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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  April 16, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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this is kpix 5 news. good afternoon, everyone i'm frank mallicoat. >> and i'm elizabeth wenger, michelle griego has the day off. >> nails, bb shards of metal,
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those were some of the objects hurled into the crowd in the finish line yesterday! president obama is calling this an act of terrorism. the fbi still count know who was behind the blast. let's go to randall pinkston. >> nails, bibis, small pieces of mettlal designed to create -- metal designed to create maximum damage when they exploded. >> reporter: the area around the finish line is what police call the most complex crime scene in history. investigators continue to collect and process evidence including bomb fragments and cell phone videos and photos. mourners have been placing flowers at the scene. investigators denied reports that several unexploded bombs were found in the area. >> we only have two devices that aware of device and both
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devices were involved in the incident. >> reporter: three people were killed and more than 175 others were injured in the two blasts. among the fatalities, 8-year- old martin richard, the boy ice sister and mother were badly injured. >> they are a wonderful family and this is a horrific tragedy. >> reporter: investigators say the 12 block area near the finish line will remain a crime scene for at least two more days. the fbi a agent in charge would not confirm reports agents are questioning a saudi national who was injured in the blast. police searched his home in the suburb of revere. the injured people, several of whom lost limbs until the attack are being treated in hospitals across the city? doctors say the bombs are packed with shrapnel. >> probably this bomb had multiple metallic fragments in them and we removed pallets and nails. >> reporter: no one has claimed responsibility for the attack.
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department of homeland security says t boston, i'm randall pinkston back to you. >> the big question is who did this. was it a foreign terrorist organization or someone closer to home. >> and our own ken bastida is in boston where it all happened yesterday and what's the latest, what can you tell us. >> reporter: yeah, hi frank, e elizabeth, you know, the investigation as randall pinkston pointed out is still continuing and it will take a while to get to the bottom of what happened out here. in the meantime, boylston street where they ran the marathon 24 hours ago is still closed off at arlington, they don't allow anybody back in there. that is the crime scene. of course there is a international race, the boston marathon, and people all over the world including our own bay area. we spoke to one of those guys today.
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last night a surreal scene on the streets of boston as national guard troops move in to parole the downtown area. in the wake of yesterday's devastating explosions. the city is still full of marathon participants, many like alamo's stan rollen were getting ready to head back to the bay area. >> there's no way to describe it. it's horrific. i just crossed the finish line about 7 or 8 minutes before the blast, so it was about a block away, still walking down the chute, and we just heard this huge explosion. a louder sound than i think i had heard before, a deep sound, and i turned around and my immediate reaction was that it was a bombing, the location, right at the finish line and then heard the second blast go off. >> rollen who flew out from the bay area a said he was scared at first and now he's mad. >> i felt immense anger and
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intense anger, my gut reaction, just wanted to find this person. >> reporter: that is an e emotion that we have seen happen all over boston. people now are getting a bit angry. this is their city. it's a proud city and proud people that live here, and they're upset at what happened. they want to find the people who are responsible. let me show you something quickly here. this has been going on all over the city of boston. this is where trash cans are placed on top of this granite here, and they have all been removed on boylston street as well as logan airport and places around boston. a lot of them just have been taken out. police don't want to deal with it anymore. they're tired of going and checking these things and there are thousands of these this have been taken off the street. that's part of the changes that have happened in the past 24 hours. we're going to be here and give you the rest on kpix 5 later this evening. back to you guys.
