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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  June 17, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald breaking news! a fiery ending it a high-speed chase in berkeley. how two sheriff's patrol cars got stuck following a suspect. >> i'm linda yee live in pacifica where a man tries to kidnap a little girl only he never expected what happened next. i'll have a report. >> low clouds dense fog now surging onshore, cooler days ahead. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and light traffic so far at the foggy golden gate bridge. i'll have details on your monday commute in a few minutes. >> good monday morning, it is june 17th. i'm anne makovec, frank is off. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 6:00. breaking news out of south san jose this morning where a deadly crash has shut down an
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intersection. the fire department says someone called 911 about 2 a.m. to report a vehicle hitting several parked cars near pearl and hillsdale. this is a live look at the scene. one person was dead at the scene. we are there and we'll let you know when police plan to reopen the intersection. and breaking news in berkeley this morning. a police chase ends with two contra costa county sheriff's vehicles catching fire. this is a live look at that scene at the university avenue exit from interstate 80. deputies were following a black lexus. it started in el sobrante at about 3:45 a.m. the deputies noticed that the car had no license plates or headlights so they started this chase. the car then veered across an embankment with thick ice plants and the patrol cars got stuck in those plants and caught fire. one of those vehicles is a total loss. the lexus got away. let's get right to liza battalones. this is not looking like a good day on the roads. >> we are really concerned for
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some time this accident involving those sheriff's vehicles on i-80 in berkeley would cause backups but because all lanes remained open of the freeway and all the activity was off to the right-hand shoulder, i-80 still fine through the berkeley area. no big delays there. now, you head through westbound 80 through berkeley and emeryville and this is is what awaits you at the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic backing occupy on this monday. slow for some of the toll lanes through the 880 overcrossing. it's been wide open for the fastrak lanes. the golden gate compute getting into the city by way of 101. take a look it's foggy out there but no traffic delays between the waldo tunnel and san francisco. the earlier accident we had in sausalito is cleared. all lanes are opening 101 at spencer and the san mateo bridge that's been trouble-free a smooth easy ride for the drive out of hayward towards foster city. if you plan to catch bart this morning, it's been all great news still no big delays for the bart system.
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san francisco's muni, caltrain and the altamont commuter express good to go with no delays. some developing news on the peninsula, police in pacifica are searching for a man who tried to kidnap a 10-year-old girl. the man tried to abduct her near beach and santa rosa avenue in pacifica not far from the pier. kpix 5 reporter linda yee is in pacifica. police say that girl put up a fight and got away, linda. >> reporter: yeah. you'll never believe what happened next, anne. it happened here off the pacifica pier yesterday just before 4:30 in the afternoon. that's when she told police a 6- foot-tall man with a stocky build came up to her and said, you're coming with me. well, when she refused to go, the man tried to physically force her. that's when she punched him and ran off. police are amazed at the girl's bravery. >> a lot of cases like this we see that perhaps the suspects aren't expecting that a juvenile, somebody that's 10 years old and in this case it
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seems like we had a tough little girl who knew how to handle herself very well. >> reporter: and she apparently gave police a very good description of the suspect so they have a sketch. he is 30 to 40, six feet tall, stocky build, tan complexion and brown hair. if you recognize this man, pacifica police would like to talk to you. reporting live in pacifica, linda yee, kpix 5. >> the girl's mother was nearby when this happened yesterday. so the girl ran to her mother. they went together to the pacifica police department to report the incident. an 11-year-old boy is recovering after he was shot while sleeping in his west oakland apartment. a shotspotter alerted police to gunfire on the 1100 block of 7th street early sunday morning. the boy was hit in the shoulder. police don't have much to go on. they are looking for two people and a white car that was seen leaving the area. it may soon get a lot
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tougher to sell firearms in los gatos. tonight the town counsel will hold a hearing on an ordinance regulating permits. it was prompted by an opening of a retailer templar sports last december. it would require a public hearing be held before any gun shop can open and everyone involved in the opening must be identified. things are back to normal this morning in san francisco after a gas leak forced hundreds to evacuate the moscone convention center yesterday. a construction crew hit a 6" gas line near folsom and 4th streets yesterday afternoon. it took about three hours for pg&e crews to cap that leak. the situation disrupted an annual convention of endocrinologists. the doctors say there was a lot of confusion during the evacuation. >> all shut down. let's go. let's go. sir, you can't go that way. no, you can't. >> where can i get to my meeting? >> you can't. >> many evacuees were at a
