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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  April 22, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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now, in the wake of the bombing, san francisco's looking into new ways to secure its own streets for big events. our phil matier tells us the police chief's plan isn't going over well with everybody. phil. >> reporter: that's right, allen. it's a classic debate between civil rights and public safety. in san francisco, you can never be sure which one is going to come out the winner. here's the >> cameras are very invasive and they're ripe for abuse. >> reporter: that was just a sampling of the resistance that san francisco police chief greg suhr is running into even in the wake of the boston bombings. his idea of setting up cameras along market street to monitor some of california's biggest parades. >> i'm not talking about day to day. i'm talking about during the events when there's 100,000 people up and down market street. >> reporter: it's not like cameras are a new idea. there are plenty of private security cameras on market street already. but the cops only look at them after the fact as when private security cameras captured the
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images of the boston bombers. >> that many more sets of eyes and ears of what's going on. >> reporter: in new york police use cameras regularly to keep an eye on people. and here in the bay area richmond police have set up 47 camera in potential high crime cameras. >> they are monitored by a group of live retired officers that work out of our cctv room at the police department. >> reporter: however in neighbincoty the aclu and others pretty much killed the idea for the sheriff's department to use drones as eye in the sky earlier this year. >> the government being able to mon to who we are and what we're doing and potentially target us, monitoring us, we have a lot of concerns with that. >> reporter: the camera is are there, there, all up and down this street by private companies. >> well, you know, before law enforcement used its cameras, whether they be public cameras or private cameras, there need to be strict protocols in in place to be sure they are not
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abused. >> it's a balancing act we have to weigh safety and security with privacy concerns and civil liberties. where would that information be sent? i think that's another key point and how long would it be kept for? >> reporter: it's interesting. the next stop for this is san francisco's city hall and allen, if you are wondering what the debate might be like there i called a number of supervisors asking for their opinions. only one called back. it's going to be interesting. obviously they are going to try to see how this works. split in the public. public safety versus personal privacy. >> you know, phil, that raises a good point about how long they keep the information because there is no law, no universal rule. it's community to community, isn't it? >> reporter: exactly. it's actually -- they want those in the department, as well. they want assurances that the police are -- if they are going to use them, they are going to use them that day for public safety and not start using it to gather information and maybe even pass it on to the feds. now how sensitive that is in
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the bay area. >> i do indeed. all right, phil matier, thanks so much e. we can tell you a bay area school sent a special message to the boy from martinez injured in the boston attacks. we have that story coming up just a little later in this newscast. all right. today summer-like temperatures set records around the bay area. too hot too soon? not for these kids cooling off in livermore. brian hackney is in for paul tonight and tells us just how hot it got. >> it got plenty hot enough to break some records throughout the bay area at least four records broken today when the temperatures soared to near 90 inland. was warm at the bay, as well. high temperatures today 88 in santa rosa, 90 fairfield, 89 livermore and 89 in concord. that was enough to snap records. the old records were mostly in the 80s. and today we broke some of them by as much as 5 degrees. napa is 87, 5 degrees warmer than the old record. oakland sets a record, san rafael, mountain view, livermore, a few more before it's done because it's still
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warming up. at 4 minutes after 6:00 it's still in the mid-80s at concord and it's still in the mid-80s in santa rosa. but there's relief in sight as high pressure that's offshore begins to weaken enough to allow some stratus to work up from southern california that will cool us down especially midweek. we'll tell you how much and when to expect that little puff of relief into the bay area when we do the forecast in a few minutes. allen? >> thank you. checking bay area headlines, two people were hurt when a refrigeration unit ruptured at a richmond grocery store. now, we're told a repairman was servicing the unit when it blew. he got an injury to his hand and a store employee being treated for chemical inhalation. stores in a san jose mall are open for business after a gas leak prompted evacuations today. construction crews hit a high pressure line in the parking lot of valley fair this morning. authorities forced dozens of employees out of the stores. pg&e crews capped the leak just
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before noon. also in san jose, clean-up crews started clearing this large homeless encampment today. the homeless have been camping at kelly park near story and center road for months. crews found an outhouse, even a television that was being run off a generator. the city says up to 175 tranients were living there. new at 6:00, frustrations for students at local communications. decreased funding and increased enrollment means students are waiting to get classes they need for their degrees. mark sayre reports from city college to explain. >> reporter: these are indeed tough times for community college students. in the past five years here in california, the number of community college offerings has dropped by 20%. and that put many students in tough spots. at city college of san francisco students know firsthand that classes are sometimes hard to come by.
