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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  July 2, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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the last few days in some of the interior valleys. now we're seeing monsoonal moisture rotating into the bay area making it feel muggy and humid and hot in many spots. some of the activity along the coastline, there's a absolute chance you could see a light sprinkle with that. overall these temperatures are very warm around much of the bay area this morning. already 73 degrees in livermore, 72 fairfield, 64 in concord and 66 in san jose. you will see some cloud cover today. that's some of the monsoonal clouds but still, some triple digits about 103 in livermore. 98 in concord. about 93 in san jose. and about 75 degrees in san francisco. we're not done with the heat just yet. we'll talk about that coming up. let's check the roads with elizabeth. thanks, lawrence. unfortunately we have a hotspot this morning. it's coming from the altamont pass into livermore. westbound 580 approaching north flynn there was a car fire, started a small grass fire in the area. there is a good backup for this
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time of the morning behind it. couple of lanes are blocked. they are hope to reopen the freeway in the next 10 to 15 minutes so you may want to consider waiting this one out because it is a little slow going. we're starting to see those delays now. our usual delays building out of tracy on 205. so our hot spots yesterday morning with the bart strike so far on day 2 everything is free and clear. your drive time is about 18 minutes right now on westbound 80 from the carquinez bridge to the maze. a real problem spot yesterday the nimitz so far looks good towards downtown oakland. that's a check of your latest traffic. back to you guys. >> let's get a live look now at road conditions from the driver's point of view, pictures from mobile5 on interstate 880 northbound. it is only 5 a.m. we'll keep you posted. for day 2 of the bart strike there will be no trains today, no formal negotiations
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are taking place yesterday and so far none today. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is at the lake merritt bart station with more. >> reporter: good morning. i want to show you there are still picketers here. they have been here since midnight and they plan to be here throughout the day. we know in just a few minutes, we should be getting an update from bart management and as you said, unfortunately for commuters this morning, we don't know when talks between the two parties will continue. take a look at this. as it stands, bart is offering an 8% wage hike over 4 years. it wants workers to pay more towards their pensions and benefits. the unions want a 13.5% raise over 3 years. they are also willing to kick in a .5% towards a retirement. as this battle continues between the two sides, it appears commuters are paying the price. >> bart employees are a bunch
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of crybabies and they need to quit their whining. >> i don't think anybody is right. >> reporter: bart hopes to talk soon and prepared to propose a significantly improved proposal. we don't know when the talks will continue. picketers are still in front of the lake merritt bart station and until then it's another day for 400,000 commuters that take bart to find an alternative route. live in oakland, back to you in the studio. >> any idea on how much this bart strike is costing people? >> well, anne, according to the bay area council economics institute, it's probably costing about $73 million a day for the bay area. so that's another reason to add on top of several to get these negotiations going. >> thank you, cate caugiran live in oakland. stay with kpix 5 for the latest on the bart strike. tune into traffic updates on kcbs radio and we're posting a strike survival guide on our website,
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at this point it appears the strike against bart could last a while. as of now, there are no formal negotiations scheduled. a professor of labor relations at uc-berkeley has seen a lot of labor strikes over the years. >> the key is that this doesn't spill over into a very long strike, that could be damaging for both sides. so far, most elected officials have steered clear of the dispute but governor brown refused to impose a 60-day cooling-off period to delay the strike until september, a much busier time for bart. this week, though, relatively mild with many people taking work off because of the july 4th holiday. >> breaking news in oakland. police on the scene at a double homicide near the mcarthur freeway and leak view elementary school north of lake merritt. we have calls in to police and will bring you more information as it becomes available. developing news overnight. india is the latest country to reject nsa leaker edward
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snowden's request for a meener still seeking asylum in more than 20 other countries. reporter: edward snowden's hopes of finding asylum in ecuador are in doubt. now the former nsa contractor is asking lprom other nations. he has been holed up at a moscow airport for more than a week. u.s. officials want him returned to face espionage charges. >> there have been high level discussions with the russians about trying to find a solution. >> reporter: russian president vladimir putin said he won't send snowden back to the united states but added snowden will have to stop leaking nsa secrets if he wants asylum. on monday, wikileaks published a statement from snowden saying the obama administration is actively trying to prevent him from gaining asylum. now it's property after promising not to do so, the president ordered the vice president to pressure the leaders from nations from which
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i have requested protection to denymy requests. >> the europeans are close allies. >> reporter: meanwhile, president obama deflected criticism over new leaks linked to snowden. this week a german magazine reported the nsa bugged european union offices in washington, d.c., new york and brussels. >> i guarantee you that in european capitals, there are people who are interested in if not what i had for breakfast, at least what my talking points might be. that's how intelligence services operate. >> reporter: edward snowden's now saying thanks but no thanks to asylum in russia after president putin's insistence he stop leaking nsa secrets. tara mergener for cbs news, washington. a community in arizona is mourning the deaths of 19 firefighters as the wildfire that killed them range on. they were from prescott. more than 1,000 mourners paid tribute to them yesterday.
