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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  July 2, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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. this is kpix 5 news. the fate of everyone who rides bart depends on what's going on inside this building right now. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm allen martin. here's the very latest. as commuter backlash grows, both sides are back at the bargaining table tonight along with a new set of state mediators, but linda yee says nobody expects breakthrough tonight. >> maybe not breakthrough but hopefully progress. about 45 minutes bart management came out and picked up fast food from mcdonald's then went right back in and continued talking. i'm told bart management has given a new offer to the union, but they're waiting to hear back. >> bart negotiators looking grim saying nothing walking into
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talk. >> new mediators, anything. >> but union representatives say they're encouraged to be back. >> we're hopeful. >> we hope we can get everybody back to normal. >> yeah. we want to go back to work. >> both sides were dressed down in a letter from state leaders who said they were disappointed at the lack of proposals and counter proposals and that bargaining had been abandoned. there's been a backlash from two days of excruciating commute. >> they're worried about money and all this. this isn't helping anything. it's not helping anybody. it's really inconveniencing everybody. >> that anger is not lost on either side. >> we hate to see people suffer so the best thing we can do is get a resolution in the strike and move forward. >> we hope to stop inconveniencing the people of the bay area. >> what got both sides back to the bargaining table, two top-level-ranking state mediators replacing the lower-level ones who had been working at the negotiations.
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the governor announced anita martinez, chair of the public employment relations board and loretta vand van der pol are taking over. the union approved. >> the reason we're coming back to the table is because we have what we feel is a better working situation so we can maybe make some progress now. >> well, tonight one of the five different employee groups that are negotiating with bart did come to a tentative agreement. those are the 200 workers who are the professionals and managers and supervisors, they will be going back to work tomorrow, but, of course, allen, we're weight to hear from the real people, the bart train operators and train ajents. >> linda, if, i realize there's a big if, but if there is an an agreement, any idea when the trains will start running again. >> on the off chance there's some agreement late tonight or early tomorrow morning they say
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they can get some of those bart training partially open. to get the full service, however, it would take 24 hours. >> all right. >> we are looking at some of them coming out right now so maybe something may have broken. we'll get back to you if we hear anything. >> i was just going to say we're going to let you go. chefk that out. are you hearing something now. >> actually, no. i just got the no signal. sorry about that. >> nothing. >> those were some of the bart management that came out but nothing yet. >> all right. be sure and get back to us if there is. we'll look for that. >> bart had a handful of empty trains running today. managers were at the controls to keep the tracks from rusting. chopper 5 followed this one to hayward where many more trains were sit l idle in the yard. the rest of us, it was another rough ride. freeways in and out of the city were jammed and the rush on bart's free shuttle service was so bad the buses in walnut creek were full by 7:00 a.m.. >> got here later here yesterday, 8. 30, -- 8:30, i was able
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to get on the shuttle. why i'm here now earlier and can't get on the bus. >> not even 8:00. we need buses to get to work. you guys promised them. the strike is ridiculous. you should have planned them. you told me on the phone last night 7:00 to 9:00. >> bart plans to bring in even more buses to walnut creek tomorrow. if you hoip to snag a seat, show up by 7:30 at the very latest. well, belief it or not, the one place that saw less traffic today was the bay bridge. mike sugarman shows us getting to the bridge from downtown san francisco wasn't so easy. >> that's bush street. that leads three quarters of a mile down bumper to bumper traffic. this is first street. had little green sign way down there. that's the entrance to the bay bridge. i could walk faster than these cars were going to get there. >> he wasn't kigd. some drivers said it took hinl two hours to go about a mile.
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stay with kpix 5 for the latest on it is bart strike. live coverage begins 4: jvn 30 tomorrow morning. >> as if drivers didn't have enough to deal with today a big rig driver on the golden gate bridge didn't see the signs and, well, you see what happened. the truck got stuck in the toll booth causing a minor backup. part of the toll plaza was damaged as the struck's front axle snapped. so many people turned on their air conditioners this afternoon. pg&e said it was just too much to handle. power went out for about 10 thousand customers in san jose and campbell, and right now, 200 are still in the dark. a beautiful view from treasure island tonight looking at san francisco. ufk see the fog there. heat waves usually only last a couple days, but, paul, tomorrow is going to make an a week. >> this is a very long heat wae. several years have gone by. 103 way back on friday, and we've done 100 or better every day since including today's 102 degrees.
