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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  April 16, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> yesterday was very windy, today breezy but not as windy. skies are mostly clear, in the 40s, warmer days ahead. we'll talk about that coming up. the bridge commutes are wide open at the bay bridge toll plaza, golden gate commuting we have the usual road work that has shut down a couple lanes through 5:00, we'll have the wrap-up in a few minutes. >> nice and early. >> it is. it is 4:30. a search want served in connection with the deadly bombing at the boston marathon. investigators carried a number of bags from a home in a suburb of revere, massachusetts, outside boston. three people are dead from two explosions near the finish line. cbs reporter susan mcginnis has the latest from boston. >> reporter: a pair of explosions, the bloody scene shocked many. >> you hear about things in
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other places, in the united states we have to be aware that perhaps more of that will be coming our way. >> reporter: the investigation started almost immediately, officials cordoned off blocks around the bomb site in order to allow bomb squad detectives to sweep the area for more explosive devices. early tuesday morning, we learned federal and local authorities are searching an apartment of someone they call a person of interest in a boston suburb of revere. >> this is a very thorough and active and fluid investigation. >> reporter: police searched surveillance cameras in the area, cbs learned at least one piece of video shows a man carrying two backpacks who was in the area before the blast. >> they are trying to sweep the other cameras in the area, that shot is only from the back, they want to see who the person is from the front and if he might be relevant. >> reporter: president obama vowed to find those responsible for the bombing.
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>> any responsible individuals, any responsible groups will feel the full weight of justice. >> reporter: white house officials say they are treating the bombings as an act of terrorism. susan mcginnis, cbs news, boston. investigators are doing a thorough search of boston, as many as two unexploded bombs turned up near the end of the course and were safely disarmed. another device under a grandstand was not a bomb. one man was questioned, a saudi national spotted near the scene of the explosions right before those bombs went off. >> when the blast happened, he began to run. now, in context, a lot of people began to run, a civilian who thought this individual was acting suspiciously chased him and tackled him and turned him over to place saying i saw him over there acting suspiciously and he ran.
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that may mean a lot. it may mean nothing at all. >> investigators say the saudi man is being cooperative and is denying any involvement. he has not been arrested or charged. here at home, transit agencies are stepping up security and vigilance. however, there are no reports of specific threat. let's go to elissa harrington. is there any extra security this morning? >> we don't know about this morning but there is extra security all over bay area cities. there are no specific threats around here, but we're not taking any chances after those bombings in boston, security has beefed up. yesterday both the a's and warriors had games, security measures were the same as any other game day though. security guards searched bags, metal detectors were used at the basketball games and
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oakland police swept the arena for bombs, the police chief ordered twice as many officers. >> working with the u.s. coast guard, the sheriff's bomb squad, and bart police, to conduct sweeps of the facilities right now, so all those areas are being checked, they will be continuously checked. >> reporter: the bomb specialist with the alameda county sheriff's office patrolled the games. bridge officials are on high alert and there will be meetings about the breakers next month. elissa harrington. flights are now back to normal after several days yesterday. the faa issued what it called a temporary flight restriction notice right after the bombings in boston. two united flights left late and others were delayed. one video comes from a
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unique angle, that of one of the runners. take a look. the image is posted on the youtube page from the camera of a woman approaching the finish line. the woman's daughter who posted the video added comments including my mom didn't finish the race but we are all safe and that's what matters. a 12-year-old boy from martinez is among the injured. the family said he remains in intensive care but he's due for more surgery tomorrow, the kid was cheering on his mom who ran the race. >> reporter: 12-year-old aaron hern was cheering on his mom at the end of the race when the bomb went off. his mother katherine hern is okay, but aaron took shrapnel in his thigh. >> he's all right. he's doing okay. please, everyone, have your
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prayers open, please. he needs all he can get. >> a family friend said aaron is in the hospital in boston surrounded by his parents and some friends. >> they were at the finish line to congratulate katherine, so they were just right there in the center of it. >> she knows the family through the kiwanis club. >> he's through surgery and has to remain in the hospital for a few days but he's going to be okay. >> she's been getting updates from his mom, including one tonight that said the boy suffered many lacerations, most of which were superficial, exempt for one. katherine hern said aaron will need another surgery on his thigh on wednesday. >> i feel like something's been ripped out of my heart. i wish i was there. i wish i could be there to comfort my family and to -- he's okay, that's all i have to
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think of. and the marathon is also affecting other major sporting events in boston. the nhl postponed the bruin home game against the senators, the nba cancelled tonight's celtic game against indiana. >> a lot of tough friends. i got a number of tweets, the finish line is such an important part. it's a holiday. so many run the race and their loved ones like that young boy from martinez is there to cheer mom on. a lot of people run for charity, and where it happened was just the worse. >> the happiest day to the saddest day. >> so many train to run that marathon, that's where it ended, so close. >> it makes people so angry. let's turn to weather and bring in lawrence. >> blustery around the bay
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area, not as windy. mostly clear. temperatures are chilly in spots. let's get you out there. 37degrees in the napa valley, 42 livermore, 43 san jose, 52, wind into fairfield. a wind advisory continues into the central valley through the carquinas strait. breezy for the bay area, not as windy as yesterday. you've got high pressure trying to build behind the low causing winds to kick up around the bay area. still temperatures are going to rebound, yesterday in the 50s and a few 60s this afternoon. we could see some upper 60s by the latter part of the day, and maybe some 70s and 80s in the not too distant future. let's check out the roads. good morning. we'll start off with the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic is moving well into san francisco, wide open at the pay gates.