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>> it's a packed hall, and, god, i love you for it. thank you. [ crying ] >> in and around the nearby town of yarnell, the 13-square- mile fire has destroyed 50 homes so far and is threatening 200 others. crews still have no containment. fire experts from across the country right now are trying to determine what went wrong. >> the firefighters were on an elite hotshot team and they had deployed portable emergency fire shelters. those are normally a last resort in situations when escaping a wildfire is impossible. these miniature tents are made of layers of fire resistant aluminum and can withstand high temperatures but a spokesman for cal fire in morgan hill says they cannot endure direct flames for more than a few minutes. >> they start to break down after 30 seconds of about 13 to 1400 degrees. about 30 seconds you will start to get the exterior breaking apart and if it's for that amount of time, you should be
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okay but temperature it's for extended periods where it's minutes you wouldn't be able to survive. >> firefighters have to get recertified to use these shelters every year. and the test includes demonstrating they can get under that shelter within 30 seconds. in other bay area headlines on this tuesday, a grass fire near pittsburg burned 500 acres and destroyed at least one shed forcing crews to shut down roads in the area last night. no word on the cause but fire crews said there were lots of power lines down in that area. and the man piloting the boat that sideswiped the bay bridge is suspended for his miss skies. he won't get paid during the suspension. the boat clipped the bridge in january. back in 2007 a collision caused a major oil spill in the bay, as well. this heat wave is prompting san jose to callosal lum rock park again today -- close alum rock park again today.
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hot, dry conditions have increased fire danger at the city's largest park. because of the rugged terrain it's hard to respond to fire emergencies. the temperature at alum rock was 98 yesterday. it is 5:09. billions in new business up for grabs? >> the campaign to make sure the bay area gets a piece of the pie. [ chanting ] >> enough is enough! >> and another push for pay increases. where city workers walked off the job. hot temperatures making you uncomfortable? now it's getting muggy too. when will this heat wave break? we'll talk about that coming up. >> and look at this. the bay bridge toll plaza we are already seeing an unusual amount of cars people trying to beat the gridlock we saw yesterday. much more on your traffic, bart strike day 2, coming up. but you've done the impossible. you made gluten-free cereals cinnamon chex and honey nut chex are two of our favorites. when my husband found the chocolate one,
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approach to the bay bridge. can see that there's now a plaza. and another look at mobile5 live on the east bay approach to the bay bridge. it's actually near vasco road on 580 near the livermore area. chopper 5 is near north flynn in livermore over 580. traffic not bad. it is 5:12. we are going to keep an eye on the morning commute until 7:00
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and throughout the morning as we find out the repercussions of bart strike day 2. enough is enough! enough is enough! >> bart workers weren't the only ones to hit the picket line yesterday. city employees in oakland staged a one-day walkout to push for pay increases. they say they deserve more money after making concessions back when the economy tanked. >> the strike shut down most nonessential city services including parking enforcement, at least that's what the city said. but kpix 5's linda yee shows us some drivers got tickets anyway. >> reporter: it was supposed to be free parking in oakland. city leaders couldn't make it clearer in press releases they sent out and last night elizabeth cook announced it on our 11:00 news. >> there will be no parking enforcement in oakland. >> reporter: except paul mason got a ticket anyway, a hefty 58- dollar fine for not feeding the meter. >> i was mad at somebody.