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so is it frustrating? >> yeah, kind of. try to not let it get to me but it's frustrating. >> reporter: because he could not get his math 3e class last year, his plans to transfer to a four-year college have been delayed. >> trying to transfer and i have to put it on hold and start over again. try to work the plans out. >> reporter: this first year student had trouble getting a needed core english class. >> you have to have a plan b. if you don't have a plan b, i don't know where you're at. but i have a plan b so i'm okay. >> reporter: it is a problem faced by community colleges around the nation: how to match increasing enrollment with declining funding. it's a top priority for educators meeting at the american association of community colleges conference at moscone center. >> it's an impact on the education and economically because if we can't educate people so they can field or
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create jobs, then what we are going to end up with is with some economic challenges to our universe. >> reporter: here in california the state legislature is considering a plan to allow the state's 112 commy colleges to offer hard-to-get classes duringmeor winter breaks but there's a catch. the classes must be self- supporting. that means all students would pay the equivalent of nonresident rates for those classes meaning most students would pay more. proponents say it would help ensure access to needed classes. opponents fear it would favor students who can afford to pay and create a two-tier educational system. >> think that's fair? >> no. >> why not? >> because, i mean, who can afford it? no one barely can afford college now. >> reporter: so how much money are we talking about? well, the in-state per unit rate right now is $46 for those classes that they are proposing possibly during the summer and winter breaks. the out of state rate if you are a nonresident about 4 times that, juliette. about $200 a unit.
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many of these classes are three and four units. it adds up fast and students are right in the middle. >> does add up for a student. what are the chances that this bill will pass in sacramento? >> >> reporter: it passed one committee 10-2 and has one more to go. at santa monica college last year it didn't go over well. the state chancellor's office ended it. but with legislative backing perhaps it's something that community colleges could do. but the fate in sacramento is unknown. a member of the oakland school board is expected to take over as acting superintendent this week. gary yee was named a candidate for the job today. he is an oakland native, has worked as an educator and print pal for more than 40 years. yee is replacing superintendent tony smith, who is leaving because of family health issues. >> we have decided that, given the time frame that we're working with, that an acting
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superintendent is the right course of action at this time. >> the school board is expected to vote on the appointment on wednesday. a southern california university is making the transition to a smoke-free campus. ucla went tobacco-free today to it the first university of rnia tobacco products, which include cigarettes, pipes, cigars, chewing tobacco, even those electronic cigarettes. uc president mark yudof called for all 10 uc campuses to go tobacco-free by 2014. dennis herrera launched an investigation on whether nevada purposely sent psychiatric patients to san francisco and other cities. he termed it patient dumping. he detailed how a psychiatric hospital in nevada has transported more than 1,000 patients out of the city by bus.
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nevada says there is no evidence they have been sending patients out of state. it's something that would be fun to do. >> more than just a place to gamble. why thousands of bay area job hunters are betting on a brighter future. >> and how a tree cut down more than a century ago is being cloned to save bay area redwoods. >> it's really a nationwide issue and there's a lot of different areas that could be affected. >> some of the delays more than two hours long. how the federal budget cuts could test your patience at the airport. ,, ,,,, look at them kids. [ sigh ]
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is more fun than ever. sees better than ever. ♪ charges faster. and will charge. cool. and heat. from your phone. fact: leaf never needs gas. ever. good for the world. built in america. now, leaf's an easier choice than ever. shop at ♪ for a new casino in sonoma coun the people looking for work, this may be their lucky day. the first round of hiring began for a new casino in sonoma county. don knapp on the 2,000 jobs and classes to teach the art of the
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cards. >> reporter: as most of us reporters know the battle over building the casino and resort has been going on for years. it seems to have sprung up just from the beginning of the year and should be completed before the end of the year as one of the largest casinos of its kind in northern california. the job is to fill all the positions it's going to create at graton. >> reporter: the promised casino job boom is already under way. 400 union construction workers doing double shifts to build this $850 million facility to open before the edged of the year. but the graton resort and casino promises even more. >> 2,000 jobs, full-time jobs, jobs with benefits, jobs with good rates of pay, certainly in a tough economy we're excited to put people to work. >> reporter: job interviews are under way. 100 people a day climbing to 200. folks like mike jackson, who has been out of work for quite a while. >> since december. that was just a seasonal job.
