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tv   Face the Nation  CBS  April 14, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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tied with the lead. plus two in the final round. he finished tied for sixth place. tiger woods ties up the tournament with 200. and on the second hole, masterful shot, the australian was on his game from the bunker. and close to the pin, he would bogey late two holes like yesterday. a missed opportunity for day he would finish third. quietly adam scott held his share of the lead. he would think this brilliant put with the long putter. that birdie looked like it was going to be the winning shot at .
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like it. but then cabrera would respond. the incredible approach shot just a few feet from the pin. he would go on to birdie 18 and would go to the play off. in the play off, both men have their ball set up for chip shot on their second stroke. cabrera up first. this for a possible victory. runs it by. both men would par the hole and we would go to a second play off. cabrera for birdie on the second play off hole. just five. adam scott had a put to win masters. >> adam scott, a life changer. >> adam scott wins the masters the first australian to do so. he was 3-under par for the day. cabrera was 2-under par for the day. we're going to tell you why
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cabrera possibly could have better. really it was scott, cabrera and day all having a chance to win over the final three holes, tiger woods putter just failed him today. i think probably a good thing given that two stroke penalty controversy that happened yesterday. that did not come into play today. but i want to take you back to 18 john in regulation. because adam scott appeared to have this tournament won with the brilliant put and he was celebrating like he had won the tournament. he said like he said afterward. they're good friends and he recognized steve williams there ironically. he is a new zealander and those two countries are not always friendly. so an unresting win for williams. >> he hits a shot on right
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side. >> he had a strong angle. he is a very strong player and having an uphill shot the advantage is with a strong player and he was able to pull it off and had a great shot there. so cabrera answers the put approach and we go off to the play off hole. i thought cabrera had that put. it bends around the back of the hole then adam scott and i'm wondering having, knowing what happened at the british. what do you think was going through his mind with his caddy steve williams? >> i think that they are so focused on the shot that they're not really thinking about the british open at this point. they're just really focused on what's happening right now and in the moment and stevie is probably talking to him about keeping in the shots and so the british is really the last thing on his mind right now. >> we're looking at the british right now. here is the winning shot at happened in the british open a year ago.
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now earlier in the tournament we will take you back there were a couple pivotal things that happened on the hole. the 13th and we will start with adam scott. because adam caught on 13th. it nearly lands in the creek. >> big break and you know it rained a good share of the day. i think the rain and the moist ground played a role in some of these breaks. like holding that up. the grass being wet, i'm sure that that helped pull that ball up. as it affected the put. the weather played a bit of a factor in this play. >> then you see him with the put again on 18. now the 13th hole plays a role for the final group. sneteker who had fallen back to 5-under par. he began to struggle. so sneteker comes to 13, same hole he is thinking i have got to get there on two.
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this is sneteker he has to gamble right. >> you're right. it's a tricky shot if you're trying to get it close. he just didn't hit a good shot there. looks like he quit on the fall through a little bit. >> but cabrera has the lead by one. why does he do this? >> again i think he just figured that the odds of him getting on the green were good enough and that if he did lay up it's a difficult shot any way off the downhill line. you see a lot of players go with that green and they just try to take a very aggressive approach with it. >> you played a lot of golf. you played in an awful lot of tournaments. you're still playing in tournaments. is there ever a point where you lost a tournament you think i wish i would have played that one shot differently? >> every time. every time there's different approaches you think about. you second guess yourself all the time. and these guys are in such a you know high level of competition, sure they're going to do that but, i think cabrera
