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tv   KPIX 5 News at 630pm  CBS  June 9, 2013 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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the celebration of one of oakland's favorite outdoor >> good evening. thousands of people enjoyed the celebration of one of oakland's favorite outdoor attractions today. it was love our lake day at the cleaned up and newly improved
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section of lake merit. we were there where it was a day to enjoy the beauty of the week even as the neighborhood suffers through ugly problems. don? >> reporter: that's right, lots of enthusiasm, everyone taking pride in the gem of a centerpiece for oakland. with oakland's skyline in the distance and lake meredith in the backdrop, they hosted projects for the people using it. it was a feel good day for a city with serious problems. >> we have our problems. but we can talk. we're a city small enough we can talk but big enough for big ideas. >> reporter: the ten year long project created a tree lined boulevard, a pedestrian bridge and continues to create option for kayakers. >> i think it's a great symbol of the city on the rise economically, where everything
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is booming. the restaurants, our housing market are booming. >> reporter: former oakland mayor, now governor jerry brown, remains a big booster. >> today is freezing cold in san francisco, and it's always sunny in oakland. that's all i've got to say. >> reporter: but crime remains a problem, even here at lake merit. recently members were held up at gunpoint as they sat by the lake. the mayor says her crime fighting program will address that. >> we're going to be having two police academies, more every year, so that's a total of several hundred new police officers, but more importantly, we're reorganizing neighborhood by neighborhood so each neighborhood has a chief in it. >> reporter: it's been ten years since voters approved the $200 million measure for clean water and safe parks. >> there's enough money and good taste, you can do beautiful things. >> reporter: the mayor says there is more money now and the city is looking at how to spend it best. ann? >> it looked like there was a really good turnout today. maybe that's an indication people are feeling safer in oakland? >> reporter: i don't know if
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we can go that far, but i think oakland needs a boost. everybody got behind this idea. they were very excited about it. this was better news than news we usually have over here. i think that was the reason everybody took great pride in what was happening today and perhaps that will get things turned around eventually. >> thank you. a crash in pleasanton killed a bicyclist. it happened near the intersection of foothill road and burnell avenue after 1:00. an 18-year-old driver hit a husband and wife cycling in the same direction along foothill. the woman was killed. her husband was hurt and taken to the hospital but he's expected to be okay. the driver is cooperating with the investigation. a young woman injured during friday's shooting rampage of santa monica died. she was a 26-year-old student and this brings the death toll
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to five. frankfranco and her father were killed. classes are expected to resume tomorrow. a former bart employee made more than $300,000 despite not working a single day. former bart general manager dorothy dugger resigned under pressure two years ago but cashed in nearly 80 weeks of paid vacation. the 67-year-old dugger says she was entitled to the money. bart board member says there's a problem with the way the agency deals with unused time off. the head of cal transays the problems about the bay bridge was misconstrued. they said the status of several -- testing on the new eastern span of the bay bridge. a caltranspokesman sales they got it wrong. >> he was referring to the construction taking place in
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the field, not these investigations. >> state senator of concord and members of the bay area toll authority asked caltran to respond to concerns raised in the investigation. it is the apple event where all the company's latest technologies are unveiled. apple's annual worldwide developers conference gets underway in san francisco tomorrow. a digital radio service and changes to the software behind iphones and ipads are among the features expected this year. if speculation is correct, a newsimplified look will be the most radical design change since the iphone was introduced in 2007. the conference runs through friday. we haven't acted on immigration in almost 30 years. we have to make it a comprehensive plan now. >> the reform debate takes center stage in washington this week. the potential impact changes would have on california. no cars allowed the effort to bring foot traffic back to
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week not only affects the millions of people in the u.s. illegally, it can also impact homeland security and the economy. kpix 5 reporter has both sides of the debate. >> i think we owe it to ourselves. we haven't acted on immigration in almost 30 years. we have to make it a comprehensive plan now. >> reporter: that's one thing both sides can agree on. >> this is a debate we have to have for the nation. the status quo is not acceptable. >> reporter: a comprehensive immigration reform bill on the floor this week, one of the most controversial points, a pathway to citizenship for those here illegally. >> go to the back of the line. pay taxes. pass a criminal background check. learn english. so this is a good bipartisan solution and i look forward to supporting it. >> reporter: that pathway to citizenship will take about 13 years. >> you start to make it too long, folks will just continue to stay in the shadows and not come out and identify themselves. we want there to be a real light at the end of the tunnel.