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i haven't had a full-time job since march of 2010. >> reporter: the casino needs workers to service 3,000 slot machines and conduct 145 table games. a dealer school is also under way and fantasia gabriel wants in. >> i have always cards and so i went to vegas for my 21st birthday and i seen how much fun they are having and i want to have that much fun. >> reporter: there are downsides concerns that people will get hooked who can't afford to gamble and environmental impact. >> if it was some sort of anything else besides a casino i would probably be happier. but it's so big and it's just like right in the middle of the really scenic area. >> reporter: a lawsuit is pending. but it appears the casino now has momentum. for fantasia, the casino promises a job and a future. >> having a casino just seems like something that would be fun to do, you know, there's not much to do here in santa rosa late at night so it will definitely be a place where we can go. >> reporter: so for you it's going to be a social thing as well as a career thing?
6:15 pm
>> yes. >> reporter: anyone interested in applying for a job n go to the internet to and look around. >> what kind of jobs are they offering? >> reporter: well, if you have ever been inside a casino, and i'm sure you have -- [ laughter ] >> reporter: it's everything you have seen inside -- i'm sorry. i mean, you have had a story inside a casino sometime i'm sure. everything you see inside a casino, it's the clerks, the slot people, the waiters, the cooks, the i.t. people and security guards. there are 2 dozen jobs they have listed. >> don, never split 10s. stay on it. [ laughter ] stay. i have never been in a casino. all right. don, thank you. i'm blushing. thanks. >> you have to go through the casino to get to your hotel room. right? >> exactly. [ laughter ] ancient california redwoods will be popping up all over the world even though they were cut down more than a century ago. kpix 5 reporter don ford explains they're clones. >> reporter: the college of
6:16 pm
marin is celebrating earth day in a very special way. they are planting three redwood trees, but these are some of the rare he was trees on the planet. clones from ancient coastal redwoods cut down over a century aagain to. this board member dana king. >> this is the genetic twin of the field work stump which was cut down in 1890. >> reporter: this stump was 30 feet wide pass as tall as a 40 story building. scientists have now cloned living trees from that stump. they will grow here under the careful care of tom burke. >> this is one of my children. it's older than me but i still think of it as one of my children. >> reporter: he is the landscaping manager for the college of marin. he cares deeply for all the trees on campus. all 400 acres of them. you're an original tree hugger? >> yeah. i didn't know what a tree hugger was. but as a kid i just used to
6:17 pm
love to hug trees. >> reporter: ancient tree archive is celebrating earth day by organized clone plantings all over the world. in germany, ireland, wales, united kingdom, new zealand, california. nd inhe >> the twill live to be 2 to 3, 4,000 years old. >> reporter: the college of marin was chosen because here, they will be protected from the deer and harsh weather. when fully grown, these trees can reach diameters up to 40 feet, which means that they are probably going to need a lot more space but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it in 4,000 years. >> in marin county -- >> reporter: don ford, kpix 5. >> nice to see dana there. the trees grow about 10 feet per year and each one can absorb 400 tons of carbon over its lifetime. >> dana was enjoying the nice weather today, as well. she looks great. >> she does. >> maybe she is inside a casino somewhere. >> allegedly. don has been in the bay area, don knapp has been in the
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bay area since 1969. >> he's a pro. >> he is the best. it's always good to see him and dana. outside, it's a warm day today and that's how they cooled off. that's what we did in hollister when i was a kid at dunn park. because of liability issues, they yanked out the pool at dunn park but they can still do it at san jose. it was a good day. it is still warm in the south bay. san jose 80 degrees. 84 in santa rosa. it's 85 in concord now as we head towards 6:20 p.m. record-breaking day in the bay area temperatures really warmed big time in the bay area to record levels. and if you are going out to the game tonight all this warmth means a nice baseball game, 68 degrees about game time at 7:15 p.m., giants playing the diamondbacks out at the ballyard. for tonight a few patches of low clouds around the peninsula. clear and mild elsewhere. it will be in the mid-70s inland around 8:00 tonight. out the door tomorrow morning, of course, we'll cool off overnight and recover to about
6:19 pm
60 degrees by 9:00. mid-60s for the bay. and 70 out at livermore by 9 a.m. tomorrow morning. pinpoint weather we are going to be sunny and warm on tuesday. so not quite the same record levels that we had today. we'll could have off a few grees tomorrow and big time wednesday. it will be mild through the weekend. that you see? that's relief on the way at the monterey bay area. low clouds on the way from point conception. clouds will cool us tonight. 43 san jose. 52 livermore. how about tomorrow? 3 to 5 degrees cooler than we had today. 78 at san rafael. 80 for san jose tomorrow. san francisco is at 69. extended forecast bit of a cooling trend on tuesday, really takes hold wednesday, thursday and friday. and by next weekend, still nice, temperatures in the mid- 70s inland and low 70s around the bay. there's your weather. enjoy it. i'm ken bastida near sfo.
