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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  April 18, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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heavily armed police guarded various points around the newark substation and supply yard. patrol cars parked strategically to block anyone from entering the property. pg&e says the extra security was added after another substation in the sauk bay was sabotagetwo da ago. >> we have made sure that additional security is located at our substations throughout our service territory. we are working with law enforcement to determine how best to move forward with that increased security. >> reporter: police say on tuesday, someone with a high- powered rifle shot out five transformers at the metcalf substation in south san jose. minutes earlier someone climbed down a manhole to cut fiberoptic cables knocking out 911 service in gilroy. telephone lines were also disrupted at banks and other businesses. >> so i don't know what kind of sabotage but certainly it was an attempt to take down phones, data and power. >> reporter: pg&e said it did not get any specific threats at
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its other substations, but decided to ramp up security until further notice. >> we'll continue to provide that security and work with law enforcement until we have additional information. >> reporter: earlier they did -- what we do know tonight, juliette, is that they move in floodlights so we know they will be here 24/7. >> as far as 24/7 protection, who pays for the security? >> reporter: a lot of money. pg&e said they will be adding up the costs and paying them. but we all have to wonder since we're all ratepayers how much of that will be passed on to us. >> all right. linda yee, thank you. these may be the two most wanted men in america. potential suspects in the deadly boston marathon bombings. the fbi released the images just hours ago with the hope that someone out there knows who and where they are. cbs reporter vinita nair is in boston with new details on how stigators ze ion em.
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>> reporter: the fbi considers these two suspects armed and ex- strangely dangerous. we saw the surveillance video we heard so much about and in it you can see the two suspects walking through the crowds at the boston marathon. they are among the most wanted men in america. the fbi released photos and videos of two men wanted for questioning in monday's deadly bombing at the boston marathon. both men are seen walking through the crowd wearing baseball caps and carrying backpacks believed to be containing the bombs. >> suspect two set down a backpack at the site of the second explosion just in front of the forum restaurant. >> reporter: the images were taken from security cameras near the bomb sites. investigators hope someone will recognize them and help law enforcement find them. >> though it may be difficult, the nation is counting on those with information to come forward and provide it to us. >> reporter: the big break in the case came just hours after president obama delivered a rousing speech to the bombing victims and to the city of boston itself at a service. [ applause ] >> reporter: president obama came to boston with an
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inspirational message for the victims of the marathon bombings including those who lost limbs in the attack. >> we will all be with you as you learn to stand and walk and, yes, run again. of that i have no doubt, you will run again. [ applause ] >> reporter: the first lady and former massachusetts governor mitt romney were among the dignitaries who joined the president at the historic cathedral of the holy cross. thesident said the dy attack did not intimidate the city of boston. >> it should be pretty clear by now that they picked the wrong city to do it. not here in boston. visited witharathon volunteers and thanked them for helping victims at the bombing site. after the fbi posted images of those two suspects on their website, they had a record number of hits. in fact, at one point the
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website even crashed. we have one other tidbit of information to share with you, allen. we now know the suspects were wearing baseball caps that had logos on them, the logo said bridgestone golf. allen? >> you know, the other thing i can't help but notice, vinita, behind you there seem to be more people walking around, people out and about. is the mood changed? >> reporter: you know, as you can see behind me, also, some of the streets here in downtown boston are still cordoned off but i would say in a weird way, and perhaps as a result of the president speaking here tonight, the city is really rallying. it isn't a feeling of mourning so much as coming together saying nothing can stop us, we will run again, certainly something we heard from the president. >> very much. thank you, vinita nair in boston. the bay area boy wounded in the bombings had a special visitor in the hospital today. from first lady michelle obama. she brought 11-year-old aaron hern some stuffed toys and a medal from the president. the martinez sixth grader is recovering fm sevehrs leapnel ml
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be out of icu as soon as tomorrow. a family friend says he is having a hard time processing what happened. >> he is angry and confused. as a family, we all are helping him get through the anger and say, you know what, that's one bad man, one bad woman, one bad person. maybe two. but that's not the whole world. >> his family says he could be out of the icu tomorrow. but it's still unclear when he wi be able to come home. we spoke to other bay area runners who were at the boston marathon when the blast happened. among them, 82-year-old ruth bortz of portola valley. she and her husband ran in the marathon. her husband was five miles from the finish line when the bomb went off and suddenly he says the race stopped. >> we didn't know whether it was some huge attack on our country or whether it was just some crazy fool. no one knew what was happening.
