled because of an online threat to shoot up the school and students. staff members were telling family members that classes had been canceled after police found out someone posted a threat on a fake account on the school's
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facebook account. >> he was harassing people and saying whoever is at school tomorrow he is going to come and shoot them. and people were not too happy about it. >> reporter: the school's district was told by there police and spent the night alerting people there would be no class and the superintendant decided to open back up monday. >> if anything changes we will notify the community through e-mail and our wb website. >> i couldn't believe they would cancel school and someone like this would happen. it is scary. >> i was thinking it wasn't real but when you think about it, it is something to mess with. >> reporter: just two-days ago
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they were celebrating being an excellentschool. a hazard response to a transamerica pyramid building tells us security received an envelope with an unknown substance inside and the san francisco hazmat team was called in and determined whatever was inside was not harmful. and a fork lift knocked over chemicals and hazmat cause called in.
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one of the workers cleaning it up fainted with a was ed and was sent to the hospital. >> before passing out we are testing it now to see what we come up with. >> the container was unmarked and it could be days before they know what it was. the former facebook owner is trying to by the kings and keep them here and not let them move to seattle. the nba board is set to vote on the move next week, but could put it off. the local investors are said to be in close contact with the mayor, a former nba player himself. a play that is proving to be
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costly. the padres player says he was justified for going after the pitcher because he has been hit by him before. he slammed him hard enough to break his collar done and $147 million man is out of action for at least eight-weeks. a 14-year-old golfer from china has made it. and eighth grader shot a four over par. 24-year-old delfin santoz cause kale -- was killed -- when walking from
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a school. the first report saying they were in vehicles were incorrect. they tried to use a school's entrance that was closed and then a bomb went off. jonathan winters a legend has died. a family friend says he passed away at home. he was a master of improv. he appeared in the space alien show mark and mindy with robin williams. after the big explosion and fire, chevron is coming out with ideas on what it will do
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differently. activist say they are not satisfied. >> some numbers increasing and some cooler, i will have all the details in ten minutes about the weekend.
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a week after chevron announced it will rusume their business and the promises to do better are being questioned. >> reporter: injuring six people and community activist kennedy clark is seeing the promise to
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do better. >> this is good talk and we have had heard good talk all of my life. >> reporter: promising to improve inspections worker analysis and training and at ten this morning they put out this 58-page report admitting mistakes for a decade. >> the company knew and didn't take steps to correct it. >> reporter: lawny hancock is pushing legislation to force responsibility. >> chevron is estimated to make over a million a minute, they can afford to fix their corroded pipes. >> despite of the improved program and technology, we still have going to suffer the
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consequences. >> reporter: of this coming against the backdrop of chevron asking for a permit to reform more of this crude that cause the problem in the first place. >> we have posted the entire report on our website go to and click on the hot topics section. a car was rear-ended after a crash with a vintage car. they were one of four-cars and no 1 in the street car was injured. the lead vehicle in the line of cars stopped quickly forcing others to break and the street car couldn't stop in time. man is suspected of driving drunk after crashing into a fire hydrant. it happened at about 2:15 a.m.
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it tore the hydrant off the sidewalk and the car and the hydrant punched two holes in the car. the shop owner says it is a dangerous spot. >> reporter: somebody has crashed before? >> yes on this side and the other side of the building. >> reporter: the driver wasn't hurt but was taken into the custody. the president has released their tax return and they made more than $608,000 on their adjusted gross income. the president and first lady donated $150,000 to various charities.
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march retail sales have dropped and consumers cut back. and higher social security and weak hiring has made people cautious about spending and that could lead to slower growth in the 2nd quarter of the year. the wall street stocks were lower and ending four straight day of gains. the ceo of nasdak took a hit after the facebook annual bonus. it was cut by 62% percent and last year, the team was hit by failing to open and costing investors major losses.
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the weekend is upon us and the first thing people want to know is what is the weather like. >> is going to be nice and sunday is going to be different. long-range forecast we will talk about sunday not the best day. but tomorrow, another nice day and across the country there is a lit bit of weather by denver and on the eastern seaboard. and we have nice pressure for the next 36 hours. fog will be back tomorrow and the temps are on the warm side right now. it is a really nice afternoon and these are the temperatures, very spring-like and we will be talking about the tree pollen and allergies are coming out.
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baseball tonight 7:05 and 59 degrees at the ball park and they are hot you will need a jacket because by the end of it it will be 57-56 and the breeze will kick up. overnight lows, 43 in santa rosa and 42 in napa. so saturday morning golf or baseball with the kids, temperatures on the mild side. not freezing, but chilly. and that number will be about 6:30 a.m., right when the sun comes up. so you will notice cool starts to the day but the afternoon turning out nice. orngorange is 80s.
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so lots of them. and those are the saturday temperatures and for sunday -- clouds coming in and the wind wanting to pick it up. we will talk about that at 5:45. what lawmakers are thinking of doing over rising atm fees. >> and how much it might cost san francisco residents to get their garbage picked up and the one way you can save money.
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>> tweets are now music to the ears of some people. access is limited to invited users only and twitter is only saying the san francisco company is tracking music on social media. san francisco officials are considering new rates that could mean higher rates for garbage. the typical resident would say $34.51 a month. the rest goes for a 32-gallon
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trash bin and people who recycle could save more. 85% is the spike of atm fees and some banks charging as much as $five. they are getting the attention of lawmakers on capital hill. >> i think the average consumer is being hit hard and i would describe these as excessive fees and the banks shouldn't use this as a cash cow. >> banks say their cost have increased and senators are debating on writing legislation or convince limit of fees. back in january governor brown moved to end the court
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oversight saying the state had released the problem of overcrowding but a federal panel is rejecting and refusing to drop the order that requires the state's population to be reduced. they argue california houses way more than the system is set to handle. waste is stored in 75 sites across the country and government auditors say they have a new plan that would make it easier to monitor but the president and the house tabled the suggestion. john kerry sends a warning to north korea and he is
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stepping foot on south korea. >> and what happens to background checks and failures when trying to buy a gun? hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart
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complete bay area news coverage continues. this is channel five news. students are mourning the loss of a student austin price was killed after playing chicken on a train track. they tried to hold a vigil, but authorities told them it was not safe to be on the tracks.
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classes canceled after a facebook post threatened a shooting spree and officers were posted at every school in the district and classes will start become on monday. the family of teenage girl who committed suicide after sexual assault pictures were shared on line parents' are accusing the boys of destroying evidence. audrie pott was assaulted after being passed out and pictures were shared through text and on line. she took her life eight-days later. secretary of state john kerry is going to asia for the
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first time. >> reporter: he made it clear talks will only happen if they give up up their nuclear weapons. john kerry touched down in south korea armed with a message for for the north. >> the united states will defend ourselves and allies. we are prepare today work that relations between the north and south can improve and improve quickly. >> reporter: there are more questions about whether they can deliver a nuclear weapon or not. it comes after a portion of the mistake was marked declassified


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