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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  April 18, 2013 1:35am-2:11am PDT

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hundreds more injured. it wo powerful: it registered as 2 point one magnitude earthqu a huge explosion ate fertilizer plant in texas. dozens were killed, hundreds more injured. it was so powerful, it registered as a 2.1 magnitude earthquake. >> it happened in the small town of west, texas, about 20 miles north of waco. it started as a fire and then the fertilizer plant blew up. witnesses saw a fireball 100 feet high. the director of michelle
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millman services in the town tells our sister station ktvt in dallas, first estimates are that 60 or 70 people were killed. >> in a word, this is ugly. a city council member just said that a four-block area was decimated. you can see flames are still burning as we speak. some people eating at a nearby restaurant say the force of the explosion was so great it blew the door right off. a volunteer firefighter took a photo. this is a photo of an apartment near the explosion. many homes have collapsed. people still may be trapped inside. the explosion happened around 6:00 our time and it was caught on video and it is extremely dramatic. take a look. it started as a huge fire at a
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fertilizer plant. this amateur photographer began shooting video with his child in the car when it blew up. >> i can't hear. i can't hear. >> reporter: the flames turned the fertilize enter a bomb. the entire plant was leveled. homes for blocks arounden wiped out. >> if you look at this home right here, this is immediately next to the house we showed out fire. the entire side of this home is gone. it is blown in. the walls have completely collapsed and blown into the living room. >> reporter: there are reports people may be traveled in a nursing home and an apartment building. there are firefighters among the missing tonight. many of their colleagues and ordinary citizens continued to drive toward the scene to save
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as many people as they could. >> we pulled up to the retirement home because we knew they would need help. there was sheet sheetrock on top of the patients. all the lights were down. all the ceilings were down. >> how many people did you pull out? >> i pulled out 16 people. i carried two at one time to hurry up to try to get them out. i knew how bad it was. we went to the next wing and made sure it was clear. >> a lot of death and the numbers are still being compiled right now as we speak. the fire is still burning but now we are told it is under control. they are still telling people to stay inside because of the threat of new explosions. a family about 35 miles north felt the shock wave and said it
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felt like and quake. the population of west is only 2800. the entire town has been ordered to evacuate because after the moan i can't fumes. we are talking about people being told to stay inside in nearby communities. we are told they may be told to evacuate eventually. the wind are whipping up and still carrying the deadly ammonia. >> we have a strong cold front moving through at this time of year and the wind really get going ahead of the cold front. lets put our graphic in motion. right now, the wind are gusting already before this front gets here 30 to 40 miles per hour and the flow is coming up from the south moving to the north. so anybody who lives north of this fertilizer or ammonia plant, they are advised to stay inside or get out and thunderstorms are likely in this area tonight. problems just getting worse tonight because of the wind. i'll have our forecast coming up in a few minutes.
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>> thank you. we should know that friday mark the 20th anniversary of the deadly siege at the branch davidian compound in nearby waco. at this point, there is nothing to suggest that the two events are in any way connected. to boston now where investigators believe they are making solid progress in the hunt for the marathon bomber. they are zeroing in on at least one possible suspect thanks to surveillance video and cell phone records. the guy was seen dropping a bag near the site of the second blast and then running away after the first bomb went off. we have also learned the taste third victim killed in the attack. she was 23-year-old boston university graduate student ling zi lu of cheap a we have new details. >> reporter: early morning here in boston right now. as you can see behind me, no let-up on security.