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nearby church until the all clear was given. firefighters in the east bay kept this fast-moving wildfire from burning homes. it started just before 4:00 yesterday afternoon near i-80 in crockett. they closed a lane of the freeway and the cummings skyway off-ramp. it took an hour and a half to put it out. it burned 45 acres. the cause is under investigation. fire crews in colorado are slowly gaining ground on the deadly black forest wildfire. the fire has burned about 22 square miles near colorado springs. it's destroyed nearly 500 homes and the death toll is at 2. the fire is now 65% contained. but firefighters warn there's still more work to be done. >> we have fire in there. we have downed power lines in there. we have trees falling. we have a long road here. i don't want to create a false belief that tomorrow everybody is going home because that's not going to happen. >> some people evacuated from outside the burn area have been allowed back home. and now that area has been
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getting rain the past few days so that's helping crews out fight the fire. >> good news. they need it. >> so downside is a couple of lightning strikes that could spark more fires so dangerous back there. here in the bay area we are seeing low clouds and fog surging back onshore. looks like cooler days are ahead now. today temperatures coming down a few degrees. the fog starting to make a run of it now beginning to spread inside the bay just a little bit but partly cloudy there, cloudy at the coastline and some dense fog out toward the beaches. out over the bay the sun trying to come up on some partly cloudy skies over the bay now. toward the afternoon looking nice. but still cool as we're going to see a stronger sea breeze for today. right now it's 49 degrees in santa rosa. 55 in san jose. and 53 in san francisco. by this afternoon, these temperatures should be mild to warm inland, 70s and low 80s in the interior valleys. 60s and 70s inside the bay. at the beaches plenty of low clouds and fog continuing there temperatures in the 50s and the
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60s. we'll have more on your weather coming up. right now president obama is in northern ireland where he is attending the g8 or group of 8 summit. shortly after arriving the president delivered a speech in belfast. he said peace in northern ireland is a blueprint for people living in areas of conflict all around the world. during that trip, the president will also meet one on one with russian president vladimir putin. british prime minister david cameron and the italian prime minister. there is potential for tense moments. last night the british newspaper the guardian reported the u.s. and britain spied on summit participants during the 2009g to meetings in london. it obtained the documents from edward snowden who unveiled the see contract surveillance programs a couple of weeks ago. >> how much damage did he do? fact is that time will tell. >> according to the report,
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britain was able to steal passwords and read emails during the conference. prince philip left the hospital this morning. the 92-year-old husband of queen elizabeth walked unassisted from the london clinic where he had an exploratory surgery on his abdomen. he was in treatment for 11 days. buckingham palace says he will now take what it calls a period of convalescence of about two months. the supreme court is expected to rule soon or three cases involving affirmative action, voting rights and same- sex marriage. a decision on california's same- sex marriage ban could come as early as today. a san francisco city attorney says if the court strikes down the ban, there would be a 30- day period before same-sex marriages could begin. the court usually hands down decisions on mondays or thursdays. a bill designed to make limousines safer has its first committee test at the state capital this afternoon. the proposed law comes after recent limo fires in the bay
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area including one that killed five women on the san mateo bridge. it would require limos have two rear exit doors as well as windows that can be pushed out. it would also require the passengers to get instructions on how to get out in case of an emergency. a stinkout ends a successful home stand for the oakland as. raw sewage backed up on the clubhouse level and forced the as and the seattle mariners to use the same showers after the game. >> we were dealing with it pretty much through the end of the game. when the game ended the flow stopped but we had to come up with an alternate plan for both teams to shower. >> crews have eight days to fix the problem. the as's next home game is a week from tomorrow. it didn't affect areas accessible to fans. by the way, the as won. the oakland police department's headquarters set to reopen to the public this morning. after several recent closures,