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ken bastida live for us in boston. thanks. among the injured is a 12- year-old boy from martinez. aaron hern's family says he's hospitalized in intensive care. the youngster was hit in the leg by shrapnel while cheering on his mom who was running the race. some people who were in boston for the marathon are returning back to the bay area, and elissa harrington has been getting some firsthand accounts from travelers arriving in at sfo. she joins us with more. >> hi, as you can imagine, these travelers very shaken up. the first flight from boston arrived just after 10:00. a lot of marathon runners on that plane visibly shaken from what they encountered. >> i couldn't wait to get home and hug my kids. >> a somber homecoming for boston marathon runners arriving at sfo, wearing their hats, t-shirts and medals,
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including trish and her boyfriend who had finished the race but were near the finish line when the bombs went off. >> all you could do was panic. people started running one way as emt's were going the other way. one knew what was going on. >> you could see ambulance and ambulance rushing down the street and you can smell the sulfur and smoke. >> reporter: she says the whole ground shook. >> it was pretty scary. there were people dropping to the ground praying, there were people running all over trying to find out, you know, if their family was okay. >> reporter: and runner kari stafford from corning said the worst went through her mind. >> my first thought was this was 9/11 all over again: i was praying that it wasn't. i was praying that it and as sad as it is, it could have been a lot worse. >> reporter: none of them have been reported among the casualties and ones i talked to were e relieved to be back home and wish they could have stayed
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to help. >> the marathon is never going to be the same but i hope people can continue to take pride in that event. >> reporter: the runners i spoke it say the most compelling thing they saw was the work of the first responders and other people who amid all the chaos jumped in to help those who were injured and i asked if they plan to run the marathon in the future and they said it is far too early to tell. they're grappling with so many emotions right now. elissa harrington kpix 5. have to come to grips first. you've been at airport all morning. have you noticed change security there here in the bay area at sfo. >> reporter: definitely more security here today and i spoke with a duty manager who told me they have increased their presence, police and security officers as well as tsa agents. they do not expect this will cause extra weight times at the airport. >> elissa harrington live for us at the airport, thank you. as you just heard her mention, a lot of bay area
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cities are stepping up security even though there are now reports of specific threats. the precautions include beefed up police presence. for the a's and warrior tonight, oakland team swept the arena for possible bombs and the police chief ordered twice as many officers. >> we're working with the u.s. coast guard and sheriff's bomb squad and police to conduct sweeps of the facilities right now. so so all those areas are being checked and will be continuously checked. >> two bomb specialists with the alameda county sheriff's office paroled the games and the golden gate bridge officials are on heightened alerts and b.a.r.t. trains are being closely monitored. we are closely monitoring the situation in boston on air and online. you can find all the lateliest information. it's on businesses and residences are being asked to conserve
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electricity because of a shooting that damaged a substation last night. the fbi is leading the investigation. before 2 this morning, vandals apparently shot at a transmission substation. it's located on metcalf road near highway 101. the gunshots caused thousands gallons of cooling oil to leak from a transformer bank. at least 5 are damaged. >> we're unable to confirm what caused the damage to the radiators, because we're unable to conduct our investigation. we do know that it is a criminal investigation, as soon as this hazmat scene is cleaned up. >> that leek has been contained. the damage has not caused any power outages though. 911 service is down in the city of gill roy. anyone trying to -- gilroy, anyone trying to get ahold of emergency services will not get through. the interruption affects the city of gilroy are, the phone company is working on the problem. estimated time to fix is not known at this time. if you have an emergency, call
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911 from a cell phone or use your cell phone to call the gilroy police, (408)842-0191. in the meantime, gilroy police, fire and st. louis hospital have personnel on standby. a key connecting ramp on the peninsula remains closed at this hour. a big rig overturned on the ramp between westbound highway 92 and southbound 101 in san mateo county. the latest estimate for reopening is 12:30 so about 20 minutes from now. a 7-year-old girl died in an overnight fire in san jose. it happened around 11:30 last night on north 5th street in the city's japan town area. the fire was at a converted living location, a small unit in the back of a home. the victim has been identified as mariya angel gomez. her 4-year-old sister was also injured in that fire. >> we're in the process of
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trying to get her out. i lost everything. >> and the cause of the fire still under investigation. and a second fatal fire in san jose claims the lives of two overnight. started around 8:30 last night on south danielway. an elderly woman found in the burning home, but paramedics could not resuscitate her. the second victim was found later inside the home. and a court hearing today for three juveniles accused of sexually assaulting audrie pott, the 15-year-old girl committed suicide in september after she learned of photos of the alleged attack had circulated online. video from a news conference yesterday where the girls parents announced a civil suit against the three suspects here. they also said the attackers used a black marker to write taunting messages on the girl's body. it allegedly happened after audrie pott got drunk at a party and passed out. the stock market is rebounding from the worst day
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of the year. the dow has been more than a hundred points higher but backed off a little. that is live look at the big board. looks like the dow, nasdaq and s&p are up. dow up 112 points. if you are working toward loading up on supplements, you could being doing your body more harm than good. paper or paper, how environmentalists say they want to take the plastic bag ban one step further. that's coming up next.
