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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  July 4, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald innocent dogs being poisoned and left to suffer. owners want to know who would do something so horrifying. good afternoon, i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm anne makovec. michelle griego is off. san francisco dog owners,
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someone is poisoning dogs in several neighborhoods leaving toxin-laced meatballs on the ground and so far two dogs got sick. kpix 5's da lin with the story that has dog lives on high alert . >> reporter: in 7-year-old dog is sedated at a san francisco hospital after meeting poisonous meatballs. the vet says he is in serious but stable condition. >> he will make it but has rough two days ahead. >> reporter: someone left these poisonous meatballs near burnett in the diamond heights neighborhood. dog owners and san francisco police also found them in twin peaks, covalley and hayes valley. >> they are ground beef meatballs with little red and green seeds in them, the toxins. >> reporter: oscar is one of two dogs who ate them yesterday and there may be another case. a dog has been throwing up for
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two days and is not eating. >> it's likely he ate some of it. >> reporter: we walked into diamond heights neighborhood so far haven't found any meatballs. neighbors picked them up but worry there could be more. >> it's terrible. it's completely heartless. >> keep them on a tight leash and make sure that i have my eyes on them. >> reporter: some of the meatballs have been sent to uc- davis for testing. vets remind neighbors if their dogs are having seizures, take them to the e.r. oscar is hanging on. >> he's a fighter. his mom is a fighter too. and so we have very high hopes that he is going to do okay. >> reporter: in san francisco, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> the symptoms include seizure, fatigue and trouble breathing. police are looking for the person responsible. i'm tired. i want to go back to work.
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i mean, i'm sure the bay area is tired of it, too. >> it is a holiday but no break for the bart negotiators. both the union and bart leaders behind closed doors now hoping to settle the four-day bart strike. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran live in oakland, where bay area commuters hope something gets done today. cate. >> reporter: frank, while both sides have been inside the caltrans building for nearly an hour now, if it's anything like the negotiations we have seen in the past, they could be in for a long day. we were here when several key players from bart and the unions showed up. remember the main sticking points are pay, pension, benefits and safety. last night's meeting went from 1:00 to 11 p.m. with a dinner bay area and they are back at it again. here's what they said as they went? >> optimistic, yes. >> do you feel optimistic
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today? >> we're hard to get it done, both sides. >> this is the worst i've seen. they haven't -- they haven't substantially addressed any of the safety concerns that the unions have for the public and the union and the workers. >> reporter: shortly after that union worker spoke he was reminded there is a gag order put in place for both sides. bart expressed this same sentiment. they too are not saying much. but in terms of numbers, we know bart says the strike is costing the agency $3.9 million a week. that's about $560,000 a day. and $1 million in passenger revenue. we're also told they are saving $4.3 million in labor expenses. now, of course, this is also costing the union -- the strike is cost the union workers as well. they are not getting paid. they are not getting paid for the 4th of july holiday.
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in oakland, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> hopefully they will get it settled today, cate, thank you very much. if you plan to ride public transportation today, check the schedules. things are different because of the 4th of july holiday. because of the bart strike, ac transit is offering beefed up service with 11 additional buses. the nl and f lines will run every 15 minutes instead of every half hour. bus service will be normal tomorrow. as for the other parts of the bay area transit agencies are also operating on holiday or limited schedules. some muni bus routes will be rerouted because of the fireworks road closures. muni light rail will be running on a weekend schedule. samtrans and caltrain will also operate on sunday's schedule. the holiday is shaping up to be a hot one. a live look outside over the city. beautiful shot. lawrence tells us the triple digits weather is about to fade. good news. >> great news. today will likely be the 7th straight day of triple-digit
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numbers in some of the valleys. looking toward mount diablo right now you can see a little bit of a breeze blowing there and they are going to need every bit of that they can get. already 90 degrees in concord. 96 already in livermore. much cooler as you approach the coastline a very comfortable 74. but today the heat warnings have been extended until 7:00 in the evening. dangerous heat day after day but it's finally going to end. still, you could reach about 101 in livermore, 98 in concord, and 90 in san jose. we'll have more on that cooldown, guys, coming up in a few minutes. back to you. >> thank you. in bay area news now we should find out next monday whether the new bay bridge span will open as scheduled over the labor day weekend. lawmakers will get a private update, then the committee overseeing the project will give us the details. the opening could be delayed because of the problems with bolts and rods breaking on that new eastern span. opening ceremonies for the america's cup regatta are under way now.