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officials hope this time it will stay open. the building on 7th street has been closed three different times this month. in early june, a plumbing problem caused water damage on three floors. the building opened and then closed again two more times. time now is 6:11. taking the stand against his boss, the witness that could provide some explosive testimony in the whitey bulger trial. >> plus he caught two boys vanneddizing a home -- vandalizing a home but it's what one man did after that that could have him facing charges. >> he has paws and apparently a passion for politics. how a cat ended up as a candidate for mayor. whitey bulger [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to get great prices on things you need. we know you look around for the best deals. that's why we give you real big club card deals each week. load up the cooler. 12 packs of your favorite coke products are just $2.47 each. treat dad to a juicy ribeye steak,
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dance class, shopping, and more. so do something nice for it. chevron with techron. care for your car. mayor in a town in eastern mexico: well, if you are tired of
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voting for rats, now you can vote for a cat. that's the slogan of one of the candidates for mayor in a town in eastern mexico. a 35-year-old office worker is offering his cat morris as a candidate to run the city of -- can you help me on that pronunciation? >> shah lap pa the capital of vera cruz in mexico. he is winning the race. he is 120,000 away from any human candidates. >> how does this happen? >> they say politicians are run by strings anyway. so why not a cat? >> there you go. >> cute. liza a cat. i don't know. >> i don't know what to say. >> i know. >> okay. good morning, everybody. we are going to talk about the morning commute. that i will talk about. we are going to talk about the very light traffic in the silicon valley. this is the 880/237 interchange. it rolls through the milpitas area. southbound traffic fine so far approaching mission boulevard
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just a very brief delay as you may that right hand curve towards 237. our sensors along 580 leaving the altamont pass are picking up very slow traffic. you can see all the yellow there. 34 minutes between grant line road and the 680 interchange. now live pictures of 580/680. we'll also show you some of the traffic backups. west 580 would be the headlights very slow traffic again approaching 880. the chp is checking a car fire. 880 in the san leandro area approaching marina. it is blocking the right-hand lane. this is southbound 880. but no big delays here for 880 in either direction approaching hegenberger. so if you need to take 880 to get to the airport you're in good shape. no big delays there. it is a little foggy though over at the golden gate bridge. but so far traffic is very light for 101 in both directions between marin county and san francisco. that's a look at the monday commute. here's lawrence. >> that fog beginning to surge back onshore. it is thick especially out at
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the coastline and dense. we'll see more clouds this morning as it fills into the bay just a little bit and slowly breakaway back toward the coastline. and looks like it should be a nice day but the temperatures are going to be cooler than yesterday. in fact, becoming mostly sunny this afternoon with the fog lingering right at the coastline but cooler weather ahead. these temperatures will run well below average for this time of year in the next couple of days. high pressure sliding out of the way. you can already see this low beginning to kick to the south going to drive in north of us tomorrow not going to bring rain but will bring more clouds and some cooler temperatures as we head in through tomorrow and probably wednesday, as well. highs today running up in the mid-90s towards fresno, 87 sunny in sacramento, 88 in yosemite and 74 beautiful in lake tahoe, 64 partly cloudy into monterey bay. low clouds and fog surging onshore and then i think thickening up toward the evening hours. and i think we'll see a strong run of low clouds and fog for tomorrow so waking up to plenty of clouds around the bay area tomorrow morning and cooler temperatures too. highs will be in the 70s and out in the south bay. a lot of numbers in the 70s and
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80s into the east bay but inside the bay we'll also see cooler temperatures and sea breeze. low 60s into san francisco. next couple of days, we'll cool down those temperatures well below average. then slowly warm up on thursday and friday and by next weekend, i think we are looking good more sunshine maybe some mid- 80s in the valleys. how about that? >> perfect timing. >> not bad. >> thank you. not too early to look forward to the weekend. >> never. a man in new york state is facing charges of child endangerment after stopping two boys accused of vandalism. police say the man put the children into closet and held it shut until police showed up. the father of the two boys said he overreacted. >> i understand they were in the wrong but there's other ways to handle it that he knew where the kids were. it's not like they were strangers. send the kids home and you call the cops then. you don't tore them and tell them you're going to bash their skulls in with a hammer. >> the boys face charges of felony burglary and mischief. the damage caused will cost tens of thousands to repair.
