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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  June 21, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> pelley: tonight, edward snowden is now a wanted man. the u.s. has filed criminal charges agai him for l two of america's biggest secrets. bob orr has the breaking news. two jets fly much too close over the skies of new york city. terrell brown on how it happened. we've learned that the c.i.a. has joined the syrian civil war, training the rebels. david martin has the breaking news. a surprise discovery of highly radioactive waste in washington state. ben traceo where it's coming from. and steve hartman "on the road" with joe cymeras. the plight of the homeless moved him to sheer charity. >> they're my family. they really are my family.
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this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. we're beginning with breaking news that we've just confirmed in the newsroom. th ernment is bringing criminal charges, including charges of espionage, against edward snowden. snowden, as you will recall, is the former n.s.a. contract employee who exposed two of the government's top secret surveillance programs, one that collected the phone records of millions of americans and the other that monitored internet traffic. bob orr is in our washington bureau tonight. bob, what do you know? >> reporter: scott, just in the past several minutes, a couple of law enforcement sources have told us that indeed, former n.s.a. contractor edward snowden, as you mentioned, has now been officially charged in the n.s.a. leaks case. this is a case that is still under seal so the charges are not being presented publicly. snowden, who is believed to still be in hong kong somewhere,
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we're told is being charged with, among other things, espionage, and also the theft of government property relating to files he apparently took from the n.s.a. snowden, who was a contractor at the time, identified himself as the source of the leaked documents. he gave them to the "gardennian" newspaper, a british newspaper and the "washington post." and the leaks among other things detailed programs that the n.s.a. sweeps up vast amount of telephone data. u.s. officials have asked hong kong authorities to detain and but we don't know his status or whether or not he has been taken into custody. this is just a criminal complaint filed under seal. our understanding is the justice department has 60 days to file a more important indictment. >> pelley: espionage, one of the more serious charges he could have been charged with. bob, thank you very much. it looks like the era of record- low interest rates is on borrowed time. rates are starting to rise again.
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that's exactly what wall street feared when the chairman of the federal reserve said that the economy had improved enough for the fed to ease back on one of its stimulus programs. the dow lost 559 points in the two days after that announcement. it stabilized today, gaining 41 points. it's not just the stock market. anthony mason tells us higher interest rates are also affecting the housing market. >> one of the things i love about this house most is the kitchen. >> reporter: in dumont, new jersey, 30-year-old jeremy mcdonald decided he couldn't wait any longer to jump into the housing market. >> and now, you know, that the prices are starting to trickle up a little bit, it's a good time to get in there because i know the market is not going down anywhere. >> reporter: realtor kelly weber said in the past few months it's suddenly become a sellers' market. >> they're starting to get over asking prices. >> reporter: weber says two forces are combining to drive up prices.
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>> inventory is low and you have buyers wanting to get in before the rates start creeping further up which is creating this frenzy. >> reporter: mortgage rates have already risen .3% of a point in the past week. that's increased the payment on by about $38 a month, to $1080. but fed chairman ben bernanke said this week, that's a sign the economy is improving. >> if interest rates go up for the right reasons, that's a good thing. that's not a bad thing. >> reporter: and higher rates could encourage banks to lend more, says mortgage industry analyst ric sharga. >> one of the biggest problems consumers have today is the unavailability of credit. it's very difficult to get a mortgage loan. as interest rates go up it will intent the bankers to mike more of these loans and it should be easier for consumers to get loans to buy the houses they want. >> reporter: despite the recent run-up, mortgage rates are still
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near the recent lows, but it's predicted they will hit 4.7% by the end of next year. >> pelley: the f.a.a. is investigating a near miss involving two delta jetliners that were on a collision course over new york city. it happened thursday of last week, and terrell brown is looking into it for us. >> reporter: delta flight 172, a boeing 747 from tokyo, was on final approach to new york's john f. kennedy airport. high winds forced the pilot to request a go-around, which is an aborted landing. delta 172 was then instructed by the control tower to turn left to stay out of the potentially dangerous wake turbulence of another plane that had just departed. at the same time, an embraer 170, operating as a delta connection flight bound for jacksonville, florida, had just departed from laguardia airport and was flying directly towards delta 172. in air traffic recordings a