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>> just saw the vehicles. >> yes, he did. he did see all of that. because he was around boston while he was trying to find me. >> she has run the boston marathon 7 times before. first place in her age division twice by the way. her first race, bay to breakers about 60 years ago. bay area runners will pay tribute to the bombing victims tonight in oakland. rockridge sporting goods store, the see jane run organization is putting on a three-mile run one for each person who died in the attacks. >> our hope for this event is that we are going to be able to send a message to boston that we're with you, that our thoughts are with you, our runners are with you. i know there's a lot going people are really -- they are dedicating their runs to boston. >> that run is going to start at 7:30 tonight followed by a candlelight vigil at snow park. and we are going to have continuing coverage the boston
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marathon bombings on kpix 5 and rescue crews are searching for survivors after the massive fire and explosion at a fertilizer plant near waco, texas. today the mayor of west, texas said as many as 35 to 40 people are believed to be dead including 10 first responders. at least 160 others were injured. the blast leveled homes and businesses within a five block radius. and it was large enough to register as a magnitude 2.1 earthquake. investigators still don't know the cause but are treating the site as a crime scene. and there has been talk about a likely cause being ammonium nitrate a fertilizer and pesticide which is also a powerful explosive that's caused a number of other disasters around the world. we asked reporter amy johnson, could an explosion of this magnitude happen in our state? >> reporter: it was the blast that killed at least 15,
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injured more than 160 and rocked tom beardsley. >> thank god we no longer carry those products. >> reporter: beardsley is the owner and operator of beardsley & sons an independent family- run fertilizer company in oxnard. they fertilizer some 10,000 acres in ventura county. >> my dad started this company in 1935 with the only shell chemical anhydrous ade by ammonia nh3. >> reporter: he stopped using potential dangers of the gas exploding. >> anhydrous ammonia, which is a gas, has to be stored in a vessel, and i think that's what blew up over there. >> reporter: they also worried about the potential danger to their employees handling the gas. >> we're always pro-active about how we handle the business and keeping the community safe. >> reporter: they carry conventional dry, liquid and organic fertilizer. and they work closely with the
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local fire department should they ever need to respond to a fire at the site or any other type of emergency. >> they need to understand what we inventory, whether it's hazardous or not. >> reporter: they choose to avoid the hazardous materials and are glad they are not alone. >> there are no agricultural dealers in ventura county that use it. it's just not there. >> reporter: in light of the west, texas tragedy, they hope other companies will follow suit. in oxnard, amy johnson, kpix 5. >> the west fertilizer company where the blast happened had 54,000 pounds of chemical a.yeah. so far doctors say the injuries came from the blast not chemical exposure. new at 6:00 oakland police arrested a sixth teen in the shooting death of a paramedic. one will be charged as an adult. quinn boyer was off duty when i was driving through oakland in the hills earlier this month.
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nge age fr 13 to 16 targeted boyer for a carjacking. the boy being charged as an adult, 16-year-old stburtthe de penalty. > bay area hen neancisco police releasing the name the man who chd at officers last night with a hammer. 60-year-old dale wilkerson was shot and killed by police when they say he came at them with a tool. just minutes before, police say wilkerson had stabbed his brother-in-law multiple times. in concord thieves used a hammer to smash jewelry cases at macy's in sun valley mall at 9 p.m. last night. police say the three men one with a gun, jumped the counter and started smashing the display. they got away with jewelry. their getaway car was found later in pleasant hill. no one was hurt. trash services on hold for fremont residents again. it's part of a labor dispute that started in tennessee. workers walked off the job in
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memphis and workers here decided to extent the picket lines. a similar thing happened earlier this month. it's not clear when trash pickup will resume. some big news tonight on california's high-speed rail plan. looks like the last legal hurdle has been cleared. a group representing central valley farmers has reached a settlement with the high-speed rail authority. the farmers had claimed the project failed to follow state environmental laws. the deal essentially means a green light for construction to begin later this summer. from emergency responders to college students, they are suffering because of state mismanagement. how millions of dollars collected for specialty license plates aren't being spent as they are supposed to be. >> it's become harder and harder to get the ammunition we need to train our officers on a timely basis. >> it's so severe, the shells are practically empty. the bauptactic for bay area police to deal with the ammo shortage. >> sunshine along the beach, the warmup has begun many of
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you in the 70s to near 80 today but the timing of the warmup really depends on where you live. find out when you will get a the peak of your heat -- when you will get the peak of your heat coming up. >> coming up at 6:30, how social media sleuths are infuriating the innocent while trying to help bring the boston bombers to justice.