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san mateo, caltrans has a high wind advisory for 92 across the span, but no traffic delays yet, no road work. all lanes are available as you make that drive out of the east bay towards the peninsula. in the east bay, the dublin interchange, headlights are the westbound commute. still looking okay, more traffic out there making that early drive but no brake lights yet leaving livermore towards 680. we checked in on bart, bart trains are on time, no delays for muni or the cal train. three people are dead from two fires in san jose, the latest at a fire on north fifth street in japantown area. two people died in a fire that started at 8:30 last night, on south daniel way near highway 17. an elderly woman was found in the home, she could not be resuscitated. later a second victim was located. the winds were a problem for the firefighters last night. embers were flying on
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neighbors' roofs but did not cause other homes to burn. three juveniles have a court hearing this morning in connection with the alleged sexual assault of saratoga high school student audrey pott. yesterday her parents and an attorney announced a civil suit against the three suspects and said attackers used a black marker to write taunting messages on the girl's body, it allegedly happened after audrey pott got drunk at a party and passed out. >> one said "blank was here" as if to taunt her when she was asleep someone was violating her. >> the boys distributed the pictures to humiliate and bully my daughter. >> the pott family is suing the parents of a friend whose home was the site of the party. other bay area headlines, a plea hearing happens this morning in san jose, five
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people accused of involvement in a murder. a wealthy businessman died by suffocation in his home last november. police say he was killed in a home invasion robbery. today's hearing is 9 a.m. in santa clara county superior court. police in pleasant hill are looking for a thief who slammed a stolen car in a staples store on contra costa boulevard. the green honda was reported stolen at berkeley. investigators are reviewing surveillance video. it is 4:41. plastic bags may become a thing. a thing of the past in california. and a 78-year-old runner describes the moment he was knocked down. your eyes are not playing tricks, a construction company says this crooked line is okay.
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even though the road is supd to be straight. they are temporary lines made from te and applied by hand after t road was repaved. the center lines are digging and zagging in hawaii. the temporary lines are applied by hand. the construction company said it's a temporary fix until the asphalt cures and rain caused the problem. workers returned to apply new tape. >> are you sure they didn't hit a happy hour first? >> oh well. >> maybe. 4:44. we'll get another check of the weather. we hope it's not as windy. the winds were whipping up. >> we're trying to transition to more summer pattern. we see winds picked up yesterday, pretty extreme. today it's going to be breezy, windy into the central valley. wind advisory through the carquinas straits. we've got a gentle breeze, not much. by the afternoon we'll see the
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breeze again. a gradual warming trend as we round out the weekend, maybe some temperatures sliding up into the eighties. pressure gradient remains as high pressure builds off the coastline, you've got the low kicking to the east of us, until that low moves further east we'll see winds again for this afternoon but not as strong as yesterday. let's call it breezy toward the coastline, lots of sunshine to go along with that but the winds will be blowing toward the afternoon, especially along the coastline toward the central valley, you'll notice stronger gusts in that direction. 20-plus-mile-an-hour winds toward the coastline, winds continue into the central valley. wind advisory continues as well. they will see lots of sunshine, 70s in the sacramento area, 70 fresno, 30% chance of a few showers in lake tahoe, they will check in at 37 degrees. around the bay today we're looking at the numbers pushing into the upper 60s, 68 degrees in morgan hill, 67 san jose, 66 fremont. still cool, 50s toward the coast, upper 60s in many east
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bay locations and inside the bay today it will be breezy this afternoon, numbers running in the 60s again into oakland, plenty of sunshine, 61 in san francisco, 66 in santa rosaa. temperatures continue to warm up, we could see some numbers pushing up into the 80s as we look toward this next weekend. let's check on the roadways. >> still a quiet drive. chp reports no accidents out there, and very light traffic leaving oakland headed into the city. across the upper deck into san francisco. we did speak with chp, ongoing investigation taking place in boston, they have not announced plans for stepped up security at this point. again, bay bridge commuters, looking good getting into san francisco. 880 through the east bay in oakland, wide open right here as there are closures in place
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right now, the hegenberger and all of the bart trains are still on time. many people from the bay area were at the boston marathon yesterday when the explosions went off near the finish line. kpix 5 was able to reach some local runners. austin said his family was 100 feet from the second explosion and saw the blast severely injury a young child. >> they actually saw the boy get thrown from the blast and he was unfortunate enough that he actually lost a limb, and he was a young boy. i believe about 10 years old. >> the police came out, all the runners told us we couldn't go any further. all the runners were hysterical because everyone knows their