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controller can be heard alerting the pilot of delta 172. 172, are you turning? >> yes, sir, we're almost at 040 now. >> dealt >> 172, are you turning? >> yes, sir, we're almost at 040 now. >> dealt a172, traffic 12:00. 1400 feet, embraer, 1600 feet. >> reporter: both planes turned in front of each other and at their closest were separated by just a half mile horizontally and 200 feet vertically. this violated the minimum required separation of three miles horizontally and 1,000 feet vertically. mark rosenker is the former chairman of the ntsb, and cbs transportation analyst. >> that was extremely close, unacceptably close. however, with that said, what you saw was incredible professionalism by the pilots of both aircraft pup saw professionalism with the air traffic controller, and you also saw the technological intervention to warn both pilots that there was an impending collision. >> reporter: according to f.a.a. data, there were nearly 1900 of these so-called near miss incidents in 2011. and, scott, 55 of them were
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considered a category a, the most serious type. >> pelley: terrell brown at j.f.k. thanks, terrell. we learned today the c.i.a. is involved in the syrian civil war. the vicious conflict began more than two years ago when rebels rose up against the dictatorship of bashar al-assad. more than 90,000 people have been killed, and more than a million have been forced from their homes. last week, the obama administration said it would start arming the rebels, but david martin has found u.s. assistance started long ago. david, what do you know? >> reporter: scott, since late last year, the c.i.a. has been training syrian rebels at secret bases in turkey and jordan. the training has included the use of antitank and anti- aircraft weapons which have been provided by arab countries and which the rebels say they badly need in order to counter the firepower of the syrian army. but so far, you'd have to say the training hasn't succeeded since in the past several weeks, the tide of battle has turned in
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favor of the government forces. >> pelley: david martin at the pentagon. david, thank you very much. today the white house said president obama may meet with nelson mandela's family when mr. obama visits south africa eight days from now. mr. obama calls mandela one of his personal heroes. mandela is 94 now and has been in the hospital for two weeks fighting a lung inflection. the man who succeeded him as president said mandela's health is improving and one of mandela's grandsons said he expects him to be released soon. correspondent debora patta is in pretoria, south africa, for us tonight. debora, they say he is improving. what's the information that you have? >> reporter: what we are hearing, scott, is completely at odds with statements from former south african president. our sources tell us that nelson mandela's kidney and liver is functioning at 50%, that he had
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to have a procedure to repair a bleeding ulcer and another one to insert a tube. we're told he hasn't opened his eyes for days, that he is unresponsive, and we also understand that nelson mandela's family is discussing just how much medical intervention is enough for a man who is old and, clearly, very sick. >> pelley: and you've uncovered a great deal more about the night he was taken to the hospital. tell us about that. >> reporter: we now know that on that night, scott, nelson mandela went to cardiac arrest and had to be resuscitated. he was then taken in a military ambulance to pretoria from his johannesburg home. during that journey, the vehicle brokedown, and nelson mandela very sick had to wait over 40 minutes before another ambulance arrived. the south african government has confirmed there was engine failure but they say great care was taken to ensure his health was not compromised. however, cardiologists we spoke to say any delay, particularly at that age, could have had an
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impact on his condition. >> pelley: debora patta outside the hospital this evening. debora, thank you. millions of americans depend on congress to pass what's called the farm bill. it spends about half a trillion dollars on programs that include subsidies to farmers and food stamps for the poor. usually, support is broad, and passage assured, so it was quite a surprise last night when the house voted it down, which made us want to ask bob schieffer, our chief washington correspondent and anchor of "face the nation," what's going on? bob? >> reporter: well, i'll tell you, scott, republican house speaker john boehner thought that he had the votes to pass the farm bill, but a group of younger republicans turned on him. they thought it was too expensive, at the last minute and the bill both democrats and republicans wanted was defeated. it's the same thing that's
5:41 pm
happened on other deals. boehner thought he had the votes to pass, but didn't. what's going on here is there are a group of newer and very conservative republicans who see no need to fall in line with their leaders and no penalty for defying them. they're literally out of control, at least out of the speaker's control. it's not the way washington used to operate. and what is worrying people on all sides here is that if this doesn't change, it may be difficult, if not impossible to pass anything. >> pelley: bob, we'll be watching you on sunday. thank you very much. on "face the nation" sunday, bob will be talking about immigration reform with senators dianne feinstein and jeff sessions. there is a place where more people are arrested for smuggling milk than drugs. and why the leak of radioactive waste in washington state may be worse than we thought when the cbs evening news continues. qlr [ female announcer ] arms were made for hugging.