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take office and landings, well, pretty much on schedule today. but sequestration has taken effect. we'll see if that's going to affect your next flight. >> it's getting tougher to get one of these. where the plastic ba ban pa in the bay area to and we ask why some cities still haven't banned them yet. >> kpix 5 the official television station for the bay bridge opening ceremony and we are counting down the days until the new eastern span opens in september. we'll keep you posted on planning for the big day. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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00:01:54-00:02:14 "(ken: wod se el your fli mobile5 ken bastida at sfo tonight explaining why air travelers may need to pack their patience. usually we only hear that in the winter, ken. >> reporter: we're here near the runways watching take-offs and landings this afternoon. according to the duty manager at sfo, everything is pretty
6:23 pm
much according to schedule today. not too many delays or cancellations. that was not the case, though, at l.a.x. where there were up to two-hour delays for some travelers late last night. part of in is blamed on sequestration. it -- part of this is blamed on sequestration. it kicked in over the weekend. it means air traffic controllers will have to take one furlough day every two weeks. and that could mean an impact on air travel. we talk to several commuter travelers. this person said it's just another inconvenience for air travel. are you worried about any of this sequestration might cancel or delay a flight? >> not really -- well, i'm more concerned about with the way the airline industry has been now, i think they've made their flights either so full and cut back on flights, i think that's affected more of the schedule
6:24 pm
than really the air traffic control. >> you could take off from a city and have everything fineke handed off to any one of the feeder destinations in terminals along the way where there are less air traffic controllers to handle your particular flight. you might be put in the pattern for a while before you can land resulting in a delay. there are fewer of those people in the towers right now. if it gets really bad especially during the summer travel season, the obama administration could step in and make adjustments and a lot of people hinting that politics are already being played. several people from the obama administration are saying pressure the faa. tell them you want them to find a different way to balance their budgets. it doesn't have to be by putting these workers on furlough. they could tighten their other budget considerations. we'll see what happens when it really gets busy. ken bastida, kpix 5. the next time you're getting ready to travel, you
6:25 pm
can check the status of your flight on our website, federal officials are delaying a policy that would allow small knives, bats and other sports equipment on planes. the tsa says that the policy change has been delayed to accommodate feedback from an advisory committee made up of aviation industry, consumer and law enforcement officials. the change was to go into effect thursday. coming up in our next half hour, another terror plot this time targeting mass transit. where the suspects allegedly planned to bomb a train and their ties to al qaeda. >> everyone that saw it was almost in tears. >> how a bay area school sent a special message to the student injured in the boston bombings. >> more stores stop asking if you want paper or plastic. where the plastic bag ban went into effect in the bay area today and why some cities still haven't banned them. ,
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now at 6:30 authorities in canada say they've thwarted a major terror attack. just one week after the boston bombings, police arrested two mens with ties to al a in
6:29 pm
canada. investigators say they planned to bomb a passenger train to the u.s. alison harmelin explains how a possible tragedy was averted. >> reporter: canadian officials say the men were plotting to detonate a bomb on a canadian passenger train in the toronto area. >> the individuals were receiving support from al qaeda elements located in iran. there is no information to indicate that these attacks were state sponsored. >> reporter: authorities say they live in toronto and montreal but are not canadian citizens and have been watching trains and railways. >> had this plot been carried out, it would have resulted in innocent people being killed or injured. >> reporter: canadian law enforcement agency, the fbi, and homeland security worked together in the investigation. they kept them under surveillance for a year and said there was no threat to the public. >> it was definitely in the planning stage but not imminent. >> reporter: both men face
6:30 pm
