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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  April 30, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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still on the loose. >> leila was stabbed to death saturday during an apparent break in at her home in the foothills east of stockton. authorities say leila and her brother were home alone saturday afternoon when he saw an intruder leave the house and discovered leila. she had been stabbed repeatedly. the murder has left valley springs a town of just over 7,000 shocked. people are suspicious and fearful tlsz a killer. >> everyone is watch handwriting and you are really watching your kids. keeping them home and not sending them to school. >> who would do this to a beautiful little 8 year old girl? i can't wrap my mind around that. >> one resident says he gave a ride to a man covered in blood and authorities are testing dna evidence. >> parents are taking action in response to two attempted abductions of high school girls near oakland technical high. the suspect's vehicle is
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described as gray or silver 1980s car with dark roof, white trunk and no license plate. the two separate incidents happened over the last couple weeks. the first was 45th street monday april the 15th. >> he pulled up alongside her and tried to get her in his car. the boyfriend came up. she told the guy to get away. they called the cops right away. >> the most recent incident was this past wednesday. plan to be on the look out now for the suspect's car before and after school and during lunch breaks. police in pittsburgh have released surveillance video. a maroon and buragandy colored ford explorer. a man tried to snatch a two year old girl from a front yard. >> may have kept a man from
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starting an international incident. police say the suspect was intent on reaching the russian embassy. details you'll see right here only on kpix 5. >> reporter: good morning, we are live at the shopping center. this is where the gunman's plans failed. and met that woman who walked away alive and a hero. police say 30-year-old jeffrey boise car jacked before making his way here. his mother told police he was on his way to the russian consulate claiming he wanted asylum. he was a boston bombing sympathizer but plans did not include meeting tina. came to the shopping center with the intent of taking her car. the brave woman tried to talk
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him down as she made a plea for someone to call 911. >> when he heard the sirens, he said you shouldn't have done that. he said i'm going to take you out. i said what would that prove? he said i'm going to die anyway. might as well go out with a bang. >> he said quote he already took someone out the day before. he is wanted for murder in oregon. oregon state police are not commenting. as for how it all ended here. police say he got spooked by the sirens and tried to get away but able to catch up with him. this really was just a good ending to what could have been a tragic story. reporting live cate caugurian. >> 5:03 now. they played the longest baseball game ever in oakland last night and this
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morning. went 6 hours and 32 minutes and ended at 1:41. fitted in extra innings with a two out single in the 9th. they go play 10 more here. in the 19th brandon ended with a two run jack. second homer in the game. everyone can go home now. can you imagine? that's a long night. >> do you think the fans stuck around? >> not very many. >> no. >> too late. that's about what time i'm waking up. >> see those big bags underneath my eyes. folks around the bay area, we have changes. patchy fog along the coastline. not by much inland. out over the bay hazy this morning if you are stepping outside. the temperatures we're running to 57 in concord. 53 in san jose. 53 in san francisco. high pressure overhead.
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warmer and drier weather. looks like nicer days ahead. today cool things off. the winds will be kicking up outside. temperatures not as high as yesterday. this afternoon we'll drop off a good 4 to 7 degrees. about 85 in livermore. 87 in concord. and 73 in san francisco. the winds and the high fire danger going to be the story. more on that in a few minutes. >> things look great. hoping things stay this way. 880 in oakland is moving fine. top speeds from the oakland coliseum all the way up towards downtown. bridges kind of a similar story. no big hot spots. a couple incidents but nothing really worth mentioning. the san mateo bridge. the drive is 14 minutes. hayward on westbound 92. a check of mass transit. no delay. bart system online. all off to a great start.
