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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  April 30, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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olympic style. >> we're seeing changes in weather today. fog along the coastline. cooler 40s and 50s. but red flag warning could be the story. more on that coming up. >> i had no reason to rush over here. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. a lot of workout there. we'll tell you all about it coming up. >> i'm going to buy you a pair of sneakers. >> thank you. good run over here. thank you so much. a woman calms a murder suspect and possibly stops an international incident. started with a carjacking. the suspect was intent on reaching the russian embassy but stopped in merin county. he already allegedly stolen a bmw station wagon at gunpoint. he was a boston bombing sympathizer and on his
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way to the russian consulate to seek asylum. police say he walked up to her truck and demanded her vehicle. she tried today talk to the man who she thought was just a car jacker. little did she know there was a bay area man hunt in the way. >> i was trying to keep him calm. he was sweaty like he was nervous or something. and so i backed him up to the end of my car and i talked to him for probably 15 minutes while i waited for somebody to come close enough while i say call the cops. i could tell what he needed to calm down was for me to be real calm. >> a passersby called 911. tried to get away after hearing the sirens. officers caught up to him. san francisco police
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tell kpix that his mother called police and ranting the government was out to get him. >> the killer of 8 year old leila fowler is still on the loose this morning. she was stabbed to death saturday during an apparent break in in her home. authorities say leila and her brother home alone on saturday afternoon when he saw the intruder leave the house and discover his sister. the murder has left valley springs just over 7,000 shocked. police are suspicious now and fearful there is a killer amongst them. >> everyone is watching and you are really watching your kids. you are keeping them home. >> who would do this to a beautiful little 8 year old girl? i can't wrap my mind around that. >> one resident says he gave a ride to a man saturday who was covered in blood and authorities are testing.
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>> parents are organizing to stand guard after two high school girls reported a man tried to abduct them. happened over the last couple weeks near oakland technical high school. the vehicle described as gray or silver 1980s car with dark roof, white trunk and no license plate. before school on 45th street the morning of april 15th. >> tried to get her in his car on 45th. her boyfriend came up. they called the cop s right away. >> the most recent incident was this past wednesday. a group of parents plans to be on the look out for the suspect's car before and after school and also during lunch break. in contra costa county police have released a surveillance photo. it's of a maroon or burgandy color ford
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explorer. it was in the area of snowflake way when a man tried to snatch a two year old girl from a front yard. >> the a's and angels played baseball until 1:41 this morning. sent it to extra innings and the a's rallied from down 7-2. and decided to play 10 more and in the 19 brandon moss ended it with a second homer. a's beat the angels 10-8. longest game ever played. 6 hours 32 minutes . which is more sleep than i got last night. game started after 7 and finished 1:41. >> that's about what time i wake up in the morning. were you up watching? >> of course i was. i feel great today. >> about 20 minutes late? >> that's all i need. what a game though.
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around the bay area, sea breeze kick in. patchy fog has returned. going to see the temperatures cool off. a little hazy out over the bay and the temperatures if you are stepping outside, 53 in san francisco. 54 in san jose. and 57 in oakland. and looks like high pressure weakening somewhat. sliding just to the east of the bay area. in fact, a wind advisory going into affect into this evening and red flag warnings. but today the temperatures will be down a bit about 85 degrees in livermore. 81 in san jose and 73 into san francisco. more on your weather coming up. >> still no big hot spots and no major accidents outside. this is one of our busiest spots. commuters heading towards pleasanton. the drive time is still nice and light. about 15 minutes. let's get a
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check on the bridges. san mateo bridge. to our maps now. i mentioned some areas of overnight road work. start you off in the east bay between contraloma and g street. no delay in the commute direction from antioch out towards pittsburgh bay. and the on ramp to 880 remains shut down. and we are seeing slowing up and down 880 as well. as you head out of san leandro. more time saver traffic coming up. back to you guys. >> thank you. an alleged poisoning case ended in an arrest. at about 3:45 yesterday, a customer saw a woman come into a starbucks, take two bottles of orange juice from a bag and place them on a shelf. they were later found to contain juice and rubbing
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alcohol. employees got the woman's license plate and she was arrested last night. >> 4:37. oakland police are making progress in the department. the police monitor says there is slight improvement in requirements required in a 10 year old agreement. the monitor expects more progress as compliance director takes charge of that department. other bay area headlines. tonight the berkeley city council takes up the issue of the city's minimum wage. considering raising from $8 an hour to $10.55. would be the same as san francisco and tied for the highest minimum wage in the country. a meeting planned this afternoon about proposed safety improvements and bike lanes on a san francisco street. some merchants oppose it because it would eliminate parking spaces.