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but the recent controversy remains. two teams protest the director's recommendation about rudder elevators. that director says the measure will help sailors better control the pitch of the boat. the first race of the louis vuitton cup is sunday. a bay area-based summer camp near yosemite is mourning the loss of a staffer. counselor annais rittenberg was killed when part of a oak tree crashed at camp tawonga yesterday. the 21-year-old was about to enter her senior year at uc- santa cruz. >> she was very outgoing, lighthearted, always could rely on her to pick the spirits up around the station. >> four other counselors were also hurt when that tree fell near the campfire circle, taking down some power lines with it. egypt's senior judge was sworn in today as the interim president after a military coup ousted president mohamed morsi. he is under house arrest. it's a major coup after
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celebrations for the military action. taking a live look at tahrir square, morsi protestors blame him for egypt's social and economic problems. president obama and u.s. leaders are urging egypt's military to move quickly to transition back to democracy. >> i think the best way to continue aid to egypt is for the egyptian people to pick the successor to morsi, not the military. >> the u.s. sends $1.5 billion of aid annually to egypt. egypt's military leaders have suspended the nation's constitution and say they will schedule new elections. still ahead at noon the push to change the gender of legos. one mother's idea to get women figurines in the sets. >> celebrating william and kate's baby, that story coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the event is big business. c-b-s reporter lucy mcdonal in london wit the anticipation is building for the soon-to-arrive royal baby in the uk and the memorabilia for the event is big business. lucy mcdonald is in london with details on the expensive souvenirs to mark the birth of the future king or queen. >> reporter: margaret tyler loves the royal family and has the souvenir collection to prove it. >> i got mugs, plates, teapots, cups, saucers. >> reporter: she is already adding memorabilia to her four room collection to celebrate the arrival of prince william and kate's baby which is imminent. >> i hope there will be royal dolls of the baby. i'm hoping for a christening outfit. >> reporter: and she is not alone. according to estimates, about $360 million will be spent on memorabilia celebrating the arrival of the future king or
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queen. that's $117 million or books and dvds, $86 million on mugs and cups and commemorative spoons, and $37 million on toys. there was some wacky memorabilia when prince william and kate got married but souvenirs will be more tasteful for the royal baby like this fine bone china plate fit for a future king or queen. british designer millie green made the plates and is working around the clock to keep up with demand. >> they're selling really well because it's a national celebration. >> reporter: bakers at this posh london shop say their royal baby cookies are flying off the shelves. >> it brings a smile to people when they come in. >> reporter: and the appetite for royal baby memorabilia is only expected to grow. just ask margaret tyler. lucy mcdonald, cbs news. lady liberty is open again for visitors in new york. the statue of liberty had been closed for a one-year restoration project. superstorm sandy left 75% of
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the island under water. the storm surge and fierce winds ripped up bricks, damaged docks and left electrical systems in disarray. now that the work is complete and the crown restored, the statue is ready for visitors. danville all red white and blue today as the host of one of the biggest celebrations about the bay area today. it's the big 4th of july parade. the main event. crowds are on hand to cheer them on. onlookers shared their patriotic spirits and the event was filled with people of all ages ringing in the 237th birthday of our country. >> been coming every year, yeah. >> reporter: is it fun? yeah. >> this is tradition because it's been going on for so long that it's become the place to be. >> the event has been around since the 1860s and it's the biggest parade in alameda and contra costa counties. 40,000 people attending in danville today. we have you covered for 4th of july celebrations today. for a full list of independence day activities including
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parades, concerts and fireworks, go to the big question for people trying to watch them around the bay, will we be able to see them through the fog? here's the man with the answer. >> this is a pressure-filled forecast. i think we'll see fog at the coastline. some of that going to start to slide inside the bay. around the bay area, we have fireworks of our own as we had some thunderstorms actually popping up making their way through the north bay early on. and well, that has since moved by heading up into the mountains. hot inland this afternoon into the triple digits. this probably the final day. low clouds and fog to make a return tonight and push further onshore and much cooler weather ahead starting tomorrow. for today a very strong ridge of high pressure still sitting overhead. going to take another day for this cool air to work its way in from the gulf of alaska so we are going to see some very hot temperatures in the central valley, up to 108 in fresno, 106 sacramento, thunderstorms popping up in the sierra nevada, 73 degrees in the monterey bay and about 109 degrees in redding. very interesting on our
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computer models pushes the monsoonal moisture out and holds the fog off until later on in the evening. i think it's coming in earlier along the coastline and then we'll see a finger of fog string inside the bay. but you get the main part of the bay you're going to be clear and nice and clear in the valleys too. temperatures today hot into morgan hill, 96 degrees there. 90 in san jose. pleasantly cool at the coastline into the 60s. and then in the east bay the last day of triple-digit heat after 7 days in a row 101 degrees in livermore, 102 in brentwood, about 99 in san ramon. and hey, how about pleasanton? yeah, alec loves the weather out there. it's been very hot. 101 degrees in pleasanton today. temperatures inside the bay running in the 70s and also the 80s. and looks like the next couple of days, we are going to start to cool down those temperatures quite a bit. over the weekend probably running below average then slowly warming up through monday and tuesday. but your official fireworks forecast for tonight some coastal fog, some of that sneaking inside the bay. temperatures very mild in the
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60s and the 70s. happy 4th. >> we have a birthday shoutout to rose, happy birthday, 90 years young! >> happy birthday, rose. the gold striker is back at great america. just as mean and thrilling as before with a little tweak. the park shut down the newest wooden roller coaster as people in nearby buildings complained about the loud screaming. engineers built a sound suppression tunnel on part of the ride. same amount of fun they say just less noise. when to do it, i think i wanted to do it and i did it. >> gaining confidence 25 feet above ground. how these bay area students are learning life lessons by hanging around. >> and a reminder, if you have a consumer problem or question, call our hotline at 888-5-helps- u. volunteers standing by right
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now. we'll be right back. ,,
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friendly...specific ally for girls. she entere a mother on a mission is trying to make legos more gender-friendly specifically for girls. she entered her proposal for a female mini figure set in the competition for product ideas. the set would include 13 ideas for women in science, tech, engineering and mathematics. the project reached 10,000 votes in june allowing it to move to the review phase by the lego board. some students are getting better grades. others are the first in their families to go to college.