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there are areas of overnight road work. southbound 880 to 101, we were seeing slowing on our sensors. a few taps of the brake lights there. and road work in the eastbound lanes of highway 4. between contra loma and g street. and heading out of antioch. that's traffic back to you. >> thank you. an alleged poisoning case ended in an arrest in san jose. a customer saw a woman come into a starbucks, take two bottles of orange juice from a bag and placed them on a shelf. they were found to contain juice and rubbing alcohol. employees got the woman's license plate and arrested at about 8:30 last night. >> 5:06 now. the latest report finds oakland police are making progress in reforming department. the police monitor says there is slight improvement in meeting reforms that are
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required in a 10 year old agreement stemming in the writer's brutality case. more progress as compliance director takes charge of that department. some other bay area headlines this morning. the city council takes up the issue of the city's minimum wage. considering raising from $8 an hour up to $10.55. the new rate would be the same as it is here in san francisco and tied for the highest minimum wage in the country. a meeting is planned about proposed safety improvements in bike lanes on san francisco streets. one in particular merchants oppose the ideas because they would eliminate parking spaces. 5:00 p.m. meeting is at the first congressional church tonight. >> a former stanford basketball star is making history. jason collins an nba star has announced he's gay. he's considered the first athlete to be openly gay while still an active player.
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he's received words of support from chelsea clinton. santa clara alum steve nash have also been supportive. >> he's going to make a huge impact on a lot of people. most importantly a lot of young people. >> no guarantee he will play in the nba next season. the contract with the wizards is ending making him a free agent. he had limited playing time this season and at age 34 he's nearing the end of his playing career. >> some others were not so supportive. listen to this espn analyst. >> if you are openly living in unrepet ant sin whatever it may be. adultery, premarital sex, whatever it may be, i believe that's walking in open rebellion to god and to jesus christ. >> despite his personal views,
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chris had previously said the nba was ready for openly gay player. interesting to see if he does resign with the team. a lot of people think his skill set he's done. if they don't sign him are they going to say it's because he's gay? >> we'll have to see. time is 5:09. european queen advocates her thrown. >> beta breakers. new measures in the wake of the boston marathon bombings. >> and no it's not national geographic. how a florida couple got up close and personal with killer whales. a little too close. >> what's cool about your school? submit your nomination on our web site. may come out and feature your school. and that whale is a little clue to what we're doing on thursday. >> stay tuned. >> we'll be right back. omg, stop. jack, your new chipotle chicken club is craze amaze. annnd chipotle is totes trending. spicy crispy chicken, hickory smoked bacon,
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their 20th wedding anniversy vacation. they were scuba diving near la paz, mexico the dive master laura and rich have amazing video from 20th wedding anniversary vacation. they were scuba diving when the dive master says you might want to get out of the water. killer whales following their boat. 20 whales followed the boat for
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about an hour. those are big whales. >> very big whales. and thinking that says killer on it. >> when i'm scuba diving, i get out. >> it's shamu. >> playful and killer doesn't sound right. let's check out the roadways. start off with a look at the east shore freeway. had a traffic alert for westbound 880. stalled out big rig blocking two lanes. while they work to clear it. expect to see slight delays for the next half hour or so until the lanes clear. also southbound 101 if you are heading out of town. maybe a flight at sfo. southbound 101. there is an overnight road work. one possibly two lanes blocked. not seeing big delays. southbound 880 approaching great mall
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parkway. lanes blocked to about 6:00. that seems to be the hour for cal trans this hour. just a heads up, you will find some construction cones out there. and more overnight road work, this is going against the commute. eastbound lanes of highway 4. contra loma out towards g street. early to be seeing this many brake lights. seeing slower conditions past a street then things improve. here's a live look at 880 and 237. this is 237 traffic coming around the bend and notice that drive time still in the green. it's looking okay this morning. this is the problem spot yesterday. a number of accidents later. right now about 6 minutes between 880 and heading out towards sunny veil. if you are heading towards
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westbound 580, this is the commute direction. the drive time about 22 minutes from the pass out towards the dublin inter change. that is a check of your time saver traffic. traffic heading on the s curve right here towards treasure island. that is a check of your time saver traffic. here's lawrence. >> yes, we are going to see changes. patchy fog moving along the coastline. a little hazy in spots. temperatures running in the 40s and 50s. by this afternoon, it will be a cooler day. temperatures soaring into the 80s. a lot of 70s. and 60s out toward the coastline and mostly sunny skies. high pressure weakening a little bit and trough kicking off along the coastline. and that will bring with it stronger gusty winds. the temperatures dropping off. gusty winds in toward the evening hours and warmer and drier days are ahead as the pressure going to build back in.