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college students and other groups.. went to pay the s's bills instead. 's the conclu millions of dollars meant to help veterans, college students and other groups paid state bills instead. that is the conclusion of a new state audit. it found millions ised from sales of specialized lie ditors also found udgetgap. o missed out on about $22 million in revenue by rchadeto lleccert
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invention. and a couple of bay area police departments are proof. a nationwide run on guns has left them short on training ammunition. so they have come up with a new way and kpix 5's don ford tells us it may be even better than the old. reporter: the nationwide ammunition shortage is leaving shelves nearly empty. short on ammo, the richmond police department is turning to a backup tactic for training rounds. >> everybody is fighting for seems like a shrinking amount of ammunition out there. >> reporter: the lieutenant senior firearms and tactics instructor came up with an idea, using professional grade air soft guns for some of the training. >> if we get to a situation where we're low on ammunition, we can do simple drills with air soft that mimic what we would do with live fire. >> reporter: they look, feel and function nearly identically to real guns. can you tell which one of the these is the real .45?
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the air soft is on top. they shoot small plastic pellets that still pack a punch and there's another advantage. >> with air soft, it's pennies compared to dollars with live ammunition. >> reporter: he's also using laser firearms for scenario training. but richmond isn't the only department using air soft guns. albany sergeant dave bettencourt. >> it's become harder and harder to get the ammunition we need to train our officers a timely basis. we're using air soft as an affordable officer to maintain skills. >> reporter: sources say el cerrito, emeryville and berkeley are all looking for more training ammo but say they have plenty of ammo for regular patrol duty. officials say with some back orders stretching up to 12 months, they are not sure when the shortage will end. in albany, don ford, kpix 5. many other local departments that are still training with real ammo told us they are being cautious not to
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use too much. well, today marks 107 years since the 1906 san francisco earthquake. and in commemoration, there is a new law designed to limit damage in the next quake. backed by the board of supervisors, mayor ed lee signed it today. he calls on homeowners to seismically strengthen the so- called soft story buildings, ones with garages on the ground floor. more than 58,000 people live in them throughout the city. >> possibly the most important thing we can do to prepare for an earthquake is to make sure the people are able to stay in their homes afterwards and so that's what this legislation will help us do. >> the law covers those soft story homes built before 1978 that are at least three stories and have multiple units. single-family homes are not covered. today's earthquake anniversary was marked by a day of tradition. there was a ceremonial painting of the one working fire hydrant that helped save the mission. inted the hydrbut this ave
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was the first year no survivors attended the ceremony. and for the first time in decades, events were moved off rkettreet. police activity forced things to shift to union square. ♪[ music ] >> 107 years. >> yeah. >> bless their hearts. paul deanno is here. if we could bottle up today and re -- >> sell it -- no, give it away! >> this is so good you could put a price tag on it. i think places like chicago, half foot of rain, denver still digging out from snow. april hasn't been kind to most of the country. concord 78. san rafael 77. pair of 7s for livermore. oakland 75. just before the sea breeze made it into downtown san francisco even you hit 70 degrees. for the first time all year long, we're actually running above average for the month when it comes to temperature not by much but it's there. san francisco half a degree. almost one degree for san jose
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and concord nearly running two degrees above average. we were dry this winter but january, february and march were all below normal temperatures. we'll be well above normal for the next several days as high pressure continues to dominate our weather pattern and take the storm track and shove it about 700 miles to our north. but it's the location. and our weather is so sensitive, just a tiny lift shift farther away from us over the next couple of days will keep temperatures somewhat cooler right along the coastline. you will stay in the low 60s. and near the bay, like san francisco, you're going to have temperatures in the low 70s. so the warmup begins inland already but you will have to wait until the top of next week when this happens. high pressure system gets stronger farther north and everybody gets the offshore wind and the coast gets into the 70s and even san francisco will get into the 80s. look at the difference tomorrow. downtown san francisco 65. but livermore and san jose 81. that's kind of summer like. concord 80 tomorrow. redwood city 78. san rafael 75 degrees. cooler at the coastlh e weekend but sunny.