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5:45 pm
be radioactive waste leaking from a tank at the hanford nuclear reservation. the double-shelled tank, known as ay102, already had been leaking from its inner container into the hollow safety space between the tank's two walls. now for the first time, radioactive material may have leaked outside of the tank into the ground. contaminated rainwater was found in the leak detection pit. tom carpenter heads an environmental watchdog group focused on hanford's nuclear waste. he said mean single-walled tanks have been leaking for years. >> a third of she's tanks have failed already, one-third, 67, 68 of these tanks. they've leak aid million gallons and there is more to come. >> reporter: most of hanfords 177 tanks were built in the 1940s when the facility opened to provide atomic materials for the manhattan project. 56 million gallons of radioactive and chemical waste are stored at the site. this winter, engineers discovered six new leaks of radioactive material from underground tanks.
5:46 pm
the department of energy, which runs hanford, plans to clean it up by pumping the waste out of the tanks, mixing it with liquid glass, and sealing it in steel containers. yet, ay102, which holds some of the worst waste at the site and may not be leaking, would not be pumped out until the year 2019. washington's governor says the cleanup now needs to be fast tracked. >> this is a national obligation. it is a national issue. it's time for the federal government to really step up to the plate and do its job. >> reporter: that sense of urgency from the governor is because these double-walled tanks were supposed to be a bit of a solution at hanford, a reliable place to put the waste until it could be pumped out. but, scott, if it's leaks into the ground and the waste has to be removed immediately and the problem is they have nowhere to put it. >> pelley: ben tracey in our los angeles newsroom. ben, thanks very much. a big scare over tainted milk is forcing some parents to break the law. that story's next.
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>> pelley: china has a problem with contaminated food and with more than 1 billion people to feed, that's a problem. this week, police discovered fake honey tainted with aluminum. last month, 900 people were arrested for trying to pass off rats and fox as lamb. seth doane tells us few parents in china trust the baby formula that's made there. >> reporter: 40-year-old spent $1,800 on infant formula during her last trip to the u.s. she needed 19 suitcases to get it home to beijing, and hopes it's enough to last fair year and a half. "i heard the americans checking my luggage," she said. "they were whispering, why are chinese so crazy." when her oldest child was a baby she purchased a brand of infant formula found to be contaminated with a toxic chemical, melamine. that was in 2008, when six infants died after being fed melamine-laced milk. last year high levels of mercury were discovered in powdered milk. that's pushed many chinese
5:51 pm
mothers to buy abroad. chinese are now buying so much, that hong kong has placed export limits on baby formula. since april, more than 1,000 people have been arrested for smuggling milk. that's more than triple the number arrested for smuggling drugs in all of last year. in one smuggling ring, hong kong police found more than $140,000 of milk powder. this is milk formula people brought for you. >> yeah, for me. >> reporter: another beijing mother, 29-year-olds can zhang, turned to her colleagues for help. she works for a danish company and her coworkers bring her baby formula from europe. >> for baby thinks-- i'd like to
5:52 pm
choose a safe way. >> reporter: the china dairy industry association has conducted tests and assured chinese that the quality of domestic baby milk powder is stable and reliable. that has not changed yu zhang's mind. >> in china, normally we only have one child, and we just want to give him the better way. >> reporter: you want to give him the best quality milk you can get. >> yes. >> reporter: fears about milk safety have also fueled a new online market. overseas entrepreneurs advertise their milk shopping services. in china, the mothers we met never imagined that buying baby formula would be so difficult. seth doane cbs news, beijing. >> pelley: for folks in america who have nothing, he provides something money can't buy-- dignity. steve hartman on the road next.