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one in 10 students in the home -- in sonoma valley says their future is brighter and as sharon chin reports it's because of this week's jefferson award winner. >> all right. >> reporter: 12-year-old ricky can't believe he flew on a trapeze. >> saw people do it. i was like i can do it. i want to do it and i did it. >> reporter: his mentor gary shares the joy. >> it's great. i felt i had to do it if he was going to do it. >> reporter: more than 450 sonoma valley students know the support and encouragement of an adult volunteer thanks to kathy witkowicki, she founded and runs the sonoma valley mentoring alliance and its stand by me mentoring program. today several people bond on the field trip 25 feet above ground. >> anything we can do that helps them believe in themselves, that's what we're about. >> reporter: it's not just that they're conquering their fear but that they are doing it together. the daring adventure reinforces one of kathy's core values: anything is possible in the air in your life.
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>> good girl! >> reporter: she personally mentors 15-year-old jackie, who cause kathy a second mother who -- 15-year-old jackie. jackie calls kathy a second mother who challenges her to grow as a writer and leader. >> she just gets me into these things that like push me and motivate me. >> reporter: as a nurse and single mother of four, kathy started stand by me in 1996 to tutor struggling readers. it's grown into a mentoring program at eight schools. mentors and students lead to -- meet at least one hour a week for study and fun. >> they build up team work and confidence. >> reporter: but relationships take time so kathy recruits volunteers willing to mentor for life. the average stand by me mentorship lasts eight years. paula burkhart says the best part is seeing the change in her 15-year-old mentee. >> watching brenda go from a very kind of shy 9-year-old to
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really competent self-directed young woman. >> reporter: brenda calls paula her role model. >> knowing that she's proud of me and that she knows that i can make it to college, makes me more confident that i can make it to college. >> reporter: kathy says more than 90% of stand by me seniors graduated from high school last year. she marvels at the power of mentorship. >> it grew into something beyond my wildest dreams. >> reporter: so for empowering more than 1500 students with a supportive mentor, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to kathy witkowicki. sharon chin, cbs 5. >> the mentoring alliance is looking for dedicated mentors. there are 140 kids in the waiting list because there aren't enough volunteers. to get involved, use the link on our website,, click the logo at the top of the page, then jefferson awards.
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starved time to eat now. fresh grocer -- time to eat now. tony tantillo has a perfect way to cook with mushrooms. >> reporter: it's time to grill. but portobello on the grill is fantastic. but selection and storage is very, very important. look how beautiful these are. oh, like eating a steak. but it's the mushroom. when you select them, make sure light brown all the way around very important. you want to find the ones with a nice lip around them sturdy that way they grill nicely and they don't break apart. one more thing. free from any cracking. right here in the cavity, doesn't have to be closed. but free from moisture. when you bring them home store them in a brown paper bag in the refrigerator, that is so important. in a plastic bag they steam up and lose their flavor. portobellos on the grill, a little olive oil, salt and
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pepper, two or three minutes on a side. i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. and always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. the bay area's own championship hot dog eater showed up but did he chow down to defend his title on the big day? the hot dog town coming up. >> and here's a live look over the eastern span of the bay bridge. we're find out next week whether or not the thing will open on time. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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3, 2, 1! [ applause and cheers ] >> there you go. hot dog-eating champ joey chestnut downed 69 franks beating the previous record of 68. he got $10,000, a yellow mustard belt. captions by: caption colorado ,,
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>> rick: thanks, donovan. >> hope: hey! >> rick: hey. did you speak to her? >> hope: mom? i-i don't know what to say. >> rick: you know, in retrospect, i keep thinking, did we miss something? >> hope: what -- something that would have clued us in about mom sleeping with her sister's husband and getting pregnant? no. no, i don't think so. i mean, we all know that she got close to bill when katie was away, but -- >> rick: you're angry. >> hope: i'm -- yeah, i am, and i, uh -- i'm disappointed, and i'm... disillusioned, and i-i just don't understand our mother sometimes. >> rick: all right. let's not dwell on the drama. it's independence day, and we're gonna celebrate. bill, mom, katie -- they're all gonna figure out their own lives. and speaking of which, where's liam? >> hope: uh, uh, at home, i guess. >> rick: he's coming? >> hope: yeah. yeah, he -- i mean, i think so. yeah. >> rick: sounds like there's


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