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>> reaction so far is mostly supportive after pro basketball player jason collins announced he's gay. the star is considered the first athlete to be openly gay while still an active player in a u.s. team sport. more on what other players are saying about this announcement. >> reporter: jason collins opened a lot of eyes when he wrote these words. i'm a 34-year-old nba center. i'm black and i'm gay. and with that one sentence, he became the first openly gay professional athlete in a major american sport. >> all it takes is one brave person to stand forward and say i'm gay and that's going to open the door for a lot of other people. >> he writes he made the decision to come out because he was tired of living a lie. it takes an amount of energy to guard a secret. gone to
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enormous lengths to live a lie. i was certain my world would fall apart if anyone knew. >> president obama phoned collins monday to offer support and congratulate him on having the courage to be open about his sexuality. >> i think he's going to make a huge impact on a lot of people. most importantly a lot of young people. >> john came out after he retired. he's proud of colin's decision. >> it's not enough to be neutral. at some point as a person of great power and influence, you stand for equality or you don't. >> collins tweeted late monday night the support he's received has been inspirational. tara merge ener. >> no guarantee he will play in the nba next season. making him a free agent. he had limited
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playing time this season and at age 34 he's nearing the end of his playing career. >> chris brusard is not supportive of collins. >> if you are openly living in unrepenting sin, adultery i believe that's walking in open rebellion to god and to jesus christ. >> in 2009 he wrote despite his opinions, he felt the nba was ready to accept an openly gay player. >> time now is 4:40. strith new rules for beta breakers. >> wanna get away? better show up on time. what southwest will do if you miss your flight. >> high octane. one thing a father and son did to avoid a shoot out at a gas station.
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just seconds after a father son walked into the shell station a gun battle breaks out in a busy gas station parking lot seconds after a father and son walked into the store in washington. two women get out of the jeep and start hitting a woman with baseball bats. then a man in her truck started shooting at a women. the bullet hit the store window shattering that glass. luckily though, no customers were injured. amazing what happens at a gas station. >> the video is incredible. 4:43. the beta breakers road race is making security changes in the wake of the boston marathon bombings. only carry backpacks by 8.5 by 4 by 8.5 inches. >> when we have an opportunity to exercise a runner who is not supposed to be in the race, that
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person will be escorted off of the race. >> the costumes will still be allowed. the race is scheduled for next month. >> a well-known defense attorney is taking on the case of boston marathon suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev. has a long history of working with notable defendants including arizona shooting spree gunman. investigators found female dna on a fragment from one of the explosives. could have come from a number of women including a possible accomplice. collected a dna sample from tamerlan tsarnaev's widow as part of the investigation. >> a grand jury will begin hearing witnesses stems from a rape of a 16-year-old girl by two football players. coaches
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school administrators or adults knew about it but did not report. wrong full death lawsuit filed by the mother of michael jackson. aeg created a conflict of interest for dr. conrad murray forcing him to choose. attorney says the company was not aware jackson was using. >> 4:45. >> it's going to be 80 plus all around the bay. >> yeah, pretty toasty. the temperatures coming down probably not going to see the 90s today and the winds the big story by the afternoon and into the evening. outside right now noticed changes. a couple patches of fog. mostly clear but hazy over the bay. by the afternoon, still soaring well into the 80s inland. even upper 80s there. not as hot.
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a lot of 70 s around the bay. and mostly sunny. high pressure kind of weakening a little bit. we have this trough. the difference between the two cause gusty winds today. and blustery towards the afternoon. and through the delta and maybe along the coastline. there are warmer days ahead. computer models picking up on the winds and kick up in towards the afternoon. yellow, orange and fuchsia. strong gusty winds. the gusts in access of 50 miles an hour. it is going to blow pretty good and low humidity. high fire danger is expected. 6:00 until 8:00 p.m. on wednesday. some of those winds gusting strongly over the mountain tops. south bay today 81 degrees in san jose. 66 patchy fog in pacifica. temperatures in the east bay mid to upper 80s inland.
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77 degrees in richmond. 83 in sonoma. 73 in san francisco . next couple days, temperatures begin to warmup a little bit. mid 90s by friday. cooling into the weekend. let's check on the roadways with elizabeth. >> road work at this time of the morning. still areas of road work including 880. take you down towards south bay. great mall parkway and 101, we were seeing slowing on our sensors. maybe a touch in that area. some lanes blocked off until 6:00 this morning. the eastbound lanes between highway 4 and contra loma. no brake lights yet. along the peninsula, a flight out of sfo, have one lane blocked off. southbound 101. so just a small stretch. look at that yellow there. picking up some speeds
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just below 40 miles per hour. taking you outside, here's a live look at one of our traffic cameras. this is into the eastbound 880 in oakland. if you are heading toward oakland airport, everything is looking good. headlights are moving southbound toward hayward. and the bay bridge no road work. great time to get into san francisco. coming up a check of mouse transit. >> thank you. wall street is on a roll investors voluntary seen in years. -- haven't seen in years. this afternoon stocks are set to finish april on the positive side. 6th straight month of gains, longest monthly winning streak in four years. the dow added 106 points. the nasdaq gains 27 to reach a 12-year-old and s&p hit an all time high as well. another fed meeting today in washington.