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strangers. next on kpix 5 weather talent appears at wx center with generic pinpoint filling monitor then we take special >> pelley: folks wonder how steve hartman finds so many interesting people friday after friday on the road. this week, it was a walk in the park. >> reporter: bushnell park in hartford, connecticut, has all the typical city park sites, all the typical city park sounds. but there's one sight, one sound, one story here that is true. >> another willy, here we go. >> reporter: every wednesday afternoon, 82-year-old joe cymeras sets up a folding chair in the shade of an old oak tree, hooks his clippers to a car battery, and begins preening his exclusive clientele. >> you haven't had a haircut in a long time, willy. >> reporter: connecticut's homeless. >> you're going to be all set for the summer. >> reporter: joe the barber, as
5:57 pm
he's known here, is actually joe the retired real estate investor. 25 years ago, he simply saw the need and decided to take scissors into his own hands. he's been the barber ever since. >> when i do a job on them, they get the whole works. if they've got a dry scalp, i've got something they get their scalp massaged and they get slopped up with $30 a bottle estee lauder moisturizing after shave. >> reporter: this is full service. >> and then they get a hug-- well, they give me a hug. that's what it is. >> thanks a lot, man. i really appreciate it. >> reporter: the hug is actually the payment. the only payment joe requires salvatore is one of his regulars. >> stay as nice as you are. >> reporter: what does he do for you other than make your hair shorter? >> he shows a lot of love for everybody that comes here, not just me but like everybody that's here. he's like a grandparent, almost, to all of us. >> reporter: i heard that same sentiment from everyone.
5:58 pm
>> he's like family, like a father. >> reporter: including joe. >> they're my family. they really are my family. you should have such a family. >> reporter: that sincerity means the world to his customers. these guys are so used to being avoided, the fact that somebody just touches them-- >> you going to be all right? >> yes. >> reporter: really touches them. the fact that someone cares beyond putting a dollar in a coffee cup is worth a million bucks. >> a handsome guy like you and you have to get messed up with that stuff. >> yeah. >> reporter: that's what makes joe's haircut special and you don't even need a mirror... >> thank you, joe. >> reporter: see the results. >> i love you. >> not as much as i love you. >> reporter: steve hartman on the road in hartford, connecticut. >> pelley: and that's the cbs evening news for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, good night.
5:59 pm
>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald secret. kpix-5 goes underc it's never okay to to sell food that comes from the food bank. >> it's a bay area farmer's market with a dirty secret. kpix 5 goes undercover to reveal how the needy are making money off your generosity. good evening, i'll allen martin. >> i'm elizabeth cook. free food for sale. in an exclusive story we found street sellers pedaling donated foods for profit. there are 155 food pantries in san francisco feeding the hungry and a growing illegal economy. kpix 5's ryan takeo takes a look at the underground food market. >> reporter: just steps away from the civic center in the shadows of the bustling heart of the city farmer's market is a different type of market
6:00 pm
altogether. >> come on, man. come on, man. >> reporter: we found a booming economy in underground food markets where you cannot beat the deals. >> how much? >> one dollar. >> a dollar for three? >> reporter: the sellers are feisty. [ yelling ] >> reporter: sometimes the struggle of the tenderloin neighborhood shows up too. >> give me all my money! >> reporter: but this story is more about where these sellers get at least some of their inventory. some of it comes from the san francisco food bank warehouse. >> we're aware that there are a few people who are selling food some of it we know comes from the food bank. >> reporter: how do you know that? >> we can see from the type of food that it is. some of it actually has our name on it. the food that we repackage has our name on it. >> reporter: we showed the executive director one