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the next couple days temperatures heating up. red flag warnings going up. we are going to expect to see strong gusty winds with low humidity in towards the evening hours. temperatures around the bay area and around the state today still warm inland. 83 in sacramento. and 91 in fresno . around our bay today, a little bit cooler but still nice. a bit on the blustery side. 81 in san jose. 66 in pacifica. east bay numbers into the 80s in many spots. the 90s coming back shortly. temperatures inside the bay is 78 in oakland. 73 in san francisco. and 67 in daly city. the temperatures will begin to warmup tomorrow and thursday, we are back into the 90s, maybe mid 90s as we head toward friday and staying nice and dry right through the
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weekend. maybe cooler on sunday. >> look at monday. >> i was in pacifica yesterday. >> how was it? >> gorgeous. and the weather was beautiful. >> take pictures out there. >> thank you. the beta breakers road race in san francisco is increasing security in response to the boston marathon bombings. runners will only be allowed to carry backpacks, bags or containers smaller than 8.5 by 11 by 4 inches. anyone without a race band could be thrown out of the race. >> when we have an opportunity to exercise a runner not supposed to be in the race, that runner will be escorted off the course. >> the whacky costumes will still be allowed and the race is scheduled for next month. >> a well-known defense attorney is taking on the case
5:18 am
of the boston bombing suspect. judy clark. meanwhile, investigators have found female dna on a fragment for one of the explosives set off at the boston marathon. could have come from a number of women including a possible accomplice. collected a dna sample from tamerlan tsarnaev's widow. crews at the site of the bombing crash are hauling large slabs of concrete. >> the death is 386. but could reach 140 0. hundreds of workers were still in the building when it collapsed last wednesday. today the queen of netherlands ended 33 year reign. signed the official add vocation
5:19 am
at the royal palace in downtown amsterdam making her son the first dutch king in more than 100 years. he gripped his emotional mother's hand as they both signed the document. >> coming up, the nba makes a call on the future of the sacramento kings. >> history at the coliseum. the a's going into extra extra innings. >> those guys are just going to bed. as we count down to opening day, here's a look at the new bay bridge this morning. we'll be right back. ,, >> workers safety is the number one priority in building the new bridge. people climb upwards to 500 people have to be hooked up. >> you don't want that to happen. down you go. >> told us thinking positively
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good morning. we have problems in el cerito. two lanes blocked due to a stalled out big rig blocking two lanes of traffic. traffic comes to a screeching halt. we'll give you a drive time and show you the latest delays in a few minutes. >> all right. thank you. another big announcement from the nba. looks like the kings will be staying put. in a unanimous vote, the committee has recommended rejecting the team's proposed sale. the nba board of governors will take a final vote next month. >> so they are staying put? >> they are staying put. >> well done. >> they played baseball until
5:23 am
1:41 this monday. >> we passed them on the commute today going in. they fell behind. but two out single in the 9th and decided to play 10 more innings. he hit a home run and second of the night. two run shot. the a's beat the angels 10-8. longest game ever played . 6 hours 32 minutes. how about the giants. trying to break the five game slide. trouble for matt. had a horrible month . gave up three dingers. two out and bases loaded and let's finish this thing. giants snap their losing streak with a 6-4 winner. did not get a decision but won the game. soccer in sweden. a player from a ik.
5:24 am
that was even more impressive. check it out. that's not bad. play to a 3-3 drop. 1, 2, 3. >> i love the back flip. 10.0. for the kick and -- >> and the kings are what? >> the kings are staying put. >> excellent. >> 5:24 right now. tainted juice at a bay area starbucks. how a customer stopped a potential poisoning. >> when he heard the sirens, he said you shouldn't have done that. he said i'm going to take you out. >> and only on 5 this morning. you are going to hear from a woman who calmed down a car jacker at the center of a north bay man hunt. why cops say he posed an international man hunt coming up.