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80s inland through the weekend. monday near 90 inland. low 80s near the bay and low 70s starting monday for the coast. it's comfortable now. it's going to get warmer as we head toward next week. >> all right. >> that's my shazamm and nikes. shnikes! [ chanting ] >> oh, yeah. still ahead, the buzz over the team's first play-offs in six years and how success is heating up the battle between two bay area cities. >> monday is earth day. but today is fun day as we join forces with students in oakland to learn more about climate change. i'm roberta gonzales with mobile weather. we'll have all that as the news continues on kpix 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,
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the goldens artate w headed to e post season fo the firstime in six years. w fak- are getting ready. the golden state warriors are headed to the post-season for the first time in six years. kpix 5's da lin on how fans are getting ready. >> reporter: it's the second time the warriors flag is above oakland city hall in 19 years both times for making the nba play-offs. fans hope the young team will optimize the opportunity and go deep in the post-season. the city held a rally this morning at citycenter to cheer on the warriors. >> let's go, warriors! >> reporter: students from nearby schools joined the celebration. >> and they will win. >> let's go, warriors! >> they can make it. >> let's go, warriors! >> reporter: while fans and officials celebrated the team, players at warriors headquarters across the street were practicing and getting ready to fly out to denver for a weekend matchup. >> we have engined the support. i think that we're excited not
6:24 pm
only for the fans in oakland, san francisco, all over the bay that we have a fun play-off series coming up. >> reporter: coach marc jackson says their fan base is one of a kind. >> very vocal, they have been consistent. and they have been better to us than this team has been to them the last 19, 20 years. >> reporter: some fans believe the team's success is also a win for oakland. >> we can rally around some positive things and hopefully this community starts to heal. >> reporter: mayor quan agrees and said she is fighting to stop the team from ng francisco. >> i always say it's never ov akland has a loof advantages in terms of our location. >> reporter: whether the team stays in oakland, many diehards like steve say they will support them and will spend some big bucks for play-off tickets. >> it's a wonderful thing. may it happen more than twice in the next 19 years. and may it have a good outcome this year. >> reporter: in oakland, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> tip-off is at 2:30 this
6:25 pm
saturday against the denver nuggets. dennis o'donnell will have a preview coming up in sports. coming up in our next half hour, the massive explosion at a texas fertilizer plant. [ explosion ] >> tonight, the updated death toll and our closest look yet at the destruction. >> the difference between being an amateur detective and an actual detective can result in some really bad consequences for people. >> as the feds release pictures of the suspected boston bombers, the backlash in the rush to bring them to justice. >> and how a look at the towering future of san francisco also gives us a peek into the past. ,,
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>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald [ explosion ] >> get out of here! >> rescue crews searching for survivors after this deadly explosion at a fertilizer plant in texas. >> what did you say? >> dad, i can't hear! i can't hear! >> reporter: so powerful, it shook the area with the force of an earthquake. >> it was like a bomb. it like picked you up, it just took your breath away and then it dropped you and like exploded everything around you. >> reporter: several volunteer
6:29 pm
firefighters among those missing. >> life is fragile. you never know from one day to the next. >> cbs reporter randall pinkston joins us from the town of west, texas where the search continues for survivors. randall. >> reporter: this has been a very difficult day for everyone, for the families of victims who are known to be dead, for those still unaccounted for, and for the rescue workers who have been poring through the debris of smashed houses, walls, hoping, hoping to find someone who survived but knowing that the likelihood is they would find victims of last night's fire and powerful explosion. smoke is still pouring from the devastated community around the west fertilizer plant where rescue workers continue to search for survivors. the factory about 20 miles north of waco exploded last night a small earthquake. >> what did you say? >> dad, i can't hear, i can't hear. >> reporter: the blast flat and
6:30 pm