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even though you saw that fog, there it is cooler near the bay, every inland area now is under an excessive heat warng not through tomorrow night but through thursday night almost right up until fireworks time. here's the reason why. big ridge of high pressure anchored over utah and western nevada if anything got a little bit closer to us, a little bit stronger until the high pressure moves the heat away from the water isn't going to move. i don't see a change the next 36 hours. there is a definite end in sight to this heat wave. we'll talk about when temperatures will fall 15 to 20 degrees coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks, paul. a candle light vigil in arizona tonight to honor the 19 firefighters who died last weekend. investigators want answers on how this elite group out of firefighters got caught with nowhere to run. earlier today community leaders praised the single-surviving member of the hot shot team for doing his job, serving as a lookout and reporting the shift in winds. tonight an elementary
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schoolteacher sits in the contra costa county jail. sharon shen talked to former students who say now that they think about it, something wasn't right. >> 45-year-old joseph andrew martin faces 91 felonies accused of sexually abusing a dozen former students aged 11 to 17 for the last seven years. >> i was shocked. >> 23-year-old julie was a former student. martin taught fourth and fifth grade of wood side elementary school in concord where police say most of the crimes took place. >> i remember mr. martin being the cool, friendly, all-around-possession of a weaponular teacher that everybody wanted to have. >> 23-year-old remembers him as a father figure. he produced klass movies that he said involved a lot of one on one teacher/student tienl. as an adult, the memories now give her the creeps. >> 28 kids in a line and he
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would pick us up from underneath our armpits and spin us around and now that i think about it, it was very strange. >> tonight we got no answer at martin's martinez home where police arrested him last week. they did a two-month investigation after he was accused of inappropriately touching a student in late april. neighbors say they know him as family man with wife and kids. >> talk today a couple neighbors about it, too, and they're all just as surprised. >> martin is in jashlgs his bail set at 10 million drr. if convicted on all the counts of lewd and la sievous conduct, he faces life in prison. in concord, sharon chen, kpix 5. >> authorities aren't saying whether the alleged victims are boys or girls or both. two of the bay area's most wanted are behind bars tonight after we profiled them. the fbi arrested bruce lee marshall in arizona thanks to an anonymous tip after our story, marshall had been on the run since mae. he's accused of milking a san francisco start-up out of
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$100,000. oakland police just arrested one of their most wanted. jamar cleveland is accused of two shootings, three carjackings and two kidnappings all within two hours last month. police arrested him a week after christin ayers profiled him. >> we did receive more community input, more community information through tips, information which led us along with other law enforcement agencies to the location of where jamar cleveland was. >> thsz the first arrest since oakland police started a new most-wanted program where each of the city's five district captains pinpoint their top five suspects. a new twist in the hunt for edward snowden. a bay area roller coaster shut down because people were having too much fun. and can a new pill really protect your skin just like sunscreen? farmers presents: 15 seconds of smart.
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faso you want to save on autoof insurance?. drive a hybrid. get good grades. lose the bling. go paperless. combine policies. make automatic payments. and of course, talk to farmers. hi ♪ we are farmers bum - pa - dum, bum - bum - bum - bum♪ more than 5 hours at the caltrans building in oaklan . right now bart and its unions are back at the bargaining table. they've been in negotiations for more than five hours at the caltran building in oakland. the state sent in two of its top mediators to help with the talks, but nobody is expecting
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any major developments tonight. we're told that bart management made the union a new offers and waiting to hear back. bart says it has gotten no indication the union plans to return to work tomorrow. tonight edward snowden remains a man without a country. as far as anyone knows he's still in that airport in moscow. today france and porch gat refused to allow a plane carrying bo live yaven president into their air space. they thought that snowden was on board. he wasn't and morales's plane ended up landing in awe stree yeah. bolivia's government is furious saying the president's life was put at risk. we learned tomorrow it's going to be much quieter in one part of the bay area. why? there won't be any of this. that's our own vern glen who took a heart-stopping ride on the new gold striker roller coaster in great america, a roller coaster that kiet doe says won't be running because of
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all of that screaming. kiet. >> well, allen, there she is, the gold striker roller coaster. the only noise we can hear right now are the sounds of hammers from crews trying to make that roller coaster quieter. believe it or not this roller coaster basically is too much fun for its own good. >> when you're work, the last thing you want to hear all day is someone else not work the problem with great america's newest roller coaster is it's about 500 feet away from this office building. much of that hooting, high schoolering and screaming, i'm looking at you, vern, can be a problem. shortly after the coaster opened in june, audio technicians were spotted on the building's roof. sound levels were slightly above the limit. >> why not tell your neighbors, look, it's a roller coaster. that's what people do. they scream. >> we're happy they're screaming on the coaster. we're hoping they're enjoying it and making noise. the reality of it is we to be a good part of this community.