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>> reporter: it turns out at least one parking enforcer crossed the picket line and went to work. >> people have the right to strike or the right to report to work and he came and he was a parking enforcement person so he came and wrote tickets as was his job. >> reporter: it's not known exactly how many tickets he wrote but he put in a full shift. >> i thought there's probably a lot of other people with the same problem. >> reporter: so we asked the city if they will make it right for unsuspecting ticket victims. >> we did tell the public we did not anticipate there will be parking enforcement and we'll honor that. >> reporter: if you got a ticket, you can appeal it. just follow the instructions on the back. you can either do it in person or online and you're off the hook. in oakland, linda yee, kpix 5. >> and the free pass only applies to park tickets issued in oakland yesterday. >> some bright spot, free parking one day. >> but you have to go through the process to get rid of the ticket. >> more hassle than it's worth
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possibly. let's check what we have for the strike traffic day 2, elizabeth. >> it is day 2. unfortunately traffic is a little worse this time of the morning than yesterday. we got a hotspot now that's part of the problem. this is the area coming through the altamont pass. we have been talking about this accident. it was actually an accident and a car fire that sparked a smaller grass fire. everything is now out but they still have a couple of lanes blocked off. westbound 580 approaching north flynn. and as you can see, we have a good long line of brake lights coming behind it. it's slow from 205 out of tracy continuing. once you get past the north flynn exit, then we see speeds improve dramatically but the drive time is up to 15 minutes. that's a good delay, 15 minutes between the altamont pass and the dublin interchange. our other slower spot is the bay bridge toll plaza. it looks like more commuters this morning at this time are trying to get a head start beat the gridlock we saw yesterday. so the delays are longer than yesterday at this time of the
5:16 am
morning. just in those cash lanes. the fastrak users the typical commuters who do this every morning, they know the drill and they are getting by okay. the folks that maybe usually use bart are getting stuck in the minor backups for now. but unfortunately, the delays are growing. they have not turned the metering lights on yet. let's get a look at the san mateo bridge. it's a great alternate if the bay bridge gets busy. lawrence has weather. >> the hot temperatures continuing today no exception. another round of triple digits heat. we have heat warnings away from the immediate coastline. and the bay just about everybody else is going to see the serious heat. check this out. our hi-def doppler radar is picking up on monsoonal moisture wrapping around that ridge of high pressure from the desert southwest. guess what, there's a slight chance you could see a couple of sprinkles toward half moon bay. pretty good cell making its way in that direction now so don't be surprised if you see a couple of raindrops early on. after that it's all about the
5:17 am
heat. out the door, we have patchy fog toward the coastline. the temperatures are mild to warm inland this morning with 60s and 70s already. by the afternoon, triple digits in some of the valleys. 70s and 80s inside the bay and 60s at the coastline, comfortable at the beaches. high pressure still the dominant feature. all that subtropical moisture wrapping around and it should make for a beautiful sunrise today muggy in spots. the hot temperatures uncomfortable by the afternoon in many areas away from the coastline. temperature-wise breaks down like this. 102 in morgan hill. 90 in milpitas. about 69 comfortable in pacifica. east bay temperatures back into the triple digits in many spots as high as 104 in brentwood. 80 oakland. 75 san francisco. 95 santa rosa. next couple of days we keep things hot slight cooling on the 4th of july. and then i think more cooling as we head in toward friday and saturday a stronger sea breeze picking up that will bring with it more low clouds and fog and
5:18 am
by the weekend we are going to say ah! finally that fog is back and that will feel good. >> 90 degrees, yay, it's cooling down. >> amazing, just to get to 90 and it will feel better. >> it's all relative. a new group is working to promote silicon valley to chinese companies and investors. it's a nonprofit called china silicon valley. the city of san jose is teaming up with private partners to attract chinese commerce. the goal is to get a share of billions of dollars expected to flow from china here to california between now and the year 2020. >> in the best-case scenario we have more chinese companies coming to san jose and silicon valley, more private chinese companies, and they start up here and they create jobs here. >> one office building in north san jose is home to chinese startups financed by chinese and american investors. 5:18.