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call or click today. she kept her cool in the faf a carjacker... with possibly bigger this is kpix 5 news. >> come on buddy. what do you need? i started to try calm him down. >> she kept her cool in the face of a car jack. how a bay area woman may have stopped an international incidents. >> it's been nice. changes coming our way . likely to see sunshine. the winds the big story. talk about that coming up. >> stalled out big rig blocking lanes causing delays. the latest coming up up. >> good morning. it's tuesday april 30th. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm frank mallicoat. it is 5:28 now . a woman calming a murder suspect and possibly stopping an international incident. >> started with a carjacking and police said the suspect's
5:29 am
intent was reaching the russian embassy. but he was stopped. details you'll see only here. >> good morning. >> this is a tail of quick thinking that saved one woman's life and possibly the life of many others. police say by the time this man 30-year-old jeffly boise made his way, he allegedly stole a bmw station wagon. police say he was a boston bombing sympathizer and on his way to the russian consulate to seek asylum. what he didn't plan on was meeting tina hum p pry. there was a bay area man hunt underway. >> i started trying to keep him
5:30 am
calm. he was sweaty like he was nervous or something. so i backed him up to the end of my car and talked to him for probably 15 minutes that i could say call the cops. and i was trying to keep my hands from shaking. i could tell what he needed to calm down was for me to be real calm. >> finally a passersby called 911. tried to get away but officers caught up to him in a nearby neighborhood. san francisco police tell kpix 5 his mother called them saying her son was mentally unstable and renting about how the government was out to get him. cate caugurian. back to you. >> the man that you mentioned earlier was heavily armed. do we know what else the gunman had? >> reporter: well, frank, police say aside from that handgun the suspect had, they also found a rifle and over 200
5:31 am
rounds of ammunition. >> all right. cate caugurian live. thank you. >> the killer of an 8 year old leila fowler still on the loose this morning. leila was stabbed to death saturday during an apparent break in in her home east of stockton. authorities say leila and her brother were home alone saturday afternoon when he saw an intruder leave the home. and saw his sister. the murder left the valley springs town shocked. one resident says he gave a ride to a man saturday who was covered in blood and now testing dna evidence which state officials offered to expedite. elissa harrington will have a live report. >> a san jose starbucks is back open. a customer saw a woman come into a starbucks, take two bottles of orange juice from a bag and place them on a shelf.
5:32 am
they were later found to contain a mixture of juice and rubbing alcohol. the 50-year-old woman was arrested last night and police say no one drank the spiked juice and the motive is unclear. >> if you like hot weather we're going to get more of it. >> this is going to be the hottest week of the year so far. we are talking about fog moving along the coastline. going to cool down slightly today. the winds the big story. right now 40s and 50s out the door by the afternoon. that ridge of high pressure going to back off a little bit. you see that trough just east of the bay area. so with that in mind as we get in toward the afternoon, winds going to be the big story. and wind advisory into affect. 50 to 60 miles per hour sustained to 35 over the mountain tops and
5:33 am
into the delta. temperature wise, down below not bad. a little cooler today. 81 in san jose . 78 in oakland and 73 in san francisco. more on your weather. right now let's check out the roads. >> hot spot, problem spot right now is in el cerito area. at least a half hour to clear it. seeing really slow traffic. traffic comes to a halt approaching cutting and backing up behind that coming through richmond. just in the westbound lanes approaching potrero avenue. we have a second stalled big rig. this coming up into san francisco. northbound 280. this one not causing big delay and won't get out there until closer 6:00. not causing any major issues. starting to see slowing through the pass out
5:34 am
towards the dublin inter change. 23 minutes is that drive time. stacking up from 205 and that's when we see things clear out. super slow as well. and eastbound highway 4 road work approaching g street still there blocking one lane. that's a check of your time saver traffic. back to you. >> 5:34 now. parents are organizing to stand guard after two high school girls reported a man tried to abduct them. the suspect's vehicle described as gray or silver 1980s with a dark roof, a white trunk and no license plate. two separate incidents happened. first was before school on 45th street the morning of monday april the 15th. >> he pulled up alongside her and tried to get her in his car on 45th. her boyfriend came up. she told the guy to get away. they called the cop s right away. >> the most recent incident was this past wednesday at a safe
5:35 am
way super markets. and parents plan to be on the look out now before and after school and during lunch breaks. an under cover investigation led to dozens of guns being seized. they arranged a meeting and bought two assault weapons in foster city. they confiscated more weapons at a san francisco home and found a loaded handgun in the bedroom of the three year old child. >> a court hearing is scheduled today for a former santa clara county supervisor. resigned his office last month and admitted to misuse of public funds and campaign donations. also had to agree to never run for public office again. shirakawa is expected to spend time in jail. another pretrial hearing. he's the man accused of second degree murder in the death of trayvon martin.
