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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  June 19, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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addresses the world from berlin this morning. >> patchy fog and breezy. warmer as we look towards summer. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and several high wind advisories in effect on a couple of bridges and a traffic alert in the north bay. your morning commute coming up. good morning. it's wednesday, june 19. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm brian hackney. frank mallicoat is off. 5:00. a retired police chief is coming back to check up on bart police to see if they are making progress on recommended reforms. >> kpix 5 reporter anne makovec is in san francisc this morning. . >> reporter: today they are set to announce a major audit a barometer of the success of this which is a 314-page report on ways to fix a bart police department that has been under a lot of pressure. this is the man who will head
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that assessment up, retired police chief patrick oliver. he is going to be running this assessment, which will begin in july. oliver oversaw the original noble audit report. noble stands for the national organization of black law enforcement executives. these are the key recommendations oliver will be looking at. organization of the system. community engagement, training, patrol priorities, the selection of personnel, employee performance, use of force, and how much bias comes into play as well as international affairs and discipline. the original report was initiated after the killing of oscar grant captured on this cell phone video which ignited a firestorm of controversy over bart police practices. officer johannes mehserle shot grant with his gun after he says he mistook his firearm for his taser on new year's day 2009. so bart police police chief
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rainey will announce this later today. anne makovec, kpix 5. >> this news comes as a movie about oscar grant is about to come out. >> yes. there is a special screening tonight. we have a trailer of that movie called fruitvale station. the screening is at the grand screening in oakland. the movie opened to the public on july 12. some of the big stars will be there like octavia spencer. the film chronicles the final day of oscar grant's life and it won two awards at the sundance film festival. it is very intense. i watched the trailer. it is a coincidence that they
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will be looking at bart's police force when that movie is coming out. >> thank you, anne. president obama is in germany now talking about a wide range of issues including the need to reduce the world's nuclear stockpiles. ♪[ music ] that military ceremony welcomed the president to berlin this morning. he spoke a short while ago about the two countries' needs to work closely together for the sake of the world economy. >> overall, germany is our largest trading partner in the eu so we have a profound stake in each other's success. we agree that there's more work to do. not only do we have to grow, but we also have to reform our economies structurally. >> the president also took time to defend u.s. surveillance programs saying they have averted at least 50 threats and saved lives in the process.
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mr. obama's berlin visit comes almost 50 years to the day it was june 26th, 1963, when president kennedy delivered his anticommunism speech with the well known phrase, "ich bin ein berliner." house republicans want to make it a federal crime to be in the u.s. illegally. a republican-based house economic voted yesterday to pass a bill boosting criminal penalties against anyone who is not a citizen. republicans say the bill is necessary to uphold enforcement of the law. democrats say it's too dangerous and are especially disappointed as the senate plans to work on an immigration bill to provide citizenship for millions of people. developing news on a wildfire along the road at yosemite national park. hundreds of evacuees are home but the carstens fire is still off carstens road and east of 140. the fire is 40% contained.