a four-block area, peeling away walls and rooftops. >> there are homes that are no longer homes. there are homes that have been flattened by the explosion. >> reporter: kevin smith didn't know what hit him. >> took a second or two to realize that the roof it caved in on me and so i knew it wasn't lightning. >> reporter: at first, emergency responders thought it was a bomb. >> a bomb just went off inside here. it's pretty bad. >> reporter: some of those firefighters never made it out. they were at the factory trying to control the original fire when the building exploded. governor rick perry called it a nightmare snare i don't for this tight-knit community. >> this tragedy has most likely hit every family, touched practically everyone in that town. >> reporter: the wounded arrived at hospitals as far away as dallas. >> we're kind of going over them from head to toe, closely looking for missed injuries, injuries that are worsening. >> reporter: authorities say there is no sign of a crime. but they need to wait for the scene to cool so they can start their investigation.
6:31 pm
and the residents who lost their homes, many of them went to temporary shelters. but others have been staying with family and friends. this close-knit community taking care of their own. reporting live in west, texas, i'm randall pinkston. back to you. >> randall, i'm sure they are anticipating citations of some kind against this company, the owner of this plant. >> reporter: we don't know they are going to do with respect to this current situation. we do know in the past owners of the plant have been cited for violations for failing to have a risk management plan, for safety violations. in fact, one of those violations was just settled last summer. >> all right. randall pinkston in west, texas, thank you. we are getting our first look at the potential suspects in the boston marathon bombings. the fbi released photos and surveillance video of the two men earlier today. they are homing someone
6:32 pm
recognizes them. they were seen carrying backpacks near the finish line shortly before the explosion. >> today we are enlisting the public's help to identify the suspects. they are suspect one and suspect two. they appear to be associated. as you can see from one of the images, suspects one and two appear to be walking together through the marathon crowd on boylston street in the direction of the finish line. >> the fbi's website crashed within moments of the images' release. the fbi made it clear, it wants people focused on the photos that it released today not images that have been popping up on websites. kpix 5's mike sugerman on how that kind of amateur detective work can backfire. reporter: yesterday we told you about problems both social and traditional media were causing on the internet. today it got worse. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: the "new york post" put two men on its front page described as suspects in the case.
6:33 pm
adequacy when it ces to idence are being lowered. >> reporter:wa dean of the graduate school of journalism at uc-berkeley who like all of us are trying to sort through what can be done and what should be done in this era of instant communication. >> that's a problem because you're passing on information, you're correcting it as you go along on the fly, but you really have no way to catch up the original misinformation. >> reporter: what the "new york post" published was already online from a poster who goes by 4 chan think tank we showed you yesterday. it now has 2.5 million hits. that's far more than the "new york post" circulation. >> this is basically an attempt to crowd source police work and, you know, the police should be doing their jobs, not people on the internet. >> reporter: in his radio news class students hoe have grown up knowing no other world without the internet aren't sure what can be done, if anything. >> the difference between being an amateur detective and an actual detective can result in some really bad consequences for people. >> rorter: c
6:34 pm
ectronrontier foundation a group which advocates against internet restrictions. and even she has concerns advising people to use restraint posting things. >> i think society just needs to sort it out. we are in the early days of social media. we'll sort out norms. i don't think a lot is needed. >> reporter: but law enforcement is very concerned. >> other photos should not be deemed credible and they unnecessarily divert the public's attention in the wrong direction. >> reporter: to blur things more, one of the websites has been putting up those pictures has asked the media to stop using them. so that's becoming confusing as to what the media is these day. it's called social media for a reason. mike sugerman, kpix 5. >> this wasn't the first mistake the "new york post" made in this case. earlier it reported 12 had died in the boston bombings. paid or unpaid? the dangers they face are the same. i'm len ramirez in san jose where volunteer firefighters are mourning the loss of their
6:35 pm
brother and sister volunteers in the texas explosion. just ahead, what makes them want to serve. also why so many more high school students in the state might have little choice but to go far away to college. >> but first, here's a look at the new eastern span of the bay bridge. you kids should count yourselves lucky. we didn't have u-verse back in my day. you couldn't just... guys... there you are. you know you couldn't just pause a show in one room, then...