5:19 am
finding common ground overseas. the memorial that united president barack obama and former president george w. bush. >> i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up the calendar says july but the giants june swoon continues. that and a major tennis upset. we'll have that coming up. >> and what's cool about your school? or perhaps your summer camp? submit your nomination at our website, we may feature your school or camp on the show. stay with us. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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getting hot again around the bay area. we have some heat warnings up anywhere away from the coast ryan and the bay. some of these temperatures well into the triple digits. more on your weather coming up. thank you, lawrence. outside chopper 5 continues to track our hot spots this morning. it is westbound 580 through the altamont pass. there was a car fire still blocking one lane of traffic near north flynn. brake light city back to 11 street on 205 in tracy. much more on your latest drive times plus a check of the bay bridge getting busy, as well. good morning. wimbledon is already without roger federer, nadal and maria sharapova. but yesterday, the biggest star of them all was eliminated. serena williams is streaking no more. she took her 34-match winning streak against sabine lisicki
5:23 am
who finished off the world's top player on a 17-stroke rally advancing to the quarter fines. sloane stephens is the lone american left in london, into mike kickham probably earned himself a ticket to fresno against the reds last night. up 2-0 in the second when robinson chops one over the panda's head, two runs score. three-run home run now 7-0. kickham did not get out of the 3rd inning. it was 8-1 when the rain started. is that thety won. chris paul is going all in on the clippers. the man who put lob into lob city agreed to a five-year $107 million deal with the paper clips. the tour de france third stage, a thriller. simon geren wins by less than half a while. they need a photo to determine the race. a belgian rider has the yellow
5:24 am
jersey. so a thrilling day across the pond and once again, the top ranked player in women's tennis is shown the door. that's it everybody. i'm dennis o'donnell. have a great day. thank you, dennis. play of the day now from major league baseball. we have a diving catch by pedro ciriaco. this one is unreal. padres lost but that's a nice defensive catch right there by the shortstop. your play of the day. >> everyone likes a refreshing dip, you know? >> yeah. >> caught one bear trying to beat the heat. he has the right idea. >> take a look. trail camera caught this little black bear taking a dip in a cow's water trough. that's cute. bear rolls around makes a few splashes grabs a bar of soap and gets out and takes off. thank you very much. >> on his merry way after a little shake. it is 5:24. it is day two of the bart strike. we are keeping our eye on the
5:25 am
extra shuttles rolling out for morning commuters and other ways they are getting around today. >> reporter: it looks like it's going to be another round of commuter chaos. as we mentioned, day 2 of the bart strike, we will have an update for you on the negotiations. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week.
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[ male announcer ] your car takes care of you, care for it. chevron with techron. care for your car. and what's up with the cat? [ laughter ] [ laughter ] got my eye on him. >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald the bay bridge, the freeways, the buses, ferries, all packed today. >> the bart strike enters its second day. >> bart employees are a bunch. of crybabies and they need to quit their whining. >> i don't think anybody is right. >> my best advice, find a friend. >> enough is enough! enough is enough. >> city employees in oakland staged a one-day walkout. >> reporter: it was supposed to be free parking in oakland. >> i was mad at somebody.
5:29 am
>> those folks really saved the town. >> an arizona community mourns the loss of 19 firefighters. >> firefighters can use emergency shelters just like this one. unfortunately, it doesn't work in every situation. >> now every bad choice you make behind the wheel could go viral. >> is it making us safer? are drivers behaving? >> i don't see it having that big of an impact. >> i drive safe because it's the law and you want to make sure everybody is safe. >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning. captions by: caption colorado good morning. it's tuesday, july 2. good to have you with us. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm anne makovec. michelle griego is off. it is 5:29. happening right now, second day of the bart strike, we have live team coverage on this tuesday. cate caugiran is in oakland with the latest on the contract talks. and we're keeping an eye on the roads with mobile5 driving eastbound on the bay bridge right now but we're going to kick it off with elizabeth wenger in the kpix 5 traffic