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>> reporter: house democrat on kpix 5 this morning talking about the need for skilled immigrants intact. >> there are so many, thousands of jobs unfilled right now that will go overseas unless tech companies can bring immigrants here to our company. >> reporter: there are so many different kinds of immigrants in the bay area from china, india and vietnam, in addition to the many from mexico so the difficulty for california politicians to coming up with a solution that works for all of them. >> we have a difference of issues because we have added layers of complexity. >> reporter: that's the vice chair of san francisco's republican party. >> certain groups are going to want to make sure they are protected just as equally as others. the democrats, they need to understand that this isn't just going to be some sort of amnesty or give away, but this has to be a program that actually addresses the underlying issues. >> reporter: including border security. senator rubio warned last week the upcoming debate must turn
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out increased security provisions to pass muster withholdout republicans. >> i'm concerned they're not as serious as they say they are about immigration reform but the time is now. >> reporter: kpix 5. >> procedure ral votes to start debate are scheduled on the senate floor tuesday. that's the same day president obama is slated to deliver immigration remarks. it is one of the world's most beautiful and unique churches. that's in barcelona has been under construction for more than 130 years. builders are still trying to figure out the main architect's vision. >> he wanted to write the history of the whole of the catholic faith in one building. how crazy and how extraordinary and how ambitious that idea is. [ bells tolling ] . >> coming up on 60 minutes, see how builders are using modern technology to study the still- evolving piece of architecture. that's tonight at 7:00 on kpix 5.
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15, years ago it was great. it was people moving all the time. >> that's what they're hoping for again. how one bay area city is working to bring business back to this well-known street. 29. up to 29 degrees cooler today across the bay area, and now the weather advisory you need to know about. take a look at san jose. the news will continue right after this. ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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this week. of drumm drivers in downtown san francisco had changes when they had to work this week.
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the northbound lanes of -- 8 be closed while workers dig up the street and install sewer lines. they will reset traffic lights. the work should be finished next spring. 24 hours to finish this project. repaving a section of market street. drivers will notice a much better ride. new asphalt and repainting traffic and bicycle lane. the last time market street was repaved was about 30 years ago. parts of telegraph avenue will be closed to cars the next few sundays in an effort to drive more foot traffic to local businesses. today's turnout was a little lackluster. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: what if you threw a party and nobody came? >> i'm disappointed. i was hoping it would be busy. >> reporter: berkeley held its first telegraph street festival
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in an effort to revitalize business on the famous avenue. for six sundays the street will be closed to vehicles and the city's hoping it will bring out more foot traffic. but vendors found the response to be a bit underwheeling. >> 15, 20 years ago it was great. people moving all the time. shops were running, in and out, people enjoyed being on telegraph. >> reporter: but it hasn't been that way for years with many businesses closing their doors. some point to the bad economy while others blame the young homeless people for driving customers away. this area has never been squeaky clean, but that's always been its appeal as the home of the 1960's counter culture. >> even today there are people who come here because of what telegraph and people's park represent. you know, so there are still people who come here. a lot less. >> so here are a bunch of merchants saying we want the crowds to come back, but they
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may be the reason the crowds aren't here. >> reporter: so is it possible that the charm of berkeley's beat generation atmosphere has finally run its course? listen to the young people who live here now. >> i think a lot of the people who see that kind of nostalgic feel about telegraph don't really live here. whereas the people who want to clean it up and feel safer actually use this street. >> reporter: organizers of the street festivals hope that word- of-mouth and warmer weather will bring out the crowds again. any change here will surely be resisted by some, but the city just wants to see this area thrive again, even if it means looking to the future instead of the past. in berkeley, john ray ramos, kpix 5. >> if the festivals are successful they will continue into early september. always looking ahead with the forecast. it's cold today. >> pretty amazing change we had today. in fact, livermore was 29 degrees cooler than yesterday after topping off at a record-
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breaking 107 degrees. good evening, everyone. let's head outdoors. take a look at this right now. that is a return of the deep marine layer, so deep it's producing condensation in the form of drizzle. 50s, san francisco. you want 60s, head north and due east to livermore. oakland in the 70s. mountain view and in san jose. san jose had a high temperature of 78 degrees down from yesterday near 90. it was in the upper 60s around vallejo. tonight overnight with a blanket of clouds from the coast into the inland area, jumping into the 50s. we still have that wind that will continue to blow for the most part out of the west, 10 to 20, all associated with this right here, a very deep marine layer. this is futurecast. you can see the marine layer will march inland tonight. that leads to 50, 60 miles. when you see the specks on the
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green, that is the drizzle associated with the marine layer. it will clear out by lunch hour tomorrow. north of the golden gate bridge, very little clearing if any. same around the san mateo coast. here's what you can expect. we have this area of low pressure my grating to the north -- migrating to the north. could see airport delays tomorrow at sfo, but it's always causing the unstable nature of our air mass. we have the threat of the thunderstorm tomorrow and still picking up the winds associated with the arrival of that area of low pressure and departure of the high. okay, let's wrap it up and put a bow on it. tomorrow, more cooling. then we still have a thunderstorm threat continuing. seasonal temperatures come back into the bay area by tuesday. average high 66 tomorrow. only upper 50s. south bay numbers into the low and mid-70s. meanwhile as we go around to the eastern portion of the bay
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area, away from the bay water numbers still averaging below normal for this time of year. topping off at 74 degrees in livermore. we should be around 80 degrees. 50s and 60s common. you want 70s, you have to head due north towards clear lake at 74 degrees. by wednesday gradual warming. in fact these numbers will trend upward as we approach the tail end of the work week. lots of graduations taking place, including my little one. i can't believe my little one is graduating from high school. >> all righty, thank you. a's and giants? >> both on the road and one just kind of limps in home. the other one still going. the a's trying to get out of chicago with more than a four game split. the giants weighing in the lumber in the desert. sports just ahead. ,,
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soon... ...a sore foot kept >> giants business, don't be surprised to see the disabled list. a sore foot kept him out today. wait until you see what his fill-in did at third base in the desert. a game against the diamondbacks. got his touches. cracked the first inning hit here. brought home a run and increased their lead to 2-0. here's caldwell perez making his major league debut in center field. check out, he runs this one down. welcome to the show. yeah, like a bug on a windshield.