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it started sunday from a campfire left unattended but not fully extinguished. cal fire says 500 homes are still threatened. evacuations orders for 800 people are in effect. but 700 people were allowed back home last night. flames shoot through the roof of a motel 6 in fairfield after a grass fire quickly spread forcing guests to evacuate. the firefight started just before 7:00 on central place in fairfield just off i-80. cbs reporter nick janes talked with hotel guests who had to scramble. reporter: >> it was bad. you couldn't seen see there was so much smoke, you know, and we saw the flames. >> reporter: police went room to room breaking down doors to make sure everyone had evacuated. as you can imagine, it was pure chaos for motel guests. >> everybody was packing all the things up and started rushing out. there was a guy with puppies. people with dogs. people running out. >> reporter: it's a good thing everyone was out. minutes later the fast moving
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fire fueled by the wind spread from grass and brush to the fairfield motel 6 off i-80. flames were shooting from the roof. one woman visiting from colorado was still shaken up saying she was in her room about to take a shower when her husband started screaming. they ran for the exits. >> there was smoke and it was dirty and broken my skin you know it's kind of not fun, not vacation, you know, trust me. >> reporter: as they were rushing out, firefighters were rushing in trying to get it under control. multiple buildings were threatened as the fire went to a fourth alarm. >> that was nick janes reporting from fairfield. firefighters say the motel 6 roof has fire damage and at least four rooms have severe water damage. the cause of the original grass fire is still under investigation. on the northern edge of benicia firefighters spent the night making sure wildfire didn't flare up again. that fire started at about 2:00 yesterday and strong winds quickly spread across 150 acres in an industrial area near lake
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herman road. the fire was contained at 10:30 last night. a shed burned but no one was injured. all right. now time for the most important element of the newscast as far as lawrence and i are concerned. >> exactly. brian knows what it's all about. >> i thought we were tossing to traffic. >> that could be. [ laughter ] it's windy out there now again. of course fire is a concern things dry but right now we are starting out with breezy conditions. it will be picking up but not quite as windy as yesterday. still some patchy fog at the immediate coastline. the temperatures now running in the 50s, cool in the north bay valleys into the upper 40s. winds kicking up again 20 miles per hour to the west at sfo already to 12 in san francisco. 15 into oakland. so the breeze continuing making its way across the bay area and will likely pick up in the afternoon hours. slow warming for today. yesterday we topped out in the mid-70s. i think today may be a few degrees warmer maybe as much as
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one to three degrees above yesterday's highs. about 77 degrees in santa rosa. 73 in san jose. and should warm up to 63 but still breezy into san francisco. speaking of roads and that very important traffic, let's go there with liz right now. >> i tried to raise my hand, that's right, that's right, traffic very important this time of the morning, especially in marin county. northbound 101 we have a better location on this accident now. a member of the kcbs phone force, simon let us know about this accident northbound 101 just past the novato dump. so pg&e has to get out there. they are working to repair a power line that was actually damaged a power pole damaged in this earlier crash. so we're not seeing much of a delay. it is counter commute. southbound looks okay from petaluma into novato. otherwise, southbound 101 along the peninsula starting to see some delays now approaching hillsdale boulevard. this accident is on the shoulder but there may be
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activity. chp is on scene. no major injuries. slow past highway 92. a live look at a couple of traffic cameras, this is the san mateo bridge and the right side of your screen is the commute direction. no delay heading out towards the high-rise but that high wind advisory issued by chp remains in effect at this hour. that's a check of traffic. back to you guys. a singer who went on an anti-gay rant during a bay area concert is invited back to san francisco. michelle shocked will perform june 30th the same day as san francisco's gay pride parade. >> on a day that's supposed to be celebrating our fighting back against homophobia he puts her up on a stage. i don't know what the thinking was. >> the publisher of the "san francisco examiner" sf weekly and the guardian invited shocked to do a free concert so she can explain what happened when she made a homophobic rant at yoshi's. he is now trying to line up a venue. a man who coached high
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school in richmond a facing charges of sex crimes against girls. 51-year-old barron edwards was arrested last month on 16 felony counts involving two allege victims. more charges were added yesterday involving a third girl. his bail was increased to $34 million because of the new charges. suspected serial killer joseph naso cross-examined witnesses in a marin county courtroom yesterday. the 79-year-old is representing himself. he is accused of killing four women between 1977 and 1994. he faces the death penalty if he is convicted. san jose is filing a lawsuit against major league baseball over mlb's refusal to decide whether the as can move to the city. the lawsuit challenges mlb90- year exemption to antitrust laws. the city says it's missing out on millions of dollars in lost revenue. the big holdup san francisco giants' refusal to share
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territorial rights to santa clara county. those rights were granted in the 1990s during the giants' failed attempt to move to san jose. >> we don't think territorial rights should be in existence here in america. we believe in competition. >> similar lawsuits against major league baseball in seattle and st. petersburg, florida, resulted in settlements. those cities were both awarded teams. 5:11. dreamliner diverted. why another boeing 787 had to make an emergency landing. >> plus, not so friendly. the profanity-laced receipt served up to one customer on father's day. >> yikes. and caught on camera. the best dressed case of road rage after a break. he just said it's bi how big? really big. tell him to send a pic. noo!! ok...