5:36 am
among the issues today, prosecutors want to know if zimmermann is giving up his right to stand your ground hearing. he claimed he shot martin in self defense. the trial is set to begin on june 10th. >> a former basketball star is making history. jason collins who played several seasons in the nba announced he is gay. he is considered the first athlete to be openly gay while still an active player in a major u.s. team sport. words of support from several players and former first daughter chelsea clinton who was friends with collins. >> all it takes is one brave person to stand forward and say i'm gay. and that's going to open the door for a lot of other people. >> still there's no guarantee collins will play in the nba next season. his contract is ending. that makes him a free agent in search of a team. he had limited playing time this season and nearing the end of
5:37 am
his playing career. >> the killer of 8 year old leila fowler is still on the loose. detectives interviewing known sex offenders. leila was stabbed to death on saturday during an apparent break in at her home in the foothills east of stockton. kpix 5 reporter elissa harrington is in valley springs to give us an update as that man hunt continues. >> reporter: good morning, michelle. for the first time since the stabbing, the road is back open. we just went by the home and there was a sheriff's deputy in the driveway, stuffed animals around the mailbox. the family will return home for the first time since saturday. here's video from last night. going to see the parents of leila. they were too devastated to speak. the coroner's office revealed she died from
5:38 am
hemorrhaging and shock. won't say if she suffered additional injuries and going door to door. they've questioned parolees and sex offenders in the neighborhood. leila's 12-year-old brother is not a suspect but they are speaking with him. the siblings were home alone when the brother saw a stranger leaving the house and found his sister stabbed. detectives got a search warrant and say they collected fingerprints and what's believed to be dna. police who live in this town are desperate for answers. >> everyone's watching and you are really watching your kids. you are keeping them home. not sending them to school. >> who would do this to a beautiful little 8 year old girl? i can't wrap my mind around that. >> the murder of leila fowler has rocked this small town of valley springs about 60 miles southeast of sacramento. this is the type of place where you know everybody and often don't even lock your doors. deputies
5:39 am
have been guarding the school and bus stops. crisis counselors are at the elementary school where leila was in third grade. that is where a candle light memorial will be held tonight at 6:30. elissa harrington, kpix 5. >> a memorial fund been set up at central bank of california. >> federal investigation after two small planes collided. a risky landing on a southern california golf course. >> what's behind this unusual phenomenon? it seems our angels stronger than ever angel soft®. with two softshield™ layers. it holds up better than ever. all wrapped up in a value you love. angel soft®. the softness you want, the strength you need.