5:30 am
center. >> reporter: it's busier at 5:29 this morning than even what we saw yesterday. they have already activated the metering lights. that's about an hour earlier than we typically city them turned on and this is the backup already at 5:30 this morning. it is jammed towards the overcrossings. the good news is people are getting a head start so maybe avoiding some of the biggest gridlock we saw later in the commute yesterday but as it is. you are going to get stuck in this right now getting into s once you get past the metering lights, our sensors show speeds are looking good on the upper deck. let's get a quick look at chopper 5 also following a hotspot this morning through the altamont pass. an earlier car fire out one lane still blocked approaching north flynn. and maybe you can see the backup there in the distance. it's stacked up into tracie. we'll have your latest drive times coming up. in the meantime, let's go out to cate caugiran. she is at the lake merritt bart station in oakland. all right, cate, big question, any sign negotiations will resume sometime today? >> reporter: well, there might
5:31 am
be a little hope for that, elizabeth. i just spoke with bart management a few moments ago who says, yes, they are ready to get back to the table but, again, they say there are no talks scheduled for today. i want to take a look now. picketers here at the lake merritt bart station, this is sort of a symbol that bart riders should be making alternative plans this morning. so far, the two sides are still far apart. bart is offering an 8% wage hike over 4 years. it wants workers to pay more towards their pensions and benefits. the unions want a 13.5% raise over three years. they are also willing to kick in half a percent towards their retirement. as we mentioned, just moments ago, we spoke with bart management who says they are ready to get back to the bargaining table. >> well, we're waiting for word from the mediator to see if we can return to the bargaining table. we want to get this resolved and get people back on bart
5:32 am
trains. >> according to bart, the average nonmanagement employee earns about $71,000 a year plus another $11,000 in overtime. back out live, meanwhile, picketers are promising to be out here. some of the people i have spoken to say they have been here since midnight so what that really means, commuters, is prepare for another long morning. cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> according to the bay area council economic institute, it's costing the bay area about $73 million a day. that's including the loss of worker productivity. that's the latest from here. back to the news desk. >> stay with kpix 5 for the latest on the bart strike. you can tune into traffic updates on kcbs radio when you're on the road. plus, we have posted a strike survival guide at enough is enough, enough is enough! >> one-day walkout by city of oakland employees was
5:33 am
overshadowed by the bart strike yesterday. they say they deserve more money after making concessions when the economy tanked. city workers strike was supposed to mean no nonemergency services for the date including parking meter enforcement that was specifically mentioned in a city memo and widely reported by the media. so imagine the surprise of some drivers who found tickets on their windshields. it turns out at least one parking enforcer apparently crossed the picket lines. >> people have the right to strike or they had the right to report to work and he came and he was a parking citation enforcement person so he came and wrote tickets as was his job. >> the city says it will make things right with people who got parking violations yesterday. anyone who got a ticket should follow the appeal instructions on the back of the ticket. breaking news in oakland. two people were shot and killed at a wing stop restaurant. it happened at about midnight at the restaurant on lake park avenue. that is near the macarthur freeway and lakeview elementary
5:34 am
school just north of lake merritt. we have a crew at the scene and will have more details coming up. developing news out of afghanistan. suicide attackers killed 6 people this morning at the compound of a nato supply company in kabul. the attackers set off a truck bomb and opened fire on security personnel. the taliban claimed responsibility in a smartphone message to reporters. president barack obama and former president george w. bush made a rare joint appearance in tanzania. they paid tribute to the victims of the 1998 embassy bombs in tanzania and then shook hands with survivors and relatives of those killed. president and mrs. bush are in tanzania for a meeting to urge first ladies in africa to focus on their favorite causes. well, it is 5:34. i'm a big, big fan of the summer heat but this is getting crazy. >> after a while, yeah. and today we're throwing a little more moisture in the atmosphere so it's going to be muggy and more uncomfortable.