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in that particular case he's seen the guys hit those shots before coming out of that pine straw made it that much more difficult for footing and contact of the ball. >> it was a pivotal hole i thought. because it's a birdiable hole. he ends up bogeying the hole. perhaps had he played it differently he wouldn't be position. >> this birdie in the ninth. i think it was three tide when he made the turn today within a couple of that corner really dictates the tournament every single year. that's what the excitement is about. >> we showed snete ker there. it seemed to me he had the demeanor for the final nine on sunday. >> at some point he predicted he was going to win and it's kind of like a bubba watson. very emotional guy. they showed him crying in 2008
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when he was leading and shot a 77 the last day. and i think just saying that he was going to win and all the emotion of this thing probably got the best of him. he bogeyed 10 of 11 and the 15 was the undoing of him. >> he goes open rounds with a 70. friday he had a 70. yesterday he had a 69. he balloons today to a 75. the champion at the at&t proam goes down today and here's what he had to say after his round. >> it's definitely a tough night. any time you have a chance to win the masters and you don't come through you're going to be upset and it's going to be a terrible night i'm not going to lie. but i'll get through it. i'm playing great and i look forward to what the next week is going to hold. >> we're getting up to the second hole in the par-5. it was a little too late for tiger woods. and why his major drought is
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defeated kenny perry to win the masters in 2 cabrera, takes the green jacket. >> angel cabrera was no stranger to a play off in augusta. it's a tough loss for a man who already has a green jacket. if he had to lose to somebody i'm glad he lost to adam scott. and like i said he didn't lose it, adam scott really won it. you saw how gracious he was at defeat. >> he was. it's also a little irony today is the 90th birthday of roberto divanchesto who lost in the score card to bacle many many years ago at augusta. he was the pay patrioarch of
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golf in argentina. for him to have that debacle and to be a winner there. he is a great gentleman. he had fallen to 200 in the world ranking and this may be a nice come back for him. >> the only reason people still talk about him unfortunately was for that infamous moment. but at least they're still talking about him. >> and his great comedy says, i am stupid. >> i am stupid. like i said cabrera so gracious in defeat. greg norman was in very good shape. he had two australians powin the was ngof >> he was a strong swinger. he looked like he was going to be the he even admitted after the round that he thinks the nerves got to him.
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as a stage for him to be on. >> why is it that you suppose he struggled late at augusta both yesterday and today? >> you know, what either be leading going in the final day and he knows what it means to win there. and with all the talk about the australian situation, he grew up with adam scott being a mentor and a you know a hero of his. so to be battling him and to come down to that spot, this just meant, it was the biggest day in his golf career. >> you're right. >> for him to not subcomb to this was a lot. >> he had this reaction afterward. >> i love this tournament regardless of where i finished
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today. it'sgate -- it's great to play and play against the best players in the world. and it's great to come out here and play for the masters. certainly i hope i can come back and one day wear that green jacket. >> well put by him. tiger woods demeanor was very great. i thought he was going to win this tournament. >> his putting has been a bit off. he has been switching putters, switching grips on the putter. kind of searching. any time you're searching like that it means your confidence is low. certainly he's won three times this year.
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he's had moments of brilliance in those tournaments in putting. but he hasn't had the confidence he has in his putter. the way he's hit the ball. having to chip often that putting is something he really needs to rely on to win. >> let's take a look at tiger's recent majors because it's been what eight years since he won the masters and it's been a while for anything. do you see a major victory in hi this i don't. i think that his game has been erratic enough that you know he's not going to be right at the top in those situations. and again, in the mayors the putting is so key. and he's won in you know in tour events but almost you can call them pedestrian events. where the pressure isn't nearly as strong. but when he gets into the major and there's all this talk about will he win a major.