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cespedes sent it to extra innings in the ninth. then new this morning, the longest baseball game ever played in oakland. the a's sent it into extra inning and they played 10 more. a game plus in the 19th. brandon moss saying i want to go to bed ends it with a second homer. a's beat the angels 10-8. 6 hours and 32 minutes. ended at 1:41 this morning. >> that's a lot of garlic fries. >> they are now seeing the
5:43 am
nominees for this year's tony awards. >> be sure to like the tony awards on facebook naturally. all of the tony awards at >> they are just going over stuff there. hosted by foster. matilda and revivals of classic works like pipen. annie and golden boy. unite right here on kpix 5. >> new take. usually hosts -- >> going to be great. >> no doubt. wall street is on a roll investors haven't seen in years. >> this afternoon stocks are set to finish april on the positive side. that will be the 6th straight month of gains.
5:44 am
longest monthly winning streak in four years. 106 points yesterday. the nasdaq gains 27. and s&p 500 hit all time high. pretty good there. >> i guess. >> we are right in the middle of the spring housing season. >> is that what we're doing? here with an update on how it's going and what we should be doing jill, business analyst. how is the spring season shaping up? good morning. >> reporter: good morning. great progress from a year ago. prices up 8% national ly. we're still down 30% but making progress. existing home sales rose by 10% from a year ago. more importantly inventory dropped by nearly 17%. this is great for people selling their homes. want to see lower inventory levels. jumped by 18%. that gives us an idea about the future.
5:45 am
pretty good all around. >> not if you are a buyer. >> it's kind of tough. at least here in the bay area to find a house to buy. is it still a good time to buy? >> it really is. look, mortgage rates are still at historically low levels. and it is getting easier to qualify. before you head out on the house hunt, run the numbers to see if buying is right for you. as you said in the bay area when there's a lot of heating up in the market, sometimes you can find a great rental deal. weigh renting versus buying. if you do need a mortgage, get preapproved. it takes a long time to get through this. really hone in on that. finally you want to be an informed buyer. you are not going to buy a house because there's a pretty photo online. you can conduct a lot of price research. but there's nothing better than talking to people in the neighborhood. get a little on the ground intelligence.
5:46 am
i'm >> can't wait to hear that. you always give us good tips. jill, thank you. >> thank you, jill. >> take care. >> here's something you don't see everyday. caught on tape near minneapolis, minnesota. it's called ice chandeliering. and makes that sound when the ice crystalizes and splinters. no one is more into this than lawrence karnow. >> that is amazing. i have never seen that before. >> that is cool. >> i love the sound. >> we should watch this for the next couple minutes. >> i am going to have to look into that. >> you learn something new. >> i did just learn something new. i feel better today. hey, guys. around the bay area today we'll notice changes. patchy fog has moved in along the
5:47 am
coastline. we're looking at slightly cooler day outside. mostly clear in spots inside the bay and sunny this afternoon. but not quite as warm. the winds will be picking up and a wind advisory into affect this afternoon and evening hours. also a red flag warning. expecting low humidity. high pressure back off the coast. the trough dropping in. the difference between the two is going to cause the strong gusty winds in toward the afternoon. more wind later today. and high pressure begins to build back in. and warmer days ahead tomorrow. the temperatures really going to soar. red flag warning in the north and east bay hills. some of those wind gusts 50 to 60 miles per hour. probably not down in the valleys. down below the temperatures heating up. 65 degrees. and 78 degrees as you make your way into parts of the east bay. temperatures into the 80s in many spots.