5:35 am
how does that make you feel? >> so glad you're here. >> so glad to be here today, guys. you know what? we have a lot of clouds making their way across our skies this morning. the temperatures staying very mild. but look at this. the subtropical moisture rolling on through. there's a slight chance some of the raindrops are hitting the ground towards half moon bay. you can see there maybe a couple of raindrops outside out the door but not around for long. you will see a whole lot of sunshine in many spots as the temperatures will get hot. already 73 degrees in livermore. 69 in fairfield. 66 in san jose. 58 in san francisco. by the afternoon, the heat continues. average highs usually in the 80s in some of the hottest spots inland. about 18 degrees above average. 103 in livermore. 75 much more comfortable in san francisco. let's check the roads with elizabeth. we have a very busy bay bridge this morning. the metering lights were turned on about a half hour earlier than what we saw even yesterday. so obviously people are trying to beat the rush. they are trying to get into san francisco very, very early this morning. and it's already jammed up
5:36 am
approaching the macarthur maze. this is very unusual at 5:35 a.m. usually they don't activate the metering lights until after 6:00. so you will notice at the far right side of your screen, all those carpool lanes are still free and clear. so grab a friend, a stranger, that is your best bet right now for getting into the city. there's really no delay in the carpool lanes. all right. let's go out to our maps now and bart is offering those shuttle buses once again also offering some free parking if you do want to hit up one of those casual carpools. westbound 580 at north flynn, an accident there should be in the clear stages but now we are getting word of a new crash could be a bad one approaching vasco in that same area. so we're seeing some pretty big delays coming out of the altamont pass. that is your latest "timesaver traffic." back to you guys. >> thank you. 5:36. are you sick of bad drivers? how more and more people are getting revenge against people who do things like this. it's coming up. ,,,,
5:37 am
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spice up the tour de france a bystander decided it would be appropriate to let his d a little road hazard in the tour de france. a bystander thought it would be appropriate to let a dog off the leash just as the cyclist approached. a terror did what a dog did, running around and almost causing a major collision. the owner got a scolding from the tour de france officials. >> the dog and the guy are
5:40 am
lucky they didn't get run over. this could be a good time of the year to update your long-term financial plans. >> you might want to start with the kiss idea. jill schlesinger, cbs news business analyst joins us in new york. tell us what is kiss. >> reporter: pucker up, my friend. ready? >> keep it simple, stupid. it's my favorite finance professor used to always say it. it's the perfect mantra for the summer. start with your savings. if you are putting away 50 bucks a month, if you just go up by $10 to $60, it's an automatic 20% increase. $10, not so bad. next, automate all of your banking. have income directly deposited into your accounts. try to establish automatic bill pay for recurring bills that way you wouldn't miss a payment. pay the rest of your bills online. the time you save, well, i think you can spend it a little bit more enjoyably outside during the summer. >> what about our retirement accounts? >> reporter: i know you guys
5:41 am
hear me talking about creating a diversified asset allocation plan, but it involves some work. i'm going to give you a summertime shortcut but you have to do the hard work in the fall. here's your summertime shortcut. subtract your age from the number 110. that's the percentage of money that you will put in risky assets like stocks or commodities. the rest can go into safer stuff like bonds and fixed products and cash. now, another idea here is most plans have an option to auto rebalance. that keeps your allocation in line. you don't have to do anything. or a lot of plans have target date retirement funds. that's where the asset allocation is done for you so lots of choices to make it easy on your retirement. >> anything else for you jill? >> reporter: all right. sometimes keeping it simple means just sit still. stop doing stuff. stop tinkering with your portfolio once you set it up.
5:42 am
stop yourself from spending money without thinking it through. stop hoarding all that stuff that's cluttering your files. on i have the ultimate post for your hoarders the ones drowning in their documents. i'm going to tell you what to shred, what to keep. fire up the shredder, a happy 4th of july event. you feel good afterwards. >> thank you, jim. >> we're seeing monsoonal moisture in the bay area now. looks like things are going to be sticky outside today to go along with the hot temperatures. we fired up the hi-def doppler radar this morning and you can see, some of that monsoonal moisture working its way on through. most of that not hitting the ground but there are a couple of cells rotating on by.
5:43 am
you could pick up a light sprinkle under one of those. it's going to be about the heat in the afternoon again. very hot inland, a warm start already. partly cloudy skies. milder toward the coastline and the bay, but that heat warning continuing looks like through tomorrow. then maybe finally getting a little heat relief as we head in toward the 4th of july. that high pressure ridge remains in place. that wrap around moisture that subtropical moisture working its way back up into the bay area now. well not only that, but we have the muggy conditions and the hot weather going to continue another day of triple-digit temperatures. into the central valley as high as 111 degrees today in fresno. wow, that's hot. 109 in sacramento. the possibility of a few thunderstorms over the sierra nevada. around the bay today we'll see those highs soaring to 102 in morgan hill. 93 in san jose. about 69 though and comfortable in pacifica. triple digits in many of the east bay locations, especially into the tri-valley there. inside the bay 75 in san
5:44 am
francisco, 95 in santa rosa and 75 in richmond. next couple of days going to keep things hot then cooling down thursday. much cooler into the weekend. let's check the roads with elizabeth. thanks, lawrence. we are following a couple of problem spots right now in the east bay. the first one is westbound 580. that ride is unusually stacked up. it's because of a car fire sparked a smaller grass fire and there are a number of emergency crews, fire trucks, still on scene approaching north flynn. it's causing just a huge backup right now out of tracy. let's go to our next map. okay, we do have chopper 5 live over the scene of that accident. this is westbound 580. no, this is -- this must be the vasco road crash. southbound vasco road near the dump. there was another accident which i was just about to get to. you can see one of those cars overturned in the accident. there is a backup behind it. so again, this is separate from the accident on westbound 580.