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a former hit man is expected to take the stand in the trial of the reputed gangster james whitey bulger. the 83-year-old bulger faces 32 charges including murder and extortion. today, john m. ortorano will likely testify. he struck a deal with prosecutors that requires him to testify against bulger. this week congress is expected to spend a lot of time on immigration reform. it looks like the senate is on track to pass a bipartisan immigration plan which is expected to go to a full vote by the 4th of july. but timeline for the republican- controlled house is unclear. they want tougher border control and tighter restrictions on who qualifies for immigration. new york mayor michael bloomberg was the keynote speaker at stanford's
6:20 am
commencement yesterday. he pushed for immigration rights for foreigners. he says 30% of stanford graduates were there on student visas. >> if those in washington had any sense at all they would be begging you to stay here in the united states. [ applause and cheers ] >> but instead -- our immigration laws may force some of you to leave in the months and years ahead. >> he urged the audience to contact their lawmakers about the immigration bill now being debated in congress. 6:20. coming up, the as pound the mariners to avoid a sweep. and phil mickelson hits more heartbreak. who snatched the u.s. open win this weekend. >> but first, here's a look at the new eastern span of the bay bridge. you kids should count yourselves lucky.
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oaklan the oakland as are three games ahead of the rangers as they begin a road trip in texas tonight. oakland's bartolo colon gave up two runs early in the game and then was all as. donaldson with a homer and the as beat the mariners 10-2. giants starter tim lincecum struggled in atlanta. freeman put the braves ahead. atlanta 3-0 in the 6th when torres let one get past him in the left field. gregor blanco made a diving catch to keep it close. but the braves won 3-0. giants open a hope stand against the padres tonight. san antonio spurs are one win from the fifth nba championship. they beat the heat last night in game 5 to lead three games to two. ginobili with 25 points and 10
6:25 am
assists. tony parker had 26 points. san antonio opened up a 20 point lead in the 4th quarter then held off a miami run. final score spurs 114, heat 104. the u.s. open golf tournament has a british champion for the first in 43 years. justin rose shot a closing round 70 finishing at one-over par for the tournament in pennsylvania. that was good enough for his first championship in a major. phil mickelson and jason day finished two shots back. this is a little heartbreaking for mickelson. this is the sixth time he finished second in the u.s. open which, by the way, is a record. back to the u.s. open for a very special mention and, of course, our play of the day. check out sean stefani's tee shot on the 17th hole.
6:26 am
it he cup... and it rolled 50 feet to the pen and went. you can hear the crowd chanting. it goes right into the hole. this is a hole in one. by the way, this one made stefani the first golfer to make a hole in one at any u.s. open at marion golf club. he is excited. >> that's amazing. >> isn't it? >> beyond -- that's luck. right? it's not skill. i think it's part skill part luck. but he actually went up and kissed the ground where it went. >> we're impressed. 6:26. coming up not just the economy. the top issue facing world leaders at the g8 summit. >> plus, hundreds evacuated into the streets of san francisco. the cause and will it impact business this morning? >> reporter: i'm linda yee in pacifica. she's only 10 years old, but she was able to punch her way out of an attempted kidnapping. i'll have her story. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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in this case it seems like we had a tough little girl who hand herself very well. >> a man 6 feet tall approached the 10-year-old and said come with me. >> crews are going from address to address restoring service following a gas main break. >> we saw the bomb squad. we didn't know what's going on. >> president obama is in northern ireland to meet with world leaders at the g8 summit. syria is not formally on the docket but is expected to dominate the talks. >> there are very big differences between the analysis we have of what happened in syria and who is to alabama. >> we have a long road here. i don't want to create a long belief that tomorrow
6:31 am
everybody's going home because that's not going to happen. >> it could be thursday before the black forest fire is fully contained. >> not since 1996 has an englishman won a major. >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning. and i'm anne makovec. frank has the morning off. time i- breaking new on the sce good morning, everyone. it's monday, june 17. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm anne makovec. frank has the morning off. it is 6:31. we have breaking news right now. police on the scene of a deadly crash in south san jose. this is a live look at pearl and hillsdale avenues where a vehicle hit several parked cars around 2 a.m. you can see there is a real mess there at the crash site. one person was killed. right now that intersection is closed and there's no word on when things will reopen. calls are into the san jose police to find out more. we'll let you know. >> we're also following breaking news in berkeley right now. two contra costa county sheriff's deputies vehicles catch fire during a chase.