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keep interest rates low and keep buying bonds as a way to stimulate the economy. the unemployment rate will have to fall another percent before they let interest rates rise. the u.s. government is paying down its debt. now expects to payoff $35 billion this quarter. the increase in the payroll tax and steady economic growth. >> 4:49. southwest airlines is tightening booking policies. if you don't cancel or rebook a flight, the rest of the itinerary will be canceled as well on top of the new no-show policy. you will forfeit the airfare if you don't show up at all. largest carrier at sacramento international. if you want to book a trip, airfare is down from a year ago. a round trip domestic flight will cost you $341 down 2% from
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last year. new york is the most popular destination for the third straight year. if you'd like to save money traveling over the summer, try booking a rental property instead of a hotel. brings down the per person cost and have a lot more space. watch out for cleaning fees and cancellation policies. a new hampshire man says he lost lifesavings. $2800 at a carnival game. >> he wanted to win an x box kinnect. it was easy to toss the ball. but the balls kept popping out. >> you are expecting to win a few things and let the kids have a good time. didn't turn out that way. >> he says he kept trying to win back his money and all he won was that a stuffed banana with
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dread locks. >> what's better than that? >> i guess. the company that ran the carnival says it's investigating now and speaking with independent contractor who runs that game. >> after you spend $1,000 on a game. >> after you spend $50 on a game, i'm gone. >> what do they cost? $299? >> yeah. go out and buy it. >> he got a banana. >> time is 4:51. coming up the guidelines on who should be tested for hiv. >> keeping your mind sharp in your latter years. the diet being endorsed by doctors. >> up close and personal with very hungry camel. how this family bit off more than they could chew. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a lot of sunshine around the bay area. the winds going to be the big story. wind advisory going into affect for much of the north and east bay hills. more on your weather coming up. >> and we are still doing great on this tuesday morning commute. live look at some of our traffic sensors and drive time. westbound 580 and the east shore freeway still all in the clear. more time saver traffic coming up. >> all right. thank you. in this morning's health watch, a new study looks at the effectiveness of drugs and preventing breast cancer. women taking medications such as tomoxa phi n were 38% less likely to develop the common type of breast cancer and extended five years after stopping treatment. a federal health panel issued new recommendation for hiv screenings saying most teens and adults should get tested.
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tax force says everyone 15 to 65 should get a one time screening for the virus that causes aides and recommends women get tested during pregnancy and people in test groups get screened once a year at the very least. following a mediterranean diet may help with memory and brain function. a new research says healthy people who follow the diet were 19% less likely to develop problems. omega 3 fatty acids while avoiding saturated fat, meat and dairy products. child's close encounter with a camel has people talking about whether the girl was in danger. >> happened at a zoo. there's mr. camel. some say the parents put their daughter in harm's way.
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>> no, we never felt we were unsafe. >> no, not at all. even when it was happening , tyler had control of the car. >> camel on the run. >> the little girl was happy and said she'd like to take the camel home. >> i'm not so sure. that's a little too close. >> it's a little close. do they have teeth? >> yeah. like a horse. but they washed her hair. camels have bad breath. >> into the wee hours of the morning. how the a's managed to out last the angels. >> why nba star felt compelled to tell the world he's gay. >> we're live in green bay where a bay area hunt for a gun man came to a screeching halt. the details behind the crime spree and north bay woman who walked away a hero.
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screeching halt in the north bay. in an only on 5 - how a carjacking this is kpix 5 news. >> good morning. a wild crime spree comes to a screeching halt in the north bay. a carjacking victim taking a suspect down. we'll have the latest. >> when he heard the sirens he said shouldn't have done that. he said i'm going to take you out. >> a north bay crime spree comes to an end. how a bay area woman talked the suspect down. temperatures will be cooling down but the winds are going to be kicking up. we'll talk about that coming up. >> traveling on 237 near 880, everything looks quiet. coming up, a check of mass transit. >> good morning. tuesday april 30th. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is nearly 5:00. the killer of leila fowler
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is still on the loose. >> leila was stabbed to death saturday during an apparent break in at her home in the foothills east of stockton. authorities say leila and her brother were home alone saturday afternoon when he saw an intruder leave the house and discovered leila. she had been stabbed repeatedly. the murder has left valley springs a town of just over 7,000 shocked. people are suspicious and fearful tlsz a killer. >> everyone is watch handwriting and you are really watching your kids. keeping them home and not sending them to school. >> who would do this to a beautiful little 8 year old girl? i can't wrap my mind around that. >> one resident says he gave a ride to a man covered in blood and authorities are testing dna evidence. >> parents are taking action in response to two attempted abductions of high school girls near oakland technical high. the suspect's vehicle


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