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remembering a tragedy today. it's the anniversary of the virginia tech shootings. arlington virginia remembering a tragedy today. >> it is the anniversary of the
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virginia tech shootings. on this day in 2007. a gunman killed 32 people and injured 17 and shot himself to death. today the victims are being remembered in a series of events. virginia tech cadets did 32 push ups in front of the main campus memorial and wreaths were placed under memorial stones. >> and this week holds a grim distinction, there was the waco assault in 1983, and the home city bombing of april 19th, 1995 and columbine, school shooting april 20th, 1999 and now the patriots day bombing in boston. >> a major earthquake flattened buildings today on either side of the border between iran and pakistan. 34 people killed in one pakistani town. iran state run television said initially another 40 people died but backtracked on that number. the physics center said the quake had a magnitude of at
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least 7.7 and lasted 40 seconds. it is being called the strongest earthquake in the region in more than 50 years. it is the most extensive change to immigration law in 25 years, and passed this new bipartisan deal, and will give 11 million illegal immigrants a chance to become citizens . legislation allows them to live here legally, but would not have access to benefits like welfare or health care and more than $2000 in fines and they can finally seek citizenship. opponents say the plan is just amnesty, and would take jobs away from americans. i really think that we've got to think this through, and i'm really worried about the impact it will have on the average working americans. >> the senate will begin hearing the bill later this week. california lawmakers are proposing a plastic bag ban. if approved it would go into effect at grocery stores, pharmacies and convenience stores. there are already about 70 cities including some here in
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the bay area with similar laws. senate bill 405 would supercede all of them. an initial hearing is set for tomorrow in the environmental quality committee. 12:18. we'll be back with your pinpoint forecast and i think you're going to like it. and if you have consumer problems or a question, call our hot line 88-5-helps-u. operators are standing by.
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assignment today here is your weather update this afternoon with a live shot from san jose...currently in good afternoon we're taking a live look outside. san jose seeing lots of blue skies, sunshine and winds. definitely not as windy today as we've seen the past couple l of days. temperatures right now, we're seeing a lot of 50s to low 60s. 64 in concord. 60 in oakland. 62 in livermore and 67 in san francisco. let's look at the weather headlines, something like this. afternoon sun becoming breezy and mostly clear tonight and then we have a gradual warming trend coming, if you like today, you'll like the warmer weather coming as soon as tomorrow. the winds are going to gradual down. here's a look at forecasted highs for later today. we're going to see a lot of 60s it looks like. mid to upper 60s in some parts. and cooler along the coast. only a high of 59. if you're out in pa as i --
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pacifica. here's a look at your forecast over the next several l days. 70s by midweek and then it looks like next weekend, that's when we hit a peak with the temperatures, going to see a rebound into the 80s in some of our inland spots. no rain, at least in 7-day forecast. frank, back to you. >> that was tremendous. looks like a great week. >> going to be a nice forecast. a new warning from the fda over an ingredient commonly found in dietary supplements, known as dmaa, it's promoted as a natural way to enhance athletic performance and speed up weight loss. the dmaa can cause increased blood pressure, shortness of breath, chest tightening and a heart attack. the fda has received reports of 86 illnesses and deaths associated with the product containing dmaa. take note. it's time to eat. >> it is, it's lunchtime and tony tantillo, he's in the kitchen, this time with his
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daughter stephany today and they're whipping up a zesty italian dish. >> we're going to make a wonderful italian dish with mushrooms what's your favorite. >> dumelli. here's our sars, a very latery sauce. and -- hearty sauce. and we have mushrooms with garlic. we cook mushrooms with everything. they catch all the over flavors while releasing their own. >> and the pasta, we're going to put it in here with some of the water. perfect. >> and you're going to add pasta water as you cook because it's a thick sauce and everything's going to absorb. >> and red pepper flakes to it. we're going to adjust a little bit of garlic salt, pepper and to finish it off, a little bit of parseley. perfect. to -- parsely. and roman know cheese and
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that's it. >> make this when you're hungry. >> ciao everybody. >> we're going to be right back. first as we count down to opening day, here's a live look at the new bay bridge. stay with us.
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or will be soon we'll help you find a plan that fits your needs. call or go online now to get answers. the marathon bombings - we're taking a closer look at the failure of the cell phone system in boston. what would happen in the ba as we follow the after math of the r marathon bombings, we're looking at the failure of the cell phone system in boston. what would happen in the bay area if there was a significant
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earthquake. we're going to talk to local emergency officials about our towers and what to do. and it's all about 5. >> that will do it for the kpix5 news at noon. >> have a great day, everybody. [ birds chirping ]
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