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two men dressed in white sh and ties get in a full on b in l-a. take a look at quite the case of road rage. two men dressed in white shirts and ties get in a full-on brawl. this is in l.a. take a look. witnesses say the two drivers had just gotten off the 405 freeway when one man got out of his car and hit the driver of a bmw. well, the man who allegedly started it all, get this, is an attorney. and police arrested him. he now faces battery charges.
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maybe out of a job, too, who knows? that's just not -- i mean, why. >> not very nice. >> not nice, right? >> used to battling in the courtroom and took it to the road. who knows? >> hopefully no road rage this morning, elizabeth. >> nothing like that. crazy stuff. they need to listen to classical music in the morning. relax. yeah, chill out, out there. there's no big hot spots on the road. one earlier traffic alert we just got off the phone with chp, it's gone now so now all lanes are back open. northbound 101 the accident was past the novato duchess out in marin county. they had to work to fix a power pole in the area but all lanes are now back open. no delay in either direction between petaluma and novato. westbound 580 we are seeing a little bit of slowing coming out of the altamont pass. it started early. chp also has a high wind advisory in effect this morning for the altamont pass, san mateo bridge and the bay bridge. that eastbound roadwork through the livermore valley is all cleared now. highway 4 we had an earlier crash approaching hillcrest and antioch. that's now gone so no big
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delays coming off the antioch bridge and mass transit looks great. no delays for bart systemwide. we had issues for bart yesterday during the evening commute but now good to go. muni, caltrain and ace train 1 a good start. outside live traffic cameras. 101 and mckee, looks different than the first time we showed you this traffic shot about a half hour ago. headlights northbound starting to get busier out there towards santa clara. one more camera, a live look at the commute westbound 580 closer towards the dublin interchange. obviously all these headlights that's the heavier traffic the commute direction and so far the drive time is about 20 to 25 minutes coming out of the altamont pass towards dublin. that's a check of your "timesaver traffic." for the latest on your forecast, i was checking in with lawrence earlier, still windy out there. >> still breezy around parts of the bay area and picking up throughout the day today. it will be some improved
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weather outside. if you are stepping out the door mostly clear in the valleys, patchy fog inside the bay and out toward the coastline, the temperatures generally in the 50s. by the afternoon, becoming mostly sunny, breezy in the bay. temperatures in the 60s, low 70s. a little bit warmer inland. some places into the upper 70s and 60s cool and breezy out toward the coastline with a few patches of fog. low pressure passing to our north will continue to cruise through for today so it's going to kick up winds once again and keep the temperatures down but after today, some gradual warming really in the next couple of days and as we head in towards summer, the first day starting on thursday night, looks like we'll see some warmer weather on the way. temperatures into the 80s into the central valley. you see about 80 degrees in yosemite and sunny skies there. 62 degrees, partly cloudy into the monterey bay. around our bay we'll see those winds kicking up in the afternoon, still 73 degrees and sunshine in san jose. 71 in milpitas. 61 degrees in pacifica. east bay temperatures running up into the 70s into livermore. about 79 one of the warmest spots in brentwood and 76 in
5:18 am
the napa valley. inside the bay you will feel the sea breeze. 63 degrees in san francisco. 60 in daly city and 70 in oakland by the afternoon. by the way, if you want to check out the game, the giants at 12:45 today it will be breezy and mild playing the padres and about 65 degrees. looks like the next couple of days we'll start to warm those temperatures up and as we head into the first weekend of summer, at least the first half going to feel like it, but by sunday the clouds roll back in. temperatures cooling off as we head in toward next week, as well. >> nice weekend, though. >> should be a nice weekend at least saturday should be very nice. >> thank you. a problem with an oil filter disrupted a flight from denver to texas. the boeing plane was -- tokyo. the boeing plane was diverted from seattle. nobody was injured. the faa is investigating. >> i tried to be calm and play cards with my sister but that didn't calm me down. >> i did not enjoy it as much as she did. no. i was navy and saw a lot of
5:19 am
plane crashes and didn't want to see another one with me in it. >> that would be unsettling. the plane dumped fuel before landing in seattle. passenger took pictures of fuel streaming from the wing of the plan. look at this. that's fuel coming out of the wing of the plane. >> suggest don't want to see inside a plane. >> no. but it all ended safely. authorities in ohio say a woman was held captive by three people who forced her to do housework, raided her bank account and even threatened her with snakes. two men and a woman were charged with forced labor in ashland yesterday. police first got involved when the mentally impaired woman was charged with shoplifting a candy bar and asked to be jailed because the three people had been mean to her. the victim's young daughter was also held. >> she is victims were repeatedly ex--- these victims were repeatedly exposed to sub subhuman treatment. >> the suspects were ordered to
5:20 am
jail until a bond hearing on monday. friendly's sports bar didn't live up to its name and ruined one missouri man's father's day. he called the 21 and over sports bar ahead of time to check to see if it was okay to bring his underaged son. the bar said they would make the exception and everything was okay. until this. the receipt they got had a profane message written on it. >> it was truly just a joke between the cook and the waitress because when i asked about it, the waitress said that they were very nice. >> and i was highly offended. he said if you are highly offended the actions taken, don't come back. then i got hung up on. >> i don't know what the profane message was but it must have been profane. the bar owner has since apologized to the customer. >> it wasn't nice. we know that. 5:20.