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police are still patrolling the downtown area as well as members of the national guard and the military. there have been progressions in terms of the investigation. the federal investigators telling us they have a person of interest. they believe they see a person on surveillance video actually leaving one of the backpacks there. that is good news but by no means the end of this story. we are hearing tonight that there is even some reward money out now for anyone who can give police information on an arrest and conviction. sources say investigators are trying to identify a person described as a young white man who was standing in the crowd near the scene of the second bombing just before that device exploded. a surveillance camera at a nearby lord and taylor department store captured images of the man who was carrying a backpack and talking on a cell phone. sources say he was wearing a
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black jacket, gray hoodie and a white baseball cap turned backwards on his head. officials add that the man who seemed to be alone put the backpack on the ground. then, when the first explosion occurred at the finish line about a hundred yards away down boylston street, he took off just a few moments later, a second bomb exploded near where the man was standing. investigators are going through cell phone logs to determine who made calls from that location near the time of the explosion. sources say the fbi is working with a list of names of cell phone owners and attempting to match one of them to the unknown man on the surveillance tape. sources say that forensic experts will attempt to use facial recognition software and compare the images from the surveillance camera to photo i. d. s connected to known cell
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phone users. so first note of interest but still no official arrest here in boston, a $50,000 reward for arrest and conviction being put up by the firefighter and the police officers, the same first pond r responders who were there moments after the explosion on monday. they will be honored tomorrow as well as the victims by the president and first lady who are due in here for an interfaith memorial. reporting live from boston, i'm ken bastida, kpix5. >> thank you. it looks like a company in fremont made the battery used to make the bomb. it appears to be attached to black and red wires through a broken plastic cap. a company spokesman said he is stunned. >> horrified, appalled. appalled and shocked. these batteries are largely for
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cars and trucks and to see it used in such a way is horrifying. >> they say it can be purchased at almost any u.s. hobby store and also online. a bay area sixth grader wounded in the attack remains in intensive care. he sustained a severe shrapnel wound to his leg. air op's family is pretty optimistic about his recovery but haven't been able to talk to him yet. >> when they moved him, he did kind of wake up identify few minutes. he knew we were in the room for a few minutes. he fluttered his eyes. we knows we're there but right now, we don't know what he saw, what he remembers, what kind of help he will need later. >> doctors could wake aaron up as soon as tomorrow. it is still unclear when he can
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come home. with new information about the man the feds say sent letters that were poisoned to president obama and a u.s. senator from mississippi. his name is paul curtis. he has been known to local law enforcement, for what we don't know. and he would sometimes work as an elvis impersonator. the letters that contained a white powder said, quote, no one wanted to listen to me before. what does that mean? so far, nobody is saying. preliminary tests say the white powder is the poison radio ricin. the president didn't mince words today. he called it a shameful day for washington. >> there were no coherent arguments as to why we wouldn't
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do this. it came down to politics. the worry that that vocal minority of gun owners would come after them in future elections and so they caved to the pressure. and they started looking for an excuse, any excuse for vote no. >> the measure had 54 yes votes but it needed 60 to beat a republican filibuster. five democrats also opposed the plan. both california senators voted in favor. coming up, we'll continue our coverage of the latest on that huge explosion in texas that leveled entire blocks and the danger may not be over yet. boys accused of sexually assaulting a bay area classmate. classmate. why the ,,
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hundreds more are hurt aftea massive explosion at a texas fertilizer plant. it happened about 5 hours a dozens are feared dead, hundreds more hurt after a massive explosion at a texas fertilizer plant. it happened about five hours ago in the small town of west, about 20 miles from waco. firefighters were there battle a fire when the plant exploded. we are told the fire is now under control. kpix5 joe vasquez following the story in the newsroom with the latest. >> reporter: there are very many elements at work right now and one of the thins we talked about, we just saw it in boston a couple of days ago where first responders are running in
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while most people are running away from this horrible catastrophe. that is what we were seeing tonight. firefighters were responding to this fire and they got injured. i want to show you this video again. look at. this the man has his daughter in the car. >> oh, my god. >> please get out of here. please get out of here. >> she is saying please get out of here. we are hoping she is okay. there is nothing on youtube to suggest otherwise. can you just see what the damage was there now. we are getting conflicting reports of dead and injured and suffice to say, hundreds injured. they just won't say how many people dead although our cbs affiliate in dallas is saying as many as 60 possibly. i mentioned that first responders were rushing to the scene. listen to this one first responder talk about the initial moments after the explosion. >> it was everything from a