terrorism-related charges and will have bail hearings tomorrow. alison harmelin, kpix 5. >> authorities say the suspects in the terror plot have no connection to the others accused in th marathon bombings. mhile, e surviving suspect in those bowlings made his first federal court appearance today. and it was from his hospital bed. cbs reporter adriana diaz joins us from boston where the dagan in silence. >> reporter: that's right, allen. it was here at boston's beth israel that the suspect faced a judge. elsewhere there was a missouri silence. boston stood still at 2:50 this afternoon in silent tribute to the victims of last monday's bombings at the marathon finish line. president obama also paused to remember those who were lost or injured. so did senators on capitol hill. bells across boston told. it's the first day many are back at work and school since
6:31 pm
the attacks. it's important for everyone to know this is not going to affect the way boston lives and works and breathes. >> reporter: this afternoon fbi turned boylston street back over to the city of boston and presented the mayor with an american flag. this memorial will soon be the city plans to reop road themarare finish line was in the coming days. bombing suspect johar tsarnaev made his first appearance before a judge in his hospital room. the 19-year-old is charged with using a weapon of mass destruction and malicious destruction of property resulting in death. he could face the death penalty if convicted. some lawmakers wanted tsarnaev declared an enemy combatant but the white house is defending its decision to try him in u.s. courts. >> this is absolutely the right way to and the appropriate way to go. when it comes to united states citizens, it is against the law to try them in military commissions. >> reporter: in the suburb of medford, a funeral was held for 29-year-old krystle cambell. mourners offered their support to her family. >> fell the strength in the community and we're behind them
6:32 pm
and they will get through it. >> reporter: campbell was one of three marathon sptators killed the blast. 48 victims remain hospitalized today. 11 of those are here at beth israel the same hospital where the suspect is being treated. back to you. >> do we know if tsarnaev has actually told investigators anything of significance so far? >> reporter: well, he is cooperating with investigators. he is writing messages to answer their questions. we don't know specifics about what he is saying but we understand from sources that he is saying that he and his brother acted alone. >> thank you. the bay area's sixth grader wounded in the attacks is still in a boston hospital tonight. but kpix 5's john ramos shows us or ran hern's friends in martinez are making sure he knows they're right there with him. reporter: many of the kids at martinez junior high school hadn't yet been born when the last terror attack happened in this country. so when one of their classmates
6:33 pm
11-year-old aaron hern was injured in the boston bombings, it was a shock. >> that is terrible. the worst thing ever. >> i was scared. i was like i really hoped this 't hpen ne us. n feporter: but rather than decided to send aaron a message. ♪[ music ] you've got a friend in me ♪ you've got a friend in me ♪ >> reporter: last week the school went a little hollywood as they filmed a get well youtube video for their classmate. the camera traveled from room to room with kids offering signs of encouragement. aaron's math teacher says the students took the project so seriously, that she was able to shoot it in mostly single takes. >> we actually asked the kids what message do you want to send? i kept getting, we've got your back. we've got your back. which, you know, was just pretty cool. >> reporter: tammany says the video steamed to calm student fierce and gave a sense of empowerment as the whole school worked together to encourage aaron. you think this video is going to help him? >> yeah. i think everyone that saw it wa
6:34 pm
mo i it was just such a great video. >> i hope is that when he saw that video that he felt safe and that everybody cares and that we want him to get better soon. >> reporter: and something else happened too. by coming together to focus on their injured classmate, the school has become unified like never before. >> where people who hated each other before, now they're almost best friends now because of this, because they realize that dumb fighting over -- fighting with each other shouldn't be more important than aaron getting better, that he is important right now and that we want to show that to him. >> reporter: and now once again, the students have become the teacher. in martinez, john ramos , kpix 5. he was at the race to cheern hern is recovering from a severe shrapnel wound to the leg. he was at the race to cheer on
6:35 pm