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a couple of sig alerts. high wind advisories on the bay bridge one for the bay bridge and san mateo bridge. we'll let you know how the rest of your commute is going. "timesaver traffic" is coming up in about 10 minutes. in basketball, the nba's top two teams are taking it to the limit going to the seventh and deciding game of the championship series. it's excitement. the miami heat came from behind at home last night to avoid elimination and beat the san antonio spurs in overtime. final score was 103 to 100. the series is tied up at three games apiece. game 7 is set for tomorrow night also in south florida. the oakland as have the best record in baseball since may 11 at 25-11. in texas last night, john jayso gave the as a three-run lead. the as never gave up the lead. parker allowed two runs in
5:25 am
seven innings. the as are at texas again tonight. the giants had to come from behind to stop san diego's seven-game winning streak. brandon belt drove in the tying run in the 8th inning and juan perez slapped a single to right to score belt. perez's batting .421 in his seven games with the giants. the giants beat the padres 5-4. they will play again at at&t this afternoon. and our play of the day. check it out. the milwaukee brewers' carlos gomez with this one. over the shoulder catch. one of the best of the baseball season, right? it robbed the astros' jason castro of extra bases but houston won at home big time 10- 1. but check that out. he did a little flip. >> yes, beautifully done. a little reminder -- [ indiscernible ] >> not bad. 25 minutes after 5:00 right now. a chain store war. how a chipotle is cooking up controversy in one bay area
5:26 am
neighborhood. >> and an unusual hero in an east bay manhunt. how a man with a chainsaw helped catch a carjacking suspect. >> and how a bart police force has improved. an assessment to find out. tell you about it next. ,, i wouldn't change anything about the last 10 years
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my heart was beating. >> a man with a chainsaw out with a carjacking suspect. >> imagine coming face to face with a suspected carjacker that police had been searching for, for hours. >> it was bad. you couldn't see because of the smoke. >> a fast-moving fire tears through a bay area motel. >> as you can imagine, it was pure chaos for motel guests. >> it's not vacation, you know, trust me. >> it is clear we are not going
5:30 am
to get an answer. >> city of san jose is suing to get the as. >> there was also a massive movement in oakland to keep them over there. >> president obama wraps up his trip to europe today with a final stop in germany. >> a day that's supposed to be celebrating our fighting back against homophobia he puts her up on a stage. >> people are wondering, will she show up? >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning. >> carlos gomez! >> good morning, everyone. it's wednesday, june 19. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm brian hackney. frank is off this morning. time now 5:30. in the news this morning, bart is bringing back a retired police chief to take a hard look at its police force. >> kpix 5 reporter anne makovec is in san francisco this morning with key issues and new assessment of how bart police do their jobs. good morning, anne. >> reporter: good morning. and the mission is to figure out how much of this assessments which was released in 2010 has been implemented
5:31 am
since then in the bart system. here's the man that's going to be in charge of that assessments. that will be announced today. retired police chief patrick oliver. the assessment will begin in july. oliver oversaw the original noble audit report. "noble" stands for the national organization of black law enforcement executives. these are the key recommendations he is going to be looking at: organization of the system, community engagement, training, patrol priorities, the selection of personnel, employee performance, use of force, how much bias comes into place as well as internal affairs and discipline. the original report was initiated after the killing of oscar grant captured on this cell phone video which ignited a firestorm of controversy over bart police practices. officer johannes mehserle shot grant with his gun after he says he mistook his firearm for his taser on new year's day