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that disaster were the volur turning back to the fertilizer plant explosion in texas, the first responders to that dister were the
6:38 pm
lunteer fiters. as kpix 5's len ramirez shows us, the bay area depends on volunteers, as well reporter: these are members of the spring valley volunteer fire department's first-ever training academy going through their final exams. >> these guys put their hearts and souls into being a volunteer. it's not just like a hobby. it's something they're pretty dedicated to. >> reporter: the department is . in the east san jose and rural foothills is made up of 40 neighbors and people in the community who all have different day jobs. >> my day job is actually out back steak how the in campbell. >> reporter: but want to help. >> just contribute and give back to the community and just to protect the people up here. >> reporter: it was volunteer firefighters just like them who rushed to respond to the fertilizer plant fire and explosion in texas and some of those volunteers are among the missing. about 70% of the firefighters in america are volunteers. and the hazards they face don't discriminate between paid or unpaid. >> the danger is there.
6:39 pm
we're volunteers and we're -- the fire doesn't know any different. >> reporter: for that reason, the training standard in california is the same for volunteers as it is for paid firefighters. the recruits are finishing up a 7-month academy where they trained on wildland fires, house fires and hazmat and must be certified by the state fire marshal before they can go into service, wear the badge and wait for the pager to go off signalling someone needs help. >> it's a difficult job they are vonteering their time d getting , and really en that's why they do it. >> reporter: the spring valley fire department here in san jose is typical. it receives no tax money. it's provided only for by the volunteers and people in the community who give them contributions. reporting live in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. it's not necessarily because they don't want to stay home. coming up, why so many more students from california may lechoice but to go
6:40 pm
away to college. >> so what are you wearing for halloween? i'm asking that because the weather pattern is more like october than april. look at that crystal clear blue sky over san francisco. wait until you see how warm we're going to get. the numbers in my forecast coming up. and i'm dennis o'donnell. kpix 5 has learned that the giants have an imposter wearing matt cain's uniform. a former warriors coach faces his old team in the play-offs. >> that's all out the window. >> and -- >> i'm going to give him $8,000. >> see if he got the bread coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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california high school senis hoping to attend a u-c. many will have to find other col got some tough numbers for california high school seniors hoping to attend uc. many will have to find other college alternatives. the uc acceptance rate for californians continues to drop. more than 90,000 students applied for freshman admission this fall and only 60,000 were accepted. that acceptance rate of 60% is
6:44 pm
down from 70% just five years ago. it is a different story for out of state students who pay a premium to attend the uc school. the out of state acceptance rate is up nearly 21%. job growth in san francisco is the strongest in the state. the cityunemployment rate is down to 6%, 1.5% less than a year ago. the jobless rate is the same in san mateo county. it's slightly higher in sili valley at 7.6%. but last year, it was 9.2% there. and in alameda county, it's down to 8%. overall, the bay area is doing better than california as a whom. the statewide inappropriate rate is 9.7% -- unemployment rate 19.7%. you can check a san francisco landmark building from a new point of view. a visitors center just opened inside the transamerica pyramid. oh, yeah, they have a gift shop, too. for over -- kids will love it. [ laughter ] >> for over a decade tourists have had to admire it from the outside. built in the '60s, the building
6:45 pm
with its unique shape, of course, has a controversial past and now an iconic status and the displays tell the stories. >> transamerica was a bunch of young turking looking for a purpose. >> the acquisition of that particular corner was quite an adventure. it was very, very complicated. >> the the visitors center is open to the public monday through friday. i know it's kind of cliche but it's not a cloud in the sky. you're like give me the cliche. >> wondering what it would be. >> it was beautiful. >> you could see the top of the pyramid. >> it could be fun with kids. let's count the clouds. daddy, mommy, i don't see any. it's that stable, the atmosphere. when we have a big dome of high pressure over us often weonly get low clouds at the coast but even that is missing in this pattern. lookat that pre-suns.