his mother, who was running. just hours ago, a big smile on aaron's face when oakland as surprised him with a hospital visit. as batting coach, first baseman brandon moss and right fielder josh reddick stopped by to see how he is doing. they said they want to honor him at a home game later this season. aaron had a high-profile visit last week from first lady michelle obama. we'll have continuing coverage of the boston marathon bombings right here on kpix 5 and grocery shoppers in san mateo county will soon have to get used to a plastic bagless world. what are they in for? i'm len ramirez in san jose where a similar ordinance has been in effect for almost a year and a half. that story is coming up. >> why can i just pay for something i want to watch? >> how millions of movie lovers break the law to save some money. and why the very companies that complain might actually be glad they're doing it. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:38 pm
bags. th cities on the peninsula are marking this earth day by banning plastic bags. the ordinance is aimed at encouraging customers to bring their own reusable shopping bags. the ban covers most san mateo county cities in the unincorporated areas, as well. recyclable paper bags will still be available for a 10- cent fee per bag. other parts of the bay area have been plastic free for months. kpix 5 reporter len ramirez on how bag bans have become a part of life. reporter: life after the plastic bag ban in san jose. >> i'm glad you asked. >> reporter: a year and five months since it's been on the books, and it's not a sad sack story for jill malone. >> you know, i just have a bunch of bags in my car. if i forget sometimes i just put the food in a cart and i put it --bag it in the trunk of
6:39 pm
my car. i think it's great. >> reporter: but others complain about paying the extra dime for a recyclable bag if they come shopping without them. >> i have plenty of the sustainable bags at home. it's kind of a pain when i have to buy it because i forgot them. >> reporter: more cities are adopting ordinances banning single use plastic bags including 12 new cities in san mateo county. plastic bags often ends up as litter, clog storm drains, don't biodegrade as easily and most made of unrecyclable material. you have to look hard to find places that still allow them. santa clara is one of them. >> i still enjoy santa clara still being a bag city. that's why i'm choosing this safeway. >> reporter: in march santa clara set a goal of creating a bag ban ordinance but so far there's no action. and that's fine with donnie sales. >> makes it easier to carry up three stories. >> reporter: others say they like having them around the house for other uses. >> using them for trash mostly. >> reporter: wastebasket liner? >> exactly. >> reporter: one san jose shopper says he misses plastic
6:40 pm
bags for that use and now has to pay for them. >> i do go to a costco and buy the big wastebasket bags. i use those. i have to admit. >> reporter: but he says paper bags can be reused too and he feels better adapting to the post-plastic way of life. even in cities with ordinances, plastic bags are making a comeback albeit in a different form. these are reusable and recyclable plastic bags. they are available alongside the traditional paper sacks. both will cost you 10 cents. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. it's like someone giving you a movie ticket except it's illegal. coming up in tonight's consumerwatch, the tricky way so many watch free films at home and why media companies might be hesitant to crackdown. >> the forecast is getting tricky in the next couple of days. we're bound to cool down but not exactly soon. we'll have the forecast as we
6:41 pm
look toward thinhayward fault down in the south bay. we'll have the forecast in a minute. and i'm dennis o'dne coming, the as nd a whole her ing to the term "boston strong." just who can replace warriors all-star david lee? >> i'm a jack of all trades kind of guy. >> do you know this man? he has been arrested again. when sports happens, this whole show goes to the dogs coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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taking a live look tonight at a tribute to the boston bombing victims in the north bay, the marin running company is hosting a special run tonight. any minute now, they are going to lead from ross common park. runners are wearing blue and yellow in honor of the boston marathon's official colors. they will run for three miles and after that participants can share stories about the boston marathon and how the attacks impacted them. passwords are supposed to be a secret. but it's no secret a lot of people share the passwords with friends, especially if you are going to watch hbo or netflix. consumerwatch reporter julie watts on whether people who do that should be worried about it.