5:48 am
and inside the bay, 78 in oakland. 73 in san francisco. and 84 in santa rosa. next couple days heat things up. the winds will calm down. maybe mid 90s. getting on the hot side by friday. pretty toasty in the weekend. let's check out the roadways with elizabeth. >> hot spot if you are traveling through richmond. first pictures of the stalled out big rig and the back up behind it. you are looking live at westbound 880. and you can see why the traffic alert has been issued. the big rig is blocking two lanes. sensors picking up a lot of delays and way beyond it. we're seeing sensors slowing. looks like it's coming to a screeching halt. expect good size delays. probably at least 15 to 20 minutes added on to your morning. let's go to our maps. 24 miles per hour is the
5:49 am
average speed. again, we're seeing yellow sensors. traffic alert in affect about a half hour. and they said that about 5:15 this morning. believe it or not, not our only stalled out big rig. another one into san francisco. northbound 280 approaching caesar chavez. not causing the same kind of problems. by 6:00 or so, a tow crew out there. you can see 55 miles per hour towards the city. westbound 580 this morning. eastbound looks okay. once again that road work eastbound highway 4 should be picked up if it's not already. really westbound we're watching now. 10 miles per hour. super slow speeds. usual tapping of the brake lights. and a quick
5:50 am
look at 880 and 237. no issues here. westbound 237 coming around the bend still in the green and free and clear all the way out towards sunnyvail. that is a check of your traffic. back to you. >> thank you. dire consequences for employees accused of patient dumping. nevada's governor says anyone who violated discharged policy will be disciplined or fired. since 2008 as many as 1500 poor and mentally disabled patients got one way bus tickets from las vegas to northern california. a chaperon is required for all patients leaving the hospital by bus. a woman from southern california filed a multi million dollar lawsuit after an out break of hanta virus. cathy curillo became ill last june.
5:51 am
she says she now has a million dollars in medical bills and suffered from diminished lung capacity and low energy. >> up next how ordering a soda on a plane ended with a man being hauled out by the fbi. >> he put down his lifesavings and all he got was this. a stuffed banana. one man's warning about getting too carried away at the carnival. >> oh, boy. aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7.
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good morning. looks like tow crews are out there hooking up the big rig westbound 80 by patrero.
5:54 am
back ups into richmond. the latest travel times and the best alternate to get around this mess coming up in just a little bit. >> they just finished the a's game and they are about to start again. a game at 7:05. should be clear skies . a little breezy. 65 degrees. more on your weather coming up. >> 19 innings. you bet. 5:54 now. federal investigators have start looking at a deadly crash into two small planes in southern california. the aircraft collided in mid air. the victim was the pilot of a plane that crashed into a rocky ridge. the other pilot was able to belly flop landing on to a golf course. they escaped with minor injuries. >> a fight over a soda turned into a half million dollar lawsuit. a man tried to order a drink. the flight attendant told him to use the touch screen. he allegedly replied,
5:55 am
my time is precious, you are here to serve me and claims the crew accused him of swearing at flight attendants. the fbi had a few questions. and now he's suing. so far the airline is not commenting. >> this next story just gets me. a man says he lost his lifesavings $2600 at a carnival game. >> who takes $2600 to a carnival? he wanted to win an x box kinnect. it was easy to toss the balls in the tub. when he started playing, the balls kept popping out. >> you are expecting to win a few things and let the kids have a good time. just didn't turn out that way. >> he says he kept trying to win back his money or go double or nothing. all he won was that big stuffed banana. i'm sure he's going to hold on to that.
5:56 am
the company says it's investigating and speaking with the independent contractor. >> first of all, the carnival games are difficult for a reason. they want you to keep spending money. >> they pop right back out. but i don't think i'd go on camera and admit i'd lost $2500. >> you have to walk away. 5:56. in the next half hour, two words making sports history. how he got the courage to go public. >> a poison scare at a bay area starbucks. >> reporter: an oregon man was on what could have been a deadly mission in the bay area. but one woman stopped it all. the details on her story and how she talked down a gun man who claimed to be a boston bombing sympathizer. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
police say he was heavily a, and sympathized with the bo this is kpix 5 news.
6:00 am
>> when he heard the sirens, he said shouldn't have done that. he said i'm going to take you out. >> police say he was heavily armed and sympathize with the boston bombing suspect. how a bay area woman brought a car jacker's crime spree to a halt. a woman accused of leaving poisoned orange juice at a starbucks. how an alert customer and employees help bust her. >> it is a gorgeous start to the day. but the winds can be a big problem by the afternoon. we'll talk about that coming up. >> chopper 5 is now showing us the tow truck is clearing out a stalled out big rig. we'll show you the latest delays coming up. >> good morning. it is tuesday april the 30th. i'm frank mallicoat. >> and i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:00 . a woman might have prevented an international incident by the way she dealt with an


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