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>> it has direct line of sight to the building and it's where riders are especially noisy. >> the gold strike ser closed. >> great america has taken the unusual step of shutting the ride down and began construction on a so-called sound tunnel to suppress the noise. when it's done it'll look just like this larger tunnel. >> we want to work with the city. santa clara has been good to us for a long time. we've got good neighbors. we want to be part of that community and fabric there and do what's best for everyone involved, as well. >> riders were frustrated but understanding. >> if you only had one chance to come to this park, today was that and you couldn't ride this coaster. >> that would suck. anybody would be bummed out if they couldn't go on this ride. >> so this is day two of the closure. they do have some inspectors scheduled to come out tomorrow. fingers crossed, allen. >> kiet, how soon is it going to be back open? that's what everybody wants to know. >> they are pretty tft that this
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thing is going to be opened up oun july 4th so that's their big week sxend that's been the target all along. they are hoping and very confident by thursday. >> two day ace way. all right. keet do, thanks. in this weather if you're out at great america or the beach, you'll burn to a crisp if you're not careful. if sunscreen is too much of a hassle, there's a new option that you sexual low. >> the most popular sunscreen pill ton market is called helio care. it's derived from a fern extract. >> americans for centuries have used this extract to treat inflammatory disorders and skin diseases. >> dr. brian, a dermatologist says in human and animal studies, it has antiinfram toir effects. >> skin biopsys had less dna damage and that suggested it may help not just with sunburns but also skin cancer and things like wrinkles and toe toe damage. >> i might try it if they had other people try it first.
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>> but the biggest study only had 12 people in it and the effective dose is not known, plus because it's a supplement, the manufacturer is responsible for safety, not the fda. >> i would never rely on the pill alone to protect you from sunburning or skin cancer. at this stage it's more after an. >> the f da rested regular topical sunscreen and it has actual spf number but the pills don't. you need to use something because man is it intense out there. >> it is super warm. >> yeah. i think you're reminded more oift when you're inland, 106. sun can sneak up on you in the city. >> absolutely. >> so warm outside. how warm was it? so warm that kiet do and his kids decided can we bake a cookie inside of a car? and the answer is, as you watch the video. >> only to wear an apron. >> yeah. got to have the apron on, too. took two and a half hours, but
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that cookie is completely cooked and edible. that's what his kid said. got to 2000 degrees inside his car. pretty crazy. never want to leave a kid or pet inside a hot car. >> they shared. >> there you go. they shared the cookee. it's not hot anymore. we have that low cloud cover moving in and a lot of you did e-mail me about 7:00 tonight saying, wow, the temperature really dropped as that marine layer moved inland this evening. hot like today, lake port 109, pleasanton 104. day 6 of our heat wave. look at the temperature spread. san francisco side of the golden gate bridge today a high of 61 only 27 miles away. dublin was 44 degrees hotter with a high of 105 degrees. you want to cool off, hang out close to the bay. we're looking at alameda's high tomorrow, 78 degrees mainly sunny skies for the holiday july 4th, sunshine and a high of 77 so much cooler, much more moderate weather as you get toward the bay and especially the coastline with highs in the
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60s. this heat wave when it's all finished on thursday night in time for the fireworks, eight days. a super long heat wave for us. typically wurngs two, maybe three days, this one longer than a week because high pressure hasn't moved. once it does weir going to see cooler air move in. that's going to happen on friday. wake up friday morning, the on shore flow will be back. temperatures dropping 15 degrees on friday and about 5 or 10 degrees more coming up over the weekend. crunch all those numbers, we'll be back down near normal saturday and sunday. temperatures starting to fall friday, but the next couple of days including tomorrow plenty hot once again. hot in san jose low 90s. morgan hill 100. palo alto 89. all those triple digit numbers for antioch, san ramon, dublin, cooler for berkeley, 78, downtown san francisco 73, cloverdale tomorrow 109 degrees. hot through the holiday. we will see low cloud cover move in in time for the fireworks then much cooler friday back to normal by the weekend so eight