6:45 pm
reporter: steven miller wants hbo. >> i'm a big bill maher fan. >> reporter: he just doesn't want everything that comes with it. >> you have to pay for comcast or dish and you have to buy the basic programs of which contain so many things i don't want to watch it's ridiculous. >> reporter: so he has come up with a workaround to watch his favorite show. he uses hbo go with a borrowed password. >> someone was kind enough to loan me their password and their id. >> reporter: and he is not alone. >> i do share some passwords, yeah. >> if a tight buddy, sure. >> reporter: by one estimate, 10 million people watch netflix for free by logging in as someone else and at least some are breaking the law by accessing paid content for free. >> if the government wanted to be aggressive with password sharing, they could make it a felony. >> reporter: charges from computer fraud to unauthorized access depending on the terms >> they are able to accept a
6:46 pm
of service. certain amount of password sharing because it contributes to the popularity of the show. >> reporter: but he warns that tolerance could change as it begins to affect their bottom r instce, netflix allows line. subscribers to watch shows on six different devices while hbo steven miller says he wouldn't mind paying for hbo as long as that's all he has to pay for. go requires every user to be a subscriber. but he says media companies >> why can't i just pay for don't exactly enforce those something i want to watch? rules anyway. >> reporter: now, if someone did choose to press charges, piraters could face jail and could be prosecuted for identity theft, although that's never happened. and remember, if you have a consumer problem, give us a call, 1-888-5-helps-u. or head to all right. brian hackney here in for paul. and it was one of those warm summer-like days today. >> it was indeed, wasn't? >> it was nice. >> there are some people i have learned from a lifetime of doing this, it was a gorgeous day, but many people will say this is not my idea of gorgeous. hot weather gets to them and there will be break in store for you but right now it is still warm as we look outside. look at the video of that, kind of looks like the beginning of
6:47 pm
a sort of depressing climate change documentary, doesn't it? 85 degrees. >> heartwarming. >> 74 at oakland. livermore has 88 degrees at this late hour right now. at the airport 71. san jose 80. santa rosa 84. for tonight, if you are headed out we'll get a few low clouds along the shoreline in the san mateo peninsula. but aside from that, it looks like it will be nice and mild around the bay. clear and warm inland about 8:00 tonight in the mid-70s still inland. so nice night for a barbecue or doing something outside. and that will change by midweek. we'll tell you about that in a minute. tomorrow morning we are going to be looking for patchy low clouds along the shoreline. that sounds summer-like. but plenty of sunshine around the bay. inland still in the mid-80s tomorrow and 80 around the bay. we are looking for things to cool off a little tomorrow, some relief. much cooler on wednesday. and a sunny mild weekend looking ahead to saturday and sunday. we hit records today at oakland, san rafael, mountain
6:48 pm
view, livermore and napa, all records snapped by about 2 to 5 degrees from the previous highs and we won't set any records tomorrow probably. san francisco got close but missed by 4 degrees hitting downtown high record today. high pressure still on the eastern pacific. as long as that's in full force we'll still have warm temperatures inland. and that should hold for another 36 hours. we get one more warm day before low clouds -- it's not easy to see on this map. you see the low clouds beginning to snake up along the shoreline and as the southerly surge pushes north, we'll look for low clouds to spill into the gate either by late tomorrow afternoon, almost certainly by wednesday though. if you are heading out tomorrow, weather shouldn't be a factor at sfo. we have a nice sunny day and high of 72 forecast for the airport. but if you are headed to denver, it's snowing on the other side of the rockies, 36 degrees forecast there. chilly in santa rosa tonight. 56 at fairfield, 53 in the south bay. here are the numbers for
6:49 pm
tomorrow. down by about 3 to 5 degrees. in san jose, we'll hit a high of 80 degrees. 83 at santa clara. and at the home of apple computer in cupertino, 83 degrees. 68 at pacifica. 80 at redwood city. out in the tri-valley area we'll still deal with low to mid-80s. 58 degrees up at walnut creek and napa, 84 degrees after today's 91 at downtown napa. 82 for santa rosa and 64 degrees over at bodega bay. 65 at stinson beach and marin county. as we look ahead, it looks good. tuesday still warm, wednesday look inland only gets to 79 degrees on wednesday. and then look at thursday. thursday is just 70 degrees. so inland is cooling down and e ek'll warm upjust a but back nt temperatures unless you don't like temperatures in the mid-70s. but we have already covered that. temperatures will be in the mid- 60s along the shoreline and low clouds will be filling in beginning tuesday night and wednesday night in the bay area. so send in the clouds! and the cooler temperatures. and that sports guy is up in a minute.