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even he subcombs to the pressure. >> what were the things you felt like you had to do today that you just were not able to accomplish. >> shoot 65. >> is that your number. >> that was the number. i thought 10 would win it all right. >> how would you assess this week for you? positively. >> i played well. unfortunately i didn't make enough puts i also missed a few shots here and there. i had an opportunity today. if i shot 65 i thought i could win it out right and looks like that might be the number. >> tiger said 65 was the number he had to shoot. he shot a 70. he did not put well that's the reason. sergio garcia was tied for the lead after the first round. freddy couples whoa had -- who had the share of the lead
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finished 2-under >> you have to put your ball in position each and every hole. you lose concentration for just a second on this golf course it will punish you straight away. >> he was 2-under par then he balloons to a 79 yesterday. i am not terribly surprised because rory is off his game. >> his swing, he's been reworking a little bit and that takes a while to get locked in. i've been a big believer that the equipment changes he made which included all his clubs including his putter. he changed balls, he changed shoes, he changed gloves. everything changed and that just takes a while. it'll take an entire year for him to get used to. >> i'm really a layman when it
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comes to golf. why would a guy chanyt whenemed? he must be called a i've to tiger woods the great super star. why did he change everything? >> reportedly his continue tract is over $200 million. that gets your attention pretty quickly. with tiger being a nike guy he changed from catalyst to nike with his gear. he everyone changed sunglasses from companies there. so you know money talks. big change there. >> what does he have to do? >> i think he's just got to, play more. i think he's got to play more and get more comfortable with the the ball and the ball flight and all those things and just have has to play more. that's whey he played last week when he -- that's why he played last week when he had not planned to change so he can get swing changes and to get further confidence with the equipment changes. >> and bubba watson who made a big shot last year to help him
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win the masters. >> he is such an emotional guy. he cried and talked about all it meant to wear the green jacket. >> you were talking about players changing equipment. mickelson another one that was talking about changing his equipment. he did not play before this tournament so phil mickelson not a factor in this masters either. >> and while most kids his age
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you know i've been asked a lot of game questions whether
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it's what am i doing in the game. or the strategy on the golf course, practice, playing. a lot of golf stuff, and you know i was asking him about school and stuff like that. >> 14-year-old guan tianlang who was the youngest player to play in the masters finished 12- under but was the youngest to make the cut. >> i'm a little tired today, yeah, it's still a lot of things to improve. i mean, my shot game is good but still, still need to be better. and my driver probably needs to be longer. and i mean, everything needs to improve. >> you talked earlier this week about how you believe one day you can come back and win this
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tournament. how long before that happens do you think? >> as soon as possible. >> he was a low amateur. and he was the only guy to make the cut. he says he needs to improve on everything. he's just 14 years old. that's going to come with age. >> it is. the guys who were probably talking to him were kevin nah and carl peterson who lost to him over four rounds. the other 40 guys that missed the cut where he made the cut so really amazing for a 14-year- old eighth grader. >> what an inspiration for a youn i've had this love son in golf. play golf the rest of your life, right. >> this is why the masters and augusta international has had this tournament in china because they want to extend the world of golf and the game of golf and to help grow the game overseas. and this is a big thing i'm
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o merion golf cl well 32-year-old adam scott has long been considered one of the best golfers who have never won a major championship. the monkey is off his ru tied for up in 2011 n day but now adam scott has a green jacket. >> to make the put at the 72nd and think that you won the masters at that point and have to go out and earn it all over again. how hard was that to do? >> well, it was a split second i thought i had won. you should never count your chickens but that was the put we've seen many guys make it to win. so i thought it's time for me
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to step up and see how much i want this. to make a couple of puts to win the masters tournament is just an amazing feeling. >> final thoughts on adam scott being the first australian to win? >> this could be a great great truth for him. he now has nine tour events. he's won 11 times internationally. this could be the breakthrough that opens the door and he wins multiples. >> he may become the favorite. marion is not your traditional open court. >> it's like simpson winning the olympic club. it's going to be a similar situation. smith can get some of the bats out of the cobweb sort to speak. >> luke donald who by the way has added a little bit of distance to his tee shots. i like it because as you said olympic it opens up the field a little bit to not just the guys you traditionally think about. >> it's not a bombers course.
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>> exactly. will you be playing in the channel 5 tournament. >> i'll get back to you. >> all right, in the oe donald four right there. and angelo is next. thank you for joining us, adam scott is the winner. >> a life changer. you kids should count yourselves lucky. we didn't have u-verse back in my day. you couldn't just... guys... there you are. you know you couldn't just pause a show in one room, then... where was i... you couldn't pause a show in one room then start playing it in another. and...i'm talking to myself... [ male announcer ] call to get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying
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now making to diffuse nuclear tensions. "at first they announced the two missiles, ready to fire. the bold move north korea is making to defuse nuclear tensions. i thought a plane crashed and split in two. >> confusion what happened when a passenger jet crashed into
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the ocean and split in two. a reporter describes what he saw. see how a theft denies he stole a $3,000 ring. good even. tonight, u.s. secretary state, john kerry, arrive today in japan of the last stop on an asian tour aimed at