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families are waiting for them at the finish line. >> the bay area runners we talked with told us the most prestigious marathon in the world has been changed forever. it's one of the iconic images of the marathon attack, a 78- year-old runner named bill ephraim from washington state, right there, he collapses right after the first explosion. >> shock waves hit my whole body, my legs started jittering around. i knew i was going down. i ended up down on the blacktop, and i didn't feel any severe pain but as i rolled over, i seen a little scratch on my leg but nothing too bad so i laid there momentarily. >> the lucky man. he eventually made his way back to his hotel under his own power. 78 years old. here is a look at exactly where the bombings happened. just before 3 p.m. eastern time, noon our time, two of them exploded near the
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finish line, 15 seconds apart. one device was recovered inintact and disarmed. this week holds a grim distinction, the waco assault in 1993 brought reprisal in the oklahoma city bombing in 1995 and columbine, virginia tech and now boston. out of iran, 40 people are dead after a massive quake along the iran-pakistani border the 7.8 quake was felt in new delhi and bahrain. it could be late this week before the u.s. senate votes on a bipartisan bill that would
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expand background checks for people who buy firearms. supporters and opponents need for time to lobby. the senate plans to resume debating broad gun legislation later today. in california today, two gun-related bills towards by peninsula lawmaker are set for votes in the assembly. one state senators would close a legal loophole that allows shooters with certain weapons to continuously fire and reload without interruption. the other would require trigger lock or gun safes. the price of gold had its biggest one day drop in years.
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thanks to a glitch, you got an extra day to file state taxes after problems with online tax payments. the system crashed because so many people were trying to pay online, online payment is up 66%. because of the issues, california officials extended the deadline by a day but this is just for your california return. for more information go to federal investigators are looking at last year's chevron refinery fire in richmond. chevron was allowed to monitor rather than fix the potential problems. the company had the resources and expertise to know the risk but there was no intervention before the accident happened. california lawmakers are
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proposing a plastic bag ban that could go into effect. there are 70 cities with similar laws. senate bill 405 would supersede all of them. an initial hearing set for tomorrow in the environmental quality committee. 4:42. what your heart rate can tell you about your risk of death. plus more evidence that being behind the wheel of a car is dangerous. he made it ten feet, we saw him collapse. >> a parents at a youth area baseball game saved the life of an 8-year-old boy.
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there's a wind advisory in the carquinas straight, gusts to 40 miles per hour. no major traffic delays. if you plan on making a bridge commute all is clear, so far for the golden gate bay bridge. 4:55. in health watch, resting heart rate may reveal your life expectancy. doctors out of copenhagen followed men over a 16-year period. the higher a person's resting heart rate the greater risk of death. 81 to 90 beats per minute doubles your chance of dying, higher than 90 triples it. >> researchers at virginia tech found fatigue is the cause of 20% of accidents, they equipped 100 cars to monitor drivers,
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the people who drive tired are four times more likely to get in a crash or close call. >> if you're watching at this time of the morning you know the feeling. >> and later that night you can't sleep. >> it's scary. an 8-year-old baseball player is reportedly in stable condition days after suffering cardiac arrest during a game. >> the boy collapsed over the weekend after he was hit in the chest by a pitch during a cal ripken league game. the parents of the teammate who were paramedics were at the game and jumped into action. >> a switch was thrown. we went from parents at a baseball game to work mode. >> the boy's parents don't want his name released but even as he was being airlifted to children's hospital, oakland, he wanted an update on the score of the game, which is usually a good indication that he's doing okay.
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>> that's awesome, that the paramedics were there and ready to jump into action. 4:56. coming up, right now the search for a motive. >> law enforcement descends on a boston apartment after yesterday's boston marathon bombing, what they may have found coming up. the bay area on high alert following the bombings in boston. i'll tell you about security, where it's being beefed up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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bombings (from joe's pkg i feel like ipped out of floor 12 seconds, the fbi seeks a motive in the deadly boston marathon bombing. >> i feel like something's been ripped out of my heart. plus, a bay area boy injured in the blast, this morning encouraging news about his condition. starting out mostly clearing, going to see more sunshine but breezy in spots.
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we'll talk about that coming up. we've got caltrans road work on 880 northbound in san jose, details on this and more tuesday traffic in a few minutes. good morning. it is tuesday. april16. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm elizabeth anger. michelle has the more than off. searching for answers as investigators looking for clues in boston. >> a warrant was served in connection with the explosions. investigators carried a number of bags from a home in a suburb in revere. three people are dead from two explosions that happened just before 3:00 eastern time, noon our time. they were both near the finish line. about 15 seconds apart. you can see boyles ton drive right there. one device was disarmed. the blast four others after the race started, 5,000 runners were


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