6:50 pm
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city r it was one week ago that deadly bombs were set off at the finish line of the boston marathon. today the as witnessed a city recovering from terror. josh reddick, brandon moss and ty waller visiting martinez's
6:53 pm
aaron hern in the hospital earlier today. hern was injured in the bost marathon. the members of the watertown police department honored between innings at fenway. up 2-1 the 4th but aj griffin didn't have it tonight. a three-run shot into the monster seats and boston poured it on in the 5th. the as are making it interesting. 9-6 red sox bottom of the 8th. david lee was lost the in game in denver. the 6'4" jared jack is ready for the call. >> i'm a jack of all trades kind of guy power forward de itemy repertoire. i don't know what took them so long to put me there in the first place. but like i said, man, i'm not trying to be funny at all, but
6:54 pm
if he calls me to do it, i'm going to get some jump hooks in, box out drills, i'm serious. if he calls for it, that's what it calls for, i'm down there. i'm game for it. >> now, you may remember back in february when david lee had a little scuffle with roy hibbert. they were suspended for a game and now they are exchanging words again. he said i don't like david lee but i hope he has a speedy recovery. he said good to know our dislike is mutual. that being said, i appreciate the tweet, roy. the new look lakers searching for answers without kobe bryant. l.a. was held to 79 points in their game one loss to the spurs. the lackluster play on the court was overshadowed by kobe back home questioning the game plan on twitter. >> ktweeted throughout the game and he was tweeting get the ball inside, get the ball inside. would you agree with that?
6:55 pm
>> yeah. that's what we did. i would think so. great to have that commentary. [ laughter ] >> didn't take long for kobe to respond. i see my tweeting during the game is being talked about as much as the game itself. not my intention. just bored, i guess, hashtag not again. mcclain with a new mugshot to add to his collection. the former raiders first round pick was arrested for the third time in the last year and a half in his hometown in alabama. he signed with the ravens earlier this month and was charged with disorderly contact and resisting arrest. good luck, baltimore. while were you busy raising money this weekend for the st. bridget kids who don't have a gym to play in an-- to play in anymore, here's what you missed. bogut with four blocks in game one this wasn't one of them. oklahoma city is the top dog of the west and they have the halftime show to prove it.
6:56 pm
i guess you can teach an old dog new tricks after all. every outfielder dreams about taking away a home run. franklin gutierrez, his dream turned into a nightmare when the fans stole the show. texas got whipped gangnam style! i call this the human fly swatter. paul george chases down max. i haven't seen a rejection like that since my junior prom. allen, you can relate. [ laughter ] >> he ran like a butterfly and got stung by a bee or in this case the wall. kyle blanks makes the catch but loses the collision with the wall. that left him looking kehe just went 15 rounds with mohammed ali. >> feel better than you look? >> yeah. feel a little better than i probably look right now. >> he did survive. you remember that talk about wall collisions but i think we have the cliff of rodney mccrae in the 191. going to the wall to make the
6:57 pm
catch in 1991. watch what happens. >> oh, yeah. how can you forget that? >> you don't forget the wall. >> he was never seen again. >> oh, my gosh. [ laughter ] >> just kidding. i think he held on to the baseball. i'll have that at 11. >> thank you very much. >> of course he did. thank you, dennis. have a great night. see you at 11:00. captions by: caption colorado hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me!
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
joey fatone: this is joey fatone. it's tio pl "family feud". give it up for steve harvey! [cheering and applause] [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: thank y'all for coming. thank you very much.
7:00 pm
that's good. hey, welcome to "family feud", everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. you know what, we got another good one for you today. we got a family returning for the 4th day from lansing, michigan. it's the parker family. [cheering and applause] and from newman, georgia, it's the pope family. [cheering and applause] let's play for this money. let's go. give me monica. give me sonia. let's go. [applause] >> come on, monica! steve: guys, here we go. top 7 answers on the board. name something a really shy


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