5:32 am
back in 2009. but bart police chief kenton rainey is going to be announcing this new assessment today and we'll have the latest for you today at noon on kpix 5. live in san francisco, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> the new assessment comes as a movie about the oscar grant killing makes its debut in theaters this weekend. that film is called fruitvale station and it chronicles oscar grant's final days. new this morning, a report reveals just how safe and unsafe bridges are across the country. every day drivers take 260 million trips over structurally deficient bridges. that doesn't mean they'll collapse, but it does mean that they require significant maintenance. more than one in nine bridges needs repairs. the federal highway administration estimates that repairs would cost $76 billion. the report comes less than a month after the may collapse of a washington state bridge over
5:33 am
the skagit river. that bridge is set to reopen today. crews have been working round the clock on a replacement since an 18-wheeler hit a bridge beam causing it to collapse. two other vehicles dropped into the water. amazingly, nobody was killed in that incident. and a fast-moving grass fire is the reason that nobody spent the night at a motel 6 in fairfield. embers from a small grass fire blew on the building at 7 p.m. the roof caught fire. firefighters went room to room knocking down doors to make sure everybody was out. they did get out safely for the most part including a guest from colorado who was about to take a shower weather her husband yelled to her to get -- when her husband yelled to her to get out. >> there was smoke and dirty and not fun. it's not vacation, you know? trust me. >> doesn't sound like t everybody got out safely. the fire also threatened other buildings along interstate 80 at the suisun valley road exit. >> we always talk about the winds and how they fan the flames in these fires. it's a little windy today.
5:34 am
>> you know, this time of year it gets very breezy in the afternoon. of course we'll see some winds 20 to 30 miles an hour gusts again. not as windy as yesterday. outside still breezy in spots. patchy fog at the coastline. temperatures now holding in the 50s. looks like we'll see winds kicking up again. still sustained about 20 miles per hour at sfo. 12 in san francisco. 15 into oakland. you have some winds also blowing into parts of the north bay and in through the delta so we'll see winds picking up of course into the afternoon. that afternoon sea breeze will keep the temperatures down but still maybe slightly warmer than yesterday where we topped out only in the mid-70s today. maybe one with to three degrees warmer. 74 expected in livermore, 73 san jose, and 63 degrees and breezy in san francisco. we'll have more on your weather coming up. let's check the roads with elizabeth. thanks, lawrence. sadly we have just confirmed with chp this accident in san mateo is a fatal crash. southbound 101 around hillsdale
5:35 am
boulevard exit. all lanes are open so the car ran off the road and chp says they don't think they will have to block lanes while the investigation and the clearing the accident now. but again they don't think they will have to block a lane later on in the morning commute. so southbound 101 we're not seeing any big delays but the accident is a fatal one. all right. elsewhere westbound 580 kind of sluggish already this morning coming out of the altamont pass and through the livermore valley. not helping matters is a stall in the westbound lanes approaching north greenville. and we also had an earlier crash in antioch approaching hillcrest. that's backed up the morning commute pretty significantly. red traffic sensors from "a" street. once you get towards pittsburg and bay point, then things improve. and a quick look update at the bay bridge toll plaza. no metering lights yet. we are starting to see a few delays some minor ones in a couple of the cash lanes and chp issued high wind advisory for here and the san mateo bridge still in effect. that is traffic. back to you guys.
