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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  April 15, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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it's monday. >> all right. >> thanks guys. it is 4:30 now, some breaking news this morning about a shooting over in the east bay. alisa, she's in berkeley this morning with the latest on firefighter being shot. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it happened during a medical college just behind me in berkeley. a very bizarre story. with me i do have with me to plnewhat happened when firefighters arrived what can you tell us. >> about 1:41 berkeley department did respond to a call. so while the paramedics and
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quested the response toa system, yoknow, at this point which is not unusual we respond to c. whe our offirs enroute refighters reported thashots were being fired. the paramedics and firefighters were able to get out of the house. during the incident one of the firefighters was injured. it was a minor injury treated here on the scene and is currently talking with our investigators regarding the incident that occurred. >> reporter: so the shooter was the man who called because of you having a medical emergency? >> i don't know who specifically called at this point as far as the actual medical incident. i'm not sure if that was him or there was another family member in the house that was also safely to get out. i'm not sure specifically if that person called or if he actually called for the medical. >> we know the shooter was a man in his 80s, has he been arrested. >> at this point he hasn't been arrested. he's being held for evaluation to determine if he's okay, which at this point i don't have reportnjor the family memb
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fleet response. we are thankful that the paramedic was injured and had a minor injury. >> reporter: this has to be highly unusual and i'm sure concerning to respond to a call where firefighters were being shot at. >> it is, you know, it is very concerning for us, specifically they work so closely with them on a daily basis. to have this happen, obviously, it can be upsetting and, you know, obviously to have them targeted, you know, in this way we don't know specifically if it was intentional for there's some other factors to this. we did call in detectives to help further the investigation and hopefully we can find out why this happened. >> thank you very much. >> so again the shooter, the man in his 80s is being treated at hospital right now and being evaluated and they're trying to determine why he fired shots in the first place, alisa, kpix5. >> thanks there was one other person living with the shooter, she was not hurt. >> and new this morning a shooting investigation in san
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francisco. that's a little before 10:00 last night near broad rick street, a man in his 40s who was walking in the area was shot and wounded. there is no word on his condition this morning. the suspect fled the area in a black sedan. and high wind advisories are in effect around the bay area this morning. >> wind gusts could get up to 45 miles an hour on the bay and this bridge. the winds yesterday were higher in some places actually reaching some 50 miles an hour about a week ago the bay area as you may have remembered was battered by strong winds and some now are experiencing a second go around and no better evidence of the velocity of the winds and at the beach along the great highway visitors were blasted by stinging fans, one driver found it could soothe, the beach, the road isclosed between lincoln boulevard and public works say crews won't begin the clean up stops.
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>> it almoblewme over >> you had to tie a peto yourself and flag pole. >> seriously, it really shut the door really hard to get it closed. >> today could be windier. if i were you i would stay away from it. >> it's going to be windy around the bay area. we've had another weak system fly through over night. check this out right now, we may see a few light showers still remaining towards the san jose area. you see speckles of green there. that's very light precipitation moving on through. that will come to an end very soon. but the difference between that area of low pressure sweeping on through and high pressure trying to build in behind. especially along the coastline and over the mountains we've got wind advisories going up at 11:00. see some gusts near 11 miles per hour and this afternoon gusts as high as 45 miles per hour, especially near the coastline and over the mountain
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tops, winds sustained 20 to 30 miles per hour it looks like it's blowing pretty good as we head into the afternoon hours. we do have a few clouds outside. the temperatures a little chilly in spots. 43 in santa rosa. 46 in san francisco. i think as we head towards the afternoon let's plan on highs 50s and 60s, it's going to feel cool. all right that's a look at weather. >> commuter on this monday are going to feel those winds especially as you make your way across the bay area bridges where cal trans has issued high wind advisories for most of our bridges. highway 92 heading across the bridge, no traffic delays there. we didn't have any over night, although there it is along the oakland area that construction has shutdown high street on ramp to the freeway. that road work will be in place for the next hour and a half. so far traffic is wide open in both directions of 880. the golden gate commute southbound traffic leading, still looking great with no big delays at the poll plaza.