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3-0 in the fourth. yeah. marco scootero, no doubt about it swing. this for his second home run for the year. if that wasn't enough, here came brandon belt, and that one is gone. 7 for belt. giants bats control. look at the defense. arians handling the hot corner from his knees. giants win a road series for the first time since early may, 6-2 the finals today. the giants just a game and a half out of first place behind arizona and the pirates are next. and chicago. coco crisp got all of it here. broke a scoreless game in the third inning with a seven round trip of the year. but it was short-lived. tyler florence off a.j. griffin. just like that, the blast tied the game up at 1. the white sox
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took the lead and added to it in the fourth. an rbi double. 3-1. in the 8th, his 11th home run of the season. the a's lose 4-2 and lose their als lead because the rangers won. coming home to help the yankees on tuesday. in tennis, eight of a lot of things can be good. how about eight french open titles? that's right. for raphael nadal. high drama came in the middle of the match. look at this shirtless fan get loose. thankfully nobody was injured against perar. in front of nadal, they enjoyed this one. no one won eight of these things, but this is nadal's
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moment away from the game 7 months with a knee injury. he comes back and wins this one. his 12th overall major a week after his 27th birthday. all right. that will never hatch, you silly duck. pga st. judd classic final rowed -- st. jude class pick final round shot of the day. he finished 14 shots back. phil mickelson went to the clubhouse at 10 under par. he trailed by 1 at a time. to see if english could stub his toe. he did not. easy tap at 18. he finished two strokes ahead of the field for his first pga tour victory. whatever happened to michelle wade? here she is 23 years young in the lpga championship. nice long birdie effort at 14. she finished four shots off. and then it would be the
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world's number one player taking a three playoff holes, nailing a 20 footer to nail it. the fourth win for the year. asian players have won the last nine majors in women's golf. jim brown greatest nfl and lacrosse player at pocono raceway for the sprint cup. with 28 laps left, paint swapping between montoya and matt kenseth. out of the wreckage from jimmie johnson, led the rest of the way. run for the third time this year. he added to the overall sprint cup lead. they're coming to sonoma on june 23rd. between his raiders coaching legend and tenure and of course the video game, heavyweight john madden, let me tell you what, his impact in pro football has spanned over six decades. six more decades than he
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certainly was bargaining for. we will hear from him on game day later on tonight. >> did you talk foxy at all with him? >> we did. his team won the 15th tournament out there in livermore. for the third time he's got his name on that trophy. >> next year. next year. >> all right, that's it for us. 60 minutes is next. we'll see you again here at 11:00. good night. for all those who sleep too hot or too cool, ogether, now there's a solution. introducing sleep number dual temp, the revolutionary temperature-balancing layer with active air technology that works on any mattress, including yours. whether you sleep hot or cool, sleep number dual temp allows each of you to select your ideal temperature. and it's only at one of our over 400 sleep number stores nationwide.
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captioning funded by cbs and ford-- built for the road ahead. >> kroft: with american health care costs so out of control, we were stunned to hear from former doctors and administrators at one of the nation's largest hospital chains that they had been pressured to admit patients regardless of medical need to increase revenues. >> this is coming from a non-physician, somebody who never went to medical school, never seen or treated a patient, is telling a physician how they should be taking care of a patient and making decisions related to a patient. and my blood pressure is going up just saying that. >> pelley: this is where you grew up? >> in a public housing project. ( speaking spanish )


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