5:36 am
>> thank you. a tree trimmer used his chainsaw to distract the suspected carjacker and help end a massive manhunt in the oakland hills. it all happened yesterday in the area of golf links road and mountain boulevard. kpix 5's juliette goodrich was first on the scene and she talked to the man who came face to face with that suspect. >> then i see this guy over there. and he, you know, says, come here. and i thought it was a cop. >> reporter: it wasn't a cop. it was a suspected carjacker hiding from the cops after a high-speed chase from san leandro to oakland. victor happened to be trimming trees in the area. >> he called me again and i come to him and he asked me if i have a phone. >> reporter: the suspect abandoned the stolen car along 580 and golf links road. after they ditched the car, they took off on foot. one of the suspects was arrested immediately. the other took off running up this hill and was hiding in those bushes. >> my heart was beating so --
5:37 am
>> reporter: the suspect asked victor again if he had a phone. does it amaze you that there were cops all over this neighborhood and yet you're having a face-to-face conversation with a suspected carjacker? >> it felt like in a movie. >> reporter: cops nearby searching just feet away. victor told the suspect he didn't have a phone. and he pretended to keep on working. did you behind behind a tree to call 911? >> yeah. this big tree, i pretended to be cutting branches and went kind of behind it kept my chainsaw revved up. >> reporter: after he discreetly called police, cops found the suspect hiding in a neighbor's bush nearby and arrested him. juliette goodrich, kpix 5. >> the reward has grown to more than $30,000 to catch an east bay killer. 22-year-old was shot after a fender-bender accident in north oakland a week ago. the victim's car was hit when he pulled over shot by the man in the second car.
5:38 am
the suspect car was a late model four-door silver sedan. the taliban is now claiming responsibility for a deadly attack on the bagram air base in afghanistan. this is file video of the base near kabul. four nato coalition members were killed there yesterday when a rocket hit the air field. it happened just hours after the taliban agreed to hold peace talks. afghanistan president hamid karzai now says he will not pursue peace talks with the taliban unless the u.s. steps out of the negotiations and the taliban stops the violent attacks. president obama is in germany right now discussing several topics. these are live pictures from berlin where the president has just wrapped up his speech and apparently is being serenaded by a violin soloist. some of the topics included the node to reduce the world's nuclear stockpiles. obama has now departed his hotel for the brandenberg gate. he will be speaking again shortly. ♪[ music ]
5:39 am
>> a military ceremony that one welcomed the president to berlin earlier today. he spoke a short while ago about the u.s. and germany's need to work closely together for the sake of the world economy. >> overall germany is our largest trading partner in the eu so we have a profound stake in each other's success. we agreed there's more work to do. not only do we have to grow, but we also have to reform our economies structurally. >> the president also took time to defend u.s. surveillance programs saying they have averted at least 50 threats and saved lives in the process. mr. obama's visit to berlin comes almost 50 years to the day june 26th, 1963, sense president kennedy delivered that famous anticommunism speech with the well known phrase "ich bin ein berliner," which michelle will translate as. >> i am a berliner.
5:40 am
president obama is once again defending sweeping surveillance programs run by the nsa. he says at least 50 threats had been averted in the u.s. and other countries. the president's statements come a day after the national security agency's head testified on capitol hill. army general keith alexander said dozens of plots were thwarted with the help of the u.s.'s controversy surveillance program and one of the plots was directed at the new york stock exchange. >> i would much rather be here today debating this point than trying to explain how we failed to prevent another 9/11. >> alexander said the resent leaks have done irreparable damage to the nation's ability to find more terror plots in the future. california's big city mayors will converge in sacramento today. san jose mayor chuck reed, san francisco mayor ed lee are among those meeting with governor brown. they will discuss jobs, the economy, education and how his state budget will impact their
5:41 am
cities. checking bay area news this morning, you have two opportunities today to comment on proposed pg&e rate hikes. the state public utilities commission will hold public hearings at 2:00 this afternoon and at 7 p.m. this evening. both hearings will be at the alfred alquist building in san jose. richmond will become the first city in contra costa county to ban plastic bags at grocery and other retail stores. customers will be able to buy those paper bags for a nickel each or you can just bring your own bags. the law is set to begin new year's day 2014. los angeles is the largest city where the plastic bag ban is now in effect. the ban started yesterday and doesn't just include grocery bags. a new ordinance will gradually ban plastic bags in big retail chains with groceries like target and walmart. customers can bring their own reusable bags or pay a 10-cent fee for each paper bag. they add up. >> one of the stories we did once, we went up the petaluma river near the landfill up
5:42 am
there and there were millions of plastic bags in the landfill blowing in the breeze. that's one of the reasons they are doing it. coming up at 5:42, there's trouble for test l.a. the recall affecting hundreds of model s cars. >> she has been called brave for undergoing double mastectomy it avoid breast cancer. the singer who is criticizing angelina jolie for her decision. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:43 am
have a good night. here you go. you, too.