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all of local transit systems are on time. decent start monday commute. >> okay, thank you, lisa. we have new details about the teen who took her own life after allegedly being sexually assaulted by three of her clasat. the parents of the 16-year-old plan to hold a news conference this morning now. to talk about the case and announce a lawsuit. the boys arrested last week has been cited last fall for misdemeanor battery. they're nofacing felo charges. meanwhile the candlelighvigil is planned in her memory this coming friday. it will be at saratoga high school at 8:00. they announced the vigil on the facebook page and said there will be more details coming later this week. it is 4:36 now. 16 people recovering from injuries after bay area tour bus crashed there in the national park. the bus on saturday when it rolled down an embankment about 6 miles outside the park south
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entrance. investigators say alcohol does not appear to be a factor. the bus is operated by a 7 happiness tour in charter which specializes in tours for chinese americans. an 8-year-old boy is expected recovery after suffering a cardiac arrest while playing baseball in the city it happened saturday during a late game at vista park. witnesses say the boy was hit in the chest by a pinch that collapsed after taking a few steps towards first base two off duty paramedics used a portable di fib collator and cpr to get the boy's heartbeating. once again the boy was eventually air lifted to children's hospital. police are hoping you can help identify a bank robbery suspect. investigators say this man walked into a credit union, as soon as it opened on saturday morning. well he gave the teller a note saying he had a gun and demanded cash. even though police got there within a minute. the suspect had already taken
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off. palo alto police say the suspect was wearing a black nylon jacket with a stripe across the chest. he was wearing black pants with stripe. he was last seen getting into a silver or gray car, possibly a ford thunder bird. >> it will be heading out free meningitis vaccines in la today. deadly strain has taken the life of healthy gay men. fear is now reverberating right back here to the bay area. words spread that west hollywood man with bacterial meningitis has died. gay men say they're looking for the vaccin >> itvery concern. it's a huge disease. >> pharmacies like this wall greens at 18th say they will order the vaccine after getting a few requests today. in west hollywood do aids health care foundation will offer free vaccinations
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starting monday. it's warning them to be aware of the potentially deadly illness. >> i think more than anything we don't want this to be common. >> to figure out if the strain is killing 7 of 22 people effected in new york city since 2010. what's scary is how quickly the west hollywood man died. >> i just saw him a week ago on santa monica boulevard. he looked fit and within a matter of 5 days he was in a coma. >> it can spread in west hollywood, it certainly spread. >> the man who died attended a white party an annual gathering 2 weeks ago. so far no new cases are reported some tell us they wouldn't know if they had it. >> something that i'm just learning about. >> one gay man who wants to remain anonymous. >> vaccination is not the answer. the answer is being safer with who you are with. >> bacterial men anyone tis is spread by sex but not casual
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contact. doctors say it's treatable with antibiotics. it includes headache, high fever, vomiting and stiff neck. >> that was sharon reporting if you don't have insurance, the vaccine can cost up to $140. on capitol hill tomorrow, a bipartisan group of senators is expected to unvail an immigration over haul package. board of republican marco rubio is among the gang of 8 which has been working on the proposal for several months. they're working out some of the final details. the plan is to increase border security as well as town citizenship. beaver backlash controversial comment, the pop star made about ann frank. >> several popular rides sneyland shuts t safety concerns being raised this morning. first gone p in less than 10 seconds why the city hall
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implosion ne th much and more wc ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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can blow it up. more than 200 pounds of dynamite took down the ten story former el paso city hall. it's been empty for some time, but no could agree on what to do wh it. so implosion seemed a gd solution. plans are in the it's been empty for some time now. it seemed like a really good idea. plans are in the works to build
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a aaa baseball stadium. i think that's a great idea. it's amazing it takes months and years to go up. down she goes and now the clean up continues. >> that looks like it. >> attend every boy's dream too. right. >> it really is. >> i can't get enough. >> it's like -- we're going to add that. it's like cool. >> just to blow the top. >> it's the same thing. >> guys we've got a lot of wind whipping up around the bay area. it's going to be one of those boiserie days outside. over night few scattered light showers. our doppler radar showing you most the bay area is dry. we have a few scattered showers to the south. along the 101 just south you can see some of the showers near morgan hill just mostly light activity this will soon be casting on out of town. those winds will be kicking up. it is going to be blustery out towards the coastline today. and then looks like those wind kicking into gear as we headed
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was the afternoon hours. temperatures today moving fairly cool. only 50s to low 60s inside the bay. maybe some mid-60s but sunny warmer spot isafternoon. high pressure trying to build in. that's going to be dropping into the bay area just to our east that means well the difference along that low we're going to crank up the wind. that means we're going to see some strong winds a little bit later on today. this morning adstrong. as we pick up the afternoon you'll see a lot of work and even some red and few sha showing up. those sustained winds around 40 miles per hour may be stronger than that. you get the idea it's going to be higher as we head towards the afternoon those winds are going to be whipping. temperature is going to be running koa side with wind you'll see 60s but you'll see mostly sunny. low to about the mid-60s and inside the bay we'll find some winds golden gait.