6:32 am
this is a live look at that scene at the university avenue exit from interstate 80. deputies were following a black lexus starting in el sobrante around 3:45 a.m. after seeing it had no license plate or headlights. the car veered across an embankment during that chase as there were a lot of thick ice plants there. the patrol cars got stuck in the plants and then caught fire. one of the vehicles is a total loss. to make matters worse, the lexus got away. apparently that is backing up traffic for miles in berkeley this morning. >> let's get right to liza battalones with more. we knew this would happen. it's the commute direction of i- 80 and even though the accident at no point blocked lanes it was enough to slow people down as they took a peek for westbound 80. so now it's slow for several miles from san pablo dam road. you could see those sensors blinking yellow and red. it is backed up for several miles again through richmond approaching the berkeley area
6:33 am
approaching this accident scene. now, the rest of the commute we have that car fire still causing problems now for 880 as it rolls through the san leandro areas blocking the right lane at marina. so traffic is backed up into oakland from 98th avenue. for local transit they are doing a great job this morning. no delays for bart, ace, muni and caltrain. that's traffic. here's news. the leaders of eight of the world's top economic powers are gathering in northern ireland. the official discussion at the group of 8 summit is supposed to center around europe's ailing economy but as cbs news' susan mcginnis reports, another topic is expected to draw the most attention. >> reporter: president obama left air force one holding daughter sasha's hand. for the next two days, he will meet with world leaders here in northern ireland, which he sees as an appropriate place to talk peace. >> beyond these shores right now in scattered corners of the world there are people living
6:34 am
in the grip of conflict. you're their blueprint to follow. we're the proof of what is possible. >> reporter: the syrian civil war is expected to dominate the talks. russian president vladimir putin says president obama's plan to arm rebel fighters who he calls barbarians will hurt the chances for peace in syria. >> are these the people you want to support? are they the ones you want to supply with weapons? >> reporter: president obama and president putin are scheduled to hold private talks this afternoon. the conversation comes after a new report reveals the u.s. and the uk spied on russia at another summit. the guardian says former nsa contractor edward snowden provided classified documents which show the u.s. and uk spied on diplomats at the 2009 g20 summit in london. >> how much damage did he do? fact is that time will tell. >> reporter: on cbs' "face the nation" white house's chief of
6:35 am
staff said snowden's leaks have hurt america. >> in effect give the playbook to those who would like to get around our techniques and practices. >> reporter: a british foreign service spokesman declined to comment on the spying allegations. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >> the summit is being held at a golf resort about 7,000 police officers on hand to provide security. developing news on the peninsula. a 10-year-old girl fights off a 6-foot-tall man that she says tried to kidnap her. she says a man tried to abduct here near beach boulevard and santa rosa avenue in pacifica not far from the pier. kpix 5 reporter linda yee is in pacifica with the young girl that put up a fight. linda. >> reporter: anne, certainly a dramatic turn of events. it happened right near at the intersection off pacifica pier. it happened yesterday afternoon right before 4:30 p.m. that's when she told police a 6- foot-tall man with a stocky build went up to her and said,
6:36 am
she was coming with him. but police say that 10-year-old girl was tougher than that man expected. >> when she refused, he attempted to physically take control over her. she punched him and she was able to flee and was not injured in the incident. >> reporter: and the little girl was able to give police a pretty good description of the suspect. they have a sketch. he is said to be about 30 to 40 years old, 6 feet tall with a stocky build, a tan complexion with brown hair. so they say if anyone recognizes this man, they should be calling pacifica police. >> was the little girl by herself when this happened? >> reporter: no, she was not by herself. police say her mother was nearby. she was able to get away and run to her. >> and any reports of any similar incidents in the area? >> reporter: police say there have the know been similar events like this in a very long time. >> all right. parents and kids, keep an eye out for that. four children are in the hospital with major injuries this morning after an accident on northbound 880 near hayward.