5:45 am
we have two accidents both in the livermore, altamont pass area. so this is that accident that you just saw from chopper 5. again, blocking lanes in the southbound direction of vasco road. let's go to the bay bridge and show you what's going on there where it is stack up into the macarthur maze this morning so the metering lights were turned on earlier today. and the approaches are starting to slow down, as well. that is your latest traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. we are keeping an eye on the impact to commuters when it comes to this bart strike. we are looking at it from the air, from the sea and from the land. yesterday, there was heavy usage on all of the alternatives, the buses, the ferries. but some people did get free transit on bart shuttles if they could catch them. that was the trick. kpix 5 reporter sue kwon is at the walnut creek bart station with a look at how the lines of people are flowing right now. sue it is quarter to 6:00. how's it going? >> reporter: hundreds of people here at the walnut creek bart
5:46 am
station. this line started forming at about -- before 4 a.m. with about 4, 5 buses waiting, three have already left. bart is doubling the number of buses to bring east bay commuters into san francisco. it all started about 5:00 this morning. there will be 36 buses rolling out of four bart stations in el cerrito del norte, dublin- pleasanton, fremont and walnut creek. buses will take the riders to west oakland where bus bridge is set up to take them to san francisco. you can park for free in any of the bart stations. and, of course, once you get past or over the bay bridge, you're going to be dropped off at the transbay terminal and that's also the pickup location for the afternoon commute. that is set to start at 3:00 and like yesterday, you need a ticket to board here and you need that same ticket to get back, as well. they are being handed out -- can we show this? they are being handed out at the front of the line. you have to hold on to those. you cannot lose them. now, today the lines do look
5:47 am
larger than yesterday at least when i was out in dublin- pleasanton. that's because they have added the buses and bart expects to move between 3,000 and 4,000 commuters and yesterday, they estimate they had about 1,000. but now word is out. and people were stuck in traffic for hours yesterday. this seems to be a viable option. >> those lines are unbelievable, sue. i guess it depends how they're flowing, how quickly people are getting on the buses. >> reporter: right now they are getting on quickly with about a 10-minute wait. then what happens is once the line dwindles down, the buses have to wait to become filled so what we saw yesterday is that some of the unlucky ones were actually sitting on the bus for 20, 30 minutes for the bus to fill up entirely and that will happen around 7:00, 8:00 , 9:00 a.m. but people got the word and got out here early and it's paying o the only thing they're
5:48 am
missing is a coffee stand. people are very tired here. good spirits, obviously frustrated and they want the bart strike to be over. >> with are the entrepreneurs? somebody could make a killing on a coffee stand. >> reporter: not a bad idea. >> thank you, sue kwon live for us in walnut creek. >> think sue might want a little coffee, too. bad drivers, beware. think twice before driving recklessly. that's because someone might be recording you and it all might end up online. a new trend is popping up on youtube featuring bad drivers showing them cutting off other cars, making illegal turns. but does this mean drivers will start behaving? >> i don't see it having that big of an impact. >> no. i'm just italian. [ laughter ] >> i'll drive safe because it's the law and you want to make sure everybody is safe. >> chp officer says shooting video is legal as long as you mount the camera on the dash or
5:49 am
lower corners of your car. in this morning's healthwatch, controlling blood pressure and cholesterol at the same time may cut your risk of heart disease in half. that is according to new research in a journal of the american heart association. right now fewer than one in three people controls both factors at the same time. one-third of american adults have high blood pressure. there are signs that the latest generation of videogames where you move along to the action can make a child more physically active at home. researchers in australia found children who are given the newer devices instead of the traditional models boosted their physical activity levels by about 3 minutes a day. better than nothing. they also reduced their time spent sitting by 6 minutes. it is 5:49. coming up, how paula deen is using prop 8 ruling to try and save her career. so do somethi. chevron with techron. care for your car. radio: it's mattress discounters' 4th of july sale.