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windy san francisco. next couple of days we're going to see some breezy conditions tomorrow. how about some 80s you'll like that. >> love the warm weather. >> good morning everybody. we're going to talk about the weather effecting traffic across the bay area bridges we have high wind advisory is in place. you're going to feel those winds especially if you drive the pickup truck or minivan. take it nice and easy out there. we do have road work set up along the richmond bridge, crews are out there in the westbound direction. two right lanes are shutdown until 6:00 this morning. in the valley no major construction projects here in 237 looking good with no problems to report to you for all of our south bay freeways. just heads up in san francisco, great highway is shutdown once again because of the blowing sand getting into the city. no delays right here near the airport. it's moving very w thugh in bot
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et heading into san francisco at the bay plaza wide open and those lights just fell offment that's a look at the morning commute. >> pretty good start. thanks lisa. secretary of state john kerry is on his way back to u.s. the sailing of statutes and marathon through the states at the capitol, plus no lodge. secretary of state john kerry met with japanese prime minister monday morning. he sathe u.s. and japan unite are hoping to open negotiations with north korea to deescalate tension. >> but the burden is on him. north korea may take meaningful
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commitments it has already made and it has to observe laws and the norms of international behavior. >> that seems unlikely. north korea state tv dismissed the south korean offer to enter peace talks as a crappy trick. secretary kerry says u.s. working with china to find a solution to the crisis and the korean peninsula. >> air preference is obviously for a stable region and north korea right now is threatening the stability of the region. >> china has issued a public appeal for north korea to abandon its nuclear weapons program. but north korea continues to work on a way to put a nuclear bomb on ballistic missile and some fear it may be close. >> i think it's a matter of time before they have that capability. >> reporter: u.s. intelligence officials say they expect north korea to perform another missile test sometimes soon. tara mergener for cbs news in
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washington. kerry will stop in chicago to meet the family of ann. she's the young diplomat who was killed earlier this month while delivering textbooks. 4:50. chavez's hand picked successor has won. he has defeated his challenger. he was chavez's vice president and has been running the country since the late president's death. venezuelaen's election board said he won with slightly more than 50% of the vote. he says he won't accept the election results without a recount. justin bieber getting some heat after writing a controversial comment in museum guest book. >> the ann frank house posted his comment on facebook page which red in part with the great girl, hopefully she would have been a believer. hundreds of facebook users and the commentators reacted negatively to the pope
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bieber hanot respd to e comments. well, the happiest place on earth would slightly less happy this weekend. several attractions including space mountain soaring over california were temporarily shutdown. disneyland voluntarily closed the rides following a report from cal osha that cited the theme park for safety v violations. you need to look after your cast members, your employees. >> the state crack down for failure to correct problems cited last november that led to worker being injured. only that mattered re-opened yesterday after some careful inspections. construction crews have been working for months. today the casino starts taking applications. they expect high about
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2,000 people. the potential is they'll be need for services for these people who will be living here and hopefully a lot of them will be living. >> the $850 million casino is expected to open later this year. >> casinos are everywhere now. >> i know. >> coming up apologizing for derogatory comment at last night's game. plus the masters needed over time to decide a winter we have got that stunning finish. >> and gorilla come face to face, who comes out on top of this rather bizarre match up on this monday morning. we'll be right back.
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new meaning to the phrase " goose chase". this video, captured by zookeepers in kansas, shows a full grown gorilla running from a goos the canadian this video captured shows a full grown gorilla running. the geese ended up in the enclosure decided they wanted some personal space and good thing for the goose. the gorilla didn't want to pick a fight. in lake tahoe they'll come up and pull your doree toe out of your bag. they'll start hissing at you. a little bit of controversy. >> two players tied at the end to force playoff. susan mcginnis shows us who walked away with the green jacket. >> reporter: a dramatic finish
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at the masters on rainy sunday adam scott won a playoff, the first australian to win this tournament. >> winning your first major is an extra special that happened here at augusta national. >> i think it's a combination of everything. >> he came from behind in regulations and made this caught on the eighth to take the lead, but he made of his own at 18 supports the playoff. it ended up being a frustrating tournament for tiger woods who was favorite going in. he stayed within striking distance but he couldn't over come the controversial two stroke penalty he received for an illegal drop on friday. >> we can do that what if scenario. we lose more tournaments than we win out here. >> you know, another fan favorite, more for his age than his final score. >> yes. >> the 14-year-old the
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youngest player ever to mpat th will now trade his golf clubs for textbooks. >> where do you stand on your homework? >> yeah, probably tonight. >> reporter: the final days the leader board changed several times which kept scorekeepers kevin wilson busy. >> i'm able to go hole by hole and make sure that each score has been posted correctly. >> reporter: he finished with the best score earning him the coveted green jacket. >> you got to watch that from the cliff house. >> i didn't get to hear him until now. >> it sound good. >> great weekend of golf. tiger didn't hit the stick on saturday against that -- lose the two strokes he may have won the whole darn thing. >> he looked very frustrated. >> whenever he's involved makes it more fun. time now 4:57. debate over gun control heating up again. the compromise that's gaining ground on capitol hill. ki no c
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deadly strain of meningitis what health workers are doing today to stop it from spreading. we're following a bizarre story out of berkeley, a man called firefighters for help and then started shooting at them when he arrived, why police have not arrested that shooter. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a new details about the all a firefighter injured when the man he was trying to help started shooting at him, more on that coming up. >> we've got new details about a saratoga teenager how the teens were initially punished. winds just beginning to pick up around the bay area. it is going to how well towards the afternoon. we'll talk about it coming up. >> you're going to feel those winds bumping you around. i'll have a complete look at your drive into work in just a few minutes.


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