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potentially have a weak bra that holds the left h the famed bay area lexus carmaker tesla issued a recall of 800 model s cars. they could have a weak bracket that holds the left hand seat. the cars were made between may 10 and june 8 of this year. there have been no customer complaints or injuries. u.s. stock futures are mixed in light trading this morning. the dow is down but the nasdaq is up slightly. ashley morrison of joins us with more. >> reporter: good morning. wall street investors are still optimistic the federal reserve will continue its stimulus program. tuesday the dow was up 130 points. the nasdaq rose 30. today is the day investors will finally hear from fed chief ben bernanke. he will answer questions after the federal reserve's two-day
5:46 am
meeting ends. investors are looking for an update on the state of the economy and they want some clarity about just how long the fed will continue to keep interest rates low. a standoff between chrysler and the federal government ends with chrysler agreeing to recall millions of its jeeps. affected are 2.7 million jeep grand cherokees from model years 1993 through 2004. and jeep liberties from 2002 through 2007. the national highway traffic safety administration determined the gas tanks could run hour and erupt in flames in rear end crashes. 51 people have died in fiery crashes. chrysler will install a trailer hitch on jeeps that don't already have one to absorb the force in collections. and starbucks is -- in collisions. starbucks will post calorie counts on its menu boards across the country. it comes ahead of a federal regulation that would have required it.
5:47 am
also in california, calorie counts are already posted at starbucks but if you are wondering a small caramel frappucino has 300 calories and a blueberry scone has 460. >> if you walk to starbucks, you can order whatever you want because you're walk them off. >> reporter: there you go. i like how you think. a lot. >> i'm there. >> what if i didn't walk? >> eight miles away, that's probably a good theory. >> you can still get it. you're walking to the -- you're still walking to the elevator. ashley morrison of, have a great wednesday. san francisco's castro neighborhood doesn't need another food chain setting up shop at least that's what the planning commission says. according to "the examiner," they are planning to block a chipotle chain from moving into the former site of home restaurants on church and market. it comes down to this. if chipotle were to open it would violate a city policy that restricts the number of chains in the neighborhood.
5:48 am
major flight disruption at denver international airport yesterday. >> fairly close to home for michelle. a twister touched down at denver international airport making its way across runways sending passengers to take cover in stairwells and in bathrooms. flights were diverted during the storm. the tornado passed without causing any damage or injuries. but that is close to where you still have a house in denver? >> i still have a house in denver and the renters say everything is okay. no damage am but my mother-in- law called and said hey, there's a tornado touching down near your house. >> okay. [ laughter ] >> have a nice day! >> do you have a basement? >> yes. >> oh, good. there's a basement. >> and at the airport there are tornado shelters so everyone is -- >> nobody was hurt. >> all fun and games. >> it's common in the area. >> we don't get those here very often. >> lawrence grew up in salinas and i grew up in hollister and we get earthquakes. >> i did is he a micro tornado in salinas one time. but today we are going to see some winds kicking up around the bay area, breezy at times
5:49 am
this morning. we are seeing winds early on. looks like in the afternoon blustery in spots especially at the coastline. looks like the winds will be kicking up throughout the day today. we'll squeeze in the although the although, some milder weather. maybe a few degrees warmer and, hey, summer arrives on thursday at 10:04 p.m. can you believe it? yeah. we are seeing an end to spring. looks like that low passing to our north will continue to track on by for today as it moves on through, looks like the winds will start to subside tomorrow. we'll see some gradual warming beginning today and over the next couple of days. we'll see some warmer weather on the way. at sfo, not expecting any delays there. mostly clear just a bit breezy. 66 degrees. around the country should be a good travel day although houston looking at the possibility of some thunderstorms but sunny and 95 in denver. 68 chicago. 77 partly cloudy into new york. around the bay today, we'll see temperatures running up to 73 degrees in san jose. 77 in morgan hill. 60s and breezy at the coastline and through the mountain gaps.