6:46 pm
water of safransco he this is our hd oakland cam looking back towards san francisco. it doesn't get mu tter th today. current temperatures outside, go out for that evening jog because look at the comfortable temperatures. san francisco cool at 61. santa rosa, livermore, concord 74. oklahoma 70. san jose 71. where do we go tonight, tomorrow morning? we'll stay with the comfortable theme. within a couple of degrees of 50 everywhere. san jose 52. fairfield 49. san rafael 46. redwood city tonight 48 degrees. kpix 5 hi-def doppler is dry. let's get to our microclimate forecast. heading out to the delta, have you been to smith family farms recently? great place. i was out there for a field trip with my son today. great spot in knightsen. 81 degrees, warmer saturday. with a high of 73 degrees. this is why. h, maybe it stands for happy? i don't know. do you like this weather? it stands for high pressure. it certainly is nice. when we get high pressure the
6:47 pm
air is exerting pressure downward. to get clouds the air has to go up. the opposite of that no clouds. that's what we have now. we have storms moving into the pacific northwest. but that high pressure dome is blocking the storm track several hundred miles to our north keeping us dry for the next several days but our weather is so fragile and so delicate, if this high moves a little bit, something changes and it's going to move a little farther away from us giving us more of a light onshore flow you at the coast will have highs in the 60s for the next couple of days because you will still get that ocean influence. that will change monday as high pressure moves a little bit to the north giving us an offshore or east wind giving us 80s near the bay starting monday and all the way to the coastline, we'll warm up to the low 70s so a subtle change with big temperatures differences. inland already in the 80s tomorrow and staying there. 80s near the bay, by monday the 70s at the coastline, also by the top of next week. oakland tomorrow 72. concord 80. san jose 81 degrees.
6:48 pm
very warm in the south bay sunnyvale 80. milpitas 81. but san mateo only 74. vallejo tomorrow sunshine 77. san ramon high of 80. walnut creek low 80s. mid-70s in mill valley and kentfield. on the peninsula, daly city, south city, san francisco, looking at the mid-60s because of that onshore flow. you will warm up for the top of next week. monday upper 80s away from the water and 80 degrees even in san francisco and at the coast you will hit the 70s by the top of next week. earth day is monday. roberta gonzales is live tonight in oakland to talk about climate change. >> reporter: hi, everybody. yes, it's been a very busy day today. have my mobile weather, otherwise known as lightning on wheels. we have been at san francisco city college earlier today with alter the day celebrations. now we are on 10th street in oakland where currently the air temperature is dropped down 68 degrees. winds under 5 miles per hour after ngwinds earlier up
6:49 pm
to 12. out to 10th avenue and you may recognize th familiar lovely face here. it's none her than sherry hu! >> hi there. >> reporter: herry is a mentor and instructor here. >> reporter: we can dance and celebrate and sing because we are so proud of these students. they just finished their first inaugural broadcast of o news. we do a tv newscast here. >> reporter: and you are part of it. >> only because of climate change, right? >> yes. this is one of our anchors. >> reporter: hi, malachai. you did an outstanding job today. >> thanks. >> reporter: how did it feel to be anchorman? >> it felt historical. [ laughter ] >> it's a story i can tell my grandkids. >> reporter: this is something you have been aspiring to? what are you goals? >> oh, definitely. now, if i could be an anchor like for a career that would be fantastic. >> reporter: i was part of your climate change segment. what did you think of that? >> it was really fascinating. you know, i mean i would like
6:50 pm
to think i'm informed on climate change but it was nas naturing to learn more about it and to see the mobile weather lab in action that was legitimately cool. >> reporter: we are here at kdol-tv 10th street in oklahoma. this comprises a number of students high school students from all around the oakland area on 10th street in oakland. taking part in the first historic newscast, reporting from oakland, mobile weather, roberta gonzales, kpix 5. we'll be right back. ,,
6:51 pm