6:37 am
it happened near the "a" street on-ramp. the car hit an embankment around 10:00 last night. the victims were taken to oakland children's hospital. two adults this is vehicle were unhurt. things are back to normal in san francisco after a gas leak forced evacuations at the moscone center. it happened yesterday when a construction crew struck a 6" gas line near folsom and 4th street. it took three hours to cap the leak. the mishap disrupted the annual gathering of the endocrine society. the confusion didn't leave a good impression on the hundreds of attendees. >> it's a lot of effort to come to these. and to not be able to go to the talks is a disappointment. >> several streets in the area were closed off making traffic worse than usual for a sunday. time is 6:37. a little foggy out there this morning. >> yes. it's interesting. it's surging on shore right now. we are seeing it thick in
6:38 am
spots. certainly looks like it is going to start to clear out in most spots except at the beaches today. gray at the coastline. plenty of fog coastside but in the valleys we'll see sunshine and fairly nice weather outside. still, we are going to see the fog rolling in and you can see it making its way into san francisco right now. pretty neat shot there as it's thick and low as it slides by. temperatures right now running mainly into the 40s and the 50s. by the afternoon, that sea breeze going to be a little stronger so we'll keep things down but still comfortable inland. 70s and low 80s into the south bay. i think you're looking at temperatures again in the 70s low 80s in some of the east bay areas. you will find warm numbers there. 77 in livermore, 80 antioch, 79 in walnut creek. inside the bay that breeze will be kicking up. only about 62 degrees in san francisco. about 68 mostly sunny this afternoon in oakland. cooler days are ahead. we'll have more on that coming up in just a couple of minutes. this morning, fremont
6:39 am
police are piecing together what happened at ohlones street street. a mentally ill man was throwing furniture around and was out of control. police were told the man had a knife. they say he confronted them and officers shot and killed him. this isn't the first time police have been called to that home. >> we have had prior contact with the suspect. and half a dozen or so times in the last two years at this location for similar related calls. >> the three family members were in the house at the time. two of them suffered minor knife wounds. the officers are on paid leave while that shooting is investigated. bart has about two weeks to come up with a new contract for its workers to avoid a strike. so today, a state mediator will become part of the negotiations. bart is trying to get its employees to contribute more
6:40 am
toward their healthcare and pensions. union leaders say bart is only offering 1% pay raises over three years and they think the system can afford more than that. other news around the bay area, a year-long closure along a stretch of warren avenue in fremont begins today. the project is part of the bart extension to san jose. crews will be lowering the roadway and building three train bridges. the first leg to the berryessa area is expected to be finished by 2018. today san francisco's muni transit system will unveil the first of its new hybrid buses. muni is spending $37 million for 45 diesel hybrid vehicles to replace some of its aging buses. they should all be on the road by the end of the summer. 20 minutes before 7:00. move over, dora! "shrek" could soon be coming to saturday morning cartoons. >> plus, bikers in rosary beads. the strange scene at the vatican and why they came for the pope's blessing. >> and the market just opened up about 10 minutes ago.
6:41 am
a quick check on the early numbers. everything looking green on a monday morning. we are going to get an update from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. stay tuned. ,,,,,,,,
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we've made major advancements in reducing the incidents of broken bones in seniors. we've received recognition for getting hypertension under control for over 80% of our members. we've made significant advances in asthma, immunization and maternity care. and j.d. power and associates ranked us highest in member satisfaction among health plans in california. we're focusing on the big things so you can enjoy the little things. kaiser permanente. thrive.
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pope francis stood in an op- air vehicl d an unusual blessing by the pope in st. peter's square. pope francis stood in the open air vehicle to bless 1400 harley-davidson motorcycles lining the road that leads to vatican city. the occasion was a rally by harley owners to mark the machine's 110th anniversary. they displayed the badges, buttons, logos and symbols of several different organized clubs. everybody there to represent. california lawmakers and governor brown are celebrating a balanced budget that even includes a surplus and it was done on time. >> but if you take a closer
6:45 am
look, the state is actually staring down some serious debt in the future. "san francisco examiner" columnist melissa griffin joins us. >> good morning. >> good morning, lovely lady in red. >> one republican described it as a mullet budget? >> reporter: it's conservative in the front and liberal in the back. business in the front, party in the back. what he was referring to was the fact that despite the fact that the budget is balanced there's a tremendous amount of debt that the state owes. yeah, i balanced my checkbook for the month but i still have $850 billion in debt. certainly reason to celebrate because it's better than years past but it's still a problem. for example, the calsters teacher pension fund is $71 billion underfunded and retiree healthcare costs are $64 billion over the next 30 years
6:46 am
and it's not addressed in the budget. the total amount of the wall of debt that you sometimes hear the government refer to is about $850 billion. with a b. so again it's better than the past but don't break out the champagne yet in california. >> pension reform a big issue. governor brown made major strides in that recently but obviously not enough. >> well, yeah, exactly. pension reform was passed last year. it was one of those things where it's clear voters weren't going for prop 30 unless something was done with the state pensions so they passed reform applied to new employees hired. any debt for current employees aren't addressed. retiring costs for all employees isn't addressed. so it didn't do much to dent our current obligations although in the future it's supposed to bring down some of the accrual for the debt that we have outstanding now it didn't do anything. >> you're talking about debt.