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days, really long ht us. >> yeah. all right. >> toesty. >> end is in sight, though. >> yes. >> thank you, paul. bart wrecked the commute and homer wrecked the giants. >> homer wrecked the giants. you know what's amazing? a couple weeks ago, everybody thought the tojers' season was over. guess what, the a's have taken first place tonight, the giants last. question is are the giants in more need of hitting than pitching? we're up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. an exciting day in the world of baseball but not so good for giants. >> exactly. love it nationally. locally saying what do we need here? if you've been watching the giants lately chances are you let out a bunch of these. >> it was another homer that carved up the giants tonight six innings. down goes andres torres. how about brandon crawford? he's swinging and tim simply staring. homer bailey had nine strike outs. he made just one mistake to fill lips who hit a line drive over the fence for two-run home run make it three nothing reds in
11:25 pm
the sixth. back to bailey who walked blanco in the 7th but still have the no hitter in the ninth ibing. here's a ground ball to today fraser. he's up, throwing and bailey has no hitter. homer bailey has no hits. >> the first of the 2013 season, bailey last threw a no hitter in september highlights of that game were played on the big screen in between innings tonight we're like, oh, might need to talk to the pa guy because these guys, including myself, are superstitious about stuff like that. >> not the way the cubs plan their first-ever game. norris hit one over the wall for three-run homer in the 8th, huge moment for a guy who had been struggling for playing time.
11:26 pm
a's up 8 to 7. castro struck out. there's double play and a's win it 8 to 7 thanks to their catcher. what a game for him. all the americas washed away that wimbledon. semifinal bid at the all england club. bartoli beat her. only one top ten player remains now. i have in my hands tuesday night top five. >> good night. that is a huge fish. >> that is a 200 yooerld rock fish. >> wow. >> why does he throw it back? . no. 4, battle for pennsylvania. jones hit one into the cheep seats and into the guy's beer cup and he couldn't fish it out. what was worth more, the beer or the ball. no. 3, 49er fans look away. rams kicker greg called class from 60 yards away and nailed the shot. yeah, it happened. no. 2, welcome to the big
11:27 pm
leagues for chris. plants face on the bullpen roof and didn't get out of his first start of the season out of the forced inning. no. 1, nationals brew crew anthony rendon makes stop and fumbles the ball and milwaukee beats the nationals tonight. again, the big story no hitter thrown by bailey and the fact the dodgers now passed the giants by a half game for third place and the giants are in the seller and a's are in first place. >> go a's. >> thanks. coming up, white house concession from the first lady. what life is really like and who thinks it can feel like a prison. >> first, a look at the new eastern span for the bay bridge. . this is a bay bridge highlight from kpix 5. >> maintaining a bridge designed
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to last 150 years depends on having the right tools. five moving scaffolds are key to that eft. they're called travelers and are suspended from tracks beneath the bridge. these walk waist move using the power of air compressors, give workers safe access for inspection and repairs. . >> this bay bridge highlight is sponsored by chase. chase what matters. thank you. so you can make a payment from your cell to almost anyone's phone or email. (speaking french) so you can express your gratitude... in the moment.
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about some of the challenges "laura bush: you have an to speak to your . two first ladies dished about what life is really like in the white house. >> and ms. obama was quite blunt about some of the challenges. >> you have an opportunity to speak to your passion and to really design and be very strategic about the issues you care most about. there are prison elements to it, but it's a really nice prison. >> with a chef. >> you can't complain. a lot of other things, too. . >> and we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week.
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. the end is in shieth for this heat wave. >> it's been a long wurngs too. six days for us. long time. weir not done yet. two more to go. tomorrow, thursday with triple-digit heat. now, only inland. near the bay, 80s, not bad. coast, you're in the 60s. away from the water, six down, two to go. relief gets here friday. >> we can make it. >> thanks, paul. >> david letterman is next. >> and we'll have the latest on the bart strike tomorrow morning
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beginning at 4:30. have a good night. ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from the heart of broadway, broadcasting across the nation and around the world, it's the "late show" with david letterman. tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter. and now, queen of the nile, david letterman! ( cheers and applause ) captioning sponsored by worldwide pants and cbs ( band playing "late show" theme )


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