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playoffs is like a republic presidential candidate carr simply doe hope for warriors making the play- offs is like a republican presidential candidate carrying california. it doesn't happen. alas, there is hope for the elephant after all. warriors in fact are in the play-offs opening the series against the nuggets in denver offer saturday. game 2 tuesday and then the series shifts as to oakland for games 3 and 4. for most of the warriors, this will be their first post-season experience which is something that coach marc jackson feels won't be an issue. >> looking back, my first play- off experience, not having play- off experience didn't send us home. the boston celtics with hall of famers did. >> it's very different. kind of the feeling this time
6:54 pm
of the year we're talking last night, most of us -- were deciding, you know, which beach we were going to this weekend and are we going to ship the car out for the summer or leave it here for another week. last night felt like it was just r gaanothe were finished with and we were about to start on a new part of our journey. so to me, like i said, i'm, you know, the most extey gym ri a it ain't kansas. bufothe nuggets, there is no place like home. their up tempo style combined with the altitude led them to 38-3 at the pepsi interest this season and they will enter game 1 with a 23-game winning streak at home. >> very important. i don't know 30-something and three at home. of course we want home-court advantage. we'll probably win almost every game at home in the play-offs. >> going to come in saturday and try to steal a game. they are not going to come say here this is a home court tough
6:55 pm
place to play. that's all out the window. we have proven it's a home court but now you have to prove it every game. >> the warriors aren't getting much respect from the national media. all the esmn guys are picking the nuggets. not a huge surprise to david lee who excited out this preseason prediction from espn that said golden state had zero chance of making the play-offs. so much for the so-called experts. >> everyone is -- so-called experts are picking the nuggets. like i said, we are excited to go out there and just play our game and at this point, you know, a lot of people didn't expect us to be here. and, you know, so we have beaten the odds before and i think we have a chance to do it again. how about this for a stat. the giants are 3-0 when tim lincecum pitches and 0-4 when matt cain takes the hill. the numbers lie? judge for yourself. giants bats weren't the only things asleep at miller park this afternoon. matt cain is going to have a hard time sleeping tonight. bottom of the 1st ryan braun jacka s in the series twn
6:56 pm
the , ca gets taken deep by the brewers' pitcher. yovanni elardo who is no slouch as a hitter has 11 most among active pitchers not that cane feels better. lecroix delivered the knockout blow in the 3rd. k his e.r.a. balloons. the brewers beat the giants 7- 2. matt cain wasn't the only starter to struggle. the giants starters combined posted an e.r.a. close to 7 and allowed 12 home runs in the 7 games. yankees captain derek jeter is going to be out three more months after a small crack was discovered in his surgically repaired ankle. new york currently has jeter, a- rod and mark teixiera or roughly $67 million of their payroll on the disabled list. the 49ers will play andrew luck and the colts in september right here on channel 5.
6:57 pm
earlier this season indianapolis signed matt hasselbeck to be luck's backup. hasselbeck wanted to wear his old number 8 uniform but it belongs to third string quarterback chandler harnisch. >> he can make a half court shot, make a half court shot, trying here, i'm going to give him $8,000 and he is going to give me the number 8. >> oh!! >> $8,000. >> not too shabby. >> great. >> my son in little league wanted to wear number 5 because of channel 5 buanother kid the third baseman had it. he had to give little 2 packs of big league chew to get number 5. captions by: caption colorado aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-progressive.
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announcer: this is joey fatone. it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: thank y'all very much. thank you for coming, folks. thank you very much. hey, everybody, welcome to "family feud." i'm your man steve harvey, and you know what? like always, we got a good one for you. got a special day today. returning for the second day, from louisville, kentucky, it's the willinger family. [cheering] steve: now, in case you're watching and thinking this is the same show, it's not. this has been dubbed a rematch. returning for their fifth and final day, with a total of $21,405, from boston, mass, it's thac [cheing] steve: they're here to win a lot of cash. and, remember, today, if the tracey famiins the ,


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