6:47 am
apparently there's another measure that the assembly passed that has some opposition now. >> exactly. so saturday, this is the legislature met on saturday, amazing, they passed a -- a constitutional amendment that would allow local governments to pass bonds to -- for infrastructure projects with only 55% of the vote. now, you guys might know based on ballot measures that you see on your own ballots that it usually takes right now two- thirds of the majority votes to pass general obligation bonds. what the assembly did is they approved a bill that would allow the localities to pass those bonds with only 55% of the vote. now, you can imagine republicans went a little nuts over this and said, look, all these bond measures pass now anyway with two-thirds of the vote and we're looking at detroit having serious problems with their obligation bonds. we see stockton having serious problems with their sort of fiscal irresponsibility with bonds. we just should not be lowering this threshold. despite that the assembly passed it along party lines and
6:48 am
it's going to the senate where they will consider it and it will also require two-thirds majority vote there. so debt, debt everywhere. happy monday. >> you got to be impressed that they passed a budget. we didn't have high drama that we have been talking about in years past people pulling all nighters and -- >> so political analysts, this was disappointing budget season. i prefer the drama. but as a resident it's better than in years past. the bar has been set low, having said that. so not too hard to impress californians at this point but let's not break out the champagne yet. >> thank you, melissa. >> you can find more of her segments on 6:48. a national home improvement chain is buying a smaller chain from the bay area. >> here now is kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. >> reporter: good morning. orchard supply and hardware will have a new owner lowe's offering to buy 60 -- at least
6:49 am
60 of its 91 stores for $205 million. this started with a bankruptcy filing from orchard supply and hardware and lowe's offers sets the bottom floor. others can come in and top that bid. it's debatable whether or not that will happen. orchard was spun off from sears holdings early last year. and it is based out of san jose. it would give lowe's a big jump in the california home improvement market. netflix is looking to amp up its animation programming for kids. signing a deal with dreamworks animation for 300 hours of new programming all original. and some of that would be based off dreamworks' hits like "shrek" and "kung fu panda." netflix is seeing some good traction out of its original programming so far in-house of cards and that's its next avenue bringing new shows. its ratings are up based on that. stock is up 5%. off a rough week for wall street the market is rebounding
6:50 am
now. let's look at the big board. dow up 162. nasdaq up 62. s&p up also. >> thank you, kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. time now for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." charlie rose joining us live now from new york. good morning, charlie. >> reporter: good morning. >> we can't hear you, charlie. i'm sure it will be a great show. it starts at 7:00. it will be great. >> we'll see if we can get him back. >> he usually has something to say. [ laughter ] >> like you. >> he is saving it for the big show. [ laughter ] >> all right. >> i have a lot to talk about today. low clouds and fog surging onshore this morning. looks like it is going to break up, though, becoming mostly sunny as we head in toward the afternoon. oh, i guess we're going to -- we're going back to charlie right now. charlie, would you, please, join us? we want to hear what you have to say. >> good morning, charlie.