5:50 am
east bay temperatures mid-70s, maybe even some upper 70s into antioch and brentwood and then inside the bay you will see a breeze continuing 63 degrees should be mostly sunny into san francisco. and about 70 degrees in oakland. hey, you know, we have the alameda county fair kicking off today in pleasanton. it should be sunny and mild a good day to check it out. they have all that good food out there, as well. temperatures in the next couple of days will be warming up as we head into the first weekend of summer then cooling down with more clouds on the way on sunday. all right. let's check the roads now with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. we are still watching this fatal accident southbound 101 at hillsdale boulevard. so this is coming into san mateo. so we have been on and off the phone with chp gathering more details. it was a driver around 4:08 this morning had some sort of medical emergency and ran off the roadway. so here's some video taken moments ago at the scene and you can see all these police cars. chp is all off to the right- hand shoulder. so even though the investigation continues, they are waiting for the corner to
5:51 am
arrive. all the activity is happening out of lanes. so we are not seeing a huge delay. there may be some looky-loo traffic though causing a few brake lights. let's get a check of the westbound 580 or here's a look at the san mateo bridge. the san mateo bridge is moving okay this morning. we still have high wind advisory in effect and in fact chp just alerted us again that that wind advisory is also in effect for the bay bridge and the altamont pass. now we'll get a check of the westbound 580 commute where it is particularly heavy this morning out of the altamont pass and all the way through the livermore valley. we still have a stall blocking one lane. that is your latest "timesaver traffic." back to you guys. >> thank you. the republican led house has passed an anti-abortion bill. the measure to restrict abortions to the first 20 weeks after conception has no future in the democratic-led senate and the white house has issued a veto threat but it could
5:52 am
still have political impact in next year's republican primaries and in future court battles challenging the 1973 supreme court decision affirming a woman's right to abortion. breast cancer survivor melissa etheridge is commenting about angelina jolie's recent decision to undergo a double mastectomy. she said she wouldn't call it the brave choice. the rocker revealed she too has the same gene mutation because call jolie's decision not something i could believe in for myself. etheridge was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004 says she has been cancer-free now for nine years. time now 5:52. checking in again an owl family gives guests a hoot at a bay area hotel. >> and continuing a whimsical theme, cap'n crunch a fraud? the controversy over the famous kids cereal box character coming up. to work, school, practice, dance class, shopping, and more.
5:53 am
so do something nice for it.
5:54 am
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charge ahead of the rest in the hov lane. ♪ the move effectively define million americans as having medical condit size, the american pled association has voted to declare obesity as a disease. 90million americans now have a disease that requires treatment. yesterday's vote came after much debate. some say the action will do more to help effective patients get useful treatment. others fear it will stigmatize the disease which can have many causes. this story comes from the file of it's 5:55 and you're probably eating breakfast. from captain category 1ch to commander crunch -- cap'n crunch to commander crunch. he has been demoted. the captain wears three stripes on his sleeves instead of four! four stripes would be a captain, three strikes breaks down it to a commander. the captain responded on
5:56 am
twitter saying of course i'm a cap'n. it's the crunch not the clothes that make the man. >> commander crunch? >> it's not bad, either. but whatever. maybe he needs a new artist. they're back. and they are a hoot. >> the barn owls family have checked back into the marriott. they return every year hatching four babies on the balcony outside a room nicknamed the hoot suite. appropriate nickname there. to celebrate the return, children staying at the hotel want their own personal owl could have one of these and inside room 1149 guests get a stuffed animal to remember the experience. that's cool. >> it's a real hoot. the next half hour, a shocking invitation. a singer known for her anti-gay rant is performing a concert in the last place you would expect. >> plus, a grass fire spreads
5:57 am
to a bay area motel. the rush to get guests to safety. >> reporter: how has bart changed since the killing of oscar grant? plus the interesting coincidence on the date of the announcement when we come back. ,[ woman ] hey! [ man ] hey, louis!
5:58 am
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6:00 am
the race to get guests out. >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald how has the bart police department changed since the killing of oscar grant? that's the folks -- that is the focus of a new assessments being decided today. >> the fast-moving fire and race to get guest out of a motel 6. >> fog and winds around the bay area. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and the metering lights were just turned on at the bay bridge toll plaza. so we're seeing big delays. we'll let you know how far it stacked up coming up. >> good mo


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