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broken neck to faces all cut up with blood, legs cut open. it was kay on the be and nobody knew who was in charge or where to go. >> reporter: there are still a lot of people on the scene there. they have gone to west high school nearby and it is essentially a triage center right now. these folks were treating people and they were ordered to evacuate because of a second fire and they had to load people onto other buses and drive them to another area. right now, they are still scrambling for ambulances, still trying to get people treated at hospitals. >> i think the folk who described it feeling like an earthquake, they said it actually measured like it would be a 2.1 magnitude. it is incredible to feel the earth shake like that where it usually doesn't. >> they talk about tornadoes in
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that area. they are accustomed to some sorts of natural disasters but this is unbelievable and they will be reeling for some time. >> all right. thank you. some breaking news now in san francisco. police shot and killed amap they say was coming after them with a hammer. it started when the man called 911 saying he had just stabbed his brother-in-law in potrero hills. officers arrived and a suspect came out of the house with a hammer. officers tell us they ordered him to drop it but he didn't and kept coming after them so they opened fire and killed him. the brother-in-law is in critical condition with stab wounds to his head, chest and arms. curiosity got a bay area boy stun gunned at school. school officials say a female student will face dispalestinianary action for using a stun gun on a fellow classmate. it happened this morning at the international studies academy. police saw a 14-year-old boy and the girl who reportedly brought that stun gun got into
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a tussle over the device. that is when the boy says he was zapped. the girl does face disciplinary action. new developments in the case of audrie pott, the saratoga teenager who killed herself after allegedly being assaulted by her classmates. for the first time, school administrators are responding to the family's accusations the school mishandled the whole thing. >> i have a lot of questions about what they did and why they did it. it doesn't appear that the family's best interests were served. >> reporter: the school said they cooperate discipline the boys because the drunken party happened at this saratoga home with a off campus. there is no record of audrie reporting sexual bullying. her family met with the principal months ago but were
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unsuccessful in getting the boys expelled. >> we tried to appeal to the fact that the picture being viewed at the school and the bullying and talking among themselves, that all happened on campus and so, under the cyberbullying clause, we believe that we had grounds to have them expelled. >> it was announced that an investigation had been conducted by the school which indicated that bullying had nothing do do with this. our investigation revoled the exact opposite. >> reporter: the district did not give a clear explanation why principal paul rob up son made those claims. audrie committed suicide after three boys allegedly sexually salted her while she was passed out and teched pictures of that night. all this trust rates ann brown now whose daughter was cyberbullied years ago in san jose. brown says the school refused to let her come and talk about cyberbullying. >> they wouldn't let me go two years ago even though there were parents' request and civil
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rights people who were wanting to come free of charge. they were just burying their head in the sand saying we don't have an issue. we don't have a problem. good evening to you. a forecast that will hopefully provide a little bit of balance. we have good news. so much going on in the world. if you like sunshine, this is good news for you. live look outside, we are mostly clear. temperatures will drop down to about 50. watch the warm-up tomorrow. tax you down to morgan hill. sunshine tomorrow, 78. sunny and warm on friday. that is where we will stay for a while. low pressure moving out. high pressure moving in. that will cause the wind to relax. you won't have a fifth straight day of the wind but we'll have high pressure building in. the wind will die down and temperatures tomorrow will get into the upper 70s. then high pressure gets evening stronger and just drops anchor
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right offshore. that is the perfect location. kind of what happens in october, typically not in april to draw out a light offshore wind and warm us up to the coastline with zero or little fog. the coast, you will hit the 70s coming up next week with a lot of spots well into the 70s tomorrow. concord, 78. oakland, 77. mountain view, 76. pleasant hill, concord, walnut creek at 78. santa rosa, you will hit 77. downtown san francisco tomorrow, 68 degrees. we stay mild all the way through the weekend away from the water. septic system breakdowns affect over 1 million homes a year...
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against the nuggets... steph curry need two three pointers against portland to brea it's official. the warriors start the playoffs saturday in denver against the nuggets. tipoff at 2:30. needed two three-pointers to break the single season record. he finished with 272 total threes. he shot 31% for the game but the ones that went in, he did it in style. giants in the house. the milwaukee pitcher had a no- hitter through the fisk inning.
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but a two high pressure run base hit up the middle. stayed that way until the ninth thrl they load the bases. 29-year-old pitcher blake lolly popped it. brew crew takes their second straight. e he was yanked... oakland wins 7-5... time for the wednesday night top five... the as scored six in the first winning off norris. oakland a winner today 7-5. the giants run out of gas tonight. turn out it was in the bullpen. at number four, our exclusive international highlight of the night comes from the netherlands. carlos gomez and nailed him
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way abucket of water. number two, the jazz were eliminated from the playoffs. go tell moe williams. and joe montana's son nate was in santa santa clara day. he probably won't be drafted but wouldn't find playing in his father's shadow in the nfl. >> a blessing and a curse. you try to ignore the joe montana's son and go to work ,,,,,,,,
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david letterman is next.. wh selena gomez. our next newscast is tomorr 0. we continue to follow the huge explosion of a fertilizer plant in texas. dozens killed, hundreds more injured. it happened in the small town ,,
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