6:51 am
>> reporter: what happened? >> i don't know. >> reporter: i was just getting ready to tell you some important things and you couldn't hear me. >> it's monday. technical difficulties. >> reporter: good morning. >> good morning to you. >> reporter: here's what we have. john miller on the new revelations about the nsa spying program and this, did russian's president steal a super bowl ring from the owner of the patriots? we have uncovered video from the moment that started this international incident. and from five-star resorts to one-star stopovers, travel editor peter greenburg tells us how the hotel experience is about to change. the news is back until the morning. see you at 7:00. >>thank you, charlie. >> i blame the technical difficulty on you. >> why not? everything else gets blame on the weather guy, right? [ laughter ] >> bring it on. i'm used to it. >> so you have a decent forecast us. >> thank you very much, anne. i look you. you can stick around with us. this michelle character, i don't know! [ laughter ] low clouds and fog surging
6:52 am
onshore. looks like it's thick at the coastline and it's going to be slow to break up and even at the beaches i don't think we'll see much clearing there. so we'll keep you cool at the coast. and well, mostly sunny for the rest of the bay area though by the afternoon but these temperatures going to come down a few degrees and some cooler weather is ahead. high pressure kind of scooting out of the way now. low pressure beginning to drop in out of the gulf of alaska. that will usher in even cooler air for tomorrow. and probably into wednesday. traveling today should become mostly sunny at sfo. no delays expected there. but around the country, we have trouble spots and thunderstorms popping up in several areas into denver, chicago also new york. that could cause some delays there. just hot and humid in houston at 95 degrees. still, around the bay today we'll see temperatures on the mild to warm side. 74 in san jose. 80 morgan hill. about 71 in fremont. east bay temperatures up in the 70s and also the low 80s. inside the bay you will feel that stronger sea breeze today about 62 and cool in san francisco. only about 61 degrees in daly city. next couple of days, it looks like low clouds and fog going
6:53 am
to be on the increase and the temperatures will be cooling down but then weather start to warm up on thursday and friday. all right. let's check the roads with liza battalones. it's been a headache of a drive for all those commuters making the westbound drive leaving the pinole area. we have had delays all morning long because of an earlier accident that happened in the berkeley area. we'll go to live pictures westbound 80 slow from beyond pinole valley road approaching university avenue. that's where crews are cleaning up from this earlier accident involving these two sheriff's vehicles. traffic backed up from pinole valley road approaching the berkeley area. 880/237 interchange, that's really okay so far this morning. drive times are fine for both 880 and 237. if you are driving between the peninsula and san francisco, so far both 101 and 280 are good options. it is crowded at the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights are on. traffic is backed up from about the 880 overcrossing. that's a look at traffic.
6:54 am
we'll have your top stories coming up next. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,, ,,
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6:57 am
jose. the intersection at hillsda and pearl avenues has been one man is dead after a car crashes into several parked cars in south san jose. >> the intersection at hillsdale and pearl avenues is shut down about 2 a.m. there's no word on when things will reopen. and a police chase ended with two contra costa county sheriff's vehicles catching fire. deputies were following a black lexus on i-80 after noticing that it had no license plates, no headlights. the car veered across an embankment in berkeley with thick ice plants and the patrol cars got stuck in those plants and caught fire. the lexus got away. in pacifica, a 10-year-old girl fought off a 6-foot-tall
6:58 am
man she says tried to abduct her. the girl told police the man tried to grab her yesterday afternoon near the pier but she punched the man and was able to get away from him. the girl and her mother went to police and helped them come up with a sketch of the suspect, 30 to 40 years old, 6 feet tall with a stocky build. weather-wise we have fog moving in. >> surging onshore now thick at the coastline. but it's going to break up. most spots will see sun this afternoon. still some patchy fog continuing out toward the immediate coastline. temperatures right now in the 40s and the 50s outside. i think as we look toward the afternoon hours, 50s and 60s coastside. you will still see 70s and maybe low 80s inland. next couple of days well below average and slowly warming up on thursday and friday. drivers on 80 will want to make sure they have a full tank of gas, because traffic is very slow westbound 80 backed up through pinole approaching richmond, berkeley because of the earlier accident.
6:59 am
you make that right hand curve towards the bay bridge toll plaza and this is what awaits you. the metering lights are on. traffic is backed up through the 880 overcrossing. >> lawrence, you're just having too much fun with the ladies. >> yes, i am. >> all right. the new reigning miss u.s.a. has brains and beauty. >> and miss u.s.a. 2013 is connecticut! >> erin brady 25 years old is an accountant from connecticut. she took home the crown in las vegas. she is going to get a new york apartment for a year, plans to quit her job at prudential financial and go on a nationwide speaking tour to raise awareness for breast cancer and ovarian cancer. it is nice to hear a lady that's got something going on upstairs. >> brains and beauty. >> soon she will be anchoring. [ laughter ] >> she will be on the way. >> yup. >> more competition. >> thank you for joining us this morning. next local update is 7:25.
7:00 am
captions by: caption colorado good morning to our viewers in the west. it is monday, june 17th, 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning." there are new allegations of spying on leaders with the united states. >> our jeff glor talks to a one who says she was attacked by classmates at the naval academy. >> did the russian president really steal a super bowl ring from an nfl owner? >> we begin with a look at today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. >> the terms of peace may be negotiated by political leaders but the fate of peace is up to each of us. >> president obama arrives in northern ireland for the


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