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it's been hot. we have subtropical moisture wrapping around the ridge of high pressure. maybe a couple of light sprinkles and muggy, too. we'll talk about the heat coming up. >> and look at the bay bridge even worse so far this morning than yesterday. 24 is also backing up as well heading towards broadway and telegraph. coming up, we'll tell you your best bet to avoid gridlock. and speaking of gridlock, let's take a look. mobile5 like a lot of commuters out there is stuck. it's going westbound. it just got through the toll plaza. and it's trying to get over the bay bridge. it's in the fastrak lane by the way. but no luck there. a lot of folks trying to get an early jump on the commute got out nice and early this morning. by the way, the metering lights on the bay bridge went on a little before 5:30 which is a good 30, 40 minutes earlier than usual.
5:53 am
on the left side this is an alternative a lot of folks getting on buses from some east bay bart stations. five stations now supplying buses for folks trying to get into the city. that is walnut creek. as you can see a lot of folks lining up to get to work. what a mess? crying and apologizing haven't worked so now paula deen is trying a new tactic to save her career. her lawyers are using last week's prop 8 decision to fight a racial discrimination lawsuit. they claim the woman who is suing deen doesn't have standing to sue her. they say that's because she is white. the woman's lawyer says that she is within her rights. so far the scandal cost paula deen nine endorsements and her food network show stores parents in san diego friday to stop yoga saying it was religious. the class violation the separation of church and state
5:54 am
but the judge ruled that while yoga can be tied to religion, that is not the way it is taught in some classes. it is 5:54 the head of microsoft's ex-box business may be a game changer for zynga as they need help. the san francisco company named a new ceo yesterday. zynga founder mark pincus will stay on as chairman. he steps down though. the company saw its stock drop sharply since the initial public offering in 2011 and cut 18% of its workforce last month. they do a lot of games for facebook. innovators at apple may have something up their sleeve. the company is trying to trademark the name iwatch in japan. there's been speculation the tech giant is developing a smart wristwatch that works similarly to an iphone. the company has not confirmed those reports but hasn't denied them, either. brian cooley talked about it a couple of weeks ago. stay tuned for that.
5:55 am
one bay area city may be feeling smug about itself. san francisco is the snobbiest city in the country at the top of the new list by "travel & leisure" magazine. also on the list, new york, boston and providence rhode island. magazine surveyed readers about a city's aloofness, trendiness and good looking. >> i look the good-looking. but not a good monitor. my hairdresser came from l.a. he says this town has no glamour. i would say l.a. is snobbier. >> a lot of folks aren't from l.a. i don't know. 5:55. next half hour, making progress. the good news for oakland's police department in a new report coming up. >> all right. we are taking a look at live pictures from the bay bridge mobile5. you can see traffic crawling along and it's not even 6 a.m.
5:56 am
we are continuing to monitor the aftermath or the unfortunate side effects of the bart strike all morning. stick around. between success and failure. the day i start, i'm already behind. i never know what i'm gonna need. new school, new classes, new kids. it's hard starting over. to help, sleep train is collecting school supplies for local foster children. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help a foster child start the school year right. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child.
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>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald the bay area braces for day 2 of bart strikes. i'll have an update for you on where each side stands on the negotiations process. >> already, this morning, weary commuters are stuck in backups through the macarthur maze and heading towards the upper deck of the bay bridge. your latest drive times coming up. >> more triple-digit temperatures for today and it's going to started to get muggy too. when will this heat wave end? we'll talk about that coming up. >> thanks, lawrence and the good morning, everyone. it is tuesday, it's july 2. good to have you with us. >> it's 6 a.m. the bart strike is still on for
6:00 am
a second day. there will be no trains running this morning. there were no formal negotiations yesterday. and so far, no talks are scheduled for today. very frustrating situation for thousands of people. we have a team of reporters helping you get through this morning's commute. elizabeth wenger in the traffic center. sue kwon in walnut creek with alternate ways to get to work and cate caugiran is in oakland with the latest on the contract talks. reporter: i just spoke with union representatives a couple of moments ago who says they will be back at the bargaining table today and that means we could get an update but unfortunately what i gather from both sides is there are no scheduled talks for today. but in the meantime, as you can see, picketers are still here chanting, out this morning. as we still wait to see when the talks between the two parties will continue. but as it stands right now, bart is offering an 8% pay increase over four year


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